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What a great carrier! Edit
by inkandpaper Combined Rating: 4.0


I was able to try out the Boba 3G through the Mothering Mavens program.  I was using an Ergo at the time, so I was able to compare the two similar soft-structured carriers. 


Overall, I...
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  • Comfortable, adjustable and pretty
  • Insufficient padding on shoulder straps, not a lot of storage


I was able to try out the Boba 3G through the Mothering Mavens program.  I was using an Ergo at the time, so I was able to compare the two similar soft-structured carriers. 


Overall, I am a fan of the Boba 3G.  I’m still using it after the trial period, and I prefer it over the Ergo.  However, my husband is more comfortable using the Ergo than the Boba due to his body type. If you are trying to decide between different soft-structured carriers, keep in mind that each one is slightly different, and what fits one person may not fit another person in the same way.  I am very petite (5’4”), and I find that the Boba fits me well, and I prefer some of the narrower features.  My husband, on the other hand, has broad shoulders and wide lateral muscles, and he found that the straps of the Boba 3G cut into his underarms—the padded part of the shoulder straps is shorter on the Boba than on the Ergo.  This may make a difference if you need to fully extend the shoulder straps.  I pull them quite short to fit me, so the padded part of the shoulder strap on the Boba is sufficient.  If you are not sure, I would suggest finding a babywearing group and trying out several soft-structured carriers.  If the strap length is not an issue for you, then I highly recommend the Boba 3G. 


Here are some of the other characteristics and comparisons:


1) The body of the Boba 3G is slightly narrow, especially at the base.  This makes it significantly more comfortable for my 7-month-old daughter, and I would have loved to have this feature months earlier!  With the Ergo, there was an awkward stage where she didn’t fit the infant insert, but just wasn’t big enough to stick both her legs out.  I don’t know if the Boba would have totally eliminated this phase (I didn’t have it at that point) but it certainly would have shortened it.


2) The body of the Boba 3G is also taller by a couple inches, providing the child with better head and neck support.  My daughter is more secure because of this, and I am much more comfortable with her in the back carry.  I always grab the Boba over the Ergo for a back carry now.


3) Great aesthetics: I love how sleek the Boba 3G looks, and it’s available in a variety of awesome prints. 


4) Removable sleep hood.  I only use the hood occasionally, but usually I just unsnap it so it’s not in the way.  I also really like that the hood tucks into a zipper pocket.  With the Ergo, the hood was always coming out of the pocket and flapping about, which could be especially troublesome when I would calm my daughter by swaying from side to side.  One downside, though, is that the pocket is pretty small, so when the hood is tucked in it is lumpy.  Not a big deal, since I usually just take the whole thing off. 


5) Easy adjustability of the chest strap.  When I first saw it, I was afraid it would ride up and be annoying, but this was not the case.  It is easy to move up and down, even when doing a front carry when the chest strap is behind my shoulders.  The chest strap on the Ergo is a lot tougher to adjust. 


6) One great thing about the Boba 3G is that it is adjustable for tiny babies and big toddlers.  My daughter is 7 months old, so I haven’t had a chance to try out these aspects, but they seem great.  For tiny babies, you do not need to buy a separate insert!  There are snaps on the carrier that adjust it to hold a tiny little frog-legged baby.  I so wish I had had this months earlier to use with my baby when she was tiny!  When your baby is not so little and has long dangly legs, there are foot rests that can be snapped on.


7) The only thing I really wish were different about the Boba 3G (other than the strap padding issue I mentioned earlier) is the pocket.  It has a tiny little zipper pocket on the waist belt that doesn’t hold much more than a credit card and driver’s license.  I haven’t used it.  Thank goodness for the purse-holding feature on the shoulder straps!  The Ergo has a much bigger zipper pocket that I can use instead of a purse, which I prefer.


Overall, I think the Boba 3G is a great carrier for me.  Depending on your body type and the way it fits you, this could be a great carrier for you too.  It’s comfortable, it’s pretty, and has a lot of great features.

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