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Cyclotest Review Edit
by lakeshore444 Combined Rating: 4.3
I really wanted to stop using hormonal birth control but the charting was extremely intimidating to me. I know myself, and I know I would be likely to make small typos here and there, and with fertility charting, small errors can lead to big mistakes. So I decided to get a Cyclotest to aid my charting. It is not overly expensive and I have been thrilled with the results.
Pros Cons
  • economical
  • environmentally friendly
  • built in alarm clock
  • flexible thermometer
  • hormone-free birth control!
  • does not light up in the dark
  • a bit difficult to get the hang of at first
I was looking into fertility monitors to help with my tracking but most of them are astronomically expensive, or use test sticks that need to be bought every month and are not environmentally friendly.

Cyclotest is a bit less flashy then other monitors. It is not touch screen and does not light up.

Other then that, it is an amazingly functional device. Does everything I would want. The built in alarm clock wakes me up at the same time each morning, I take my temperature from the integrated thermometer, and it charts my fertility automatically.

My fertile dates are laid out in a liner graph of the month, and I can scroll through to see all my previous temperatures.

If you are thinking of getting a fertility monitor but don't want to shell out tons of money, this is the way to go.
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fayebond 12-06-2014, 11:39 PM

Where did you buy yours that it was an economical price? I can only find this for $250 plus, is that in the right neighborhood?