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09-01-2011 05:10 AM
GardenStream I got the Nook Touch and I really like it. I wanted something simple that didn't require a wifi connection and was able to read most books. It's been very easy to put my own books as well as library books onto it.
08-27-2011 07:27 AM

bumping because I'm in the market for one too.  I just played with a Nook Color yesterday ad B&N, it was nice.  The audio was low though.  I see that Amazon is supposed to be coming out with a new Kindle and even a Kindle Tablet soon. I"m gonna hold out till I see what they are like since I already use a lot of Amazon's services.  

08-05-2011 04:33 PM

I finally ended up buying the Nook color and I love it!  Beyond reading on it, I can surf the web, and ds can play games on it. 

It does need to be re-charged frequently, though. 

08-03-2011 10:20 AM
Thalia the Muse

LOVE my Kindle. I do think that the inability to lend books or give them to someone else after you read them is a big drawback, though. I've more or less gotten around it by registering my parents' Kindle to my account, so we can share all our books, because 95% of my book-sharing has always been with my mom. If they want to buy a book, they can just go into their Amazon account and send it to my Kindle as a gift, and we can put it on both devices.


It's light, it's easy on the eyes (easier than a print book, especially in direct sunlight), and I have loads of public-domain books on there as free downloads -- many that are almost impossible to find as a paper book!

07-19-2011 07:20 AM

OP back again! LOL  I appreciate everyone's experiences so much.  Thanks!  Now I have another question...with all the Borders stores closing, what does that mean for their e-reader?  Will we still be able to get books?  Anyone know?

06-20-2011 09:06 PM

I just found out how to change the background color on the NOOK COLOR.... you have a choice of 5-6 shades of white/gray/black.... this really helps with any eye fatigue !   I feel like such a ditz for not realizing this capability sooner.   The options are on the blue control panel on the bottom on of the screen!

06-20-2011 11:54 AM

Both the Kindle and the regular Nook have a bad "flash" when turning pages, which gives me a headache.  The Nook Color (and the Nook app for smartphones) does not do this.  The Nook Color is a bit heavy, though--heavier than your average hardback. 

06-20-2011 11:37 AM

I have a pocketbook IQ, which runs the Android OS. The default reader software lets me use a lot of different formats of ebooks, and I can download other reader apps to let me read other things like kindle or nook books. I love it because it is completely DRM free and customizable. The only things I don't like about it are that is is a bit heavy, probably the same weight as an ipad? The touch screen is also a little odd. The biggest selling point was that it didn't lock me into a certain file format.

06-19-2011 10:51 AM

I love my Kindle!  I got mine as a Christmas gift when I had just moved to Texas, before I knew my way around this town or how to get to the library - it really helped.  As others have mentioned, you barely ever have to charge it as long as you turn the Wi-Fi off.  The Wi-Fi's handy though for Wikipedia and to look something up quickly while you're reading.  I really like mine and I'm looking forward to being able to borrow library books on it!

06-18-2011 02:25 PM

I love my Kindle.  I usually have a couple books going at any one time and I switch back and forth depending on my mood.  The Kindle lets me have them all with me all the time.  I can read books in the kindle format and in .pdf format.  I get books from Amazon, Baen, and project Gutenberg.  I can't borrow library books yet, but amazon is working on a program that will make that possible.  

06-18-2011 08:33 AM

I have a Kindle and love it. I like being able to take a dozen books with me when I go away and only have the weight of one! I have been having a lot of trouble with hand pain recently and just being able to set the Kindle down and not hold it open actually makes a difference for me.


I am in Canada and it does frustrate me that some books are not available to me here. I can buy the paperback but not the e-book and that makes no sense to me. It isn't a deal breaker for me but just an annoyance.


The battery lasts forever. I have had mine for 4 months and only charged it 2 or 3 times and I use it frequently.

04-28-2011 12:37 PM
goinggreengirl I have a nookColor and LOVE it. Since I got it a month ago I've read 20 to 30 books. The month before that, I'd only read a couple. It's just so easy to bring with me, stay up in bed and read when little one is asleep, read while he naps. No trying to hold pages open or to turn them silently. I put a memory card in it and I can listen to music, put pictures on there, even watch movies! Plus, with the upgrade they are doing this week, you can download apps and watch videos online. I have not paid for any books but have over 100 on it currently. And B&N does two week free trial of any magazine so I have about 20 magazines on there that haven't cost anything either.
04-28-2011 10:37 AM

Such a great post, Tinuviel, and I agree whole-heartedly. I'm all for publishers and authors protecting themselves against illegal copying of their work. However, I find it highly objectionable that the customer does not actually own that book and cannot resell or lend it. (*ETF - I ought to have said "freely" lend it - Amazon does now offer a service where you can lend a book, but you are only allowed to lend any given book twice and only for two weeks at a time. Paper books, I can lend out endlessly as long as people return them.) Especially since the customer has paid almost as much for the book as they would have for a paper copy, and the publisher has not had to incur any of the costs associated with publishing on paper.

04-27-2011 12:54 PM
tinuviel_k That was an interesting video!

I think the eBook market is making people look hard at the publishing industry, and it has certainly made lose a great deal of respect for it. I like that smaller authors are circumventing the system in this way.

Some issues I am having with the large publishing companies at the moment:

Many publishers are limiting library check-outs to 25 before the book "disappears" and the library needs to buy a new copy. Now, I don't know how long the average library book lasts in the system before it is lost or destroyed, but I am guessing it is a lot longer than 25 check-outs. There are some books in my library that I check out on that were published in the early 80's, and no doubt have been checked out literally hundreds of times. Not to mention that with eBooks the media is automatically returned after its time limit, and the library is unable to collect late fees because of this. It seems to me that eBooks might be a big revenue loss to the public library system if things go on the way they are. It is a shame that the publishing companies are trying to bleed such a valuable public resource.

I completely disagree with the publishers' lending policy. I know some publishers have a limited lending allowance, and then the book can never be lent again. Other publishers do not allow lending at all. Yet I am paying almost the same price for an eBook, and unless I hand over my Kindle to a friend for a week (which is probably considered illegal in some fine-print agreement somewhere!) the book can never be shared.

Ditto for selling my finished books. If used bookshops, garage sales, and the like are not illegal then I think it is ridiculous that reselling eBooks is.

That being said, I really enjoy my Kindle.
04-24-2011 11:55 AM

There is new "war" going on between traditional publishers and self-published authors, who are totally supported by these fast spreading e-reading culture. The WSJ report is very interesting

04-10-2011 07:35 PM

I have a Nook Color.  LOVE IT!!!!  I check out library books at least once a week.  I actually haven't purchased a book in over a month.  However, my library system isn't the greatest, so I am mostly reading fluffy romance novels...which is perfect for me because I'm about the finish my MA and I need a little distraction ;)  To much academic reading. 


Anyways, you can get loads of books.  I highly recommend it. 

03-28-2011 08:13 AM

I love my Nook!  I bought it last summer before the color ones came out but I don't really read anything in color so I don't know that it matters.  I love that I can download a new book right after I've finished a book without having to go to the store (or even get out of bed if I don't want to!) 


The only thing I'm having a hard time getting used to is bookmarking.  If I have a book that I need/want to go back and reference soemthing from it's not easy to just flip through the pages and find it.  There is a book mark function so you can mark pages to go back to I just always forget to use it.  That would be my only complaint. 


Plus I'm totally addicted to the sudko game on there and I can listen to music on it like an MP3 player!!

03-28-2011 06:07 AM

My 12 y/o is using the Kindle in school, and she loves it.  FWIW, she has some visual tracking issues, which I thought would pose a problem or be uncomfortable for her with an e-reader.  So far, however, no complaints.

03-28-2011 05:03 AM

I have the sony ereader, my very generous dad gave it to me after he moved to the larger model.


I love it.  It's pretty robus and not too big, so a vote from me.  I've only tried the Kindle once but it felt rather plasticy and cheap to first i thought i was holding the shop display dummy (the gutless type, like they do with expensive mobile phones). YMMV.

03-27-2011 10:50 PM

Real Kindle does not make my eye tired like Ipad etc. Also, i like that I can share my books with 5 devices, so my husband and kids can read same books.

03-27-2011 10:48 PM

Target sells Kindle

There is no risk is buying Kindle fomr Amazon. If you do not like it, you just return it.

I love my Kindle. If you keep wi-Fi turned off, the battary works for weeks. I love that I can get a book in less than 15 mins. I have subscriptions on that too. It fits in my purse and does not collect  dust. It is everything I dreamed of.

03-27-2011 09:56 PM

+1 for the Nook. I have the non-color version and LOVE it. If you use Calibre (free software-like a media manager for digital books), you can convert just about any format to be combatible. The latest firmware from B&N really worked out a lot of the kinks it had, mainly library organization/search issues. They really seem to listen to their users as far as what functionality to offer. If you don't have an issue with a backlight, the Nook color can be hacked to make one of the most affordable full-function android tablets on the market.

03-26-2011 03:28 PM

If I had to do it over again I wouldn't have bought a Nook.  Barnes and Noble stole my money!  I had two gift cards and they couldn't properly bill me for the e-books I bought.  First they billed my credit card, then made the books stop working on the Nook, and then money mysteriously disappeared from the cards with no explanation of where or why.  Every time I called no one knew how to help me and just made the problem worse.  After calling on 4 separate occasions without a resolution I just went back to paper books.

03-22-2011 11:57 PM

Originally Posted by tinuviel_k View Post

This is a really good review that should answer many of your questions.

This is a great review.  I have a NookColor and LOVE it. My 10 yr old loves it (I still dont know 1/2 of what it can do).   I try to only get the free books or cheap books,  I can get library books on it too so that saves me from having to go to the library.

I still read 'old fashioned' paper books too but I love my nook.  (that sounds dirty)

03-21-2011 01:20 PM

I have the pandigital reader, which is the "generic" nook. I love it! It has wi-fi and all of those features and is super user friendly. It has a backlight and it also has a night mode for reading. The only drawback is the battery doesn't last as long as say, the Kindle. But, it's awesome not having to drag books with me everywhere.

03-21-2011 12:00 PM
syn_ack89 Love my Kindle. Don't like the Kindle app for iPad as much as the Kindle itself tho it is ok.
03-21-2011 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by Holland73 View Post

I have a Nook Color (bought from Barnes & Noble) and I love, love, love it! 


It has a beautiful color screen, a slot for a microSD card for expanded memory and it can use Word, PDF & ePub files.  And... built in WiFi.


As for ease of use, my 7 year old (he LOVES the Read to Me feature) and my 91 year old grandmother both figured out how to work it pretty quickly... without my even knowing they were playing with it.  


I haven't had any technical issues with it, with the exception of when I first bought it right after Xmas.  They weren't prepared for the mass of people who bought them and they were have significant delays with eBook downloads from the B&N website.  But, when I took it back to the B&N store, they were super helpful and even gave me a $15 gift card for my inconvenience.   

This. Love my Nook. I got it as a gift and never in a million years would have bought one for myself.

You can convert just about any ebook format to work on it. My mom is very tech savvy and showed me how. Its pretty simple, and I fear technology.
03-21-2011 10:12 AM
TEAK's Mom

Originally Posted by Juvysen View Post

I have a kindle.  I love the e-ink, hate hate HATE reading on my droid incredible.  Did I say hate?  HATE.  love my kindle, though.  I get irritated when I feel like I ought to be reading a book (like someone is willing to loan it to me) because it's not on my kindle.  THe new kindles come with a built in light, so you don't need a booklight anymore.  I like that I can read in bright sun and not worry about not being able to see it.  Or with my polarized sunglasses.  I like the size.  It's a good weight, and easy to use one-handed (important when I'm nursing, especially!).  Mine is a kindle 2, though.  The newest ones seem to have fixed my few gripes with it (like that there's only a back button on one side).  I think touch screen would have a steeper learning curve, but maybe that's just because my phone did.  Kindle was very easy to use, imo.


I'm with you. I adore my Kindle. It as absolutely intuitive to use and the e-ink screen doesn't give me a headache the way a lit screen does if I use it for too long. 


I do get most of my books from Amazon, but a lot of them are free. I also frequent Smashwords, Project Guttenberg, and some publishers websits (like Baen Books) for good deals. I'm an incredible fast reader and my Kindle means I'm not stuck at the kids' dance studio reading the same book for the third time in a row. 


03-21-2011 09:12 AM

I have a KOBO, and I have to say that I love it.  Its simple enough that my 6 and 3yo can use it, and it uses formats that are compatable with Library downloads so I can get lots of free books.  I also like the fact that it is ONLY an e-reader, and doesn't have any e-mail/web browsing capabilities so I'm confident that they won't be able to get into any trouble by pushing random buttons.


That said though I am in Canada and the other readers aren't as readily available here.

03-21-2011 09:07 AM

I downloaded the kindle and B&N e-reader on to my Iphone but found the screen to small however I just bought the Ipad2 and am loving it for books! I just went on vacation and it was so great to bring 6 "books" with me in my carryon luggage! I use the apple book app as well as the other ones so that I full access to tons of books.

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