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by selissa
07-07-2013 06:23 PM
how are you feeling?
I find that this early part of pregnancy drives me absolutely batty. All the crampiness just...
09-18-2013 01:21 PM
by cynthia mosher
07-06-2013 04:45 PM
Introduce Yourself!
<p>Welcome to the March 2014 Due Date Club! Please post here to introduce yourself. <img...
05-22-2014 06:46 PM
by planegreen
08-18-2013 01:05 PM
Expecting a Rainbow
<div class="definition" id="user_yui_3_10_0_1_1372688765234_821" style="font-family:arial,...
12-15-2013 03:48 PM
by seattlemamma
07-07-2013 03:19 AM
Name, Due date, and Gender.
<p id="user_yui_3_10_0_1_1373191136387_1017" style="text-align:center;"><a...
12-06-2013 01:46 PM
by planegreen
10-02-2013 07:26 AM
October Chat Thread - come chat with us!
<p>Good morning! This is a great thread to just chat about whatever you want, pregnancy related or...
11-04-2013 06:18 AM
by selissa
07-08-2013 05:04 AM
how about a names thread?
I know it is very early but I have an unusual name myself and find naming very important.<br><br>...
10-15-2013 08:08 AM
by porcelina
02-07-2014 09:37 AM
February chat!
<p>Is anyone still around? Our DDC is so quiet!! I remember so much more activity back in 2010,...
03-01-2014 09:41 PM
by beckily
07-08-2013 04:05 PM
July Chat Thread
<p>In my previous DDC, we had monthly chat threads. We really enjoyed them as they're less topic...
07-27-2013 09:54 AM
by pepperedmoth
08-29-2013 12:49 PM
Any bumps yet? Inquiring minds want to see!
<p>OK, it's early, but about half of us are into the second tri, and I know some of THOSE folks...
10-28-2013 07:23 AM
by tabitha
08-28-2013 07:29 AM
How about a chat thread?
<p>I didn't want to make a thread all about this little tiny thing that I did yesterday, so how...
10-02-2013 07:28 AM