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10-01-2011 10:28 PM


This will be our first home birth. My son (almost 4) was born in the hospital in what turned out to be a great natural birth after 64 hours of labor. Even though we had such a positive hospital experience before, I'm looking forward to birthing at home. Being able to eat whatever I want (that was the one downside of the hospital), have everything I need, be in my comfort zone, only have people I know there and not having to travel anywhere in labor is going to be wonderful.


We met our midwife for the first time a couple weeks ago. She is a recommendation from a friend who just had a baby this summer. We really like the midwife and I feel so comfortable with her already. I feel lucky that we live in a state (CA) where home birth is an easy option and that I didn't have to search around for a midwife I liked.


My mom had my 4 youngest siblings at home, and was also a childbirth instructor and lactation consultant while I was growing up, so all of these things are natural and normal to me. My husband needed a little convincing but he's now on board.


The only thing I'm worried about now is moving out of our current living situation (I wouldn't want to have a home birth here) before the baby arrives. The plan is to move in January, so everything should work out fine, but I'm scared we won't be able to find the right place on our timeline. Fingers crossed!

09-27-2011 09:57 AM


I am joining a little late as well but it is wonderful to "see" so many other mama's getting ready for home births. 


• Have you had (or planned) a homebirth before? DS was born at a freestanding birth center and DD was born at my parents home (had just moved and didn't have our own place yet) 


• If yes, are you seeing the same midwife as before? Yes. She is a friend and typically does hospital births but can attend if she doesnt have anyone in labor at the hospital. Last time my good friend and fellow midwife drove up (4hrs) for the birth. If circumstances allow I will call her again but things would have to line up just right. 


• If you've had a homebirth before, what was your favorite thing that you had, and what did you wish that you would have had? I had wonderful support, loved having my family around and the comfort of a familiar place. I loved having good food available. We decided not to do a birth pool and just use the tub, I repeated told DH that next time there would be a birth pool and I am excited for that option. Also excited to have this little one in our own home. I wouldn't change DD's birth but being at [i]our[/i] home will be an added perk. 


• Do you have any fears that you feel you need to work through? Most of mine were miscarriage related and getting further along (11wks now) and hearing the heart beat has helped quite a bit. 

09-24-2011 11:37 PM


• Have you had (or planned) a homebirth before?

I planned two home-births which ended in hospital births -- Going for #3 and hoping 3rd time's the charm! 


• If yes, are you seeing the same midwife as before?

I have a new midwife this time around :)  So far I'm loving her! 

My old midwife was great too though, but she can't come out this far anymore, and honestly I think she might feel bad that my last two with her ended in transfers :(


• If you've had a homebirth before, what was your favorite thing that you had, and what did you wish that you would have had?

For my first baby, i didn't even get to labor at home, I pretty much had a forced induction because I was 42 weeks.  I HATE FLORIDA

For my second I labored at home until it was time to push and had to transfer last minute to stop the birth due to allergic reaction and severe cervical swelling.  I got lucky though and got an awesome on call OB there that was all for home birth so I had a natural birth with no restrictions on positions or anything at all.  He too had been born at home.   

My labor experience at home was amazing.  If you're planning a home birth I will absolutely suggest that you get a BIRTHING TUB.  


• If you haven't had a homebirth before, what are you most looking forward to?

Actually giving birth at home would be nice!   


• Do you have any fears that you feel you need to work through?

Like all expecting mothers you always hope everything is well with the baby and that he/she doesn't need anything other than your boob lol  But that is a fear no matter what setting I give birth in. I'm actually a lot more concerned and afraid of giving birth in the hospital. 

09-24-2011 05:39 PM

We've always had our kids at our births.  In fact, when my sister was 8 and I was 10, we were at my brother's birth way back in the day, at a hospital.  Our previous three births have been at home, but I feel pretty strongly about the kids being as much a part of the birth as they want to be, so would have them at the hospital too.  My girls were 3, and then 6.5 and 3.5 at the births, and it was a really positive experience.  We had an adult specified to be there to help the child, and they were great at calming the girls and explaining why I was making noises, etc, and after the birth, there was a lot of pride and they really felt like we had all had a baby.  I really believe it went a long way in helping to dissipate jealousy and displacement issues, and has made for many interesting discussions/art work/games afterwards!!!!!  My six year old still remembers the birth, and is super excited about this upcoming birth - they'll be pros at cutting cords :-)

09-24-2011 03:54 PM

I am planning for a homebirth. It will be our first (and last as there are no more babies in the works for us after this one). The birth of our son was highly medicalized and we ran into lots of speed bumps on the way to his eventual vaginal delivery that I strongly believe were the fault of the interventions we were told were necessary. I am happy to be better informed this time around in case something happens that we are not able to birth at home. I have a midwife in mind that I would really like to work with but she is about an hour away and I don't know if she heads down this way normally. I have an email out to her and hope to hear back next week. If she is on board I will be super excited. There are other choices available more nearby, but I am personally familiar with some of the midwives/students in each practice but not particularly close to any of them, so I am wondering what my comfort level would be when it came to labor and birth. I have an idea of who I will choose if my first choice doesn't pan out. I am really looking forward to having a peaceful birth and am glad that we won't have to worry about where my son will be during. He will be five but doesn't spend a lot of time without us and I would feel strange having him be far away from us while something so important is happening. Has anyone who is on a second (or more) homebirth had a sibling around that age at home during the birth? How did it go for them and for you? 

09-24-2011 12:29 PM

Sunflwrmoonbeam, I'm so happy for you that you are working with the midwife you love. I'm not happy to hear about the politics of midwives in Illinois though. I know there is some good work being done to make midwifery safe, but there's a long way to go. Do you know if Where's My Midwife? has a chapter near you?

09-21-2011 06:40 PM
RosieL Wow, That is complicated! Looks like you've got everything covered. Right now I'm
In the process of trying to get my traditional OB to be my backup. It's hard when I can only speak to her when I'm at a clinical visit. Arg. I could use my mw's regular backup, but I love my OB for the GYN care I've had since I was 16, so I want to get her on board.
09-20-2011 08:25 PM

I'm late to the party, but here are my answers:


• Have you had (or planned) a homebirth before?

Yes, my second was an planned unassisted birth at home.


• If yes, are you seeing the same midwife as before?

No, I'm switching to a ND/LM who knows my history of joint issues and will be  a valuable consult when it comes to discomfort in later pregnancy.


• If you've had a homebirth before, what was your favorite thing that you had, and what did you wish that you would have had?

The labor pool! It was a short labor and very easy. All I need was that pool with warm water, my hands and my knees. I wish that labor had been a bit longer so I wouldn't have been quite so surprised at how quickly she came.


• Do you have any fears that you feel you need to work through?

My first birth was traumatic for me and the UC was a reaction to that. I feel able to trust providers again, particularly those I'm choosing to work with, but I worry a bit about what their reactions will be to my preferences (no blood draws/vaginal exams/doppler). I also worry about what my hip will do as the pregnancy progresses.

09-20-2011 07:25 PM

Had my first midwife appointment today and once again I really really <3 my midwife. Part of me was toying with the idea of just going for the hospital birth because the legal situation has gotten even WORSE in Illinois since I had my daughter, but then I saw my good friend's hospital birth video, and a few other friends birthed, and and and...I just couldn't do it.


It is so nice having a birth attendant who knows me, knows how I labor, knows what my fears are, and in some ways seems to know me better than myself, at least when it comes to birth. I'm so glad she's going to attend this one :)

09-20-2011 01:26 PM

Rosie & Beaner - Thanks for your replies.  Homebirth isn't exactly illegal here as it is in other states.  CNMs are allowed to do homebirths if they are affiliated with a physician, but I only know of one who actually does.  GA law allows for CPMs, but the certification itself hasn't been offered in many years meaning it's impossible to be currently certified in the state.  The CPMs aren't really underground (they have websites, etc) and are doing a bit of lobbying in the state.  Many of the CPMs here stay certified in other states.   They do generally have all the emergency equipment necessary; this was a major concern of mine.  In the case of transfer, however, the midwives cannot attend birth in the hospital.  Some will follow the patient as a "friend" or "doula", and some won't.  They could also be prosecuted in the case of a death, but I am not aware of this ever happening here.  Backup care is also very tricky as most OBs and CNMs are unwilling to knowingly provide backup care for homebirthers.  One of the primary reasons I chose the midwife I chose is that she has an established relationship with an OB who will do backup care for her patients (though his office will tell you they don't do backup care if you call them directly without saying you are a patient of this particular midwife).  Other homebirthers I know either have shadow care and don't tell their backups that they are planning a homebirth or go without backup care.  Neither lying nor going without was an option for me.  I am also planning to meet with a group of midwives who do hospital waterbirths so that I can transfer to their practice if anything happens to make me not "low risk" before 35 weeks so that all of my bases were covered.  I just wish it was less complicated (and covered by my insurance)!

09-19-2011 12:27 PM

I personally wouldn't talk at all about homebirth with unsupportive family members.  Let them assume that you're giving birth in the hospital, and don't tell family members until after the birth, if at all.  My experience is that if someone is against homebirth, it's usually irrational fears and not an intellectual discussion that will sway anyone from their decision.  So I don't engage in it, I don't see a point in it anymore.

If a midwife is illegally operating, the only concerns I would have is does she have oxygen, suction machines, oxytocen, etc - things that might be (but hopefully not) needed right after the birth. And also, what happens if you need to transfer?  Is she able to go with you?  Does she have a doctor who is willing to support her underground, ie who she can transfer care to with little or no questions?  In an emergency, these can be pretty important questions, though of course hopefully none of them will be needed.  

09-19-2011 12:15 PM

If a MW practices illegally, there will be times when MW has to choose between exposing herself to the law and continuing ideal care. That's not a situation I want my care provider in. I think it's a conflict of interests that should be weighed carefully. That being said, I completely understand why women choose care from midwives who are unduly forced to practice below the radar. It is SO much worse when NO homebirth midwives are allowed to practice in a given state. :(


We have full hospital coverage and some homebirth coverage, but no guarantee of reimbursement and no way to find out how much it could be until after the birth. We are prepared to pay the full fee out of pocket, but hope that some gets reimbursed. Hopefully you can find a provider within your budget!

09-19-2011 09:05 AM

I am 11.5 weeks along with our first baby, and we are hoping for a homebirth.  DP and I have both studied birth (from sociological & medical perspectives) and really think it's the best choice for us and our baby.  However, we have some concerns about the process and are little worried about whether or not we can make it happen.  First, we have full insurance coverage for hospital births and none for homebirths.  We also live in GA, where HB midwives have to practice outside the law, and that makes me nervous.  My biggest worry, though, is dealing with my family.  They are very opinionated and very vocal about their feelings, and I have no doubt they'll hate the idea of a homebirth.  Have any of you had to deal with difficult family members over your homebirth choice?  How did that go?

09-12-2011 11:39 AM

The last thing I want is a birth photographer. I want my memories to be subjective, not objective, and I looked like crap with my last birth (very long, rather traumatic). If I could guarantee a nice easy birth, sure pictures would be nice, but I'm not going to count on that.

09-12-2011 08:34 AM

I want a birth photographer too.  I have hardly any pictures of my last two hospital transfer births.  When I mentioned it to my sister (who has had 4 homebirths) last night, she said, "I think you really need to consider who you want at your birth.  You don't want too many people there."  I was all, "I honestly spend 90% of my day thinking about birth: my birth, your birth, the random lady down the street's birth.  I've thought about this a lot.  Don't worry about it."  I know she was trying to help, but seriously. 


My husband is such a doll.  We are moving into a condo, that we desperately would like to sell and buy a house.  We were talking about selling it last night and DH said, "Well, we can sell it any time as long as the possession date isn't anywhere near the due date.  We need you to be comfortable in whatever house we're in so that you can have your homebirth.  He is so supportive.  It is wonderful.

09-11-2011 01:17 PM

Hi everyone,

We are planning a homebirth this time around and I'm so excited.  We were using a birth center for our first baby and ended up transferring due to failure to progress.  I'm looking forward to doing it at home this time (same midwife) and being in my own space.  I also have a professional photographer lined up this time too.  I really regret not having pictures of my last labor.  I don't really have any fears about a homebirth but I wish I could say the same for my extended family.  We've decided to not really bring it up with anyone because we don't want to hear their opinions.  I can't wait until April so I can hear about all of your amazing births =)

09-11-2011 09:23 AM

Well I got the first serious call about homebirth from MIL this morning. Unfortunately I am already sour due to being overrun by a cold, so I hope I was nice. She expressed concerns and the common "what ifs" and I did my best to explain my perspective, the research I've done, and what happens in the case of emergency. I also explained the bad things that can happen in hospitals which I would like to avoid.


She delivered DH via forceps and the doctors told her the head was just too big for her to have been able to push out. She doesn't see the illogic in this (if she couldn't push him out, how could he come out by being pulled?), but I didn't press the issue. I just explained that midwives have training in a lot of areas that doctors do not, like how to re-position the mother so that a cord isn't compressed, or the pelvis is more open. 


Anyway, I seem to have convinced her that at least I had done my research. At the end she asked if I at least would be seen by an OB, to which I said "Not unless there's a complication." She next asked if we'd circumsize a boy. She didn't respond when I said "no." :-/


I am hoping that' the end of it and she becomes supportive from now on. If not, I'll hand her an Ina May book and ask her to read it thoroughly before any more judgement.  

09-07-2011 09:58 AM

Have you had (or planned) a homebirth before?


My first two were standard medicated hospital births, third was a waterbirth at a birth center and fourth was a planned homebirth which ended up being UC because the midwife didn't make it in time.


If yes, are you seeing the same midwife as before?


Yes, although I will be seeing her partner for the first six months because my midwife is volunteering in Africa until December.


If you've had a homebirth before, what was your favorite thing that you had, and what did you wish that you would have had?

I know this is strange, but I wish I would have had just a little more time. I had planned on having my lovely photographer friend document the birth, my sis-in-law there to be able to experience a homebirth, since she was about to have one herself, and I wanted to birth in the pool. None of that happened though, because she came 15 minutes after I woke up. My DH caught her in the shower! I am so thankful for the experience and it certainly makes for a good story, but I couldn't help feeling a little shell-shocked afterward. I couldn't believe after all those months of planning for the perfect birth, that it was all over!


Do you have any fears that you feel you need to work through?


No fears besides the normal hoping babe will be healthy and that I won't have to transfer for any reason. I am not afraid to do it on our own again if this baby comes quick. It amazes me how God made our bodies to know exactly what to do.


09-07-2011 09:09 AM

This will be my second HB. My first DD was planned induction, preventable section. My second DD was planned HB, hospital transfer. She had severe maconium and was in the NICU for 2 weeks. My third DD was a beautiful HB. I didn't even know I was in labor until I was mostly complete. My Midwife lives 1 hour and a half away so she was freaking out when she heard me on the phone. We have two levels and I was on the first floor (we had planned on delivering on the upstairs level) because I asked my DH to make me some eggs (should have been a sign; it was 4 AM!) My MW called her back up who couldn't come due to a family crisis, my doula jumped in the car and the backup-backup MW was also on the way. I transitioned on my pool liner which my DH grabbed instead of the plastic sheet and my water broke. The most amazing thing happened after that. My body went into resting phase. I still wasn't convinced I was in labor at this point. My body waited until the pool was set up and warm and the doula and both MWs were there and ready. The instant that water was to temp I started pushing. DD arrived 15 min. later. All in all less then three hours start to finish and more then half of that was resting phase. I think I was in labor for maybe 45 minutes, if that. That birth was SO healing mentally, physically and emotionally. 


I will be using the same MW for this birth. My MIL for DD watching. 


I really want my 8yr old DD to participate in this birth. Last birth was so fast we didn't have time to wake her up and she had a friend sleeping over (I was a week early, the first two were 2 weeks late). I want her to experience a calm, natural birth so she is not terrified when it is her turn. 


Because my last birth went so perfectly I am concerned that it will be harder this time. I have to get over that mental block!


Okay. Question for you ladies. Names are important to me and our daughters were named after experiences we were going through during/at/around the times of their births. Their names are: Faith, Serenity, and Journey Joy. I am hoping for a boy this time, but can't think of a good name. I am maybe thinking Read as a middle (or first name) because of family history. I like the names Legacy and Justice by my DH doesn't like either of those. Also, for a girls name. We have kinda thought through most of the virtue names, but still needs something that fits. Any thoughts? 

09-03-2011 05:41 PM

Jennyvangy: Me too! I wound up transferring after 34 hours and getting a c-section after 40, and part of why things went so well and I didn't get PPD was because I started out homebirthing. That's a big part of why I'm having a homebirth again this time.

09-03-2011 02:34 PM

My mother's sister and her family are so against homebirth because my cousin "would have died" because of hemorrhage.  They are so appauled at my family's acceptance of it that they go so far as to seek out people we know to yell at them for considering homebirth because they know us (they have long since stopped yelling at us, because we walk away.)  The sad thing is, my midwife was the head nurse of the labour and delivery unit where said "would have died" cousin gave birth when she delivered, and she just laughs at the story they tell.  She was the nurse who delivered the baby and she says that there is nothing more that they did in hospital that she wouldn't/couldn't do at home now as a midwife.  It is too bad though, because this family is so against it, or us, whatever way you see it, that they really taint a lot of people in our circle about it. 


Other than that I just usually get "Oh, I could never do that, what if something goes wrong?" Which, doesn't bother me.  To each their own.  The good thing about my two birth experiences is that I can always say, "I know exactly what you do when something goes wrong: you go to the hospital and everything turns out swimmingly!"  That usually returns a "Well, yes, I guess.  If you're close enough to the hospital..."   The funny thing is, and actually kind of annoying thing, this time, after 2 attempted homebirths, I'm getting just shocked reactions that I am going to have a homebirth this time.  People seem to think I should have learned my lesson after the last two experiences.  I have - I've learned to stay away from hospitals as long as I possibly can, even if I may end up there in the end, the longer I can stay away, the better for me and babe.

09-03-2011 02:25 PM
RosieL So I decided to be open about our planned homebirth no matter how difficult I thought the audience would be. A couple people have told me "my baby would have died" if not in the hospital, and I'll talk to them about it or not depending on whether they seem to want to.

Anyway, an uncle of DH's is the chief of neonatology at a big Pittsburgh hospital. I thought I'd hear the lot of it from him. He calmly asked about oxygen, pitocin, and neonatal resucitation. I explained that they have oxygen, pitocin for hemmoraghe, and my midwife is a certified neonatal resuscitation instructor. He nodded and said, "you'll be okay then." Yay! Apparently he was a darling of the hippie midwife community when he got his medical degree because he worked with them, not agaist them. Woohoo!!!

I also ran into a cousin whose daughter just gave birth in the hospital. She was asking me carefully, "have you ever heard of Ina May..." I said yep we're doing ours at home and I've read one of her books and plan on more. She seemed so relieved!!! I had no idea I'd run into this kind of support from family. Yay! My side will be a different story, since once of my cousins had severe pp bleeding and was near death. But I don't have to face that for a while.
08-27-2011 10:48 PM

• Have you had (or planned) a homebirth before?  First pregnancy, so not yet. But I've been planning to have a homebirth for years now!


• If yes, are you seeing the same midwife as before?  N/A


• If you've had a homebirth before, what was your favorite thing that you had, and what did you wish that you would have had?


• If you haven't had a homebirth before, what are you most looking forward to?   I'm looking forward to being in the comfort of my own home, being able to birth on my own terms without being pushed around in a hospital setting (I HATE hospitals and sort of fear them so I don't intend to enter one unless there is a life-threatening situation).  I've read sooooo many birth stories and I love the idea of being able to snuggle up in my own bed with my newborn and DH. Bliss!


• Do you have any fears that you feel you need to work through?  Not really, I've been doing my best to prepare myself for a homebirth and I trust my body to do what it is designed to do. I suppose my worst fear would be developing some condition before or during labor that would require me to go into the hospital but if that's the way it happens, I'll just have to deal with it as it comes. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to hire a midwife or not (we're considering UC/freebirth), but either way I already feel super-educated about the birth process and am already starting to educate DH, who is totally onboard to have a 'couples birth' with me if that's what I choose.

08-27-2011 12:20 PM

With my last birth, my mom lived out of state. this was nice because it took the pressure off of me to make a decision about her being there. She was nervous about homebirth, so instead of calling her when labor started like she wanted, I sent an email at like 2 am. I don't think she even got it, but called the house in the morning just to check on things. When my friend answerred, mom knew what was up. The friend I had there was actually my mom's age, but much more calm and helpful. She also shares our beliefs and was praying me through, which was what I really needed. Now my mom lives locally again, and my dear friend has moved out of state. We have already decided to hire a doula and have contacted her. We never used one before, but this lady taught the natural child birth classes we took last time around, and we really like her. We had already talked about calling her, and then our midwife recommended it. She lives closer to us and works with the midwife alot. I know they will be a good team. As time goes on I will have to decide about my mom, but right now I don't really think I would want her here. It just seems like that would be way too many people in the house, and as I said, the homebirth thing makes Mom a bit nervous. Also, I love my mom, but sometimes she makes things a bit too much about herself and what she is going through. She is not terrible about this, but I need everyone at the birth to be there for me, not for what they can get out of it.

08-26-2011 07:34 PM

My birth plan is pretty detailed, but it's pretty much what I think I should have done last time. The basics are exactly the same. Same midwife, same birthpool, same spot in the house. But instead getting excited about getting in the water all pregnancy, I'm trying to get excited about taking a really long walk :) I need to talk to my midwife about using EPO in late pregnancy (I had DD at 42+3) and a few other things.


My biggest concern is what to do with my toddler. DH wants her there, I think he's crazy and really don't want her there. I'll win on this, but we don't have any stellar options for what to do with her. We'll probably send her to her best friend's house, but she's 30 minutes away and will have a 6 month old (I'll be watching the toddler while her mom goes to the hospital for the baby).

08-26-2011 07:30 PM

During my last births, various people took photos and it didn't bother me at all.  I was pretty focused on what I was doing, and as long as noone smelled strongly or made loud noises, I pretty much didn't notice what they were doing!!!!  BUT I LOVED seeing the photos afterwards.  I thought I was totally aware of what was going on, but seeing the photos gave me a totally different perspective on the birth.  It was neat to see.  And I have some awesome photos of my mom supporting me through contractions that I will always treasure.  


As for people at the birth, I think it's totally dependant on your relationship with people, but I will say this is the one time you can be totally selfish and not worry about how others feel about everything.  For my first birth, DH was the ONLY one who could put the right pressure on my lower back, and during some intense contractions my mom really helped me through them in a very comforting way.  Then when it came to pushing, my DH was able to catch DD because my mom was there to hold my leg up - so I loved having the extra people.  And then with further births, it was nice to have extra people there to support the kids.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with this birth, but I'm assuming it'll become clearer as time goes birth plan at this point is to find a midwife who will essentially leave me alone for the most part during the birth:-)

08-26-2011 05:40 PM

I had photos during labor and I don't remember them being taken for half the time.  When I was aware, it didn't bother me. I made sure that everyone that was my three sisters and mom....understood on no uncertain terms what their role was and that no matter what was happening, if I said they had to leave, they had to, no questions, no talking, no hurt feelings, just out.  Creating this boundary, or freedom, gave me the ability to not even pay attention to people during my labor. My mom is super supportive and was exactly what I needed her to be, a prayer warrior.  I knew she was praying and that was what I needed.  Honestly, DH, my mw, and my sister were the most active in supporting me with DH being the chief (by far) support.  I think it is important to think about it ahead of time and to really be honest with what you want and being ok with changing that at a second's notice if you feel like it.

08-26-2011 04:04 PM

Right now my biggest worry is if DH will be there or not (military).  We won't know until probably around February, so that's a long time to worry about it.  If he's not going to be here then I would want my mom to come out (she lives on the East Coast), which probably means I would want my midwife to come over also since my mom would be a worrier and would best be upstairs with my other kids.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that DH can be here so it can just be the 2 of us at the birth again.

08-26-2011 02:52 PM

Is anyone here thinking about birth plans already? I'm thinking a lot (surprising myself how often) about whether and how I'd want my mom to be involved. There is no other real question of who. It'll be me, DH, 2 midwives, and possibly a doula if we find one we *really* connect with and can afford. Then my mom. She lives a mile away. I love her dearly and she is rally supportive in general. She labored and delivered naturally for both my brother and I by choice. I don't think she'll be discouraging. I just dont' *know* ahead of time whether she'll have the right kind of energy.


A lot of you (or others on the forum) have mentioned wanting a photographer. My mom's actually a pretty good one. Maybe that (plus food preparation) could be her job? How invasive does it feel to have someone snapping pictures? 


Generally I'm very controlling of my environment. I want to plan things out so that I don't feel the need to stay in control at all. I want to be able to completely release myself into the work/bliss of laboring. I have no idea if that's possible with my mom or anyone else is in the house!


08-24-2011 07:19 AM


• Have you had (or planned) a homebirth before? - yes, all three of my births so far have been planned homebirths


• If yes, are you seeing the same midwife as before? - I WISH.  We moved across the country, and now that we're pregnant, I'm feeling particularly homesick.  I knew what to expect with them, and they knew how I birthed, and we had a great system going....


• If you've had a homebirth before, what was your favorite thing that you had, and what did you wish that you would have had? We had the fishy pool from Canadian Tire for each birth, and I LOVED labouring in that.  Loved my exercise ball, my music, my own bathroom, and my bed to collapse into:-)  I can't think of anything I wish I had - perhaps a professional photographer.  That's one thing I've always wanted, as I LOVE seeing the story of peoples' labours and births!


• If you haven't had a homebirth before, what are you most looking forward to? NA


• Do you have any fears that you feel you need to work through? - I feel pretty confident that I'll be able to stand my ground and have the birth I want (helps that I tend to be pretty quick!) but I do have fears that I'll get a new or inexperienced midwife who will try to interfere too much or not leave me alone.  Also, I would like to focus a lot on not tearing this time around.  That was my big focus with my last birth, and I panted and slowly eased his head out no problems, was so proud of how much I slowed that down, but then in turning his shoulders got totally stuck, he bruised my pubic bone hard and then I had to shift and push HARD just to get him out before he got too stuck, and I ended up tearing.  Better, for sure, than having him get totally stuck, but still disappointing.  

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