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07-01-2013 07:42 AM

New thread  run.gif

07-01-2013 04:58 AM

Yes, Nic, that would be a strange thing to have to force out of my mouth, too.


I am just finalizing plans for our wee one-day road trip to Madison today. Ds is coming along and dd is staying with family. I have stops at two markets to stock up on meat options, a swing through TJ's, and I'd like to take a walk on State Street and check out the Capitol Building, maybe sign some petitions or something, you know...taking two coolers and hoping the meat stays frozen for the drive back.


After my 6 miles yesterday, I did a short bike ride, just 15 minutes, but it felt like work to my quads. Then lifted with ds.


Also working on raising my fat and trimming carbs extra low to encourage the body to burn its own assets (ahem) and not bonk like crazy while fasting. One more week of practice.


Which reminds me, Plady--that was EXACTLY the kind of camp I'm talking about!duck.gif


bec, I know I would have bonked. Seems lots of bonk-inducing weather out there these days, between heat, humidity and barometric pressure. Oy.

06-30-2013 02:01 PM

Holy bonks, mamas. Went out for an 8 miler and came home nauseous and gasping at not even 6! It was humid but not more than the other day...I don't know. Blech. I am ovulating so I guess it's possible that's a factor. My hormones and their wackiness is way more of an issue now than it ever was before (well except for that hemorraging thing every month that I had surgery for. sigh.). Another weird seems that if I ingest any simple sugar (like, juice or a gf cookie) after noon with nothing else, I get a whomper of a headache and then need a nap. I suppose on the up side, it puts me off sugar. But wow, that's kind of harsh. 


Anyway, here in NJ at my parents' for one night and taking my girls to camp in PA tomorrow for a month. Bittersweet. Lots of hours in the car tomorrow for ds. Ugh...


On the up side, vegan chinese food tonight. broc1.gifyummy.gif  It makes me laugh to order 'roast pork fried rice' on the phone ROTFLMAO.gif(also weirds me out. but the whole place is totally vegan) Makes spending time at my parents that much more worthwhile. 

06-30-2013 09:16 AM

Go with the guy that makes you laugh, Gaye!


RR - big workout yesterday, big workout today.  It was 52 miles on the bike today.  I was supposed to follow that with a 4 mile run, which would have coincided with Emily's 4 mile run that she needed to do today.  After the bike, though, I totally bonked.  I was, however, able to pull it together long enough to ride my hybrid while she ran next to me. It was obviously an easy end to the morning.  Emily tore her run up, too!  Very proud of her!luxlove.gif

06-30-2013 09:08 AM

Oh, Gaye, you are making me ROTFLMAO.gif. And, I think you're doing very well at being a gracious ex.


MelW, your home sounds so intriguing to me. Congrats on the working out of income! Not a small thing. I tend to have a similar benefit when I am regular and good with exercise. I think for me it is the stress management aspect. I let out extra energy that I would otherwise funnel into emotional eating. Either way, the result of plenty of exercise is better overall health.


In that vein, I know I have a long slog ahead to get back into the place where I feel super-good, but I'm really motivated, I am pretty single-minded, and being in the whole just-me-running-the-place mode, I know I have all the tools and fewer obstacles. So I am working on fat-adapting a la Mark Sisson, which is sort of painful in this moment, but in another week, I will be on fire, and it should bode well for long fasting days without a fried food and sugar binge at 9PM every night for 30 days. winky.gif


Just ran/walked 6.2mi and now taking the kids over to the gym for our fun gym time and a swim.

06-29-2013 09:13 PM
tjsmama I really do love.gifcaffix.gif. What's funny is that I rarely drink it outside of work, I usually prefer tea. But, at work, it must be coffee...the stronger, and sugarier (is that a word?) the better. Mmmm.

Yes, I made it through my shifts, and they weren't even that bad, really. The first night flew by, since it was only 8 hours. Last night was slightly longer, but mostly because I had a highly anxious, chronic pain patient who was freaking out over the fact that her baby was withdrawing from all the narcotics she took during pregnancy. Sigh. Fortunately, my other two couplets were lovely, lovely people, which made dealing with that a little easier. DS is driving me crazy, but admitted today that he just wants to get my attention, so I made sure that I shut everything down and snuggled with him on the couch to watch a movie before bedtime. Poor kiddo...he came home from Ohio just in time for me to work 2 days followed by 2 nights. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he's feeling a little neglected. It's not gonna get any better till we go to Florida next week, either, since I work the next three nights and then we immediately get on a plane. I'm starting to get excited about our trip, although also stressed out about the logistics of packing when I work the next three nights and traveling on no sleep and figuring out what we're going to do when once we're there. Oh, and XH asked if it would be ok if he brought his wife and stepson and joined us the last weekend that we're in Florida so the boys can go to Disney together. I'm mildly annoyed that he's horning in on our vacation, but I don't want to be a beyotch and say no, either. Plus, DS is really excited at the prospect of going to Disney with his stepbrother. I guess it IS XH's dad that we're going to see, after all. orngtongue.gif It's gonna be a wee bit awkward, though, I have a feeling. It could be good in some ways...I've never done more than exchange a few words with XH's wife, so it might not be a bad thing to get to know her a little. ( report innocent.gif)~ Not much to report yet. I've been exchanging emails with a couple of guys. One guy seems very nice, but hasn't shown much personality in his emails. I got an email today from a new guy, and it made me laugh out loud, so I emailed him back. Several emails that have not impressed me (form letter, asking to meet in the very first email, one email whose entire content was "Hi. I'm jealous of your flexible work schedule.", ok). I emailed a couple of guys who are way too hot for me. I have not heard back from them, but you never know, right? Nothing else that entertaining going on, but I did email three guys last night while I was at work, so I'm trying!
06-29-2013 07:28 PM

JayGee, I'm chiming in to agree that it's totally unfair to be finished with running. I hope you find something joyful to take it's place.


On the whole diet/exercise thing, I think I'm an outlier on the diet before exercise issue. If I'm exercising regularly I feel more motivated to treat my body well and feed it better food. Of course, I've never exercised at the level that some of you do, and 20-30km per week seems to be a sweet spot where my body looks and feels good without much effort on the dietary side other than what I feel compelled to eat. That said, I'm 34, so may be here looking for wisdom on this matter in a few years...


RR- 5ish km with some hill repeats thrown in today- watchless and gpsless this morning. I spent from 6:30 to 7 trying to escape the 4 year old sleeping on my arm before escaping the house while everyone slept in (though apparently only until about 10 minutes after I left).


NRR- We hit the farmer's market today, watched a couple street soccer matches in the qualifying tournament for the homeless world cup that hubby was refereeing all day (he's now horribly sun-burned) and spent the afternoon weeding the front yard and garden and biking to the library. It's the first rain-free day in a week. I think summer is here! Tomorrow the multi-stage mountain bike race is in town and my youngest is going to ride in the kids race again this year. I will be checking out all of the bikers ;)


In other news, my husband was offered three courses for the fall semester. I convinced him to take only two, since he has some writing work that needs to get done at some point (and the associated grant money, which will surely be spent). The work world always seems to provide when we need it.

06-29-2013 09:57 AM

Thanks for all the support, jumping up and down, and validation on the weight thing.  It probably is too much cardio to lose weight.  It's just so hard when I have spent an entire lifetime being told that "if I just got more active..." to believe that I'm not doing something wrong.  And, my diet is relatively clean, all whole grain, pretty low carb, high veggie, high protein (maybe too much protein?).  I am not sure I know what expert I would go to.  Personal trainer?  Personal dietician?  Sounds spendy.  I'm trying not to worry about it, and trying to re-write my body image based on things other than weight.  I'm going for general health, energy and physical accomplishments.  Based on that, I should be pretty pleased!


Lofty - I think that your dog knew something that you didn't.  I would really respect that.  Of course, when my dog decides to lay down and not move, it's cause he's extravagantly lazy.


RR: Tri class today.  1 mile swim and 9 mile run.  There was a slight deer delay, but we had a moment where there was just the two of us in the woods, close to each other and just watching the other.  Deer was not scared and we just spent about 5 minutes staring at each other.  It was kinda magical.  Great run, everything felt good.  It was a good swim too, even if I did get pretty wildly off course, because the coach had me spotting at the wrong place. 

06-29-2013 09:30 AM
Runningmommy Just read through several pages and while I'm sad that others in our group suffer from the *it's so unfair about weight vs how hard I work out and eat right* occurance, it's also nice to hear that I'm not alone. When I told my NP she just looks at me like I have three heads. greensad.gif hugs to you all also !

Can't remember everone's but JAYGEE I too see the degeneration as being very unfair at such a young age. Especially when I see fits in their 80's+ that run 100+ miles a week and monthly marathons. (And are skinny fit!!). Why can't that be us?!?!

I've been low carb for years now due to pre-diabetes (which is now reversed), and stick to brown rice and sweet potatoes, and fruit for the carbs.

RR: ran 5, 6, & 10 miles this week along with core work and body weights and some weights and one yoga session. Foot is still a pain, lol.
06-28-2013 11:36 AM
MelW Love to all of you. I've been giggling catching up on the thread. I have 12 pounds of just-picked strawberries to deal with (soggy from a week of rain), so more later...
06-28-2013 11:12 AM
kerc And also 106? Really?
06-28-2013 11:11 AM
kerc Reading along. I've always thought I was 50% introvert, 50% extrovert. After this week now I'm not so sure. Having fun. But looking forward to tomorrow.

I'm not sure what dietary restrictions you're talking about Jo but..... Concordia language camps. Totally an excellent experience. And our celiac dx friend went and they totally accommodated him without making him feel awful.
06-28-2013 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Plady View Post

RR: Last boxing class done for the summer.  Unless I get really bold and go in the evening and box with the boys.  That might happen.  I'd like to.  The factors holding me back are knowing how hard it is to start a workout at 5pm or later, and imagining how steamy hot the boxing gym will be at that time of day.  Oh and sparring with boys.  

So, wait; you are debating whether to beat up on some sweaty, probably shirtless men? Could there be a better combination?
06-28-2013 10:25 AM
loftmama Reading along, can't type much.

Kerc, hope you're having fun.

On working out harder and not losing weight - totally relate. I also find the diet (for me: barely any grains and no alcohol) makes more of a difference than working out harder. Super Frustrating!!!

On in-law summer visits. Dh & I decided to make a mental $&@#$*$#% journal. We get to discuss it to our heart's content after the visit is over and not before. Preferably over some drinks while kids are not within hearing distance. Just this morning, he muttered something under his breath and I muttered back, "SJ" - our code word. lol.gif

Good luck working out. Will get in either a swim or a kayak today. fingersx.gif

Sparkle, stay cool.

Finished Cutting for Stone. love.gif and Wow!
06-28-2013 08:55 AM

Bec, I feel like jumping up and down for you screaming "it's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair."  Since my basic approach with things that don't work is to kick it up to experts, I dunno, I might seek out an expert in your case.  What kind of expert?  Who knows.  Does such a person really even exist?


Sparkle, I hope you found a good therapist for your DS!  I good one will be able to break down those barriers to allow him to be receptive to outside help.  Good luck.  Our journey has been long, but it was just 3-4 appointments before we started to see an effect.  My RPs report much the same for their two (one with an 8 year old son who was 100% impervious to guidance).  106 is inhumane. 


Townson, you crack me up. 


Jo, what are the overlaps in dietary rules?  Could he go to a camp that's kosher or accommodates vegetarians?  Either way, your locale isn't likely to be swimming with kosher vegetarian options...


RP1 and I met for 5 miles this morning at the butt-crack of dawn this morning (that's mid morning for you, Bec).  It was hot when we started, and hot and sunny when we ended.  I felt really, really cruddy right as I finished.  I'm not used to running before breakfast, or more importantly, before coffee.


I finalize the cabinets for the kitchen in an hour, and then we're a go!

06-28-2013 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post

lofty~ That story was freaky! Maybe the dog saved you from a mama bear protecting her cubs. Or a rabid mountain lion. Or a panda that escaped from the local zoo. (That just happened here.) Or a regular old house cat hopped up on some 'roids left behind by irresponsible campers. The possibilities are endless; so glad you're safe!

ROTFLMAO.gif although, yes, that could be serious. And Lofty, whatever the reason, I'm glad you didn't find out.  My dog acting like that would have been par for the annoying course, your dog acting like that was probably emergency management on his part.



Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

 I don't know, but for your dedication, I'd love to see you happy with your results. I mean, if I spend a weekend scarfing s'mores and eating habanero pepper jack, I don't have an excuse. I'm not pedaling at 4:40AM.

I agree Bec, I'm bummed for you that with all your superhuman feats you're not 100% pleased with your results.  And I think I've also had better weight loss/maintenance results with less cardio and stricter diet.  Certainly during my one 10 months long train-up for the marathon I didn't lose any weight and may have put some more on, I don't recall.  But when I switched to Paleo-mostly and just 2x a week boxing or weight training I trim down.


Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

 I should have read your post before getting on the scale this morning myself. 

Step away from the scale woman!   I think Dingos need a new No Scale Rule.   eyesroll.gif

Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

and other Islamic camps that I just would never send my kid to. Sigh. 

Like that Islamic camp with the monkey bars that used to advertise on the Nightly News? mischievous.gif  Sorry, couldn't help it.  I'm going to steal that meatza idea, it sounds delicious.  Has everyone tried the cauliflower crust pizza yet?  Well, except vegans - sorry Nic!


Gaye - You were posting just as I was lying in bed in disbelief that i was awake with a million busy thoughts.  I wish I could have sent you some of that mental energy.


Nic - How long are they going to be at camp?  I think it is sweet that you've got toenail clipping covered.  I'm the kind of mom that assumes they'll just chew them down themselves and that's that.  


Sparkle - You know, with climate change it's going to be getting warmer and sunnier up here, and there are lots of craggy mountains just to the east.  Of course, I did think it was getting a little stuffy this morning, I think it's going to be up in the '70s today.coolshine.gif


RR: Last boxing class done for the summer.  Unless I get really bold and go in the evening and box with the boys.  That might happen.  I'd like to.  The factors holding me back are knowing how hard it is to start a workout at 5pm or later, and imagining how steamy hot the boxing gym will be at that time of day.  Oh and sparring with boys.  But that would be cool if I survived it.  I may give Zumba a whirl again, there's a class happening at my gym at the same time that boxing was so I'm already used to being somewhere then....  <sigh>


NRR:  Just working, trying to keep my hours to what I'm being paid to do which is a challenge.  Wanting to do fun summer activities with the kids too but frequently distracted by the project zone that is my house.  Oy.

06-28-2013 08:25 AM
sparkletruck Jo - I make meatloaf with chopped carrot, celery, and onion, flax seed meal, egg, and tomato paste (and spices) yummy.gif Which is also how I make sloppy joes except I add red pepper and cut tomatoes lol.gif

Real - totally agree about the aging and weight connection. Its never happened to me until peri-menopause though, and now, boy do I see what people are talking about greensad.gif Let go. Accept.

RR: today was supposed to be cardio, but I'm tired and maybe a wee bit hung-over, and what with the importance of not over-training, I decided to give myself another rest day lol.gif

NRR: went out for drinks with two mom friends last night, which means almost a whole glass of wine for me (what can I say, I'm a cheap date loveeyes.gif). Then there was a HUGE wind storm all night that was hard to sleep through.

Found a therapist for DS. Dh said "do you think it will even make a difference?" Well, actually, I'm leaning toward no, but thanks for the vote of confidence in an endeavor that I feel mostly responsible for/weighted down by. But yeah, its hard to imagine ds being receptive to someone, let alone being impacted by the process... greensad.gif

In other non-news (lol.gif), the moms and I talked about leaving this town - again - which seems to be an ongoing conversations among most of the people I know. For various reasons - mostly environmental, some professional, personal, etc, they are thinking of moving, maybe next year. So is Dh's closest friend here, and lately I have got that bug in my bonnet again. I dont know why this is a hard place to commit to (um, 106 maybe?). Point is, none of us can think of where we would want to go, which is, I think, why this conversation keeps going; no one can commit, but they also cant think of a better alternative. So we are reviewing options again, if for no other reason than its fun to think about. Dh is actuall sending his CV to a hospital in another state. We would consider CO but it is nearly impossible to get a job in his specialty there b/c everyone in his specialty wants to live there (adventure/thrill seeking outdoors-people - hmm, what specialty might that be). However, it really is very hard to imagine leaving our network of people here.... anyway; bla bla
06-28-2013 06:33 AM

Nic, my ds wants so badly to do an overnight camp; unfortunately, nothing around here would provide food he could eat, and besides that, there is so much pressure to "pair up" at his age, I just don't want to send him into that. It is a bummer. There are a couple of Islamic camps but they are just too far, and other Islamic camps that I just would never send my kid to. Sigh.


Gaye, I take it you made it through? lol.gif


Major storms passed through yesterday and we caught cool weather on the tail end. thumb.gif So the plan for today is a hike with friends this afternoon.


The meatloaf was a total hit. I used zucchini, mushrooms, kale, onion, garlic, eggs, some almond meal, beef, eggs and the jar of pizza sauce. If I did it again for just my family, I think I would do the same but add more spice, spread it more thinly on pans and load the top with more veggies, sauce and maybe a sprinkle of parm, like meatza. And probably throw in some flaxseed meal, which I forgot this time. And anchovies. This will happen.


Need to begin researching for good soup recipes for breaking Ramadan fasts. It doesn't work to follow cravings during a month-long fast. ROTFLMAO.gif

06-28-2013 04:56 AM
Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post




Someone's mainlining coffee in a secret PIC line. Is that it? 


I think I might have strep throat. Boo. Am going running anyway after I drop ds at camp. Could be a slog, but whatever. Miles is miles.


Girls are almost all packed up for camp. Last trips today to Costco for boxed chocolate almond milk for dd1 (who is vegan also and so the camp is letting me bring her some special treat foods since most of what they give out is either dairy or has eggs in it) and of course the Camp Crappy Toys Trip to the Dollar Store, including water balloons, bubbles, stickers, nail polish, and other Random Junk for the Camp Crappy Toys bag. (These for moments of in-bunk down time or free time fun.)


Miserable failure trying to teach dd2 to clip her own nails last night. I told dd1 she's going to have to do it for her at camp. That didn't go over so well but I bribed her with extra canteen money. Bad Mommy. In other news, dd2 got her 'oral appliance' just in time for camp. It's not a retainer, exactly...she has an underbite and it's meant to push her top teeth/jaw forward. She wears it 24/7 except for swimming and water sports and contact sports but at camp only at night. I'm leery of sending this to camp with her as it was a bloody fortune but it's really important she wear it, so...gah. HOpe for the best!


Later, mamas.

06-28-2013 03:29 AM
tjsmama love.gifcaffix.giflove.gif
06-27-2013 11:35 PM
Realrellim Midnight now and still 79 degrees out. In JUNE. There was a time not so long ago when the temperature dropped to the 60s and often 50s through July....

tjsmama--good for you on the dreadmill, and I hope your shift goes ok.

bec, sparkle, all others on weight and exercise--I think it's the aging thing again. DH, 40, is noticing for the first time that the weight isn't coming off like it usually does when he increases his activity. I remember that happening at 30 and have noticed that an increase in my iced soy latte intake (like more than one a week, or maybe just one a week) seems to have a connection what I see on the scale.

No RR. Thought about it but decided it would be more fun to argue pointlessly with DH. Not. eyesroll.gif I really hate this time of year when it gets ridiculously hot and the cars break down and the in-laws are coming and DH's work gets crazy and it takes nothing to trigger him. He's hot, tired, overworked and overwhelmed. I'm hot, tired, overworked and dreading adding my in-laws to the mix. Have I ever mentioned, for example, how they spend the time between 8 pm and 10 pm looking at their watches every few minutes and commenting on how much longer they have until they can go to bed? It's like two hours of water torture. I'm like just go to bed already.) They're nice people, but seriously, who spends two hours talking about how soon they can go to bed? Every night? (They do it at their house too.)

/vent. Sorry. Thanks for letting me get that out there. We have very, very different ways of being, is all.

In good news, the car is back with functioning signals and the bike is back and not creaky. That repair was free because it was new; they pulled out the crank, greased it, tightened it and it all worked again. I thought that was what it needed, but I lack the skills and possibly tools (torque wrench?) for that particular bit of repair. My clipless pedals arrived in the mail today, just in time to go with the bike shoes I got yesterday, but I'm thinking I'll hold off on those 'til after our trip.
06-27-2013 09:33 PM
sparkletruck 106 here today. Inhuman. I hope that doesnt turn out to be the case... greensad.gif
06-27-2013 06:12 PM
tjsmama For me, weight loss is definitely tied way more to diet than exercise. When I lost my 15 lbs for the biggest loser contest this winter, it was almost all diet (thank you once again, invisalign). I can maintain with exercise, but not lose.

real~Hope you got the bike issue figured out. If it makes you feel better, I dropped my bike off for pre-Courage Classic service today, and the estimate was $250. yikes.gif Of course, that's tune-up plus a new chain plus new cables/housing plus new cleats for my shoes. All necessary, but doesn't make it any less painful!

I really do not want to go to work tonight, but on the plus side (except that I wanted the money), I don't go into 11 but was on call from 7-11 and I haven't been called in yet. So at least I can hopefully get a quick nap once DS is in bed. We spent the whole afternoon at the pool, and I'm wiped out. Right now, I can't fathom staying up all night, but that's what coffee is for, right? orngtongue.gif It was HOT today (still is, 95 at the moment), so the pool was really the only thing to do today!

rr~Not much choice for exercise, now that DS is home, so we went to the Y this morning so I could run on the hamster wheel. I set the treadmill for an hour hill workout, but was totally ready to throw in the towel after 30 minutes. I told myself to at least make it to 4 miles and then I could quit if I wanted to, but by the time I got there, I was kind of over the hump and able to suck it up for the rest. So, 6 miles of hamster wheel hill workout. AND I got some easy laps in during adult swim while we were at the pool. I figured about 800 yds total, broken up into three sections, once an hour. orngtongue.gif
06-27-2013 03:20 PM
loftmama On bloating- just a thought. In Traditional Food groups, there is discussion along the lines of soaking all grains (and all legumes) in either fresh lemon/lime juice or whey bc it reduces phytic acid which helps the gut. I wonder if this might also reduce bloating?? (Live enzymes + soaked grains/legumes = healthier gut/better absorption/maybe reducing bloating, too?)

RR: had a great hike up Panther Mountain today. It was enough of a workout that I was a bit embarrassed by how tired I got!
06-27-2013 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

bec, in paleo circles there is lots of discussion of overtraining and a cortisol response that inhibits weight loss. To the point that a lot of people point to diet and sleep first, and tell you to get those in order before even jumping into working out.

Winging a paleo meatloaf recipe for dinner. I want it to taste like pizza, so I put in zucchini, mushrooms, a jar of tomato sauce, pizza seasoning. Wish me luck.


I was just thinking about this two hours ago, to the effect that I thought (after trying clothes on at REI) "why the F does my metabolism always feel so slow, and I feel so heavy when I am working out so hard". When I go away for a few days with DD1 to these climbing comps and I dont exercise for 4-5 days, I swear I lose weight. And this is exactly why. Ive had issues with cortisol all along (exercise can make me sleep less, which meditating seems to have helped these past few years. But back in the old days, I always felt really fried after a run - I thought it was dehydration, but then hydrating didnt seem to help, then I read somewhere about the cortisol connection, and yeah, you just pulled my thoughts out of my head from 1500 miles away bow.giflol.gif)

Its exactly what I was thinking when Bec posted that - training too hard. So weird!
06-27-2013 12:21 PM
JayGee jooj - yum! Let us know how it turns out. My family is way into my meatloaf with sweet potato in it instead of breadcrumbs. I should have read your post before getting on the scale this morning myself. I'm up 10 pounds too greensad.gif. And it's not muscle.

bec - I just want to echo what jooj said about cortisol response and overtraining. Could you be doing TOO much cardio? I had my best results with weight loss eating paleo and doing nothing more than a walk every couple of days. I hope you can figure it out. I can only imagine how frustrated you are.

Not much new here. I went for my hip ultrasound this morning, but they were running way behind so I rescheduled for tomorrow. I took DS for his 6th grade physical (yay, he's still shorter than I am!) and am getting ready to pick up my sister and nephew at the airport in a couple of hours.
06-27-2013 11:17 AM

bec, in paleo circles there is lots of discussion of overtraining and a cortisol response that inhibits weight loss. To the point that a lot of people point to diet and sleep first, and tell you to get those in order before even jumping into working out. Of course, I know you've been training for years and years, but maybe we're all seeing hormonal changes that are making us take a new look at things and tweak our approaches. JayGee, sparkle and lofty seem to be fine examples off the top of my head. I don't know, but for your dedication, I'd love to see you happy with your results. I mean, if I spend a weekend scarfing s'mores and eating habanero pepper jack, I don't have an excuse. I'm not pedaling at 4:40AM.


RR: swam 20 min, 10 minutes of stairs, and then hit the weights. I think I'll start doing weights with ds a couple times a week. He could use the challenge. He has some good skills but his strength is poor.


Winging a paleo meatloaf recipe for dinner. I want it to taste like pizza, so I put in zucchini, mushrooms, a jar of tomato sauce, pizza seasoning. Wish me luck.

06-27-2013 10:29 AM

Geo - I have had my thyroid checked recently, but nothing else. 


RR: 3 miles done.  86 degrees.  Hot and hot!  But, done and done.  We are going to the beach in a bit, so I will try to get a swim in as well.

06-27-2013 09:13 AM

jaygee~ hug.gif I'm so sorry about the dx. Good luck with the next round of tests/exams/ whatnot. 


lofty~ That story was freaky! Maybe the dog saved you from a mama bear protecting her cubs. Or a rabid mountain lion. Or a panda that escaped from the local zoo. (That just happened here.) Or a regular old house cat hopped up on some 'roids left behind by irresponsible campers. The possibilities are endless; so glad you're safe!


tjsmama~My kids can be gone for an entire week and be driving me batshit crazy within 30 minutes of walking in the door. I'm blame it on too harsh of a transition.


nrr~We (my dad and three dc's) went to the National Marine Corps Museum yesterday. Pretty cool. The people who created that museum (that would be the marines, I guess, doh!) did a great job making it kid-friendly and experiential. Almost too experiential, iykwim. But the kids really liked it. And, I survived a total of 5 hours in the car with all of them, so there's that.


rr~I finally bit the bullet and got up at the god-forsaken hour of 7 a.m. (That's for those of you getting out the door in the middle of the night, a.k.a. 5 a.m.--ahem, bec.) 5 miles, push-ups, and planks to atone for yesterday's Chex Mix, Starbucks, Wendy's, and chinese carry-out. Hmmm, after seeing that typed out, I'm thinking 5 miles barely even touched yesterday's mess. Better than nothing, though, so I'm embracing it.

06-27-2013 06:56 AM

Bec, have your discussed this with a doctor?  Indeed, your health habits seems out of sync with your weight struggles.  I do wonder if there's something organic that's making this harder for you.


JG, I think I'd be in mourning in your case.  I'm frustrated for you.  I hope you can find peace and a suitable replacement to running.


Sparkle, we found DD's therapist from a list that BBM sent me after she posted my request on a therapist e-list in the area.  The two ladies I've been running with also have kids seeing therapists.  One found the therapist through her pediatrician, and the other one found the therapist through church connections.  It requires asking a lot of questions, for sure, particularly since a personal match is so crucial for something like this.


kerc, Paris was great.  Fantastic.  DD came home and came down with the flu 36 hours after coming home, so with the flu and major jet lag, she really suffered.  We still hope to hear about the trip.

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