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01-11-2012 11:44 PM

It is 2am - not read to catch up yet - just home from Newfoundland and packing to move accross the country so we wont be on much


Faolan is sleeping beside me in the bed and I am loving it:)


my older ones have their own beds in another room and I miss them way too much


ds just turned 5 and still won't sleep through the night always wakes and yells out for mom and dad - so dad is sleeping with him in his single bed right now ;)


dd who is 2 has taken to sleeping on her own like a fish to water and I ache for her to come back and sleep in our bed :(


well we will be driving accross the country in the winter 2 weeks from now keep safe thoughts for us


miss you all - will be back like a bad rash when we get settled in



01-10-2012 07:04 AM

The sleep fairy seriously dislikes me. The last few weeks ds & I have been sick so no sleep. Then ds has been doing this frustrating thing where he wakes up in the night & is up for HOURS completely unable to fall asleep (it truly is him being awake unwanted - he's not up playing or being "bad" in any way). Then dd had 2 nights where I couldn't let her go or she'd scream, but ds slept fine. Last night dd slept - we're going on 10 hours now with only one wake up but ds was up for 3.5 hours in the middle of the night. Seriously?! Not only is this leaving me exhausted but it's totally messing up our days completely 'cause our schedule is all off - today we're supposed to go swimming & then to ds' gymnastics (when we drive all the way into the city I like to make it more worthwhile by doing more than one thing) but now swimming is out of the question 'cause we're up too late & of course ds is going to be some unhappy when he finds out but there is no way for me to remedy it because of how the schedules run.

01-10-2012 06:43 AM


lifeguard, me tooshrug.gif i've been sidelying for most of our nursing because of it.


iona slept over 8 hours last night. i finally hooked her u to nurse. weird and out of the blue!


ETA: Someone I've known as an acquaintance for years who is the sister of another woman I've been getting to know just asked to come over to visit me today. She's got a ds who is a month older than Iona; gotta love when babies bring people together. I know it's because we are both home with babies now. She's always been someone interesting to me!

01-09-2012 07:23 PM

theboysmama - so sorry about Emeric.


sitting - ds sat unassisted for the first time at 3 months, dd is pretty much the same, probably a couple weeks behind. Neither one has been content to recline at all. Right now she is in that prop up to sit but then she sits up further & face plants stage. Doesn't make her happy when that happens.


afm - took ds skating today for the first time this year. Made a big deal about going to get skates, let him pick laces & guards (camouflage!) & then we went just the 2 of us. He only lasted 10 minutes but I think by the end of the season he'll be a pro!


I just took down my poor christmas tree, poor underwatered thing literally left all it's needles on my floor. Still need to sweep...


Ok, so dd is super fussy at the breast. I think the milk just comes so fast & furious she can't keep up. She kicks her legs & flails her arms. Doesn't help that last week when I was sick she nursed pretty much constantly so now that she's dropped back down I'm totally engorged - she pulled off the breast this aft & milk sprayed everywhere & just kept spraying - I had to block it with my hand so we didn't all end up soaked. Dh didn't know what to say.

01-08-2012 10:48 PM

wave.gif Back from winter break, DS1 is back to school and DH back to work tomorrow. DS1 is currently having major grandparent withdrawal.


Katico, oh my goodness. Thank heavens she is OK. That sounds so scary.


LaBruja, I'm so, so sorry about your colleague.


giggles: None here, but we get more and more smiley by the day. He's really starting to interact, and it's so much fun.


sitting: Wow! I don't think I even knew babies could sit at 4 months! My first didn't sit well until maybe 7 or 8 months, I think (?), and I don't think this one is anywhere near it, either. That would be so nice. I agree that they get happier when they can sit up.


bathing: I adore the tummy tub for this. It takes a few seconds to fill it, so we have spontaneous baths pretty often. He definitely likes it, which is such a nice change from my first, who hated the bath. DS2 gets a bath about every day or two. He doesn't need it that often, but he likes it, and it's fun for me. I am considering incorporating it into a bedtime routine.


canned music: Meh. I don't love it, but I don't mind it once in a while. Baby loooooves music, so if he's in his swing or bouncy seat and nothing else is on, I will press the button for the tinny music. Most of the time we already have music playing, though. I usually have Radio 2 on during the day (lots of classical during their daytime programming), which DS2 likes a lot. Obnoxious pop music is his favourite, but I save that for the car because it seriously chills him out. This helped us enormously for our trek to and from my MIL's place this week.


I cannot completely catch up, but have been reading along when I can, and I hope everyone is well. To anyone who is dealing with illness, I hope everyone gets better soon.

01-08-2012 07:47 PM

fifths disease is no big deal at all for kiddos. There is typically a lacey rash on arms and legs and the cheeks look like they have been slapped. It is a little more annoying for adults as the joint aching (which kids don't typically get) is really uncomfortable. Don't let him anywhere near a pg woman as it can by very very dangerous for the baby, especially if the mom contracts in in the first tri or early part of second tri. That is how we lost Emericgreensad.gif


rosemary- glad you are loving the new piano!


canned music: it doesn't really bother me when it is used for its intended purpose. (soothing the baby, etc.). What bother's me is when the older kids hit the button over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, etc. even when the baby is asleep. ugggggg


giggles- no giggles here but she just started smiling 2 weeks ago. She is smiling a lot more now and is even making eye contact some (not all the time but some).


baths- the kids bath with me. I started taking a bath every morning when ds1 was born. That is my relaxing time. Sometimes I am alone and sometimes it is really crowded. If the baby wakes up and fusses someone dumps her in with me. The only bad part about this plan is they don't all bath with me every time (which is good:)) but I can never remember which kid bathed when and know that it sometimes goes entirely too longbag.gif


Out of time


dd2 has her first dr appt. wed. hoping that goes well. curious how much she weighs, etc.

01-08-2012 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post

not_telling - that's what I'm worried about. The cheeks were fine this morning but got worse as the day went on but nothing on his body. Wait & see.


Dd has decided my evening time after ds is asleep is her cranky, don't put me down mommy time.

If it is Fifth Disease I think it's not really any big deal for the kid, right?  Just keep him away from pregnant women...


01-08-2012 06:34 PM

not_telling - that's what I'm worried about. The cheeks were fine this morning but got worse as the day went on but nothing on his body. Wait & see.


Dd has decided my evening time after ds is asleep is her cranky, don't put me down mommy time.

01-08-2012 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post


Sickness - gosh this is dragging on here. I thought we were pretty much clear but this morning ds woke up with both eyes all goopy & gross. His cheeks are crazy red today but they don't feel hot or chapped or anything which I think is odd. He's acting ok so hopefully tomorrow it'll be ok. At least we all slept last night so today was a much better day for me. I hope everyone gets better quickly.

Fifth Disease?


01-08-2012 12:31 PM

Emma, Iona's doing that sitting also! It knocks my socks off. Pascal also sat unsupported on his 4 month birthday (brag much, mama?? sorry) and I think Iona might beat him. She's my sporty spice.


We got our new piano yesterday. It's shiny and black and now we're redecorating the room because it is so large and in charge, but we're going to make it work. I can't wait to finish the redo, and take some pictures. You're all on pins and needles to see it, I know.winky.gif It was a BIG deal, huge discussion about getting such a crazy gift. I was super uncomfortable with it, but once I had it all talked through, I was able to accept it and now I'm pretty excited.

01-08-2012 05:35 AM

my little one is one of the youngest here (11/28)... but she is working hard on rolling lately, and has just started grabbing a bit- like at hair, clothes, etc, not really toys (and she does that hilarious thing where she grabs and rubs her own hands... like she is making evil plans...). She is definitely getting more psyched about her older sister and brother- watching them play.  She is also doing an awesome squeak/giggle that her siblings love. And she is super fat, so cute! We go the dr on Tuesday so I'll get a report on her size, but I am sure she has grown a lot. Oh, and yesterday she was sitting totally strait and unsupported on my lap- wowzers! Both my other kids were sitting independently and playing by 4m, so I am guessing she will be like this too... its kind of nice b/c I think they are happier and more self-entertained when they can sit up.


canned music: I personally can't stand it and don't allow any in my house. If I had something with the canned music, I'd probably just remove the batteries? I always wonder why people can't hack those little things and put GOOD music on the baby gear...


playmat/gym: thanks for the reminder- someone gave us one as a hand-me-down and maybe I'll give it a try soon...

01-07-2012 04:32 PM

Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post
leiahs - why oh why oh why does every stupid baby contraption come with obnoxious, loud music?! We have a swing & it plays it the most horrendous canned classical music. Worse every time it is turned on it starts back at the beginning. Ds calls it the "happy" music (which is SO is not) & likes to turn it on & off repeatedly. I cannot stand it.

I don't know!! Like the baby really likes that annoying MIDI style music??  After I related the story to DH, he volunteered to open the dang thing up and remove the wires to the speakers so the kids couldn't ever do that again.  But honestly, I never use the rocking feature anymore anyway, so I might as well just take the batteries out.


01-07-2012 03:34 PM

Giggling - Dd isn't there yet but she is very smiley & reactive which we are loving. Ds NEVER did that cute belly laugh thing so I'm curious to see if dd does.


Sickness - gosh this is dragging on here. I thought we were pretty much clear but this morning ds woke up with both eyes all goopy & gross. His cheeks are crazy red today but they don't feel hot or chapped or anything which I think is odd. He's acting ok so hopefully tomorrow it'll be ok. At least we all slept last night so today was a much better day for me. I hope everyone gets better quickly.


leiahs - why oh why oh why does every stupid baby contraption come with obnoxious, loud music?! We have a swing & it plays it the most horrendous canned classical music. Worse every time it is turned on it starts back at the beginning. Ds calls it the "happy" music (which is SO is not) & likes to turn it on & off repeatedly. I cannot stand it.


livacreature - that's really neat that you reunited with your cousin's ex & have so much in common.


afm - dd is 3 months old today!!! Crazy! Last night she slept 8 hours - I think straight. I remember her fussing at one point & trying to nurse her but her refusing but I can't honestly remember if she woke up another time - I was so tired the night was a blur for me. Today she pooped a crazy amount. I always give her a moment to make sure we catch it all but still like to change fairly quickly so she's not sitting in it long. Well, once I had the diaper off she pooped not once but twice & HUGE amount. Oy - that was yucky. I think if I had waited long enough it would have been a blowout anyway 'cause I doubt the diaper could have contained all of that!

01-07-2012 10:23 AM

I've been sick with the flu, so not much posting, but wanted to say Katico, I am thinking of little Claire. That must have been so awful.


Amy May, sorry for the landlady issues. Not that you needed any more stress. You're in the right, of course. Mass. is really strict about this, and for good reason; I have friends whose son had enormously high levels from their house.


Everyone else, I'll read up and respond more later!

01-07-2012 09:36 AM

Baths: I was inspired by you ladies to have her in the tub with me for a bath instead of her baby tub.  It was so much fun.  We soaked about a half an hour, then put new hot water in the tub for about fifteen more minutes.  She was so smiley.  She did a ton of kicking while floating on her back.  She has also discovered her rubber duck.  <3  When I get off work, I think I might need another bath!  She has always liked bathtime (though not always the getting in or out...our house is old and there is no heat vent, so cold bathroom.  Fortunately, we do have a heated fan).


Sick mamas and babies: I hope everyone is on the mend soon.  We've been lucky so far, but I am soooo nervous about having a sick babe.  Katico, that sounds so scary.  I'm glad that Claire is okay.  And awesome progress on the potty training!


Leihas: Congrats to you and your husband on the job.  That is excellent!


Chelsea: I hope things get less overwhelming soon.


Trinket: Congrats on the new car, that is excellent!


Amy: I hope everything gets sorted out with your landlord.  Do you already have a place in line for Colorado or are you going to stay with family while you get your ducks in a row?


AFM: Work is going okay.  I had to go into the office more hours this week because our keyboard died and I had a ton of updating to get done by the end of the week.  New keyboard now, so next week should be easier!  We're getting in a groove.  I stopped setting the alarm clock, though, because I figure that Aurora would wake me up in plenty of time to get to work by 10:30.  Nope.  She slept until 9:45 and then was a hungry little bugger who also wanted to comfort nurse.  Yeah, I was late.  11.5 hours.  That makes me nervous, but she is finally gaining weight well and she seems to get enough food during the day.  And she has started taking naps.  She might look like her daddy, but she inherited her mama's love of sleep.

I've reconnected with my older cousin's exwife.  My cousin is kind of a bum, but I always liked his wife when I was a kid.  Come to find out, she cloth diapered all her kids, breastfed all of them, is pretty ap in her approach.  She also is currently in school of her master's in counseling, working with inmates, which was my initial plan in undergrad.  Her youngest is 14 now, her oldest surviving is three years younger than I am (her oldest was killed when he was a preschooler, hit by a car).  I'm really pleased with this.  Most of my family is pretty...backwords, it is so nice to find someone (abeit an ex who has limited contact) that I relate so much with!

01-07-2012 08:35 AM
Leiahs Oh, right! I was going to talk about baby giggles and other developments: Malcolm is one of the older babies in the DDC, but I was hearing from lots of other mamas about giggles long before he even gave a hint of one. He still doesn't belly-laugh or anything, but he's finally giving us giggles. He really likes BIG kisses: he opens his mouth wide, and I just stick my lips in there and press really hard, and with sound effects, give him a big ol' smacker. He loves it to death. His other favorite is Pat-a-Cake when we make his arms do the movements. Not a lot else makes him giggle. (And pretty much nothing made him giggle yesterday, ugh! I missed my happy baby!)

Also, he's staring to reach and grab like a maniac. I can't just sit him in my lap and type at my computer anymore. He's reached the stage where he constantly leans forward and tries to slam his hand on my keyboard. Of course he's not strong enough to keep himself from falling over once he leans, so I end up catching him between my forearms and then I can't type. He's trying to grab at my plate at meal times now, too. And anything else in reach. My hair has had more that it's fair share of yanking this past week- I can't even lay him down without having to pry a fistful of hair from his iron grasp!
01-07-2012 08:23 AM
Leiahs Just really quick comments on topic, since I'm on my iPod and can't scroll back to see what I'm forgetting:

Sick baby: So glad Claire's okay, though I can imagine any serious illness in a baby that young is stressful at best, even with a good prognosis. I have a friend back home whose 12-month-old got RSV and needed steroid treatments, he was having such trouble breathing. I'm SO glad Claire isn't that badly off!

New van: congrats, and I'm jealous!! :P Actually, our van is a Town and Country 97 and it's been nothing short of problem after puzzling, harrowing problem. From transmission failing to every electrical/sensor issue you can conceive of. I cannot wait to get a new van. Can. Not. Wait!

Baths: we only do once a week as well. Malcolm loved them as a brand new baby, but he's not so much a fan anymore- only tolerates it long enough to wash him quickly. I wonder if we had done daily baths, would he have kept enjoying them? Maybe if I did deep baths and got in with him again.

Landlord: Amy May, I hope your issues with breaking lease go smoothly. I can't imagine someone giving anyone as nice as you a hard time, especially when they're not doing everything they're supposed to. Good luck!!

I feel like I'm already forgetting something else I was going to comment on... Oh well.

AFM: I'm fairly miserable over here. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat, started coughing by mid-day, and this morning it's a full-blown deep-chested cough. On top if that I have major sinus congestion, and (TMI, sorry) diarrhea. Not only that, but YAY (ha!), AF returned last night (and snuck up on me, too... At least I was home??). AND Malcolm literally screeched at the top of his lungs if I dared put him down. He had maybe one solid content period that lasted all of 10 minutes. Otherwise, I had to be holding him. On the plus side, I finally tried out a back carry with him because I was so desperate for normal arm usage. He didn't love it, but he did eventually fall asleep for half an hour. Oh, and the napping!! He took freakishly bad naps all day- those crappy 5-min-at-a-time kind. So you can maybe understand, how after how I was feeling physically, and after everything Malcolm was putting me through, I totally flipped out at dinner time. I had just driven long enough to get DD home from a playdate that Malcolm had fallen asleep soundly enough to not stir when I put him down in his little chair. It's tucked out of the way in our living room. I immediately start on dinner, immensely grateful that I had a cranky-baby-free window of time to work with, when I suddenly hear the @*%# baby chair's music turn on. 6yo DS had wandered over there and turned it on for whatever infuriating reason. I slowly walk out of the kitchen in wide-eyed horror, and yes, Malcolm's eyes are wide open, and yup, he started wailing again about half a second later. So yeah, I flipped out at poor DS6. But seriously, what on earth possessed him to wake my (finally) sleeping baby?!?!?!?!?

In good news, DH is supposed to get a permanent job offer from his temp-to-hire company on Monday! Anyone remember how long of a saga this has been? We were unemployed for 18 months when DH finally found a job through a temp agency last March. They were supposed to hire him on at about 3 months into the job, after they were confident of his fit with the company. After only 2 months in, they "promoted" him to a shift supervisor. Only, since he was still a temp employee, he got no perks or increased pay- just a 12-hour work day and more responsibility. They told him many times over the rest of the year that they were working on a job offer, they just had to wait for so-and-so's approval, or for funding, or, or, or. In the meantime he's been getting paid almost half of what he thinks his position is worth, and we've been tolerating no sick pay, no holidays, no paid time off, and crappy, crappy insurance that barely put a dent in the bills when DD broke her arm. So, yes, nearly a year later, and they're finally going to extend him a real job offer. I hope they make it worth it!!! (Though honestly, we're so not thrilled with the company and their long-term prospects that DH is looking elsewhere for a new job, and has high hopes for one close by- he had lunch with a friend of his sister who is an engineer there, and he thinks DH would be a great fit.)

Okay, that was a book of a post. So sorry! I always get long-winded when I don't mean to. I should have noticed that my iPod-typing hand was getting cramped....
01-07-2012 08:08 AM

Baby Giggles - Don't really have any here yet...there were a couple times recently when I thought I induced the very beginning of giggles in DD, by doing something funny with her arms and sound effects, but it's only happened twice and after the initial "is that some beginning giggles?" she just looks kinda perplexed.  Can't wait till the giggling/laughing starts...DS will love that!


Sick Kids - Add us to the list.  Now that DS finally is recovered from his never-ending cold, he decided last night (3am) was a good time to start a tummy virus.  Barf-o-rama.  In the monitor it sounded like he had a little cough, and that he got a drink of water (I heard his cup get placed back on the shelf)...then what sounded like more coughing.  Then he started crying and calling for DH.  The first time he ever threw up in bed (back when he was still in a crib) it sounded like coughing in the monitor, so I was already thinking it was a possibility.  I guess he threw up in bed, it got allllll over, and when he tried to open his door to get us, his hands were too slippery from puke to be able to turn the knob.  (sad and gross)  DH was handling it all for a while, but when he didn't come back to bed right away and I kept hearing the sink turn on and off I decided to get up to investigate...and then helped DH out.  This morning DS is not hungry and has a low-grade fever.  He's moving a bit slowly, but seems in good spirits.  We were unable to get a straight answer last night about whether he was feeling sick before he went to bed or not.  I really wish I had a kid who could/would tell us how he's feeling physically.  It seems like he usually says he feels fine when it's so obvious that he doesn't.  Sure hope he gets over this in a day.  I don't want him to miss his visit this coming Wed. to a potential new-school-for-next-year....and I'd really like him to well enough to go to preschool Mon. & Tues.


Eating Healthy - Having a hard time, too.  I do eat healthy stuff every day, but now that I don't have to worry about how my eating effects an in utero baby, I'm just going to town on sweets and carbs.  My weight is pretty much back to pre-pregnant-with-DD weight, but before I got pregnant with her I was kinda trying to get closer to my pre-DS weight.


New cars - Been thinking a bit about this lately.  We're definitely stopping at 2 kids, so both our cars (a Civic Hybrid and a Mazda3) fit our family just fine...but can't really accomodate having anyone else in the car.  And, during a long drive there's no room in the backseat for me to sit with the kids.  Not a problem for DS at this point, but for the first 2 years of his life he really seemed to need me in the back with him and I assume DD will, too.  It just makes things easier, y'know?  Plus, at least right now with an infant bucketseat and a Britax Boulevard, there's no room for an additional car seat or taking anyone else's kid somewhere would never happen.  DS's friend M, who lives in our neighborhood, is probably going to the school DS is visiting on Wednesday and her parents have been talking about carpooling next year, which would be so great...but just not possible for us right now because of car size.  But I think DH and I are both feeling resistant to getting a larger car at this point.  And maybe once DS is in a booster, we'll be able to fit the Boulevard and two boosters...?

01-07-2012 07:08 AM
cbeclipse Just popping in to say hi. Haven't had much time to post. Between working full-time, dp and I not getting along, and Landon being a very challenging baby I have no "me" time and am feeling very overwhelmed.

Yesterday Landon decided he didn't want to nurse, only bottles. It resulted in both of us crying most of the morning. He seems to be back to nursing today. Not sure what was going on yesterday. He has also decided that he only wants to nap for 25 minutes at a time. Fun times. I wouldn't care if he was happy when he's awake, but he totally isn't.

When dp comes over today we are going shopping for some stuff. We need to get an area rug for the living room. I have hardwood floors in my apartment and since Landon loves to be on the floor we need to get one. Hoping it's not too expensive, I've never looked at them before. We also need to do a major grocery shop. We were going to get a camcorder of some kind, but not sure what to do because my laptop doesn't really work and is super old. And I think you need something to load the videos onto, right? So maybe I should buy a cheap laptop too? All I would need it for is going online and pictures/videos, so nothing fancy.

My quest to lose weight isn't going well at all. Which is really frustrating to me. I don't know why I can't get myself to eat healthy for even a day! I need to figure out someway to get on track.

Baby awake......gotta go
01-06-2012 07:49 PM

trinket - totally jealous of the new vehicle! We had hoped to buy a van before dd arrived but as our old house still hasn't sold we still haven't bought anything. It's  a tight fit with all 4 of us in Echo - not really a family vehicle. Driving actually really sucks right now 'cause we have to move the driver's seat up to accomodate the carseat & dh & I are both tall so would rather have the seat all the way back.


dollyanna - sounds like they are a little clueless...


amy may - hope you can find a good resolution with your landlord.


afm - well, it's late & ds is still awake but I'm actually not complaining 'cause we all had a big nap this afternoon. Ds slept for 4 hours! Dd & I slept with him for an hour then were up for a bit & then ended up falling asleep on the couch (I know, I know, baaad idea to sleep on the couch with a baby) for almost 2 hours. I feel so well rested right now. Sigh. I hope tonight is better.

01-06-2012 06:40 PM

Katico glad Claire is doing better.  DD1 had a bunch of breathing problems between ages 1-2 and it was always SO scary and SO exhausting.


Amy May that's annoying that your landlord might be a pain about letting you out of your lease. But don't be afraid to tell them what's what if you have to!


Trinket we have a Town & Country & LOVE it (& it's not even AWD).  Can you try a different fold on the diapers to contain some of the poop?  I was having good luck containing poo with the fan fold (I'm assuming that's what it's called) held with a snappi on our prefolds, but then I had to switch to simple trifold because DD was SOAKING the back so much and needed more absorbency there. Every poo leaks in that fold.  I haven't done my homework to try to figure out something that would both absorb in the back (probably not as much of an issue for a boy) AND not allow poo to spread.


Lifeguard hope your day wasn't too rough


bathing we probably do 1-2x/week.  I have never actually given her a bath-bath, just kind of rinsed her in the sink in a woven chair thing we have.  I tried showering with her the other day & she hated it.  Funny DD1 was the opposite.  I'll have to try a real bath... if I can ever get a moment without DD1 hovering & wanting to join in.


AFM  I went into work to discuss my final weeks in the office.  Not only was I asked to train my replacement, but it was suggested that if there's not overlap between us (the person isn't hired yet) that I come in to train them after my last day.  It was all I could do not to biglaugh.gifI want to leave things on relatively good terms & all, but seriously?  I suppose if they offer to pay me a lot.  After all, I'll have to hire a babysitter to do it.  Sheesh.


ETA: DD is smiling, but I have yet to get any giggles... maybe 1 or 2 in her sleep.  Anyone else?


01-06-2012 06:09 PM

Crappy pictures - I had never seen that site before being in this DDC--but I remember the "clean all the things!" one from one of our nesting threads. Now... I am reading through the whole blog.


AFM - I'm having a hard time with the cloth diapers lately. I use flat fold diapers and wool covers (hand me downs from my mom) and lately his poops have been leaking. I'm not having pee running down legs or anything... but he's pooped just about every night and every time it's ending up on the covers. Sometimes the inside of the leg, sometimes the outside/butt. I have three covers soaking in lanolin in the sink right now! Grrr.


In better news, DH and I bought a van today. We had to scrap my little Neon, and my parents are giving us a loan to get a cheap practical vehicle. We bought a 2000 Chrysler Town & Country, which is the same as my parents' van but a couple years new. AND it's AWD, which I love with winter coming up. It's in the shop for inspection right now and I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't need much done. It seems like it's in really good shape.

01-06-2012 05:55 PM
Amy May Katico-so glad to hear Claire is okay. What a trooper! You and not telling, good stuff on the potty stuff! This evening I laughed so hard I peed myself. Dh was holding Palesa and i was taking pictures. She was laughing and smiling and then spit up all over dh. It hit his jeans and socks. It was so funny because finally he gets hit with projectile! She will get it down my shirt and inside my bra even.

We took a bath today! At first she was skeptical but soon got used to it and loved it. We bathe her only once a week, but wow, I was missing out!

Packing is slowly coming along. Our landlord may be difficult for letting us out of our lease 4 months early. But the house has lead and technically she is in violation for her failure to de-lead. Mass has very strict lead laws for landlords when a child under 6 is in the house. We called the state department and from their perspective she should have started the process before she was even born when we told her we were pregnant. He encouraged us that we can legally stop paying our rent because she has not initiated anything. We don't want to escalate things that far, but figuring this out is just one more of a thousand things to do. Sorry, just needed to vent!
01-06-2012 02:47 PM

katico - I LOVE that site. Makes me laugh every time - have you seen the "clean all the stuff" one? I don't drink coffee - maybe I should take it up?

01-06-2012 12:02 PM

For your viewing pleasure


(read the comments too biglaugh.gif)

01-06-2012 08:30 AM

katico - soooooo glad she is doing ok. And I am totally impressed with the dry panties - yeah!!!!


not_telling - that is some pretty awesome independence. Ds realllllly likes to have someone with him for the bathroom -- for company maybe? Drives me rather nutty sometimes.


afm - very frustrated with dh right now. We are NOT on the same page about night times & it's wearing thin. Ds keeps waking up in the middle of the night from this cold & all the coughing, but it wakes him up completely & he has a hard time falling back asleep. I think he should stay in bed until he falls back asleep - lights low, quiet, no talking. Dh thinks if he's that awake there's no harm in letting him get up - but then he ends up up for the day & therefore napping later at a weird time & then throwing off the next night's sleep. SO I've been dealing with it by myself 'cause dh is not doing it my way (yeah, I'm not wanting to be in control at all), but I'm getting super worn out with so little sleep & so last night when dh woke up at 5:30 to discover we were awake & had been for 2 hours (lying quietly in bed but awake) he said "sleep, I'll take him, he'll sleep in a little bit". I wake up at 9:00 with dd to discover he brought ds next door to his mom's, put him in front of the tv & he was still awake. It's now 11:30 & after spending an hour trying to get ds to nap (with cranky dd in tow) I had to give up & now we are looking at a looooooong, grumpy day.

01-06-2012 06:23 AM

Katico - Oh my!  Scary scary for you, but glad DD2 didn't appear distressed (smiling and napping...couldn't ask for more!) and that docs think she'll be on the mend soon - despite a "slow decline??"  what??  And a big clap.giffor DD1 who sounds like she managed the unexpected break from routine with grace and no potty accidents.


AFM - It's a "no preschool" day, so I just stayed in bed with DD when DS woke up.  He's gotten to the point where, when he gets up in the morning without me or DH there, he'll go the bathroom, take off his pajama pants, put his diaper in the diaper pail, wash his diaper cover, go potty, go back to his room, get dressed...and then come see if we're up yet.  Let's hear it for independence!  I said to DH recently that soon we won't have to get up at all when DS wakes up early....

01-05-2012 07:08 PM

Dudes, I'll have more to say tommorow, just popping in to say...holy crap I'm tired.

Just back from 5+ hrs of waiting at the ER for Claire - she's had that cough I mentioned and today she started sounding like she was having trouble breathing past the mucous.  Cue terrified mama.  Took her to our doctor who sent us to the ER ("you don't really need an ambulance but go right there, don't stop longer than it takes to drop Lila off with your husband"  Cue extra terror)


So, 5 hrs + chest xrays = RSV and brochiolitis (sp?)  THANKFULLY, they sent us home, said she should be fine - may get a bit worse but she's probably almost at the worst of it and her lungs look okay.  Doctor, before seeing her xrays said something to the effect of "even though it sounds bad, she won't actually choke to death during these coughing fits, it will be a slow decline"  Well THAT's reassuring.  Eep.


Anyway, she is the sweetest easiest baby and smiled and napped through all that waiting.  So thankful.  So glad she's okay.  Couldn't even be annoyed about the wait because it meant we were low priority - that her initial exam put her in a safe category to wait, when other little people needed to be seen first.  So thankful for our healthy family, can't even imagine the agony of long-term illnesses and waiting.


And so proud of my big girl who got dragged to the doctor when she really needed a nap and a meal, got thrown out of the car to daddy (who isn't the best at our routines) and STILL kept her panties clean and dry all afternoon/evening!  She had another dry night last night, too!  Whoot!

01-05-2012 06:45 PM
MN BabyDust

My DD cries when she comes out of the tub too. It seems for her to be an over stimulation thing. She LOVES the bath, but when we taker her out and her attention is no longer held so perfectly, she realizes that she is WAAAY over stimulated and freaks out. It's the same reaction after she has a long session of realizing she is using her new found hands or other highly exciting events.

01-05-2012 06:19 PM
Amy May Oh hearing all these bath stories makes me want to wake Palesa up right now and take a bath with her. We only ever have taken showers with her. Except once when she was about two weeks she had such a blowout we bathed her in her laundry hamper before we even took off her onesie. She likes the shower just fine, but now I really want to go take a bath with her!
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