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12-06-2010 09:15 PM

Mtnlisa, I thought about getting the tea and sitting on the birth ball, but not the oil. I don't know if I can find it soon enough. But thanks for the suggestions! I started accupressure and nipple stim and today walked a lot. Still nothing.


So, we saw the doc today and we are postponing the induction. My cervix is still high and my blood pressures have come down and the baby was reactive on today's NST. He's gonna monitor me for the week and give me until next Monday. He said that he thought about us over the weekend and thought of what he could do different than previous patients. He thinks that it's possible to go through 36 hours of induction with no progress and sent home and he didn't want to put me through that if not necessary. He also said he thinks the risk to me and baby is less than any risk of waiting. I love him! So, hopefully baby girl will be here within the week and we can forget about all this silly talk about Cytotec and induction.


We had our last baby shower yesterday. Only about 1/3 of the guests showed up, but my sister did confess that she sent invites out late. We still got a lot of great stuff including the stroller and pack and play and bedding set. Today, thinking we were going into the hospital, I went and bought most of the balance of stuff we needed. Still need the breast pump, diaper bag and recliner. Still need some more crib sheets. So when folks ask me what we need, I'm just going to tell them gift cards. I also had wanted to embark on cloth diapering or hybrid systems but all I've gotten is pampers.


I hope everyone is doing well. I'll be in the bed/on the couch for the week as I continue my bed rest.



12-05-2010 08:23 AM

Kimlyn! You're getting so close! You must be so excited knowing your baby is almost here even if she needs to be coaxed out--our midwife suggested evening primrose oil taken as a supplement in the morning and as suppository in the evening beginning at 37 weeks can help ripen the cervix naturally (so far, nothing doing for me!)  A friend of mine spent 15 minute stretches a couple of times a day bouncing on an exersize bal (also not much effect for me) and drinking up to or more than a gallon of red raspberry leaf tea a day.  Our due date is currently six days away and I am expecting our baby sometime between the 21st and 25th at this point!  Good luck with your induction, we can't wait to hear about your baby!

12-05-2010 07:58 AM

hello everyone biggrinbounce.gif


We had our 2nd midwife appointment yesterday and she found the heartbeat almost immediately!  It was a nice solid 144 and we got to listen for a little while.  I am so happy and relieved it helps that I have been feeling the baby move intermittently.  I actually feel like we will have a baby in May/Junelove.gif.  My nausea has been better over the last two days.  I haven't taken any medication since Friday!  So maybe it was stress related bag.gif.  Wherli if no one is taking the thread I feel that I could take it now.  Hopefully everyone is well.  I will be back soon to do personals we are cleaning and decorating today...  Lots to do nut.gif

12-04-2010 04:50 PM

Hey ladies~ Thanks for all your advice and help. I finally did get breathless enough to overcome my stubbornness and go to the doctor, who sent me immediately to the ER for a breathing treatment and now I have my own inhaler!  No pneumonia or anything, just more fallout from my allergies.  Still, it was nice to be able to lie down and sleep last night without coughing like crazy/ gasping painfully/ worrying if I had enough air.  



Kimlyn~ Sorry you've been having such troubles!  I'm also sorry about the pitocin, hope you're able to find another way. 

12-04-2010 05:24 AM

Wehrli, I could take December and January. I can't do February because I am due 2/4 but if you wanted to pick it up then, AHope, that would put you at 13 weeks instead of 9 in January...I can understand not wanting to quite yet. The only potential downside is if Reed decides to make an early appearance. 


Will follow up with a real post later with personals but for now it is back to bed, it was a looong week. 

12-03-2010 08:17 PM

Originally Posted by wehrli View Post

Originally Posted by AmandaHope View Post

Wehrli: I've never been a thread-keeper and would need some coaching (also it makes be a bit nervous to take on Q&P when I'm only 5 weeks preggo)...but if you need someone to take over, I'm willing to do that. 

i really don't want you to do it if you don't want to or are worried to commit this early... how about i make a thread for december and then see if you or anyone else is ready then? smile.gif otherwise, PM me and i will send you "directions".

Sounds good, Wehrli.  Maybe I could take over for January?  Thanks!

12-03-2010 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by AmandaHope View Post

Wehrli: I've never been a thread-keeper and would need some coaching (also it makes be a bit nervous to take on Q&P when I'm only 5 weeks preggo)...but if you need someone to take over, I'm willing to do that. 

i really don't want you to do it if you don't want to or are worried to commit this early... how about i make a thread for december and then see if you or anyone else is ready then? smile.gif otherwise, PM me and i will send you "directions".
12-03-2010 02:16 PM

Hello everyone! I decided to check in finally, it's been a couple of weeks.


Congratulations Erthe Mama on the baby!!!! I hardly have the energy to read through all that I missed but skimmed a bit. Welcome to all those who got their BFPs in November/December!


Current QOTD: I am 38 weeks and I have been out of breath for a few weeks now.

Previous QOTD: Me and DW have been together for almost 5 years, married for two. We got pregnant on the second IUI in 2009, that ended in miscarriage at 20 weeks. This time around we got pregnant on first IUI. All tries were unmedicated. This is our first child and we are so very excited. DW is 41 and I am 34. She wants 2 more, we'll see. I don't want to have children too late in age.


I spent the past Saturday into Sunday in L & D because my BP was elevated, moreso than it has been on bedrest. I was put on Labetalol and it has gotten better. The doc thought they saw some protein in my urine on Monday but on Tuesday all was well. I caught a cold on Monday and am still sick. It now feels like a lot of sinus pressure on the left side of my face. Everything that's happened to me during this pregnancy has been on my left side. Interesting.


So, I was informed today that I will go into the hospital Monday night, get Cervadil and start Pitocin Tuesday morning. So, I'm looking for ways to induce naturally to at least avoid the Pitocin. I'm being induced for the bp issues, but the larger issue is timing my heparin injections appropriately in case anesthesia is needed. I've been practicing hypnobabies for a while now, though not as consistent as I'd like so I'm not too worried.


Does anyone have a PDF copy of the book, "Easier, Shorter and Safer Birth" by Lena Leino? There's a chapter in there about accupressure that I'd like to try.


I hope everyone else is doing well. Talk to you soon. I think it's time to lay back down.

12-03-2010 01:18 PM

Library: I agree w/the advice to persist with the docs.  Also, have you been tested for anemia recently?  I have a pregnant colleague who has severe pregnancy anemia, and she describes the same kind of breathless-from-taking-off-a-sweater thing that you do.  She asked her doc for the test, but the doc discouraged her; a month later, the doc finally did the test, and she was really anemic--to the point that her OB referred to a high risk OB.  So it might be worth checking out sooner rather than later, even if you have to be a pain in the a** about it. 


Wehrli: I've never been a thread-keeper and would need some coaching (also it makes be a bit nervous to take on Q&P when I'm only 5 weeks preggo)...but if you need someone to take over, I'm willing to do that. 

12-03-2010 11:21 AM

Thanks Pi~ I try to be careful too, and I might go to the doc again, but so far they've just said it's allergy/sinus drainage, possibly pregnancy rhinitis drainage and there's nothing to be done. I'm pretty much at my wit's end. But maybe I'll go back and see if they can recommend anything this time around. Ugh. I get frustrated with doctors, since it just seems expensive and then they tell you 'Take Advil' or something like that. Still, it's getting to the point where I can't move around much.

12-03-2010 10:48 AM

Thanks, Cejae.  I raise my bag of peanut M&Ms to you, in salute.  We'll have kale again next trimester.  In the meantime, I just had to buy tatertots.  I hope your new meds help out. 


Library, have you seen your doctor about that cough?  I know you had a cold before-- maybe it's in your lungs now, and not just the baby taking up space?  I don't mean to worry you, but I work in public health, and tend to err on the side of extra caution.


No news here.  Still blecccchhh, and looking forward to the weekend. 

12-03-2010 06:03 AM

Cejae~ Poor thing!  The thought of chocolate peanuts in the morning makes me gag, but I know you must do whatever works. I hope the drugs help. Second tri's on the way!!!

Coco~ Thanks for the clarification. I was worried that they were due in three weeks, in some strange way, and it was kind of upsetting. 


Gasping for breath, here.  It's starting to kind of scare me.  I'm okay at different times of the day, but when I change positions (like when I retire to my preggie princess throne for the evening) I gasp and cough and am so congested in the lungs it's really hard.  The coughing is powerful and constant (and often accompanied by pee accidents).  Lying down to go to sleep at night is pretty awful, but waking up is the worst. I ususall move a lot at night, but now, rolling over comes with coughing, so I've kinda settled into one position. Then when I do get up in the morning, all the gunk shifts around and leaves me gasping and coughing up loads of grossness.  I'm at work now, but still gasping and can't do anything or move around much without getting so short of breath it upsets me.  DP (who, poor thing, now sleeps with earplugs and might be moving into the guest room) is pushing me to go to the doctor again, but the doc can't do anything.  TMI ALERT~~~~~   Everything I cough up is clear, so I know it's not infection, just drainage from my nasty nose, a problem which is probably pregnancy rhinitis and not going anywhere anytime soon. MISERABLE and, like I said, starting to scare me.  So that's me! 

The good news is that I can feel little Aspidistra kick a lot more. Yesterday afternoon when I lay down, DP put her ipod earbuds on my belly and made her listen to Miles Davis and she was kicking up a storm!  DP says she was boogieing, I say she was the disgruntled downstairs neighbor pounding on the ceiling saying 'Turn that sht off!!!"  Today we're going to try some Tom Waits.

12-03-2010 05:24 AM
justrose13 ANYONE WANT TO START A DEC, JAN, FEB Q&P BOARD? if no one responds today, i will start a new board. smile.gif
12-02-2010 12:13 PM
Coco99 About the 3 weeks...

The test revealed that they wont be coming for at least 3 weeks... but it could be much more than that smile.gif We expect them more around 35-36 weeks.
But in three weeks, DP will be 33 weeks, its much safer from then on !

12-02-2010 11:41 AM

Oh, Pigirl, I so feel your pain.  I have about 1 day a week where i can keep food down and the nausea is at a 2 on a scale of 10.  I live for those days.  And *junk food*?!  Oh my god.  I had tatertots (organic of course) for dinner last night.  I don't even like simple carbs.  My usual pre-preggo morning snack?  A huge pile of steamed kale.  Now?  Chocolate covered peanuts (or whatever I can gag down).  Sigh.  And this is on anti-nausea drugs.  My doc is adding another one to the mix.  I'm going to pick it up this afternoon.  Hopefuly it will work!


Anyway, just thougth I'd comiserate :).

12-02-2010 08:05 AM

Congratulations, EartheMama!  Vida is just perfect, and the labor/birth sounds positively dreamy.  How moving, about the nurse.


AmandaHope, what a great ultrasound result.  Hooray!


Coco, glad you have some more time with the babies on the inside.  Sorry DP is back on the couch, though.  A movie is a great idea.


Library, my breathing was pretty bad (I'm 5'4") for the second half of my pregnancy with my son, but I don't remember it getting worse over time.  I mean, it got hard but then it just stayed about the same.  Hopefully that holds true for you, too. 


Wehrli, that sucks.  I hope the chiro starts working. 


AFM, I'm in the depths of "morning" sickness.  And I'm SO tired all the time.  Is it the second trimester, yet?  It's almost comical at this point, but all I can keep down is junk food.  I'm currently eating a Toblerone and drinking a Coke.  Also on my desk is a mostly eaten bag of Fritos.  I had Froot Loops for breakfast, and considered pouring Coke over them instead of soymilk.  From the way the soymilk curdled and churned in my stomach, I guess I should have.  Ugh.  Just for comparison, before I got pregnant I was mostly vegan, heavy on the organics, and all around a goody-two-shoes.  I'm listening to my aversions/cravings because I feel like my body knows something I don't.  Or at least, I certainly hope so.  The nausea is so much more variable this pregnancy than the last-- with my son I had a constant, moderate nausea all day/night for 6 weeks.  No puking, but no relief.  This time around I feel okay for whole minutes at a time (during which I panic that something must be going wrong), and then feel really, really, really bad.  Oof.  Also, I've only gained about a pound but NONE of my pants fit.  I'm 7 weeks!  I have an u/s on Tuesday, and if it goes well I'm going to have to tell my boss after that.  There's no way I can hide this much longer.  Aieeee!

12-02-2010 07:44 AM

Thanks ladies~ As long as I'm not alone in being out of breath, I won't feel so concerned. Fortunately, I've never liked working out, so I don't feel like I'm missing anything.  Well, I do like riding my bike, but it's not my breathing that's keeping me from that.  Beastie, I hear you on the bladder control!  If I sneeze or get into a coughing fit, forget it. It's kind of embarassing, and I do kegels all the time to help out, but sometimes nothing helps.


Coco~ Yikes about the scare, but I'm glad all's well now. Thank goodness you're home to be on guard. Three weeks?! That seems mighty early, but I guess twins are different.


Wehrli~ So sorry about the bladder kicking! That li'l so-and-so needs to flip over like they should!!


A friend of a friend just found out she's having a girl. Quite the rash of little women going around. Yay!

12-02-2010 06:09 AM

Welcome, baby Vida!!! joy.gifCongrats EartheMama and Sonja, on what sounds like a wonderful birth!


And hooray for your single healthy baby in there. What a relief!


Coco, Glad you made it through the latest scare and get some low key time before the babies come.


Library et all:  My breathing hasn't been too bad, and I'm loving feeling so good at the end of the second trimester.  But I have noticed a distinct loss of bladder control-- not full on accidents, but leaking here and there. Delightful.

12-02-2010 05:55 AM
justrose13 coco, good to hear from you! wow, they could be born in just 3 weeks?! i hope those babies stay put as long as possible!! smile.gif
(oh, and i think it was Library's QOTD)

speaking of QOTD:
i still haven't experienced much of the shortness of breathe... or i should say, when i have it's been random and few and far between, but from the littlest things!

what i am suffering from is pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrom. greensad.gif it's the pits... my arms are sore and falling asleep all night and my left three fingers are constantly numb/tingly... like all day long. it's the weirdest feeling. i'm seeing a chiro but it doesn't seem to be helping that much. my midwife said the only thing that cured hers was birth. everything is going well for me and the wee one... the lil monkey is still breech, i haven't felt them in any other position yet, and constantly kicking my bladder! i keep telling baby that it's not a trampoline! lol.gif
12-02-2010 05:32 AM

Library's QOTD - DP gets very out of  breath since about 20 weeks. She was dxed with Anemia and they told her that it could be the cause of it. She now takes iron supplements... perhaps you should get that checked at your next appt ? Cejae, DP is also pregnany with twins... so perhaps you should get taht checked too if you are already out of breath ! They told us that anemia is very common in twin pregnancies. The babies arent anemic, they get all they need... it is the mother who has nothing left.


AmandaHope - Great for the ONE healthy baby !!! Congrats !


As for us... We had a little scare last weekend, DO did too much and ended up in l & d with painful contractions and vomiting. Turns out that it was all right and a little hydratation did the trick and stopped everything. The fibronectin (sp?) test revealed that the twins shouldnt be born for at least another 3 weeks so that is good. The doctor ordered more rest... poor DP, she is so tired of the couch ! I am taking her out to a movie tonight as she has been on the couch now for 3 days... On the bright side, I came back from my last work trip last night. Fron now on, I am on baby-wait duty and wont be leaving town !


Hope everyone is well !




12-02-2010 05:15 AM
justrose13 Amanda!!! Yay for one little bean!!! i'm so very happy and relieved for you! love.gif
12-02-2010 05:01 AM

Amandahope!  Yay for one egg sack!! 


Oh, and mind you, I have not worked out since I became pregnant.  After IVF I was forbidden from working out for two weeks and then with this whole hematoma thing the midwife said no working out.  Plus, lets be real, being upright w/out throwing up is hard enough, running or even walking?  Not good.  I fantasize about working out the way other people probably fantasize about vacationing in some warm tropical place.  Sigh. 

12-01-2010 08:31 PM

Sheesh, Cejae.  And I was feeling good about using the elliptical machine yesterday and taking a walk today.


AFM: Good news: one nice egg sack!  I'm so relieved--thanks again for the good vibes! 

12-01-2010 12:49 PM

Thanks for all the righteous indignation.  I appreciate it :).


If it makes you feel any better LibraryLady, I get out of breath teaching my class! I have to stop and breath in the middle of my lectures all the time.  And this is from someone who, just a few months ago, ran 20 plus miles a week and whose favorite workout was climbing 2 thousand feet in less than a mile and then running another four (starting at 6,500 feet in the first place!).  So you are in good company. 

12-01-2010 11:36 AM
Monarchgrrl Congrats earth mama!! joy.gif What a great story!
12-01-2010 11:29 AM

Erthe-Mama~ Congratulations!!!!  That's a wonderful story, and I'm so glad you changed some minds and practices. That's what it's all about. Little Vida's beautiful and I love her name.



Cejae and BeeCharmer~ WTF? I can't believe people are giving you twin 'tude!  Like your babies are less valid than others?   I'm glad you give it right back to them. Stand up!



Okay, I have a QOTD for people who are farther along, or already birthed. I'm 4'11", 20 weeks and already so out of breath that I can't imagine what it's going to be like in the future. Seriously, I get winded washing my face and putting on my nightgown!  Is this your experience? Is it less taxing for taller women? 

12-01-2010 06:38 AM
12-01-2010 05:14 AM

Congratulations erthe_mama!!

11-30-2010 06:52 PM
justrose13 erthe_mama!! Vida's just beautiful!!!

i almost forgot... does anyone want to take the thread on for dec, jan, feb?? i'll be back tomorrow to find out... GOOD NIGHT ALL! xo
11-30-2010 04:59 PM

Erth_Mama: CONGRATULATIONS!!  What a beautiful story!  I nearly started crying (in a very public place!) reading it, especially the part about your catching the baby and the nurse and OB being transformed by witnessing your and Sonja's empowered, spirited, independent birth. Vida is exquisite!  I hope you have as beautiful a babymoon as the birth itself.  Congrats again, and thanks for the inspiration (I planned a homebirth with DD but risked out when my water broke at 35 weeks, and I'm going with a midwife-attended hospital birth this time.  Your story leaves me hopeful that this next birth can be autonomous and beautiful, even in the hospital).


Cejae: rant.gif  That's pretty much how I'd feel about the self-righteous lesbians.  All we need is some screwed up hierarchy of conception methods in the queer community; what bulls*#t.  Do you think the "old fashioned" comment is a weird form of homonormativity? wink1.gif

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