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07-08-2004 09:43 AM
Annie7 Hey mammas...don't forget there's a *JULY* you don't get left out of any good conversation or miss a good recipe!
07-07-2004 08:34 PM
tricia80 wow this thread has been active...

sorry havent participated much... havent been around as much as usual... working hard and going to school...
07-07-2004 05:26 PM
rainbowmoon wow so much activity on this thread!

here's our menu for this week;

-arugula & roasted red pepper stromboli
-cajun bean burgers
-mexican night (probably black bean tostadas,rice,etc)
-santa fe style veggie wraps
-shepards pie (we'll make a double batch and freze half)
07-07-2004 03:20 PM
pia Hi - I am fairly new here too - great to find this thread! We are a trying-to-be-vegan family. I have been vegetarian for about 22 years, dh vegetarian for about 3 years, and ds since birth. For the last 2 years we have been attempting to go vegan, although we are at times finding it difficult (esp for dh - when he travelled to vietnam recently there was hardly anything to eat for him:-O). It was hard to give up the cheese, but when that went the only thing left was the milk in the latte! Now that´s no problem as I have switched either to soy milk or espresso
But it seems dairy creeps in every once in a while - for instance if I don´t make my own pesto....favourite of ds! The hardest part is not necessarily the food´s my "addiction" to gorgeous shoes and bags - made from leather!!! : Basically everything else is as vegan as I can manage at the animal-testing cosmetics, eco-friendly cleaning stuff, recycling etc. (as well as AP, homeschooling, co-sleeping...)
Anyone else out there who can´t kick this habit??? I love fashion, although I am not a slave....but I like to think that it´s possible to be all of the above, and still be a little bit glamorous.... Proved all my friends wrong (I think) when I breastfed ds till he was 4.5 - in heels and glam jeans!
Am I being silly now??? Rambling - yes....but I needed that today - dh is travelling. Thank you for listening!

Mamma to ds 28 Sept 98 : : dh
07-01-2004 07:57 PM
isosmom I'm having Ils soon too dready, but I love mine, sorry for you.
Hey looks like mamacarey started a July thread, see you all there.........
07-01-2004 05:13 PM
Amandzia Oh, dreadymama, I can hear your stress. I'm so sorry. Maybe you could just pick up a cooked chicken or something for them at a deli and pick up or make your usual for your family. I think if you spend a little more for the convenience and have less stress, you're dh will be grateful and maybe you'll get to enjoy yourself at least a little bit. You don't need the stress.
07-01-2004 04:39 PM
root*children hey mamas! So what's up? Do we get a July thread?? Sorry I haven't been posting much, been kinda weirded out by a poster trying to call me and discuss a post she disagrees with!! WTF?

anyhow, my inlaws are coming on sunday and I"m completely NOT looking forward to it. They like to eat the same damn meal every freaking nite (can you tell I have issues here? This is the DH they gave me to work with!). Well, not the exact same thing, but pretty much. Skillet-browned chicken, side of greens or corn, lemon-pepper potatoes, salad with maybe 2 pieces of iceberg and heaps of cheese, egg, etc. ICK! It would be good if they ate it every once in a while, like normal people. So I try to make meals and they just plain don't eat them, and then like an hour later, my MIL makes a seperate meal. She seriously thinks I'm starving DH by not making him chicken every night! I have no idea what I'm going to make while they're here. But that is my life everyday anyhow, so no real change Probably pizza, lasnagna, and I'm assuming they'll just want to eat out the other nights since they apparently think my food is poison. Sorry for the rant! Anyone got a place I can hide out for a few days? They'd probably be so excited b/c they'd think DH got some sense in him and left me!
07-01-2004 03:05 PM
Amandzia isosmom,
Some ideas might be: bean and rice burritos with grilled vegis, spagetti in marinara sauce, various soups, a basic lettuce salad with lots of choices to put on top-bean salad, corn & peas, assorted vegis, and a bread product to go with it. Grilled vegan burgers and potatoes. I've got a vegan strogenoff my friend gave me recently that my husband swears tastes like "the real thing":

Vegan Strogenoff-
1 chunk of tofu
1 onion
12 oz sliced mushrooms
12 oz vegan sour cream (Toffutii or that rice based one)
1/2 C. tamari
garlic and olive oil

Stir fry the tofu in the oil until it's a little firm. Add the onion and garlic. Cook on med. about 10 min., add mushrooms and cook until soft. Take it off the heat and add the sour cream and tamari. Mix and enjoy. (You'll probably want to at least double this recipe.)
07-01-2004 12:55 PM
isosmom Thanks Pikku. I'd love your recipie, sounds great
07-01-2004 02:45 AM
PikkuMyy Hi isosmom

You could run a few of your ideas by her. Ask her about things she does like - what veggies, grains, etc. and get a feel for what she likes before planning.

For dad and step-mom, I guess you have to decide whether you want to make a vegan version of a normally-non-vegan dish (and risk step-mom's disapproval and criticisms) or make something that never required meat or dairy to begin with. If you go the meat/potatoes route, I'd make a shepherd's pie. I've got a great recipie if you want it. Maybe some salad on the side. If you want a non-meat dish, try something hearty and not too health-foody with a side or two to make the meal seem full.

Let us know how it goes! (BTW - my shepherd's pie recipie came from my meat-lovin' FIL who made it up just for us. Despite his passive-aggresive meat eating, duck shooting comments, he does support our diet most of the time.)
07-01-2004 01:24 AM
isosmom Hi all, I need your help. My mil and sil are visiting in a few weeks, and although they have never made a negative comment about my vegism, I think they're a little freaked about my veganism. So, obviously we're going to eat while they're here, so I was wondering what you all would plan for meals. My sil is a little picky, but mil eats most everything. I would really appreciate your suggestions.
oh, and also, my dad and step-mom, (who still thinks it's a phase after 15 yrs) are coming for dinner next week. Any suggestions?????I always joke that I should find out what she's allergic to and serve it, since she often time has only meat at her meals for us
06-29-2004 10:06 PM
Amandzia I asked my dd about being vegi at school. She said nobody will notice unless you say something. She always brought lunch and just avoided meaty things at parties. Nobody noticed. We're home schooling next year and most of the people in that community are used to vegi people. My homeschooling niece even said that it's "cool" to be vegetarian.
06-29-2004 09:04 PM
guestmama9924 : isosmom

Schooling: my oldest has been in school for 4 years now, and my youngest is just starting preschool ....they both go to a Montessori school- it is small, there is no cafeteria and I think that helps lots. Everyone brings lunch, although they do offer pizza from PapaJohns on Fridays ( cheese only)
The teachers know I am veg and so do the kids and honestly they seem to think it is 'cool' for now anyway...Both kids take "I am a Vegetarian Kid" stickers with them for teachers and my oldest wears a "I am not a nugget" and "Vegetarian" shirts to school ( she is going in to 3rd grade). I also do a nutrition and the earth lesson for each class and it is well received. We built a "timeline" of the soy bean using boxes and bags of soy foods I had gone through ( soy bean-milk-tofu-burgers-etc)

Occasionally on outings she feels a bit left out, but it is really minor and doesn't cause any real problems
06-29-2004 07:36 PM
PikkuMyy Mama Carey - check out the book "The Sexual Politics of Meat"

Isosmom - Welcome back!!! You moved, right? How did it go?

I just had a delicious blueberry-bananna smoothie with half rice dream and half vitasoy. Yummmm!

I just noticed that some people were still posting on the "banned" (oooooooo!!) Veg support tribal thread. I hope they come here!

I keep running across medicine I need to take that has lactose in it! It's so frustrating! My birth control pills, my Acetamenophin with Codeine (headaches), and my generic Claritin all have it! Oh well, guess we all have to choose our battles. But I sure wish I had a choice here.
06-29-2004 05:12 PM
isosmom Hi all. I'm baaaaaaaaack Just checking in, good to see you're all still around.
06-29-2004 02:22 PM
memory maker thanks for the link. I think my dh has more issues about it with our ds than he does with our dd. I dont know exactly why a big slab of beef should be associated with being manly. I think that is the way he was brought up-very meat and potatoes. Which is probably why his dad is diabetic from being too big and had to have bypass surgery. With all of the heart related illness in both of our families (my Dh's father and his heart, my grandfather died of a heart attack, and my dad has really high cholesterol and has to go in tomorrow for a heart catheter ) I would rather our children grow up on a vegetarian diet to help them not be at risk as much.
06-29-2004 01:39 PM
Annie7 Or, you could stumble across it on your own by looking at another site like:
06-29-2004 01:30 PM
Erin Pavlina There's a book that will help you prepare your vegan/veggie kids for school and all that goes with it. Can't mention the name since it would violate the board rules, but perhaps someone else will mention it for me.

My daughter goes to preschool and we'll be putting her in private school her whole life. So far she is really good about being vegan in school. No one pays her any mind. I always send the vegan equivalent to school when they are havign a party (pizza, cupcakes, ice cream etc.). She's a happy camper.
06-29-2004 01:22 PM
Annie7 We switched from being omivorous to being vegetarian near the end of my daughter's 3rd grade year. (she's entering 6th this fall) At first she was all for being the trend setting leader (you'd have to know her personality ) and as the kids all got older, it got less attractive. Field trips that include lunches out (instead of brown bag) can be a hassel, but overnite's with friends are easy. (True friends parents are more than willing to accomodate...if the other kid's parents are put off by the notion that your kid will skip the chicken platter, better off to let the other kid sleep over at YOUR place if it has to happen at all)... We've only had one incident when my daughter ate a pepperoni in defiance of our dietary choices, but she was very humble and apologetic afterwards (but, MUCH later afterwards). However, being so informed about foods (production, packaging, additives, hidden ingredients), she feels like a big shot when the health/science teacher will ask her to inform the class about what she knows. (She LOVES that!!)
She likes to carry a lunchbag that has animals pictured on it and says "no animals in here!" (from under kids stuff) and is happy to eat everything and be so tall and slender while her peers have the x-box physiques (if ya know what I mean)

P.S. She attends a private school with a public sized enrollment.
Hope some of that helped. If you need more specifics, feel free to PM me.
06-29-2004 11:29 AM
memory maker I have a question after talking with my dh. Do most of you homeschool or do your kids go to public schools? My dh is afraid of having our kids be vegetarians because acording to him "I went to school with 2 kids who were vegetarians and they were thought of as freaks, and I dont want my kids to be freaks." BTW I have met one of these people, and trust me he would be a freak even if he ate a whole cow every day. How do you teach your child to stick to being veggie while in school and at friends houses?
06-27-2004 11:32 PM
memory maker thanks for all the good info!!
06-27-2004 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by mamacarey

Are all meat alternatives soy based? It seems like all that I found are.

THere are some that are more wheat-based. For example Tofurky has some soy but it is mostly wheat.

Various seitan styles are all "wheat meat" of wheat gluten. We like the chicken style one, which has some bean flour but no soy.

we like a lot of the soy-based ones but in cutting down on our soy, we've turned to seitan to fill in some of the gaps. It makes great taco filling, corned "beef" hash, and the strips are great in a stir fry.
06-27-2004 07:46 PM
guestmama9924 mmmm, good to know! I haven't had any around in a while, and didn't recall
06-27-2004 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by mamacarey
Are all meat alternatives soy based? It seems like all that I found are.
Quorn isn't soy based. It's micoprotein, which is mushroom based. Some Quorn products contain milk and all (I think) contain egg white as a binder. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have soy at all.
06-27-2004 01:17 PM
guestmama9924 never mind, I just read CM thread on the moves, but I guess I still didn't get it because many of the threads she wanted moved/closed are still there ( but not us : )
06-27-2004 12:59 PM
guestmama9924 YEah, most veggie "meats" are soy or tvp. You can get burgers that are mostly rice and mushroom and veggies, but still soy is the base.

T and where is the flame-retardant suit smilies...
why did we loose our "tribe status" but photography moms, deadheads, dread heads (and other similar "lifestyle" groups) did not? where is thread that explains this???

disclaimer- I personally don't care who has a tribe, just seems inconsistant!!

edited to remove the religious tribe question- that I get....
06-27-2004 12:15 PM
memory maker Nomadmom~thanks, that has given me something to think about. I know he likes veggie alternatives because he loves the veggie bologna that we get from our co-op. It looks like a lunchable, but has veggie bologna, string cheese, apple juice box and 2 cookies. He will actually eat these better than he will a regular lunchable. He runs to that every time we go to the co-op.

Are all meat alternatives soy based? It seems like all that I found are.
06-26-2004 06:55 PM
Amandzia My dh's kids, when they come over, just have to eat what we eat even though they aren't vegetarian. I try to provide lots of opportunities for a variety of proteins (legumes, rice, lots of nuts, seeds, grains, soy) even between meals. As long as even the snack foods are healthy, everyone will eat well enough, in my experience. Sometimes I even make a desert that's actually part of the meal- like fresh fruits and nuts, a cashew cream I make, or tofu pudding. When people are hungry, they'll eat and as long as there's only healthy things available, all will be well.
06-26-2004 05:38 PM
guestmama9924 personally, we like the Quorn brand the best. The chickn substitute they use ( tvp) is so good , and you can get it without breading which is nice too.
06-26-2004 04:31 PM
PikkuMyy Yeah, those Chic'n' nuggest by Morningstar are very convincing - as are the Boca ones. I highly doubt your son would really notice.
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