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12-27-2013 02:26 PM

started the 2014 thread

12-27-2013 11:03 AM

Hi everyone, just checking in.  Hope things are well, hope everyone is recovering from the holidays and getting ready for 2014.  





-getting a haircut today.  always feels luxurious even though it's less than $20 with the tip since it's an unnecessary expenditure.


-got to sleep in this morning.


-I don't know how it happened but my finances look pretty good right now.  


-Christmas was actually lovely this year.  Lots of reasons but it turned out great and I'm glad I made some of the decisions I made.


-My neighbor is moving out this weekend.  But we have some great people moving in next door.  The oldest child is actually my oldest daughter's best friend which will be great.  Looking forward to that for her.


-I get to go grocery shopping alone today.  THAT in itself feels luxurious.  Hahahahaha.

12-25-2013 09:02 AM

Happy holidays to all those celebrating :) I hope everyone is warm & full of yummy holiday meals.


I am hoping 2014 is a better year than this one was.

12-23-2013 12:14 PM

Wal,mart- I would keep it and simply get what I needed as things arised.



Happy day before xmas eve to everyone!

12-23-2013 10:34 AM
Sharlla My foodstamp application got "lost" in the mail, like so many others I know. Thankfully I caught it quickly and reapplied so we won't lose an entire month of benefits. My friend moved away and we got all of her food out of the pantry and I've been getting some overtime at work so thankfully it worked out.

I got a 60 cent raise at work ththat covers my healh ins but dh will have to go without. He should be free but Medicaid wasn't expanded and we can't afford out if Pocket for him.
12-23-2013 10:21 AM
Sharlla Wal-Mart? Pet food, cleaning supplies, car maintenance stuff, food, toiletries, socks, underwear etc.
12-23-2013 09:06 AM

What would you buy with a $200 giftcard to Walmart?  I received one for Christmas and I want to use it wisely.  I'm thinking about stocking up on health and hygiene supplies and restocking my first aide kit, but maybe I'm overlooking something that I should buy, instead....



12-23-2013 06:15 AM

justmama, we currently have the ammonia build up out but I know that it'll come right back due to the ridiculous amounts of detergent in the lines and the tub of their washer. And they're (husbands grandparents whos washer we use) old, controlling, and set in their ways. I can barely get them to let me wash the diapers and for them not to try and put detergent in the wash lol The flats are working out plus I'm working on potty learning.Once Christmas is over we're going full fledge undies. Also, virtual hugs your way. That's too much stress! 


I didn't really buy many gifts, but we're making ornaments for every household today. Nothing is wrapped, the ornaments haven't been made lol I'm so on top of things. That's what we're doing all day today after my daughter wakes up. 

12-22-2013 04:37 PM

Made GF pizza for dinner ... sooo yummy

Made GF cake and homemade frosting YUMMY


ina cooking mood, well there is no $$ so i gotta cook


need to get myself ina wrapping mood...  ugh   and i need to finsih a couple last presents... lots of yards of yarn to finsih... omg....

12-22-2013 11:55 AM
happyhats Justmama, I wish I was around to help wrap or do laundry for ya! Things have finally slowed down here. I screwed up grocery shopping somehow last week and managed to need more groceries while also going overbudget. Ugh. Well, next grocery shop is after christmas and I wont be so frazzled to not meal plan. Last night we went to see lights at a free park and had mcdonalds with family. We also got to visit the awesome scratch and dent store so my pantry is stocked. Im trying to relax and enjoy the last few days of the holiday season. Still not a word from inlaws, which is rough emotionallly but easier financially.
12-22-2013 05:40 AM

:zzz:coffee  <----- me.  So exhausted.  Retail sales during the holidays and all.  I've been working constantly.  Probably another 2 weeks MAX before things slow down.  That's what I keep telling myself.  Just really counting the days.  Every single week my goal is over $2k in sales and I'm just absolutely burnt out trying to meet it.  I failed this week.  Big.  By like $600.  Ugh.  


There's a MASSIVE leak in the pipes from my shower to my kitchen.  MASSIVE.  Water pouring out of the ceiling in the kitchen.  Frick.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  My oven is on the outs.  It's not igniting sometimes despite my best efforts.  Gotta call my landlord and have him fix the leak and the oven.  Good news is that my neighbor is moving out and she brought her nice brand new pretty oven with her when she moved in and can't take it to the next place so she's giving it to me when she leaves so I'll get a new oven one way or the other by Jan 1.  I got those teacher gifts done at 1am that morning.  disappointed.gif


Personal life is kinda in shambles.  I just can't.  It's a mess.  I don't even know what to do there.  Dating sucks.  Love sucks.  Life is too messy with men in it.  run.gif


I'm done with shopping.  I have massive amts of wrapping to do but at least it's all bought and stashed away.  Kids are on break now which makes things tough as I still have three more days of work but my mom is helping out.  I HAVE to get to that wrapping starting tonight.  I cannot just fall into bed when I get out of work.  Pour me another coffee, I need to be up.






-a new oven soon so I can finally cook again.


-the car is still hanging on.   I gotta figure out how to afford another one.


-my paycheck for last week and this week will be AWESOME!


-ex put plastic on the front two windows in the living room so it's a lot warmer in there now thankfully.


-cofffffffeeeeeeeee!  Mmmmm.


-I'm not too far behind on laundry.  I've been good about chucking in a load before I leave for work, transferring when I get home, and pulling it out before bed.  Now if I could just get it all folded and hung up........


-Food situation is good.  I'm calling myself a genius for all the free*er meals I made and stored away before the retail season got into full swing that we've been using lately.  

12-20-2013 09:13 PM

crunchymonkey, try cutting up oen of the recieving blankets and putting strips in the pockets as liners to protect her skin if all else fails until you can get them washed out on hot for the ammonia build-up.  Or hit the laundromat one day to really strip them.  Maybe a hot water soak in Dawn dishsoap in the sink would help you.

12-20-2013 11:39 AM

We've all been sick here for 3 days. Still sick but making progress. My husband had to take a day off because of being sick and getting no sleep so now we're short on gas for Christmas. But he's supposed to be picking up a day or two next week after Christmas that should make up for it so we can pay rent. 


So we switched to sposies 6 months ago because my pockets were giving my daughter a rash and I couldn't get it to go away. Well now we're broke so we went back to the pockets. I realized it was ammonia build up. Got to a different washer and was able to get the ammonia out. And now the washer we use at home (my husbands grandparents) won't wash on hot. UUUGGHH. So I pulled out some receiving blankets and we're using them as flats now! Because I can hand wash them if all else fails and there's pretty much no risk of build up. Though I only have 7 so I have to wash every day.


However, she's using the potty more and more so it may not be an issue much longer!

12-19-2013 07:26 AM

Well, one neat little thing that happened today: An acquaintance of mine saw some "family pictures" we were taking for people at work, mine included. She's a professional photographer and messaged me that she usually gives one session away (or more) a year and she chose me. :) Also, she is going to come up to work and give sessions to the families there during the summer!


The downside is that I turned in my transportation papers for TANF on Tuesday. Usually you get the money the very next day. I still haven't got it. Which is stressful because I have $1 and NO gas in my car. I've got someone across town who is waiting for me to come pick up some stuff from Freecycle and I'm hoping I can delay a little longer. They're books that a good friend of mine (whose mother is battling terminal illness) would really enjoy and maybe would get his mind off things a bit.

12-18-2013 08:03 PM
happyhats Ha! upon further inspection I realized that that debt was cut down and resolved. It even shows resolved on our credit report. Time to make a call tomorrow.
12-18-2013 03:07 PM
happyhats I feel the same way, zebra! I think we need a christmas club acct next yr. In yrs past christmas has been tight. Now we overdid on ccs. Hubby tried to get the kids their free pizza meal but they wouldnt give him them without kiddos present. It doesnt say that on the coupons and we didnt think of it. He ran into wm for totinos and a small bag of chips. It was an unexpected expense hut I cannot be upset because it was sweet.

Slightly off topic but I hate creditors and their scary tactics. We have some debt we need to resolve. One is just ahout to drop off our score becquse of time. They contacted us today and threatened us with court. I know its within their rights but they werevvery secretive and pushy atvfirst like it was some legal matter hubby could get arrested for. Its from right after we were married and in dh name so they would barely speak to me. Im hoping to make 2014 our year to tackle debt. We have a small amt of cc debt and then there is student loan debt and the car. So overwhelming but we can do it.
12-18-2013 02:42 PM

I just realixed xmas is next week.   at least the money will stop bleeding after that   right??

12-18-2013 12:44 PM
happyhats Justmama, you can always pm me here or the other site we are on together.
12-18-2013 09:37 AM

We have all been down with the strep throat here. Finally, after a round of antibiotics we are all doing better but I have bronchitis now and can barely breath from coughing. My work had a dinner out last night at one of the fancy places in town and my parents kept the kids so that me and my husband could attend. I am SO grateful we got to go and the meal was amazing and free!

We got a certified letter in the mail from the IRS saying we owe them $518 which I knew because of a mistake I made on taxes back in 2011 so we need to get that paid asap. My van is making a crazy noise and we need new tires asap so I am trying to do that also. We have all the kids presents wrapped and ready to go so I am thankful I have that done. We will be losing f/s in Feb so my husband is trying to find a part time job on the weekends to make up for it. Otherwise things are going well over here.

12-18-2013 05:31 AM

Still here.  Still hanging in.  My personal life is a hot mess lately.  It's keeping me busy....and anxious.  Just SO so so so so much drama and decisions to make.  I wish there was someone to talk to.  It SEEMS a cut and dry situation but of course when it comes to the heart, nothing is cut and dry right?? :(  




-my neighbor is moving out of our house.  Sad.  But my oldest daughter's friend is moving in with her family so that's exciting.  They seem like they'll be pretty decent and respectful neighbors and so for that I'm grateful.  And that's one more person for her to walk to the bus stop with which is always a blessing.


-getting nearly more hours than I can handle at work but that means more money which is NEVER a bad thing.


-my car is still holding together.  It's making noises something fierce but it's still working.


-I'm pretty set for Christmas which is a wonderful thing.  There's not too much stuff but my mom and dad are coming over that morning so my pitiful stuff will look more plentiful mixed with their gifts so the kids won't be disappointed.


-exhusband put the plastic on the front windows last night while I was working that were so drafty and it's made a big difference in how it FEELS in the living room so hopefully it makes a difference in the bills too.


- I think i have all the supplies to pull a Christmas present for the kids' teachers out of my butt.  I'm really crossing my fingers.  I've gotta get it done and in for Friday.  Eeek.  Haven't started yet.

12-17-2013 02:56 PM

Things are so-so for us. Money is tight but I should get paid in a day or so hopefully from one job. I broke down & applied for a credit card from an offer that came in the mail & got approved for a small balance. I hate having to use credit but what can you do, KWIM? Will help pay the taxes this year & will pay off asap. Had a couple last minute sales some in today thankfully. Those will help pay the bills.


Trying to figure out something to do for dinner that uses eggplant - neighbors gave us a couple from their over abundant garden. I've never cooked with them as they are pretty high in the store.


I think we are just about set for x-mas thanks to Holiday Helper & SNAP. DD is getting lots of food-ish stuff in her stocking :) Still trying to figure out what to fix for x-mas diner though - ham is out of course, and I just can't justify spending $10/lb on a fancy beef roast. Maybe I'll break out the bison steaks I have.

12-17-2013 01:42 PM
happyhats Well lets see. My baby tuned three yesterday and my daughter will be five tomorrow. They are growing much too fast! We had a little party for them at my parents this weekend. Yesterday the neighbor fed them pizza and made rice krispie treats with them. Tomorrow they can get free pizza bc my mom signed them up to get a free meal on their birthday months. Of course no wird at all from my inlaws. No shock there. Our budget has been shot to hell but we have finished shopping and even been able to bless others this year. Im feeling lucky. We are going to do some baking tonight. I want to do baked oatmeal for breakfasts and make a double batch of banana bread. We are giving one loaf to our next door neighbors. I also want to boil down some more stock. Better get on it!
12-17-2013 01:41 PM

Things are- almost hanging in for now.  I had to spend a little money today I didn't have to spare, but my neighbor down the roar needed a ride into town.  I agreed (and spent a lot of time waiting in the car) but he put in $20 of gas as thanks.  Woohoo!

I have a chocolate cake baking, and am putting together a stir fry for dinner, looking forward to dinner with the kids  and a chocolate treat for the evening. 

My husband managed to get scheduled on with a friend at work, so he's able to catch a ride with him back and forth-  which is a big help where he is.  We only have one car for now, so when he's away he has to catch taxis which adds up fast.

In other news, some friends sent a box of Christmas goodies for the kids.  I haven't had a chance to open it all the way up yet, but I know that it's a LOT of stuff.  They sent it all wrapped in tissue paper, and included wrapping paper, tape, and bows so we could wrap it ourselves after deciding which child something would be best for.  I keep meaning to go in to get to that, but then I tear up as it is a huge act of kindness, and will make a great Christmas for the kids. (I do know my daughter's big present is in there- a  2ds and new game- they asked if it would be ok to get one for her or if it would be stepping on our toes.)

So mostly, I am holding the purse strings to try to create Christmas, as we need gas money like woah, but everything else is coming together beautifully. 


12-17-2013 12:14 PM

How is everyone??? I hope everyone is doing okay and staying at least above the water a little..It is such a rough time of year for a lot of us..


I am off on my 3 week break and starting to unwind a bit..My dad had to go in hospital again last night...He is already feeling a bit better with the fluids/meds they are giving him...with having stage 4 terminal cancer it can get bad quick...I am still praying for a miracle :1praying


It is so cold here..We are getting so much snow...I plan on taking L out later and building a snowman with her...the snow is almost up to my knees in the backyard at my parents so it is perfect..





HEAT!!! I just can't imagine not having any heat in this cold....My prayer every night is for those that need heat are given heat... :(


For Christmas Miracles, Surprises and a new friend... 


A good grip,,,I live in a 2 1/2 story walk up and this morning I went downstairs to start my car to take L to school and darn near fell down those was icy!!!!!!  So glad I was hanging on...Scared me half to death :( 


This thread...When I am down and need encouragment you are there.....And I so appreciate that!!!

12-16-2013 03:00 PM

Frugalmama- go where you need to go. the resources are there for a reason.

I;m still here.  Had a good wqeek on ebay - hit it just right for selling legos.  NOw ik an paythe way past due utilites and medical bills.  nothing extra tho.

Mentally I'm cracking and bdly.  there is talk of starting the disability paperwork and that scares me..

12-16-2013 11:07 AM

I'm back! again lol It's been a hectic few weeks.. But my husband is now employed very close to home and we are moving to a two bedroom house rent free. Things are definitely looking up. Which also means that we can start TTC. My period is actually due today and hasn't shown up yet. 


I just got back from babysitting and housesitting for my parents while they were on a cruise. It's so nice being home! Their house is so not toddler proof! Came back sick. I'm so kicking myself for not taking my elderberry syrup over there. I have successfully fought off numerous colds before they got started with that stuff. Plus my husband still isn't sleeping well. We think that a big part of it is that he needs to be in his own bed. Because he can sleep during the day when I'm not in bed and slept great when I was at my parents and he was home. Unfortunately we don't have the space! We might have to figure a way to make that happen though. So I'm feeling like crap today but overall things are good. I also just found out that my psycho mother is moving 4 hours away. Judge if you will, but our lives will be much more peaceful once that happens.

12-15-2013 02:44 PM

Hey friends :grouphug

I have been gone and haven't read here in weeks. hope your all doing well. I had a family emergency and was home visiting family and missed two weeks of work. Now I'm not sure that I still have a job despite a hospital note verifying my absence. So stressful to think about financially but I have hope we'll somehow get thru it.

12-14-2013 07:58 PM

Rainbow - I agree with Happyhats. The bank should have either refused the charge or called you to confirm.


Justmama & Zebra - y'all have both been on my mind lately. How are you doing?



I'm here, still plodding along. Next month is going to be really tight as my ebay sales have been pretty much non-existent this month. Hoping for a better month next month - most of the stuff I sell just isn't holiday shopping material. Not sure what I'm going to do on the property taxes - have a big yard sale & pray I guess. If I can get enough to pay the school taxes then I can work something out for the county taxes.


I have a question for the mamas here though - don't have anywhere else to ask it that is other low-income folks who will understand. I found, totally by accident today while picking up from Toys for Tots, a local client choice food bank that gives out really good stuff - produce, eggs, milk, bread items, etc. I used to buy most of this stuff from local stores when they would clearance it, but they now just donate these items instead of clearancing it, and we can't afford to buy most of these at full shelf price. The food bank also gives out clothing & non-food items like toiletries, paper goods, etc. I often am scrounging to afford things like TP & stuff we don't tend to get free / cheap after coupons. We get the max on SNAP, and it's JUST enough to cover groceries if I am careful, use coupons & eat from the stockpile. We never go hungry, but the last week of the month is often pretty inventive as we are out of SNAP for fresh things like milk, eggs, produce etc. My SNAP is going less & less far each month it seems, and I worry as my stockpile is going down too. We don't buy a lot of produce anymore unless it's either canned or on sale. Given all that - I am tempted to start going to this food bank occasionally. Not every week {you can go weekly} but maybe once or twice a month & being careful to only select things I can use? But I'm not sure as we aren't going hungry because we have SNAP & I am careful, KWIM? WWYD?

12-13-2013 06:20 PM
happyhats Wow, rainbow, I think I would go to the bank and speak to management. I would want to see the documentation they had putting this transaction through. If it was suspicious activity they really should have checked with you first. I would also contact the transaction and possibly involve the police. You dont want your identity stolen. Hubby has worked tons of overtime,which will hopefully result in a nice check. Just need stocking stuffers and calendars/photo gifts and we are done.
12-13-2013 12:46 PM

Ack, somehow a transaction for $350 was pushed through our checking account (unauthorized) minutes before pay was deposited. Instead of kicking it out for NSF, the bank put it through, leaving us short for the next two weeks and they are telling us it is our job to contact the place that put the unauthorized transaction through to have them  reverse it.  Um. I now have the car payment left in the bank  and $80 to do for groceries and gas for the next 2 weeks- oh, and to cover Christmas. 

Bah, I had set things up so carefully to have it all budgeted for breathing space. 

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