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09-17-2014 08:47 AM
SweetSilver Happy to say that I'm back in the groove, and more than ever. The music has really helped stretch out the routines to half an hour, give or take a few minutes. It's interesting to explore the routine with different music as it will often suggest to my a new pose or kriya.

Late summer always gives me energy to strike out on walks, and I've been prioritizing those, even on days where I've done some intense yoga. I've always said "I've done my yoga, I'll skip the walk" but not now. I have a new, very heavy job cleaning a shop for a friend's business on Sundays. It is very physical work, and I decided that I needed to up my activity on other days so I wasn't so wiped out on Monday. The last 5 pounds have melted off, though I think the easy part is over!

The old music has flooded my psyche with many of the emotions and memories of my teen self, the one I cast aside with all the craziness but part of her stays with me now. Hard to explain. I guess on my spiritual journeys in my twenties I turned my back on the attachment and materialism of that era, and never looked back. Now I've looked back and see that not all of me had been thrown into the "fire". So now it's time to embrace that girl and envelope those emotions in the wisdom of my years.

Had a shock listening to one of my all-time favorite albums, the Cure's Boys Don't Cry from 1980 (I came upon it in 1985). Hadn't listened to it in 25 years, and I get to these songs that had me in tears of confusion and lonlieness after my first romantic heartbreak. I didn't cry, but it was like a punch in the gut. Not any feelings of the old boyfriend (long since past and quite thoroughly) but the lingering emptiness and helplessness. It made me angry that my favorite music was so spoiled and I intend on taking that back.

Depeche Mode's Black Celebration is similarly tied up in so much emotion, but those songs conjure up feelings of happiness and contentment both with myself ("Heeeere on my own/ Aaaaaall on my own/ How good it feels to be alone tonight") and the better parts of those early relationships, and my naive but growing sexuality. Amazing what that music brings to my yoga.

OK, I've rambled more than I intended!
09-02-2014 11:52 AM
SweetSilver Managed a 30 minute routine due to the fact that I put on an old Depeche Mode CD and grooved my way through my poses. Awesome. I love a little back beat with my yoga. Love the heart-pounding music some instructors play during classes. Having that in my own way really helped deepen and lengthen my poses, and prevented a lot of rigidity. Listening to "People Are People" puts a little wag in my downward dog! A slower song wrapped up the routine, then it was time to crank it up and dance my way through "Master And Servant". So energizing and fun and Wow! An entire half hour passed by and I didn't have a video playing. I think I've stumbled onto something.

I've been on a retro nostalgia kick this last week, digging deep into my personal archives for the music that moved me the most when I was growing up, and Depeche Mode were the epicenter of that for me from 1985 onward. So much fun!
08-25-2014 06:11 AM
MsBe Tore my calf a couple of weeks ago and had to stop running. Felt pretty depressed about it and thought I should add in more yoga but couldn't motivate myself for any last week. Still can't run but want to keep up with my general fitness and hope that I am healed enough for my race on Sunday so I am determined to do some yoga every day this week.

The Shiva Rea video sounds fascinating. I added it to my Amazon wish list, maybe I'll pick it up in the next couple of months.
07-28-2014 08:53 AM
SweetSilver Did a sweet 30 minutes with dd9, watching Shiva Rea's Yoga Trance Dance. We both really love that video. She likes the dance, I like the luscious spine movements incorporated into all the poses. "Seprentine cobra", undulating downward dog. Then there are the twisting kriyas and Shiva Rea's awesome dialogue. I always get choked up on this one part that transitions to slience, but this time, after not watching it for so long, I choked up in a few places. I never actually cry, but came close to tears several times. Don't ask me why. But it's a great release.
07-21-2014 07:42 AM
SweetSilver I really should add a modified headstand pose to my "routine", if I can find the d@mn walls!

Thoughts on headstand, from a yogini's perspective, not an experts..... There is something amazing about headstands. The strengthening is amazing. I've never reached any sense of ease to benefit from any purported restorative properties, but I loved doing headstand between chairs so the the head and shoulders are supported, body up against the wall. I remember it feeling lovely, but I only did that in class with supervision.

But, alas, no walls, period arrived (just in time for camping.... can I grumble here? Trying to to complain where the girls can hear!) I think my life will resume when we get back :/
07-20-2014 07:38 PM
MsBe @SweetSilver Ahh, clutter is such a distractor, and how lovely this summer has been for being outside. Hope your cold has cleared. Summer colds are a bummer.

AFM I've been doing lots of running and not as much yoga as I'd like. But a little bit every day I run (~3x/wk) and I've started taking a Sunday class in addition to the Saturday one, so actually not too bad, at least a little bit at least 5x/wk. Still want to work in more silent meditation. We did a reverse triangle in my new Sunday class (I had totally forgotten that pose even existed!) and did some work with the dolphin in preparation for the headstand (not part of my regular practice but should it be? What are the thoughts out there about the headstand?). I wish I could make my home practice more exciting, i.e. work in some poses I don't always do, but how?
07-03-2014 09:42 AM
SweetSilver Mid-year.

How is everybody doing?

I can't say I'm doing all that well in the yoga department. Recently I've been very good about doing a few core exercises in the morning. I've been sick these last 3 days and haven't done anything. I've resigned myself to the fact that a true yoga routine will not happen in the morning. There is a sense of freedom in that. It feels natural to do 5 minutes of corework. It challenges me to find space in my day for some time. I love the afternoon. I've been mindful to block out my week for walks and yoga. This week I've been blasted with a really bad cold, but otherwise I've stuck to it. Yes, I need to schedule in time for exercise!

The basement is almost finished. The stuff stored down there has "exploded" into the upstairs and I roll my yoga mat out in the bedroom and don't even have time to spread my arms out. So discouraging! But since we've decided to not seal the basement floor, we can start moving some things down. Amazing how much that affects your state of mind.

Summer time means that more of my time to myself takes me outdoors for walks and work rather than long yoga routines, and that's OK. I just need to 1. create a place holder each day for when winter sends us indoors and 2. bring my yoga state of mind to my walks, which is easy to do for me in general (though still challenging with all the mental chatter!)

6 months and I'm no closer to reestablishing my daily routines, but I'm no further away, either. That is still an improvement over 2 years ago when I didn't do anything at all.

Habits are hard to break and hard to make. I need to be content with little victories.

Now to kick this cold. Bleah!!! I feel like crap in a way I haven't for several years! I'm feeling a little inspired to go and sit on my mat and see what feels good in this state. Even a moment of mindfulness would be helpful. A twist or two. Cobbler's pose. Savasana for a change.....
05-10-2014 09:08 AM
prosciencemum Made it to class second week in a row. In often tired and just fancy stating home on the sofa, but feel so much better if I can make myself go.

This week we did some half sun salutations, and a bunch of bridge variations. Was great.
05-10-2014 04:34 AM

Argh, all this travel has wreaked havoc on my already struggling practice.   Changes in sleeping patterns is especially disruptive for me and I haven't slept well since the trip before the last one.  I feel a little overwhelmed by all the chores awaiting me each day (spring is a terrible time to be away from the farm)  and am having a really hard time carving out the time- and energy!- for focusing on self-care.  Remind me again how it's good for me and will bring new energy and focus to the other things I have to do?  I did spend some pretty big blocks of time meditating on these eight hour train rides.  But since I've been home (Tuesday night) I have only done two 15 minute practices.  I am going to try to really recommit myself tomorrow to 20 minutes twice a day with a focus on just making it through the next week.  :p  


Yammas-  I agree that the mind wandering is much worse at home than in class.  But I find that the slower pace that I can set for myself gives me more time to really settle in and focus on alignment in the poses in a way that is not always possible in a class.  Perhaps you can shift your focus from worry over whether your posture is "right" to observing how your body feels as you make small adjustments in each posture without too much judgement.  


Sweetsilver-  I like the schedule change!  I am a wicked homebody but my son is already the type who wants to be going somewhere everyday, and my husband worries incessantly that since he's not in daycare or preschool he may be missing out on important socialization.  I think it's a bunch of hooey, but still agreed to take him to three classes a week: gymnastics, music, and swimming.  It's a real pain because two of the classes are a 45 minute drive each way and it eats up such a huge portion of my mornings (my most energetic and productive time).  I am eagerly anticipating the cessation of his music classes at the end of this month and another day home myself.  


prosciencemum-  Glad your ankle is healed up!  Your class sounds yummy.  


RebeloveMa-  Everyone recovered over there?  DS and I have both really struggled with allergies this spring.  I've been neti-ing pretty regularly but the congestion still makes it difficult to practice.  I try to slip into the Ujjayi breath and next thing I am coughing and sputtering and definitely not feeling in the flow.  It's tough because I am pretty dependent on the sound of my breath to anchor me in my practice.  When it is scattered, I am scattered.  Thanks for sharing the great links.  I looked one over briefly but haven't had a chance (or made a chance) to try them out yet.

05-09-2014 12:43 PM
Yammas Glad to see everyone is doing ok congrats in getting back into class the one one that I found has been cancelled greensad.gif so im back to home practice for now but its just not the same I find my mind wonders and I am more concerned over whether or not im doing the poses properly than the practise itself iykwim?
05-01-2014 03:11 PM
Originally Posted by prosciencemum View Post

First class after my twisted ankle tonight. Was lovely. Hip openers, outstretched puppy and downward dog variations. smile.gif

Not working out how to start a daily practice yet, but at least I'm back at weekly classes. smile.gif

:joyYou forget how sweet it is until you can't have it.  Good to hear you are back in the swing of things!  I am transitioning to a schedule that makes one day really busy, but gives me an extra day to stay at home.  Enjoying it.

05-01-2014 02:48 PM
prosciencemum First class after my twisted ankle tonight. Was lovely. Hip openers, outstretched puppy and downward dog variations. smile.gif

Not working out how to start a daily practice yet, but at least I'm back at weekly classes. smile.gif
04-22-2014 11:22 AM

Just a quick check in, only got a minute but-  

Originally Posted by mammal_mama View Post

My scale quit working a few weeks ago, and slacker that I am, I've decided to take that as a sign from the Universe that I'm supposed to just forget about weight and focus on moving into a deeper spiritual connection -- but I understand this isn't really the place to go into too much depth about that.


 I am really dealing with this weight thing right now.  I am about 5 lbs heavier now than when I delivered DS, but I've never felt stronger, better, healthier than I do now. shrug.gif  Why is this not the place to explore these issues?  I am working on letting go of weight as a measure of fitness.  It seems irrelevant to my practice, which is not about weight loss at all but all about more spiritual issues:  letting go, finding a peaceful place, cherishing myself...  


Thanks for the reminder to look into the Five Tibetan Rites.


I did not do as much practice or meditation as I would've liked while I was away, but I did do a little every-other-day-ish...  Did 10 minutes meditation this first am home.  And feeling really optimistic about how my practice might grow in the coming months. :D Bring on the Spring!

04-17-2014 08:20 AM

It's great to see some new posts! We are all in such different places in our lives. Some of you have very tiny children, while mine are older, and I'm sure we're all different ages. And yet, here we all are, learning to drink in the wonderful gift of yoga!


My scale quit working a few weeks ago, and slacker that I am, I've decided to take that as a sign from the Universe that I'm supposed to just forget about weight and focus on moving into a deeper spiritual connection -- but I understand this isn't really the place to go into too much depth about that.


I've changed my routine a bit. I've decided that it's really important to me do the full course of the Five Tibetan Rites as part of my daily yoga practice. Now, on the four days when I work more or less full-time, I generally do 30 minutes of yoga on my morning break and 30 minutes of hula hooping to music on my afternoon break. That 30 minutes of yoga includes the Five Tibetan Rites, 12 or more sequences of sun salutations, and some side-to-side twisting. 


And on the three days when I work part-time or not at all, I do an hour or more of yoga. This yoga always includes the Five Tibetan Rites and generally also one of the two yoga videos I mentioned earlier. I usually do the Kundalini video twice a week and the Hatha video once a week. When I do the Hatha video, as it's a little shorter than the Kundalini video, I precede it with some sun salutations and side-to-side twists so that I'll still be getting an hour of exercise.


I'm also endeavoring to spend around 30 or so minutes meditating in savasana, at least a few times a week, at the end of my working day. I do also consider my hula hooping to be somewhat meditative, and on the days when I'm not hula hooping, I do spend at least 10 or more minutes meditating in savasana at the end of my yoga videos. I'm finding that the deeper I go with my yoga, the easier and easier it's getting to relax into that meditative state.


One thing that really excites me is that I'm now able to completely follow some instructions that I'd learned on Wikipedia for doing the fifth Tibetan Rite. When I'd first started doing the Rites a couple of years ago, I'd read there that I should space my hands and feet around two feet apart -- but when I tried it back then, as I went up into the part that's like a combination of the plank and cobra, I felt a horrible wrench in my belly and had to take a break from that rite for a few days until it stopped hurting. Then when I resumed it, I just did it the way that felt natural, with hands and feet much closer together.


Recently, I decided to gingerly try spacing my hands and feel a little further and further apart each day, and soon discovered that I could fully follow the Wikipedia instructions without any pain. It's so exciting to see how my core has gotten stronger, as well as how the loss of so much weight has helped me and made me more capable!

04-16-2014 08:50 PM

Oh, yes! Here are the links for the two Vinyasa flows that I found. Honestly, there are a few things I can't do in both of these videos. I can not keep up with all of the down dog-chaturanga-up dog-down dog parts. I eventually just stay in the first down dog and try to catch my breath. Nonetheless, I enjoy them and like to have a goal to work toward. I haven't done either since I got sick, but I look forward to trying one again, maybe next week.


Link 1: 50 min. yoga flow

Link 2: 60 min. Vinyasa flow for shoulders and low back


OK, I am gonna do a little practice and meditation for the first time in a while! Good night!

04-16-2014 04:18 AM

Thanks for the wise words SweetSilver.  

I am leaving for Pennsylvania today, for this weekend's race and Easter with in-laws.  I am bringing my mat and my meditation pillow.  With DS occupied by grandparents and cousins and no chores to do I should have plenty of time and space to get in some practice over the next few days.  

04-15-2014 10:16 AM

Thanks for checking back in with us, MsBe.  It looks to be a hard time all around for us.


As for me, when you didn't hear from me, I wasn't doing yoga!  Today I did my first 5 rounds.  Really had to dedicate myself, but then when we are feeling energetic it seems easy to skip that part.  When we are at our deepest low is when the dedication flows.  That is the "gift".  When you need it the most is when you are most open to receiving it.


What exactly does it mean to be dedicated?  I know I'm stepping into a more spiritual territory when I've purposely placed this thread in Fitness, but it is hard to separate.  Is "dedication" different from "inspiration"?  Maybe contemplating the nature of the two will bring you to a place where you find the motivation to pull out your mat and offer yourself 10 minutes of yoga.  I know it works for me.


ETA:  What are you dedicating your practice to?  Yourself.  You are the giver and the recipient.  Cosmic.

04-15-2014 06:19 AM

Ugh.  I have been terribly absent from my practice lately.  I am really stressed out about this 5K on Saturday, probably would be really helpful to spend some time cooling out with meditation, but I am having a hard time just doing it.  

04-10-2014 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by RebeloveMa View Post

 I found a couple of 50-60 minute routines on the internet. They were awesome and really kicking my butt!

Something you are able to link us to?

04-10-2014 02:13 PM

Hey y'all! I am glad to finally be back here. My practice was going pretty strong there for a while, especially in March. I was doing relaxing stuff almost every night, a couple moon salutations and spine twists. Then about once a week I was doing a more hardcore (hardcore for me) vinyasa flow. I found a couple of 50-60 minute routines on the internet. They were awesome and really kicking my butt!


Then, a couple of weeks ago, my dd caught something. I fell away from yoga a bit, but tried to keep up with my interval training at the gym. I was doing well, not getting sick myself, then I went for a run and BLAM... fever.gif


I am still feeling pretty bad, but I'm on the up and up. In fact, I think tonight I will try to do a couple of mellow poses to ease back into a practice.


I am thankful to come here and share the ups and down of a not-so-regular yoga practice.


@prosciencemum- I hope your ankle is feeling better!

@SweetSilver - I love your posts! Thank you!

@MsBe - I appreciate you calling the MIAs out!

EVERYONE: Blessed Be and Happy Spring! flower.gif 

04-09-2014 08:43 PM

SweetSilver-  I am enjoying your "post-everyday-I-do-it".  Not bored yet!  :wink


I had a nice little run going myself but missed today.  I find it so hard to motivate when AF visits.  I went to the Y today and swam with DS and then came home and got in the garden for a bit, but then I was so exhausted I took a nearly 3 hour nap.  Dedication to practice begins anew tomorrow.  

04-07-2014 12:11 PM


04-05-2014 04:30 PM

:Peace One more session.


Instead of the core work on the floor, I did udyana banda, which I highly recommend as an alternative to or addition to core work.  I always take an extra breath or 2 or 3 in between repetitions.  I'm amazed that doing 3 rounds of this seems to affect my posture better than more difficult core work, and without the soreness.


Followed that with 10 sun salutations, adding some good hip strengtheners (half moon pose, standing splits, flying warrior) as well as warrior 1 and 2.  Sample:


Forward bend

step back, knee on floor to crescent pose

plank pose

push up pose to floor

low cobra


down dog

warrior 1

standing split



repeat on other side


next round, change out warrior 1 for warrior 2, half moon pose for standing split


at some point, I drop the step-back to crescent and just jump back.


keep changing it up with every round until the last (10 salutations, 5 rounds, for me) you move into pigeon pose on each side, then done.


I threw in a twist in there somewhere and cobbler pose where it made sense, at the end I like to move into prayer pose before pushing into down dog.  Just feel what your body needs.  If it's a strong routine, pepper it and finish with more supple poses.


Nope, no savasna.


ETA: I just read the instructions on the link I posted.  I wanted to emphasize that you *release the lock and relax your abdominals before you inhale*.  Also, my teacher did this crazy thing where she held the lock, then started undulating the belly up and down.  It's weird and jiggly, and I recommend doing it without an audience at first :p

04-03-2014 06:53 PM

Nearly forgot to check in.  Yup, did my routine this morning.  I felt like I was my own mother reminding me to do my homework.  The joy was not apparent, but it got done.  :)  Sometimes dedication feels nothing like bliss.  Need to remind myself of that from time to time.  Well, more often than that!  That's part of the problem!

04-02-2014 02:44 PM

Going to post every day I do a routine.  Don't hear from me, I didn't do it.  Must get my ass in gear.  For the record, did 10 + my core work this morning.  Hope I don't bore you with the repeptition.  Hope I *do* bore you with repetition because that means I'm doing it!

04-02-2014 09:47 AM
prosciencemum My ankle is improving slowly, and I'm aiming to go back to my classes following our 2 week Easter break. Getting a real break during that period which I'm really looking forward to. smile.gif
04-02-2014 08:26 AM

prosciencemum-  Hope that ankle is healing nicely.  Sorry I don't have any strengthening advice for you, but I'd like to hear if you find something that feels great and really seems to help. 


SweetSilver-  Yay for your 10 rounds!  May this be the beginning of your triumphant return to the mat :)  It is great that your walking meditations have picked up.  I am currently visiting my sister in Virginia and it is truly spring here.  I have been out walking or running everyday, or just bringing my mat out and doing some slow stretches in the sun.  It feels so incredible after what was beginning to feel like like an interminable winter.  Tomorrow I head back North and I'm hoping and praying for just a little less snow cover when we get there...


I'm still a little plumper than I'd like to be too, but I figure it's just the time of year.  Once the days are above freezing, the ground thaws, and I can spend my time out in the garden instead of sipping cocoa by the wood stove, I figure I'm bound to drop a few pounds.  


My mat practice has been somewhat spotty, but much better than February now that I am tracking it again.  I'm still missing two or three days some weeks but most days I am managing at least 10 minutes at some point.  I think I mentioned before that I am trying to train for a 5K later this month and that makes it difficult to carve out significant time for yoga.  My asana work is also suffering a bit from my renewed efforts at sitting meditation, but things on that front are at least moving forward... slowly, slowly.  I am up to about 20 minutes most days, although sometimes that is one 20 minute session and sometimes that is 10 in the am and 10 in the pm.  My goal for this season is to establish a 30-40 minute/day sitting practice, preferably 20-30 in the am and another short session before bed.  Spring has always been my least favorite season.  The weather is so inconsistent and unreliable, and everything is mud and slush and ice, and yet it is so busy.  There is so much to be done before summer comes.  I am already starting to feel overwhelmed.   Blech.  But I making an effort to embrace it this year instead of letting it get me down.   


Rebelove, Jaxy, and any others who are MIA-  How are you?  Where are you in your practice?  I miss you & hope to hear from you soon.  :)

03-31-2014 09:48 AM

I have been a lazy girl.  


Today I did my 10 sun salutations rounds after not doing *any* yoga for weeks.  Nt even a measly 2-salutation round like before.   have been walking more, which is always a good asana for me, but no mat practice, nothing.   


I have got to whip myself back into practice.  I am now 15 pounds up, and no twisted ankle as an excuse.  

03-23-2014 12:25 AM
prosciencemum Thanks. I have been walking (carefully), but not with a yoga mindset. And some exploration of mountain/tree does sound like a good idea. smile.gif
03-22-2014 10:03 AM

I am thinking tree pose?  Modified on the bad side--just put your foot just above the ankle.  You don't want to work the ankle harder by making the balance  trickier.  I would avoid or modify poses that might put pressure on the ankle--even poses where you squat might put pressure there.  I went back into yoga after a knee injury, and I had to do a lot of my own modifying as I went.


Anyway, I will try to think of more.  I even think some time in mountain pose would be a great place to start and feel out the limits of your ankle.  Changing the weight distribution, just feeling around.  And most definitely ending the session with legs up a wall for a time, especially if you still have some swelling.


I am a great believer in the "walking asana".  Walking seems to set everything back to normal.  Though, I have a tendency when injured to overestimate my abilities, and have found myself too far from home, relatively, and facing a painful walk back. Up and down the block, or even around the house (because I remember after my cesarean being stranded just 6 houses away!)  Long enough to have as natural a stride as possible, but not so far that the commitment is too great.  


Good luck!  Bummer about ankles.  I sprained my ankle badly about 20 years ago, and I still wasn't 100% 3 years later, though I only noticed it after going on some very long walks.

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