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02-06-2013 08:40 AM

February thread is here!  Keep on running :).

02-06-2013 07:13 AM
Runningmommy Jo-i was commenting on those who wrote they were behind on the thread like me, lol, although what you wrote about schooling that all sounds fantastic. I love that same feature of our homeschool curriculum as I was just moving around some assignments yesterday.

Gaye-sorry about all the stress and hope it's smooth sailing now! Thanks for the input re:friend. I told her *my* body wouldn't be able to handle what her friend was suggesting without injury. I also shared that I'd like to run closer to four hours than 6 because that's a LONG time to be running (and kudos to those that can run for SIX straight hours as well as those that can run über fast for 26.2 miles as I can do neither).

MelW-thanks for well wishes on ds3 and for input on friend. Hope your pains are gone soon!! Yay on teaching the class once a month. That sounds fun!

Ds3 is home again, barfed last night while I was at bible study. Didn't tell his dad because dad was in a bad mood. greensad.gif ds3 was texting me (on dad's phone) the entire time I was in study saying he was crying & needed me, so I left early. Poor thing!

RR: it okay to run if you have the runs? This is a low mile week (what do you call that-step down week? ) so it would only be four miles today.
02-06-2013 12:29 AM

So, MelW, you're still having good luck with the asthma situation?


Gaye, I cannot believe it took FS so long to get there. We have had packages arrive to my ILs in the High Atlas Mountains faster than that. Wow. I hope he was still in costume, and that the dirham came with him. I really hope people wake up and answer your queries about sending in your license info. That is not small potatoes.


RM, we aren't actually behind, but we are feeling the same pressure because we need to be ahead! I don't want anything hanging over our heads when we return for the summer, and I do NOT want to put off the return because we have exams and stuff. I want to be through everything, absolutely, by end of May. This is where I really like the calendar feature in K12, because I can play around with days off and check to see when the system predicts completion dates.


JayGee, I am just amazed how much relief I am getting from acupuncture. The last time the doc placed needles, they didn't hurt going in in all the spots, and I am getting good range of motion back. The shame is how little coverage there is in most insurance plans. For something so noninvasive and safe and low-cost. Sigh.


So ds is finishing up his paper today. Dd and I did some painting for art, copying Rembrandt sketches ROTFLMAO.gif. I'd forgotten how much fun I have drawing and painting. Our big goals for the day are to get that paper turned in, and to get ready for our big day in Dubai tomorrow. Snacks, drinks, etc. This cold is kicking my butt, but I think I am almost finished. We walked on the beach yesterday, and will probably again today, to do the cyanotype art we have been waiting to do. As soon as my head and chest clear, I am SO back to daily walking running. I feel like a blob.

02-05-2013 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

And the topper on it all is that I had a horrible night at work last night and I have to go back tonight. It started off well enough, I was doing new baby admits, had a baby born to a super nice couple, and then I got switched to postpartum and had two babies that wouldn't eat, another that was on abstinence scoring because it was withdrawing and then had a crazy high bilirubin level that I had to start on phototherapy. Oh, and just for kicks, I had a fresh c-section and a postpartum hemorrhage. dizzy.gif On the bright side, my charge nurse gave me props for keeping my hemorrhaging patient on the toilet and not letting her fall (falls are a BIG deal...) that's something, I guess. rolleyes.gif


I have so been there with the propping to stop a fall. Once with a woman half on and half off the bed, and the doc congratulating me for not letting her fall. Basically, when blood started pouring everywhere as she stood up, I threw her on the bed as well as I could. Not letting people fall usually saves paperwork, but when they bleed that much I have to fill out an incident report anyways. Good luck with the HR department. Red tape is so annoying!


RM, I think your friend is inviting an injury. I hope your ds feels better soon!


bec, your trip sounds wonderful!


NRR (because that's all there is!)- The IUD has been removed and the new one inserted. It wasn't an easy removal, but was managed in the office. It was only minorly uncomfortable. Yesterday also involved a pretty bad cold for my youngest, added trip to the chinese doctor, scrambling for childcare for today. Oh, and a job interview. Pending reference checks, I'm going to be teaching the health unit's prenatal-in-a-day class once a month biggrinbounce.gif I have not had the chance to deal with my neck/shoulder given the rest of the busy-ness, but had a video chat consult with my RMT sister with good suggestions for stretching and self-massage. I wish she could reach through the screen and massage me, though.

02-05-2013 04:49 PM
tjsmama lisa~I would download or send links to several 16-18 week marathon training programs, highlighting the fact that they're 16-18 weeks. You *can* train for a marathon in a couple of months, but only if your base is already in place enough to allow when I jumped off from my half-ironman into marathon training. She's asking for injury if she jumps from running 1x/week to 20-30 miles/week.

No call back from the HR director yet. irked.gif An email will be sent while I'm at work tonight, copying my manager on it. If I don't have a reply tomorrow, I'll go up the chain. I really, really, REALLY hate it when people do not call you back. One of my number one pet peeves. Pick up the freaking phone, people!

And just to make it even better, I got another letter from my HOA on the stupid satellite dish issue today, denying my request to approve its current placement. Oh, and also telling me not to bother submitting again, because they'll deny it again. So now, I get to spend my free time at the end of the week gathering evidence to send in for appeal (such as pictures of ALL the complexes near us that allow placements far worse than what I'm requesting, and pictures of people in our complex who have things hanging outside the boundaries of their balconies). Because I have all this free time right now.

And the topper on it all is that I had a horrible night at work last night and I have to go back tonight. It started off well enough, I was doing new baby admits, had a baby born to a super nice couple, and then I got switched to postpartum and had two babies that wouldn't eat, another that was on abstinence scoring because it was withdrawing and then had a crazy high bilirubin level that I had to start on phototherapy. Oh, and just for kicks, I had a fresh c-section and a postpartum hemorrhage. dizzy.gif On the bright side, my charge nurse gave me props for keeping my hemorrhaging patient on the toilet and not letting her fall (falls are a BIG deal...) that's something, I guess. rolleyes.gif

02-05-2013 01:55 PM
Runningmommy Hi ladies! I noticed Gaye and Lofty a bit behind too which helped me not feel so much of a slacker. smile.gif there has just been With my homeschooler! Then school safety assistant (can't call her nurse?) called that ds1 (8yo, 2nd grade) was very pale and came to her room with trash can in hand. Poor kid! This happened to him in December. So he stayed home today. I've been super tired since Friday, taking naps where you feel like part of the bed/couch when you wake up.

SPARKLE- amen to the fish oil comment!! smile.gif Fixes so many things for me. Mood swings, rage during PMS, sleep, night sweats, etc.

RR: been on track with runs and foot is really hurting me lately. JAYGEE-I so feel your frustration!! The friend I'm running the marathon with said her triathlon friend told her she doesn't have to start training until a couple of months before the marathon!!!! She's only running once a week now and she and her friend think she can just start busting out some mileage (friend suggested 20-30mpw) for a couple months?? Am I crazy for thinking that's not good physically??
02-05-2013 01:54 PM
Runningmommy Hi ladies! I noticed Gaye and Lofty a bit behind too which helped me not feel so much of a slacker. smile.gif there has just been With my homeschooler! Then school safety assistant (can't call her nurse?) called that ds1 (8yo, 2nd grade) was very pale and came to her room with trash can in hand. Poor kid! This happened to him in December. So he stayed home today. I've been super tired since Friday, taking naps where you feel like part of the bed/couch when you wake up.

SPARKLE- amen to the fish oil comment!! smile.gif Fixes so many things for me. Mood swings, rage during PMS, sleep, night sweats, etc.

RR: been on track with runs and foot is really hurting me lately. JAYGEE-I so feel your frustration!! The friend I'm running the marathon with said her triathlon friend told her she doesn't have to start training until a couple of months before the marathon!!!! She's only running once a week now and she and her friend think she can just start busting out some mileage (friend suggested 20-30mpw) for a couple months?? Am I crazy for thinking that's not good physically??
02-05-2013 10:59 AM
sparkletruck JG - my dh does that too; bla bla bla, and I swear the kid stopped listening 5 minutes ago. Im always telling him "black and white consequences, then apply if needed" but he still has this illusion that they can be reasoned with lol.gif

Bec - what a glorious trip. You deserve it after all that time w/out dh

mamajb - the weather is a real trigger for my motivation too, especially gloom (fog). Maybe you could tell yourself you're going for a walk but wear the right clothes in case you decide to pick up the pace, or tell yourself you'll go for "just" 20 minutes, and see what happens

Gaye - I hope everything got resolved. What a predictable pita!

RR: yeah, whatever

NRR: construction started today on the bathrooms. We have been gutting them slowly over the last 6 months, so they are ready for new stuff. The old was mauve tile and toilets, brass fixtures, silver streaked wallpaper, just to name a bit of the the gorgeousness that was happening. Not to mention the layer of ugly tile on top of wallpaper on top of CONCRETE. So that'll be nice but its a drag having people in my space hide.gif

Presentation today in one of my classes that I have been stressing about for 2 weeks. I hate presentations...
02-05-2013 09:44 AM
JayGee bec - what a wonderful winter getaway! Hope the return to Chicago isn't too horrible wink1.gif.

Gaye - any word from HR? That sounds so typical of large organizations....

mommajb - run.....!

lofty - good job getting the kids grain free. I've managed wheat free with mine (mostly), but we are still heavy on the rice, quinoa and corn. Still, no wheat has made a noticable difference.

Plady - the pie sounds delish, even it didn't turn out as expected.

RR - went to the Y this morning and walked/ran for 30 minutes, then did PT exercises and leg presses.

NRR - I had my follow-up at pain management today. The steroid injection did wonders to clear up my back pain, hip pain, calf pain and foot numbness/ tingling. Yet the lateral knee pain at the fibular head persists. On Thursday I am having a diagnostic ultrasound of the knee, so they can see what is going on as the knee moves. She thinks the MRIs may have all been negative because what is happening in there occurs in motion and the MRI is static. Fingers crossed for "something"! Preferably, something fixable.

DD1 is driving DH and me totally up a wall again. She has ZERO internal motivation to do anything. Piano practice, bed making, tying her own shoes, taking her backpack out of the car. All of it us done grudgingly and under duress. Now I know DH and I have contributed to this by doing things FOR her for the last 8 years bag.gif and now that we want her to take responsibility for herself a little more, she's wondering why. And fighting back. Hard. And it doesn't help that DH gets fed up with her, and just does it himself while lecturing her about how she should be doing herself what he is doing for her. Another point for DD.
02-05-2013 08:34 AM
mommajb Thanks for all the reassurances on the topic of coyotes. I am a bit testy when it comes to animals on the run. I admit I have altered my route on account of birds - vultures that were not flying away as I approached and a flock of turkey that took no notice of me but birds all the same.

bec, it sounds like you had a great trip and with no mention of any problems at home while you were gone. Woot!
Gaye, I hope your HR issue is all resolved. It doesn't seem like it should be required on the app if it is that easily verifiable nor should it have been a problem for them to provide it. Bureaucracy at work.
sparkle, It sounds like you are on the right track figuring out what you need to feel good more regularly.

I need to run yet today but I am not feeling it. I hope I come around by afternoon when I have the chance to get out. The brain fog is thick today and it matches the marine layer out my window.
02-04-2013 09:20 PM

Lofty - I'm so glad you've seen some changes!  I wish I was seeing more, I think the girls have been undoing their progress at home as much as possible.  And this weekend we all kind of gave up a bit.  We had a birthday dinner for Wendy (I can't believe it's been 7 years, and yet that it's been only 7 years) and then dh had a fire department banquet, and then the Superbowl.  The girls and I had nothing to do with the superbowl actually having not been invited to go along with dh to watch it but C wanted to try her hand at making a fresh coconut cream pie and we ate the results even though they weren't exactly as


Bec - That sounds like a wonderful weekend!  Loved the happy faces on FB too.

02-04-2013 07:57 PM

I'm back from a wonderful long weekend in Arizona visiting my BFF!  It was her 40th birthday, so it was really a special time to spend with her.  Among other things, we ran 6 miles of  trail (I probably should not say run so much as hiked vigorously) up a mountain called (interestingly, given the conversation) Cougar Mountain, complete with a statue of a cougar.  We had a lively discussion about the possibility of cougars being right there, right then.  Thankfully, if there were any lurking mountain lions, they were scared off by my labored, sea level accustomed breathing.  It was a really tough "run", but felt good at the same time.  The 5000 feet elevation was definitely a change of pace!  A few days later, we went down into Phoenix to run the Desert Classic Half Marathon.  It was a glorious run.  For the second year in a row, we started late (they really need to get more port a potties!).  But, it is such a laid back race, and it is chip timed, after all, that our 10 minute late start didn't even raise an eyebrow.  We noted, this year, that it really is pretty much a steady uphill, heading out.  This made for a definite negative split coming back!  I believe we finished in under 3 hours, but results are not up yet.  This includes a good 5-10 minutes where we had to make a potty stop (at the one port a potty on the course).  Anyway, the weather was perfect, the road was nice, it was at sea level, and I was with my friend.  It was so nice running with her again, and I have really needed just a good run.  I had 14 miles on my schedule, so we warmed up before hand jogging to and from the car a couple of times with our t-shirts and the like.  It was most of a mile before the race started, and walking back to the car after took care of the last little bit.  So, 14 miles in the book. 


Now, I'm back to snow, cold and trying to survive the last of the oppressive winter in Chicago!

02-04-2013 02:38 PM
loftmama Good for you, Gaye. Keep hounding them. thumb.gif

Since we're talking about coyotes, you might like this. Coyotes make loyal pets and reliable parents

No workout for me. I am sleeping an unbelievable amount. Apparently, I will be sleeping through February. sleeping.gif But I am writing like a mutha! computergeek2.gif

We have been almost exclusively bread and grain free for the last several weeks. I can definitely see the difference in my boys that Plady was talking about. And both dh & I have felt great! Unfortunately I blew it the last 3 days with friends visiting, a birthday party and the Super Bowl party. Whoops. My gut is killing me now! nono.gif
02-04-2013 01:35 PM
tjsmama I'm waiting for a call back from the director of HR. If I don't hear back from her, or she won't bend, next step is my manager and the chief nursing officer and/or CEO. I mean, for pete's sake...they're willing to disclose my salary and how many hours I worked last year, but they won't disclose something that's public record? rolleyes.gif

rr~Worked off some of my displeasure with a 30 minute treadmill hill workout followed by spin class.
02-04-2013 08:36 AM

Gaye, that's the kind of issue that gets results in working up the chain.  If you strike out with the head of HR, call the VP of public relations. 

02-04-2013 08:27 AM
tjsmama I am SO. VERY. AGGRAVATED. I'm applying for a federal nursing loan repayment program, which could potentially be worth nearly $30,000 to me...and my stupid HR department won't fill out the online verification that is required because their policy doesn't allow them to disclose my licensing information. Information which I am freely willing to have them disclose AND is available to anyone who has access to the internet and knows my name. Without this verification, my application is incomplete, and according to the customer service for the program, there's no workaround on that end for this. banghead.gif I mean, seriously???? AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!

So, of course, I'm so fired up by this that I can't manage to get my brain to settle enough to take a nap, so work should be fun tonight... rolleyes.gif

In better news, we had a really good weekend. I got to ski with a good friend I hadn't seen for forever on Saturday while DS was in his lesson. I snuck away from her and her DS (age 7) long enough to ski a fantastic powder run through the trees and a couple of bump runs. The weather was gorgeous, and the snow was good. And then I slept 12+ hours Saturday night (!!!) and woke up feeling ski-hungover, so I skipped my plans to go to the Y to run on the hamster wheel (no nanny available and childcare doesn't open until after my fav spin class, boo) so we could run some errands instead and do some stuff around the house. Back to work tonight for the next two...
02-04-2013 06:55 AM

Mommajb - Yeah, I'd be worried about mountain lions and not coyotes too.  And I don't think I'd worry about Mountain lions where you are, unless you're running much farther to the east than I think.  DH and I happened to catch a glimpse of one once up near Big Sur and it was enormous.  It makes me shudder a little when I think about how close it was to us.  Like Mel said, we hadn't noticed it but I'm sure it noticed us!


MelW - Do you carry anything to deter an attack?  Bears and cougars!  Oh My! - Hope that iud is soon history!


Jo - That soup does sound yummy.  I haven't done anything along those lines in too long!


JayGee - goodvibes.giffor continuing improvement.


Sparkle - Yay for fish oil!  And thanks for the reminder to take it!


Mel38 - Good luck with your decision about ds.  Over the weekend I read Ali G a story about a boy who repeats kindergarten that her teacher had sent home with me.  She seemed to really sympathize with the boy in the story.  Then she dug out her list of sight words and started studying!  lol.gif  These kids are no fools.


RR: I did a little dancing over the weekend with the girls.  We do work up a sweat so I'm counting it.  Last night I tweaked my knee though and had to ice it.  Then while we watched Biggest Loser the girls got all hyper and started running in place and doing push-ups.  It was very cute, and I've got to see where I can work in a slot for us to do more together.  DD1 wants to workout with me, how can I not make that happen?

02-04-2013 06:54 AM

Weird double post



02-04-2013 06:36 AM
JayGee I think the only time coyotes are worrisome is when they may be rabid. We had one wandering aimlessly through our neighborhood in Bloomington in broad daylight a few years ago. Animal control caught it and it was rabid. We think it might have been a coyote that almost killed one of our cats (multiple puncture wounds, broken ribs), but it could have been a raccoon too. Mountain lions sound scary though!

sparkle - yay for fish oil and easy luteal phases!

Real - I love the Truth Squad idea and will mention it to my friend who is on the referendum committee. It's so nice to be able to bounce ideas off you since I know you just passed a similar referendum in your district. Thanks!

MelW - good luck with the IUD replacement!

jooj - feel better soon. Kayaking sounds fun and your soup sounds awesome!

RR - it's my night to take DS to swim team practice, so I will use my time wisely at the YMCA to do the treadmill and my PT exercises smile.gif.

NRR - I am definitely noticing improvement in my leg since the injections. All the numbness and tingling is gone. I still have pain on the lateral side of my knee, but I'm not sure that's back related anyway. Tomorrow I go back to the pain management doc for a followup and a referral back to PT.
02-03-2013 11:26 PM
Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

mommajb, mountain lions are a worry, IMO coyotes really are not unless you are with a dog or unless you are a small child.
This. We have coyotes here and for a long time they kept to themselves. There have been a few coyotes who have attacked dogs in recent years. I haven't heard of coyotes attacking a lone human. I have seen coyotes while running and they've never more than glanced my way. One time I was running with J in the jogger and one dashed across the road maybe 200 feet in front of us. I saw one last spring pretty close too on a trail, but there was a canal separating us (could it have jumped it? Yes, but it wasn't interested). There was one in our neighborhood when I was running with J last spring but some older gentlemen stopped me before I got there and I turned around. And years ago when R was small enough to be in the jogger I came out from under a bridge and there were two or three of them in open space. I stopped, but they ran off as soon as they saw me. The ones lately don't seem to run off but they're not interested in me or kid in a jogger. (Jogger parts probably taste bad.) :P

Coyotes are the reason I bought pepper spray. I didn't figure I'd really needed, but figured if they needed some extra incentive to be chased away, I'd like to have some. I've taken it with me if I'm running at dusk or in the dark just in case.
02-03-2013 05:13 PM
sparkletruck Well, from minimal reading (and a prejudice against it) I dont think its for me. In any case, I had a bizarrely good cycle this month. I decided to hit it with mega calcium (studies showing that it helps pms symptoms), mega fish oil, and a small dose of ssri btwn. O and AF. AF came tonight completely out of the blue; no death spiral for 4 days before-hand, minimal depression/anxiety for the two weeks preceding ... just kind of smooth; woot! And it was 4 weeks instead of 6 like the last 2 months. I'm convinced that mega-doses of fish oil are the answer to world peace lol.gif
02-03-2013 08:34 AM

My IUD is copper, not hormonal, so no impact on my mood. I am pretty happy with it as birth control (enough to have a new one put in), though I think for many people the side effects of heavier and crampier periods would be a pretty big deterrent. I had light and cramp-free periods pre-IUD and now have graduated from the "mini" tampons for one or two days and occasionally have a bit of cramping (the cramping seems quite related to my diet and exercise patterns the week before). Probably not all that helpful, but there you have it... FWIW, my removal situation is because the strings were a bit "stabby" once the IUD settled into place, so I had them cut *reeeeeeaally* short. Now they're too short to grab onto for removal. I keep reminding myself that was expected from when I had them shortened, and that it isn't because the IUD has migrated or perforated or anything else scary.


Mmmmmm, Tom Kha Gai. Now I know what I want for dinner tonight! I hope you're feeling better soon, jo.

02-03-2013 07:24 AM

I noticed mood changes in the WRONG direction when my IUD hit 3.5 years. Which is why I then went on a minipill. Which has one TMI side effect which I will call *BCM.


Lofty, my dd is definitely the hearing learner. I had her read aloud to me tonight. We need to do that more. Ds worked through more note-taking, a detailed formal outline, and 2/3 of his first draft today (in just a couple hours; he got his other work done, too). He remarked on how easy the writing part was, once the notes were taken and organized and the outline written. om.gif


Fingers crossed for the IUD removal, MelW. It's freaking me out a little to think about it, but I am confident your obgyn will just handle it. And I hope the headaches disappear completely and immediately.


We kayaked yesterday, which was awesome but not long enough and *WIMP ALERT* kind of chilly. We were doing this found art cyanotype project. But then the sun went away and it rained (of all days and in all places) so we brought the paper and found stuff home and will do them when the wind stops screaming. Anyway, I awoke with a sore throat but soldiered on, and then fell on the couch in the afternoon and could not be bothered to get off until this morning. The good doc gave me some needles in the face today for my congestion. And I just downed 2.5 bowls of Tom Kha Gai. And next I am going out to get nasal spray. Because mouth breathing is overrated. We have another field trip this week, to Dubai, so the kids are on the hook to get the extra work done, and they are so far rising to it. We can do this.


*B is for boogery

02-03-2013 06:36 AM
sparkletruck Melw - you just reminded me, thanks....

NRR: I went for a first appt. with a gyn. just to establish myself with someone who can hopefully be a sounding board with some specialized knowledge about this hormone stuff. Short (expected) version is that she said it sounds like Im doing everything right bla bla bla, but she did mention that she puts more IUD's in women in their 40's than women in their 20's because of this very thing; that the IUD helps with the mood swings/hormone distress. So Im going to do some research. But i wondered if any of you are using one and if you noticed a difference in mood, or physiologically in any other way?
02-03-2013 05:45 AM

Just a quick drive-by on the coyote situation. They are common here, even in these fairly urban areas. There are signs posted at the Patriots Point and near the bridge where hundreds of people run and walk, and literally right beside sports fields, playgrounds and other public areas. I haven't heard of one attacking a leashed dog or any human, but I am sure that they live off of any other small animal including unleashed pets. I don't feel afraid of them, though, just because I haven't ever heard of anyone being bitten or even approached. On an early morning run last summer, I saw a baby coyote near the fence to the shipyard in downtown Charleston! In general, I worry much less about them than about the dogs that regularly approach me and bark menacingly. I'm more afraid of a rabid animal, though, but there is not much to do about that except to avoid running anywhere outdoors.

Mommajb, that's one way to get through a movie - skip all the talking parts! Funny.


Loft, that does sound bucolic, but I'm with you on the cleaning service. It would need to be weekly around here, too.


Which reminds me, I have 6 hours of work today, and then cleaning before a houseful of people descends upon us for the superbowl. I better get busy!


Have a lovely Sunday everybody!

02-02-2013 10:25 PM

jo, I'm glad your husband is seeing your needs for space now, too. Terrific to have him step into your shoes and see the same issues :)


loftmama, I think my kids prefer water kefir to kombucha, but I have kombucha going on. My oldest likes it with a shorter ferment/sweeter tea, and the youngest will devour it any way I ferment it.


Shanti, that is an amazing workout! I hope you get some rest and relaxation now.


Plady, I'm glad the meeting went well and hope you find solutions that work for your daughter.


Mel38, good luck with your school planning, too.


mommajb, I've had a lot of coyote encounters while running in Vancouver and they are pretty fearful and not so big that you wouldn't beat one in a fight. Now I have the black bears and mountain lions (we call them cougars) to deal with in our forests. My husband and I have an ongoing debate over whether to be more afraid of of the bears or cougars. I vote cougars, ad according to google Vancouver Island has the most cougar attacks and fatalities in North America. I see bears on a pretty regular basis, but have never seen a cougar. As a friend of mine jokes: I've never seen a cougar, but I'm sure that they have seen me... Hubby worries more about bears because he thinks he's less likely to beat one in a fight. Mostly the bears are big and dumb and not interested in humans since there are lots of berries and garbage to eat.


Thanks for the concern about the shoulder/neck. In a typical small town way, my doc was at bootcamp on Friday night, and I'll head in to the office on Monday if I don't have significant improvement. Today was headache-free, so I'm optimistic. Chiro thinks that compensation from the initial injury lead to some new muscular tension higher up and some impingement on the orbital nerve causing the headaches. It makes sense in the context of the day- increasing tension. The 40 min drive to work and 60ish minutes home are really not helpful.


RR- Tried to go climbing today but the gym was closed for a roller derby game. We did a couple of blocks around the block instead.


NRR- I forgot to mention that I have a job interview on Monday to teach prenatal classes. They're free classes offered by public health, and I would teach the L&D component. It's only 1 or 2 days per month, but I think it would be fun. My sense from the phone call is that the interview is mostly just a formality to see if I'm a good fit. Also on Monday, I have round two of the attempted IUD replacement. Fingers crossed that the GYN can get it switched out in the office (family doctor failed when she tried).

02-02-2013 07:54 PM

mommajb, mountain lions are a worry, IMO coyotes really are not unless you are with a dog or unless you are a small child. Mountain lions are another story. We had coyotes on the farm, and they were only a worry for us with regard to lambs and chickens. Mountain lions look and sounds very different from coyotes, and will stalk adult people and attack quietly from behind. Better to run the trail with a group. And also loudly.


On school and "holding back," I just wish there weren't such stigmas attached. How age-obsessed kids (and their parents) can be! Self included. Here, schools do KG1 and KG2, so it's not weird to have 2 years in before grade 1. Of course, it is also the more common thing to start earlier, not later, unless one is a super-self-assured northern European (think Scandinavian).


Shanti, you deserve Nic's rx too. greensad.gif Wish you both could come relax on the beach for a couple weeks.


Yeah, Geo, you are right, and dd needs BOTH handwriting and keyboarding practice. She CAN write exquisitely, but it's when she hurries (because it's not her favorite activity or subject and she is looking to move on to something she likes more) that she makes a mess. Most of this is a battle of wills.


Speaking of which, I caught a cold this weekend, so yesterday dh stepped in and rode herd a little. Kids' room is clean, both kids got a second-parent-talking-to about most of the same issues I have been struggling with, and by dealing with the mess of the room, dh does realize, the apartment IS too small. It's been hard because he picked it all himself, and I hated the very online photos of the listing in the first place...and then he Skyped from here and tried to declare what a huge space it is while I was unconvinced...and now finally, after a few weekends actually inside the space, he realizes it is not enough space for what we are doing here. So, he will be looking for a 3BR over the summer, and we will return to a different place. I pray it is not a villa, because I don't need all the extra work of a garden here, but we shall see. We checked out an awesome duplex apt a few weeks ago, and I'd take that in two seconds.


There's more, but I am leaving for more needles in ten minutes...

02-02-2013 05:50 PM
mommajb The ladies said coyotes, no mention of mountain lions, but thanks for the added worry eyesroll.gif Even I am laughing at me. Honestly I would worry more about mountain lions in east county but these are urban canyons. When I do some more research it does seem like my running times are not great -I should stick to urban roads and away from canyons and the edges of them if I can pre-dawn/dawn and dusk/after dark.

I was watching a movie with ds2 and he was so excited to 'hold the remote himself.' Amusing enough until he starts fast forwarding. When questioned he says that he doesn't like the scary parts or the parts where there is nothing but talking. At least he got to bed on time last night. lol.gif
02-02-2013 01:48 PM
Geofizz Mommajb, are the mtn lions that far south? I'd figure out the best way to deal with them when in the canyon. Probably during the middle of the day, it's not that big of a deal, but I would think about it for dawn and dust. I know my mom's seen some in the canyons south of SF, and one was seen trotting across the playground of my neice's elementary school. bigeyes.gif:

Jooj, these kids aren't too old to work on handwriting, focusing on making forming the letters more automatic. Does she hold the pencil correctly? When kids take a less asymmetric grip, it makes it harder to get these asymmetric letters straight. I made DD fill in her middle school registration paperwork herself. She wrote her own last name with the 'd' backwards. eyesroll.gif
02-02-2013 12:44 PM
loftmama Super behind. Very busy & productive week writing. Essays, Short stories & 3 Blogs not to mention the rest of my life.

RR- only ran once on Monday. No weights. No yoga. Must move my body this weekend.

Geo, good luck with strengthening the glutes and helping out the IT band. Sorry about RP's family and ALS. greensad.gif

MelW, I don't like Kombucha but I wonder if my kids might. I'll have to look into this.

Plady, Good luck with that decision. Her teacher sounds awesome, thank goodness. FWIW, ds1 was definitely a grade behind. As a teacher, I knew that he'd be okay but if he ever wanted to move back up, he couldn't. This is one major reason I homeschooled. He stayed a grade behind consistently through elementary school but during the middle school years has easily leaped a grade ahead. If he was to go to school now, it would be easy for him to be at the top of his grade and he wouldn't have had to experience the "not being on level" thing that I was so worried about. I don't mean to suggest you should homeschool, I just mean to point out that learning happens in starts and stops. Good luck.

Sparkleville, the LEADVILLE 100! Wth! Does he have too much time on his hands or something?! Wow! Super-impressed here. orngbiggrin.gif

jooj, ds1 flipped his d & b for a long time, too. Too long. And his handwriting was terrible. He can be maddeningly on the slow side which worries me no end. Anyway, they're all fine now as is his handwriting. Not saying she's just like my ds1, just wanted to say maybe there's still time for those letters to turn around. Some kids are just late bloomers. I have one late bloomer and one early bloomer, neither right in the middle. Opposites. Hope the acupuncture helped. That trip sounds nice.

Nicka, Could you get him to prescribe a "cleaning service to get the dust" out of my house? Only it would have to be once a week, because the mortar between the logs and the unfinished cement floor and the woodstove just creates ash everywhere it seems. Doesn't that sound bucolic? Yum, maple syrup. Hope it wasn't too much. greensad.gif

JG and Kerc, love hearing about your learning style. I fall in the note-taking category and there was much agony involved using this form of learning on ds1. Who apparently remembers every single thing he hears, not writes. Maybe that's another reason why his growth is so quick now, too. He gets a lot of opportunity to learn aurally from dvds, various programs, and lots of discussion. Of course, we just learned from his daily stumbling that he also doesn't see well. His eyesight is going downhill pretty fast, at least in my experience though the eye doc keeps assuring me this is quite normal at his age. greensad.gif

Mommjb, So excited you and Plady get to hang out soon. joy.gif

Oh and re: Science Fair. Here's a guide by Elemental Science. I've bought their curriculum but haven't purchases this but for $5 it might be worth it. Maybe there's a sample?
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