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08-17-2005 12:10 PM
rainydust Is this thread still alive? I loved the fact you were here. Kinda comforting to see the difference in this world which is hard to be different in.


08-30-2004 01:36 PM
FroggyMama Hey ALL!!!

I have a friend whose dreads get about 6 inches off her scalp and fall off. Never fails. Always falls out. Crazy huh?

Mine get thicker at the bottom. Or at the top. Or in the middle. Whereever the heck they feel like gettin thicker at.

My poor baby. He just started kindergarten at a Montessori school. He has shoulder length blonde hair that has never been brushed, so the whole back of his hair is covered in little locks. It soooooooo cute!!!!

But, at his daycare (yes, daycare. As a single mama, it happens) the mean little kids keep makin fun of him, calling him a girl, making fun of his locks. Brats. So, now he wants to cut his hair so that he "will look like everyone else". isnt that horrible!!!???!!!!
Life is ruff.

much love mamas!!!
08-29-2004 02:53 PM
hippiemom2 A friend of mine who has had hers for about 7 years trimmed hers as well. She was getting migraines from the weight of them so she used some garden trimmers to cut through them. It helped her so much. No more migraines and it didn't hurt them much although she did keep them. I don't know what she ever did with them....

08-29-2004 09:28 AM
love2all nak-
i have a good friend who could bear to part with hers, so she cut the bottem 6 inches off. i think it is a great way to lighten the load!
08-27-2004 02:44 PM
hippiemom2 :LOL

It might be a good time to trim. LOL! That cracks me up.

08-26-2004 11:05 AM
Parthenia mommaluv321--
You're in Conway? I'm in Greenfield! :
We went nowhere this summer! But we bought a house, so it was worth it.
Last weekend we made a feeble attempt to go to Drums Around the World in Amherst, which according to the friend who drove all the way from Hull (eastern mass) to go was supposed to a huge drum circle, and lots of fun. Well apparently the organizers forgot to show up!!! There was a little arts festival going on. Not as exciting, but it was nice to sit on the lawn on a beautiful day and listen to music. And a friend of dh and ours came to visit us. We hadn't seen him in a couple of years. At least we got out of the house, too!

Hey anyone know any nice, single, crunchy mams with or without children who might be interested in meeting a 6' 5" kind, crunchy, musician guy who lives on the beach in Massachusetts? I know quite a catch...

And on a dread related topic, have any of you noticed if some of the ends of your thinner dreads get really thin? I noticed this last year, and I ended up clipping them. I'm trying to avoid that, but I'd like to be able to prevent it if I can. Or maybe this is the natural like of a dread. I've been thinking about trimming them all. I'll almost to the point where they get in the toilet if I look up at the ceiling when I'm on the potty. TMI? Oh well. This has to be happening to someone besides me!
08-26-2004 10:29 AM
root*children : Happy Birthday *mamajaza*
Hope everyone's doin well
08-17-2004 08:07 PM
mommaluv321 hey all!! it's soooo nice to know that there are other dready mama's out there!! i've had mine bout 5 yrs now (3rd set)just had my 2nd babe, and feelin good! took her to her first dead show a few weeks ago, at great woods, she was 2mos old and she had a great time!! she sang w/ me for a half an hour and then fell asleep for an hour!! i went w/ a friend that also had a babe w/ her (7 mos). i was a lil dissapointed that i didnt see any one i knew from tour, but i guess that's the way it goes. then again, it was too crowded on shake down for me and thats where i would have run into any one i know. any way, it nice to see a dready mama forum!!!

Crystal,breast feeding,clothdiapering,co-sleepin' mama to Kayla Rain 1-26-01 and Asha 5-29-04
08-17-2004 10:52 AM
love2all dh is at coventry, and yes the band played. the rumor up there is that the boyz may play one more some other time because the highway was closed and lots of ticket holders were turned away..........
yikkes- that is some rain- he said the stagw was sinking and people were towed INTO the show!!!!!
08-16-2004 11:36 PM
root*children Phish's last show was supposed to be this last weekend at Coventry in Vermont. But rumor around here has it that the shows were cancelled due to extremely rainy conditions. I hope they decide to make it up by having a west coast tour not likely, I know.

Hopefully I get to see SCI at Telluride with Keller Williams next weekend. I have to find another mama to go with me, though. DH isn't much into the scene anymore. And I just don't know anyone anymore. So I can't just go to a show and hook up with friends (geez, I miss those days...)
08-16-2004 11:19 PM
hippiemom2 Haven't heard but thought I would at least reply to the post. Not many people using this thread much anymore. I haven't been on much except to check the Deadhead tribes.

So, when is Phish's last concert? Are you going? Just curious.

08-16-2004 10:53 PM
root*children hey mamas! Long time, no write, eh?

anyone know what happened with Phish at Coventry? I've been hearing so many rumors about it being cancelled, etc.


08-08-2004 05:15 PM
pugmommy7 i must admit, i skimmed!
08-07-2004 04:00 PM
hippiemom2 Welcome pugmommy. Wow! Did you read all the posts? Now that is some deadication. LOL!

08-07-2004 03:03 PM
pugmommy7 i have had such a blast reading these posts.
i have learned a lot too.
I have always toyed with the notion of dreading my hair.
i still may since i am so sick of dealing w/ it and it always ends up in a ponytail anyway- it may as well look good.
my husband has been dready for the past 12 years on and off.
he has fine hair, but it dreads very well.
he wears his very formed and it is not related to religious affiliation is just a part of who he is.
he has h/e dedicated them, in all that they encompass to him(the effort care and all), to various a dearly departed friend who was like a brother to us,... and to our daughters.
i was interested in the dready wax someone mentioned earlier. is that for white hair as well?

*also if you try a mix of tea tree oil diluted in soybean oil- it will moisturize your scalp without being too harsh. the tea tree is naturally antiseptic/anti-itch/anti-dandruff. you can apply w/ a q-tip as in the aforementioned post.
look fwd to more info and getting to know ya'.
08-07-2004 12:40 AM
hippiemom2 Still here just lurking mostly. I am quitting my job on Sept. 1st and am seriously considering just letting my hair go and dread up. Although I am not sure yet. I just want to be able to get a job when I am done with the nursing program. Sigh... I wish it wasn't even a consideration but unfortunately in today's climate it is.

Glad you got your locks back.

08-06-2004 07:57 PM
love2all nak
i finally have locks again...........where the h#$5 are you all!
08-02-2004 12:20 PM
love2all julie-
i cut mine after about 9 years, that was 3 years ago and they are growing back finally!
i did not plan to regrow em but i cannot deal with having to wash my hair often and to brush it daily, i have never been that kind of gal!-
08-02-2004 12:36 AM
dreadmama Hey dready*mama - we cross posted! Sorry I took your name. I was actually considering changing my username since I cut my locks, but I still feel like I'm dreadmama at heart!

I wish I'd found this thread earlier, but I don't spend as much time at mdc anymore since I'm working full-time, running a WAHM business, and taking care of my sweet pea (2 yr. old) alone!

By the way, my daughter is obsessed with Bob Marley! She points to the stereo and says "Marley Party" and when I turn it on we have a Bob Marley Dance Party and dance and spin around. I keep Survival in my cd changer and we listen to it over an over... my baby's got good taste! She also likes the Dead too.


08-02-2004 12:32 AM
root*children I know a bro who saved em for making a rocking horse for his youngins.
Maybe you could make a doll?
08-02-2004 12:28 AM
dreadmama Thanks Shelbi!

Ummm, what do you all do with your locks once you've cut them off (for those of you who've cut them)? My more recent dreadlocks I threw away because they weren't as meaningful to me, but my first set I still have (wrapped in a cloth)! I've been storing them since 1999, because throwing them away seemed to be spiritually wrong. I had thought about burning them, but thought the smell would be horrible.

So, any advice? Or should I keep them (ya, you caught me, I'm a pack rat!).


08-02-2004 12:27 AM
root*children hey dreadmama! I saw your name when I tried to register on MDC using that same name I was wondering when you'd get over here!
Glad you're being true to YOU!! That's about at natty as it gets
08-01-2004 11:42 PM
hippiemom2 Sorry to hear about your locks but congrats on the new job.

08-01-2004 07:40 PM
dreadmama Hi Everyone! I just found this thread.

I have to admit it, I recently cut off my dreads! The first time I grew my dreadlocks it an expression of my spiritual quest. I just stopped brushing my hair, but didn't do anything to help them form except occassionally separating them. I had those locks for 7 years, and was sad to cut them. But they were so long that it was hard to sleep, they began to hurt, and it felt spiritually time to start new.

I began growing my second set of locks by accident. After meeting my (ex)-husband I was inspired to start growing my locks again. Actually though, he pressured me to do it more than I 'felt' it, ya know. After my daughter was born, the locks sprouted completely! After a few months, I looked in the mirror and thought WOW, I have dreadlocks again! It never felt like me though, and a few months ago I cut them off! Partly so that I could get a job as a Preschool Teacher, which my daughter and I are loving! It was the right choice.

But sometimes I too miss the locks, my outward expression of my unacceptance of our mainstream society.


08-01-2004 05:35 PM
hippiemom2 I think those very thoughts are what are actually preventing me from letting it all go. I look horrible with short hair and it takes a long time for it go back out. Does anyone trim their dreads? If so, does it still stay locked up at the ends or does the dreads begin to unravel? Also, if you don't cut your dreads then how do manage the weight? A friend of mine who has locks is beginning to have headaches and thinks it may be due to the weight of her hair. She has had dreads for about 5-6 years. If she cut them down, would they still look locked up? Just curious.

08-01-2004 11:34 AM
root*children damn hippies. all slackin off!

Do y'all think you'll have your locks forever? Do you envision the day of having straight hair? Just curious, I've been thinking about it of late. It's been 9 years and I'm kind of just thinking how long I'll keep em.
08-01-2004 09:40 AM
love2all page 3 mamas- what is up???
07-29-2004 12:18 PM
love2all With my locks growing back in my hair is presently a mess!!!!!!
07-28-2004 01:21 PM
hippiemom2 Cute is a rather unusual way of describing dreadies. I think some women were uncomfortable around me just because I had dreads and wasn't striving to be cute or pretty. It was as though they felt sorry for me and were trying to patronize me or something. I felt sorry for them since it would be torture for me to try and put on makeup everyday, or have to shave my legs and underarms all the time, etc. in order to satisfy the requirements of being a woman within our mainstream society.

07-27-2004 12:18 AM
root*children My teacher tonight asked the 2 basic Q's (how do ya get em, how do you take care of em). and then said she's always thought about "doing" them b/c they are just so cute! umm... cute wasn't what I was going for.
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