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08-02-2013 10:37 AM

Started Aug 2013 thread. Please come join us over there!

08-02-2013 10:37 AM

Welcome to our new mamas!

tolovemercy and MamaJen those both look great!


July thread is UPDATED TO HERE.

08-02-2013 07:08 AM
ocelotmom Tolovemercy - I don't think your other tests were evaps smile.gif
08-02-2013 07:04 AM

Cruel evap on yet another test, of a different brand? I mean, it's normal for a faint line to darken into a (still faint), but more visible line as it dries, right? So confused.
08-02-2013 07:02 AM

MamaJen-  BIG congrats to you! joy.gif

08-02-2013 06:54 AM

Jayray, hope you can figure out those weird symptoms!

Gator-mom - very hopeful that your testing will provide answers!

delightedbutterfly - your past cycle makes no sense!  Sorry to hear about the weird long LP.  Frustrating!

TeaJunkie - I'm also in AZ and wary of being hugely pregnant in the summer, so I understand!  Here's to hoping it works out this month for you!

tolovemercy - those lines are totally visible -- but how confusing that subsequent have been negative!

bmetz34 - welcome and good luck!

mercyse - I'm so sorry.

MamaJen - that is a heck of a positive!  Congrats!!


AFM-- I am 14 dpo with a 12 day LP.  Always 12.  I tested 8 dpo through 12 dpo with negatives.  I didn't even try yesterday.  But being 14 dpo today with no sign of AF, I had to try.  It's positive, but I'm pretty sure I just have a bad batch of Wondfos.  I googled the lot number and it seems possible but I see nothing definitive.  I tried to take a picture but my camera was dead (of course.)  The thing is, I have zero symptoms.  I had no symptoms when pregnant with my miscarriages, and loads of symptoms with my DD and DS.  So, not sure what to think.  I have a couple FRER, so I'll try again tomorrow to at least address the Wondfo factor.  

08-02-2013 06:00 AM
Oh my, I think that's a positive! I only had the one test, wish I could take like 5 more. I may have to run out and buy more today. Only like 9 dpo so I'm trying to be only cautiously optimistic. DH was so so so happy. He was like, "we have to wait two or three months to tell people, right?" And I was like, "yeah, except for my ladies on the Internet, I can tell them right away."
08-02-2013 05:40 AM

Subsequent tests have been negative.  Maybe those were just really cruel evaps?  :( Keeping my head up, still only 10dpo.


ETA:  DH saw a line on the test this am (different brand).  As it is drying, I can see it too.  Still not quite sure what to think!

08-01-2013 10:35 AM

Thanks ladies.  I got these at Dollar General, but it looks like they're the same test as the photo you posted, ocelotmom.  I'm a tad concerned that they are evaps.   What are the odds that three tests in a row would give evaps?  The lines did not show up immediately, instead it was pretty close to the 10-minute mark.  I took one of the same brand yesterday and did not get any line at all (evap or otherwise).  Friend of mine who is pregnant passed on some of her ICs, so I guess I'll move my obsessing to those.  :)  

08-01-2013 10:19 AM
delightedbutterfly I can see both tolovemercy on my phone smile.gif
08-01-2013 10:13 AM

tolovemercy - I can see a line on both. That's the walmart $0.88 test, right? I've had bad evap lines on those, and the lines you got do not look like my evaps (which were actually darker than those, but only thin lines).


( is one of my evaps)

08-01-2013 08:12 AM

Second test.
08-01-2013 07:13 AM

Ok eagle eyes. Anyone else see it?

eta: i can see this on my phone and irl, but nothing on my desktop.
08-01-2013 05:57 AM

Tested again this AM (9dpo).  I thought I saw the faintest of faint faint lines.  DH saw it too, but thought it didn't look legit (?).  While taking the test to a room with better light, I dropped it and the test flooded and smeared and the whole thing is an uninterpretable (is that a word?) mess .  So.  There's that.  Letting go....  All things in their time, right?


scjp- my first thought was thyroid, too!


bmetz-  welcome!  

07-31-2013 08:41 PM

Keep me in the loop, gatormom. Here's hoping for good news and positive steps starting on Tuesday for both of us!


AF came in the middle of the night last night. I could feel it coming last night and took a defeated bath with a large glass of red wine.

07-31-2013 02:37 PM

Hi Peeps!


Welcome bmetz and tolo!


That does sound strange about the weight-gain scjp.  Even if you were pg, that's a ton of weight in a short period of time.  Usually people don't gain weight that quickly unless it's water weight. Maybe you need to see your primary care doc to see if there's something else going on?  Thyoid?  Electrolytes?  


AFM:  10DPO.  Marcyse:  We scheduled a f/u apt with our doc on Tues too!  We are totally rowing up the same stream right now!  AF would be due for me probably Fri or Sat.  My LP is typically only 11-12 days.  So if I get to Sun, I'll test.  I'm not going to obsess more before then.  It's bad enough that every time I feel wiped out, I start reading into it!  The last test of mine came back showing that my egg count, is indeed, low.  I'm guessing the remedy for that is clomid, but he says he wants to meet to discuss the next step for us. 

07-31-2013 02:36 PM
scjp1109 Good luck bmetz 34
07-31-2013 01:36 PM

Hi everyone!  I'm excited to be officially TTC finally!  I found out I am hypothyroid last December and have been working hard on diet modifications and medication dosing, and have finally been given my doctor's blessing to TTC this cycle!  AF started a couple days ago and I'm only on CD3.  I usually O around CD 16-17 (I was doing practice OPK's the last few months to get ready and fight the boredom lol).  I think our big issue will be DH's low sex drive.  We usually have sex once a week or so, plus he has some travel coming up in august for work.  So it'll be hit or miss with O'ing and BD'ing.  Our one year wedding anniversary is August 11th and I'm due to O around the 13th or 14th, so I think a BFP would be a great 1yr anniversary present!  

07-31-2013 09:47 AM

Well, I'm a crazy person, and I tested today, at 8dpo, even though I knew it would be a bfn.  eyesroll.gif  It was. 


The lack of self control I have when it comes to a pee stick is astounding.   It amazes me that I've given birth naturally 4 times, but can't seem to say no to an hpt.  Le sigh.

07-31-2013 07:58 AM
scjp1109 13 dpo took test 10 and 11dpo neg so just waiting lol still haven't figured out why u gained 15 lbs in one month. greensad.gif so weird I have stayed same weight eating habits everything for last 2 yrs and then this last month bam I gain 15 lbs soooo weird everyone askin if I'm pregnant lol
07-31-2013 05:56 AM

Here is another mama trying to stay zen! :)


Yeah I really don´t want a summer baby either, so I don´t know what will happen to TTC if this month and possibly next month doesn´t work out!! Hmmmmm!

07-31-2013 05:35 AM

Hi ladies!  I know that July is drawing to a close pretty quickly here, but can I jump in?  I've been hanging out in the Nursing Mama's thread, but I am starting to get some serious 2ww anxiety and am hoping to commiserate.  8dpo.  Temp high.  Still too early to test.

Originally Posted by TeaJunkie View Post

Since I royally screwed up my hormones last cycle, I am now doing acupuncture twice a week and drinking a herbal tea blend for fertility in hopes that those two things will balance me out again so I can conceive this cycle.  When we moved to AZ, I said no Summer babies, so I don't know what would happen to our TTC plans if it doesn't happen this month.  Trying to stay zen!  om.gif


I am not in AZ, but I am totally with you.  My youngest two were early September and July, both over super hot summers (plus DH is super busy with work in the summer, and it makes being pregnant miserable.  And hot.  And puffy.).   After last time I said no more summer babies.  I'm anxious for it to happen this month, or maybe next, I guess, but I don't know what it means for us if that doesn't happen.  It seems like it will be hard to derail the TTC train once it gets going.   Staying zen, staying zen.  

07-30-2013 09:11 PM

I haven't been very active in the past couple weeks since I was so devastated last cycle, but I wanted to check in quickly.  I'm so sorry to hear about those who are having difficulties.  I hope that August has better news for everyone (hopefully me, too!).


Since I royally screwed up my hormones last cycle, I am now doing acupuncture twice a week and drinking a herbal tea blend for fertility in hopes that those two things will balance me out again so I can conceive this cycle.  When we moved to AZ, I said no Summer babies, so I don't know what would happen to our TTC plans if it doesn't happen this month.  Trying to stay zen!  om.gif

07-30-2013 06:47 PM

Hey ladies!  I'm feeling a little more hopeful and positive today, which is good.  I just went over to "I'm Pregnant" forum just for fun and, sheesh!, I forgot how overwhelming it is!  There are so many posts and so many mamas!  Our little TTC thread seems so homey and comforting.  smile.gif


Welcome, Splinters!  I'm in a similar boat--DS1 is 4 and DS2 is 2.  DS2 is definitely more "spirited" than DS1, but, yeah, having those two makes me wonder what the third would be like!  How will another one add to our family?  And this is our first time really TTC. 

07-30-2013 06:47 PM

Forgot to update a few days ago -- can you move me to 2ww? AF due in 6 days, and I'm trying to hold out a few more days before I test.

07-30-2013 04:28 PM

Hi Everyone, here's hoping that August will be kinder to everyone who is TTC.  I'm about to embark on our first attempt TTC since DD#2, who is now 2.  It's a bit of a strange feeling, but I'm excited - we've been putting it off for a few months now to try to get timing right for future plans (ha!) but to be trying on purpose feels weird.  DD2 was an accident, and DD1 was a month post-miscarriage - no difficulty there, but that was over 4 years ago.  I feel our lives are now so totally changed from way back then!  DD1 was a sweet and easy little baby, and I wasn't sure we'd have more, and then DD2 was a disruptive, beautiful, surprising, sometimes overwhelming burst of energy into our cozy small family that sort of opened the door to us having more.  They are such different kids it made me wonder what another would be like!  But now that we're planning to have another, I have worries about how I will feel if it doesn't work out.  I guess I will have to wait and see what happens!  Best of luck to everyone for August!

07-30-2013 03:11 PM
newgirlintown Hi everyone! Lovely to read updates of others going through the same thing but sad to hear about all the AFs...

I am totally confused. I though I ovulated already but maybe not? Not temping (silly I know!!!) and can usually tell with CM but I'm
still getting creamy CM. And I felt weird and slightly nauseous and crampy today so obviously I'm like "omg am I pregnant?" Trying to turn off the voices and ride out this TWW smile.gif Hubby is traveling so can't BF extra just to be sure. Oh well!!! smile.gif
07-30-2013 06:28 AM

Congrats Runonmama


Sorry to everyone AF has found :(


AFM, just sitting at CD13. My temps have flatlined the last three days, but my timing is a little all over the place (between 5:45 and 7:45 usually) so who knows. I'm not as good as analysing my CM as I used to be too! Maybe this cycle will just be a practice run for us. We BD tonight to be on the safe side and will continue every other day until O is confirmed.

07-29-2013 08:24 PM

marcyse - we're cycle buddies, and I'm in exactly the same place - temps dropping the past two days, and expecting AF tomorrow. 

07-29-2013 07:34 PM

Winter - How are things with you? I was thinking about you since we were cycle buddies this month!

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