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12-28-2011 11:10 AM

Awe, man. For some reason, none of these chat threads are showing up in my subscriptions. :( And I was sad that the ddc had seemed to die down SO much. Silly me. Now I have a bunch of reading to do to catch up with everyone. Must have looked silly, me just posting pictures of my beautiful girl and not keeping up with everyone here. :p


Calliope is still freaking sick. Coughing, gagging, choking, puking, crying. Blah. It's not constant, and it has actually slowed down a bunch, but she is still doing the choking thing at least once a day. I'm afraid to leave her where I can't see her. She has always worked it out on her own, but what if she just can't some time, kwim? Yikes. Scary.


I went out last night with some ladies from my mom's club. We went to dinner and to a paint your own pottery type place. So much fun! AND I was totally baby free - for like 4 hours. My boobs were seriously killing me though. I kept feeling let down while I was out and when I got home my bra was soaked and the sposie pads were so full. She didn't nurse much the last feeding I gave her and she was sleeping before I left, so I didn't feed her then and THEN she was sleeping when I got home. So, I pumped and got 8oz (which replaces the 7 she drank for Daddy while I was gone, nice), but they were still killing me. Hard and huge and OUCH. I felt wicked sick too - so feverish. Must have been the engorgement. I felt so sick all night but much better upon waking. I had to get Calliope up before I went to sleep to get her to eat a little. Mama needed some help. lol Can you tell the kid is like a non-stop mothersucker in the evenings??!

12-28-2011 06:19 AM

I don't have a lot of time, but l livacreature, I have found and heard that lying on the left side triggers gas and farting.


theboysmama, yay! for a social smile.



12-27-2011 10:06 AM

Periods: I've been having some cramps...I'm hoping they are psychsomatic because I'm not ready to deal with that again!  Ugh.  I'm done having bio-babes.  Can it just stop for good?


I asked on the Life w Babe board, but do any of you mamas have tricks for gas?  With Aura in her harness, she can't kick her legs like she was.  Seems to be causing a painful gas build up in the evenings.  We burp her well after feedings, nothing has changed diet-wise.  It started the night after she got it on and every evening she now fusses for an hour or two before she passes a lot of gas and sleeps.  I feel bad for her.


Not_Telling: I hope things go well with DD and the party!  Have a good time.

12-27-2011 07:58 AM

I also was noticing that we're way past the "end date" of this chat thread...


Periods - With DS mine came back at 4 months, and that was with him having maybe one 3-5 hr sleep stretch at night.  DD will go 5-7 hours without nursing at night, so I'm expecting AF's return at a similar (or sooner yikes.gif?) time.


Holidays - We had a very nice Polish Christmas Eve with my sid eof the family (the Jews and a Hindu).  DH worked his butt off in the kitchen making awesome homemade pierogies, and borscht (sour acquired taste) and fish (trout with pecan brown butter sauce).  DS got way too crazy with everyone over, though.  Tonight we see everyone again (minus my two cousins, who are seeing an out-of-town friend) for the last night of Hanukkah...bring on the latkes!  I'm hoping that since we're not hosting, we can keep DS in check better.  His poor 9 year old cousin was totally exhausted from trying to play/keep up/defend herself.


DH has been home since Thursday and will be home for another week.  DD and I have been staying in bed until 9:30/10:00 most mornings.  It's been nice, but I guess we should start trying to get back to our real schedule soon. 


DS still is sooo snotty.  I wish he would just get better.  It feels like it's been weeks.  He's constantly wiping his nose with his shirt (eww!) so by the end of the day his face is all red from being wiped over and over by the shirt material.


Tomorrow night DH and I are going out to a restaurant to celebrate our friends' 10th wedding anniversary.  We're bringing DD with us and I'm hoping it doesn't end up being a mistake.  I'm feeling worried about her getting fussy because we'll be there during some of her fussy time.  And I'm worried about nursing cuz I looked at some photos of the place and it just looks all open with hard benches and seats, and while I'm all for public nursing, I like to be discreet-ish, and DD still tends not to be a quick latcher, which means I often have to sit with my boob out for a while, with no baby latched on, while she figures things out.

12-26-2011 09:22 PM

Hi everyone!  (This chat thread has gone way over its intended date, did anyone else notice?)


Wish I had been keeping up better with replies, but at least I'm still reading along.  We had a nice Christmas!  Except for me randomly not falling asleep until 2:30am on Christmas Eve, knowing it was going to be an early morning-- ugh.  We got lots of nice family time, had a beautiful choir program at church (and a talk that even covered the meaning of Namaste), an awesome dinner, and lots of relaxing otherwise.  My living room is still covered in gifts and stocking yummies that haven't been put away yet.  My DH totally splurged and got me a really nice cutting machine that I've been eyeing for over a year, and MIL made my dreams come true and got me a ton of wool roving and a needle felting pet animal book.  I'm ridiculously excited about that one, honestly.  :)   And my SIL bought a treadmill to keep at her house (she lives with/cares for MIL/FIL), and plans to share it with all of us adults.  And since I'm over there weekly, I'm hoping to make good use of it.  :)  I spent my day today sewing for a baby shower for my SIL's SIL.  Yeah, I've never met her, and I'd be surprised if our paths ever cross after this, as she lives out of state.  But I sure had fun making girly things!  DH was very patient and took care of Malcolm while I went crazy with all of that, and my other kids got way too much screen time with their new games.  To do this week: Find a new Christmas tree on clearance to replace the one we've had for 10 years (which is on its last leg, literally).  Also to do: Not go crazy with my kids home from school 24/7. 


Periods:  I had about 4 days of spotting last week.  I thought for sure my period was trying to come back, but it faded back away.  I wouldn't be surprised if it were soon, though.  My period has returned sooner after each of my babies, even with nursing on demand and co-sleeping and everything.  The last time was 4 or 5 months PP, I think.  And this time, Malcolm has been reliably sleeping looooong through the night for about a month and a half.  (The other night he went from 10:45ish to almost 8:00am exactly, not waking up a single time, and that's only slightly longer than his typical night sleeping.)  So, yeah, I think it will be soon for me.  I'm not going to complain this time, not with such an angel baby who spoils me rotten!  love.gif


I'm finding myself overwhelmed by feelings of goodness and peace because of this little boy, lately.  Everything else in my life could be absolutely rotten and miserable, and I'd still feel over-the-moon, happy-to-tears because of him.  And to think I was afraid to have him join our family!  I would have missed the most wonderful thing in the world.  He's just too precious and wonderful for words. 


He'll be 3 months old on the 29th, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me that he's starting to try to roll over.  He's been doing little baby crunches for a few weeks now, when we're holding him lying down and he wants to be more upright, and all that muscle-building has translated into his floor time.  When he rolls to his side, he does his crunches and gets so close to making it all the way over.  I don't think he'll be too happy once he finally manages it, though.  He's not a fan of tummy time.  ;)  Plus, I'm not encouraging him to get there faster.  I'm perfectly happy with a completely immobile baby in a house where kids haven't learned to put away their choke-hazard toys, thankyouverymuch!

12-26-2011 06:29 PM

tank ... Craigslist is great for short-term things for kids!  Also, do you know if your neighbourhood or town has a list serv on yahoo or something like that?  Ours is great.  It's fabulous for finding things like hand-me-down kids stuff, local deals and events, etc. 


theboysmama ... So sorry to hear about the anxiety.  Definitely sounds like MIL is the trigger.  Have you heard of Rescue Remedy?  It's a Bach flower concoction that calms and soothes.  Works for me in times of stress!  I swear by it. 


Hello everyone else, baby wailing suddenly, gotta go! xo


12-26-2011 02:44 PM

theboysmama- yay a smile!!!!


I am not 100%sure it's my period now that I am reading the statistics but I have had off and on bleeding since my bleeding stopped and none of it I have ever even thought for a second that it could be a period.  This is exactly like a period.  Only a tiny bit of cramping but I don't always cramp anyway.  I guess the only way to be certain is if it returns next month.  I am bummed because I need to get a new diva cup size and I thought I had some time to get it.


I hope you all had a great christmas if you celebrate it.  We didn't do much, we don't usually celebrate and little wolverine is too young to know if we do or not anyway.  We just had a laid back day at home, had to light a fire because we ran out of oil unexpectidly.  It was the first anniversary of my miscarriage and I took it a lot easier than I thought I would.


I always thought I woundn't want to get all sorts of plastic stuff for my baby and he can entertain himself with what we have but I am starting to realize there are some things coming up I want to get him.  He is obcessed with the mobile I made him above his crib which is a halloween mobile with skeletons and a stuffed silly skull in the middle.  He likes it better when I spin it so I am thinking I need to get him a regular mobile with a motor to entertain him.  He really seems bored sometimes until I put him in his crib to play.  I also should probably get him a tummytime playmat.  He is starting to get interested in toys and such and I bet he would like something that has stuff hanging from it and such.  I am kinda bummed at having to buy more brightly colored crap that will only last a couple of months for him lol but I want to stimulate him with the things he is interested in right now.

12-26-2011 02:28 PM

chelsea- did the water help? glad your trip went by quickly, means it was a good one:).


livacreature- smelling is fine, ugg some people. Sorry your mom had to voice her unwelcome opinion about the harness.


tank- wow that sucks! I typically get my first ppaf about a year or so with my first o about 14 months (at which point i get pg).


rosemary- boxing day is traditionally a day following Christmas when wealthy people in the United Kingdom would give a box containing a gift to their servants. Now it is just a day off of work and the banks in certain countries. (Australia celebrates it. When I was visiting there about 12 yrs ago is when I learned about it).



AFM- feeling TONS better. Didn't get to go to Christmas eve service or to the cemetary to light the Luminarias on Emeric's grave:( but my dad did it for me. christmaseve (6).JPG


Christmas went ok but I had a baaaad anxiety attack that lasted most of hte day. I am pretty sure that my MIL is my trigger uggggg. She goes away for a few hours and I feel great she comes back adn I can't breath and am dizzy and my heart is racing I go in my room where I can't here her and I feel better, I come back out and she starts talking and it starts all over again. Uggggggg. Besides that things went well. She leaves tomorrow morning so I am excited about that!

I got the BEST Christmas present ever!!! My baby girl SMILED at ME!!! she has been giving a few smiles here and there but never at a person just randomly at objects (She doesn't track with her eyes or make eye contact often). We were opening gifts and she looked at dh and me and gave us a beg grin. My heart melted.

12-26-2011 01:57 PM
cbeclipse Tank- I'm sorry you already have your period. How terrible. For all I know I already had mine too. Not sure what that bleeding was I had, but it seems ro be gone now. We'll see if it comes back next month.....

Lifeguard- hope you are feeling better! I also hope that your kids don't get sick.

Livacreature- I think what you are doing is totally fine. Ignore your moms concerns.

Not much going on with me. Can't believe I'm flying back to NY on Friday. My time here went by way too fast greensad.gif.
12-26-2011 01:29 PM
starling&diesel Livacreature ... I think it's a great way to have your baby develop a sophisticated palate! We do the same. Our older dd loves a variety of food now as a three year old.
Sorry that your mom was being a dolt. You need support right now, not underhanded criticism!
12-26-2011 10:20 AM

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays!  We have had a nice one, we're dropping my mom off at the airport in a few hours, then tidying up for the next round of people and dogs.  I got an awesome seven piece Henkel knives set from DH, the beat the hell out of the thirty dollar set I got in college.  Baby met my brother, they sufficiently weirded each other out.  It was fun.  


I had a nice visit over all, but I feel a bit bad.  I went off on my mom last night when for the umpteenth time felt the need to say that the baby was fussy because she doesn't like the harness, can't move how she likes, and thinks that mommy is mean for putting her in it.  I know my baby is crying, I know why she is crying, and I know there isn't anything I can actually do about it except cuddle her and nurse her.  STOP RUBBING IT IN!  And I am NOT mean. 


When I bake or cook, I wear the baby and I let baby smell everything (well, except things like cayenne and strong onions).  She loves it, will smile and laugh.  My mom said I shouldn't do that this young, couldn't provide a reason.  Anyone heard this?  I'm not going to stop, but I was wondering if there was any justification.  

12-25-2011 09:00 PM

tank - seriously, that sucks. I have pcos so my periods are never regular so I LOVE the pp time when I don't have the stress of an unpredictable period.


boxing day - is the day after Christmas in Canada (& I'm sure other places too). There are usually fantastic sales everywhere & a lot of people go shopping (we don't - generally the sales run the whole week now). Not sure where the name came from.


afm - SOOOO sick today. I don't honestly know if I've ever been this miserable before. I have a crazy fever & have been oscillating between baaaad chills (I've never shivered so hard) that make my skin hurt to sweating until I'm soaked. Currently I'm sweating which is a little more tolerable than the chills. Oh my goodness do I ever hope the kids don't get this but I have a bad feeling ds already has it starting - he was very low key this evening & crawled up on my lap & took a nap (UNHEARD of!) & then wanted to sleep in my bed. Sigh.



12-25-2011 03:13 PM

You guys... I got my period back before 7 weeks pp.  FML.


Thanks for the link lifeguard, I linked it to him to read on his own time.

12-25-2011 02:58 PM

My internet connection has been down, and I'm on my parents' new computer. Not lots of time, as Iona is crying in my mom's arms right now. 


Katico, I saw the dresses and am thinking, "W"HAAAATT??" They are incredible. Love love.

Pregnancy: if I got preggo after the one dtd, I would be pretty mad. I'm not very worried about it, since with ds I didn't even get my period back for 22 months. 

Christmas: we had a good one here. My sister is cooking us a French dinner. 


I wish that I could write more but seriously, the crying!!!! 


Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas, and WHAT IS BOXING DAY?

12-24-2011 11:09 PM
cbeclipse Theboysmama- I am increasing my water intake to see if that helps. Thanks for the idea! Hope you feel better soon!

Santa- I can't remember if our presents were wrapped. How sad! I am not sure what we will do for Landon.

Lifeguard- hope you feel better! MIL is outta town,yay!! You get a break from her for a few days.

We had a nice Christmas eve. Church went well, I had to go into the nursing moms room, Landon was crying and being fussy. He slept through all of dinner, yay! I'm currently having a glass of wine, first one in SO long. Landon took forever to finally go to sleep tonight. I'm not liking the 3 hour time change. I'm going to try to get him use to NY time starting Monday. I dont want him to be onSeattle time when we are back in NY.
12-24-2011 10:02 PM

tank - my dh found this helpful with ds.


santa - our santa gifts are wrapped. Also ds insisted on leaving water instead of milk which I thought was funny.


mil is leaving first thing in the morning for a couple days to my sil house! Yeah. I am a seriously hurting unit here. Every joint in my body hurts, my back & neck are miserably sore, my feet even feel like I've been standing for 12 hours, headache... the weird part is I have no idea why but it's definitely affecting my christmas spirit.

12-24-2011 12:58 PM

Merry Christmas Eve, all! 


Chelsea ... My goodness, I hope you're not pregnant!  But if so, yay!  And if not, yay!  No experience with post-partum periods this early, sorry.


Tank ... Sounds like you're doing all the right things to encourage your dp to be champion of the bottle!  No experience with bottles, so no advice.  I have heard tell that babies do figure it out, so maybe some knowledgeable mamas will chime in.


AFM:  My baby just hung out by himself in his rocker for a good half hour staring at the Christmas tree lights and laughing at the antics of his big sister, who is hopping around in a white t-shirt and white undies with a bunch of batting pinned on for a bunny tail.  I managed to get a whole half hour of blitz tasks done!  Whoo hoo!   My parents are coming later this afternoon (sigh) and then we'll do supper and the service at the Unitarian Church and then home to set out cookies for Santa and carrots for his staff.


QOTD:  Does Santa wrap presents at your house?  When I was a child, our presents from Santa weren't wrapped.  You?


12-24-2011 12:56 PM

Chelsea- my boobs get sore and sensitive (especially on the nipple) when I don't drink enough water, maybe that's it?


Well no b-day cake for Jesus, I woke up w stomach cramps and have been puking all day. I haven't kept anything down.  Uggggg. 

12-24-2011 12:51 PM

Originally Posted by cbeclipse View Post

Anyways.......Merry Chrsitmas eve!!! I just got back from the grocery store with my mom, left Landon here with my dad. It's the first to rive ever left him with someone


I left the wolverine home for the first time since he was born with my partner today to go the the grocery store.  It wasn't as scarry as I thought it would be.  I go back to work in a week though... eek.


Speaking of I am so nervous about going back to work.  I have been having nightmares about it all week.  My partner still hasn't sucessfully given him a bottle yet.  He has drank some of it but not much at a time.  He says he just spits it out.  Any tips for giveing a breastfed baby a bottle I can give him?  Is there any tutorial videos online or something lol?  I don't really know what the problem is because I try and stay out of it, be in the other room and not watch, judge or give unsolicited advice.


Anyway, just stopped by to say happy holidays to everyone.  the kid is napping while I prepare my dish to bring to a friends house for christmas eve dinner so I better get back to it before he wakes up!

12-24-2011 12:29 PM
cbeclipse Ugh! I typed up a whole post and somehow lost it.

Anyways.......Merry Chrsitmas eve!!! I just got back from the grocery store with my mom, left Landon here with my dad. It's the first to rive ever left him with someone. My grandparents will be here soon. Church at 3, followed by going out to dinner, and back home to open some presents and eat Christmas cookies.

I'm a little boobs have been so sore/sensitive the last few days. I really really hope I'm not somehow pregnant. I'm only 7 weeks pp, but we have had sex a few times, and had an oops moment. I'm having bleeding going on. Maybe my boobs are just sore because it's my period or something? I've never had sore boobs before from my period, but who knows. I do want more kids, but not this soon!!
12-24-2011 12:20 PM

Would love to do personals...maybe tomorrow when less busy.


Best wishes to all of you celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah right now.


DH (and DS) made 40 pierogies yesterday for tonight's dinner.  Lots to do, lots to do...


A bit mortified by how many presents showed up from the IL's under under our tree...I thought they had decided to just do a few gifts for each kid and one gift for us (a case of wine)...I was wrong.

12-23-2011 08:07 PM

Come on up trinket - we have lots of room!!!

12-23-2011 05:55 PM


Originally Posted by starling&diesel View Post
  Baggage.  Don't need to travel to have to carry it around. 


SOOOO true.



Christmas - We're doing Christmas morning with my parents and siblings (we live with them) and DH is cooking a big breakfast for everyone. That's a tradition in his family and I love that he's incorporating that here too. I think we're skipping church, which I feel a little guilty about, but there's just not enough time in the day! Then we're going to my grandfather's house for dinner with the extended family. Whew. It'll be their first time meeting Eli so that should be fun. My sister (adopted, took off when she turned 18, got pregnant, pretty much cut us out of her life after her son was born) is supposed to come. We'll see if she follows through on that--unfortunately I'm not expecting much.


Holiday drinking - This is the first year I'm old enough to legally drink. My extended family drinks a lot but my parents are adamantly anti-alcohol... I really want a beer. But add the fact that I'm nursing (even though I'm aware of how to drink while nursing) to my parents' already judgmental attitude and I'm afraid it'll be more trouble than it's worth. We'll see if I grow a spine in the next 2 days. Living in their house I feel like I still have to obey them like a little kid. 


Chelsea - Good for you for handling a plane trip. Sounds like it went well--have fun! And don't get sick. :)

Katico - Those dresses! heartbeat.gif Gorgeous. I especially love the second set. And buttered rum sounds fantastic.


Letters from Santa - That is so cool. What an awesome program. I told DH about it and he thinks with everything else he's heard about Canada we should move there. :P


12-23-2011 03:46 PM

katico - the dresses are beautiful. Great work!


santa letters - we didn't do one this year but I'm happy to know the program works so well - I bet ds will be into it next year - this year he is hesitant about santa.


starling - it's so hard, on one hand you love family & want them to be close but on the other they can be so obnoxious & ruin the flow of things. I think it's probably one of the hardest thing for a lot of people during holidays.


I think because MIL moved in here at the same time we did we never got a chance to get into a rhythm, plus of course with dd being born it was all thrown off kilter anyway. Sigh.


I will say I am dreading mil being here on Christmas when my Mom & her partner are here 'cause she is loud & dominate the conversation - I just sort of feel she will ruin "my" family Christmas.

12-23-2011 03:16 PM

pi ... Our letter from Santa came too!  E has asked me to read her letter to her at *least* a hundred times.  And it came with a handwritten post script too.  What a treat that program is!  I hope it goes on and on forever. 


livacreature ... I didn't realize that the harness had to stay on for so long at a time!  It makes sense of course.  She's getting accustomed to it?


lifeguard ... That would frustrate me to no end too.  It's so important to have our rhythm set before other people are added to the equation, eh?


katico ... The dresses are indeed gorgeous.  The stuff childhood memories are made of.  Did you ever get my PM? 


theboysmama ... Have a wonderful baptismal day!  And happy baking for Jesus's birthday cake.  What kind does he get?


Steph ... how is your father doing? 


Chelsea ... You have to update your siggy, mama! 


AFM:  Nothing much to report.  H is doing great.  We're ready for Christmas (which doesn't mean much ... we don't do many gifts, only doing brunch, rtc), and I am not looking forward to my parents being here for two nights.  They have a ruined, joyless marriage and it's not pleasant to have them both around.  I don't mind my mom at all.  She's here overnight usually once a week or so, but add my stepdad to the mix and it's just toxic.  It was supposed to be for one night, but my mom managed to guilt me into two.  Next year I'll be requesting that they stay in a hotel.  I don't want that kind of negative, bickering, meanness in my house at the holidays.  It's bad enough that they're coming at all ... I 'fired' my parents from all Christmas activities about fifteen years ago, but since my daughter was born, my mom has wedged her way back in.  Bah.  Baggage.  Don't need to travel to have to carry it around. 

12-23-2011 02:14 PM

livacreature, very cute photo of her in her harness. I'm glad you get an hour a day, too.


lifeguard, HUGS. Venting is important. Vent away.


Chelsea, I hope it's just some sniffles. Sometimes it's easy to get sick when you relax for the first time in a long time, and air travel is definitely a great place to pick up bugs.


theboysmama, congratulations on Saphira's baptism!


Katico, the dresses are gorgeous and I hope you enjoyed the buttered rum.


AFM, I was put in the holiday spirit by picking up the mail today. We just got home to a letter from Père Noël with a handwritten postscript thanking DS1 for his beautiful drawing, Mère Noël has put it on the fridge, and please say hello to baby Jacques from the both of them. (For the Americans or others not familiar with the tradition, Canada Post has a postal elf program where volunteers write back to children who write to Santa.)

12-23-2011 12:30 PM
Katico hot buttered rum later and Mommy is feeling a little less stressed out!  I hate how crazy I start to feel when Xmas approaches.  I feel major pressure to make everything perfect and create a lot of stress for myself.  Totally channeling anxiety into to-do's.  I can't control my crazy inlaws and parents but I can control the sewing and baking and decorating and wrapping!  Eesh.




I did finish the dresses!  They're pretty cute, here's some crappy phone pictures in bad light, but you get the gist.  They look sooo cute on, Can't wait to get pictures of them together





photo (5).JPG


photo (6).JPG

So, I'm glad that's done.  I have given up the idea of sewing and embroidering Claire's stocking...that can wait for next year!  Lila didn't get hers until her second xmas!


We're leaving here at 5am for the in-laws, a 3 hr's easier to leave while the girls are still sleeping, so they sleep for most of the trip...but yikes, soooo early!  Then we'll be back here the night of the 25th and then to my family on boxing day.  And then home to relax and recover and see friends and get ready for new years


livacreature -she's so sweet :)  Glad her harness doesn't bother her!!!!!


theboysmama: a christmas baptism is nice :)  


lifeguard   I would lose my sh*t if our mothers were any closer....I totally know what you mean about them being more work than help!

12-23-2011 11:42 AM

katico- it is so medicinal! You are good!


livacreature- so excited you get to take her out an hr a day. I have tons of baby legs and love love love them! I actually look for outfits to go w/ the baby legs.


chelsea- hope you feel better.


AFM- saphira is getting baptised today and I am really excited about it. I got her gown on cl for $15 and it is so sweet.

My MIL is snowed in and can't drive up so she will miss it which is a bummer. She might be coming tomorrow or I might have a really good christmas gift hee hee. ok that was terrible but if she doesn't make it christmas will be sooooo much more relaxing.


We are giving her humphrys for the teething pain and it seems to be helping. She didn't sleep so well last night but had a great nap this morning.


All gifts are purchased AND wrapped just need to bake a birthday cake for Jesus tomorrow and we will be all set!

12-23-2011 11:37 AM

katico - good for you going outside! I sure did try this morning (there's finally snow!) but geez going out with little miss sure does complicate things! I need to find a better system - if i wear her on my front I can't very easily do chores like hauling wood or shovelling, but I haven't figured out how to get her on my back yet. A stroller/wagon could work accept that she is not so very content all alone like that & then I have to haul the bloody thing around with me all over the farmyard - not so easily done (& again makes hauling wood a real nuisance). Sigh.


I need to vent. I knew having mil here would be irritating at times but today I just wish she would go AWAY! She is always trying to help but it is often about as much help as my 3 year's old help & more bothersome 'cause I feel she should know better. Today because the baby was shrieking I had to go inside so she says she'll take ds (which I didn't want but i needed to make a quick decision & he was ready to dig in his heels to stay outside) so I said ok bring him inside here when he's cold. She kept him for 3 hours & brought him in her house! Oh it burns me. I have no way of getting her attention when they are outside or in the workshop short of getting fully dressed & the baby fully dressed & going outside & then I find out she brought him back to her house instead of mine. Which means he's watching tv & she's feeding him - two things I can't stand her doing with him. And now I have to go get him (kicking & screaming I guarantee) from her house with the baby in tow.


Honestly if she would just go away for a couple of weeks I could get us into a rhythm & then ds would know what to expect each day, we'd have a flow going & it would be harder for her to totally derail my day. I just want to be a mommy & have her leave me at it unless I specifically ask for her help.


I know this is incredibly ungrateful, but today that is who I am.

12-23-2011 10:11 AM
cbeclipse Katico- what a good mama you are, taking kids out to play in the snow. As for the holiday drinking beginning......yes!! smile.gif I have yet to have a drink or wine since before I was pregnant. I sooooooo want one, sometime soon. Maybe Christmas eve I will. Did you finish the Christmas dresses? I would love to see them. I am so not crafty, but wish I was. I am too much of a perfectionist and drive myself crazy when I try to do something.

I seem to be coming down with a cold. Runny nose and sore throat. I'm to figure out what medicine I can take, if any. I always get sick when I fly home. Must be the plane or something.
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