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12-26-2013 11:26 PM

started one load (everybody is still asleep though)

making some tea & porridge

need to muster the courage to tackle the overflowing sink (last night's washing up !)

have packed a few things in case our outing in the countryside does "work" for lunch ... (hoping to get my children to help picking up wook & we'll be fed pumpkin soup in exchange ! and then play board games in front of a "real" fire ....) ... we are city dwellers so they spend all day on the couch playing with their new electronic devices whilst the TV is on even ....)

12-26-2013 01:01 PM

Deep cleaned the main bathroom. Having a coffee and knit break. Next step is to do the mountain of dishes, clean the counter tops, sweep the floor and mop the kitchen.

12-17-2013 07:28 AM

well, this afternoon i had a back massage + a nap

the sink is half full & i haven't started on my daily load of laundry ...

i'll do what i can, too bad if it's not much today !!!!

12-17-2013 07:00 AM

Well,  we've had two different sets of company in two consecutive days, so we've spent much time the last two days doing dishes, sweeping up the floors, straightening up the house, etc.  Luckily, DH is very good at helping with all this, because there would be NO WAY I could get it all done myself.  Not sure what will happen this afternoon, so I will repost again later when I get the chance.  

12-13-2013 01:25 PM

on the home front i think i only ... did one load of laundry today ( and aired all bedrooms)

but i had a medical appointment early morning (DD2 was dropped to have breakfast with some neighbors who walked her to school along with their son)

baught one Christmas present in the morning + a few items from specialist stores

came back home, switched bags, went swimming

back home, emptied swim bag, had lunch in front of computer

then nap

then picked up a parcel from the post office & stopped for fresh bread

baked a plateful of small nibbles for tomorrow evening event

went to fetch DD2 from school

argued with DD1 on the phone (she had permission to go to the cinema with 4 school friends after school but 3 of the friends couldn't make it in the end so i came back on what i had said ....not wanting her to be with just one friend - this one i even don't know- nor for her to come back alone on foot in the dark after 8:00pm)

rushed the children to leave home on time to attend a sweedish expats celebration of Santa Lucia at the Cathedral (lovely porcession, white candles ...)

treated them to a meal in a restaurant (same place where we tend to go 2 or 3 times a year)

started walking back home, then suddently remembered some late night shopping we had planned on doing & retraced steps hurriedly and arrived 13 minutes before closing time = 3 more Christmas presents (one of them is the same at this morning, it was already 10 euros cheaper than on line since it was not "the" original brand but that store's brand & i had an extra 5 euros off today with my store card ... so 27 euros instead of 43 or so ....)

the kitchen floor is not clean at all but am going to go to bed now, tomorrow is another day ...

12-13-2013 07:55 AM

IsaFrench - naps are good!  I love them and rarely get them.  Oh well...




We had to work an after school sporting event last night, so not much accomplished except I did unload the dishwasher and reload some more back in.  Tried to straighten up the kitchen while I was at it and slightly motivated.  That's about it.  By the time we got home from school, it was after 9:00, so I wasn't in the mood to do too much.  I did sit down and cross-stitch after that.  I'm trying to get a few Christmas gifts finished (not sure how that's going to work out...coming down to crunch time!).  Today won't get anything done either, because we have our staff Christmas party this evening.  Oh well,  as of right now, I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, so maybe, just maybe I can get a few things done.  :1praying

12-12-2013 10:29 AM

yes indeed, not everyday is like "clock work" ....

today i took out laundry from the machine before 12 noon ... but  only got round to hanging it to dry at about 5:00pm...


i hear you about having a teenager in the house .... my 14 years old can be rather moody (understatement !!!)

and then my 6 years old seem to be un-ceasingly bickering with my 12 years old ....


this morning i only

- sanitised the toilet

- did one load -took it out (but didn't hang it)

- decluttered a bit

- tried to catch up learning my dance routine which i had thankfully filmed last week (was rather spaced out for my last 2 classes so have accumulated "spots" when i have no idea which direction i'm supposed to go nor what moves to do ....)

- ate leftovers for lunch, didn't wash up

- left late for dance class !!!


this afternoon, ... i baught a school book for DD1

... then had a nap !!!

12-12-2013 07:35 AM

IsaFrench - Wow, you got a lot accomplished on that second day!  Sometimes we just need a day like the first day though, to regroup and re-energize.  I just realized that I haven't been on here in several days.  I don't have a lot to report, but this morning before work, I did get my dishwasher filled and ran. That's at least one less thing I  have to worry about later.  :)  It wasn't the greatest of mornings.  Don't want to go into details, but I'm hoping the rest of the day goes a little more smoothly.  Let's just say when you have a teenager in the house, things are always kept interesting.  disappointed.gif  Maybe this evening will be better. 

12-08-2013 10:17 AM

today was a much better day ... feeling i've achieved much more

i had to enlist the children's help

both because it helped us achieve more & also because they created quite a lot of that mess anyway ...

- so all floors got picked up (quite an achievement .... i'm dreaming i could install it as an evening routine ... haven't succeded so far ...)

- vaccum was used

- i mopped most floors

- one load of laundry done

- dry laundry un-hung & folded and put away (DD2 who's 6 too !)

- quick nip at the market for fresh fruit & flat parsley

- dropped the cardboard recyclable refuse at the communal container

- went to the baker for fresh baguette

- baked a cake (from a cake mix we were given)

- homework done (have not checked it,= still need to do that before bedtime)

- made a decent lunch

- had managed to wash up and clear the sink before lunchtime ( a first in many days.....)

- managed to wash up directly after lunch too !

- played one game of rummy with the little tiles (i prefer playing with cards, but playing with my children, tiles are better ...)

- we all had a walk before it got dark again ....

rather satisfied with my day so far ...

12-07-2013 10:34 AM

tealsmith83 .... was thinking of you & this thread .... but i haven't much to post today ...well, i have, but i don't feel i've "achieved" much ...


- got up, got dressed, went out to get some fresh baguettes for the children .... then "escaped" by myself to rollerblading class for one hour

- went out to get some cartridges for the printer

- stopped by a store on the way back for food for lunch (and this and that ....not planned, but we'll used it all in the course of the next few days anyway ...)

- cooked lunch & fed the children, piled up all the washing up "for later"

- dropped by hospital for 40 minutes

- then some MORE un planned shopping (which got delivered later on)

- came home, did most of the washing up

- had a 20 minutes nap

- sent two of the children to the bathroom for a leisurely bath whilst i didn't supervise but stayed at the computer

- eventually started one load of laundry

- spent too much time on the internet ///the kids too much time in front of the TV ...

- planning to knit in front of mindless TV programs tonight once the children are in bed ...

well, tomorrow is another day .....

12-07-2013 10:25 AM

So far today...


Washed rugs

Ran and emptied dishwasher  

Cleaned toilet and bathroom floor

Picked clothes up in the bedroom (cedar chest sometimes becomes a dumping ground for clothes)

Fixed lunch (smoked sausage, brown beans and cornbread)

Washed a load of white laundry


Not bad so far, but hoping I can get much more done.  Had to take a break though and see what was going on in here.  :)  It's a beautiful and snowed in December morning here and COLD!  :cold

It's only 20 degrees out right now.  I have to go to the grocery later, but I'm going to wait until it warms up a bit before I brave going outside.  NOTE:  Have decided to send DH and DS to the grocery! I don't want to get out in the cold!  

12-07-2013 08:03 AM

So far today...


Washed rugs

Ran dishwasher

Cleaned toilet and bathroom floor


Not bad so far, but hoping I can get much more done.  Had to take a break though and see what was going on in here.  :)  It's a beautiful and snowed in December morning here and COLD!  :cold

It's only 20 degrees out right now.  I have to go to the grocery later, but I'm going to wait until it warms up a bit before I brave going outside.

12-05-2013 06:45 AM

IsaFrench - so good to hear from you!  Hope your friend in the hospital is doing okay.  I remember you from when I was on this thread about a year ago.  I got off for a while, but I'm back again.


Yesterday (Wednesday) after coming home from work -


Made supper for DS and myself.  (DH had a dr. appt. and was gone until late, he picked up his own supper)

Cleaned off kitchen table

Put out some Christmas decorations

Ran dishwasher

Went room to room and picked up scattered stuff

Made homemade chocolate chip cookies

Dried a load of laundry


That being said, my kitchen sink is now again full.  :irked  I just can't seem to keep ahead of the dishes.  Oh well, I guess they'll still be there when I get home tonight.  We are expecting quite the winter storm tonight and tomorrow.  If that's the case I won't have to work tomorrow, as I work at a school.  That will give me a day to, hopefully, get some stuff done.  I'm actually HOPING for the snow day!  :1praying

12-05-2013 12:10 AM

no, no, not everyone ... am still having a look every now and then

it's just that i've had someone close in hospital for the last 2 weeks so our family life is all messed up lately

that said, even if i don't wash up after every meal any longer

i still keep this thread in mind in my quest not to ... loose my mind, hope, get up and go impetus

AND i'm trying to keep up with

- washing up all dishes once a day & shine the sink

- scrub the inside of the washbasin and inside of the bath

- one load of laundry a day or so

- not to forget to change bathroom towels, sheets, table napkins when i can

- make sure the children do homework on time

- shop and feed relatively decent meals in term of quality, even if i have to adopt quite a few shortcuts ....

- make sure the children don't drop their weekly sport session (we paid = they "have" to go !!!!) in favor of slumping in front of the TV when i'm away more often than i would like to be ....

good luck in your endeavour, it IS a daily struggle ... but having a routine to turn to DOES help !!!!

12-04-2013 05:53 AM

I'm beginning to think everyone has lost interest in this thread.  :eyesroll


Yesterday (Tuesday) came home from work and:


Went to Curves to exercise

Came home and made DS and myself supper (DH had to work late and ate pizza there)

Washed dishes in the dishwasher and the sink

Cleaned off kitchen table (I don't know about you guys, but my table is a dumping ground for STUFF!)

Cross-stitched on Christmas presents until I was almost cross-eyed

12-02-2013 05:48 AM

lucifugous - your opinion certainly does apply to my question!  I'm sure even working from home can leave little time to get the housework accomplished!  I know what you mean about the dusting.  That tends to be the one I let go the most also.  Of course, then by the time I decide to do it, it's twice as difficult to get all the dust up.  I would love to hear some more folks chime in on this subject.


Yesterday (Sunday)


Helped DH and DS split and stack wood

Put up some Christmas decorations (inside and outside) 

Folded some clothes

Church (evening)

Made homemade pizza for supper

Put up some more Christmas decorations

Tried to clean up on the kitchen (although it's an ever losing battle)

Worked on painting a Christmas craft that we are doing as a family

11-22-2013 07:50 AM

That sounds like a wonderfully productive evening, tealsmith! My knitting has been set aside for a few days here, must remember to take it out when I can. 


I let the dusting go. When I do get a chance to vacuum or wipe things down, I am always on the lookout for what needs a new home or needs to find its way to the "Go" pile. 

I try to think of all objects in terms of their corresponding activities or uses, except the few that I find really attractive or meaningful. My tastes run freegan for furniture and consumables alike, though with the larger items I never seem to muster the craftiness to really personalize beyond periodic organization of the contents.


I work from home but only during school hours (previously 3 days/ wk of day care) and after bedtime, and there are times lately that I hardly remember to eat let alone get any housework done simultaneously, so I suppose my opinion applies to your question. That also might be why I take a functionality-based approach, as I am in too small a home to have an office that is separate from living space, and have had to make do with it. Each zone is multi-functional, and the relative upkeep of each depends on the amount that needed to be spent there that day & week. 


Yesterday evening I:

Scrubbed grout & stretched out during a long, hot, much-needed shower.

Did some research about the museums, plays, and other activities going on the next couple weeks while I have visitors & time off.


Today there is a lot of cleaning and planning to do! I have been completely unable to meal plan recently, but it must be done.

11-20-2013 06:55 AM

Oh I'm so glad to see more posts on here!  That really helps me.  I didn't get a lot done yesterday, but at least what I did do, you could really tell a difference.  After I got home from work,


I made supper!  We are usually running here, there and everywhere, so my cooking is few and far between anymore.  

After supper, I went to Curves to exercise and went to a ladies Bible study.


When I came home, I had a sink FULL and overflowing of dishes from a couple of days.  I immediately loaded the dishwasher with the dishes that would go in there, then I tackled the big items that had to be washed by hand.  That was a major undertaking!  DH asked if he could help....uhhhhh...yes, please!  We got them all done and the kitchen looked so much better after we did!  By then, it was after 9:00 pm and I don't know about you ladies, but after the full day I'd had, I was ready to sit down and chill.


So then I sat and knitted!  I love knitting!  I'm making a scarf for my niece for Christmas out of her school colors.  I hope she likes it!  She attends all the ballgames and athletic stuff, so I thought she might like to wear it there.


Question for you all... for those of you that work outside the home like me, because I'm sure there have to be some out there, how do you handle the housework and everything that has to be done?  In my perfect world, I would be a stay-at-home, and would be better able to keep things done.  But that's not the case right now, and my house suffers for it.  I will say, that DH is very good about sweeping floors and helping with laundry.  But the rest is so hard to keep up with, i.e. dusting, bathrooms, my 13 yr old tornado DS who explodes clothes and stuff everywhere, etc.  I would love to hear how you juggle it all.

11-19-2013 06:49 PM

Allllrighty.. we made great strides toward a more peaceful and orderly space overall, but over the last few days we've had quite a slip here. I need this!


Earlier: quick spurt of dishes, larger stuff, was able to fill the rack once.

Next quick session: put away leftovers from dinner, scrub the chopping block real quick.

Others (that I can do while working[listening]):

  • fold those last few clean clothes that are hanging out in the basket that did not get dealt with. gah!  hang coats and collect a few laundry items. done
  • finally chuck those shirts I don't wear but hang on to.. just in case... duh.gif done
  • reorganize our shoes - I am thinking they should go into the newly cleared-out floor of the front closet. done under a side table - car seat and keyboard still taking up closet!


Have company coming into town on Sunday!


Friday - meal plan

Saturday - big bathroom scrub


hm what am I forgetting? :rotflmao 

11-19-2013 02:00 PM
Springshowers I did the three bedrooms but ran out of time! I will try to do the laundry after the kids go to sleep.

I love how better organized my house feels. I feel like I am finally learning habits to keep it beautiful.
11-19-2013 12:46 PM

Well consider it "jump started"!!!!  

I am in need of motivation also and see this thread appearing as a sign!  

So excuse me while I"m off to sweep the floor and clean off DS's high chair (ooooh boy...that's going to be a doozy!!!)

11-19-2013 12:31 PM
Springshowers I was thinking of posting today. Here is my to do list of ten minutes each:

Call government office and take care of paperwork
Tidy DDs bedroom
Tidy DSs bedroom plus change sheets (where does the sand come from?)
Tidy my bedroom
Reboot laundry

I will update at the end of the day.
11-19-2013 12:28 PM

I think it does need a jump start.  Not too many people posting anymore.  I haven't been able to do anything yet today, because of working outside the home.  Hopefully I can get a few things done when I go home. 

11-13-2013 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by tealsmith83 View Post

Is this thread still going?  I need to get back in.  Haven't been in for a long time and I'm getting TOTALLY lazy at home.  It really shows too.  Looking for some motivation.

Good question - might need a jump start! :Kiss



I made a long honey-do list today; my partner appeared to be attacking it steadily in the morning, but upon reflection he was just having a "kitchen" day! Massive load of dishes; we did various errands; then he made a gorgeous pasta sauce (the usual onion, garlic, spices, ground beef, tomato, with black olives) over a super wide noodle; and pears poached in cabernet sauvignon with vanilla, cinnamon, lemon zest, juice of one orange, etc. then the sauce reduced. Yum!


Over the next few days, I still have over 1/3 a work week to complete, materials to buy and doors of a friend's coop to replace, six curtains of my own to sew (have never done before), and some clothes shopping to do!


Where do the 10-15 minute spurts come into play? Oh I wish I had thought of this thread on Monday and Tuesday when I was decluttering like crazy : ) soon!

11-13-2013 09:07 AM

just scrubbed the toilet & cleaned the inside of the bathtub and sink

this morning i did catch up with overflowing kitchen sink

did one load that i put on the line

went grocery shopping & got it delivered and put away

cleaned a box to store my dance gear in a better place

... other than that ... spent too much time at the computer investigating the archives of a support forum for a new diet i'm trying out (i had a great time .... would spend 3 days in a row if i could ....)

good thing i put some meat in a pot on a corner of the stove earlier on, will just have to boil some pasta in an hour & so that the kids can eat

(+ whatever is leftover in the fridge)

need to go and fetch DS (it's pitch dark now) from sport, a good 2  x 15 min walk (= the opportunity to talk one on one on the way back !)


... will need to put foward quite a few things on my "to do list" for tomorrow !!!!

11-13-2013 08:24 AM

We've been sick here, so I haven't done much lately.


Today I:


Made DD breakfast

Scrubbed the toilet (we're sick with stomach flu help.gif)


I plan to:


Take DD to the dentist

Try to clean myself up a bit

Figure out dinner

Go to yoga if I'm not dead by then

11-13-2013 07:56 AM
Springshowers If is amazing what a difference 10 minutes can make. I am in.

It is also amazing how much of a mess two kids can make in ten minutes!!
11-13-2013 07:10 AM

Is this thread still going?  I need to get back in.  Haven't been in for a long time and I'm getting TOTALLY lazy at home.  It really shows too.  Looking for some motivation.

10-24-2013 04:18 PM

Hello everyone.

This morning I have done:



wiped over bathtub
cleaned down shower screen
took laundry downstairs to the laundry!
one wash on


to do:

empty dishwasher upstairs
empty dishwasher d'stairs
put rubbish outside
more washing in machine

hang out on clothesline hang.gif
go on the treadmill, need to work off this flab! jog.gif

10-16-2013 07:32 PM
*bejeweled* Hello. Yesterday I WOH. Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD on the school bus
-walked the dog
-went to an appointment
-picked up milk and a few groceries
-rinsed the dishes and washed the counters
-took out the trash
-wiped down the bathroom
-cooked spaghetti
-watched Survivor and soaked the dishes
-started washing the puppy's blankets
-cleaned the litter box
-gathered the trash

Tomorrow I hope to take the puppy to the vet and go to a work meeting. Have a good evening. sleepytime.gif
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