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07-31-2013 06:51 PM
mamaetmaman lovestreet- sounds like your insem went great! Keeping all things crossed for you to get that BFP! Yay Minnesota!
07-31-2013 05:18 PM

Oh yeah, can you move me to TWW, please?   smile.gif

07-31-2013 05:14 PM

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!  Lizbian, Friederike, Mama...

It's been a weird day, that's for sure!  After talking about our options this morning (trying today if possible, or just waiting til next cycle at the end of August), we called the sperm bank and just asked how quickly we could get our sperm.  (Now that we're doing home insems, we pick up at the bank which is only 10 minutes away.)   At first it sounded like it might not be an option for their lab and there would be a $100 rush fee.  I must've sounded disappointed on the phone, then, because the service rep asked me if she could check with the lab and also see if they would waive the rush fee.  When she came back on the line, she said Yes, they could have our vials ready at 1:00 today and they would waive the rush fee.


When I woke up today, I had a bad headache already.  I sometimes get these in sync with ovulation.  I ended up calling in sick to work, because of the headache, and because it would give us an opportunity to insem.  We picked up the swimmers just after 1:00, and had our first insem done by 2:30.  We checked out my cervix before even pulling the vial out of the tank, just to make sure, and it was as open and full of egg-white as it was last time.

As far as the suggestion to go get an US before trying, I don't really have that option right now.  At least, not so at-the-last-minute, the way things were today.  We are not working anymore with the fertility clinic we had been using last year.  My regular doctor could have maybe done it or recommended some place to me, but that may have required more planning.  My current insurance also doesn't cover any "infertility" services.  Getting an US may be a possibility in the future, but it could require more work than I could do this morning.

DP thinks that last month we may have insemmed at the end of my ovulation, and that's why it implanted but then didn't stay.  Going for it early this afternoon seemed like a good idea to me, because I think I will ovulate today.  (Based on my charting and my headache, and the medium-dark LH test I had on Tuesday morning.)  I know that if this round doesn't stick, I'm going to be "blamed" by DP, because it was my idea to try anyway!!  winky.gif  Really, I'm mostly joking.  Neither of us wanted to skip this round, but we both wished it had been better planned.


Speaking of better planned...  We also found out, in the middle of our insem, that the syringes and catheters that we ordered in bulk actually don't fit together as well as they should!  There was not a tight seal, so we had to mess around for quite a while with getting the swimmers in there, and the process involved electrical tape.  Very weird.  If our kid does come out of this cycle, we'll certainly have a great story!!


Lizbian, congratulations on all the eggies!!  How wonderful!  The process sounds... not fun.  But I'm so glad you've made it through.  C'mon little petri dish babies!!  joy.gif


Sandie, please keep us updated with how things go this weekend!!  As for purchasing more for siblings, we didn't.  We talked about it, but we don't really care if they have the same donor or not.  And really, it wouldn't have worked for us to buy more, because we have switched donors since the beginning of this process.  If we had purchased more for siblings, I think we would've had to deal with selling it back!  Yuck!


Jenny, thanks for the background!  That is a really interesting story!  It's great that you are going forward with what you feel and what you want for your life, and not letting your relationship status change that.  If it's meant to be, it will work out.  stillheart.gif


Mama - Geez, that's a lot of poking and blood-drawing!  Yikes!  That's exciting that you are going to discuss IVF options.  Especially with your egg and your wife carrying!  Both my DP and I would love to do an IVF if I was carrying her egg. 


Fmorris - Wow, I read your times for your insems, and was like what?  35 hours before and after OPK?  But I forgot you are using fresh swimmers.  How nice is that to not have to think in terms of such short life-spans for these little guys?!   Best of luck to you in your TWW, and I hope those little swimmers to their job!


rainbow1284.gif rainbow1284.gif rainbow1284.gif  Also, tonight at midnight (Aug 1st), same-sex marriage will be legal in Minnesota.  Our Minneapolis mayor is so excited that he is officiating 40 weddings at the state courthouse, back to back, starting at midnight.  Local vendors have all stepped in to put on a giant wedding reception that is going to take over the courthouse.  stillheart.gif  So incredible!!

This is our mayor, RT Rybak, prepping for the ceremonies tonight.  Such a great guy!!  stillheart.gif


Also starting tomorrow, any same-sex marriages performed in other states or countries, will be automatically valid in Minnesota.  I can't wait!!  DP and I aren't married yet, but that will be in the cards for us once we get a bun in the oven.  But tomorrow, all my lovely friends who have gotten married in Iowa and New York and elsewhere will have equal marriage rights!  I'm so thrilled for all of their families, to be safe and legally protected.

07-31-2013 04:17 PM

Liz, things are great! I'm glad you had such better luck this cycle…I knew you would. I kept everything crossed for you! Sorry you had to go through a bit of pain but I'm sure it was well worth it. Completely off topic, but do they show Coronation Street in Guernsey? lol Just curious :)


Jenny, thank you so much! So do I!! And this was our 4th try, but the first two were badly timed so I say its our 2nd actual good cycle where we insemmed right when we should have instead of way to early. 


Lovestreet, I know the feeling dealing with the timing issue. I hope that the pair of you work it out.


Mamaet, I'm sorry about you veins, DP gets blood drawn a lot as well (not for TTC though lol) and I've seen too many times people constantly poking and not finding a vein or blowing it. I hope it gets better. 


AFM, Well I didn't even realise this, but I'm in the TWW lol. I guess I've been thinking so much about getting timing right and checking mye opk's that I didn't notice lol. I had a smiley yesterday morning still (we insemmed the night before) and had major O pains during the day. When I got home from work I took another test and no smiley so I think we caught the peak. So we ended up doing the first insem about 35 hours before mye first + opk and the second insem 35 hours after the first positive. I feel A LOT less stressed than the other cycles we did at the doc's and I love that feeling. I'm keeping everything crossed. I'm visualizing a beautiful LO due around 19 April 2014 and the same for all mye cycle buddies! 


By the way ladies… Come on over to our shiny new thread for August! QUEER CONCEPTIONS: AUGUST 2013

07-31-2013 01:08 PM

mama sorry to hear about your collapsing veins - that's an awful lot of bloodwork every cycle. They always have trouble finding my veins which is a bit annoying & once the machine broke down when my blood was in it and had to do the whole process again. Grr. I know what you mean - it's hard to stay optimistic and I hope you have success soon - good idea re IVF. if my eggs don't work we might try DW's eggs with me carrying but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it xx


fmorris let me know if you need any help setting up the new thread.

07-31-2013 12:51 PM
mamaetmaman liz- yay for all the eggs! Hope you have lots of healthy blastocysts so you won't have to go through the egg retrieval again! I'm so excited for you and this round of IVF! Heal up soon smile.gif

fried- sorry to hear about your BFN. I hope the timing works out for you next cycle. When might you switch over to IVF?

lovestreet- I agree with friederike. Any chance you can get some monitoring done? It would suck to waste a cycle but also to waste sperm on a ship that has already set sail.

jenny- interesting situation you're in. Sounds like it's working well so far though, and it's good that both you and her have been honest with each other about your plans. I'm in a bit of a contentious situation, where DW has always wanted to be the gestational parent, and I've always wanted to be the biological parent, but our career and financial situations greatly favour me being the pregnant one.

AFM- tomorrow is CD9, and we have returned from the cottage to do bloodwork and monitoring tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous about the bloodwork because all except one of my good veins have collapsed due to the constant poking these past 4 cycles. When you consider that on average, I have blood drawn 10 times per cycle, that's a lot of poking. Anyways, I'm sad to say this, but with all the monthly monitoring, disruption to our lives, the financial costs, and the BFN after BFN, I have really lost my optimism for these IUI's.

We are going to inseminate this cycle, and then we have a review appt with our RE (he usually only recommends 3 IUI before considering IVF) to discuss IVF with my egg and DW's uterus, which is what makes most parties happy anyway.
07-31-2013 09:53 AM
jam51212 Liz – I am glad to hear it went so well, but stinks for the pain. Hopefully it would all be worth it in the end! I can understand why you would want to test with your family and then why you would want to wait, it’s so hard to hold back your excitement but you still have to stay guarded! Jenny – Thanks for sharing your story. It is great that you have the support and are confident enough in what you want to go after it. I wish you all the best and your DP continues to support you and comes around when you need her too. This month was our first IUI. We haven’t decided what our cut off is, we’re just hoping for a BFP before we have to worry about it. Lovestreet – I would wait as well. Even though it will be hard to wait a whole month again I would think you would feel better about not potentially wasting $900! Sandie – That does seems like a lot and what a pain we have to go through just to have a child! Our sperm is $650 a vial, $185 to ship and $540 for the IUI, Progesterone bloodwork and Pregnancy test. So a total of about $1,375 which I even thought was hard to swallow! Congrats on the wedding! That is so exciting! Redrock – Glad to hear your stepmom is doing better! I can’t imagine the extra stress during an already stressful time. Fmorris – It should like this cycle is going perfectly for you! Great timing all around! FX for you! Granite – Thanks! I actually can’t get in any sooner because of my work schedule so I guess I will just have to wait. AFM – My BFP was short lived. I took the test FMU yesterday and then started to spot in the afternoon. Nothing in the evening or this morning but I have started to stop again today. Looks like AF is just around the corner  Kind of wishing I wouldn’t have taken that HPT after all so I wouldn’t have gotten our hopes up. I guess not we just have to change our focus to trying next month. Unfortunately DW will be out of town the whole week I should O so I will be flying it solo or taking a month off. I think I would rather do it alone than not at all but they’re both emotional choices. So unfair everything we have to go through just to have a child we all want so deeply.
07-31-2013 08:48 AM

lovestreet - Fried's advice sounds good. I know there is a window of opportunity but you also want to give yourself the best chance, especially if spending so much money!


jenn - very interesting background indeed! It's always hard for partners to be on the same wavelength at the same time, especially with lesbians as it seems that so many aren't fussed about kids at all. It's great she's being supportive and I hope you can travel the journey together. I had to wait for DW to be ready as didn't want to force her into anything. We've been together for almost 12 years but she's 7 years younger than me. I wasn't 100% sure myself & didn't want to push her into it and have her resent it later. It worked - she's so supportive now and has been fantastic with everything. She worries about being a good parent but I know she'll be fantastic & can't wait to raise a kid(s) with her xx smile.gif


been lying down most of the day as not feeling amazing - all that scraping around hurts!!! There was more blood than last time and I'm not forcing myself to do anything much as it's just a waiting game. I worked out we could test on my 40th when we're with my parents in France but we've decided to wait until we're back home as I wouldn't be able to tell them about a positive test anyway & we want to be alone to celebrate/commiserate. As it is I'll be testing on the day of my 40th party!

07-31-2013 07:34 AM

lovestreet - any chance for a last minute US to see if the follie is still there and how close it to O looks? I wouldn't want to waste 900 bucks. We also had one month where the sperm would probably have arrived 12-24hrs too late that we canceled. Bad luck.


Jenny - wow that is an interesting background. If I hadn't been in a relationship for 11 years, with a partner who wanted to wait until last year, I probably would have done the same SMBC. It sounds great how supportive your DP is when it isn't what she signed up for, this support means so much in those crazy TTC times.

07-31-2013 06:47 AM

liz: WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!! (One for each egg!!!)  Here's hoping 70% or more fertilize!    Glad to hear things went more smoothly this time!  


lovestreet:  sorry about the timing issue.  I hope for you that you can make it work if that is what you would like to do !


friederike: ttc is nothing like I ever imagined it would be.  I mean, I knew it would be difficult, but I really just had no idea what the extent of the craziness would be. (And the cost!)  My partner and I have sort of a unique relationship situation.  We started off as friends and we moved in together (just for financial reasons as friends) and over time, our relationship has slowly been changing.  It's not really anything I can explain, but we're not to the point where we have agreed to parent a child together.  We have discussed the possibility of co-parenting, but we're not sure what her role will be yet. She's incredibly cautious and I'm in "all in" kind of person.  I would get married tomorrow (1st day legal in RI!), but she's not there yet.  :-)   I'm at the point age wise, where I couldn't wait any longer and she is supportive of that.  So, I identifiy as a smbc (single mother by choice), but I have a lot of support and it may end up that she does decide to co-parent.  We're sort of figuring it out as we go.  It's not the way I imagined I would have a baby, but I at least everything we are doing is an intentional conscious decision. She's not terribly invested in this pregnancy thing for her own feelings -- she never wanted kids and is afraid of them. LOL!  However, she knows how important it is to me, and therefore she is a great voice of reason because she's not as emotionally invested in the process as I am.  I expect that if I do get pregnant and have a baby THAT will be more difficult on the relationship.  I feel somewhat guilty at times (I put this on myself not anything that she has said or done) because I know what a change a baby will be in the house.  I suspect that she will fall in love with that baby and all will be fine, but I still feel a little selfish for doing this when she's not 100% sure.  If it weren't for my age, I would wait, but it is what it is.  She said she doesn't want to be the reason that I end up childless, so we've agreed to just plunge ahead.  All that being said, she has been amazingly supportive and comes to nearly all of the appointments and grounds me when I'm losing it.  

07-31-2013 06:11 AM

Just got a minute before work...    I think I might've blown this try.  I started my LH tests yesterday, too late, I think, to catch the peak and get an OPK.  Now we're wondering if we can time the insem well or not.  We'd have to order sperm like right now for pick-up, and we're not sure if we should invest the $900 in a try right now.  I charted this month, and it looks like I should insem today, maybe tomorrow.

I don't know if we can pull it together...

07-31-2013 02:58 AM

Hey Fried - I think on average 70% usually fertilise which I'd be happy with. To be honest any fertilised is good! If we do the 3 day transfer we'll do laser assisted hatching & transfer 3 given my age. If they are all surviving well we'll wait and do the 5 day blastocyst and will only transfer 2 because of the higher chance of it working. They don't do laser assisted hatching on 5 day blastocycsts which I found out last time. I'm also having acupuncture before transfer and not sure about getting to see them, that would be a 'blast' haahah. Yep they just did a local so you could still feel everything that went on and when she pushed it was pretty uncomfortable. Also you then bleed like a period afterwards. They're bloody cleaning my room too so have to sit down and wait until I can go and have a shower and a lie down -HURRY UP!! I now need to go and find a pharmacy to get the progesterone cream but don't need until Friday so that can wait for now xx

07-31-2013 02:51 AM
friederike Wohooo. A dozen eggs. Lets hope for a best case result and they all develop, so you get lots of icicles to freeze as backup. How many are you planning on transfering? Will you transfer more if it is a 2/3 day as compared to blasts? Will you get to look at them w/ this embryoscope thingy? Oh and are you planning on using laser hatching? Sorry if that are so many questions, but I am kinda excited for you and curious how it all works.
Were you conscious during the procedure? The clinic I am looking at puts you under general anesthesia, so I thought there wouldn't be any pai n. Gosh, IVF is so different, so much to learn, it's like starting allover again. I am sorry you had to go through that pain on your own. Take care of yourself today.
07-31-2013 02:40 AM

fried yeah did that a couple of weeks ago & seemed to be working OK but now just when I need it it's not!


Well ladies, much more successful than last time -12 eggs!!!  I need to ring on Friday to see how many fertilised & whether I do the 3 or 5 day transfer (hoping for 5 day). Any extras (fingers, toes & legs crossed) they'll freeze. It was quite painful & there was more bleeding than I'd expected but that's the hardest part done now.

07-30-2013 11:54 PM
friederike Sandie yay for cheap weddings! Have fun this weekend and tell us all about how it went later.

Liz not turning it on and putting it in rice helps rescue wet phones. I'll be thinking of you this morning. Good luck!

QOTD we had 8 cycles trying since december, one resulted in an early loss (no. 6). It's maddening. Before started I always told my very excited DP it could take 8 tries before if works, but I never really expected it taking that long, since I am still kinda young and have no known fertility issues besides lowish progesterone. I find it a really hard process to go through emotionally and in our relationship.
07-30-2013 11:38 PM

sandie good luck on the wedding, ultrasound and the insem. You sure have an exciting couple of weeks ahead of you! Also great your DW's cycles are like clockwork,  makes monitoring much easier. Let us know how you go!!!!


Jenn - thanks! As to your question, we 'tried' 3 goes at home but only one of them was any good as I was really sick for the first and for the last the meds moved my cycle up 2 weeks so we had the sperm in time for my AF so it went in the bin. This is our second IVF but again the first was a dud which is all very frustrating.


AFM off in 30 mins to the doc, really nervous now & my phone has died (after plonking it for a moment in water) so I can't ring DW after I find out what's going on. Frustrating!!!!

07-30-2013 11:17 PM

Jenny, we did shop around, and found a place that's $599 instead of our current RE's $700 for a natural IUI, and doesn't charge the $200 or sperm receipt and thawing charges.  They DO, however, charge $275 to establish as a new patient, so it sort of evens out, plus means even more time off of work for my partner who is trying to juggle these appointments with family visits and out of town weddings.  yikes.  We're still moving forward to schedule with them for our 2nd or 3rd IUI since this one's already paid for with our current RE and we just found out (through this very board!) about the other one.


We can't find anything cheaper that includes ultrasound monitoring.  We did find a woman who will literally just do the IUI for about $200 (she already charged us $300 to do basic intake and give us a speculum), but she doesn't do any monitoring or drugs at all.  Just a bed in a back room.



07-30-2013 06:31 PM

sandie: holy moly!  Can I ask which bank you are using?  I am using The Sperm Bank of California.  They are a non-profit bank.  They recently raised their rates for anonymous donors to 550.00 for washed samples -- ID Release donors are 650.00.  They have a flat rate shipping fee of 200.00, so I always ship all three at once to my RE (who stores for free!), so that is a huge savings right there.  Those prices you quoted seem really exorbitant to me.  I thought I had it rough, I'm paying about half of what it's costing you and the clinic I go to is affiliate to a teach hospital full of residents from Brown University.  Have you shopped around?  I know the cost of living in CA is higher than RI, but I don't think that can account for such a difference.


Hopefully you'll have beginner's luck and won't need to worry about how to afford multiple cycles!  


It's a gamble on what to do about more samples, but you could end up with a whole lot of sperm that you don't end up needing and tying up funds that could potentially be better used toward procedures.  The donor I'm using was just released when I purchased them, so I'm taking a chance and will stock up if I actually get pregnant.  If it runs out, I guess I will have to just live with it, but I just don't have the extra capital floating around to buy up a whole bunch.


I'm still reeling from those fees! REally? They charge you to RECEIVE THE SPERM??? Really?? 


liz: good luck tomorrow!!! <3  Fingers crossed for a flawless retrieval with EGGcellent EGGIES!


fmorris: Hope this is your last tww!!!




Question to everyone:  How many tries have you done so far?  This will be my 6th over the course of the last year.

07-30-2013 06:02 PM

Hi, everyone!  Jenny, that's amazing, pricewise: our sperm is 705 a vial, plus 205 to ship, and our IUI cycles are 700 each, plus 100 to receive sperm, another 100 to thaw it, and 80-100 for the hcg trigger, making each cycle (without clomid or injectibles!) a whopping $1900ish?  I feel sick...


The money issues have settled down a bit, and we've just resigned ourselves to going broke trying to have a baby.  Now, if we actually get pregnant, who knows!


Jam, that is such incredibly exciting news!  keep us posted!


Liz, could you move me to waiting to O?  


We had our first ultrasound last week, and are getting ready for this friday, when we will have a courthouse wedding at 10:30 am, and then our second ultrasound at 3pm!   We had a big wedding (80 guests) last summer, so this is a whole different planning experience, but I'm loving it!  We each got dresses for cheap (mine was on ebay for $30, hers was on sale for $60 at macy's) and are rewearing our accessories from the last wedding.  I'm getting us small bouquets, and she hired a photographer.  That's IT!  I love it!  


So, my partner's cycle is short and like clockwork, so she'll probably O this weekend, maybe monday, so we shipped the sperm already, adn it should arrive thursday, and our RE will do the insem either sunday or monday, unless the u/s reveals different timing is needed :)  We're using a trigger shot, but no other meds.


Can I just say how crazy it is that this is our FIRST insemination, and yet we've been dealing with  the "infertility" world for so long that we've forgotten that we're not actually infertile at this point--we've just NEVER tried!  So excited to get started.  We might miss september's IUI because of timing, but we plan to do them monthly after that--if this month's doesn't work, that is :)


Right now, my biggest source of stress is should I buy more vials of our donor or not?  We have 6, shipped 2 of them to our RE, and he only has 23 left (our bank doesn't keep any extra for siblings, so if he sells out, he sells out).  They're so expensive I don't know if we can afford it, but if we get pregnant, we'll be glad we have enough to try for a sibling....what do to???

07-30-2013 01:33 PM
friederike Liz put me in waiting to O please.
07-30-2013 01:01 PM

Fried you want me to leave you where you are?


Lovestreet13, jwaite05 & Prettyisa how are you ladies getting on?

07-30-2013 12:59 PM

jam yes that's awesome!!! fingers crossed for you, hope it stays good news xxxx


fried - DW found her dress for about £20 in the train station of all places. Ours cost less than £1,000 all up for 100 people as we did food & everything ourselves. Was pretty stressful so just take time off when you need it as it's two big things you're doing at the same time. tank on a 3 hour trip doesn't sound like much fun, and fairly conspicious but I imagine also quite amusing smile.gif


Redrock yep staying here. We basically don't know until tomorrow or Thursday exactly when they need to transfer the eggs back in (it depends on how long they survive for, how many survive etc). It will either be Friday or Monday so no point me going anywhere at all.



fmorris how are things with you?


AFM getting a bit nervous now, esp as DW left this morning. I'm worried that what happened last time will happen again & the eggs won't be ready to come out but I just have to trust the meds do their work. Our hope is we can do the 5 day blastocyst instead of the 2/3 day transfer as it double the chances of success. This depends on how many eggs they harvest, how many fertilise and the attrition rate.


I'll let you all know tomorrow!

07-30-2013 12:56 PM
fmorris28 Jenny, lol I guess I do have some tricks up mye sleeve, huh? DP seemed to have them up her sleeve this time lol. Thanks for the luck!! And how awesome is it to have great friends to give you meds and swimmers! Hope it does the trick for you.

Isa, thank you! All is going well so far. 1 more insem tomorrow. How are the symptoms going, you've got a lot of promising ones!

Liz, we did the second last night. So we did one about 35 hours before + opk and then about 35 hours after the first + opk. So awesome for the follies!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!! Good luck with the retrieval!!

Friederike, double yay for that long awaited smiley lol. I felt like it was Mye birthday when I saw it lol. Nd I'd love to have some thread keepers luck! No doubt there is a barrage of swimmers in there so Kmfx! And I'm just as baffled about how kd got the swimmers in there lol and I'm using 5 ml ones I got at Mye local Chemist. Sorry about the doc not being able to get you on the weekend. You would think since you're her only IUI you would think she could make an exception. Either way good luck on the ceremony!!!!

Red rock, it went very well. It's always comical doing the headstand afterward lol. Glad your stepmom is doing ok, I know that's hard for you. Seeing Mye uncle (Mye mums twin) sick like that. *hugs* as far as an early insem, I've Insemmed 12 or so hours after Mye trigger by Mye doctors advice. I guess it just depends on how long after a + you O. Sorry I couldn't be of more help but good luck

Jam, heyyyyyyyy what about that second line!! wooooo hooooooo!!

AFM, insem number 2 was last night. So we did the insem 35 hours before Mye first + opk and 35 hours after the first +. The best thing about last nights insem was...NO LEAKAGE!! Lol the best! So last insem will be tomorrow seeing as I still had a smiley on the CB digital this morning. I think Mye window was well covered smile.gif I guess I'm in the Tww, huh?? I'll talk with DP and see if we're gonna test on a certain day or wait till AF is due. Good luck to everyone!!
07-30-2013 12:54 PM
granite Yay, jam! FX for you! I got my first super-faint BFP at 10DPO, and it only got darker! When I called my doc to tell them, they said I might as well get the bloodwork right away... See if you can move yours earlier!
07-30-2013 10:46 AM

Jam: Woo hoo congrats! A line is a line. 


Fried: I've still got my fingers crossed for you. The wedding sounds great, we also did something pretty small, although it ended up costing a lot more than we thought. Sooooo much less than most people spend, we wanted to buy a house, go on vacations, have a baby and not be paying of a wedding for years. 


Liz: I'm glad to hear things are going better, good luck with the retrieval. I've got everything crossed for you. Do you go back for the transfer or stay until the transfer? This is my lack of IVF knowledge showing. 


Isa: How's the TWW going? Any new symptoms? 


Fmorris: How did the other insems go? 


AFM: CD 8 here....waiting and waiting. Unfortunately I have a bit longer cycles so I've got at least 10 more days of waiting. My stepmom is doing okay, done with radiation for now. It's been hard to see her so, well sick. Good news is that my little sister is coming back in a couple of weeks, hopefully after our insem (that could be awkward) since she is staying at our house. She has to come out here for some legal stuff but I'm pretty happy about seeing her again so soon. DW and I just have to figure out timing. It seems like I O pretty soon after a + OPK. Has anyone done the insemination 12 hours after a positive or is that too soon? 

07-30-2013 09:39 AM
friederike Jam, how exciting! Congratulations!!!!! Don't worry if it is faint, that should be normal so early. Happy sticky baby vibes.
07-30-2013 09:27 AM




07-30-2013 09:15 AM
friederike Yeah, that makes no sense to make a difference between couples, so unfair. I understand that my doc can't do it, she is just a one doctor practice with 2 assistants and deserves to have her time off. I am the only IUI patient anyway. Maybe I can talk DP into doing my IUI in August, but we would have to take the tank on a 3hr. train trip and insem in a hotel during a short vacation we have planned.
Wedding dresses, me yes, her no. I am wearing a dress I found for 20€ on sale at TK Maxx and royal blue 15€ high-heels I got online. Our reception is just brunch with 40 people, so we'll probably get the whole shebang done for less than 1000€. Which as I learned is only a 15th or so what couples usually spend. More cash for babymaking left.
07-30-2013 09:09 AM
jam51212 Fried - thanks for the encouragement! Hope AF come soon so it doesn't throw off your timing!

Liz - I'm hoping everything goes great tomorrow! I would be super nervous too but it's so exciting at the same time!

AFM - I decided to take a first response pregnancy test this morning on 11DPO and there was a VERY faint second line but there definitely was there! I was super shocked as I wasn't anticipating it at all!!!! But a line is a line right?! I don't go in until Friday for my blood work but never the less were excited!
07-30-2013 06:30 AM

i was telling DW the other day about offices being closed (Mon-Fri only in Guernsey). It sucks they do IUI at home for straight couples but not lesbians. When we get to baby number 2 I'll fight that as it's discrimination. So exciting about your wedding!! you both wearing dresses?

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