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01-04-2013 02:58 AM

Ladies it is time for a new thread - It is January 2013 already!


Come on over to

01-03-2013 09:05 PM

Conifer: at my very first visit with the specialist he commented on my work out schedule and that it might be beneficial to cut back a bit. I've done so since then only because I want to feel like I'm doing "the right thing" since he mentioned it. (Of course I disregarded the other docs comment about waiting a month or two because it didn't suit me ROTFLMAO.gif) Anyway, I'm now at about half the intensity/frequency of what I did before and staying sane with this slower pace. I'd say if it drives you nuts to cut back then don't, otherwise use it as a nice excuse to give yourself a break. (Oh, and watch the Making Grace documentary for a great quote on laying off exercising from the lady trying to get pregnant: "Now I'm fat, my pants don't fit anymore and I'm still not pregnant!")


Bailey: I have some special lingerie that I save for those nights when it absolutely has to happen even though we're both tired. Would something like that help your DH? Of course, if you don't tell him the reason  he'll figure it out soon enough but you may be able to get a couple of well timed sessions out of it...(mine knows but the lingerie still turns him on) And the cost of a nice little set is surely less than the cost of an IUI or more invasive fertility measures.

I like what you said about sharing your experience so that you can accept well wishes from others, I hadn't considered that. I find the whole secrecy that seems to surround miscarriage frustrating, especially once you find out how common they are. As human beings I think we can help each other by sharing our joys but more importantly by being there for each other when we're going through rough times. Pretending that nothing ever happened in my opinion is not doing anyone a favor. So yes, good for you for seeing the other side of this and being open about it! hug2.gif

01-03-2013 05:41 PM

Hello everyone and happy new year! 


library girl--Any news?! Thank you for sharing your tea recipe and the good vibes on that Amazon box! I've been drinking raspberry leaf tea for a while, but I hadn't thought to mix in other herbs. But, lately I've eased up on the raspberry leaf tea because I read some conflicting information about whether or not it is advised to drink when you are TTC and/or very early pregnancy.


justjenny--How exciting that you are getting more information. I too have been having weak positive OPKs, not really sure what to make of them. Is that related to low progesterone? 


lilac--Best wishes for your MIL's health. You are so clever to invert the test pics in paint! Excited for you to start this IVF journey.


viddy--It sounds like things are coming into place with the new year. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of DH's grandmother. Perhaps the baby will meet DH's grandma on another plane before making his/her appearance here. My DH is also soon making an appointment to get his sperm analyzed (after much encouragement from me). I also just ordered "Making Babies," as I have heard good things about it.


thebyr--congrats! Sending lots of sticky dust your way!


doularebekah--Hopefully you will get a BFP this cycle! Sorry to hear the doctor's advice was so useless. 


ConiferOD and dakipode--Hope you get BFPs this month! ConiferOD, I think depending on your fertility type, the Making Babies program sometimes recommends less vigorous exercise when TTC. 


AFM--AF arrived precisely two weeks ago, and while I was disappointed, I was glad that my cycle was 30 days (sometimes my cycles are very long). My cramping was not as bad as it was the last month and there was no sign of old (brown) blood and little clotting. This leads me to believe that the two visits I had to the sobadora last month helped a lot. I also started taking an herbal tincture I received from a local healer (Rainforest Remedies Female Tonic) that is supposed to cleanse the womb and help with cramping/PMS. Evidently Marcia's clients have had very good results with this tincture in combination with dietary changes. So, I am hopeful and now that I am back home after a few weeks up in Oregon I have re-instated a healthy diet with very little dairy/meat/sugar/alcohol/caffeine/wheat. My DH is on board with this detox diet and it being a pretty good sport about it. I also have an appointment next week to see an OB/GYN and will hopefully get some lab work done to check my hormone levels and see if any of that is related to the horrible cramps that have been worsening the past few years (and my difficulty conceiving). I have graduate student health insurances that excludes any fertility treatments/care, so we'll see how much is covered. 


Of course, none of the sobadas/tinctures/vitamins/diet efforts will do much good if I can't get my husband to get busy at the right time of the month! He does not respond very well to the pressure to perform on a specific day, which has been an ongoing source of tension. We're coming up on two years TTC with one MC in that time, but when I went back and really scrutinized my cycles, I saw that we only had sex in the right window maybe seven times. So, that is something we are working on.


Over the holidays I did feel some sadness and jealousy about other people's babies and pregnancy. I went to a holiday market and ran into a few people I hadn't seen since high school, with their babies. And then on Christmas my husband's brother and wife announced they are 13 weeks along. I didn't even know they were trying, so I was rather taken aback. I've started being more open with people about our miscarriage so that we can accept their support and whatever good thoughts/prayers they want to send our way. It turns out my SIL also had a miscarriage before the current pregnancy.

01-03-2013 01:54 PM

Thanks Conifer!


Interesting.. very interesting. I have heard of docs telling women to cut out exercising while TTC and the first trimester after a loss.. but only recently - and only on this board. I would think exercise would be great. I just picked back up on my zumba 4-5 times a week. I did wait until after my BFP - but only because I'm off for the holidays and have time.. not because I thought no exercise would help with TTC. Although - now that you mention it - the DH said he was cutting out his daily biking to TTC - something about the keeping the sperm cool. Maybe not running keeps the eggies cool? IDK. lol. You're not alone - I think that sounds un-inherent. (is that even a word?)

01-03-2013 01:29 PM
ConiferOD Thebyr & Dakipode: Thanks for the bday wishes smile.gif

Thebyr: I hope your lil bean gets comfortable in there for the long haul!

Dakipode: I hope the new year brings new opportunities for some fruitful least we can enjoy the efforts smile.gif There could be worse things to be doing withbour time!!! Hahaha

AFM: Doc called today and blood tests were all good, he tested everything from hormones, iron, bones, kidney, liver...all good. The interesting thing he told me us to cut down my jogging. Havecanybof you heard that? I workout 5 days per week. He said walking would be better. I kind of get whatvhe is saying, but I thought that I should keep up my fitness. I am not a mad gym freak, I justvdo enough to stay fit. I don't mind trading my jogging & weights for some walking, but I didn't think that would be an issue. He said it's a sacrifice to consider. Just seems odd and sounds like I'm a fitness fanatic, but Isn't activity good for the mind, spirit and energy?
01-03-2013 09:54 AM
thebyr Ahhhh. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for explaining that to me. Thank you. I tell my little bean to hang in there every morning and every evening. Sure hope he/she is listening.

I remember having to wait 6 cycles.. Seemed like forever... But I paid attention to my cycles and they seemed to get more and more "normal" too.. They varied but nothing like the every 14 days of bleeding I had before my myomectomy.
01-03-2013 09:38 AM

Thebyr: The doc told me to take one or two months off from TTC after the ectopic. This next AF will be the first "normal" cycle so I'm going to see if they're willing to start me back up. I initially thought Clomid would help me O sooner but the nurse said that's not true, it just makes you O more than one egg. I know some women get crazy side effects (headaches, mood swings, hot flashes, etc.) from it but when I tried it I felt fine. It tends to thin the lining with continued use so most docs won't let you use it for more than 3-6 cycles in a row.

Hope you're doing well and your little bean is hanging in there!

01-03-2013 07:16 AM

Thank you Dakipode! I hadn't remembered the relaxin hormone - everything was so fast and uncomfy for me last time. I went and looked it up - I think you may be right. Hopefully it subsides a little as I get closer to 6 weeks. I've never been good at temping - but still holding out some hope for you this month. It seems like a lot of women have luck with clomid - are there any reasons that women don't use it? side-effects or something? I notice a lot of women get on and off of it during their course of TTC. Just curious - ignore me if my question seems off base.


Happy B'day Month Conifer!

01-02-2013 08:14 PM

Conifer: thanks, I have my sane moments though DH has also seen me throw plenty of temper tantrums... I hope this is the month for you! Happy birthday month!


AFM: after carefully studying my charts I've determined I'm not pregnant, the temps are just too different from before. Just waiting for AF and then probably start back with Clomid.

01-02-2013 02:09 PM
ConiferOD Dakipode: You are always so positive and thoughtful. You seem so grounded and thoughtful...the perfect recipe for a fab mommy smile.gif

AFM: I'm using The Period Tracker App and tracking my cm, cervix position, and just taking notes each day. I've tried the opk tests, but I don't think I'm very good at using them properly. But I think I am getting to know my body better after each cycle.

Today I am staring to notice some dull aches around my ovaries. I didn't feel any different or notice anything during the day except I just coukdn't stop stretching my lower back. Then after the gym, I was in the shower and started getting sharp twinges around my pelvic bone. That lasted for about 15 minutes. From then I've had these dull aches. I don't mind them, just hoping they are here for a reason. Kind of funny as I am also watching the show One Born Every maybe it's just my womb watching the tele with me smile.gif

Has anyone had those twinges before? I'm only 3dpo if I ov'd when I think I did. I'm cd23 and trying to play it cool...hahaha. Cm has been different each cycle, but I've noticed that the cm has not been as tacky after ov as it usually is. Still fairly lotiony and wet whereas it has usually been quite pasty by this time. I hope I'm not creating symptoms, but going through my last cycles, it does seem different. We'll just have to wait to see if lil miss AF shows her face next week.

How's January treating everyone else? It's my 35th birthday this month. Maybe a surprise pressie? Either way, I love it will be a great month!

I look forward to hearing how the rest of you are doing this month. Happy January xx
01-01-2013 05:18 PM

Thebyr: A big congratulations to you!!! So happy for you! I wish you all the best in this pregnancy! Sending lots of sticky vibes your way! goodvibes.gif Maybe your back pain is related to the relaxin hormone... Hope you're not suffering too much.


Librarygirl: your symptoms sound promising. Any news?

Conifer: I hear you with the good news and being happy for them but also jealous and sad for yourself. I forget if you've mentioned it before but are you charting? I've seen comments from other ladies that a short LP doesn't necessarily pose a problem, hopefully your bloodwork can shed some light on your situation.


Lilac: Hehe, DH and I went to be at about the same time last night, then we had some "fun time" and I think we ended up falling asleep around 11:50pm... I wish you all the best for your upcoming appointment and I fervently hope your IVF cycle will be successful!


JustJenny: wow, sounds like you really hit on something with the progesterone test. Hopefully taking the supplemental hormones will straighten out some of your symptoms and then you'll know for sure it was an issue. Hopefully it will lead to your next BFP too!


Doularebekah: your story reminds me of one of my teachers who said that it's dangerous to think you've got The Answer because it keeps you from looking for other answers/possibilities. Sounds like your doc is really focused on only one issue. Would finding another one be an option for you?


TeamViddy: I'm sorry for your loss. Hopefully having this place to talk about your feelings, anger, confusion, disappointment, sadness, etc. helps.

How's the new job? Glad to hear you've got a positive outlook for 2013! And best of luck to your DH on his job interview!


AFM: the visit with the in-laws went better than expected, though we probably won't repeat it for another two years... I've been staying fairly zen but then had a temp dip at 6 and 7DPO and ever since I've been dreaming about being pregnant this cycle (among other things, lots of other crazy dreams as well!). I'm holding off on testing for now, also because I'm skeptical about the results of those tests given what happened in November. AF should come before the weekend so I'm going to try to wait and see...

01-01-2013 11:50 AM

Happy 2013 everyone!! Best wishes for a babyful year!

01-01-2013 10:07 AM

Thank you TeamViddy!!! I hope your O comes soon!


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Wishing you all the BEST and sending you a TON of baby Dustdust.gif for 2013!!!

01-01-2013 08:09 AM
ConiferOD Hey ladies. I have been MIA for a news yet. It's been a month full of great news for some friends and family with new babies and new pregnancies. I'm happy for them all, but I can't help being jealous. I get so upset when AF arrives. I allow myself to be upset that day, and then pick myself up and try again.

I think I have o'ed on cd cycle has been 30 days lately. So i'm a bit nervous that my lp is a bit short. I got my bloods taken on cd 11 to see if all is normal, so just waiting...seems like waiting is always on my agenda these days smile.gif

Lilacvioletiris - I'm hoping for a touchdown for you!

Thebyr - a very sticky new year to you!!

To Everyone - May 2013 bring you health, happiness...and baby dust!
01-01-2013 04:34 AM

Happy New Year! DH, my brother, and I had a blast playing mexican train dominoes last night with a couple friends. Went to bed about 10:30 p.m. I knew that midnight would come but no need to see the time elapse on the clock. Finally had 3 temps that were high, but FF is giving me dashed lines.  The times were "normal" and I have been putting in the EWCM as appropriate.  Maybe I need a couple more high temps.  DH and I had BDed on the three days leading up to my O date so here is to hoping one of the few sperm made it to the goal!

12-31-2012 01:31 PM

Teamviddy, thanks, I love crafting and clothes are my favorite. Having fun designing some nursery items for my niece.  The making babies book was excellent.  We tried going the new dairy route for awhile and my dH no longer eats as much soy items as before.


Getting ready to play some games with friends.  Have a great New Year's Eve!

12-31-2012 08:46 AM

Thebyr,  so happy for you! Sending sticky wishes your way :)  thumb.gif


LibraryGirl, any news?


Lilac, super cute blankie! I love the rest of your blog too. You look cute in the circle skirt :) And I love that blue and white floral dress.


Jenny, my SIL knows but I am not sure the caregiver does. As my SIL is pregnant with her fourth, I am sure she can't remember my due date for the lost pregnancy. She has waaayyy too much going on in her house, and she really keeps her kids organized and well behaved. I can only hope to be such a good mother. I am going to write her an email or letter soon but I really don't want to bog her down with anything heavy until... I don't know... 15 years from now when she might finally have some free time.


Everyone-- thank you for your support about DH's grandma... We have been missing her.


AFM, CD8 and no signs of upcoming ovulation. Reading Making Babies. This book is super insightful and timely, considering we are dipping our toes into investigating why it's taking so long to get pregnant. They recommend following their plan, which includes cutting out some of my very favorite things: coffee, wine, vigorous exercise, and saunas. greensad.gif Of course, a lot of these things help warm me up in the winter, and they recommend tea, warming meals, keeping your feet warm, etc... I am also reading about my ayurvedic body type, and warming, spicy food and drink are supposed to be best (and I looove those things). This new job will also relieve a lot of stress, so that won't be wreaking havoc on my body anymore. Hoping for the best and bracing myself for giving up my favorite food, drink and activities...

12-30-2012 10:06 AM

Lilac- Sooo cute! it looks super snuggly sleepytime.gif

12-30-2012 09:03 AM
thebyr Cute lilac!
12-30-2012 08:08 AM

librarygirl, it isn't over until AF rears her head.  Hopefully something good will happen. Knowing when you had ewcm is pretty useful, even without temping, because it gives you a baseline for when you were fertile. I would figure another couple of days before testing again might be in order since it takes awhile for HCG to double so that a HPT can pick it up.


AFM, I finished my niece's blanket last night - it is so cute with minkee on the back and pink giraffe love fabric on the front. Check it out at******-pink-giraffe-love-fuzzy.html

12-30-2012 06:59 AM

hug2.giflibrarygirl - I'm pulling for you!

12-30-2012 06:36 AM
librarygirl Another BFN today. But still no sign of AF. And I am using FRERs. We are trying to not get our hopes up too much. It's possible that I didn't ovulate when I think I did. I don't temp to confirm. I use billings method which is based on cm only.

Still keeping positive thoughts.
12-29-2012 06:08 PM

smile.gif librarygirl- sounds very promising! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

12-29-2012 09:17 AM
thebyr Thank you librarygirl! Your box must have worked! Sounds like you have many of he same symptoms I had. Are you using FRERs to test?
12-29-2012 09:06 AM
librarygirl Thebyr- congrats! How very exciting!

Teamviddy- so sorry for your loss

Just jenny - I hope you get some answers from your tests

Lilac- good luck with the money stuff

AFM - 14dpo = 1 day late! Boobs have grown a cup size (had to get a new bra) and have spider veins all over them. I am very fair so blue veins are a part of life. smile.gif I also got car sick two days in a row and I never get car sick. Stomach is a wreck - gurgling and diarrhea- but I am still hungry. All good signs but still no BFP. And I just yelled at DH, who wasn't being nice, but not mean enough to get yelled at. I might need a nap now... smile.gif

Keep fingers crossed that AF doesn't show and the BFP is just taking its good old time.
12-29-2012 05:08 AM
thebyr Thank you justjenny!
12-28-2012 03:31 PM

TeamViddy - i am sorry to hear about your dh grandmother 

12-28-2012 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by TeamViddy View Post

Thebyr, YAY!! Congratulations! Hoping for the best for you.


Doula, That stuff drives me crazy. I am heavy-- around 93 kilos, so I get it from doctors too.


Maybe your country is going through something similar, but in the states we are implementing all kinds of obesity programs. This gets me super riled up-- they never seem to see obesity as something that might be the result of lifestyle choices and might be the result of genetics, but is always a complex issue. It's always "we have to fight obesity," not "oops, we created a nation with deeply ingrained infrastructure that causes people to wake up, commute to work or school in a car, sit at a desk all day, eat non-nutritious food, and then bask in blue light from a TV screen and sleep fitfully, wash, rinse, repeat." Also, these programs never take into account that peoples' bodies are all different, and that you can be both heavy and healthy. They focus on weight loss and not health per se. And they conflate thinness with health. As you already know, you are more likely to not ovulate due to being too thin than being too heavy.




nod.gif  SO freakin' true!  Great rant!



"At one point during the visitation, my SIL and the woman who gave DH's grandma baths, etc., who is also six months pregnant, were talking about how much the grandmother was looking forward to the new babies. This combined with the fact that my estimated due date for my one pregnancy in the past year and a half is in just a few days, caused me to have a few loud, uncontrollable sobs. I know this is par for the course during a funeral, but this is also a very subdued, quiet and religious family, and a lot of people turned and looked. And the idea that it might have made my SIL and the caretaker feel guilty for their blessings was just awful. I am not even sure how to talk about the combination of feelings of grief, sadness, shame, and failure that caused that outburst. It was really intense and I am still trying to process it."


 Viddy -I am so sorry for your losses. candle.gif   candle.gif  Maybe nothing needs to be said or explained. Grief is intense and everyone does it differently. Does your SIL and the caregiver know about your loss and your struggles with ttc? 


Lilac- I had a blood test taken 2 days ago at my reproductive endo's office. They were checking to see if I ovulated and why I had a loss and no other pregnancies. I had previously suspected I had progesterone issues. But only because I would have signs of implantation and pregnancy for like 3-4 days then it would all stop abruptly. I had no clue that progesterone could be responsible for other health issues. For example - Over the last 4 years I have made tons of requests my regular MD and done all kinds of testing for my lack of energy. Everything came back normal.  I also have had chronic joint pain in my hands, shoulders and hips. I've screened for RA and I'm fine. A little arthritis in my hands but nothing that should cause this kind of pain. I had also commented to my husband about a year ago that my body has changed the way it carries weight. I was always a pear shape. Now I'm carrying all weight in the middle. I could go on and on.  None of these things would I have ever suspected that progesterone could contribute or cause. I see him next week and will question away about causes and long term health ramifications :)


thebyr-   jumpers.gif

12-28-2012 12:50 PM

Thanks lilac... soon, but not yet. lol Thanks for that dance! I love it.



You sew things? That sounds like it's going to be awesome for your little niece. I hope you take pics of it all after you finish.

12-28-2012 12:11 PM

Yeah, Thebyr, I think if that kinds says you are pregnant, there wouldn't be any squinty lines on the other kind of hpt.  Happy Dance!joy.gif Let me know when you are ready to be moved over to graduates.  The graduates thread seems kind of asleep right now, but maybe your posting would liven it up a bit. I know that some of the bajingo mamas still come back and cheer us on as we wait for our BFPs!


TeamViddy, sorry to hear about your DH's grandma passing.  I hope you can process the grief and loss that is necessary to continue on in your journey to a BFP. I am sure it was tough, but it sounds like the lady lived a long good life. Christ's second coming and heaven can't come fast enough so that we can all be reunited with our loved ones we have lost!


JustJenny, that is interesting about the low Progesterone causing chronic fatigue and pain.  When did you have yours checked? What kind of test is it?


AFM, the bonus wasn't in with my paycheck stub.  I just decided to transfer the money from savings for the case management fee and make the appointment because I have faith that the money will come and the meeting with the IVF coordinator has to happen before we know what else will come next. I won't be able to get meds until the other money is paid but either my bonus will cover it or my tax return. My next doctor appointment is Jan. 15 so it will be an exciting couple of weeks.


Met up with my sister who is expecting a little girl in April. She picked out and purchased material for me to make a princess canopy turrett, curtains, sheets, and a blanket that are in a pink giraffe material with coordinating colors.  It is going to look so cute! I got to feel my niece kicking my sister, it was so cool.  I can't wait to feel a baby move inside of me. It was great fun for part of my vacation.

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