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04-18-2004 07:42 PM
KKmama Hey gals... Kanpope started a new thread... maybe we should migrate over there? (It's fewer pages!)
04-18-2004 11:31 AM
mcsarahb Okay, so which thread are we using?

I guess I will continue with this one...

Happy weekend, all you partyin' May mamas. It's always so quiet here on weekends. I am up early to eat and research names on the internet...

So, I'm going to go out on a limb here and offer up our latest name idea to you ladies. Please give me your honest opinions. This is a name that dh and I love, but aren't sure why, and aren't sure we should, and can't think of anything bad about it, and have hardly heard of at all. So here goes:


with possible middle names:

Delta June
Delta Katherine

Last name is one syllable, simple.

So obviously there's Delta Burke, and there's an up-and-coming Australian singer named Delta Goodrem, and there's Delta Airlines :LOL, and there's the Helen Reddy song Delta Dawn. But does the name bring anything else to mind? Anyone remember Saturday Night Live's "Delta, Delta, Delta, can I help ya, help ya, help ya?" Is that so bad? What else? We love this name!Whaddya think?

Oh, and jakobsmami- not to discourage you, but just wanted to let you know that I heard there can be absolutely no sign of bruising or any other symptoms at birth and the babe can show hemorrhagic disease a few days later. This happened to my mw once when she was apprenticing - she said it was the saddest thing she's ever had to see. Mom was fine, baby was fine during/after labor, and for 2-3 days, then all of a sudden massive internal bleeding and babe died... I don't know if this scenario is extremely rare or what, just wanted to let you know what I heard (second hand info - maybe there was bruising and no one noticed?)...

04-16-2004 08:38 AM
mittendrin morningdove, welcome back, we haven't heard from you in a while...i remember around the end of my last pregnancy i had a bit high bloodpressure and my mw's started acting the same. i could convince them though that it's probably from taking the steps just a few minutes prior and i probably wouldn't agree to any drastic procedure now anyways so they could save it for somebody else:LOL try not to worry too much, you're probably just fine!

we won't do the vit k unless there's some kinda bruising on the baby.and of course we'll skip the eye gunk. this kid is gonna be so much happier than ds was when he was born, i didn't do much research on all the newborn procedures and he had to go through the whole thing, poor guy. now i'm smarter.

gotta go, ds's running wild...
04-16-2004 12:59 AM
MorningDove Wow did I get behind! I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing so generally well. I'm glad everyone likes Rowan Skye for a boy because that is our final choice. Our girl name is Eleena Rowan. Glad that is finally decided.

Up to now working with nurse-midwives has seemed so much less "doctory", but then there was yesterday. I am 37 weeks 2 days. My blood pressure was up a little and oh yoy did that start a ball rolling. They drew blood, tested reflexes, monitored the baby's heart rate for 10 minutes and quized me on headaches, eye splotches, etc. It was absolutely no different than a doctor would have been. My blood pressure was not up that much in my opinion. I'm trying not to let their reactionist behavior get to me. I was feeling so generally good and positive, but I'm so easily influenced to worry. My reflexes were good, my blood tests came back perfect, and the baby was an overachiever in terms of neurological activity on the monitor. Still she tells me to not walk much and not lift anything over 5 pounds. If my blood pressure is the same next Tuesday, I might have to go on modified bed rest or at least quit my job early. I am trying to work up until the 30th because we can use the money and because my replacement isn't starting until the 19th. I need to introduce her to all the families I work with. I've decided that if things are concerning on Tuesday, I will take all but 3 days that I have left off. I figure that should be enough and we will just have to afford it. I am willing to do bed rest if it means I won't have to be induced. The bad thing is my husband has to go out of town next week (over 8 hours away). My midwife seems to think this is OK, though, so that indicates to me that she is not as worried as she acts. I dunno.

The good news was that i am strep negative. Glad we've done lots of gardening and baby prep the last two weekends since I'm directed to reduce activity. I think we're mostly ready except packing the hospital bag and filling cupboards/freezers. Dh is still working on building the co-sleeper, though.

My iron is still low, even though I've been taking my mega doses as directed. I'd find that funny if it wasn't concerning to my doc. Hopefully it won't cause problems.
04-15-2004 03:29 PM
mcsarahb kittymama, re: Vit. K and eye drops...check out this thread:

My mws' personal recommendations are to get the Vit. K (shot or oral, whichever you prefer) and only get the eye ointment if you test positive for STDs. Apparently the hemorrhagic disease of the newborn (which the Vit. K guards against) is horrible and devastating.

IMO, the eye ointment is completely unnecessary if you test negative for the things it guards against. And, it makes the babe's eyes gunky and blurry at the exact time you want her to be looking at you, bonding and bf-ing. If you decide to do it, ask if they can wait at least an hour.

Just my .02.

04-15-2004 02:13 PM
pottermamma Hi Gals!!!

We keep getting closer and closer...I'm 38 weeks today...I am finally getting more and more comfortable with the transition from being pregnant to having 2 kiddos...and the whole giving birth thing in between!!!!!!!!!

Ds is doing well. He seems to be a bit less moody but is very emotional at times. Dh and I are just trying to do a lot of one on one time with him and answer any questions he has about the baby as best as possible...thanks for all the support though...I know there are many kiddos that go through this as so many people have siblings...I'm an only though so I think that makes it even harder.

No internals for us either...false hope of having this baby is not something I need right now (I'm getting closer and closer on the whole I'm ready to go NOW thing!!!). We are hopefully doing a belly cast tomorrow at our appt though, which will be cool. I didn't do one of these with Ds so it will be neat to have for this baby.

KKmamma...that case you testified on sounds really wild. Good for you being able to support your neighbor though...and the whole preggo social worker odd....good thing you are so far along too so that you can provide a different perspective. CPS is such a weird thing...I'm a social worker and have made reports (I'm bound to) that really ought to at least be followed up on and they send me the lovely letter saying they aren't going to persue any action and then hear about other cases that they are so overly involved in unnecessarliy?????? I just don't get it: glad to hear your hubbies problem worked out the way it scary that must have been....but what a great pregnant wife you were...soooo supportive

Hope everyone keeps keepin on
04-15-2004 01:48 PM
It seems so close now - and sometimes still seems SO far away. Weird sensation. Everyone keeps saying "so you've got a couple of months left now, huh?" and I have to say - "Uh no. About 6 weeks - give or take". It makes their eyes pop. (and my brain pop).
PattyCakes- I could have written this myself- I feel the SAME way exactly (and get the same comments)

I am sooo excited about our baby shower this weekend. It's at my dad's house in LA (about 5 hours from where we live now), so we get to see lots of friends and family that we don't see nearly enough. That, and the prospect of finally getting some baby stuff into the house have me beside myself with excitement. The only trouble is, I have a GIGANTIC, hard, and high-stakes test to take before the shower (test Saturday, shower Sunday). Whether or not I get my teaching credential depends on whether I can show this testing board I know how to teach reading, identify reading challenges, and plan instruction to fix them. A reasonable enough expectation, I suppose, but I feel like I've jumped through enough hoops for the sate of CA already. So anyway, I'm both dreading the weekend and thrilled about it.

Phishmama- I love Silas too! Now that our search is on for middle names, I keep hearing all these "s" names that I love for boys. This doesn't work for us, because our boy's name is Avery, and our last name starts with S. I wouldn't wish those initials on anyone.

I too can see the light at the end of the tunnel at work- yay! I'm going to work up until 38 weeks- only 3 1/2 more weeks to go. It's finally starting to seem like this baby will be here soon. We really do have a lot of preparations to make also, so I'm sure the time will go by fast.

Oh, one more thing- does anyone know where to find some good info on the Vit. K shot and the eye ointment they give babies at the hospital. I don't really know anything about them, and dh and I would like to be well-informed before making those decisions. Thanks in advance for anything you ladies can offer.

Have a great weekend!
04-15-2004 10:21 AM
PattyCakes That's really nice kkmama.
YAY Elfmama - glad your DH's issue is resolved and CHEAPER to boot. Have a great time camping!

phismama - I really like Silas!

As for the nesting... I WANT to be nesting sooo badly. My fingers are itching to get all over the baby's things right now - but I'm saving that till I'm done work in 2 weeks. (YAY!) It's one of my projects to do while I'm off and before baby arrives (and my Mum).

other than the baby stuff we have just about everything else ready to go- and all I really need to do is just order the diaper service and wash the baby's clothes. I think we're set for everything else. We've got our infant CPR class at the end of the month and a breastfeeding class as well.

It seems so close now - and sometimes still seems SO far away. Weird sensation. Everyone keeps saying "so you've got a couple of months left now, huh?" and I have to say - "Uh no. About 6 weeks - give or take". It makes their eyes pop. (and my brain pop).

I can't WAIT to be done work - to just do my own thing and not have to think about what's going on here. It's going to be an intense 2 weeks though cos I'll be training my replacement (who should be here any day now).
04-15-2004 03:30 AM
KKmama Insomnia again, so I'm trying to arrange labor CDs.

I really love George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, and I downloaded a bunch of lyrics, out of curiosity (to fill in the gaps I still can't make out)... wanted to share this one, because of course, it made me cry. It just seems to fit well right now for dh, ds, and the new one.

"What Is Life"

What i feel, i can't say
But my love is there for you anytime of day
But if it's not love that you need
Then i'll try my best to make everything succeed

Tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am i without you, by my side

What i know, i can do
If i give my love now to everyone like you
But if it's not love that you need
Then i'll try my best to make ev'rything succeed

Tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am i without you, by my side
Tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am i without you, by my side

What i feel, i can't say
But my love is there for you any time of day
But if it's not love that you need
Then i'll try my best to make everything succeed

Tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am i without you, by my side
Oh tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am i without you, by my side

What is my life without your love
Tell me, who am i without you, by my side
04-14-2004 09:56 PM
theelves Howdy! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, yes, never a dull moment around here!!: Finally some good news! The sewer problem has been fixed!..And with only $1500, and no fines!! He is back to square one and ready to proceed.
This weekend we are going camping with both sides of the family for the first time, should be really interesting and fun! I am looking forward to *FUN*! We all need a break!
No nesting going on here yet , I hardly have the energy anyway. This head cold really wiped me out. But I hope next week will be different, and I can get some things done.
Got a MW appt. tomarrow, not expecting any surprises. Am wondering if it will be safe to swim in the lake this weekend, or if I need to sit it out. Will see.
OK, gotta go eat., pack, sleep! Good vibes to all!!!!! Elfmamma
04-14-2004 05:27 PM
KKmama I feel like we're both nesting, but I also kind of feel like we're nesting in the wrong areas. Does the baby need a clean garage? Not really. But the baby might benefit from me setting up a room for ds (and/or dh) to sleep in, but which got done? The garage. Does the baby need us to work on this landscaping project? Not really (though to be fair, it will benefit ds). I guess the electrical project will help keep the baby's parents from getting zapped. I sometimes feel like I'm being downright lazy about preparing for the *baby*. It just energizes me to do more wacky projects (like the garage and pruning the trees out front).
04-14-2004 05:20 PM
Sarah'sMama HA! Dh wouldn't know how to use a bucket and water if it hit him in the head. Wish I had a nesting dh. Quite the contrary. I have to beg him to help put stuff together. :
04-14-2004 04:53 PM
forestmama The other night I was laying in bed asleep and I hear this noise in my house at like 4 in the morning.....I creep into the other room and there is dh with a cloth in one hand and a bottle of polish in the other......he was deep cleaning the whole house!!!!!
I could not help my self I smiled real big gave him a hug and said "Ohhh sweetie, your nesting!" :LOL He did not think it was to funny, but I thought it was cute. Yaaaaaa for nesting husbands!!!!
04-14-2004 04:16 PM
Marco Esquandolas I could use some nesting vibes too! Dh is nesting. I am not. Not really. I'll get an urge here or there to do something, but dh is cutting down trees, gutting the upstairs bathroom and he just bought a bunch of paint to repaint the living room! Good for him, I say. That man has gotten more and more pg with me each pg, lol! He's also gained a lot of weight this time. Anyone else's SO have preggo symptoms or tendencies? I forget that french term for it, but he's definitely got it.

I'll be passing on the internals this time around. I got too falsely excited with both boys and it means nothing for me anyway. Ds#2 was +2 station, I was fully effaced, 2 cm's and they didn't want me further than one hour from the hosp and I still had him 8 days beyond his edd and labored 19 hours at home before I went in. Ds#1 was 12 days beyond his edd and had to be induced due to my pre-e. So that's why I say it means nothing for me!

Crap! I still haven't pre-registered. I keep forgetting to do that. I'm getting sooo flakey these days *sigh*.

We're still mulling over boy names. A new one to each of us that we both liked was Silas. I was thinking Silas David. We still like Lukas, but I like it much more than dh does. He kinda mumbled vague approval over Brody and Nicholas too. It has occurred to me that we can't settle on a boy name b/c we don't need it, kwim? It's weird b/c I just knew that both our boys were boys, but I don't feel so strongly with this baby. I initially thought girl, and do think of this baby as a girl more often than a boy, but it isn't definitive like with the boys. Oh well-the joys of not finding out early...(s)he's keeping mama guessing.

Ok, I'm off to surf more names, lol.
04-14-2004 02:24 PM
Sarah'sMama Happy Wednesday!

Elfmama-I swear your life is one bout of bad luck after another. Hopefully all the bad luck is gone, and you'll have nothing but good luck from now on.

Sarah-I'm with you on really not wanting to know if I'm dilated/effaced or not. I mean,, I'm curious, but it really doesn't mean a thing. My sister was 3-4 cms dialated for about three weeks before she delivered. I was barely dialated to a fingertip at my 39 week check with dd, and less than two days later, myy water broke, and I was in labor. So it really doesn't tell me anything. I've only had one check so far, and it was at 36 weeks, b/c I had the GBS test done, and since I was already nekkid from the waist down, I said OK. Surprise Surprise, my cervix was still high and closed. I think I'm one of the ones that stays closed for a long time and all of a sudden starts to dialate when I'm in labor.

Starting to get a lot of things accomplished. Last night dh and I reassembled the car seat and bassinet, because I took them apart to wash all the fabric and wipe down everything else. So feeling better about that. Have all my dipes washed and organized. Have all the baby clothes washed, just need dh to get out the dresser so I can put them in it and put the changing pad on top. Have my breast pump all cleaned, just have to put it together. Have all my things ready to go in a bag for the hospital, just have to find a bag to put them all in. So I'm really getting prepared. Going to stencil the baby's room probably tomorrow, even though it will be awhile before she sleeps in there. I just like to have it done, even though I don't really need to.

As for me, have my 38 week check tomorrow. Yesterday I was having some weird pains in my rear, kinda like sciatica. So don't know if the baby is settling down into position in there or what. I remember I had really bad sciatica with my first, but that was while she was dropping, and I've read some places that second babies don't drop until labor alot of times so

OK, enough about me. Hope you all are feeling great, and nesting like crazy!
04-14-2004 01:12 PM
mcsarahb Morning all-

Elfmama, here's hoping, like others have said, that the rest of your year is calm and happy. Sheesh!

kids'ncows, you can have my nesting vibes - I am officially done with them and just waiting now. Two weeks ago I could stay at home all day, hated going to work, all I wanted to do was sew and cook and rearrange the baby clothes for the umpteenth time. Now I'm always itching to get out of the house and go somewhere. I guess I'm at the "hurry up and wait" stage.

At my appointment yesterday one of my mws did the belly cast - so fun! It looks great. I highly recommend doing it - easy and fun.

So what do you gals think about cervical checks? I haven't had any so far; my mws are very hands-off unless I want any. They offered to check yesterday because I had a lot of questions about BH and effacement, dilation, etc., but we (DH and I) decided not to. I just don't think I could handle knowing I was dilated/effaced but still not have this baby for another month, KWIM? The apprentice mw said she was 5 cm for 2 weeks...that would kill me! I'd rather just not know! But I'd also like to know if I was 8 cm and the baby could drop out at any moment... :LOL

I realize that first-timers often go late, have long labors, etc. BUT, my family history is early, easy brothers and I were 4, 2 and less than 1 hour, respectively. Any thoughts?

04-14-2004 12:46 PM
kids'ncows Hi ladies, anybody with any nesting vibes please send them my way when you're done with them! I'm with Jakobsmami - thank goodness I'm not 'til the end of May (or even 1st of June)!

I finally went swimming last night. I didn't notice an "oh, I'm weightless" feeling, but when I got out I sure had the "oh, I'm heavy!" feeling. I swam a few laps but I'm in worse shape than I thought, or maybe it's just the drag of my belly? I need to bring the kids next time and see how that goes.

My 2.5 year old told me last night that I was going to have 2 babies, both brothers !

Had a Dr app't this week, still all normal. Dr said he's not going to fix what isn't broken - I think he may be one of the few that got out of medical school with his brain intact. I need to get a birth plan done and do my pre-registering at the hospital.

Theelves, your life is much too exciting. I hope things are calm and easy going for the rest of the year for you!

KKmama, there are only two things that I can think of that terrify me - the IRS and CPS. Both seem to have unlimited power, no one to answer to, and I'm not sure what it is that gets one in trouble with them. I hope your neighbor comes out of it with a happy ending before they go broke on court/lawyer costs.

Well I can't think of anything either intelligent or interesting to say, so I guess I'll just leave it here.

Praying that everybody's end of pregnancies and births are happy and healthy.
04-13-2004 08:09 PM
KKmama I'm back to say more (chatty today...)

I just testified in a CPS case for my across-the-street neighbor who has 5 kids. Personally, I think the whole thing should be thrown out, that a lot of what is going on is that a lot of people freak out when families have more than 2 kids and/or don't follow the mainstream parenting mode (which freaks me out a little... are they going to knock on *my* door next, because ds still sleeps with us, still nurses from time to time, isn't potty trained yet, etc?). My neighbor isn't exactly bowing down meekly to CPS, which just pisses them off. Anyway, the whole thing just brings out the fierce mama in me (and I'm already hormonal and crabby). I'm a witness because ds has played with her kids, and I've been present at several of the home visits.

Maybe the stupidest thing the prosecutor said was about one home visit in particular... one of the social workers is pg (but I think I'm further along than the SW), and the prosecutor was implying my neighbor and her kids were physically avoiding the SW... I replied that I thought SW was behaving as she was intentionally, that it was part of her technique, that if she wanted to interact with them, she could have *said* something. Prosecutor replies that SW is *quite obviously* pregnant and that slows one down, we should have taken that into consideration, etc. I replied that in case she hadn't noticed, *I* am quite obviously pg, too, and I was having no problems keeping up with/interacting with the kids, and that when one faces physical challenges such as those in some pregnancies, if one needs special accomodations, it behooves one to *ask* for it, if necessary. I don't think I'm communicating this very well, but it was all I could do to keep from rolling my eyes and laughing out loud in court. (Yeah, tell me about physical challenges and discomfort in pregnancy, lady. I'm all ears.) :
04-13-2004 05:15 PM
A&L+1 Just a quick check in...I haven't posted in over a month! I am doing fine. Gearing up for weekly appointments. I have my GBS test today. My OB says that if I am + that it won't change the plan for me to labor at home for as long as possible. She just wnats me ready for antibiotics when I get admitted. I am really surprised by that and I am now looking into what happens if the baby is born too quickly for the meds to be on board. Any thoughts?

KKmama - I went whale watching last May to ask the humpback whales that hang out in the bay here to help me to get pregnant (I know it sounds odd. It felt right though so I went for it). Obviously it worked! I keep thinking of this baby as a whale baby floating around inside so happily. Maybe there is a real pregnancy/whale connection BEYOND the whole feeling as big as a whale thing. I can't say that I feel too sleek right now. Glad you are feeling better.
04-13-2004 04:44 PM
KKmama Thanks for the vibes, y'all... things seem to be more normal today. At least my tummy doesn't hurt. I drank *so* much water yesterday--I think I flushed everything out! (and down the toilet :LOL)

Theelves, I want you to have better luck, and I want everyone at your house to feel good for a *long* stretch of time!

We're definitely giving ds a gift from the baby. We just need to get it. We were thinking about a forklift (because he's currently obsessed with them). And ds and I went through his toys and chose some to give to the baby...

The painting guys are here painting the way high up parts of the house (I was paranoid of dh falling off a ladder and going splat). And my dad will be here later in the week to help us finish a swingset we're building for ds. And there's the endless yard work...
04-13-2004 01:37 PM
mittendrin welcome forestmama, you made me happy talking about bh and how you had them with tummy labor. i didn't feel any bh during my last pregnancy and had back labor. this time i have tons of them and hope your pedictions are true and it'll be a bit easier this time...

theelves - bummer with your dh's concrete-mess. $5000 is a lot of money, but you sound very supportive and i'm sure he appreciates that. hope you're feeling better.

i'm not sure if ds knows what's going on. he's only 19 months and i don't think he understands. but he's been patting my belly lately cuz he must notice it's getting huge and hard and not so comfy to lie on anymore. i ask him to give the baby a kiss and he'll kiss my stomach. cute!! but he has no idea what he's in for, i'm sure. poor guy, i feel guilty to have to take so much mommy-time away from him, but in the end he's finally gonna have somebody to play with all day long. we don't know too many people here and he's not around other kids too often. i hope he'll be ok.

kkmama, are you feeling better?

so we're really gonna hear gonna hear the first birthing stories soon, huh? i'm glad i'm at the end of the list, cuz i know once i hear about our first few babies i'm gonna freak out and nest like crazy. and there's still tons of stuff to do.

anybody giving the siblings gifts for when the baby comes? i wanna buy ds something nice (sth to keep him busy too:LOL ). we're gonna put a sandbox up on our porch and hang up his swing soon, that should keep him happy and entertained for a while during those endless first week's nursing sessions.

stay healthy girls and try to ignore the big pains in your butts right now (my arse has been hurting so badly lately, the kid's gonna hear about this when she's older, i swear!!!)
04-13-2004 01:03 PM
Jacqueline Hey everyone,
It's so exciting that some of you are so close to birthing your babies! I can't wait to hear your stories.

I had a relaxing weekend...had Friday and Monday off work, so it was very restful. I'd been having lots of Braxton Hicks cx (thanks to everyone who confirmed that's what the tightening was) but hardly noticed any during the relaxing weekend! Now that I'm back to work, they've started up more regularly. But, I'm glad they're happening, even if they're uncomfortable. I know my body is already starting to work on birthing this baby!

I haven't had much swelling in my feet, but my fingers are more swollen. Yesterday I couldn't wear my rings, but they're okay today. The humidity here in Central Texas definitely affects it, too. I have a checkup with my midwife tomorrow. She's 99% sure baby is head down, the only reason she's not 100% is because the babe's head is pretty far down in my pelvis already and she can't make it move like she normally does. I figure that's a good thing...the head must fit! Or at least is hanging out down there to stretch things out. I've had lots more round ligament pain lately, too. She said we can always get an u/s to confirm position, but that seems kind of pointless...we'd have to go to another dr. office, take more time off, all to confirm just a 1% question mark.

I have four weeks left of work, so I'm counting down, now!
04-12-2004 07:19 PM
theelves Hi! Happy Easter! Hope all went well for everyone! Unfortunately mine was a bit tainted. I came down with a nasty cold, making everything that much harder to deal with. AND ds has one too! Then, to top it off, poor DH has had the worst of luck! He is overseeing an addition to a house and was working Saturday overseeing the foundation peirs being poured, trying to beat the coming rain. Well, they would have made it, but the very last hole.....wound up being the entry to the sewer! They had broken into the sewer pipe without knowing and filling it up with concrete! It went all the way into the main line, anout 25 or more feet! WELL! He is responsible, so he has to fix it, with our own money/savings. Could be $5000 or more, not sure yet!
So he was definetly not having a good Easter day. He was waiting on the job site for the city to come out to talk to him (they never showed!) I did what I could to help him out. I ran to get supplies, rent tools and pumps, call people, talk out plans with him, console him, all the while dealing with being very sick and DS being sick too. Then the rains have come too, very hard rains! mini-tornadoes and hail, high winds! That has really made the job site a mess. So he is out there now pumping out water to get ready for tomarrow. Poor guy.
Anyway. This week i am definetly going to go shopping for birth supplies, send out shower invitations, and make a wish list. On top of that, I have to pack for the weekend...camping with both sides of the family for the first time! We will have a cabin with AC this time, and a bed. I usually tent,but not under these circumstances! Comfort is vital!

Anyone got a cure for insomnia???? It is getting more frequent these days, really making me bitchy during the day, no patience.

Ok, enough bitchin', need to go find something happy to do, like make a wish list. Hope all is well for everyone else! HUGS!
04-12-2004 06:13 PM
mcsarahb Hi all-

KKmama: hope you feel better soon. Glad you can take it easy. I'd hate to be sick, on top of all my other complaints.

Today was my last day of work! WOO-HOO! I am so excited. I even got off early - my boss is super nice and flexible - so I am feeling good. It was hard, though, to work even the 3 1/2 hours this morning! It feels like the babe is about to fall out! As I was waddling around and sighing noticeably, my boss (who has 7 kids) joked that if we put a mirror on the floor maybe we could see her head... :LOL

And yup, I am due April 29th. I was originally due May 1, though, which is why I chose this board. My dh is sure it'll be May 2, but I'm thinkin' it might be a little early. Because, like forestmama, I have BH, too. At least 15-20 a day. My mws say my uterus is "primed and ready..." We'll see.

Have a good week everyone - I'm going to try and ENJOY these last couple/few weeks now that I'm completely free of commitments.

04-12-2004 05:13 PM
forestmama Hi! I read the May thread all the time but have not posted on it before, not really sure why??? Anyway, I find myself getting so excited here lately (EDD May 20th), that it is hard to convince myself to slow down and try to enjoy this last month or so. So far my 3 yod is taking the upcomming birth better than my 7 yod. My oldest kind of just ignors the whole situation other than her wanting to know if she can give the baby a nickname when he is born and to make sure that she wont have to watch him be born because "That's just gross mom." :LOL
My 3yod came up to my tummy the other night got real close to it and whispered "come out little baby", when I told her that he was not big enough to come out just yet she made a pouty little face and screamed at my tummy "Baby! Get bigger!" :LOL I'm thinking she is going to be a pushy big sis.
Any one else starting to get BH like every day? It is starting to get annoying (because every time I have one I have to run to the potty) but in a way it is exciting because I know it is getting my body ready. With my first I had BH constant for the last month and ended up having tummy labor which was very easy to deal with, with my second I had hardly any BH and had labor in my hips and back which was FAR from ideal! So here is hope for another tummy labor.
Looking forward to sharing the next couple of months with you all!
04-12-2004 04:05 PM
shalom Just wanted to say to all of you expecting #2.... I know there are plenty of chances for disastrous adjustments, but my ds was one week shy of three when dd was born and he could not have greeted her presence any more beautifully. He was awesome at the birth (took pictures, cut the cord, etc.) and we never had ANY adjustment problems whatsoever.

I was of course very stressed about the whole unknown, but the transition was so smooth and perfect. I didn't do anything special to prepare him, just plenty of love and reassurance...

just to say things often go just fine!

37 weeks today and starting to think about how number three is going to change our family!

oh- anyone else have terrible sciatica problems? any remedies?

04-12-2004 02:22 PM
Sarah'sMama KK-Hope you are feeling better VERY soon! Its hard enough to be pg sometimes, w/o being sick on top of it. I think mcsarahb (?) is due the same day as me, so the race is on! :LOL We'll see. I'll be 38 weeks on tuesday. WOW.
04-12-2004 02:17 PM
KKmama Not much to say here except I think I caught some sort of tummy bug... I've been feeling really puffy the last 24 hrs or so, and then had the runs this morning (I have to say that "puffy" for me probably isn't really that puffy). Had my prenatal appt, and everything looks fine except I had a tiny bit of protein spilling in my urine... I expect that's because my water/electrolyte balance is probably all out of whack. So I'm taking it easy today and drinking a lot of liquids.

What y'all with another kid have been saying about behavior in dc #1 has been reassuring to me... I had been wondering how much ds "gets" what is going on (he'll be 3 at the end of June). But he's definitely been acting out. I'm just trying to be as patient as I can be, because I kind of feel sorry for how this is going to disrupt the good thing he's got.

Sarah's Mama, aren't you going to be having our first baby any day now? I don't remember, but I *think* you're first on the list and will be 38 wks any day now...

I dreamt last night that I was a humpbacked whale and that I was migrating. Dh wondered if I was having "body image" problems. I said, "No, they're very sleek!" He said, "Yeah, but they're still whales."
04-12-2004 02:08 PM
Sarah'sMama Happy Monday to you all.

Hope all you Easter-celebrators had a great day. My dd had a ball. She loooved coloring the eggs, and looooved searching for them. It was so cute. It took her finding about two eggs before she caught on, but then, look out! She was all over the house searching. It was so cute. I couldn't get great pics of her though, because she was moving so fast, the camera couldn't focus! :LOL I have some nice blurry shots of her though. :LOL

Just a question to all you who already have one or more children. Do you think they sense the huge impact this new baby will have on their lives? My dd just turned 2, and I try to talk to her about having a new baby around, but I don't think she quite "gets" it, if that makes any sense. But lately she has been quite a bit more clingy than usual, and wants me to carry her ALOT, and it is not easy to do for me physically. Also, she doesn't like to be in a room other than the one I'm in. It used to be that I could run into the kitchen to get something real quick, and she wouldn't really notice/care. But anytime I leave the room, even for a quick errand, she calls for me until I come back for her or she catches up to me. Just responding to her telling her where I'm at doesn't comfort her. I know alot of it is probably her age, but I can't help but feel she is feeling the impact of the next few weeks on her little 2 yo life. It makes me so sad some days just thinking that these are the last days that it is just the two of us at home during the day. But I know she'll eventually love having a little sister to play with, (or boss around). I guess alot is catching up to me emotionally too I guess. I'm so excited for this new baby, but at the same time, scared of all that comes with a new baby. Dh and I were just talking about how Sarah has us so spoiled, she's really such a great kid, that it will be a huge adjustment to "get to know" our new child, and get to the point of life where we are now. OK OK, enough rambling. Just feeling lots of different emotions these days. Its so hard to sort them all out.

I'm so excited, my SIL is throwing a "Mommy Shower" for me on Saturday. Since I have alot of stuff from my dd, I don't really need anything baby related, so she decided to throw a shower to pamper me. I thought it was a great idea, but I have to admit, I'm not great at getting that much attention. But she's working so hard on it, I'm so grateful.

Enough novels from me. Hope you all are doing well!
04-12-2004 01:15 PM
scbegonias May mamas-to-be, we are close! I can't wait to start seeing all the birth announcements.

Like Kittymama, I too am in relatively great spirits. I'm also still in great shape...riding my bike, no swelling (unless you include the swollen ankle that resulted from a run in with a rocker at my parents house...I'm the master of klutz). I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop physically and emotionally...but enjoying the bliss while its here.

I can't recall if I've shared that the babe has once again turned into a breech position. We're not too concerned yet...if there was room to turn breech, there's room to turn vertex. The plan is for me to get checked by another midwife this week, and my regular midwife next Monday. If they can't determine position, they'll do a vaginal examine next week, and then an ultrasound if that doesn't work. If they can determine, and the babe is breech, I'll start on a regimine of body contourtions and chiropractic care. I'm already spending as much time as possible leaning forward and on my hands and knees. We have not decided what to do if we get to the point of deciding on an external version. We hope that s/he turns, and we always have the option to try a breech birth, although it would be at the hospital, not the birth center.

On a more exciting note, my work had a shower for us on Friday. It was a gorgeous day here in the desert, and the sun rained down on us. Festive and we got many things that we had on our list to buy. We bought the rest of our 'need to have now' items on Saturday (cradle mattress, breastfeeding supplies for me, etc.) and I'm set to order the diaper service today. Ah, the clock is ticking!

Comfort vibes and happy babies...Stephie
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