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06-26-2012 01:16 AM
Originally Posted by Gemmine View Post

MILKY-PIE!!!! love.gif


My scan yesterday went well. It's a healthy girl!

I know you guys have shifted threads - but this is the news I was stalking for!! 


Gem, I am so bloody thrilled for you.  I cannot wait to see your little girl's HAIR!!!  


Renavoo - did you, or did you not have the cutest twins EVER?  *sigh*


Other lovely ladies - I shall continue to stalk you all on the new thread!  

06-25-2012 01:54 PM

A quickie, as I'm behind from vacation:


kparker - both my first pregnancy and now this one I have felt the same way.  Disconnected in the beginning, not believing that it's real, or will last, or will result in a take home baby.  The further along the pregnancy goes, the better it gets!  Look at that beautiful belly!!


Gem - While the GD test isn't fun, it isn't too bad, I promise :-)  At least the 1 hour one.  Happy belated birthday!!  Sorry you got sick on it.  YEAH for a girl!!!


wissa - crazy about the iron things.  I love the bump!!


monkey - such a cute belly!!


chica - you're so tiny!  And so cute!!!  I don't know how people are good at the weekly shots either... I can't seem to make it happen!!


Milk - I'm so glad to see you back around!  I noticed you over on the IF ONE thread too when I was stalking.


gozal - Ugh to the crappy vacation.  Boo.

06-25-2012 11:32 AM

I put up the new thread - - come on over, guys! I'm going to post a reply over there!

06-25-2012 08:41 AM

Gem - Yeah for another little girl for the graduates.  We needed to keep things a little more balanced.  It sounds like everything looked good and getting to see her one more time at 24 weeks doesn't  sound like a bad thing.  Was the 1st ultrasound guess correct on the gender??


Gozal - Welcome back!  Your vacation sounds more like an ordeal than a vacation.  Driving 15 hours anywhere while pregnant and with a 4 year old just sounds horrible.  My DS travels well, but I think 15 hours might get to him and the battery on my nook would run out.  ;)   For some reason when people aren't pregnant they forget what an extra strain it is on your body.  My mother even seems to forget this and will says things "Why are you hungry?  We just ate.".  Yeah, we ate 4 hours ago!  Hello!  Baby in here!  


I'm sure you will get DS back on schedule soon.  I've completely done anyway with any kind of  schedule at our house.  Summer just seems to put me a place of "Let's play."  My goal is get things down to a very consistent routine before the baby comes.  I just feel like getting him in set pattern will help him transition to having a new baby around.  Of course, I also know that babies come with their own schedules to begin with, so I'm not how much my planning will actually help. 


And :)  :) to all those wonderful baby kicks.  I have to say I really can't imagine having two babies moving around in my tummy. 


Monkey - You are getting so close!!!  Now when is/was your baby shower?  I know you have been waiting on buying things until then.  

RE leg cramps -  I was reading in my pregnancy books.  One says that they are cause by the weight of the baby on certain nerves and that you just have to live with it until the baby comes out.  (Nice!).  The other one recommends stretching and drinking a Gatorade before bed.  


Renavoo - Awwwe...  Colin and Sienna are absolutely beautiful.  The picture of them holding hands is SO precious.  When you mention their weight differences it doesn't sound like that much, but you can definitely see it in the pictures.  I can't blame you for splurging on the pictures (just remind your DH that they will NEVER be that small again).  


I'm glad you got the pain meds worked out.  I was uncomfortable after my C-section, but I don't think there's any need to be in serious pain.  I'm sure you don't need any extra advice, but now is not the time to be super mom and suffer through the have enough to deal with just taking care of your babies.  I will warn you that the pain meds may cover up some of the pain of breastfeeding, so make sure you work on your latch!  Also, from what I have been able to may make your breasts hurt a little bit more when you are feeding dry....  (If that makes any sense).  My milk didn't come until day 5 or 6...and DS is fine.   If you haven't, I would really recommend getting a good lactation consultant.  Breastfeeding is easy for some and hard for others.  You just have to go with it!  If you are working with consultant let them know what your plans are for going back to work, etc.  


I gave it a good try for weeks, but in the end it was just easier for us to go with bottle and formula due low supply issues.  So, if in the end it doesn't work out for you it will be o.k.!!  DS is very healthy and according to his preschool teachers very bright!   Do what works best you and your babies either way.  


Re Swelling - I didn't have any swelling with DS, but I swelled big time once I was in the hospital and after delivery.  I've since been told that pitocin will make you swell!! 



Me - 24 weeks!!!  I can't believe I've only got 3 months to go...yikes!   

06-24-2012 07:15 PM
toothfairy2be Stalking! Love reading everyone's progress & wanted to send a huge congratulations to renavoo on your beautiful babies!
06-22-2012 05:01 PM

Oh, Colin was smaller at 6lbs 5oz and Sienna was 6bs 15oz. That explains the heaviness of the stomach!


I'm editing to include another photo. This one is from the hospital photographer :o) I love this one because Colin is holding Sienna's hand. I ended up buying the expensive disk with all the photos. Sigh. I couldn't resist. Bad, considering how expensive everything is and how much more we need to get just to survive!


Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 9.28.49 AM.png

06-22-2012 04:59 PM

Hi ladies!!


I'm so sorry I didn't check in earlier. I did post in the IVF graduates section, as Monkey said, but it was so difficult typing on the ipad. How is it that they made the ipad more difficult to type on than the iphone?!


Anyway, so I went in for an induction and after about 24 hours, they gave up. I was given 2 intravaginal misoprostols that didn't really work. Then a mechanical dilation using a foley balloon. Then pitocin for about 14 hours. Finally, they gave in and decided a c section was in order. After that day and not eating for 26 hours, I was ready. So we did the c section at around 10:30pm Tuesday night. DH and I were not sure if they were going to be born on Tuesday or Wednesday (Although how cool would it be if one was born Tuesday 11:59pm and the other was born Wednesday at 12:00am?! That would have been SO cool! haha


I'm still suffering from the c section. I'm so lucky DH was with me because he had to take care of everything from the cleaning to handling of the staff. It was all I could do to just breast feed the babies. Speaking of which, I thought I was doing so well because I saw the colostrum (I think) and the babies seemed to be latching and doing ok. But today, I just realized I'm not producing enough milk! So I'm a bit worried. I have a breast pump I'm using to try to get the milk expression up but feeding with formula until then. i know milk production is usually delayed after a c section. It just annoys me that I didn't realize I was not getting them enough milk.


Anyway, the babies are a little jaundiced so we have to bring them to the peds tomorrow. I'm attaching a photo :o) Colin is on the left and Sienna is on the right.


Monkey, 32 weeks! You're so close!! 'm glad the MW that you don't like is going away. It's so important that you like who you're going to go through labor with. I love little storks. :o) How are you feeling over all? Has the swelling gone down? I stopped wearing my rings really early on. And, by the way, I've swelled even more AFTER the birth (ok about the same) But still. I expected it to go down. But it definitely did not. My legs are like tree trunks and seriously, I still look pregnant.


Gozal, I hate obligatory vacations. DH and I used to go on vacations with family members and then realized that while we love our families, we don't necessarily want to vacation with them if they want us to do EVERYTHING with them. Because really, it should be our vacation too! So I totally understand. yah to feeling more kicks!! I love that and I miss that even though the babies are here now. I was walking around today and my stomach is totally in a weird way...some parts are harder than others. I found myself poking the hard spots and forgetting the babies aren't there any more and thinking...huh is that an arm? Then I remembered that they weren't there anymore and I felt sad. :o( but then I saw them in their crib and everything was ok again. :oD


Wissa, yuuum to chocolate chip cookies, even wheat dark chocolate ones! ;o) How is everything on your end?


Gem, YAH to a beautiful girl!! That's so exciting and I love how she was moving around so much that it forced a 24 wk scan! Definitely sounds like she's nice and healthy and going to be a wonderful handful when she is finally home with you!


Hi Milk, K, Chica (you look FANTASTIC by the way! All belly! ) How are you all doing? Just thinking of you all.


Ok, off to get some stuff done. Big hugs ladies! Will check in soon!


colin and sienna.jpg

06-22-2012 12:25 PM

If you ladies missed it, renavoo did post a quick update on the IVF Grads Thread - she and babies are okay, but she did have a c-section, so between the recovery from that and her two little new ones, she has been a bit busy! Hopefully we will get more details and pictures and such from her when she is up to it!


renavoo - I did go ahead and add you to our graduates' graduates list! I can add more details later. :) So excited your little ones are finally here!


Everyone - I went ahead and added little girl/boy/mystery storks at the end of everyone's blurb. Let me know if you don't want one, or if I got it wrong - I was going from memory. Looks like we're balancing girls and boys pretty well so far!


wissa - Happy belated birthday, by the way! You, renavoo's babies, and my brother all share the same birthday!


Milk - wave.gifStalk away! And if you don't want to share your happy news on the other thread, you can always share it here. :) But honestly, the other thread could probably use some more happy news! Either way, you know Gem and I want details!


Gem - Congrats your baby girl! How funny that she was so wiggly they couldn't get a good enough look at her organs. I'd say that's probably a pretty good sign that she's doing okay. My little guy was being a little wiggly today and making it hard to get a good heart rate on him for long. He isn't always wiggly, but when he is - look out, world!


Gozal - Sorry your vacation was not very restful! Vacationing with other people is not always all it's cracked up to be. My grandparents took me to Hawaii a few years ago, and I definitely experienced some serious frustration with the clash in styles. And I felt bad for being upset because, umm, I was on a free vacation to Hawaii. But yeah. I'm going to Hawaii with my family (parents, sibs, and spouses) in December, and hoping for not a repeat of that trip. (And in case anyone's wondering, no, my family isn't some sort of wealthy, every-year-in-Hawaii type - this will be the second time everyone (except my dad) has ever been, and the first time for all the spouses/grandkids. It's where my dad grew up from K-12, so it's kind of a special place for our family.) I hope you can get rehydrated and unwound soon! So glad you are feeling your babies wiggle more now.


AFM, 32 week appointment went fine. Found out that one of the mws I'm not particularly fond of has left the practice. Tried not to act happy about it, and think I succeeded. They have hired a new replacement midwife starting in July, so hopeful we will click. There are 4 mws, and I really like two of them, and don't actually hate any of them, so it's all good. Especially since they always have 2 midwives at each birth - I'm bound to have one of my favorites there. There's also a student mw that I like, though I do like knowing someone else is looking over her shoulder. So that's all good. I got a bunch of paperwork/information about the birth I need to read and figure out. MIL came with me today, so I wouldn't be alone and so she could check out the birth center. I've been very blessed in the IL department, especially with MIL. She's pretty much okay with whatever choices we make, not at all controlling or anything. I think it is partly because it is one of her goals in life not to be one of "those" MILs. And she really likes me, which is a plus. thumb.gif Talking to her, it turns out that all of her babies were breastfed and she had no problems with them (except the one who absolutely wouldn't take a bottle of anything - including breast milk). No idea for how long, but at least she knows something about it. Also, all of her babies were varying degrees of early, though no earlier than 2 weeks. My mom had one early, one on her due date (me), then three "late" babies, so we'll see which side wins out!

06-22-2012 09:28 AM

Gemmine, we x-posted - just had to say WAHOO, such absolutely wonderful news!! Over the moon for you!

06-22-2012 09:26 AM

Oh my goodness, you gorgeous ladies! Seriously, you all look fabulous! What a beautiful bunch you are. I'll have to try to get a recent belly shot to post.


I have been in full-on vacation-recovery mode so bear with me, I will be back to catch up as soon as I can. But of course I am checking in obsessively to hear from Renavoo!!! Also, hi Milk! You always crack me up. So glad you are back with us and super extra really hope you are HERE specifically with us very soon!


So our "vacation" was definitely nothing to be envious of. I know it is extremely unclassy to complain about a vacation, but this really wasn't our thing - it was something that DH's family basically made us to do (and expected us to drive 15 hours to!). They really like to buy us vacation time with them, but the problem is everything is their way or the highway. We have very little say in anything because we could never afford such a vacation and they are essentially doing us a huge favor, even if it's one I'd personally prefer to turn down. Plus that way DH has to use all of his vacation time from work to do what they want. Complicated. We really need a true familly vacation that we plan for ourselves! I really do love my ILs but they just operate so very differently than my family of origin, not that we don't have our own maddening quirks and dysfunctionalities. I guess it comes down to, they are very individualistic and in my family we are more collective. They are also super active and I am honestly a little afraid that I overdid it and my cervix will be shorter at my next check. I just did not have the ability to hydrate, rest, and eat the way I need to and they were oblivious to that, although DH did his best to run interference for me. DS is still out of whack from the whole thing. Ugh.


In other news, lots of little kicks happening in there now! More from Baby A than Baby B, probably since B has an anterior placenta. Seems like there's a lot of that happening around here, right? With DS his placenta was anterior and started off as a marginal previa, though luckily it moved out of the way as he grew. The doctor told me it's just a variation of normal - 60% implant posterior, 40% anterior. I was concerned that I did not feel movement with him until ~25 weeks with him, but it was because he was kicking his placenta and muffling his kicks. I did feel his kicks at first everywhwere but the front, including sort of inside and towards the back, if that makes sense, as some of you have felt also. Funny thing is this time, I was initially feeling B much more than A. I am not letting myself worry about the fact that it seems reversed now. My next appt. is next Wed. I love, love, love those baby kicks. And I must say it feels exactly like there are two babies in there!


Next time I am going to be AAY, not AAM, promise!!

06-22-2012 09:04 AM

MILKY-PIE!!!! love.gif


My scan yesterday went well. It's a healthy girl! Very active, so active in fact, we get another ultrasound at 24 weeks because she was moving too much to get a clear view of the heart, kidneys, and spine but they think everything is ok.

06-21-2012 04:03 PM

Stalkity-stalk.... Sheepish.gif

06-21-2012 01:20 PM

chica - I can't believe how thin you are with IR PCOS - which is dumb, because I know being overweight is not necessary for having PCOS. Kudos for having a doctor smart enough to diagnose it, anyway! And look at your itty bitty baby bump! So fun to be able to see it! I bet you do look like you're growing a basketball in the end. How has work been treating you lately? How are moving plans going?


Gem - I kind of want to tour TCH just to see what it's like! I think I mentioned before I used to volunteer there, so I wonder if the maternity wing is as awesome as the children's wings. dh was a civil engineering major, so in the engineering school. It's fun to think that you may have seen him on campus, or I may have even seen you at some random time in the past when I was meeting up with him! Glad you had a fun birthday. :) Also... waiting for the update on today's ultrasound - hope everything went well!!


Wissa - Well, we all have to be a little bad sometimes. Trust me, I have been far worse. But I am not confessing! As far as baby moving, a TON of moms have now jumped in to say they're going through the exact same thing, so I'm feeling a lot better about it. And I'm really starting to wonder about this anterior placenta thing - it doesn't seem like I have any typical signs of it. Not that it really matters. But no, not really feeling him in the back/bum area. He does sometimes wiggle around my cervix, which is an uncomfortable feeling! I do feel most of his movements to my sides or towards the top/bottom of my uterus, so maybe the placenta's just right in the middle? I very rarely feel anything in the middle region of my belly.


renavoo - Hoping you are just busy being over the moon with your new arrivals. But I admit, I am worrying a lot that we haven't heard from you since Monday. Hope all is okay! I will continue to check MDC obsessively until I see something from you.


hope, gozal, kparker - wave.gif


Excited that we may get to add a couple more ladies to the roster soon!


AFM, doing pretty well. Still battling swelling off and on. I did do an epsom salt bath last night, but I don't know if it helped a lot. I'm not sure exactly how much to use since my tub is so big. Yesterday, I drove to Austin and back with my mom (3ish hours each way) to visit a myopractor, which is like a chiropractor but... not. It seemed a lot like seeing a chiropractor. Anyway, my mom's been seeing him for awhile and likes him, and was hoping he could do something to help with my permanently swollen right foot. He did say my big toe was out of alignment and adjusted it. So far no miraculous swelling decrease, but we'll see what happens over time. He also popped a bunch of the joints in my back and worked on my hips some. They do seem to be doing a bit better for now. (They've been atrociously achey, don't know if I've mentioned that.) He worked over my whole body, so lots of other things got moved around, too. I guess only time will tell if it was helpful. The 6 hours in the car were definitely NOT good for my swelling! I have a mw appointment tomorrow, and I plan to ask her if I should stop wearing my rings, for fear of them getting stuck on my finger and cutting off my circulation. We'll see what she says.

06-20-2012 03:41 PM

Monkey - You should see my thighs!  It's not all belly.  ;)  As for the bare belly...I just hope no one I know in "real" life manages to connect the picture to me.  Whether it's fat or not I think you look good for 31 weeks in that picture.

Sounds like your meet-up went well.  It's nice to meet other moms that will have kids around the same age.  I have heard (but I can't really remember) that movements do tend to change as the baby runs out of room.  Have you noticed with anterior placenta that you can feel the baby move around/towards your bum?  I can sometimes feel movement in front & back at the same time and it's a really weird feeling for me and really different from DS.


Kparker - I think you look cute.  I don't think could have had been too overweight to start.  I think baby bump size is all relative and you don't look that big to me.  I also think that your picture (given you photography skills) is probably way more accurate than mine.  I think my picture makes me look smaller than what I am in person.


Chica - Judging from your picture I envision you looking just like you have basketball in there by the end! :)  It's a sweet little bump.


Gem - I don't think it's that the doctor didn't think it was problem.  It's just it's a rare thing and I didn't know about it at the time of all the testing.  I think if I had asked my RE would have ordered all the tests, only if just to appease my curiosity.   I think I may have do more than a finger pick when it comes the iron test this pregnancy!  But from what I've read, if you have tends to go away in pregnancy because your blood volume increases so much.    Hope you have fabulous scan tomorrow!!  You sound (well type) like you are excited.  



---I've been bad.  I made choc chip cookies, but I used dark choc, whole wheat flour & splenda w/fiber.  Still pretty good.  

06-19-2012 11:05 AM

wissa: Wow, that's amazing about the iron stores. It's crazy how doctors overlook something because they feel it couldn't POSSIBLY be related to fertility. Your belly photos look great!


kparker: LOL at your baby kicking you to shut up all that coughing :-) Love your belly pic.


monkey: It's the same practice! It's in the Medical Center and they have doctors and midwives. Hospital will be the new Women's Pavilion at TCH. I need to go ahead and schedule a tour; I've heard it's fabulous! What was DH's major? It probably wasn't my department since mine is about 2 years old, but I wonder if it's in the same College. Wow, your belly was small at 20 weeks! It's amazing to see the growth :-)


renavoo: I had a birthday dinner then DH and I hit the beach the next day :-) Ooh, good idea I will tell DH or my mom (they're both going) to have the cell phone ready. I think they might do a CD but we'll see. WHEEEEEE YOUR BABIES ARE COMING! (or here??) I can't wait to see/read your update!


chica: You look fabulous! I've been doing monthly milestone photos in the same spot outside our place.


AFM: 20 week anatomy scan on Thursday! Wheeeee!

06-19-2012 08:06 AM

Renavoo! THinking of you and can't wait to see pics of the adorable babies! 


I still can't believe how hard it's been to get consistent belly photos. We've just been so busy! I'm really impressed by those people that get one in the same spot every week, etc. I took one with my phone last night just to have it...


photo 1.jpg

06-18-2012 11:00 AM

wissa - I definitely feel like I'm bigger than you look - but I bet most of us feel bigger than we look in pictures! And I think my belly looks much bigger without clothes, but I'm not comfortable with taking naked tummy pics of myself, for a number of reasons, so you'll just have to imagine! Thanks for sharing your pics - you definitely look like all you've gained is baby! I still haven't remembered to get some Epsom salts, but another mama recommended them to me today, too, and said they might help with my sore hips, so I'll have to give it a shot. I also got pregnant right after I started losing weight. But I had not gotten even close to a flat stomach at that point, sadly. So most of what was in my first several weeks of bump pictures is fat, not baby! (The belly in the 5 week pic is DEFINITELY fat!) I hope you can get your birth options figured out in the way that's best for you.


kparker - Thanks for sharing your belly pic, too. You are so cute! I like that you have outside pictures. Neither dh nor I is much of a photographer, and it shows. :P


gozal - Thanks for checking in, and hope you have enjoyed your vacation!


renavoo - THIS IS IT, LADY!!! I hope everything goes wonderfully, and I can't wait to hear from you when it's all over.


AFM, went to a local babywearing meetup at the park today. Nothing spectacular, but I did get to look at a bunch of different carriers in person, and meet some local moms. I'm probably going to go to another mommy group at a local resale shop tomorrow, too. I now have confirmation that we are signed up for a birth class, so that is a relief. I've been a little freaked out by how different the baby's movement has been feeling lately, but luckily some of the mamas in my DDC are reassuring me. I don't get so many kicks/punches now as I get rolling sensations, where I feel much more of the baby's body. I guess he is just getting bigger and more solid and squished in there.

06-18-2012 08:49 AM

Wissa and K, LOVE THE BELLY BUMPS! You ladies look fantastic!


Hi everyone!


Gozal yah to a wonderful vacation! Babymoon!


I can't take too long today because I'm finishing up work before being induced tonight! So I'll see you guys after the little ones are here but I wanted you all to know that I'm thinking of all you ladies and I can't wait to come back and follow along with you until your little ones come!


See you soon.

06-17-2012 08:53 PM

I got an 18 week one I took of myself last week. I feel I look awfully big for only 18 weeks! edit: I guess I was a bit overweight though prior to getting here, so that adds to the bump factor ;)


06-16-2012 05:59 PM


06-16-2012 05:58 PM

I'm checking back in...


Gozal - I hope you have an awesome vacation!!!!  I so wanted to take a beach vacation this year before the new just hasn't worked out for us.  (Mainly, because I can't get DH to go to the beach)  Ahh!!  Bang Head Here!!!  My mom and one of her friends were thinking about going with me and DS, but that hasn't worked out either.  Me=Jealous.  


Rena - I am anxiously waiting to find out how things turn out for you!!  I'm so glad you doctor took your concerns seriously and had you come in for scans!  Your rash sounds absolutely miserable and I'm sure hearing it will go away you deliver in a few days doesn't make it any better.   I'm going to keep you my thoughts and prayers and send you positive vibes until you get to meet your little ones!  Come on Monday.


Monkey - Wow.  So much going with you.  I'm sure I'm going to leave something out.


Re cramps - I get them in my calves.  I do also get them when I'm not pregnant, but eating a banana gets rid of them then.  The Epsom salt baths are for the magnesium as it can be absorbed via the skin.  I didn't want to take it in pills because that can cause diarrhea, which I don't want while prego. It really does seem to help!  I had the RLS with DS, but not until much later and it would only happen when I sat certain way.  This time it's much earlier and not clear reason why...just in the evenings.


Ditto on the Digestive system.  I feel like I went from one extreme to other (from the metformin to sluggish pregnant digestive system).


I guess I understand where your mom is coming from.  That little percentage of risk keeps making go from wanting to VBAC to not wanting VBAC.  So many things to think about and consider.  At least (hopefully) I have a few more months to figure it out.  And enjoy the sleep now!  I wish I could sleep now like I did when I was pregnant with DS.


I hope your birth classes go well...


Also, I think your bump is looking good.  You have inspired me to finally get an updated belly shot myself.  I'm being brave and posting...In a separate post in case I want to delete it later.  ;)  ...I also think I look much bigger in person.  The little belly pouch at 13 weeks is all baby.  I actually had a flat tummy prior to getting BFP thanks to all the weight I lost trying to get that BFP!!   Just like my mom said I got pregnant after I lost a lot of weight and thought I looked really good.  (Not that I care anymore!!!!)

06-15-2012 06:18 AM

A super quickie from me, 'cause we're on vacation (loooooong drive to my PIL's timeshare at the beach) and I have limited internet/computer access. Just wanted to say everything is okay and I'll update and start the summer thread next week when we get back! Thinking of you all - xoxo!

06-14-2012 05:19 AM

Monkey, you look fantastic!!! i'm so excited for you! And yes, you're next after me :o) I can't wait to hear about your little son :o) Everything you said about pregnancy echoes how I feel too. I sometimes still can't believe that we did it. Finally. And I never really wanted to tell people we were pregnant even after 14 weeks. I think if I didn't have to tell work people to start getting ready for the leave, I probably wouldn't have done it until after the 20 week scan. Although i'm sure they would have guessed. i know you say that you aren't handling all the moving stuff well but i disagree. Even though you get emotional and you have some breakdowns, I've had those when moving and I wasn't pregnant! Moving is so stressful! SO i think you're handling things beautifully! Enjoy the sleep!! Don't feel guilty or wonder if it's normal. I'm exhausted constantly too, even after a nap so I am pretty sure it's normal :o)


Wissa, ooh i'd get my iron levels just to find out but i'm always curious like that! haha I want to see belly photos! yah! How are you feeling otherwise? Anymore cute stories with DS? 


Kparker, I'm with you about not feeling like it's real or enjoying the pregnancy until later on. I think i started to really believe in the pregnancy when I reached 24 weeks (week of viability) mostly because i started to believe that I could bring home a baby! Now that I'm 37 weeks I'm so excited about the babies and they are so much more real to me. And, they kick me enough to remind me that they are here anyway. :o)


Gem, Happy belated birthday! Did you do anything special? i'm excited about your anatomy scan! That's always a fun one mostly because they take their time with the scan and there's the potential for many glimpses at our babies! Does your office give you a cd? i was so sad ours didn't and in fact, didn't allow us to record the scan either but DH took matters into his own hands and basically used his cell phone to record the video without them knowing it. It was hilarious and i love having that record of our babies! Yah to non ramen foods!


Well, I have to go to a doctor's appt today. these last few days have been a little harrowing because baby A, my little boy, hasn't been moving as much. We called the doctor's office yesterday and they told us to go to the hospital to get checked out. We went and they monitored the little ones and everything seemed fine so today's appointment is just to figure out next steps (the doctor at the hospital says I should consider coming in on Sat for another biophysical.) I'm also extraordinarily itchy. My stomach, my hands, my legs, etc. Little spots everywhere. it's weird and so they are testing my blood for choleostasis which has to do with bile. I don't know that i have that because i don't have any other signs of choleostasis but I do think I have PUPPP or some other skin rash associated with pregnancy. Sigh. But those other rashes don't harm the babies so it's ok. It's just so darn uncomfortable! Anyway, Hope everyone is doing well! 


Big hugs!

06-13-2012 09:37 AM

I'll come back later and post more...not much time now.


Monkey - I'm going to have to get a belly pic up.  I feel like I'm as big at 22 weeks as you are at 31 weeks!!  

06-13-2012 09:23 AM

kparker - Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Yes, I think that disconnect falls on the spectrum of normal for people with IF. I don't know that I ever thought that I *wasn't* really pregnant, but saying I was pregnant felt strange on my tongue - like talking about "my husband" for the first several months of my marriage. I mean really, a husband? Old people have husbands, like people my parents' age. And I was pretty convinced I wasn't going to marry until I was 35 or 40 (and not for lack of wanting, either!). So it was pretty surreal. That's how pregnancy has been. Especially early on, before I could feel movement, and after I was through the worst of my sickness. What proof was there, really? I could tell I was getting a tummy, but most other people couldn't. Not having AF was totally and completely normal for me, so that wasn't an indicator. Even feeling sick, tired, or moody wasn't any help - all of that stuff happens in my non-pregnant life, too. And I totally get you on the everyone-is-more-excited-than-me thing. I honestly feel bad, because most of our friends and family knew we were trying for a long time, and are so excited for us. Plus, it's a first grandbaby/great-grandbaby on one side of the family. So everyone else is gushing, and asking me aren't I so excited? And I am finally starting to get that way a little more. But between feeling like crap and not fully believing this was really happening, no, I really wasn't excited for a lot of the pregnancy. I'd have my excited moments, but I couldn't sustain that excitement 24/7. When I'm especially moody or weepy, dh will look at me and say, "Remember how much you wanted to be pregnant?" eyesroll.gif Maybe it's a terrible thing to say, but half the reason I wanted to be pregnant so badly was so I could feel un-broken. So I could feel like my body worked. And, as I've discussed a few times, I don't feel that. I still feel "broken" in a lot of ways, I still don't trust my body much. I still have stuff to work through there. As my tummy has become undeniably huge, and my baby has become undeniably wiggly, I have felt more pregnant, and also had it really start to dawn on me that, yes, there really is a baby at the end of this process. Which is thrilling and terrifying. But I do find myself thinking more and more of what he'll look like when he's first born, how tiny he'll be, how I'll get to snuggle him, and how, when he's crying, *I* am going to be that person people hand him back to, knowing I can comfort him. (Again with the thrilling and terrifying bit!) I still fear losing him, though I've had exactly zero reasons to think anything is wrong, and I think that still holds me back a little. I'm sorry you're feeling sick, but yay if it makes it so you can feel your baby better. I think my hungry-tummy noises annoy my baby, and that's why he's squirmy when I don't eat soon enough.


Oh, and I did add your blurb! I think it's great. :)


Gem - Hiya! My friend and her dh (he's an orthopedics PA) did their own ultrasound to guess about their baby before their official one. They were right with their guess - they are having a boy, same as us. And due exactly 4 weeks later! I'm curious what your guess is, but I understand if you want to wait until it's official. Did you switch to a totally different practice, or just to seeing a mw in the same practice as your OB? Have you figured out where you're delivering yet? Also, yay for non-Ramen foods! Ramen sounded good to me many times, but I resisted that urge. Not so with the ice cream urges. And yeah, the heat is "fun" - but I'm able to stay indoors a lot (too much, probably), so it's not so bad for me. Really glad now that I'm not at the zoo again this summer, though I do miss working there! As for the GTT (= Glucose Tolerance Test = Gestational diabetes test), the worst thing about the drink was that it literally stung going down my throat, since it was so sugary. It tasted like drinking straight Sprite syrup. Mine was lemon-lime, and color-free, so at least I didn't have the added freakiness of some excessively-bright-colored liquid. The worst with the GTT was really my terrible veins, and how nauseous it made me. The nausea didn't get too terrible until about 30 minutes after drinking it. Do you know if you're going to do a 1-hour test first? I would definitely recommend that. Actually, I would really see if you could do what I did - which you probably can't if they have you do it at an outside facility - where they use a glucometer to check your blood at 1 hour (as well as taking a tube of blood for a more accurate read from the lab), and if it's well within range, skipping the rest, and if it's not, going forward. That way, if you "fail" the one-hour, you don't have to repeat the miserable experience twice. Oh, and I updated your age in your blurb. Which reminded me to update dh's age, since he also had a May birthday. Oh, and he is a graduate of your employer. :) One year just last month! Hope you can conquer your itchy tummy and put on some weight. Excited for your upcoming ultrasound!


wissa - Yeah, I remember your story about all the chaos surrounding your ds's birth. I do not envy you all that! I'm glad we only had a 9-month lease at the other place, so we could move before I was too heavily pregnant, and definitely before the baby came. There is going to be craziness in my family around this baby's birth, but it should be mostly positive (brother getting married, another brother + family moving away for grad school, grandma coming for her cancer check-up). I'm excited my baby shower is only a few weeks away now, so we can start figuring out what we will still need to buy. As far as my mom - she already knows all that. I have been over it with her. I know she's just concerned for me/the baby. And I think she understands that the chances of things going very badly are minimal, but she's just worried about that tiny percentage. For her, that percentage justifies hospital birth. For me, it doesn't. Which is fine - I think everyone is entitled to make their own birth choices based on what they feel is comfortable/safe/right. I would love to have her fully on board, but if she isn't, she isn't. She is still waaaaay more on board than I know many women's mothers are, and I am grateful for that.


Interesting about the Epsom salts - I may have to give that a try with my swelling! I can't remember if it was my mw or someone else that told me a few weeks ago the RLS is more common in pregnant women. I'm glad I've avoided that thus far! But the charlie horses - ouch. I though being better hydrated would help with those, and it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Where do you get them? I get them in my calves and the arches of my feet, as well as my hips, which are all places I get them when not pregnant. But now I'm also getting them in my back/shoulders on occasion, and, more frequently, in my ankle area. Like I'll purposely flex my feet up to stretch my legs to avoid getting cramps in my calves/arches, but instead get a cramp in some muscle I didn't know existed right where my foot and ankle come together. It feels weiiiird. I meant to ask my mw about it at my last appointment, and see if she thought I should take some calcium + magnesium supplements, but I forgot. I'm really curious about the iron over-storing issue. Do you think you will try to get tested for it? What made them test your mom? It would be crazy to figure out now that that had been your problem all along!


renavoo - Can't believe you're so close!! I keep checking to see if anything's happening. After having SIL and Kewpie both deliver at a few days past 36 weeks, I guess I just expected that that was when twins come. But hooray for getting them to bake a little longer. Hope you aren't going nuts with anticipation. I am a little jealous that you have a definite endpoint - all I know is that my baby should arrive sometime in August! Speaking of which... am I really the next one up after you?!? How did that happen? I know part of it is that Deborah should still be between us, but... wow. You've always seemed so much more pregnant than me, and now it seems so close. Drop us a line when you have a minute. (I will be stalking you on the IVF grads thread, though!)


AFM, doing okay, I think. Still having random days/hours when my stomach hurts. I really fear that my digestive system will never be normal again! Also, I've been getting insanely sleepy in the mornings. I understand when I haven't slept that well, but even after I've had a pretty good night's sleep, I'll get up with dh, eat some breakfast, and then fall soundly back asleep for 2-3 hours! Again, not surprising when I restlessly/lazily sleep for that long, but when I lay down at 8 AM and wake up from a deep, undisturbed sleep at 9:45 thinking I've just laid down - weird. I guess I should relish that sleeping time while I can?


I'm 31 weeks now, which is a little crazy. I've been terrible about getting pictures lately, but I finally abandoned the same-outfit idea and got a semi-decent picture last night. I swear, I look more pregnant in real life. I feel like the camera subtracts ten pounds now that I'm pregnant. They aren't quite the same dimensions, but I threw my previous pics in for comparison.

900x900px-LL-0bf0d672_5to20comparison.png 31 weeks pregnant!



Oh, and I FINALLY have something lined up for birth classes. Not sure if I ever got around to mentioning that fiasco. We were waiting till we moved to set something up, then the person we were planning on doing them with (who does it in two 3-hour sessions) told us that she couldn't do it in June. So we were sent scrambling. We've worked it out with a local Bradley teacher to start the first Saturday in July. If the baby doesn't come early, we'll get in half the sessions (5) before the birth, and she's going to have us come early a few times to get some of the stuff we'll miss. So that is something. I'm just glad to have some kind of plan in place.


Hope everyone else is doing well - wave.gifgozal, chica, hope!

06-12-2012 08:27 PM
Originally Posted by wissa19 View PostIn fact, my friends (who knew about my infertility) were always so much more excited for me that I was for myself.  As each week passes my feelings are changing and growing and I'm starting to connect more with the baby.  Being able to feel big strong and fairly predictable kicks has helped a lot! and did the 20 week ultra-sound and finding out the gender.


Yes, this! My closest friends and family that know the full story have been way more excited from day one. I am still meh about it, but our gender scan should be within the next week or two and I think I felt some actual kicks today in the doc's office between coughing up a lung. I think I was making the kid mad with my loud shaking ;)  All in all I agree, it IS hard to think that in the end I'll actually have a kid. Because otherwise nothing has changed in the household, everyone and everything is the same only I look fatter than before. It's hard to believe I'm nearly halfway through this deal.

06-10-2012 07:24 PM

Gozal - I forgot to say thank you for taking over the thread for the summer.  It's been hot around here for a while so anytime you want to start a new thread is fine with me.


Kparker - I think your feelings about the pregnancy are somewhat normal.  I believe those of us that have suffered from infertility may have unrealistic expectations about how we are supposed to feel about FINALLY being pregnant. We have dreamed about how we would feel and unfortunately sometimes the reality and the dream just don't go together.  Anytime I have thought along the lines of...I don't feel good...I am really ready for this...etc., I feel guilty because I know there are plenty of women who would love to be feeling what I am feeling!!


I've mentioned that (and I think Gozal has too) for me it's taken time for me to really believe that this is going to end in an actual take home baby.  The fact you don't feel pregnant is probably contributing to your denial.  Denial during the first trimester is a defense mechanism.  It was hard for me to get really excited in the beginning.  In fact, my friends (who knew about my infertility) were always so much more excited for me that I was for myself.  As each week passes my feelings are changing and growing and I'm starting to connect more with the baby.  Being able to feel big strong and fairly predictable kicks has helped a lot! and did the 20 week ultra-sound and finding out the gender.


One other thing to keep in mind that is that during the 1st trimester your hormones are all over the place and what you are feeling may be magnified x10.  If you are having symptoms of depression and think that may be an issue then it certainly wouldn't hurt to talk to someone. 


Monkey - I'm glad you are processing your feelings about moving.  All change in life can be stressful.   Right now you are getting ready for a very big change, so it makes sense that moving would be a bit of an emotional strain.  We actually moved right after my DS was born and it was very hard on me even though we were moving into a much nicer place.  I can remember getting in my car with DS in the backseat and the last of our things and just crying as we drove away...and I had no love for the last place other than it was our 1st home.


I'm sorry you are not getting the support you feel like you need from your mom.  I'm going to play devils advocate just a little...   Don't forget that your mom loves you and it's a mom's job to protect their baby.  She just wants to make sure that you are taken care of.  She probably also already dearly loves that little boy growing inside of you!!  While it does sound like your midwives are very competent and have medical training, it is understandable that your mom might be concerned because it's still not a hospital.   Maybe if you could talk to your birth center and get them to explain their procedures for transfer in case of an emergency that might make your mom feel better??  So you could tell her things like how and when they would transfer, the hospital you would go to, if they have an ob they would refer you too, etc.


Gem - So exciting that your anatomy scan is so close!!  Do you think the guess on the sex is right?  Are you hoping it's right?  The suspense for the next week or so...


Hope - :) - No hard feelings about the hondas...I actually drive a nissian.  ;)   It's been a great car, but we have been looking a getting something a little bigger with #2 on the way. 


AFM - I'm back to taking my Epsom salt baths I talking before the big BFP.  It's seems to help with the restless leg twitching and charlie horses.  I also read somewhere that it can help with swelling too.  The other interesting thing is that they believe my mom may have a disorder in order which she stores too much iron.  It's a genetic thing and when I looked it up it said that it can cause infertility, irregular menstrual cycles and early menopause, but that those side affects are very rare.  It's also related to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.   Ummm...and the one thing my RE never tested was iron ferrin levels???  I just can't help but wonder if that could have had something to do with my problems getting pregnant. 

06-08-2012 12:45 PM

Hi wissa! Yaaaaay for your little girl! joy.gifI forgot you're only about 2-3 weeks ahead of me! Looking forward to my anatomy scan in 1 1/2 weeks.


monkey: The GTT test scares the hell out of me. I'm glad you passed! What was it like? What kind of gross drink did you have? Wait, are we talking about the same thing? The Gestational Diabetes test? Ahhh you're in Kingwood! So far out! I've heard they're pretty "crunchy" up there so I think people like us would fit in pretty nicely. I'll PM you about your other question. I'm planning to try EC too!


Oh monkey, I am now 28 thanks to a May 25th birthday, will you update my age?


renavoo: I probably should have taken the B vitamins :-( OMG you only have 3 *** before 40 on your ticker! Surreal. Swollen legs sound awful. How is the weather in NYC? That would be a death sentence here in Houston! You look great btw, and the nursery looks adorable. You have anterior placentas too?? How far along were you when you could feel them moving? I'm almost 19 weeks, and nothing :-(


hope4light: How are you feeling?


chica: I hope you enjoyed your birthday my fellow Gemini! Mine was May 25th :-) That was so sweet of your DH. I hate that your job is keeping you stressed though :-( Ooh, what did you guys say in the announcement video? I'll PM you for the link.


gozal: Twin boys! Yaaaay! joy.gifjoy.gifWow, 3 boys actually sounds kind of fun :-) I've always wanted 4 kids too. It has been summer here since May so I'm ok with you starting a summer thread :-)


kparker: twins.gif at herped and derped. Boo for your car. I'm partial to Mazdas (I have a CX-7, DH has a 6). I love the way they drive. (ETA just saw your updates, never mind!)



More AAM: At my last appointment (the 29th) I had only gained 1 pound in a month!! But now I'm not really sick (did I mention I threw up on my birthday? Thanks baby!) so I can eat actual food and start packing on the pounds. Also, my tummy/side skin is starting to tear from itching/scratching horribly! I ordered some nice lotion with SPF and I can't wait until it gets here!

06-08-2012 12:12 PM

AAAAHHHH I AM SO BEHIND! privateeyes.gif Let me try to catch up, brb. I'll start with an AAM.


My anatomy scan is the 21st, but we had DH's co-worker scan us a couple of weeks ago and she guessed the sex! We'll see if it holds up because she wasn't absolutely sure.


I switched from OB to midwife.


I'm eating real non-Ramen food now (mostly baked ziti)


Haven't felt any movement yet (that I know of) :-( Stupid anterior placenta.


monkey, are you dying in this heat?? OMG.

06-08-2012 07:43 AM

chica - Sore boobs is the one symptom I never, ever got. I mean, other than extremely minor soreness for very, very short periods, which I don't think even counts. So strange, because it seems like every other pregnant woman on earth has that! My mom says I'm lucky, but I told her I would have traded my horrific morning sickness (she had basically none with her 5 pregnancies) for the sorest boobs in the world, no contest! I am glad you find some reassurance in it, though. I think it is a good sign that the hormones are doing their job. I never get sore boobs, anyway, so I think hormones just don't affect me that way. I have only choked down one cup of RRL so far - I've decided to focus more on water, prenatals, and iron for now, though I've been given some ideas of how to make it more palatable. I am still really fascinated by your church-planting journey. I definitely want to hear more as things progress. Are you guys going to have a blog or anything about it? And you definitely should visit Romania! The countryside is really beautiful, especially in Ardeal/Transylvania (NW Romania). Oh, and I listened to Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother as an audiobook. It was definitely interesting. There were some parts of it where I thought, hmm, that could be a good thing to try, other parts where I was like, yeah, this totally fits with what my Asian friends have said about their families, and yet other parts where I was like... WOW, okay, you really did that? And don't feel bad about it?


Anyway, sorry work is being so stressful for you. It is extra hard sometimes when you know you'll be leaving soon. But yay for 4 day weeks! I totally feel you on the not being able to get ready thing, even though I think you've definitely got it harder than me. I was putting things off until we moved, which is done, but now I'm waiting until after my baby shower, which isn't for 3 more weeks. It just doesn't make sense to go crazy buying stuff till I know what we get there, but I am getting antsy about the fact that we have, basically, nothing. So excited that you were able to hear the heartbeat. That first time is amazing (so are subsequent times!) - it makes it really real! I know I still worried after that, but at least I knew that, for some period of time, I was really pregnant with a real baby in there! In fact, still looking forward to hearing the heartbeat today at the mw, even though this guy has been squirming like CRAZY this past week. I'm always a little nervous at my appointments until they find that heartbeat. Oh, and just a note about RhoGAM - if you want to avoid doing it, you can have your dh blood typed, too. If he is Rh negative as well, you don't need it, because it's impossible for the baby to be Rh positive. I'm surprised how many practitioners don't do that as a matter of course. I guess some of it may be fear of liability in case the husband/partner isn't the father, and the real father is Rh positive, but still. It seems worth testing, especially if you plan to have more kids, because it could save you the trouble/expense in the future.


Yay for an awesome birthday! What a sweet dh. I always wished my dh would surprise me and show up at my work, but I don't think he's much of the surprising kind. And I loved your little video! You two are so cute!


Gem - We should hear more from you. :) Hope things are continuing to go well for you. Are you having an anatomy scan soon? Also, do you mind if I ask where you do academic advising? I am so curious about my fellow Houston mama! I'm excited and scared, because I'm going to be joining a mommy support group up here in Kingwood, and I'm totally afraid of not fitting in or being rejected or something completely stupid. I've got lots of mommy friends/pregnant friends online, but this is my first real foray into in-person mom groups. But I was excited some moms in the group who have apparently done EC, so I'm looking forward to talking to them. I'm also thinking about going to a Houston Babywearers meeting sometime, too. That's extra weird, because I know a lot of HBW are here on MDC, and I've yet to have my internet life collide with my "real" life - despite having internet-only friends for 12+ years now!


AFM, well, where to start? I've thrown out little bits and pieces of things along the way, so forgive me if I repeat myself. As I said, I ended up only doing the one-hour GTT and passing. Which is a good thing, because I ended up getting stuck 5 times to get the two (semi) successful blood draws I needed, and I ended up feeling absolutely horridly nauseous by about 30 minutes in. Three hours would have been pure hell. The second (actually 5th) blood draw, the mw didn't get a lot of blood in the tube, and pulled out the needle to get the blood that was still in the line to drain in the tube, but somehow I ended up getting blood all over my hand instead. Fun. (They were drawing out of the back of my hand because that's the only vein they could find.) I'm so glad my mom drove me to this appointment so she could take me somewhere to eat afterward when I was feeling so completely awful. It was also good because she got to meet the midwives and see the birthing center, which I think made her feel a little better about it. Apparently she missed the part where I told her previously that two of the mws (there are four) are CNMs, so they are trained nurses who have gone to graduate school. She was happy about that. But she told me she still feels like birth is really safest in the hospital, in case of emergency. Apparently, I am just not going to win her over on that point. So she will have to get over it, because it is our baby, our birth, and our choice. Anyway, I also found out a few days later that I was anemic - a "little" anemic according to one mw, "very" according to another, so I'm not sure what to think. My hemoglobin is 10.9 g/dL, and according to my lab sheet, the normal range is 11.5-15. So that doesn't seem "very" anemic to me, but who knows? I've been taking Floravital for about a week now, and I definitely think it makes me less tired. It's a liquid iron supplement that's supposed to be both more absorbable and less constipation-causing. I haven't noticed any constipation taking it, so that's nice.


I've also made it my goal to get at least 7 12-oz glasses of water down a day. I'm mostly meeting that goal. That comes in the wake of sudden-onset mondo swelling of my feet/ankles over Memorial Day weekend. It was ridiculous. Even a little scary. But since it went down overnight and I didn't have swelling anywhere else, I decided not to bug the mw about it until the weekend was over. (I also managed to bash open my heel on a tub spout that weekend - not a good weekend for my poor feet!) She wasn't really concerned about it, but did want to make sure I was taking my iron and stuff. We'll see what they say today. The swelling has pretty much stayed away since I came home and embarked on my water-drinking campaign.


As far as moving goes, we are mostly unpacked, but there are a few places stuff is still piled up. The bathroom is one, since we have nothing like adequate storage there, and I really haven't figured out a course of action for that. We also haven't hung up any pictures yet, which is on me - dh has offered to do it several times, if I'd just figure out where I wanted them. I've been waiting to see how we finally end up arranging the furniture before doing that, but I think the furniture's pretty much settled at this point, so I just need to make some decisions! I have got most of the closet settled, which is good. And I've appreciated many, many times that the kitchen got organized before the final move in date, because if the junk elsewhere is stressing me out, I can just go look at my kitchen and feel serene.


As for my horrible crying week - I think a lot of it was honestly hormones. That, and moving. I know some of you have commented that I handle it really well, but I really don't. And I often don't realize how well I'm NOT doing with it until I have a complete meltdown over things. I logically understand why I've moved so much in the past decade, and, to a certain extent, I'm resigned to the fact that we just haven't arrived at a point of locational stability in our lives, and nothing is going to change that at this point. But there is still a place inside of me that craves stability, that mourns every time we leave another place behind - no matter how much I may hate the old place or like the new place. I have cried or just about cried on the last day of pretty much every job I've had as an adult - even jobs I really didn't like, that I was glad to be leaving behind. I really like our new apartment - it's got so many windows, and so much more space, and lots of good stuff going for it. But I hate trying to reorganize my life, and the fact that there's still stuff not in its place is more a sign of my fatigue with decision-making than it is a sign that I've been too busy or haven't had the time, or even that I don't care. Anyway, this, too shall pass. And did I mention I really, really love all the windows? And the sunshine? And the space? Love, love, love.


Anyway, there are probably other things I am forgetting, but this is probably enough computer time for now! Hope you ladies are all doing well!

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