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08-10-2010 07:28 PM
karen1968 New thread here:
08-09-2010 08:57 PM
Ellen Griswold Heather, I worry about the movement thing too. Last week I was so upset about it that I kept thinking I was going to have to go in and be checked...and then I'd get a little bit of movement and think, maybe not just yet and it would keep going like that. The past few days, however, I have had so much movement that it has almost been painful at times. It was uplifting to feel since stuff has not been good with my mom. On that front, they've really run all the medical tests that are available and tomorrow she is going to be moved to the geriatric mental health unit. This was not a terrible shock to me but I think my dad was still holding out hope that it was an easily cured physical problem. My sister has flown into town to help and I have driven back home again. I feel like I have aged an entire lifetime since I drove down there yesterday morning. The kiddos (both mine and the 2 I babysit) were pretty good for dh. He let dd just fall asleep in front of the tv last night and even managed to transfer her to the bed - something that I'm not always successful with. Apparently she was upset this morning around 5 when I wasn't there with her for a while but finally did go back to sleep. All in all, that was about the best we could hope for there.

Sounds like we've all had a rather tough week and I'll second the thought that it will be better before these babies are born! I happened to see a newborn being carried out of the hospital while I was there and I thought, "Holy crap - I'm going to have one of those....SOON!" It was a sort of joyful panic.
08-09-2010 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by my kidlets and me View Post
Meta - that must be so scary. I had viral pneumonia once, and I don't wish the coughing and hacking on anyone. I hope your little guy (and you) feel better soon.
Thanks. How did you know it was viral vs. bacterial? How long did it last?
08-09-2010 07:51 PM
HeatherB Looks like most of us could use a hug about now!

I'm also not able to keep up and do personals, though I do try to read as much as I can...

I'm going from overwhelmed to fine to depressed to who-knows-what... Today I'm feeling totally depressed about the whole house situation. We have a little leading/leaning as to what to do but it's going to take more than that to have it figured out. I just want answers and final ones, at that. And I have no inertia to get anything else done. I really think I'm going to just go lay down with my 2yo since my big boys are with my mom (still). Later, she'll come over and we'll all sit and pray about what to do. We just need answers - and peace.

Baby seems to be doing fine. 25+ weeks now. Hard to believe. I keep worrying that there's something wrong and baby isn't moving as much. I think I'm just not paying as much attention in general, though. Anyone else? Now I am trying to make mental note when I'm feeling movement (numerous times a day), and I do think everything's fine. S/he is not nearly as active as my last little guy was, but that's okay - he's STILL super active and I could do with a more peaceful child.
08-09-2010 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by ILoveMySofie View Post
It does seem that a lot of us are dealing with lots of stuff..May all the bad stuff be overcome soon, and sick ones get healthy fast. Lets hope we are all given our hurdles to overcome now, so we don't have to do it right when the babies are coming. And after that, may it all be smooth sailing into the fall!
What a beautiful thought and perfectly said.
08-09-2010 06:03 PM
ILoveMySofie Yes, huge huge hugs to everyone who needs them!

It does seem that a lot of us are dealing with lots of stuff..May all the bad stuff be overcome soon, and sick ones get healthy fast. Lets hope we are all given our hurdles to overcome now, so we don't have to do it right when the babies are coming. And after that, may it all be smooth sailing into the fall!

I dont have much to report...had an ER scare with my Dad, with everything turning out ok.
Now I am in the midst of preparing for Dd1's Bday party, I cant believe my baby is turning 8. We decided to do a beach party, so will have a few friends come down to the beach and the kids can have fun with kites, stringing seashell necklaces and running around.
I am in major nesting mode. At 27 weeks. I am doing my best to put some projects aside to do later but every day I give in...Im so afraid that by 30 weeks every single thing will be done and Ill be bored out of my mind. Im kind of backwards...worrying about getting everything done too soon...
08-09-2010 05:28 PM
my kidlets and me Meta - that must be so scary. I had viral pneumonia once, and I don't wish the coughing and hacking on anyone. I hope your little guy (and you) feel better soon.
08-09-2010 04:51 PM
Metasequoia It's so hard to keep up with chats some weeks!

Hugs to everyone in need. It's been a doozy of a week (or the past couple of weeks.)

I'm totally run down & my immune system waved the white flag. Poor little Ds had that swimmer's ear, then a mild cough that the girls had but his got really bad last Tuesday. he went to the doctor twice for the cough last week & both times the docs listened to his lungs & said they were clear. They kept suggesting Pertussis because he would cough so severely that he couldn't breathe (especially during the night) & his lips would turn bluish, then he'd just collapse on the floor/ground from sheer exhaustion from the coughing.

What's crazy is that it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a Pertussis swab done around here. Not at the doctor's office, not at the Quest lab, not at the hosp. lab - but supposedly at the ER. So I finally just took him to the ER today after 6 nights of little sleep & terrifying episodes of no breathing. They said they didn't do the Pertussis swab, but they didn't think he had that.
They were floored that our doc didn't order a chest xray last Tuesday after his cough morphed into this scary thing. So they did a chest xray & voila, he has pneumonia.
They didn't hassle me at all about not vaxing - when she asked if he was vaxed, I just said "Not for Pertussis" (but neglected to say "not for anything.")
I'm hoping it's bacterial & not viral because I just gave him his first dose of abx & I want him to be okay...NOW! And I want to sleep well again. He only needs five days of abx, once each day - not so bad.

I started with a dry cough 2 days ago & a sore throat yesterday that turned wicked overnight. I'm one of those lucky people who gets strep just from thinking about it, so if it's still sore by Wednesday when we go for Ds's follow-up, I'll have it cultured.

I hope this cough goes away quickly, I need my insides to stay there.

It's been a crazy time for a lot of us, huh? I wonder if a glass of wine is in order with dinner tonight?
08-09-2010 04:39 PM
SashaBreeze I hate when I go too long from posting on the weekly chat, I get sooo far behind on everything.

Ellen, my heart goes out to you and yours, I sincerely hope they find out what is going on with your mom soon.

Karen, geesh what a jerk. I'm sorry they filed a claim, hopefully this person wont claim injury on you and if they do their lie will be seen through quickly.

Not a lot going on at my end of things. I have been researching, researching, researching about what to do concerning labor and delivery for my boys. I "think" I have my head around it now, but it seems like just when I know for sure the correct course of action I read something conflicting with just as much research behind it...

I have two nieces that are pregnant with their first children. One niece had hers a couple of days ago. Such a pretty little baby! It has massively gotten me excited about having our own little bitty guys here in a few months.

Oh and another piece of good news! My mom has taken to bringing me big baskets of tomatoes from her garden every so often and I am absolutely in heaven eating them. Fresh garden tomatoes have got to be one of my favorite foods in the world.
08-09-2010 02:47 PM
my kidlets and me Karen. It's annoying when people get pissy about what should be a small matter. I hope it gets cleared up soon.

Seriously, Fern? Their tub was STOLEN? Aren't those suckers HEAVY? Yikes!
08-09-2010 02:05 PM
karen1968 I'm so frustrated and upset. The other driver from yesterday's accident filed a claim with her insurance I was hoping to avoid that; it was such a low-speed crash, there were no injuries and such minor damage. A broken reflector, that was it. Not even the tail light! I really hope she isn't claiming injury now

I'm off to Pilates. I hope it helps me calm down.
08-09-2010 11:42 AM
kittywitty Karen


Stole the tub, MamaFern? That's crazy! I love clawfoot tubs, so good luck looking!
08-09-2010 02:46 AM
MamaFern ((((everyone who needs))))

im tired. my feet hurt.. im glad the day is over. it was good..and weird. the festival we went to has been going on a long time and its kind of a meeting place for a whole group of people i knew once-upon -a-time when i was pretty into social activism.. its strange to see so many of the same people 10 years later still pretty much the same..and me with almost 4 kiddos.. some had LO's but not many.. its like a different world. not one i miss either.
so yeah. the music was great though!

i also found a very gently used german made infant seat on craigslist today for a good price. i had asked a friend to borrow one, but this one sounded too good to pass up. its really nice, neutral blue with a boot and everything..they have pretty strict rulkes in germany about toxins and things so i know its safe in those regards too. which i love.
so i picked that up this am.
sadly the perfect tub we found on craigslist had been stolen from the carport of the people we were going to buy it the search for our clawfoot tub continues.. we didnt find that out till we had driven across the city to get it. argh...they hadnt noticed till they went to show us.

anyways, bed is calling my name.. hoping for a quiet day tomorrow
08-08-2010 11:42 PM
karen1968 Ellen. It is so hard being torn between the family you were born into and the one you made. I can relate - I skipped out on my honeymoon to see my mom, who ended up in ICU a couple of days before the wedding. It wasn't the way I'd wanted to start my marriage, but DH is a totally understanding guy I hope your mom gets better soon.

My week has kind of sucked, thanks to the three Ps - pinworms, PUPPs and pelvic pain. At least none of them are very bad, more annoying at the moment. And I just seem to be exhausted lately. By the end of the day, I'm ready to drop, my feet are killing me...and I'm only 24 weeks. *sigh* AND my DH is still home for the summer. I hestitate to think what things will be like when I have to keep DS occupied all day by myself again. Methinks the TV will be on a lot more than it has been lately

ETA: Nearly forgot, I rear-ended someone with the new car today. Luckily it was at 2MPH, and the only damage was a broken reflector. But still. Indicative of how I feel things have been going.
08-08-2010 11:37 PM
~Demeter~ ((hugs)) Ellen...

I just purchased my birth beads finally! I found the perfect ones.. they are a gemstone but I'll save the surprise for when they arrive.
08-08-2010 11:19 PM
my kidlets and me Hugs, Ellen. I hope you and your dh have a special anniversary celebration when you're back from visiting your mom.
08-08-2010 10:36 PM
Ellen Griswold Been a rather long day for me here. Today is dh's and mine 12th wedding anniversary. I spent it by driving down to be with my mom and dad while she is at the hospital. Not exactly how I envisioned this date. My mom is in a pretty rough state and is still at the hospital. So far all the tests have revealed nothing. Tomorrow she is scheduled to an EEG with the thought that possibly she is having some type of seizure. I'm not even sure exactly how to explain it except that she keeps rambling in sentence fragments. None of it makes sense. My sister is flying in tomorrow, so I'll probably drive home for at least an overnight or more there. Tonight is the first night that I've ever been away from my little girl - the one who co-sleeps and is not yet weaned. I'm a little heartbroken over that too. This is so not the way that I want her to wean. Sorry that I am such a downer - I'm having my own little pity party here tonight. However, I am glad to have all you special women in my life...people who may not know my face but who think of me in a kind way. Thanks for being out in the cyber world somewhere.
08-08-2010 10:33 PM
Originally Posted by my kidlets and me View Post

How was everyone else's day?
08-08-2010 07:31 PM
~Demeter~ Just a heads up I posted a question on our Facebook page in the FYI details discussion, those that are part of the group (bead swap) please weigh in opinions!
08-08-2010 01:24 AM
my kidlets and me Hey Fern, if you're going to be in Victoria, give me a shout!

We had rain today, which was fine (it has been the 2nd driest July on record - only 1 mm of rain all month!), except that the kids were like caged animals. We finally all went for a walk to the grocery store (in the rain - took 2 hours, but was fun except for all the BH I endured going there and back) so I could buy the ingredients to make a peach tart, which was delicious. Dh made wild mushroom risotto for dinner, which was also delicious, but the kids weren't that thrilled.

I think they're all asleep now (including dh - he's the one to put our 2.5 yo dd to bed, and he hasn't emerged yet, which means I'm finishing the dishes on my own ).

How was everyone else's day?
08-08-2010 01:05 AM
kittywitty Ellen

Have fun, MamaFern! Sounds exciting!

I heard about the juice thing. I'm pretty sure nothing is safe or sacred anymore every time I read the news. There's always something for me to freak out about. Good thing we almost never drink juice!
08-08-2010 12:39 AM
MamaFern (((Donna)))
Ellen, that's really tough.

Welcome back ocelotmom~ sorry that you were sick.. hydrate!! i bet with some good meals you will gain back what you have lost. make sure every bite counts! exciting about the HB midwife!!

ILoveMySofie, wow.. that is scary, maddening stuff..

Heather, yay for happy kids! it sounds like the perfect way to spend summer as a kiddo.. i remember being a camp councellor and the kids all had So much fun.

(((kitty)))) healing vibes to you and your ear!

So we made it.. almost 12 hours of driving and a feverish sad 2 YO..but it wasnt So bad. we picked up a hitchiker (young kid, maybe 18.. trying to get to vancouver with a massive camping pack) so he sat in the front of the van and i sat in the back with the LO's which turned out fine since rue was so sad.. i probably would have ended up back there anyways..we hardly stopped but a few pee breaks..

but we got here at a reasonable time and visited and the kids had a good play and a bath (how exciting!!) and i got a very much needed shower. yum. its nice after so long.. lake swimming is great but nothing like a hot shower we are hoping to find our perfect tub while we are here, got some good possibilities, so once we get home it shouldn't be long till we are bathing in style again

did some retail therapy today.. i didnt actually buy much at all, but window shopped.. living in a small town is Great, but i do like to shop once in a blue moon.

this evening my mom and i went to old navy and i found a few adorable baby things and nothing for me.. they dont have maternity stuff at that location anymore BOO! but that's okay.. picked up a few other cutey things at another store and the NB diaper i wanted for my things are coming along.

tomorrow we are going to this amazing festival. im hoping the rain will go away, its been wet here today..

monday we have a visit/BBQ dinner date with my grama who is in her late 80s and still rocking her tai chi class!

wednesday we head to vancouver island for a few days visit with my other grands and my dad, and our van has a check up set up with the guys who specialize in our vehicle (right hand drive, diesel, Japanese import van)

busy busy!

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
08-07-2010 11:02 PM
Ellen Griswold So, my dad had to admit my mom to the hospital today. It was a very very very long story. But she is having troubles with babbling and being incoherent at times. She has been under incredible stress with my grandmother and possibly her needing to be placed into a nursing home. If anyone is awake this evening and would like to say a prayer, her name is Donna.
08-07-2010 10:43 PM
ocelotmom We moved a week ago, and got internet access again yesterday.

The kids are adjusting way better than I'd expected, both to the move in general, sleeping in their own room, and very restricted screentime. DS has spent much of today over playing with the neighbor kids - a totally new experience for him, as there were no kids close enough to go easily see in our old neighborhood (not that there are many here, but he seems to be hitting it off with the ones that are). I think the move will end up being a really good thing for the kids.

I got a bad stomach bug yesterday, which was totally fun. Lost 7lbs in 24 hours, putting me back to about where I was at 16 weeks, and below my pre-pregnancy weight, which I'd just managed to crack this month. I can only assume a good portion of it will come back over the next few days as my digestive tract fills up again. I hope so.

DH has 50 million "urgent" projects (some more truly urgent than others), and is hugely resentful that I don't have as much energy as him, and I think takes me getting sick as a personal affront.

Hopefully meeting with a HB midwife next Friday.
08-07-2010 01:20 PM
Ellen Griswold :yawning
Ugh, I am so tired today. Have no idea what happened last night, but my little girl (co-sleeper) was restless and wanted to nurse all. night. long. I haven't nursed her that much in ages. I would drift in and out of sleep, but baby must have been restless too because I dreamed I was in labor all night long. Not like a real dream where there was "plot" (for lack of a better word), just annoying little snippets. Luckily the kids did let me sleep in for a while, but I have yet to accomplish anything more than emptying the dishwasher today. We looked at beds for her yesterday, but didn't do any purchasing yet. Might wait for one more paycheck. We knew this was coming up but hadn't planned on having to replace all her flooring first. Sigh. Hate money and house stuff.

Hope that everyone has a nice weekend!
08-07-2010 12:53 PM
ILoveMySofie Full list of tested products are on the Envirolaw website:
08-07-2010 12:49 PM
ILoveMySofie i already posted this in the proper place on mdc but want to share with my ddc as well..

this makes me so angry. we squeeze juice at home too but we do buy some of these types of products for lunch box and on the go etc.
My favorite kind of packaged juice (Honest Kids) isnt on the list, but that means nothing, maybe it just wasnt tested.

How far do we need to go to protect our children from evil food?!
08-07-2010 02:07 AM
HeatherB Laura, have fun!!

Bobbi, that sounds awesome! Reminds me of the steam train in the redwoods near Santa Cruz, CA. We d going up there and riding the train when we lived in the area (for just 6 short months).

I am so grateful for technology! My 8yo is on his second night away from home (first time being with no family whatsoever). The camp he's at is taking pics and posting them daily (not many of him - 4 total so far - but they're good quality and great to see!), the camp leaders are posting updates on FB, and one of them has posted a couple of videos (including one where DS pops in for a minute). I have no idea how parents coped without these sorts of updates. I'm thrilled to know from those who are actually there and with him that he's doing really well and having "the time of his life." So happy for him! I know he's doing things he really loves and making lots of memories! Though now my little boys are both asking to go to camp, too. I'm glad they have to wait a few years!
08-07-2010 01:24 AM
my kidlets and me Farren, it was me who asked about the dill pickle soup - sounds really yummy!

Kitty - Yikes! I hope your ear heals soon - it must be so painful to deal with.

Laura - enjoy your vacation! We have haze here on the Island from the forest fires in the Interior - it sure travels a long way!

Heather - to be positive, YAY for some answers coming your way. You need to know what's up so you can be prepared. I'm glad your dh went and did the asking for you today.

AFM, we had an AWESOME day today - spent the morning at the local (1 hour away) Forestry Museum, where you can ride their steam train and hike their many trails. We had a picnic lunch there, then went to a nearby lake, where we found a park that had a playground, a beach, a wharf, lifeguards, a slide, a diving board, and sand toys to share. We had a BLAST! Yay for holidays and finding new things to do close to home!
08-07-2010 12:54 AM
Stitches Hope you all have a lovely week. I am off on vacation for a week, hopefully we have a nice time and there is not too much smoke from all the forest fires going on near our destination. I'll be the pale, beached whale in a bikini on the beach
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