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04-14-2010 09:40 AM
sarahn4639 APRIL!
04-02-2010 10:33 PM
FelixMom I realize we are into April already, but in the absence of an April thread for our group, here's wishing everyone HAPPY EASTER!

Even if you're not religious and don't celebrate, per say, it's nice to have the kids around for 4 days straight to just hang out with family and enjoy the spring weather.
03-30-2010 05:11 PM
ema-adama Sarah Lynne - I am so jealous. I would love to have chickens - however it is not gonna work any time soon for us.

In my news, I am really having a challening year.

My gramma passed away. My mums' mum. While she was sicky and sufferning at the age of 91, it does come as a shock. And she is in Canada. Her funeral is in a couple of minutes, and I can only be there in thought.

I feel all over the place emotionally. One day excited about maybe being pregnant, then mourning my grandmother. It's a bit much really.

So far I have had a BFN, so in a way I am now hoping it stays that way. I just need some peace and quiet - relatively anyway. I am going to stop worrying about child spacing, and wondering when I will ever get back to being a professional woman, beyond being a mum etc. I really just need to go with the flow..... make my life count and all that good stuff.

Thanks for listening ladies - I really need this space.
03-30-2010 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by smokeylo View Post
Low progesterone? That's what I'm dealing with .
I have no just disappeared the day after I wrote and hasn't returned. I started taking my Chlorophyll again so maybe that had something to do with it stopping?

DH took me to work yesterday so he could have the van. He told me he was going to pick up a few chickens (we want to start raising them for our own eggs and meat) and I was thinking I'd come home to about 5-6 hens. Nope.

He bought 22 hens/chicks (they are 90% guarenteed to be female)

I leave him for a few

I did get to enjoy showing off my babies to all my friends at work They were a big hit!
03-30-2010 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by Mommy2Austin View Post
Ok wise mommas help me out here.

My post-partum bleeding ceased at about 4 weeks completely. Here I am at 8 weeks postpartum and since I started back to work I'm bleeding again. It's not enough to call a period, but enough that I have to wear a pantyliner/ pad to keep from ruining my underwear and pants. So what could be going on?

Class starts on April 6th. I'm excited to start, but bummed that I'll be away from work for 4 months.
Low progesterone? That's what I'm dealing with .
03-29-2010 02:06 AM
FelixMom We went house hunting today and saw something we like. Now we have to make an offer and see if the bank will come through with the necessary $$$ for us...

My feelings are mixed. We are 5 people in a 900 sq ft apartment. We could use a little more space. Or I could go on a mission to become extremely efficient at decluttering. But DS2 is a whirling dervish that generates sooo much chaos that I barely manage to do much else except to keep him from imminent danger most days. Why, oh why does his idea of having fun involve making huge messes or destroying things (I've lost count of how many times I've reminded him NOT to rip pages in books, and he does the same thing later on the same day or the next day... )

A friend asked me if I might consider becoming a nanny to their 15-month old starting in the fall. I'll have 3 kids to manage every day from lunch-time onwards, as DD starts JK half-days in September. Still sitting on the fence with that one. If they accept what I ask ($15/hr), it would be a reasonable supplement to the family income.

But I was sorta looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of intense baby care stuff, and visiting my dad 600 km away every two months with my 2 youngest. Wouldn't be able to do that. Plus, how would I manage all the necessary dental and medical appts for my kiddies with someone else's kid in tow? Not to mention if any one of my 3 became sick...
03-28-2010 07:50 PM
PlayaMama oh sarah lynne- that must be so hard! do you get paid during schooling? is there anyway you can pinch the budget to afford your meds? i remember how they seemed to help before tristyn was conceived.

megan- i think i'd be excited and terrified to get a bfp right now. thankfully, we're all clear for another month here. i hope you get what you want!

nature- i hope all is well with you!

lauren- i'm glad you have many options for finding a mother's helper for you. i'm sure it will be such a relief to have someone you can depend on to help around the house and watch the girls. poor robin you sure called it when you noticed how she was acting and eating.

as for me, i'm avoiding cleaning the house. i have a friend coming to stay for three days that i haven't seen in over a year so that's great but my house is gross! ugh.
03-28-2010 03:42 PM
ema-adama Sarah Lynne - I hope you are feeling better and the bleeding as stopped. I wish I knew more to be able to offer helpful advice. Can you talk with your midwife? You have a lot on your plate right now....

Here we are well - frantically getting ready for Pesach, and I am also starting to get a little obsessed about getting a BFP. This is such a surprise for me, as I have been quite terrified of falling pregnant, and now this seems to be something I really want. could just be hormones/wonky mood.

Heather - yes, I totally see your point. I really did not see the point of teaching Hillel animal sounds, although I am less annoyed at my MIL for doing it. She is not the type of person to think too much about what she does, and sees people around her doing it, did it with her children and thinks it's weird that I don't. But that goes for many of our choices - they are very different. And I can over think my reasons too That said, she resisted the impulse to buy educational/plastic toys for Pesach and actually just got books. . This is huge for us. For a grandmother who has repeatedly been asked not to buy plastic, she managed to a sizeable number of toys..... slowly slowly we are understanding each other better.

Nature, I had typed out a long response to you in my previous post that I lost. It is so hard to know what is going on IRL when you read posts by mama's online. Important information is almost always missing - and parents and children seem far more perfect/advanced than they probably are in real life. It's much more exciting to share firsts when your child is one of the first ones - after that, there is nothing really 'brag-worthy' about it. I hope you got a sensitive and professional assessment, and that you can be reassured on Odin's overall development.
03-26-2010 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by sarahn4639 View Post
Sarah Lynne, you're doing too much. Bleeding is your body's way of telling you to slow down. I know this is difficult in your situation, but I believe that is why you're bleeding.

Thoughts to everyone else, I'm just popping in, I'll catch back up later!
Lovely And to make matters even more peachy I start class on the 6th and on the 9th we start our physical training.

On top of all this I've gained back 10lbs and my anxiety/depression seems to be cropping back up. I haven't had my medicine in over a month now because frankly we can't afford the $35 a month for the appt./prescription.

Where's my bang head here sign?
03-26-2010 02:38 PM
sarahn4639 Sarah Lynne, you're doing too much. Bleeding is your body's way of telling you to slow down. I know this is difficult in your situation, but I believe that is why you're bleeding.

Thoughts to everyone else, I'm just popping in, I'll catch back up later!
03-26-2010 11:33 AM
Mommy2Austin Ok wise mommas help me out here.

My post-partum bleeding ceased at about 4 weeks completely. Here I am at 8 weeks postpartum and since I started back to work I'm bleeding again. It's not enough to call a period, but enough that I have to wear a pantyliner/ pad to keep from ruining my underwear and pants. So what could be going on?

Class starts on April 6th. I'm excited to start, but bummed that I'll be away from work for 4 months.
03-26-2010 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by Nature View Post
I wonder if I truly have the only kid that is naked 99.9% of the time, climbs on every table, dumps everything out, and screams and tantrums because of communication breakdowns. Ugh.
Nature, have you read "Raising Your Spirited Child"? I think you might find it very reassuring. I've been slowly working my way through it and it has been such a godsend in terms of both understanding Robin and dealing with her outbursts.

Robin got sick AGAIN this week. Sleep has been kind of nonexistent for me.

I posted an ad for a sitter/housecleaner and have about a dozen college girls eager to work for my family. I hope to have someone hired and in place in 2 weeks. I can't wait. We need some help!

Love you guys.
03-25-2010 03:43 PM
nolonger Nature, when Jeanita was two and three, she used to refer to cigarettes as "floo floos." It drove me nuts, especially since she begged for them so that she could tear them up and pretend that the tobacco was fairy dust!

When she was twenty, she explained that the term came from the way we would always go outdoors and light a cigarette and sigh when the bank account was overdrawn, the landlord threatened eviction, the expected grocery money didn't materialize again, or whatever.

It all made perfect sense then.

None of my two year olds have ever worn clothes unless we have to go somewhere or certain people are coming over to our house.

Megan, I forgot to say something personal to you in my last post which was that although i agree that it's "normal" to ask a two year old to make animal sounds, I do think it's condescending and annoying and i'm glad that Terran stares at people as if they have three heads when they ask him, I just wish I was better at responding to the inevitable, "What's the matter, is he shy?" with, "He's actually very outgoing and talkative, he just hates it when people talk down to him." or even "No, he doesn't like being treated like an idiot just because he's younger than you are."

I thought I had a paying job but it looks like I have an adventure instead.

I think the cat's already out of the bag that I'm open to the possibility of another pregnancy but not overly optimistic that it's going to happen.

Well, i need to get to my "unpaid" job and do some databasing now.
03-25-2010 12:45 PM
Mommy2Austin Very emotional here lately too. DH and I are not connecting at all and I'm at a loss as to what I should do. Part of me doesn't even care to try.

I'm rushing through the application process for school because they want me in the academy by April 6 so they don't have to do a fire/hire to keep me on until the August class. (You have 6 months from the date of hire to start the academy. They can fire you if you don't, however with extentuating circumstances ie. having a baby, they will do a fire/hire in the computer to buy another 6 months.) If I had just come back at the end of my 12 weeks instead of early there would have been no way to get it done.

I feel like I don't know my kiddos anymore. I feel disconnected from them not being at home. Steven is throwing more tantrums lately and as best I can do I try to figure it all out, but sometimes I just can't.

Tristyn's poor face is all bumpy and red and I can't figure out why. It's just her face and no where else. It's driving me nuts.
03-25-2010 11:58 AM
eilonwy Nature, Bear's an odd little duck. All of my kids are, to the point that I'm often hesitant to post about them at all. I stopped participating in two of their DDC because I they're completely strange children. That said, while Bear has been waking up at night when he has to pee he's nowhere near potty learning. It's probably a good eight or nine months off for us. I'm really excited about that, though, because when he's out of diapers *I* will be finished with another stage of my life! But yeah, I'm not passing my stash along just yet.

I have about a zillion things to do today. I don't want to do any of them. Ugh.
03-25-2010 07:21 AM
Nature Thanks girls for including some of the "normal" things your kiddos do. It makes me feel like maybe Odin isn't too terribly far off the mark. Sometimes when all I see is the exceptional things, I wonder if I truly have the only kid that is naked 99.9% of the time, climbs on every table, dumps everything out, and screams and tantrums because of communication breakdowns. Ugh.

He does make a lot of aproximations for words, I'm just not sure what counts as a real aproximation and what doesn't. Sometimes they are really really off! (like gull lop for soda? wth? LOL) I've noticed that he seems to have the syllables down even when he doesn't say the word at all close. He even sings that way. (da da da da da da DA! for twinkle twinkle little star) And the amount of words he knows in Spanish from Dora and Diego are impressive! He can count to 12 in English and 10 in Spanish, and knows the words for jump, climb, stop, star, lets go, and so many more. He also can count and say about 10 words in Chinese from Kai Lan. Even more confusing is when he mingles English, Chinese and Spanish. He doesn't string words together in a sentence, but he'll say single words like he's listing. "Mama! ick! ow! eee! ick! eeepo!" which basically means, Mama, milk! Now! Please! Milk! Piper! (get some for Piper too)

I'll let you all know what EI says today. I got hardly any sleep last night and he was up before the sun. Ugh. I hate anticipating things, it makes me so anxious!
03-25-2010 02:53 AM
ema-adama GRRRR. My longest and most personalised response in months an my frikking token expired

03-25-2010 01:19 AM
Originally Posted by PlayaMama View Post
nos- karl marx i love you both so much!
Yea, I kind of hope he makes someone do a double-take before his enunciation clears up.

Christopher was my "Little Professor" who looked so much younger than he actually was and did geeky things with language like nicknaming his sister "Amoeba", referring to his socks and shoes as "toxic shoes" and his masculine reproductive organ as his "King Richard the Lionhearted" and knowing full well what all of those things meant, that kids don't usually talk that way, and that it totally blows grown-ups minds.

Terran is just an ordinary average kid and a bit big for his age He's very gentle, but he doesn't know his own strength and he sometimes hurts me without meaning to or understanding that something hurts. If he's trying to communicate with words and I don't understand him or respond fast enough, he'll sometimes say the same word over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until I want to scream too.

Our kids are all awesome in their own ways, but none of them are perfect.
03-24-2010 06:11 PM
PlayaMama lauren- i'm sorry! that sounds SO difficult. from what i have seen what you are feeling is really REALLY common re: the not doing anything very well. how much longer do you have to finish? i have my fingers crossed that you find wonderful reliable baby care for holly.

nature- i remember lazlo being just rough and tumble without any care for hurting himself. i was going through my photos from when he was around this age and i'd saw some pics of him and there was the one where his whole ear was purple because he'd tipped over and slammed it on the leg of the table, there was the one where his upper lip was HUGE and swollen because he'd bonked it falling down, in almost every photo the poor kid had some ouchie.

if it makes you feel any better lazlo is just now(at 5!!) able to put on underwear (backwards) and _maybe_ if we're lucky pants (also backwards) he has no clue how to get himself into a shirt and he can't tie his shoes or even wriggle them on.

also, good for you for calling IE. there is a child at my school who is in the second grade that no one can understand. i know he didn't have any early intervention type stuff and it's pretty sad to think that if he had gotten a little bit of help it might have made a difference.

linnaea also says no when she means yes. and sometimes she says yes which makes it even more confusing i can only tell if no means yes if she starts to scream (loudly) when i don't do what she wants. she also throws things (a really hard rubber ball and wooden blocks) all.the.time. whenever she's really quiet it usually means she's drawing in a book or on the floor or couch. she has also done the on the floor tantrum crying and yelling more than a few times and usually in the store.

i guess i'm just trying to make up for only posting about the awesomeness that is my kid and not including the entire picture where i am worn out and crabby and we're clashing and she's being two and it makes me want to scream.

nos- karl marx i love you both so much!
03-24-2010 05:05 PM
nolonger Oh dear. Nature, I hope I didn't imply that people who don't know Terran can understand the words I typed out. When he says "colouring markers", it sounds just like "Karl Marx".
03-24-2010 10:01 AM
smokeylo We hired our good friend to sit for Holly while I teach, and she's been late every day. Today she was so late that I was 20 min late to teach, and my students had all left. It was so embarrassing. It's been bad enough coming a few minutes late, disorganized, dirty, scattered... to just NOT SHOW UP for them? I feel like such a complete jerk. I'm sucking so bad at teaching this semester. I can't be be late again. It's killing my integrity. So that means I probably have to fire my friend, and I don't know how to do it. I don't know what to do about it. I'm really upset. I had a hard weekend with a lot of crying... I feel like all of the emotions I expected to feel right after Holly was born are hitting now, when I feel like I should be ready to reenter the Real World and am totally unable to. I am doing so many things, and none of them well. I'm overwhelmed. I posted a few ads today looking for a different sitter who'd also pick up around the house while he/she was here... I hope someone gets back to me really soon. I need more help.

To top it off, Robin seems to be on a downward spin/in a bad phase where she's pitching fits and not eating well again. What IS this?? She had a great streak of wonderful behavior and good eating. I hope she's not getting sick AGAIN.
03-24-2010 03:45 AM
Dea Nature... I loved reading your post. Please don't feel sad that Odin doesn't do things that our kiddies might. It's not a contest or a race. And also Trixie no where near potty trained, so you're way ahead of me on that. (advice please!)
03-24-2010 12:56 AM
Nature I've been here lurking on and off. I don't get a lot of computer time now that the baby is more demanding with my time. LOL I can't believe she's 5 months old already...

Odin is 99.9% potty trained during the daytime. We recently started leaving him in his underwear when we go for short trips and walks. He's stayed dry every time. He pees and poops in the the toilet by himself now, though he still uses it backwards. haha Occasionally he will pee in random bottles or cups, but thats only because its so fun to do!

His speech hasn't improved any from the last time I wrote. I was one of those silly mothers that was concerned enough to call IE services. Anyway, they'll be coming for an evaluation day after tomorrow.

Odin doesn't sound like any of the examples you've all given. He only says single words, and many of them are unclear. I estimate that I understand about 1/4 of what he says. Some things are approximations like, "Sit down" is "Dit ow" (which only counts as one word because its a learned phrase.) "Yes" is still "No" and "No" is "No".. makes it pretty confusing. "Dut Dut" is still what he says for all things he doesn't know or can't say. Its also how he says "right there." The past month he has started to meow when we ask him what a kitty says. All the other animals are met with blank looks, or meowing. Which I'm pretty sure cows and chickens don't do. LOL "

Soda" (that he tries to steal from daddy) is "Gull lop"
dog is og
kitty is eeee
I'm sorry = ub uh ooh (which means I love you too)
milk- ick
juice- ooze

Hopefully his evaluation goes well Thursday.

He hasn't nursed in months, but he latched on after my shower the other day and stayed there a few minutes. He rarely eats anything. At mealtime, he immediatly dumps his food on the table and smears it around. Nothing stops him from doing it. He also climbs up on the table constantly and runs on it. We're all quite used to a naked 2 year old crawling over our plates. *sigh*

Thats pretty much what he does every day. He dumps things, draws on things, throws things at everyone, pulls hair, punches, kicks, the new one... spits.. climbs on everything. He's so scary to watch. He split his chin wide open on the coffee table the other day and then again his tongue. He seems to pay little attention to how dangerous something is.

He tantrums and screams a lot. He doesn't want to do the things other 2 year olds are doing. He has no desire to do anything by himself. He can't dress or undress and doesn't try. He doesn't want to sweep or clean or pretend anything.

On the plus side, he is very loving. He still snuggles at night as he's falling asleep and he loves to give hugs and kisses. He's my little sweet guy when he's not being a hellion and getting into everything. LOL

So I guess thats all I have time for right now. I miss the format of the ddc. I hate trying to keep track of whats going on, and I'm sorry... but theres no way I can write back to everyone I want to. Its just too hard to remember.

I might go back to lurking again. Its been difficult to read about all the things my little guy isn't doing.
03-23-2010 11:11 PM
birthmommom hey all...subbing late in the month..

quick update and I will read later.

We bought a house!!! finally!!!

H is potty trained and been in undies for about 4 months...only way to go I think.

We talk about I am a little envious of the mamas who have had another this year...congrats to all of you.

finishing school this term and graduate in May!!!

moving this weekend but I will be lurking.

Miss you all but trying to keep up with the few of us on Facebook...we should have a group on there
03-23-2010 03:48 AM
ema-adama Rynna, I am sure you have the resources for learning Hebrew, but I thought I would link this in, in case not.

I am really happy that Hillel is growing up bilingual, and I am sure he will learn Xhosa/Zulu and Akrikaans in time too - I can speak a bit of Zulu and Xhosa and can get by in Afrikaans - should we ever live in South Africa again. .... I have managed to learn the most obscure languages to date.... Next on my list is Arabic, if we stay here. At least that is a more widely spoken language and might be useful.

So it's not that weird to teach children animal sounds . I thought it was.... yeah, here dogs go hav-hav and frogs go kva-kva. I kind of thought that animal sounds were silly as it's not really functional language, but yeah, it is a fun way to create a language bond with a toddler. My MIL loves teaching Hillel stuff and I think I belong more to the unschooling approach of an enriched environment and let the kid figure things out at their own pace....

On my MIL - we are getting on much better, again. She called to support me after my chat with my dad's partner, and we had a really good call. that it only gets better.

ETA: Helen I don't know what is going on but your way
03-23-2010 01:28 AM
Dea so we had a floor pee free day, until Daddy came home. Sigh.

Anyhow Rynna, Born Free makes sippies with measurements on them.

oh small man screams... he's angry because Mama isn't holding him. He's super attached!
03-22-2010 11:43 PM
eilonwy I'd give anything to have native Hebrew speakers around my kids. They know their names and a handful of words, and Bean knows the Aleph-Bet. Really speakers of any language aside from English. I was thinking about this earlier today, and it depresses me so much.

I too was amused by the animals making different sounds in different languages, but the more I learned of those languages the more sense it made. The ones that really get me are the ones that sound *nothing* like the actual animals. Seriously, when have you ever heard a pig say "oink"? It's more of a snorty noise, you know? Bear knows many of them, that's a game we play often in public (because it garners fewer strange looks to hear a toddler identify animal sounds than trapezoids or chartreuse ). "You sound like a cat! You sound like a chicken!" He likes to pretend to be animals, too. I should teach him the French & Hebrew sounds, I still remember most of those. In fact... I still remember a bunch of folk/kid songs like "Kum Yeled Atzeyl" (Come, Lazy Boy) and "Hinay Rokevet" (Here is a Train). Hm. I should try to find some online.
03-22-2010 06:28 PM
PlayaMama megan- one of the strangest things for me to learn was that animals say different things in different languages! like, the animals make the same noise but we all hear it differently?

i could see a grandparent obsession with that. it's like, it's a way to be able to connect with a little kid that can't really have complex conversations yet. and the high five, what can i say, we have that here as well as knuckles (bonking knuckles together) people seemed more intense about it with lazlo i think because he is a boy. linnaea they all want her to smile or wave (and she prefers "mad face" with her brows furrowed ).

also, i've heard that bilingual children take longer to acquire language but once they do they tend to go quickly. i had several bilingual students and they spoke english very well and without any accent at all. i'm glad you are feeling better too! i forgot to mention that last post.

rynna- i'm glad to hear the bear has been having good dipes and no rashes! and the chartreuse is so cute! linnaea loves doing the crayon game (what this one mommy?) and _i_ sometimes get stumped, like, "well, that's teal and that's sort of blue green, and that's, uh, dark blue?" because of my own limited vocabulary of colors. i'll put that paper in the mail today, i totally forgot about it

linnaea's idea of coloring is to make like ten or twelve really tiny spots (like 1/2" x 1/2") of really intense solid color. so, i'll draw the outline of a cat and she'll fill in the whiskers (lines) and tail (a big balloon type thing) and then a bunch of these spots. they're SO cute. i was thinking about trying to sell some on ebay as "outsider art" because i have a friend make quite a bit of money selling his funky sketches there.

in other bragging news {{i know i know, i'm sorry}}, she has quantity down too. she's known two for a bit, like, she'll have a crayon in both hands and say, "i got two of those." but this morning, i'm getting the bowls for oatmeal and before i even get them down she says, "mama, get bowls for oatmeal." and curtis and i look at each other and we're all, "she's so cute!" and _then_ she says, "mama get three bowls for oatmeal." and i was like, "hunh? what did you say honey?" and she repeated herself. so, like, not only did she know what three was but she knew that i only get oatmeal bowls for her, laz, and curtis. and then i said, "she knows three!" and she said, "four, five, six."

i have no idea if she actually knows what the quantities look like for numbers that high but i was impressed that she knew what three of something was.

teeny- we have dora underpants and she just poops in them so we're saving them. that is so cute about the cinderella/eat the apple!! what a little firecracker! sorry about the "powers that be", i'm looking forward to jsut about zero internet time once school starts. i'm going to be taking something like 19 units between pre-reqs and program classes so i'm going to have to be super diligent if i even want to spend time with my family let alone my computer!

also, in case anyone is curious, i talked to helen and she's having a bit of a rough go of it. i'm sure if anyone wanted to send her hugs and support she'd like it.

sorry for the novel again, i finally have two hands free!
03-22-2010 04:57 PM
ema-adama Ugh teeny, that is unpleasant about your online time

Carrie, my dad's partner was trying to convince me that I should speak one language and my husband the other, strictly. I have heard that, but it really is not practical, and right now I am not worried about Hillel's language.... he's not as verbal as some of his DDC peers, but he is doing just fine. It's a mix of Hebrew and English. Sometimes both. A bin is a 'bin-pach' (scottish 'ch') - from both languages. And he'll say "more perach" (flower) or 'more etz' (tree) and sometimes Adi is daddy-abba.... it's gonna be interesting seeing how it all unfolds. His grandparents are teaching him lots of Hebrew, and are a little obsessed with animal sounds. Do you have that in the US, that toddlers are expected to know what sounds animals make? And do 'high five'? There are so many cultural things that I am adjusting to....

I had a very vivid dream that I gave birth to a girl - so holding thumbs that it isn't in 9 months... I would definitly prefer some more time before that is in my immediate future.
03-22-2010 01:53 PM
Teenytoona Well, I did get her some undies... : cinderella/princess undies, because she loves cinderella. And I tried the naked buns thing. Um how does anyone deal with that? In no time at all I had two big ol poops to clean up. One in cinderella and one minutes later on the floor. But then she insisted on Snow White undies. She said (in a menacing voice) "Snow White, take a bite of this apple. HA! Bite the apple!" She's a wild child this one. But Snow White didn't hold out either. NO sooner did we get to her cousin's house and she peed in the playroom. She did hold in poop on Saturday enough to walk across a huge field to get to the bathroom. So who knows.

IDK. Maybe I have to take some days off work for this.

ANd in other news, the powers that be have finally cottoned on to my online time, and I have to be on here less, so you won't see alot of me. But I will probably pop by on my lunch hours from time to time.
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