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04-09-2014 09:21 AM

I'm good for a FB group also.  Easier in many ways.  


Starling-- have you done picture books before?  I have a good in with a publisher, but will need to send her my draft very soon (like next week or two) if I want a shot at that, which makes me nervous. I'm used to adult books, where you don't need to send nearly the whole text at first!


Still skiing up here. Amazing to see how the kids have progressed. K is overly cautious and not a natural athlete, but he's so focused and persistent when he's working on something (especially a new trick), that I think he's even starting to pass up some of the wilder kids in skiing skills. And I suppose he's not distracted by hanging out with other kids, since he still doesn't care for that. Yesterday he was doing banked turns on the snow berm, sidestepping up hills, jumping, stopping sharply, etc...  

I've also been starting seedlings for the garden, in anticipation of the snow melting sometime soonish (it's a low snow year, so I expect it'll be gone before May).  

04-08-2014 08:20 PM
Vegan Princess

I'm up for facebook.


Sue - still wanting to hear the birth story!


Sorry so short right now...

04-08-2014 05:43 PM

I'm up for moving to a secret group in FB. We still have a group but it's a closed group not secret so I think stuff can still show up in news feeds. Plus some of the members haven't chatted here in a long time so we might want to start something new. 

End of pregnancy is going well. I am done work so that feels good but I liked the distraction of not thinking about the baby coming and focusing on my uterus. I need to make sure that I get my exercise in though. Work forced me to do that and at home I spend more time crocheting and on fb rather than up and about.  

04-08-2014 03:32 PM
Thursday Girl

also, does everyone have a facebook now? are you all adverse to making a facebook group that is private where we can talk? Partly for ease of use and partly b/c no one but us could see it. here anyone with a computer can read our conversations

04-08-2014 03:30 PM
Thursday Girl

Erin, I am so excited for a kid's picture book from you. I am loving small feet, big land, although I had to make myself stop reading it so I could concentrate more on school. it's on my list of things to do after this semester is over. 


Sue, I am loving the Cormac pictures. 


nilla- your coming near the end of the pregnancy, how's it going?  Brushing hair- detangler spray and conditioner. 


speaking of hair, June cut the end off of her braid while I was on the phone today, so now she just got her very first haircut. 


Cindy, sorry your mom moved back. sometimes moms are funny. 


Everr- how are you doing, I saw a picture of R in a plane...

03-14-2014 10:51 PM

Sue - Glad to hear the new addition is settling in well. And 3 kids solo sounds crazy!  We are actually planning to be mostly around this year (no trips longer than a week or two), since I do like being home with the garden and our backyard wilderness too.  I think every other year is best for multi-month expeditions.


Nilla - You can fit!  (says the one from the one room house).  It'll all work out somehow.  That Lego thing sounds weird. I guess I could see getting them used to accepting that not everyone wins in an actual competition (on merits), but if prizes are just randomly assigned and not to everyone? That just sounds like making only enough cookies for half the kids at a party.  It's downhill skiing here -- not enough flat for cross country (which is what I knew as a kid).


Cindy -- Funny about your mom. I think mine is a little bit the opposite. She comes here and feels like there's too little going on in my tiny town for her taste. I think she'll probably spend summers here and winters traveling for the forseeable future. She's in central America right now.


AFM - Just got a nice mid-March blizzard, which actually kind of made me happy, as it made skiing so much easier.  In hindsight, it perhaps wasn't the BEST idea to take a 5yo, 4yo, 3yo, and 2yo (who was carried) hiking up a long uphill trail in the blizzard to ski down, with not-quite-adequate clothing for the rapid temperature drop.  But hey, it's Friday, and we always go hiking Fridays. The two older kids did quite well, I had a bunch of cookies for them all, and Lituya looked very cute dressed up in my coat (though she did a fair amount of crying and decided not to ski). But the snow is ending, and we're going camping tomorrow, since we've got a new plan to go camping every full moon.


I've been struggling with my various writing projects lately, and have set them aside to work on a kids' picture book with my artist sister-in-law, which is proving to be a lot of fun. Hope it ends up working out.

03-14-2014 11:48 AM

Hi~ I haven't posted in ages. Enjoying new baby bliss along with some added chaos. Today is Dh's first day back to work although only a half day. Thankfully he will be doing half days for 2 weeks. I'm not ready for 3 kids solo!! But we are doing well. Cormac is a totally mellow baby. His sisters adore him and are doing well with the new addition. Maeve was full of tantrums for a few days but has really settled down and is back to her old happy self.

I'll have to share my birth story one of these days. I did end up transferring to the hospital which was disappointing. But we were both ok and he was born about an hour after we got there. 

Starling:  I know you posted a long time ago, but I wanted to ask you if you had thought about OT for E? It was such a help to Fiona. Also, the out of sink child has fun is a great book with lots of ideas. Sorry to hear how heavily these things are weighing on your heart. And I totally get it!


Nilla: Things are super tight here too! Somehow it has worked out. We reconfigured our closet which helped. I just hope we can move before Cormac is too big. I'd love to have a bedroom for M too even if she doesn't use it right away. F is finally in her own room although DH sleeps with her half the time. I don't know, somehow it works out. You are in the home stretch now!!

Everr: Been thinking about you Mama! So sorry about your Mama. Hope you are doing ok.

Cindy: I can't believe your mom moved everything and then moved back!!

Mal: Thinking about you too! How are you? Do you have a spring break coming up?

Erin: Any big adventures on the horizon this spring/summer? Do you ever just want to be home with your garden for the summer or does the adventure pull you?


Courtney: I'm continually impressed with all you have on your plate! Keep up the good work Mama? Will you continue classes in the summer?


03-13-2014 01:29 PM

That's lovely Courtney. Congratulations on the honour society.

Cindy sorry your mom didn't last in the city.

Ever Congrats on the job!

Erin is it cross country or downhill?


AFM: 34 weeks tommorow. I'm tired and sore and sick ugh! 2-3 more weeks of work. Trying to fit this new baby into our spaces is proving to be challenging. I bought 2 boosters so far and neither fits with 2 carseats. I can't find an armoire or dresser used to put the babies stuff into. There's no place for a highchair (especially the honking one we have). I'm exhausted from trying to figure out logistics of where to put everyone and their stuff in both the house and the car.

Question: For those with girls and long hair. How do you handle the brushing with no tears?

Went to a Lego event at my son's school last night where the kids display their creations and get a prize if they get picked out of a draw. There were a lot of prizes so about half the kids got some and it took a while to dole them out. Afterwards there were lots of tears of disappointment for those that didn't get a prize. Not sure how I feel about it. I know kids have to learn about disappointment and that there really is no such thing as fair and equal in most of the world. But it seemed to kill the excitement of the event. DH said well if he didn't win we could buy him some lego but that feels wrong to me. I tried to prepare him for it and told him there were no guarantees. He won something small though so he wasn't one in tears but my heart was wrenching for the other kids. Maybe it's just the pg hormones?

03-12-2014 01:42 PM
Thursday Girl

for my internet friends 

02-26-2014 09:35 AM
Vegan Princess

I think it wasn't so much that she didn't like being close to me. LOL. It's that she didn't like how urban it is. She's used to suburbs where the town centers around the strip mall with a huge parking lot. Easy to park. Low crime. Normal families all around. Plus she is just not the daring type - hates to drive new places, etc. I have no idea why she thought it would be any other way than how it is here - more urban, no parking lots, parking meters, harder to park, everything new to her, more crime, more crazy looking people.She loved seeing me and my girls but it was only part of her day and she says she hated her apartment and cried when she would go home from being with me and she had a life back home and friends and she had the chance to move back into her condo that she left bc the owner has just finished remodeling it and had not rented it yet.I still think it's crazy. But oh well. I feel a tiny bit relieved even though I am so sad she is going bc I did feel guilty a lot when I wasn't with her. Even though she didn't expect me to be with her all the time. I think she forgot how busy a mom of littles is. She didn't realize I was so busy all the time.

02-26-2014 09:25 AM

Everr -- So sad about your mom. Lots of hugs. Hopefully the job will at least take that aspect of stress out of your life while you spend time with her.


Cindy -- What did your mom hate so much about being near you? 


Courtney -- Congratulations on the scholar society! And I think a date can be fun regardless of what you do, sometimes.  Usually my DH and I just play board games after the kids are in bed. :)  There's nowhere to go but the bar, and not worth getting a babysitter so we can go hang out with the bar crowd.


AFM -- I've been full on into learning skiing this winter (at least until today, when it started to rain). We've got a regular 'adult ski day' going on Sunday when we can get way up into the mountains, and we've been getting the little kids skiing at least one afternoon a week. We had them on my little side road yesterday, being towed up behind a truck, then rocketing down the hill practicing their turns.  It's such an awesome thing to see!  K is doing great with it, despite his cautious personality, and L is willing to do a little. The only thing that bothers me is that we tend to do all the cool stuff for kids during school hours (weekly hikes, ski day, aikido class), and I feel sad about the kids we've lost to kindergarten. I never see them anymore. I'd love to recapture some of them, or not lose more next year, but the scheduling is so hard. Even when it's light enough to start an activity 3:30, that's so late! My kids won't have any energy left by then, and I can't imagine a 5 yr old who's been in school since 8:30 will have much left either. But maybe it would work?

02-25-2014 08:44 PM
Vegan Princess

Everr: Congrats on the job - that is awesome! I am so sorry that there is bad news to come along with the good. When I saw that you had posted I was thinking - oh please let her mom be ok!!I hope you can make the most of your time left together. I cannot imagine. Your family is in my thoughts!! I wish there were something we could do.


So my mom moved here in January. And today the movers came and took her stuff back to San Diego. She lasted 1 month. Never really gave it a chance. But she says she learned some valuable lessons. What a bummer! My sister flies in tomorrow night to drive her back to SD on Thursday.Crazy.



02-25-2014 07:49 PM
Thursday Girl

Everr, I am so sorry the treatment didn't work for your mom.  Whenever you need to talk or share go ahead. I wish I could do more.  


Congrats on the job though, at least there is a bright spot in your life. 


Nilla- yes, her name is Josephine. You'll have to share a picture of the tattoo. 


Sue, thinking of you and your baby. 


Starling- That sounds like an intense mix.


Birthday- Junes went well (can't remember if I posted about hers) My sister was in town and we actually had he special breakfast, McDonalds (I know, gross) for lunch, and spent time shopping. I still haven't faced the birthday planning. I just keep saying " I'll plan it after my test" then I have another test to get ready for. 


I got accepted into the National society of collegiate scholars, and for the induction ceremony my friend watched the kids and Chris and I had a date. we were supposed to eat first but there wasn't enough time and we ended up having  Taco Bell ( I know, gross but I actually sort of like it and it has been years since I've had it.) and even though it was a "lame" date I had such a good time just being with him...and it only cost $9 which is kind of sweet. 


okay, I have to go study for a test. 

02-25-2014 04:14 PM

Hi ladies,


I hope everyone is doing well.  I'm sorry I can't respond to everyone right now.  Just wanted to update on me.  I started a new job yesterday, permanent, in my home town, and in my field.  So I feel like I won the lottery with it. 


But, in other news.  Today I found out that my moms treatment isn't working and there is nothing more they can do for her.  Even though I knew she was sick I can't seem to accept that she will actually be gone.  I'm not really sure what to do.  


I just needed to share with you all.  I should try and update more often, but life has been so complicated recently.  

02-22-2014 07:30 AM

Not sure what the tattoo will be of yet but it will be black since I don't like how the colour fades. I have a little one from when I turned 18 and it's all blotchy. 


Well I am not anemic. I am not sure what it up other than I think my BP drops if I am on my feet too long and then you add the weight of my lead plus blood to the gut after lunch and boom down it goes. DH thinks I should go off about mid march but I am afraid to go off to early and just sit around and get larger. Another part of me wants to be done work NOW. 


We went swimming for Dee's birthday then back to our house for cupcake decorating and present opening. It was low key and it worked well. Only 5 other kids and their parents. She was happy. She crashed hard that night though and had a crying jag about it all being over and not lasting all day. We make birthdays a big deal with presents on the table when they wake up, an activity of their choosing and special dinner and breakfast. Maybe I go overboard? 


I miss the chats here. My new DDC for this baby is so different because it's on FB. It's an MDC group but the chatting is on FB and I find it hard to remember who everyone is without the MDC names. Plus it's a bit more about the pictures and sharing articles than it is about sharing the little moments of pregnancy and life.


I hope the birthdays went well for everyone and that those that are grieving are finding some peace. 

02-11-2014 10:16 PM

Nilla -- Ugh, I hope iron fixes the problem.  What will the tattoo be?

And I didn't meant that K was actually doing division! Just that even though he will solve something like 7+7 in a slow and error-prone way, he also surprises me with flashes of mathematical insight that seem to come out of nowhere.  K: "I realized that every number can divide into (is divisible by) 1!" Me: "Is that true for other numbers, like 2 or 3?" K: "No. But 3 can divide into 3, and 6, and 8." Me: "8?" K: "No... Actually 9. And 10 can divide into 5. That means 20 can divide into 5, and 30, and 40, and 50, and..."

02-08-2014 02:17 PM

Oh Starling - that sounds hard. My kids are vastly different. Both are intense in their own ways though. Dee it is emotionally. She rides high and falls hard in her emotions multiple times a day. With Em he needs order and control and advance notice or he explodes. Thankfully traditional school gives him what he needs. He is struggling a bit socially right now and I'm not sure how to help him. He's advanced academically but while this makes the academics easy it also makes him bored and frustrated. It also singles him out against his peers. I think you will find it easier to meet both kids needs when they are a bit older. Especially with H. You will be able to put him in sports or activities while E reads her books or does her experiments. 


Sue I took your advice and booked a massage. I can't wait. Oh do you know any Waldorf shops in Canada. I'm looking for a rocker board but so far can't find one in Canada. 


AFM: I think I might be anemic. I'm so tired and getting very breathless for no reason. I also had an episode of low blood pressure at work the other day while wearing my lead apron where I almost passed out. I got my bloodwork done so I should find out at my midwife appointment this week. I'm hoping this is it and it's fixable. I'm also having  many episodes of feeling like doom is impending. Oh and I asked DH for a 'push gift'. I want a tattoo to cover my c-section scar. 


Erin - My oldest is just learning division and multiplication. Wowza.


Courtney- Is Josie's full name Josephine? This is one of the names we are considering for this girl. 

02-07-2014 10:33 PM

Everr -- Still thinking of you. How is R doing with your mom's illness?


Sue -- 3.5 weeks is soon!  How exciting!  I'd say we had no winter, but it showed up in force today.  Our weekly Friday kid hike got blizzarded. We didn't make it to the beach, since we couldn't see the road, and didn't want to get the borrowed car stuck. So it was a short walk to the neighbors' instead. Still fun though.


Cindy -- Happy birthday to Junie!  And L is a New Year's baby just like Josie. So I have one New Year's, and one Valentine's Day.


Nilla -- hope the 12 weeks passes at just the right speed.


Starling -- Don't apologize! I think all of us want to know what's going on -- it's a privilege to feel part of all these kids' lives.

That does sound like a tough spot for E, and you. But like you said, you can keep her world a little more steady for her--at least for now. And for later, perhaps she'll be able to gain the skills to handle those issues and impulses herself.  We all want to spare our kids whatever was hardest for us in life, but I suppose it isn't always possible. I can see some similarities between E and K, especially in some of the focus and academic drive (K was telling me about what numbers could divide into 2, or 3, or 5 this morning), but I don't think K is nearly so intense. Not as out-of-norm academically, and while he's quite out-of-norm socially, it's in a rather cheerfully oblivious fashion, with no attached anxiety or shyness. We have a new regular playdate on Friday, in which a little girl comes over (right between my kids in age), plays hilarious games with L all morning long, while K ignores them to work on his projects alone or with me. 


Does E want to engage with the outside world? Does she need the friends right now? I doubt being ahead academically will matter to them at all, really--it seems like kids this age don't have much conception of what people different ages should or shouldn't be able to do--but boundary issues probably will. Maybe she just isn't ready yet? 


AFM -- Really hoping to get out K's new skis tomorrow, now that we've finally gotten snow. My mom's visiting right now, and will be here for another week, so we have a cheerful extended family group up at the compound now (MIL, SIL, my mom, and the 4 in my house), and I have both extra disruptions and extra childcare help, so it's kind of a wash. Very very slowly starting to write another book.  Unfortunately, one of my best mom friends (and the only other likely homeschooler near my kids' age) just decided to move to Hawaii for a couple years, then to travel internationally. And while I'm happy for them, I'm also sad to lose them, and another piece of our already super tiny community.

02-07-2014 09:00 PM
starling&diesel Hi all!
Everr ... I'm so sorry to hear about your mom! How troubling, and hard on the heart and head. I so hope things start looking up. Way up, Mama!
Mal ... I think of you often. And I hope things are starting to feel easier somehow.
Nilla ... I remember that stage of pregnancy well, when the days crawled by by the weeks seemed to go pretty fast. I hope it's the same for you and that you're holding your baby soon, soon, soon! But not too soon. innocent.gif
Sue ... You're baby is almost HERE! So excited for you!
Erin ... If E and K weren't so socially oblivious I bet they'd get on fabulously. Only, they wouldn't really know each other existed. Guess that's a deal breaker, eh? H has good friends already too. Even older kids follow him when he starts a game at the park. Second kid thing?
Courtney ... Joint party time? Would your girls go for that?
Cindy ... That's BIG NEWS! Remind us, is your mom good for babysitting?

We're in Mexico for 5 weeks and loving it!

I spend way too much time looking at real estate listings and trying to figure out how we could move here and run a family-friendly B&B.

We took E horseback riding for her birthday, which she loved. And had ice cream.

It's been so nice to get away from home for awhile, and rediscover each other in a different environment, with everything stripped away.
We don't have any extra money to do much while we're here, so mostly we go to the beach, get groceries and come home. That can take the better part of an entire day! The kids are totally content with long walks and beaches as their sole entertainment, and we're content to putter along at their pace.

E still struggles with anxiety, sensitivity and some major sensory stuff, which is starting to jeopardize the very few friendships she does have. She has a compulsive need to touch *everything* and *everyone* and keep touching them, regardless of their requests that she stop or body language messages. We've been working with the pediatrician about it, but it's been getting worse lately. And it seems every more difficult now that she knows that she's not supposed to do it, but she can't help herself. The ped said there was no point in trying to redirect her tics and sensory stuff, but it's entirely socially unacceptable to *not* address her boundary issues, especially.

DP and I often talk about how impossible it would be for E to be in school, and how lucky she is that we're already on the homeschool/unschool path. She's the kid who would end up being taken out anyway after constant haranguing about her 'issues' and how disruptive they (likely) would be in a traditional classroom.
She is very OCD about many things, and because we know what is very important to her, we can accommodate the big things so that she can practice more approrpiate reactions to the smaller things.

I think I can honestly say here that she is too bright for her own good. Her mind never seems to slow down, and her body never seems to be at rest. I wish she could find a way to settle her mind and calm her body. We've tried so many things, but she is still always turned on.

So yes, great that she's ahead academically, but it's yet another thing that sets her apart from her peers.

H on the other hand, is easy going, and very typical.
He's as un-intense and E is intense.
He's happy, and hilarious, and sweet, and smart, and loving.

Totally different kids ... how does that even happen?
Courtney? Nilla? What's with the totally opposite kids from the same parent thing work?
Do you let the highest-needs kid set the family tone? Do you try to encourage flexibility where there is none?
Seems pretty hard to so often require E to adjust her very base and natural instincts and deeply held beliefs.
This turned into a novel.

Just so worried that she won't be at peace ... ever. gloomy.gif Her mind is on fire. And I know how that feels. Even though we're not biologically related, she's so much like me that way. I've been trying for almost 39 years to learn to relax and be calm and stopping obsessing, and so it's hard to see her go through the same anguish, when that's the last thing I want for her.
I see H is that calm, easy going kid, and so I know it's likely nature (her donor mom is very similar and E's eldest sister suffers GREATLY in this regard too ...)
Anyway, very long ramble to say that it's been SO NICE to be away from home, where these things weigh much heavier on my mind and heart.

We do so great as just our little unit of 4. It's only when the outside world invades that E gets so wobbly.
I'm so glad that we can keep her home.
Even if we did want to send her to school, I am confident that she'd be irrevocably undone by the entire experience, and thoroughly bored to boot.
Again, sorry for the vent. Clearly, it's on my mind.

I love you mamas, for being there for the last five and a half years. I value all of you in my life, and I'm so glad to have you as part of my community.
02-04-2014 04:55 PM

Everr: So sorry to hear about you mom. So much love and light Mama. It has to ease up for you sometime soon. Really!

Mal: How are you doing? I just read about you going nextdoor to your sisters house on fb. It must be wonderful to have each other close by!

Cindy: Big change for your mom! I hope she settles in quickly and is a nice help and support for you guys!

Nilla: I hope you start feeling better soon! Can you get a pregnancy massage?! I had one last week and wish I could afford one every week!

Erin: Is it super mild in your neck of the woods too? We have had almost no snow and barely any winter. I have a poppy plant already coming up and rhubarb too! Must mulch!

Thursday: I have been so impressed with all of your school efforts while raising 4 kids! You are awesome Mama!!

AFM: I have only about 3.5 weeks till my due date. I imagine I might go a few days early as I did with the girls but we will see. Getting everything in place here. Busy days wipe me out (like today, phew!). But we are getting closer! Pretty excited to meet this little guy. Fiona asked if she could get in the tub to catch the baby! I will have her help cut the cord! But the plan is to have both girls watch baby come. We will wake F if it is in the night but Maeve will be left to sleep!! My mom arrives on the 22nd so he can come any time after that! :)

02-03-2014 12:56 PM
Thursday Girl

Everr, I am so sorry things are so hard right now. I'll be praying for your mom and for you.


Junie will be five this saturday. For her school we are bringing strawberries and homemade whip cream. she wants pink and purple whip cream. so I will make half with homemade strawberry syrup and half with blueberry. I haven't planned her party, shoot I haven't planned Josie's party yet and she turned 8 on new year's day. Shortage of money and school starting. I'll get around to it....eventually I hope.

02-01-2014 06:59 PM

Everr so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she pulls through so you can have some more time together. I sincerely hope that life hands you a nice big happy surprise sometime soon you deserve it. 


Cindy - Baby is due end of April. That gymnastics party sounds like something Dee would love (and me too). She does gymnastics once a week. 


Erin - I think ours will be low key as well but she has her heart set on going swimming. With me being giant and pregnant with no suit that fits this may prove difficult. She also wants a three tier cake. I have no idea who is going to eat all that cake. DH's birthday is 4 days later so maybe I will just freeze a layer.


I'm trying to celebrate and enjoy this last pregnancy but I'm at the 'everything hurts and I feel like I'm dying' stage most days, with at least 12 more weeks to go. 

01-31-2014 09:51 PM

Everr -- I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, and hope very much she'll be able to come home again. I can't imagine all you must be going through, it all sounds so hard. Lots of hugs.

Is your field very competitive? Fingers crossed you'll get the better job soon.


Mal -- thinking of you too.


Cindy -- hope your mom settles in soon.


K's birthday is on the 14th, but we have no big plans.  We'll have some kids over, some food, and he has some idea that they'll all throw paper airplanes through a target that sounds kind of complicated and the chances any other kids will play along are low.  I think he'll have fun, but ignore all the children as usual, trying to get all the parents to listen to his latest theory/idea/interest.   It's kind of funny, L just turned 3, and I can see that she's already making friends! Which is crazy to me, since K still has never really done that.

01-31-2014 05:15 PM
Vegan Princess

Oh Everr! My heart just sank when I read about your mom. I am so sorry. I will be praying for her to get well enough to come home and have more time to spend on this earth with you and R. I can't believe you and Mal are both having this happen at the same time. :-( And so hoping you get the even better job!!! Hugs. Just hugs.



01-31-2014 05:01 PM

Hey everyone!  


I haven't been on in a while and hope everyone is doing well :)


R had his 5th birthday a couple weeks ago and it was lots of fun.  We had it at an indoor play place and he was so happy with it.  I was glad I splurged on it even though money is a bit tight right now.  I'm still unemployed :/  I didn't get the one job I interviewed for but I have an even better one I'm interviewing for in 2 weeks.  So hopefully I'll get it!


I've been incredibly stressed lately with the job stuff and also my mom has been in the hospital since new years eve.  She has cancer and is having a lot of complications.  They are still treating but I don't know if she's going to pull through this time.  R and I will be moving into her house in a couple weeks so I can help her when she comes home (if she does..)  I honestly feel like I'm at my limit for stuff I can take.  I feel like I'm going to break.  I need things to get better so badly :(

01-28-2014 08:52 PM
Vegan Princess

Mal - Thinking about you!!


So my mom moved here! It all fell into place really quickly and she found an apartment down the street from me. I flew down to SD and drove her up a week and a half ago. She is busy getting settled and right now doubting her decision. She spent the last 45 yrs in the same part of San Diego and doesn't take well to change. She thought she loved Berkeley but now that she is here, she is a bit out of her element. Happy to see me often and the girls. I'm hoping she'll feel a lot better once her apartment is settled and she figures out how to get around and gets into a new routine. I'm really excited to have her here. But also feeling a bit of stress trying to help her get settled and wanting her to feel happy/calm. 


So tomorrow is M's birthday!! This time 5 yrs ago I was asleep already. Would wake in an hour and find some pink on the tp and notice mild contractions, 4 minutes apart. I labored thru the night and she was born at the birth center, in the tub, at 5:40 am. How it is possible that 5 years has passed, I have no idea!! M is very excited and has been planning and plotting her birthday for the past 6 months. LOL. She had her school b-day celebration on Monday - it was really cute. Tomorrow DH will take the morning off (he hasn't told her though). I think we will go out for pastries and then to an amazing garden that is only ever open during the week and non-holidays so daddy has never been able to go with us. Dinner of her choice tomorrow. Her party is on Saturday at a huge gymnastics place that lets the kids play on a huge built in trampoline, foam pit, trapeze, etc. It will be 10 kids! No way I wanted that in my house. PLus they set up and tear down. We just have to bring food and drink. Should be really fun. We've had a ton of parties to go to this month. I've enjoyed them all - especially one at a bouncy house place last weekend - they let the parents go on everything. Man those bouncy slides are fun!! Parents can do everything except the trampoline at M's party. 


Can't believe we've all been chatting away for over 5 years!!!


Hoping everyone is well! I think Starling might be on their month long trip right now?!


Nilla and Sue: Remind me when the babies are due!



01-28-2014 07:14 PM

Hope all is well with everyone. Especially you and yours Mal.


What is everyone getting/doing for birthdays?

01-07-2014 03:23 PM
Thursday Girl

Love you , Mal. You and your family continue to be in my thoughts.

01-06-2014 04:10 PM
starling&diesel Mal, I am so sorry that you've lost your mother. My thoughts are with you. Be gentle with your bruised and tired heart, hon.
01-05-2014 10:26 PM
AKislandgirl Mal, you continue to be in my thoughts. Love and light to you.
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