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Today 11:44 AM
tracyamber @kewpie80
Whatever did you decide about the help you'll need when the twins are born or when birthing?

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Today 11:34 AM
tracyamber @Xerxella
What if they hired you in two weeks. Would you be able to work? How much time are you going to take off when the babies are born? Maybe it's better to wait a little bit before looking anymore. I have no advice really. Call your job and tell them they may get a phone call from a perspective job in the future. Hugs.... Sounds stressful.
P.s thanks for the shout out regarding the fibroid
When a fibroid degenerates it is no longer getting the blood supply it needs and so it starts to die off. When pregnant with my son I was hospitalized for it as it was very painful and I needed relief for the pain and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Hopefully this will not happen to either of us

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Today 11:02 AM
Xerxella Usually there's a conditional offer of employment before they check your references. (I think that's the law). But, what am I going to say? At least my current boss won't be too shocked by the move. It's just the timing that's horrific. I haven't told the new job anything about being pregnant or anything. I figured I'd wait got the employment offer. (Although they could never legally not hire me for being pregnant, let's face it, they could not hire me and just say they thought another applicant was more qualified. )
Today 10:54 AM
adiejan @Xerxella -that sounds way stressful!!! I think it's odd for them to want to talk to your current employer knowing what a difficult predicament that could put you in. What type of work do you do?
Today 10:50 AM
Xerxella @chuord - happy 6w1d today! Monday can't come soon enough. I think the wait for the first u/s is worse than the 2ww! Good luck !!
@tracyamber - sorry about the fibroid. I understand they're very painful.
@kewpie80 - I'm sorry you're not feeling any better. I hope you can tirn the corner soon. I had PBS with my dd and a chiro really helped me. This time I'd be afraid to go to a chiro now for fear of disturbing anything, KWIM? I DO have the belt they give you after a c section. The stretchy one that velcros tight, but is like 9 inches wide. Is that like a maternity belt?

What you said to milk makes alot of sense. I've already said, "I'll believe when someone puts a crying baby in my arms".
@Milk8shake - I'm glad the nausea is fading. When mine finally started to fade, it would fade for a few days and then come back randomly for an encore. Just don't be too surprised. It DOES mean it's going.
@alivewithyou @adiejan and anyone I missed because I can't see everything on my phone.... Hey!

AFM - still here. And because God/ fate/ nature clearly thinks I don't have enough going on...... For the past few months I've been applying around for a new job. My job type is very specific and there aren't a whole lot of openings at the pay and location I want. My current job wants to move the whole operation to another state about 2 years from now. I don't WANT to move! So, I've been putting out feelers at new companies to stay where we are. So, out of the blue (I sent them my application in May!) one company calls and says we'd like to do a phone interview. I do the phone interview and they are extremely interested and want to start checking my references including my current job and boss! Aaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!! I love my current job and boss. I know they know I don't want to move, so they won't be completely surprised, bbuuttttt.... They've been so good to me these past few weeks on bedrest and sick leave and everything. I can't believe this is happening now!
Today 10:45 AM
adiejan @monkeyscience - sounds like a good appointment. Hoping things start moving along for you.
@kewpie80 -thank you for the warm welcome! I have a random question for you. What was your second beta after a week with this pregnancy? Sorry about the sickness...yuck! How exciting to feel the flutters.
@Milk8shake -I'm glad you are feeling a little bit better. Your attitude amazes me. I really hope you don't have to do bed rest but it sounds like you're really looking at all of the options! Fx for your scan!
@tracyamber -how do you know what's happening with your fibroids and what does it mean for it to degenerate? I have a couple of fibroids, one that will make it do I have to have a c section.
@Xerxella -thinking about you and sending lots of positive energy!
@chuord -how's it going love? Driving yourself crazy with the countdown to Tuesday!?
@alivewithyou , @hope4light , and anyone else...Hi!!

AFM: had another beta today at 21 dpo...1, 43 hour doubling time. Will see how progesterone is doing tomorrow. Trying to think positive thoughts and get rid of these constant fears.
Today 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by alivewithyou View Post
@kewpie80 : good to see you back. do you know what causes the lightening cervix thing? I've only had it happen a few times here and there but it freaks me out. Just hoping it's normal stretching and movement…I hope your morning sickness starts to ease up a bit soon.
The lightning cervix feelings as I understand are just the shifting and added weight of everything. I had them all through M&L's pregnancy (about 2-3 times per week) and I've only had one so far this time. Totally normal and nothing to worry about. The round ligament pains I get more frequently and are just as awful. I'm starting to get pubic bone and pelvic bone aches now this week too. If you get them and aren't opposed to a chiropractor, find one that specializes in prenatal care and start going as soon as you start to feel aches down there. They can tap the pubic bones and pelvis and realign everything. I attribute my ability to be up and running errands the day I delivered to my chiro. Also, I highly recommend a pregnancy support belt. Last time, I started using one around 20 weeks and I plan to again. I used it mostly when out and on my feet for more than 30 minutes. It helps a LOT with lower back aches. Just some past experience advice here... Take it or leave it as you want.
Today 10:03 AM
Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post

@kewpie80 , we must also be pretty close in dates. I'm jealous that you are feeling flutters. Everything I read indicates that I might have a bit of wait before I will. Sorry about the nausea. Zofran definitely took the edge off for me, and made me functional, but I still felt pretty awful. I hope it's a bit cheaper in the US than it is here - it can be a very expensive exercise.
I wish you could be feeling flutters too! I feel them earlier cause twins are pushed closer to the sides and so their movements are felt earlier. I've also had 2 of 4 of my previous pregnancies go to term, so I'm very familiar with how the movements are supposed to feel in the early weeks. My first pregnancy, which was a singleton, I didn't feel until I was nearly 20 weeks. Totally normal. (edit: This was a teenage pregnancy and I placed my son for adoption. I figured I should probably explain since I count Maisie and Liam as my firsts and it can be confusing)

I haven't had nearly as many losses as you, and I can't imagine the anxiety you must be feeling, but I can totally understand the feelings of it not feeling like a take home baby. After my second IVF cycle and my 11 week loss, I couldn't believe I'd have a living baby until I heard him (and then her) cry. Even on the table, about to deliver, I was still in denial that I'd actually have a child. When I saw that he was alive and hear him, it was both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. It was such an odd feeling. I was relieved and thrilled, but scared because I was actually going to be a mom and that comes with its own terrifying feelings. I wasn't prepared to be smacked with that fear. I never expected it. I had a difficult time even holding the babies because of fear for the first few weeks. I've heard of other moms post-losses having a similar problem. You spend your whole pregnancy being scared of another loss that you never prepare mentally for actually having to be a parent. I felt compelled to share that for some reason. I haven't admitted my fear of the babies to anyone besides my husband up until this point.

The zofran is covered up to 10 days by my insurance and then I pay a dollar per pill after that. It's very spendy, but feeling human and having the ability to do anything is worth it. It isn't forever and a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of IVF drugs.
Today 08:06 AM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

@Alive withyou and @Milk8shake
You guys have not gained weight because you've been barfing! You will gain but probably end the pregnancy with the weight you started at and a bit more. With my toddler I weighed 125 when I got pregnant, had major morning sickness and barfing lost major weight then by the time of birth I weighed 145. 20 pounds is nothing and half of it was baby. Then as soon as I started breastfeeding I could not get my weight over 125 again and I'm tall! I'm glad you a feeling a bit better and I know you will feel better more soon @alivewithyou . I do follow your post in our birth club Hun. Did you sign up for the threads where people will ask you questions and make you feel special. I told Jodi I was in!!! @Milk8shake I'm glad you are getting you scan soon. I too feel nervous and can't wait till viability seems far away yet we are already 16 weeks!! I did not cancel my scan, I cancelled an appointment between where I know they just would have me pee in a cup and ask me how I'm feeling. I just want the scan so I said why bother to go to that appointment and just wait till October 2nd.

I think( pretty sure) I have a fibroid on my left lower side. They love estrogen. It's painful but I hope it does not decide to degenerate. 16 removed and I still get another! @Milk8shake
You are in our birth club too. Don't forget to sign up
Today 06:38 AM
alivewithyou @kewpie80 : good to see you back. do you know what causes the lightening cervix thing? I've only had it happen a few times here and there but it freaks me out. Just hoping it's normal stretching and movement…I hope your morning sickness starts to ease up a bit soon.
@Milk8shake : Happy to hear that everything is still going well. I really think this baby you have is a fighter. I will be sending good thoughts your way on Thursday.
@chuord : Good to see you feeling so positive. Can't wait to hear more about your baby(ies) after your scan.
@monkeyscience : I have yet to gain weight.. you might have to share some of your tips with me ha ha. Glad to hear your appointment went well overall. Hopefully your cervix will start to shorten soon.
Today 03:33 AM
Milk8shake @monkeyscience Glad for your good appt and your helpful doc. How nice of her to give you her number! Pleased that someone has a nice long cervix! I agree that the weight thing isn't too much to worry about, but it won't hurt to concentrate on getting some really good food in your belly

@chuord Excited for your scan, and glad you are feeling positive about it all. Yes, I work full time, but I am a desk jockey, so that is a small blessing. I imagine that not working would be great in a lot of ways, although I do find going to work has and still does help me take my mind of being pregnant, and I think I worry less as a result.

@kewpie80 , we must also be pretty close in dates. I'm jealous that you are feeling flutters. Everything I read indicates that I might have a bit of wait before I will. Sorry about the nausea. Zofran definitely took the edge off for me, and made me functional, but I still felt pretty awful. I hope it's a bit cheaper in the US than it is here - it can be a very expensive exercise.

@tracyamber , my other belly buddy, how are you doing? Still feeling good about your decision to cancel your scan? I think you are so brave to do that!

@hope4light , nice to "see" you around! Hope you are well


AFM: I've finally had a shift in my nausea, thank heavens! It's not gone by any stretch of the imagination, but if I compare how I feel now, to the way I have been feeling, it is still a MASSIVE improvement. I've probably eaten more this week than I have in two months. It's crazy to think I have lost so much weight that I could grow a whole baby and still not weigh any more than when I started. Even though I'm still not really eating enough (according to what I've read & calorie suggestions), I'm just trying to make sure that what I do eat is pretty nutritious.

My next scan will be on Thursday and I'm very keen to get it done, although the doppler greatly assists my sanity. Oddly enough, when I was diagnosed with my uterine abnormality in my early 20s, it was made very clear to me that pregnancy was going to be a challenge, but all the caution was related to the later part of pregnancy. Who would have know that the first tri would present me so many problems. Anyway, the primary risk factors for unicornuate uterus are incompetent cervix, IUGR, preterm labour and uterine rupture. So in actuality, the second tri is actually the riskiest for me. The third tri is also risky, but also much safer for baby if I make it that far. I feel like this baby must be a tough little sucker, seeing as it has survived in my hostile uterus for this long. But I'm quite concerned about keeping a really close eye on the growth, and my cervix length. I get tons of pressure in my cervix after a long day (like today), or after being on my feet for much longer than 10 mins. I feel as though baby must be quite low, which I don't love. Even though the 16w milestone is so close, I'm scared of how far from viability I am too.

I've been thinking a bit about what would happen if I need to go on bedrest. Of course I wouldn't hesitate to do it, although it wouldn't be amazing for us from a finances perspective. It would also be less than ideal for my company too. I do have the ability to work remotely, and I would try to if possible (unless my doctor recommended otherwise), but it would be absolutely terrible timing due to a bunch of internal changes that are happening at the moment. So I'm basically thinking of working on some process charts/documentation in my spare time that would mean that they could cope without me if it did happen at short notice. It's probably not necessary, but it would relieve some of my guilt if I did have to do it. Interestingly, I did get a comment earlier in the week asking me to think about how long I would need to train a replacement for when I take maternity leave. I suppose it was innocent enough, but I'm not really ready to think about that yet. I'm still a really long way from feeling like this pregnancy is going to result in a living, breathing, take-home baby.
Yesterday 10:52 PM
kewpie80 So, I've been out of state for the last 2 weeks and my phone wouldn't let me post AT ALL. I've been going crazy over here reading but not able to say anything!
@Xerxella - I am so sorry to read about the problems with your baby. I'm glad this last scan at least showed things not getting any worse. I can't imagine what you must be feeling right now. My heart is heavy for you and I'm hoping, like everyone else, for a miracle.
@chuord and @adiejan - WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I am so excited for you both! I have everything crossed for sticky babies and easy uneventful pregnancies!

AFM - I'm halfway to 16 weeks and my morning sickness has gotten worse and worse. The zofran is working, but i still have some breakthrough nausea and I can't skip a dose. I'm still enjoying every minute of being pregnant despite the pukies. I've started getting the lightning cervix feelings. I had them with my last twins and had completely forgotten about it until I got zinged today. Ouch! Just this week, I've started having problems with my pelvic floor and back, so I'm going to be finding a prenatal chiropractor as soon as I get back home.

I've had some weird bumps show up all over my tongue a few days back. They're far back right below my soft palate, so I'm wondering if they're from the chronic post nasal drip I've had going since about week 5. If they're not gone at a week, I'll go see my ENT too. I start seeing my perinatologist this next tuesday and I'll be getting the anatomy scan a couple weeks later. I'm so hoping they look ok. Up until now, I've been able to assume and pretend, but when the time grows close, the fears creep in. We all can relate, I'm sure.

I've been feeling flutters and light pops for about 4 days now. That's sure reassuring! The babies seem to have implanted far away from each other, so their kicks are far too. Baby A is really low, though, so I'll be nervous until I hear that he/she isn't too close to the cervix.
Yesterday 08:53 PM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

I can't wait for your scan mama!!!!!!!!!!! What time is it?
My ultrasound will be thursday, October 2 nd. I can't wait

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Yesterday 02:44 PM
chuord Monkey - that sounds so positive! Wishing you a shortening cervix soon lady!
Xerxella - stable is good but I'm also wishing for improvement... I still have a positive feeling that both babies are going to make it - I just wish your journey could be less high stress!
Milkshake - how are you doing? Any news or are you able to relax a bit? Xerxella and milk - are you both working as well through all this? I feel really blessed to not be working through ivf treatments etc. I think it would have been too hard!
Tracy - how long till your scan?
Afm - first scan on Tuesday, and I'm officially 6 weeks today woohoo lol. I'm feeling more relaxed at this point, for me the issue seems to have been either viable ovum or getting implantation right... This part now I've finally made it feels ok (touch wood)
Yesterday 10:31 AM
Xerxella @monkeyscience - It sounds like an overall good appointment. I think there's nothing thereto worry about. You could always start the protein shakes, if you wanted.
Yesterday 06:07 AM
Sourire Monkey - my weight gain slowed down a lot towards the end of my pregnancy, but the baby was still growing well. I think it's pretty common.
Yesterday 05:41 AM
monkeyscience Sorry if I worried people with my short reply. I just don't like posting a lot from my phone, though I do it anyway sometimes.

Anyway, doctor is very onboard with my birth plan, including no IV or lock at all. She actually spent awhile talking about her birthing experiences as a doctor, and she continues to be right up my alley. She even gave me her personal cell number so I can contact her if ds gets sick. (She's our family doc, but the front desk told me no one in the practice was available to see ds when he was sick a few weeks ago.)

The best news is that baby sounds fine and is currently head down. Also, despite my lingering cold/possible sinus infection, my lungs sound great. (Wasn't expecting otherwise, but hey, confirmation is always good!)

The not-bad (very normal, but not what I was hoping for) news is that baby isn't engaged at all, which is why I keep feeling her jamming her head into the sides of my pelvis, and my cervix is still very long and posterior. (I realize that would be an absolute dream for a couple of you right now - sorry we can't trade!) So no early progress toward delivery. I was hoping for a tiny bit of dilation, but it's all good.

The possibly-concerning-depending-on-the-trend news is that my uterus measuring a half a centimeter behind (doc isn't worried) and I haven't gained any weight in the last 3 weeks. (Technically, I lost half a pound, but I'm chalking that up to wearing flip-flops instead of tennis shoes.) Doc wasn't worried about that, but I am, a little. With everyone in the house being sick over the past several weeks, among other things, I haven't been eating or drinking as much as I should be - mostly because we keep running out of easy things to eat Anyway, I'm going to try to push myself to eat/drink more, and hopefully things will be right on track next appointment. I've measured/gained fine throughout the pregnancy, and it's not like I have no fat reserves, so this is most likely just a blip on the radar, and a reminder to take better care of myself.

So two weeks until my next appointment, then weekly appointments after that. Now I'll see if my ds will let me nap on the couch. (I doubt it!)
Yesterday 04:55 AM
hope4light X - Sorry that it's not looking any better yet, but glad it's also not worse. Hugs.
08-27-2014 08:59 PM
Xerxella @monkeyscience - I hope to hear about your appointment.

AFM - the 2nd doc didn't really have much to add. A lot of talking, but not a lot of new information. I have another appointment next week, Tuesday, with my regular MFM.
08-27-2014 06:22 PM
alivewithyou @Xerxella : Glad things are stable but hoping that things improve instead. I hope you are hanging in there. Did the specialist have any additional insight?
@chuord and @adiejan : Can't wait for your scans!
@monkeyscience : Hope that fine means good?
08-27-2014 03:40 PM
adiejan @Xerxella - I hope things continue to stay stable...actually I hope they get better. I'm interested to hear about your second opinion.

@monkeyscience - Hope things went well with your appointment and that she is just about ready to come...head first.
08-27-2014 02:39 PM
chuord Hugs X! Let us know how opinion two goes.
Monkey how was it for yours?
08-27-2014 01:59 PM
tracyamber @Xerxella
Im sorry no definitive answers. How as the second opinion?
Sending you hugs

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
08-27-2014 11:16 AM
monkeyscience Sorry there wasn't a miraculous recovery, but glad things aren't looking any worse. Every day closer to viability is something!

AFM, appointment was fine. More later.
08-27-2014 08:43 AM
Xerxella So I guess you could describe it as stably bad. The cervix might be a little shorter, but they say it's hard to tell from one measurement to another. It's at 1.4 cm. 1 cm below the cerclage stitch, 0.4 cm above it. They're real happy to see any above the stitch.

B look about the same. A looks fine. Everybody likes what they see with A. I'll go for the 2nd opinion in a couple hours. But, I really don't think they'll tell me anything different.
08-27-2014 05:36 AM
alivewithyou Thinking of you @Xerxella today.
08-27-2014 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by hope4light View Post
X - keeping you in my t&p for your appts today!!
Me, too. Is it just the visit with your original doctor, or is your second opinion today, too?

AFM, appointment in 3.5 hours. Hoping baby is head down. But even if she is, I remain unconvinced she'll stay that way, so...we'll see. Also GBS test today (don't know when I'll get those results, hopefully soon!) and going over my birth plan. And maybe a cervical check because of the GBS swab. Hoping for just a little dilation at this point.
08-27-2014 04:52 AM
hope4light X - keeping you in my t&p for your appts today!!
08-26-2014 04:54 PM
tracyamber Okay okay ladies @adiejan and @chuord
You both will be having twins. Lol!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
08-26-2014 03:24 PM
adiejan Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
@Xerxella - Good luck tomorrow I will be thinking about you! I put back three but my guess is I have one that stuck...maybe, just maybe two.
@tracyamber - way to take control. I am so glad you got it moved up a bit. That really does seem like a long time to wait.
@chuord - really funny woman...all three?! Ahem...who is the one with the high betas?! I am sure you have two in there. Only a week to go for your scan right?
@iixivboots - sorry about the car drama. I just hate car payments. I haven't had one in a few years but I think I will probably look into a new car soon. Oh and your twin evangelist comment cracked me right up!
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