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11-06-2012 10:56 AM
Marie Flowers

There are several holistic dental organizations that dentists can join instead of or along with the American Dental Association. The largest holistic dental organization in the world is the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. 


The goal of the IAOMT is to raise the standards of care in dentistry by teaching dentists what they didn't learn in dental schools--with an emphasis on the bio- compatibility of dental materials. But change is slow. Dr. Steven Markus, a member of the IAOMT, testified at FDA hearings both in 2006 and 2010. In 2006 he said the obstacles in retraining dentists were "the old dinosaurs that were still teaching" in the dental schools. 


Here is his speech from 2006 that I copied from FDA transcripts of the hearing: 


Testimony of Dr. Steve Markus to the FDA Advisory Panel on Mercury Dental Fillings--2006


My name is Steve Markus, and I have been practicing dentistry for 31 years, in Haddon Heights, NJ. I have also been a member of the ADA for those 31 years. Hopefully, this conference will mark the fulfillment of a more than 15 year quest. That quest is to be proven prudent in erring on the side of caution.

We have heard the expression, erring on the side of caution several times yesterday from Canadian and Swedish speakers. Let me tell you about my quest.

While at the University of Pennsylvania, my mother got into the habit of sending me articles from the Sunday Times. Once a month, I got a fat envelope. Then, there arrived one envelope changed my professional life.

In it was an article about the Vimy study in Calgary. When I read the words of Alton Lacey, president of the ADA as you recall hearing yesterday, that this was not a human study, I wondered what the ADA’s agenda was? I stopped placing mercury fillings that day, and have not done so since.

I began thinking about the storage of mercury amalgam scrap. The ADA told us to store it in a sealed glass jar, under antifreeze or high specific gravity fluid. But the ADA told dentists, out of the other side of their mouth, that mercury became inert once placed. So why did it eat a hole in the top of the storage jar? What was it doing to my patients?

I thought about the environmental impact of all the mercury that was going through my suction, and out into the sewer system. I installed a separator on my building, and now, every year we proudly recycle 3-5 pounds of mercury that otherwise would have become an ecological bio-burden.

At the beginning, it took a lot of time to explain the whole issue to my patients; the Vimy study, the story about amalgam scrap and that I preferred to err on the side of caution. When properly educated, who in their right mind would choose mercury?

About 20 years ago, the profession underwent a major paradigm shift. We had to treat everyone as if they were an AIDS threat. Now, another shift is in order. We must treat everyone as if they are one of the susceptible, to mercury toxicity. We have heard, repeatedly about the myriad symptoms that are part of the diagnostic equation. The A-Z.  Alzheimer’s to Zygote abortion and everything in between.

A member of the panel asked a very salient question of Dr. Phillipson yesterday. What did he expect the epidemiologic impact of eliminating the placement of dental amalgam to be, in Sweden?

Many pro-mercury dentists argued about the cost of eliminating mercury from their armamentaria. But nobody asked what the financial burden is on the medical system for symptoms resulting from the use of mercury implanted in people’s skulls. Hopefully, if this body deems it correct to take the appropriate stance, we may see serious decreases in much of the chronic illness physicians might attribute to factors other than people’s fillings.

Pro-mercury dentists argued yesterday, that composite fillings are less durable, that dental schools can’t teach it. This is all ludicrous. Dental schools teach dexterity and technique. They also insist on the use of the rubber dam. It’s not the training of the students; it’s the retraining of some of the dinosaurs that may still be teaching that is the obstacle.

The image of the fighting, screaming welfare child is the exception and not the rule. It is certainly not the reason for you to approve the use of mercury in children’s heads, a substance that has no known half-life, and as we have heard, can cause symptoms 35 years later, not 5-7 years, as the limitations of the study presented indicated.

What needs to be done is parents need to be educated that what they allow their children to put into their mouths is going to affect their spending money. The schools need to reform the foods they offer. Soda machines need to be banned. Warnings need to be placed on bottles of Mountain Dew. Not to get off topic, but have you ever seen Dew Mouth? It’s very similar to Meth mouth, and it’s disgusting what these chemicals do to the hardest substance in the body.

How do you give informed consent that says – here is a list of 105 symptoms you might develop as a result of this filling I’m placing? Keep it in your wallet, it may be 30 years until they develop, but if they do, they’re tremendously debilitating.

How many of you have ever heard of an MD asking about fillings in someone’s mouth? Medical education begins at the tonsils.

On the basis of the information provided, how many of you are willing to take the risk to have a large mercury filling placed in your mouth? In your child’s mouth. In the mouth of the woman who is about to deliver your grandchild? How, therefore, can you allow it in the mouth of any American? I encourage you to consider taking a cautious and courageous approach. The ADA won’t do it, the State Boards of Dentistry won’t do it, and the dental profession won’t do it voluntarily. The act of placing mercury in the head of anyone, not just a pregnant woman, or a young child must be banned. How do you, the FDA, listen to all of this the science? Mercury has no known half-life when it resides in human tissue.

What I read in the paper over the weekend is that the FDA’s mind was already made up, that mercury was safe. I hope we have altered some of that thinking. Be a hero of the documentary, be my hero. Be a representative of the people, by the people, and for the people.


Dr. Markus’ website:


(Editor’s note: Dr. Markus didn’t actually get to finish the last paragraph because his 7 minutes were up and the microphone would have been cut off.)


11-05-2012 12:34 PM

youngest has a dental visit coming up, as he has 3 cavities already. screwed if we do and screwed if we don't apparantly :(

11-04-2012 04:05 PM

Thank you Marie Flowers. Please consider whether you or DAMS would like to write an article for MDC - that would be a wonderful asset to the community. If you think one of your affiliates would like to do that, contact a MDC admin for more details. 

11-04-2012 03:44 PM
Marie Flowers

Holistic dentists keep up with which composites are free of bisphenol A. If they don't know, look for another dentist. Leo Cashman at DAMS will know

the names of dental manufacturers of composite and which ones are safest. 

11-04-2012 03:24 PM

Debating amalgam fillings on this thread has required removal of several posts - some for name calling and others for promotional material. We certainly welcome that debate here at MDC, but the OP has asked that it not be continued on this thread: 



Originally Posted by Pookietooth View Post

I really don't want this to become a debate about the safety of amalgam fillings. I do believe that amalgam fillings are a bad idea, and I also found a dentist who uses the proper protocol for removing them. 


Members are welcome to start a new thread about the topic provided they can post within the UA. Thanks, ICM 

11-04-2012 04:46 AM

DAMS Office and Realdentist, you were asked to edit your post so that it fit within our user agreement. You replied to the thread without editing. As a result some of your  posts have been removed. You are welcome to post here and your input is very much valued, however, we ask that all members post within our code of conduct and user agreement. 

Mothering aims to be a welcoming environment to discuss subjects pertaining to and surrounding natural family living. We appreciate that members come to our community at different places in their parenting journey and one of our goals is to welcome and educate new members. With that in mind, we expect our members to keep conversations civil and on topic, and uphold the integrity and diversity of the community. We value the honest and supportive exchange of ideas and opinions, and we ask that members avoid negative characterizations and generalizations about others. Examples and calm explanation are more useful than condemnation of ideas that differ from Mothering's philosophies.

We don’t welcome people posting their wares or promoting their websites in discussion threads. There are proper channels for advertising (contact

Members may not use their business or product names as a username.


Mercury Exposure, please check your PM box and edit your posts to remove links to your websites/blogs. 

10-09-2012 05:47 AM
Marie Flowers

Sorry, I believe you did get rid of your fillings. 


Marie Flowers 

10-09-2012 05:46 AM
Marie Flowers

Pokie Tooth, 
That is another way people become poisoned from mercury dental fillings--when the dentist introduces stainless steel braces into the mouth with the existing 

mercury fillings. DAMS would advise you to get rid of all mercury dental fillings since they constantly leak into your body. 

But become educated first. It is a very dangerous thing to remove mercury fillings without the proper knowledge of what should be done. Even if you know the name

of a biological dentist and have gone to him in the past, you owe it to yourself to completely understand this issue so you can protect yourself and your children. 


You knew about the harm of mercury, but you didn't know about the harm of stainless steel. There is much more toxicity in dentistry than mercury fillings. 
DAMS does not want to just give people names of holistic dentists. We want to educate the public so they can make wise choices, even if you go to a biological dentist.

There is NO SUCH THING as blindly trusting in any health "professional" any more, not even one who is listed as a holistic biological dentist.


DAMS can help you with information. 


Marie Flowers


10-06-2012 01:27 PM

In direct response to the original posted question:


"Do you think its possible to sue the dentist, based on the statement on the plan I was given that the fillings would be composite?"


"The slip I was given stated on it that it would be only composite (non-mercury) fillings in his baby teeth, along with sealants in his permanent teeth."


If this is true and you still have this in your possession, you can use it to recover monetary damages.  You do NOT need a lawyer to do so.  Go to the nearest courthouse and request the forms for filing a small claim.  It is short and fairly easy for the layperson to do.  Fill it out, make a copy for the dentist and the court.  Go to the dentist first and SHOW them the documents you prepared to take them to court over the issue.  Ask them for what you require to 'settle out of court'.  This shows a willingness on your part to resolve the issue prior to litigation, and that you are not some 'sue happy nut', if and when it does go to small claims court.  Give them a time limit, say 3 days, to respond to your request to resolve the issue between the parties. Request any response in writing if possible should they pursue a path of delay or obstruction.  


  "We don't have a lot of money, and I have never sued anyone."

This is worth repeating in the courtroom particularly AFTER you show the court you did everything you could to resolve the issue directly with the dentist(s) prior to litigating.


Doing the few easy steps above will most likely accomplish the following:


1.  Win your court case if the dentist(s) fail to resolve it to your satisfaction prior to litigation.

2.  Provide you a sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction in that you will protect your child as its legal guardian to the best of your ability regardless of your $$$ situation.

3.  In the unlikely event you lost your case, # 2 still would apply, the dentist(s) won't want to keep being hauled into court to defend why they broke a mutual agreement and thereby defaulted their end of a contractual bond, resulting in fewer children being poisoned with Hg and getting sick later in life.    


P.S.  See:


and take a copy to the dentist and court as to WHY YOU, after reading this, have decided, in good conscience, CAN NO LONGER tolerate this gross harm and injustice.  That as the child's legal guardian and in his best interest, ONE of them MUST help NOW, and the guilty party is 100 % liable due to their defaulting on the mutually understood agreement which thereby broke the legally contractual bond between the parties. 


P.S.S.  You would benefit from researching the State of CA statute regarding definitions surrounding contracts and utilizing what you understand to be the terms that you feel apply.



I wish you all the best and hope you love you son beyond all reason and take up this challenge on his behalf.

In love and light

I pray you win the good fight!


At your service


10-05-2012 02:50 PM

I don't feel bad about it.  My daughter had 7 fillings by that dentist and all were white, so they're obviously doing their best to try for the white.  That said, the BPA in the white fillings freaks me out equally, which is why we tried to fix things with diet, first.  I'm calling that a win, too, since my son only has two where my daughter had 7.

10-05-2012 02:22 PM

Originally Posted by Juvysen View Post

We were lucky that they were able to get the white one for him, but he has another (bigger) filling coming up soon and I'm not sure what to expect with that, honestly.  He has sensory issues and things anyway, so the mercury really freaks me out :(


My goodness it is your money, your child, and your CHOICE. IMO find an honest dentist. Ask the dentist to promise he will not use mercury under ANY circumstances. Patiently explain if it is a choice of mercury or nothing you want, you demand, NOTHING. .


NO dentist IMO who is halfway honest is going to put mercury in ANYONE'S body, unless he is a complete dolt.

10-05-2012 10:17 AM

This is such a shame... dentists ignore manufacturer warnings and disregard occupational safety regulations. The result ?

Staff and patients are exposed to enormous quantities of mercury vapor and mercury contaminated particulate matter during the placement, polishing and removal of mercury fillings.

The levels during the placement of a new amalgam filling exceed air levels at which people are evacuated from homes. It took 3 months for those levels to come down to what some assume are "safe" levels. You can view the visualization of those levels in the [link removed by moderator] 


scientific studies and videos with published researchers on the harmful effects of mercury vapor as released from dental amalgam fillings


 [link removed by moderator] 

10-04-2012 03:59 PM

That makes sense then -- my son was quite anxious about this dentist, and he gave him nitrous along with Novocaine (mind you, at the holistic dentist we used to see in WA, he never needed Novocaine (she preferred not to use it), much less nitrous, and he had quite a few fillings. I still am surprised he didn't consult with me before making this choice, but he was very brusque and didn't even tell me which teeth he would be working on -- acted like I was interfering or something. He also put in a stainless steel crown, and since my ds has had two molars pulled, he has stainless steel space maintainers. 

Hmm, I had braces, and remember now that I started to feel "dumb" once I got them on. My reading ability went down, and my grades did, and I began to have chronic sore throats. I had always figured it was hormonal. Have to wonder about that. I am also allergic to nickel -- I get a rash when wearing cheap jewelry

10-04-2012 12:26 PM
Marie Flowers

"We were lucky that they were able to get the white one for him, but he has another (bigger) filling coming up soon and I'm not sure what to expect with that, honestly.  He has sensory issues and things anyway, so the mercury really freaks me out :(



You can talk to Leo Cashman at DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions about your options. He is posting in this forum under DAMS Office. You could possibly do some type of sedation, but I am not sure which would be safest. With a large cavity you also have to watch out for the stainless steel crowns dentists use on children. They are called stainless steel or chrome crowns and they have the heavy metal nickel in them which are also very toxic. 

One woman testified at FDA hearings in 2006 about how her teen age son who was a straight A student regressed to failing grades after a dentist placed stainless steel in his mouth. After having the stainless steel removed he recovered. Congresswoman Watson remarked her next project after banning mercury was to address the toxicity of nickel. Unfortunately she has now retired from Congresswoman of California to take care of her mother. 

Dr. Hal Huggins stated in his books, website, etc that when he saw children with very thick lenses in their glasses at airports or other places, and when he would approach the child they always had the chrome crowns in their mouths. He said the nickel affects vision and it also causes cancer. You can google to find what a stainless steel crown looks like:


However mainstream dentist's sites say these crowns are very durable. That is the problem in dentistry. Mainstream dentists are taught only to look for durability, not bio-compatibility with the body's immune system.


They now have porcelain crowns for children that are white on top, but at the base, they are still fused to metal---stainless steel containing nickel. 

The dental mills known as Small Smiles had an expose done on their services by TV stations in the Maryland and DC areas. They were placing UNNECESSARY stainless steel crowns in kids teeth so they could get $220 from Medicaid instead of the smaller amount for a filling. They also put in unnecessary root canals for a larger amount of money. Root canals also contain toxic metals. Children would come out of these clinics with the whole front of their mouths with stainless steel. It was horrible! 

There are videos online about the Small Smiles Clinics and their lawsuits. In some of them you will find kids with their mouths loaded with stainless steel crowns. 

I don't know the answer for this. I don't know if you could put a solid ceramic or porcelain crown in a child's mouth. The price for a solid porcelain crown is $800 to over a $1000 in an adult.

But adults are also getting toxic crowns when dentists sell them porcelain fused to metal crowns---porcelain on top and metal in the base. With these crowns you will see an ugly grey ring around the base of the crown. When the metal based crown is placed over mercury or in the mouth with mercury it can cause a battery like effect, called oral galvanism. Frequently people will taste metal, become nauseated and become very ill. When different metals are placed along side mercury, it causes more mercury to leak out of the fillings. The battery like effect will cause electrical currents in the mouth sending electrical currents even into the brain.

I learned all of this after becoming poisoned from mercury vapor when a dentist unsafely drilled out a mercury dental filling and then placed a porcelain fused to metal crown over top of the remaining mercury filling. I thought I was dying from this toxic crown's metallic taste. It was the first thing the biological dentist took out. 

Marie Flowers 

10-03-2012 02:32 PM

FWIW, My mom is a dental hygienist...


We were recently talking about the amalgam fillings vs. the white (er, bpa laden, but that's another thread) fillings for my son who recently had to have a tooth filled.  I guess the reason they recommend the amalgam fillings for children is because it is quicker/easier/takes fewer steps than the white fillings do... thus, when a kid is squirmy or won't keep their mouth open properly or what-have-you, it's a "better" choice (because it's more likely to be put in properly and not fall out easily later for a squirmy or otherwise difficult situation)... you know, if you ignore the mercury part.  The dentist we took my son to said straight up that they would aim for the white fillings, but if they were having a hard time with it, the wouldn't be able to just not do anything and leave it open, and since the white ones can be tricky they'd be stuck filling with the amalgam if it comes down to it.  I appreciated that they said that, at least, you know?  I do have a friend whose son ended up with an amalgam filling for the same reason but they hadn't been informed that was likely in certain cases.


We were lucky that they were able to get the white one for him, but he has another (bigger) filling coming up soon and I'm not sure what to expect with that, honestly.  He has sensory issues and things anyway, so the mercury really freaks me out :(


I don't know if that helps at all, but I thought it might be useful information.


Good luck having them removed safely (or whatever you decide to do)!  :)

10-03-2012 02:15 PM
Marie Flowers

I believe this mother did have a quote for composite fillings, but then he turned around and did what he wanted. There basically is NO INFORMED consent in dentistry

except in a few states like Maine and other New England states. Even in those states dentists violate the informed consent laws without penalty. Dentists put mercury

in kids teeth every day and do not tell mothers that silver fillings or amalgam is half mercury. This is FRAUD.

Yet mercury free dentists are brought before their state dental boards and accused of fraud when they try to tell the truth about mercury to their patients. 


Activists in Virginia tried to get an INFORMED CONSENT law passed in 2004 but the Health Committee in the General Assembly just brushed us off and my state senator 

told us to "tell it to the FDA." People before 2003 had already told it to the FDA but it did no good. We told it to the FDA again in 2006 and 2010, but still most states do 

not have informed consent laws concerning dentistry, though the American Dental Association "claims" dentists do discuss materials with patients, and love to do so. 


There were Congressional hearings on the dangers of mercury amalgams and lack of informed consent in 2002-2003 conducted by Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana and Congresswoman Diane Watson of California. Here are some YouTube excerpts: Dentist in VA was fined for "giving patients a choice" while the American Dental Association spokesman was testifying before Congressional hearings that the ADA "encouraged patient choice."  Government Printing Office transcripts of the 2003 hearings "Consumer Choice and Implementing Full Disclosure in Dentistry." 

At the time of the Congressional hearings Watson and Burton were continually presenting legislation for informed consent and banning the use of mercury in dentistry. None of the legislation passed, not even legislation "encouraging" people to become aware of which products contained mercury. All the bills died in committee. I investigated the amount of money the ADA gave to Congressmen in the Commerce committee and some received up to $10,000 a year from the American Dental Association. 


10-02-2012 06:01 PM

I'm not trying to shame you here.  But when the Dentist tells you what needs to be done, you know you have the option to opt for the other fillings?  They give you a list after the check up and in that time you can look over everything and decide for yourself what you want done.  Sometimes they even give you a quote.  All the Dentists I have gone to have options and give me a quote with different fillings.  My out of pocket is always at least twice as much because I steer clear of what I'm not okay with. 



When it comes to our childrens dental health and our own, just like our medical care we need to ask questions and be firm.  Most dentists let you know what you need to consider and if they don't you need to ASK.

10-02-2012 01:50 PM
Marie Flowers

I am not allowed to post my website on this forum for you. I will try to post information about myself and website on my profile. 

10-02-2012 08:47 AM
JoeBel4U The state of Calif. requires posting a warning regarding the dangers of Hg and you and the dentists' office were both aware of the issue prior to placement. The parties involved entered into a contract based upon good faith and knowledge of the issues. If you do not demand they hold up their part of the contract, who will? If they are required by some insurance protocol to not honor your demand they should have informed you ahead and denied you service. You can sue without an atty in small claims court for up to $10,000 in damages, and it is your duty to do so since no one else will. It is not that hard to do and if you have what you posted you do regarding a statement from them saying they would not use Hg, and they did, they broke a contractual bond and you are entitled to all damages, both what you paid, and an estimated amount for a reputable dentist fees for removal and replacement. Your local courthouse should have paperwork available to fill out regarding small claims(up to $10K). While there, sit in on a few to see how easy it is to bring them into court, then focus on the contract and how they broke it. After getting hauled into court a bunch of times, they will stop doing this regardless of their insurance company. If you do not call them out, do you not foster the same suffering upon others? Best Wishes for success! JOEBEL
09-30-2012 11:28 PM

I really don't want this to become a debate about the safety of amalgam fillings. I do believe that amalgam fillings are a bad idea, and I also found a dentist who uses the proper protocol for removing them. I guess I was more asking whether it's likely the dentist would at least refund the (very high) price they charged to do it in the first place. And it sounds like that is not likely. Just have to chalk it up to yet another reason to mistrust dentists. The fact is, I was led to believe that the dentist would use composite fillings and instead used mercury without telling me. That is dishonest. They could have asked if I wanted to pay the difference, but did not. That is the problem I have with it, but I see why they think it was ok -- and yes, I do believe mercury is toxic. I broke a thermometer once when working at the EPA, and I had to evacuate the room!

09-30-2012 06:41 PM
Originally Posted by Alenushka View Post

Bostong orckestra conductor is not a dental expert.


I have my own anekdata. I had all silver fillings while in Russia and I never had siezures or MS> Neither any of my numerous friends or co-workers.



Yeah, I have amalgam fillings from childhood which I have survived. But that doesn't mean I would ever allow a dentist to put mercury in my children's teeth.


You might want to google a better link than Dr Stephen Barrett.

09-30-2012 06:11 PM

Bostong orckestra conductor is not a dental expert.


I have my own anekdata. I had all silver fillings while in Russia and I never had siezures or MS> Neither any of my numerous friends or co-workers.


09-30-2012 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by Marie Flowers View Post

I have a webpage on mercury toxicity

Marie Flowers


Do you have a link to your page? TIA

09-30-2012 11:42 AM
Marie Flowers

I have a webpage on mercury toxicity and a mother who was very careful about her child's health contacted me. This mother had moved to another state, and like the mother above, sought help from the American Dental Association to find a good dentist for her child. Since the ADA supports the use of mercury in children's teeth, they referred her to a mercury using dentist. After the child had several amalgams placed, she started having seizures, and was diagnosed with possible Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The pediatric neurologist suggested the family move next to a MS clinic for children. 

However, the mother found help in finding a safe biological dentist in her new state, had the fillings safely removed using safe protocols, and started her on a gentle detox program. The mother was horrified because she only wanted the best for her child (organic food, etc,) but she had no idea the silver fillings contained mercury until her child's health symptoms started after dental work and she started researching the web.

There have been FDA hearings in 2006 and 2010 concerning the use of amalgam and its possible connection to neurological diseases. In 2006 dental Activists only wanted warnings for pregnant women and children, and the Advisory Panel to the FDA strongly recommended the FDA do so. There was a brief warning for one year on the FDA website, but then the FDA took down the warnings and proclaimed amalgam fillings safe for everyone.

The hearings in 2010 were the result of a suit by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (a holistic dental association) to reconsider the FDA's decision from the 2006 hearings. 

You can find testimonies on YouTube from the 2010 FDA hearings under the channel "mercurymatters." Just go to YouTube and do a search for "mercurymatters" 

There are testimonies from biological dentists, scientists, and poisoned consumers including the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. 


There is now a push to ban or phase down the use of mercury world-wide. Dental Activists have attended and spoken at the United Nations Programs to ban mercury world wide.

Please share this with mothers everywhere. We do not want children today to suffer what our generation has gone through in our health related problems because of mercury amalgam fillings. 

Marie Flowers

09-30-2012 11:00 AM

no post

09-30-2012 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by Alenushka View Post
Do you have dental insurance? It is possibale that the dentist had to  substitute because of what insurance would authorize.


Yes this is indeed often the case. Our loving CDC et al are at least tacitly encouraging the use of MERCURY in our bodies. MOST dental fillings put in under welfare are MERCURY.


IMO spend a little time with your children. Inform them on the difference between the deadly MERCURY fillings and safer composite. Teach them to ASK if mercury is being put in their mouths and to REFUSE to accept it. To get out of the dental chair and WALK out of the office if required.


It is their life.

09-30-2012 06:08 AM
cynthia mosher

Hello DAMS Office and welcome to Mothering. We're always happy to allow service providers such as yourself to offer information so that our community can benefit from what you have to offer. Howver, future posts should be in discussion and not service promotional in any way. 


Your informative post and offer to help locate dentists is appreciated. However, it would be an even greater service to this community if you provide the list of dentists as a whole so that we can create a resource here on Mothering for our community to use. If you're willing to do that please contact me at and we'll discuss it further. 


As for the more detailed information on these issues: amalgam mercury, safe amalgam removal, toxic crowns, dead teeth, and more we'd be open to you creating some articles to post on the site. If you are interested in doing so just let me know. smile.gif

09-29-2012 01:03 PM
DAMS Office

Dear Rightfully Upset Mother,

         Unfortunately, many dentists in the US still practice under the illusion that "silver amalgams," which are actually about half mercury, are OK to use, even in children. That is a result of their classroom education that teaches them that the toxins used in dentist - and mercury is just one of many - are not a problem. The American media have not pounced on this issue of an unnecessary and very unwise exposure to mercury and our FDA, corrupt as it so often is, has so far joined in the cover-up of the hazards of mercury amalgams and has OKed them without so much as requiring a warning or caution in using them for pregnant women or children. So it is, indeed, buyer beware!

        But, here's the deal: if you take your son back to the same dentist who put the amalgams in in the first place, and if you manage to convince that dentist to replace your son's dental amalgam fillings, something very bad is likely to happen: a much more severe mercury exposure due to unsafe amalgam removal by this very conventional-minded dentist. Such dentists as him are not trained and equipped to replace amalgams safely and are likely to produce a mess of fine amalgam particles (remember, half mercury) and mercury vapor for your son to inhale and swallow during the unsafe amalgam removal. The result would quite possibly be a giant step backwards for your son's immune system, his brain health, her behavior and school performance, and his hormonal functions. Soon, the school may be suggesting drugs for depression, ADHD or other issues, but getting your son on the drug treadmill is not the real answer to dental mercury poisoning.. 

        So, don't fall into the trap of unsafe amalgam removal, whatever else you do. Since the clinic violated your agreement to use only composite fillings, perhaps you could demand a sum of money that would allow you to go to a good holistic (aka "biological") dentist in your state who would replace the amalgams safely, including the one under the crown. The mercury from the amalgams has, by now, also contaminated the other metal surfaces (e.g. the underside of the crown) in the mouths, so he will not become mercury free until that crown is also replaced. The pulpotomy is also a potential health issue, as keeping such a dead issue poses a threat of infection and toxicity. 

       You may contact DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) to receive more detailed information on these issues: amalgam mercury, safe amalgam removal, toxic crowns, dead teeth, and more. For people of all ages, the dental-health issues are important, and dental causes are clearly an unsuspected cause of many physical and mental health problems facing us. We can provide a list of knowledgeable holistic ("biological") dentists in your state and province. Call us at 651-644-4572 or e-mail us at


Yours truly,

Leo Cashman, Executive Director

DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions

09-28-2012 11:23 PM

To win a malpractice lawsuit, you have to prove harm.


You can still take the health care provider to court for failing to keep to the agreed-upon terms of the contract for services.  He said that he would provide non-amalgam fillings.  He gave you paperwork to that effect.  Seriously - talk to a lawyer. 

09-28-2012 10:31 PM

To win a  medical type lawsuit you have to proove harm.


So, unless you have money for an expert...and even then.


I had full moulth of amalgam fillings and nothing happened to me and countless others.


Do you have dental insurance? It is possibale that the dentist had to  substitute because of what insurance would authorize.

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