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03-04-2004 03:37 PM
its_our_family NEW THREAD!!!
03-04-2004 03:32 PM
its_our_family Bumping us again....or did someone stat a new thread?? Is that why I haven't heard from anyone?

How are we all doing??

Our thrush is jsut about gone. B just has a really red rash but no more white bumos
03-02-2004 04:22 PM
its_our_family I have lost 29 pounds and have about 13 left to go I'm very happy with this!! All of my pre-pg jeans fit and I think I look pretty good!

My dh normally colors my hair. It usually turns out good...or sometimes only liveable I just it all cut off and colored a deep burgundy. On our website it is the hair cut/color I have in the sling pic but I'm outside so it can be hard to see.

MIF= I hve one of those swaddle wrap things too. I got it as a shower gift. It has a fott and the wings that close with velcro. Bryce slept in it for about 3 weeks. Now he is too big for it!!

So, I broke down and I'm using the GE on my nipples. Now I have a purple beard :LOL
03-02-2004 02:26 PM
Peppermint Yes- Megan Happy Birthday late

So, my weight, it goes on from bottom to top, and goes off from top to bottom- ie- all the fat is on my bottom (and hips, thighs)- so I am hoping the walking will do it- I also cannot eat less

OK- I need a new hairstyle- cut and color! I bought a nice and easy coloring, but am a little afraid to use it: I am hoping to save time/money- but I might end up just having to go get it fixed if it comes out bad. Anyone ever have luck coloring their own hair? I NEED a change!
03-02-2004 02:00 PM
Imonion2 happy b-day to you megan, i hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner.

i went to th dr for my 6 week check, and i have 10 lbs left. some pants fit, others don't. it seems the stubborn fat is in my butt and hips, so i think exercise will be in order. i can't eat less, i'm starving all the time!! I think we're going to try the Mirena (sp?) IUD for birth control. I'm going to hope my insurance covers it becauwe it's $400, but it lasts 5 years.

I may need to eliminate dairy, it seems like Dominic has been terribly fussy lately w/ bowel movements. (he's not pooping at night, either. ) He acts like his tummy hurts quite a bit, so I'm wondering if it's dairy...yay--not.

well, it's my dh's birthday and i need to pack the kids up to go to the mall to get his gift.

03-02-2004 01:58 PM
MomInFlux Thanks, Carrots! I think so too

I think I got lucky with nighttime poops - just doesn't happen here. And once DD is really asleep, she's silent - no grunts or squeaks, so I don't have to wonder if she's pooped. I was using Wonderoos at night with 2 JoeyBunz or 1 JoeyBunz and the small half of a Wonderful, and that was working great, but the last few nights I've used a Puddlecatchers nighttime dipe with a Bumpy wool wrap. I'm waiting for a Lana merino wool soaker, and then I think I'll have my ultimate nighttime system. Still, we went 12 hours last night and she felt dry this morning. Yea!

I'm such a sucker for single-purpose products that I bought two swaddle wraps, one with velcro to keep the wrap closed and one with a foot pocket and wings to keep those little arms tucked close. I worried about DD overheating in a swaddle, but I've gone down to just a diaper and a short-sleeved onsie in the swaddle, and it works really great. I have a feeling I'll be swaddling her for quite a while yet.

We've had some minor jealousy issues here, but this morning DS came over while I was holding DD and rubbed her head and said "I love Audrey" . That'll keep me going all day.

Urg - losing weight - my least favorite subject. I've got client meetings in 2 weeks and can't fit into any of my suits. And I'm so unmotivated to do anything about it. I just bought a Windsor Pilates DVD (I'm also a sucker for infomercials : ), so maybe I'll be able to find 20-30 minutes 3 times a week to do that.


Edited to add: : Megan!
03-02-2004 11:23 AM
its_our_family The pooping is starting to slow down here!! Yesterday I was on my way out the door, T was already in his carseat, and Bryce filled his dipe AND exploded out the back : so I had to go back in a take 10 minutes to clean and change him...I'm ready for the exploding poop to stop!!

B still has thrush. I'm going to call the ped today...I think. His rash is almost gone and his mouth looks better but he still has it. I'm thinking he still has it because I have it. Can thrush cuse a fever?? I've had a slight fever off and on for a couple days (this morning it was 101) and I'm not sure why but it makes my whole body ache and muscles really tense. :

Yesterday was my birthday! My friend back home sent me flowers and my granma sent us 20.00 to go out to dinner so i didn't have to cook

Well, I need to go!!
03-02-2004 11:21 AM
mommybritt I have about 13 lbs to go here, too and it's being stubborn : I can't quite fit into most of my pants and there's no way I'm buying new clothes so this weight will just have to leave!! Now that everyone is home and healthy, I'll have to start exercising again. It's funny but I think I may actually need to eat more to start losing weight...I think my body thinks I'm not eating enough to sustain 3 people - lol. You know how it is when you can barely find time to pee, let alone eat something!

I'm jealous of those of you with new haircuts/colour, I'm torn between wanting to get a great haircut and realizing that I would never have time to maintain it

Jess - my girls stopped pooping at night very early on, in fact they only poop once every few days

MIF - I like the Harvey Karp book, too. We're not swaddling them at night anymore as they had started to kick it off and are sleeping just as well without but I'm still using some of his other ideas!
03-02-2004 10:17 AM
Peppermint Where are these babies who aren't pooping at night? Send them over here:LOL Sean still poops all the time- so we're still changing every time he nurses- he grunts the whole night- so sometimes it's hard to know if he pooped or not- other times it's loud and clear:LOL

My kids and I all have a mild cold and it has made ds #1 quite needy, wants to be held all the time, claims he's either cold and needs to be warmed up, or afraid of the dark(in the middle of the day )- so a bit of the green eyed monster- but at least it's not directed at the baby All 3 kids are still in love

Had a board meeting last night for a volunteer/educational group I am with, our meetings are usually 3 hours- so babe had to come with , the women were all excited, and the men all commented later that they couldn't believe how "good" he was- so quiet and content (nevermind he had a boob in the mouth half the time and slept the other half ) I told them to expect to see him at meetings for at least 6 months.

So- 13 pounds to go here, and it's starting to really slow down- I'm starting to take power walks at night when dh gets home- he says to do what I need to do for myself- so long as the boobs stay:LOL
03-01-2004 09:30 PM
mommybritt Julie - we use FB all the time and at night, I put them in a FB with a MOE micro terry insert and a Joey Bunz and it lasts them all night
03-01-2004 08:45 PM
carrots VB mama- Isn't pass the baby wretched? I remember, especially with my first child how I felt sickened inside to watch her get passed around. I know people are well meaning but it can be hard.
mominflux- your kids are cute. i like the cowboy motif
03-01-2004 07:54 PM
Originally posted by MomInFlux
I thought we were not going to survive our nighttime sleep issues, until I discovered this book:
My mom got this book for me...the swaddling & shh-ing definitely calm my little guy, too. Although so far the MAGIC solution for fussiness is the sound of the vacuum cleaner, it's unbelievable how fast he calms down when it goes on. I swaddled him to sleep a few times, but I worry it makes him too hot.

This, plus a good nighttime diaper so that I don't have to change her in the night, and we're in good shape. Finally!
MomInFlux, or anyone else who CDs, explain this to me! I'm a novice CD'er using mostly CPFs - not changing at night sounds like a dream. I have 1 fuzzibunz, which can absorb lots of wets, but are you just attuned enough to your babe that you know if they poop? I'm still learning how to decipher if DS's grunts, snorts & squeaks are pooping noises or just normal sleeping noise. :LOL i figure once I bother to check if it was a poop, I may as well just change the dipe.

I took Kieran to show him off to my old coworkers last week, and it turned into a major stressful event. I made the mistake of taking him out of his carrier, which woke him up, then everyone wanted to hold him & I didn't know how to say no without offending people. Then more coworkers showed up, and before I knew it they were playing pass-the-baby. More people had their hands on him than have held him his whole life so far. Of course, he got really upset and by the time I got him back he started a major screaming attack. Guess I have to learn to be more assertive and just say no, you can't hold him!
03-01-2004 01:45 PM
MomInFlux Thanks for the thread bump - I had lost it for a while. I tried to keep up with reading the posts for a while, but try as I might, I just couldn't get the hang of NAK.

Sounds like some of you all having a rough time with both mama and babe sickies. Urg. I feel for all of you. We just got through a rough cold - DS had it worst, followed by my Mom, which would be OK, except she's the one taking care of DD when I can't, so DD was getting exposed to a lot of her germs. Thank heaven for breastmilk! I thought we were not going to survive our nighttime sleep issues, until I discovered this book:

It seems that my little one needs to be swaddled to be happy at night. It never occured to me. Last night she slept for 5 hours before waking up to nurse, then went back to sleep until DS woke us all up (but she would have kept sleeping). This, plus a good nighttime diaper so that I don't have to change her in the night, and we're in good shape. Finally!

Today's my first day back at work full time (I'm procrastinating, can you tell?). So far so good. After all, I'm within shouting distance of the kids if I'm needed.

Just in case you're curious, here's some pix of the kids...

Have a great week, Mamas!
03-01-2004 12:20 AM
Imonion2 bumping it for mountainmommy...

IOF--my birthday isn't until the 12th. Party will be the 13th. happy Birthday to you, though, and Happy Anniversary!! My dh's birthday is Tuesday. Hope you kick the thrush soon--poor baby wants it gone, too, I bet.

Mountainmommy, thank you for the birthday wishes. Hard to believe it's 30 years already,but I'm sure what you said is true...the years continue to fly by.

we're having a bad day today...little Dominic hasn't been able to poop all day and is so miserable. He can only sleep and stop crying if he's in the sling. could be a long night.

On the upside, he is really smiling and laughing now. So beautiful to see! Of course, he does this mostly for Daddy, but I get my fair share, too.

My maternity clothes went well on ebay...I suggest listing anything "name brand" as Patty suggested.

OK, gonna run and see if I can catch a few winks. Night!
02-28-2004 12:10 PM
its_our_family Imonion--When is your bday?? Mine is monday!! I'm going to be 25! And my anniversary is wednesday. We will be married 3 years! It all goes so fast!!

Things here are moving along. I find it hard to believe tha Bryce is over 4 weeks old!

ur nights are no fun. We are teaching Tracy to go to sleep on his own (without me laying on his bilbow with him) and that his bed is where he sleeps not ours. It is too crowded and he "has" to be touching me when he sleeps with us. It doesn't work well with him and Bryce.

We are still dealing with Thrush. How long does it take to get rid of?? His diaper rash is the worst. He is all swollen from it. I put the GV on his bum today and we'll see what that does!

We got a new kitty and named him Sphynx...Tracy is trying to squeeze his insides out....gotta run!
02-28-2004 10:17 AM
Mothernature EmmaJean- Glad you made it through this week. Sorry it got on top of you. We're having better weather too and I think that's going to make a huge difference.
02-28-2004 10:14 AM
Mothernature Imonion- : Happy 30th. The next few will blur together. Enter the age when you're allowed to forget how old you are.
02-28-2004 07:15 AM
Imonion2 thanks for the bump.

britt--how are things? that sounds simply horrible i'm so sorry.

EmmaJean-- it sounds like you've been having a horrible time yourself, too! Keep on resting, you don't want a relapse. And Hugs to you--hope you're feeling better emotionally. And I was LOL about your "c-section at home?" LMAO.

Mothernature--yay on the hair! I got my hair cut this week, too, and boy did it help things to look better. Usually my DH hates it when I go to get my hair done because it comes back shorter, and he has fantasies of me going nuts one day and growing my hair out long. Yeah, like that is happening w/ three kids! LOL

I've been so busy just trying to keep up with our lives here and have been going on little sleep since Dominic still likes to eat every 2 hours and grunts in between. I never get to nap because Anthony needs me during the day, and at night, the house is too nuts w/ everyone home to get any rest. SO--we'll see how long I can keep THIS up!

We had a very good day today,though. Took Anthony to Gymboree w/ my Momsclub. It was good to see some of the moms since I'd been out of commission since October. Then we headed to lunch so we could visit some more and the kids had fun playing in the play area. (gross). DH came home from work and took Anthony and the dog for a long walk since the weather ws gorgeous today. And guess what? Anthony was in such a great mood tonight (no arguing, no crying, and no yelling )--I am so praying for warmer weather soon so we can continue to burn energy outdoors where we belong.

Well, tomorrow is another baby shower. I'm worried about everyone wanting to pass the baby around, but I think I'll stick him in my sling which will knock him out and then say he is sleeping, we'll wait until he wakes up. I know one of the gifts is going to be a gorgeous wooden high chair.

Been busy planning my 30th birthday bash--I hope I can stay awake for it!!! LOL

Well, take care mamas. Have a wonderful weekend.
02-28-2004 01:20 AM
EmmaJean Oh, I wanted to empathize w/ Britt!!! I'm so sorry. Hope you all are on the mend now. I hope you have friends and family around to rely on. this is a huge transition and to add illness to it all is just mean!

((((hugs))))) to you!! I can't believe Sadie was in the hosp! Must have been exhausting for you all. Did she have RSV or something similar? That virus sounds very scary. Sounds like you were able to handle it very well. We are ALL impressed!!!

02-28-2004 01:14 AM
EmmaJean Thanks for the bump! We all must be super busy! that's me!! This is the first time I've been able to hang out on MDC in forever--and there 15 other things I SHOULD be doing!!!

Well, THANKFULLY, I feel 100% better!!!! My infection and fever are finally gone. This was easily one of the worst weeks of my life. I was just wishing that I lived closer to my family b/c I could barely keep it together emotionally. And you know the worst thing? My MIL was supposed to come to stay this week but backed out at the last minute!!! This would've been the best week for her to come ever. Oh well. I told Erik that I guess God wanted this to be a real character-building experience for me! Coming out on the other side, I can't believe how low and dark I was a few days ago. YKWIM? But my friends and MWs were just wonderful helping me out.

Lily is sleeping 1) on her back, 2) by herself, 3) in her cradle!! I'm in total shock. Guess this means I should go to sleep myself!

Oh, wanted to say we went to the pedi today for the first time. Going down his checklist of questions, here was part of our conversation:

Him: Where was she born?
Me: At home
Him: was it c/s or vaginal?
Me: uhh, vaginal....DUH!

I don't think he even figured out him mistake! I just wanted to laugh so hard! Or do people actually think MWs do c/s??


OH, Lily's 11#! and has gained in height and weight too! Very exciting. guess it's ok that she does big sleeping stretches at night. I"m just going to have to be a pumper at night. James loves my milk in his sippy cup!
02-28-2004 12:32 AM
Mothernature I thought I'd bump us up from page 3. I got my hair cut and dyed today. It's a pretty dramatic change for me, but I like it and dh thinks it's sexy so even better.

I'm feeling a lot more like myself now. Thanks to everyone who posted in support. Zen is back to normal too. Gotta go for now. Love you all!
02-25-2004 11:52 PM
Mothernature Britt- sorry to hear about the illnesses. I'm sure that was tough on you. This seems to be the winter for usually healthy people to catch what's going around. (Did that make sense?) I hope you and your family start feeling better.

For a little comic relief: Ds was squirming and fussing because he had gas. Dd asked if she could hold him. I told her that it wasn't a good time because he has a gassy tummy and can't toot. She said, " Well, maybe I should pull his finger.":LOL Dh had just shown her that trick a few weeks ago.:
02-25-2004 08:00 PM
its_our_family Britt.....sounds like a rough time!

Just a quick note...I really updated my website this time....I got rid of most belly shots and its lots of family pics!!
02-25-2004 06:54 PM
Peppermint gotta make dinner, but wanted to give Britt a hug , sounds like things have been really rough- I hope everyone is better really soon
02-25-2004 05:41 PM
mommybritt Hi all,
Just a quick note to let you know we haven't dropped off the face of the earth!

Sadie was sick last week with a respiratory virus and ended up being hospitalized for 3 days It was exhausting and I felt torn in two but between dh, my mom and I we managed to make sure that Sadie was never alone and that I got some time with Maryn and Ella, too. I was the pumping queen, I was worried sick that one of them would run out of milk while I was with the other but that worked out fine - I actually think I overpumped!

Now, we're all back home but Maryn is sick, fever and lots of throwing up Dh has been good about staying home as much as possible but when he has to work, it's bad when all 3 girls need me....yikes. Sadie and Ella cry if they're put down even while sleeping and, while I think that's totally normal and fine, it does make it hard when Maryn needs to be held after throwing up :

I am SO looking forward to the warmer weather...less sickness then, right?!

Btw, does anyone have a good carrier for carrying small babies on your back? I'm in pain here with both of them in front in slings. I was looking at the Kozy Karrier or the Baby Back Tie? Any thoughts?

Will catch up on everyone's post later...hope all is well.
02-25-2004 02:22 AM
its_our_family Tracy did better. He definetely has his moments. I feel your pain about nap/bedtime. I have been the only one to do any type of night duty and T has no idea how to really react to dh.

lately just as T starts to doze B wakes up starving and nothing satisfies him but bfing. So, then I have to get up. So, dh goes in and T starts wailing! All dh has to do is say...Lay down it is time for bed. After about 2 minutes of whining the kid is out like a light : He is perfectly capable of going to sleep without help he jsut wants company. I'm fine with this method of getting him to go down for the night. I dont consider it cio or anything cause dh is with him and he isn't really crying just whining. At first it made me feel bad (like 3 or 4 months ago) but now I'm cool with it. I'm hoping to avoid some of these sleep issues with Bryce.

Funny thing is that dh is fine with Bryce co-sleeping but didn't like it with Tracy. His philosophy has somewhat changed to...If it means you get sleep then we'll do it. If Bryce is in our bed he wakes maybe 2x at night other than that he is asleep
02-24-2004 09:31 PM
chie96 Hello all! We’ve had a rough few days – I think Courtney is going through her 1st growth spurt. She is constantly wanting to nurse and I am exhausted . Today I was lying down with Holly trying to get her to sleep and just as she was dozing off, Courtney started to wail. I had just nursed her and darned if she wasn’t hungry again. Holly won’t go down w/o me in the bed so she ended up wide awake and didn’t go to sleep until almost an hour after her usual naptime. Oh well…

I am starting to realize that I am not going to loose much more weight (I’ve lost 35 lbs. so far) w/o trying. I want to get back to the gym but that is impossible for another month or so. My tear is one reason, plus the Y will not keep Courtney – nor would I want them to – until she’s either 6 or 8 weeks. I know I need to cut out the nightly desserts, but it is sooooo hard. I need to learn to like fruit for dessert, I suppose .

Mothernature and IOF – how are your toddlers acting toward the babies today? Better, I hope. I know it must be hard on our older children when a new one enters the picture. Holly is an angel with Courtney but not with DH or me . She has started talking back and has quite the sassy mouth. I have no idea what to do as she is a great child most of the time and I have never even really had to discipline her. I guess I should start lurking on the PP group at Yahoo!

DarkHorseMama – how’s the growth spurt? As I said above I think we're going through that now - not fun. BTW I had to when I read about “Franken-gina”! What a hoot!!! I haven’t checked mine out, either…and don’t plan to!

Imonion2 – I have overactive letdown as well as oversupply issues and found with DD#1 that I had to nurse on one side for 2 hours, then switch to the other, which is what I have started doing with Courtney. Check out to see if this will help.

EmmaJean – I am so sorry to hear about your breast infection. Are you on antibiotics? I had mastitis twice and it was no fun. Get rest when you can and hopefully it’ll clear up soon.
02-24-2004 04:29 PM
its_our_family Thrush update..... I started rubbing acidophilus into B's mouth last night. I did it twice yesterday and after the first time i couldn't believe the difference! almost 1/3 of the white from his mouth and all of it from his lips were gone!! I haven't done it yet today because I realized I was giving him 2/3 the capsule instead of 1/3 Not sure if it is a big deal or not.

I ordered the violet but havent' gotten it yet. I'm not sure we'll really need it either.

I also started putting the acidophilus on my own nipples too. They were only red and I ahd some pain but not a lot...may have been from just normal bfing pain though. The redness is going away.

I'm still trying hard to treat the diaper rash. Can I put the acidophilus on his bum?? I've been rinsing it with vinegar and water. Same for my nips after he bfs.

Any other ideas...I can't give up sugar!!! I NEED sugar....that is the lack of sugar talking! I was evben more horrified to read I needed to give up dairy...I LOVE dairy..... I'm not going to survive this
02-24-2004 03:57 PM
Originally posted by EmmaJean
Megan, just wanted to say that pacifier use is associated w/ great risk of thrush.
I have a microwave sanitizer thingy. We don't have a dishwasher and everything I read said to avoid anti-bacterial soap till it clears up. So, I sanitized them last night and since I have 4 I've been rotating them out.

I've also wondered if I have had thrush for awhile. it would explain a couple things. But wouldn't Tracy have it if I had it?? Oh, and it is next to impossible to keep the paci OUT of Tracy's mouth right now!!

I left James alone for a couple minutes, and he dumped out a whole big box of cereal on the floor! I didn't vaccum it up, just let him play and the dog eat it. I was too exhausted to do anything about it.
it always makes me so mad when Tracy does this cause it is almost always a brand new box! But I don't have a dog so the cleaning is all up to me :
02-24-2004 02:14 PM
Originally posted by Megs Mom
My DH's tongue hasn't been anywhere near my throat in *months*.
My dog gave me kisses yesterday - dh didn't think it was very funny when I joked that the dog licking my ear & neck was the most action I'd seen in a long time. :LOL

Thanks for the reassurances about the pacifier being okay. When he takes it (sometimes he's just not interested) he seems happy with it, and dh or I do hold him when we give it, so I guess I will just get over myself and let him enjoy it. Now my next guilt trip to get over is thinking about my ped's recommendation to teach him to take a bottle (of BM) from dh occasionally. This is probably just selfish but I don't feel ready for that yet!

Originally posted by EmmaJean
I left James alone for a couple minutes, and he dumped out a whole big box of cereal on the floor! I didn't vaccum it up, just let him play and the dog eat it. I was too exhausted to do anything about it.
Isn't that what dogs are for? When I visit my parents without our two hounds in tow I tend to forget if I drop food on the floor that I have to pick it up!
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