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Yesterday 10:00 PM
Autumnlaughing We elected to only put back 1 blast on day 5, and she's great! The clinic I went to (baystate in mass) had their stats on a chart, and I could see that two didn't really improve pregnancy outcomes, but resulted in lots of twins! For a sibling, we might try two - I'll be older, and the stats are different.
Yesterday 04:35 PM
chuord Tracy - my doc has so many things everyone has to do... Lol you can miss an egg!
Got fertilisation - 12 total, 5 ICSI, 7 ivf
So all going well
Yesterday 03:11 PM
tracyamber @chuord
Really? My RE said we could not bd before or afterwards....... We have low sperm count so it would have not worked for us anyway . That is very interesting.
Can't wait for the report!!
Yesterday 02:01 PM
chuord Morning everyone!
Tina - if that's the case tracy's right find an enjoyable distraction that takes all your thinking!
Littlekind - trying to stay zen does seem best for you, if you did anything at all I would try something natural just to help balance your body. Or just lots of fun in life
Radio - they all seem to prefer 5 day blasts now, mine were a little slower last time and got transferred and frozen at 6 days, however we had 6 blasts so the doc wanted to grow them and make sure he put the best back. As the fertilized eggs get older day by day there is a drop off in numbers (that's how ivf boosts your chances - the eggs that aren't good may fertilize but they drop off along the way) so out if 14 eggs (last cycle) they all fertilized, but by day 6 we had 6 that were still growing and developing on track. Some people choose a day 3 transfer, but not many. If by day 3 you only have two eggs left - better to transfer them than wait and maybe have none at day 5. Hope that makes sense? Re transferring one - I'm all for that like Tracy (yep Tracy was scared of multiples!) except I also wonder if I put back the wrong sex for my baby etc if it won't take, so two gives more chance. Plus I'm old too
Tracy you have such a store of frosties now you can afford to transfer as many as you want
How's pregnancy treating you?
Monkeyscience - I've been stalking in the grads you're so far along now! Has it been a good journey?
Afm - a little sore around the ovaries when I move (like a period cramp only different location) oh and it hurts to pee a little (for those who haven't done it and are interested)
On the pre op waiting room instead of getting stressed I ended up taking to a lovely lady who was upset - she was in for a molar pregnancy removal (after her 3rd iui) so I spent the time chatting and trying to cheer her up.
Ok anyone who's done ivf - our doc gets is to bd two nights before and the night after (we missed that one - ouch!) in case he misses any eggs, what if he did miss a couple? Then if I insert two blasts I could end up with quads!!!??? Yep I would panic a lot! Anyone have this issue or doubt?
Yesterday 10:21 AM
tracyamber I just found this interesting study.

I do know age is a factor too. When I got pregnant in 2010 my RE transferred two knowing I was in my late thirties.

With this cycle we paid $40k so we wanted to be sure I got pregnant at our new clinic. We did transfer two as I said but maybe only one took cause I'm old der
Yesterday 09:04 AM
Originally Posted by monkeyscience View Post
@Sourire definitely chose to put one back - I believe she said that there was research showing putting more than one back didn't increase the pregnancy rate, just the multiple rate. But maybe it was someone else that posted that.

Excited to see several of you finally getting to try (or try again) - hoping we see some more graduates in the next 2-3 weeks!
I'd like to see that study. I mean it's all about probability really. That is everything I have read. Hummm...
Yesterday 08:46 AM
monkeyscience @Sourire definitely chose to put one back - I believe she said that there was research showing putting more than one back didn't increase the pregnancy rate, just the multiple rate. But maybe it was someone else that posted that.

Excited to see several of you finally getting to try (or try again) - hoping we see some more graduates in the next 2-3 weeks!
Yesterday 08:13 AM
tracyamber @radiowave
I think @ToothFairy and @Sourire went through clinics that only transferred one embryo or blast.
I was afraid of multiples too but we put back two blasts and I'm glad we did because one took. If we had put only one maybe it would have not been the one that took. It definitely raises the probability. But I was stressed about getting twins. Ask@chuord.
Yesterday 08:00 AM
radiowave Chuord: that's great! May I ask why you do 50/50 instead of all ICSI?
I have been terribly concerned about multiples…worried about health issues, if my cerclage would hold etc. So I was glad to learn about ESET, offered by my clinic. Here is a description from my clinic's website "ESET is elective Single Embryo Transfer, a process by which one good quality blastocyst (or day 5) embryo is transferred back to the patient. The embryos that survive to the blastocyst stage of development are more likely to be strong and healthy. Blastocyst embryos have a much higher chance of implanting than 4 cell (day 2) or 8 cell (day 3) embryos, therefore fewer embryos are required to achieve a pregnancy.

"When you choose eSET, you are giving yourself the best possible chance for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby," explains Robert Stillman, MD, Shady Grove Fertility’s Medical Director. "Now we can confidently tell an increasing proportion of our patients that they won't be sacrificing their chances of pregnancy in order to achieve that peace of mind."

And it’s catching on. Since its inception in 2002, the number of patients choosing elective Single Embryo Transfers has increased each year. In 2010, nearly 20% of all IVF patients and 41% of donor egg patients elected to transfer a single embryo which resulted in a 61% clinical pregnancy rate for IVF and 62% pregnancy rate for donor egg."

Has anyone here done this? I am trying to learn how the chances of success differ from transferring two at a time, which is what my doctor recommended. He never even mentioned this.
I am pretty sure we are not going to do the genetic testing now…we really can't afford it, and since it is not %100 accurate it wouldn't provide the peace of mind we are looking for…
adiejen: how are you? are you taking progesterone? how are you feeling? when are you going to test?
Hello and have a great day to everyone else!
Yesterday 07:42 AM
LittleKind @chuord that sounds really promising. Can't wait to hear @adiejan - it is nice to hear from you. When I was last active around here you were taking a break. I'll have to back up and see what's up with you.
As for me since @tinytina and chuord asked,
I tried a couple different things while we were ttc last time and kept having losses anyway. I was charting, avoiding lifting, using progesterone cream, poas obsessively, staying off my feet, google searching everything....I guess there are still lots more things I can try but trying to control it always puts me in a really funky mental state. My RE said it is more likely to have several random losses in a row than to actually have something wrong, especially because my first pregnancy was flawless. He did all kinds of blood panels and testing on me and my husband, did that dye ultrasound to check my uterus, and said everything should be fine. I suspect, though, that I had progesterone imbalance after my son was born so I have been taking vitex for quite a while and have seen good changes in my cycle length, luteal phase (it used to be 10-11, now 14-15) and in my body - I used to leak breast milk all the time even though my son weaned at 2, and now I don't. I also have worked on not letting stress eat at me - I am such a worrier and it effects my body. Oh I am being extra careful to eat more alkaline food and whole, plant based food, too. I was in a big vegan kick when my son was conceived, so it might help. However, I was also a smoker, young and reckless, when I conceived him. I realized I might be pregnant back then when I split a bottle of wine with my cousin and threw it up. Now I am old, wise, and careful, and staying pregnant isn't as easy for me. So, that's why I am just going to try not to chase after it - just be open to it.
Yesterday 07:21 AM
tracyamber @chourd
Wow! 14 I a an awesome number!!!!!!!maybe 10 will fertilize? Will you be doing a 5 day blast transfer?
So excited.
Are they thawing? What's going on?
Definitely keep busy but with something that pulls you in and you forget about thinking.
Yesterday 05:18 AM
tinytina Hi everyone,

Trying to take it easy this weekend and not overthink/worry. Also got plenty of schoolwork to finish up as my course comes to an end. Cannot believe I get a 3 week break before my last course starts. This would be DPO 4.

Hi and welcome @LittleKind . I agree with @chuord 's opinion- look at simple changes that could be made without much trouble.

Thanks for the much needed suggestion about taking some time to relax and centered. When I relax too much, I overthink though. Sorry I missed you leaving for your retrieval. Sending you virtual hugs! Excellent number of eggs! Glad you are starting to feel better!

Hi @adiejan and tracyamber
07-31-2014 11:19 PM
chuord Thanks everyone!
I'm home, safe and recovering - not that sore and definitely less full of eggs lol. We got 14 so I'm happy with that... Updates to follow when we know fertilization etc.
07-31-2014 10:38 PM
adiejan @chuord -big day! Thinking about you! Let us know how things go!
@LittleKind -glad to see you here so optimistic after losses! Good luck!! Glad you are chiming in!
07-31-2014 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by chuord View Post
Yay littlekind!!! Congrats to you it's a brave step... Remind me, have you had any testing done? Or natural treatments? You can always chase those up to see if there's a simple fix (nutritional, emotional blockage etc.)
Tina - lol I imagine you zooming round your place, woman on a mission remember to take some time to relax and be centred...
I'm leaving in2 hrs for retrieval... Feeling too full and a little nervous now.
I'm so excited for you. Sending you virtual hugs!
07-31-2014 02:40 PM
chuord Yay littlekind!!! Congrats to you it's a brave step... Remind me, have you had any testing done? Or natural treatments? You can always chase those up to see if there's a simple fix (nutritional, emotional blockage etc.)
Tina - lol I imagine you zooming round your place, woman on a mission remember to take some time to relax and be centred...
I'm leaving in2 hrs for retrieval... Feeling too full and a little nervous now.
07-31-2014 09:10 AM
LittleKind Hey everyone - I have just been lurking and following along. I got my iud out and am finally not afraid of the losses I might continue to have. We really want a new baby in this house. It is important to me to not POAS and chart anymore - I have found out I'm pregnant and immediately miscarried several times, so I am going to just put my fertility on the back burner and trust that some day a baby will "stick" and I can't do anything to control it. I just drive myself crazy by trying to control things and monitor everything. But like X told me ages ago, I gotta play to win

move to waiting to know please
07-31-2014 05:20 AM
tinytina Hey everyone,

Trying to distract myself a lot right now. Been working on cleaning up the kitchen cupboards and clearing out the spare bedroom (we got a storage unit starting this Friday). Also finishing up my course (ends on Aug. 8th)

Thanks @chuord . Hope the trigger shot went well.

Sorry to hear this cycle was a bust, @radiowave . We were previously looking at IVF with ICSI.

Hi @tracyamber
07-30-2014 07:02 PM
chuord Thanks Tracy!!! I'm always stalking you in the grads thread
Radio - some do the testing, we don't or haven't. Our doc says it's only about 85-90% accurate and is expensive considering that... He thinks the materniT blood test is more accurate... However if there was a history of genetic issues it could save the heartbreak of a later m/c like adie had.
Ask the doc what vitamin supps will help dh as well... Everything to build stronger Sperb is good!! We do 50 ivf and 50% ICSI each time to hedge our bets.
I'm soo excited to get these eggs out, overall I feel much better than the same time last retrieval, but I'm being fairly diligent with my food and everything to help it stay that way
Radio - it is exciting, you never know what you'll get from this whole ttc adventure!
07-30-2014 05:28 PM
tracyamber @chuord
Thinking about you!!!
07-30-2014 04:31 PM
radiowave Done with the trigger shot; congrats, Chuord! Feeling ready for Friday?? Will your dh be with you?

Negative pregnancy test at the clinic this morning. Unsurprising. So happy not to take my progesterone this morning!
They said no point in testing my levels.
So, now one cycle of bcps and then IVF some time in September! Does that make me waiting to O?
DH's sperm count was so low after washing (went from 3 million to .5 million) that doc is going to do ICSI (injecting sperm directly into the eggs). He suggested dh see a urologist, as well.
So, I will have about ten days of injectables and a different kind of progesterone (endometrium, I think the nurse said.) Hopefully it will cause fewer side effects.
Doc said they would do a 5 day transfer of two blatocysts.
We also discussed doing genetic testing of the blastocysts. Apparently it is almost never covered by insurance, and would cost at least $2,500. We are supposed to let them know if we want to do it next week because there is a whole lot of planning involved, and it changes the schedule.
Has anyone here done it?

I hope everyone is well.

07-30-2014 02:07 PM
chuord Pupo - pregnant until proven otherwise
Afm - was quite scared of having the trigger shot last night - lol the point of no return! Or that could have been cos it was 1045 pm and dh had to wake me up!
07-30-2014 05:07 AM
tinytina Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well.

I hope this is a good chance @chuord , feeling pretty good about it all right now. Scared to do too much though- stupid stuff like bumping my stomach etc. Sorry you are sore but glad that it sounds so promising for Friday!

Fingers crossed for a good ultrasound @adiejan . Thanks hun. I am actually trying to stay positive and excited.

Thanks @tracyamber . PUPO? I am so ready to be on the graduates list. Glad you are starting to feel better.
07-29-2014 09:48 PM
tracyamber Im so excited for everyone!!!!!!!!!!
I'm reading along but not posting much.
@tinytina congrats on being pupo!
@chuord I will be thinking about you on Friday!
@adiejan did you say when your estimated transfer will be or when will they take embies out for thawing? Oh, and I did not do patches, just injections.
@radiowave sorry for your negative tests. It is better to wait before stopping the medication because there still is a chance .have you had that conversation with your RE to see if he can do your IVF cycle without birthcontrol pills?
All is good. I think my morning sickness is finally subsiding. Can't wait for you all to be posting on the graduate thread!!!!!!
07-29-2014 09:34 PM
adiejan @radiowave -they were actually frozen at 2pn so we will thaw and see how they grow. Hopefully we will put back two. Sorry the progesterone is hard on you!
@chuord - I have a cd 14 u/s on the 6th and will no more then. So either the 8th or 10th I'm thinking. Pretty exciting! So excited for you on Friday. Sounds like an excellent crop! Hopefully lots of frosties to go with your others too. It makes sense to me that you are responding better on lower stims. It seemed like with higher things kept going wonky. I have a good feeling about you this cycle.
@tinytina - it's fun to hear you so excited! I hope your 2ww isn't too long
07-29-2014 03:19 PM
chuord Adie - how many days till your fet?
Tina - woohoo for being in the game, bet you're so excited to know you're in with a good chance
Radio - how's the journey going? Have the progesterone nasties backed off?
Afm - just finished at the re, all good booked in for Friday retrieval... 14-16 follies, all even and around 18. He's really impressed that I've worked better on lower stims... Ovaries are heavy and sore - looking forward to having my precious cargo extracted
07-29-2014 04:57 AM
tinytina Hey!

I am cautiously optimistic- I am trying to be more patient then normal. Thanks @adiejan

I didn't have to lay down. I agree, I had a bit of cramping though. Seem to be feeling better this morning. Thanks for asking @radiowave . Sorry to hear about your negative test and the progesterone causing you a lack of sleep.
07-29-2014 04:44 AM
radiowave adiejen-how many are you transferring this round? were they frozen on day 3 or 5?

Yes, we will be moving on to IVF. Another negative test this morning, and can't wait to stop to progesterone so I can get a full night's sleep and have a day of clear thinking, but I am afraid to stop until the results from the blood test on Thursday.

Tina-How was it?

When I had my iui they only had me lie down for 5 minutes, and I had some cramping later. ````
07-28-2014 09:37 PM
adiejan @tinytina - will you put me in IVF/FET waiting to O

Glad your IUI went well! Good luck on the's the worst. Well I just hate waiting
@chuord - any timing update?
@radiowave - sorry you're feeling down about this cycle. Sometimes you just know. We decided not to do PGD testing on our embryos. It was lots of extra money and we pay out of pocket. It could result in another loss for us but I'm just going to direct my energy positively. Our last loss was a turners syndrome baby . I have a good feeling about my frozen embies though! Will you move onto IVF?
@Xerxella @tracyamber - do either of you ladies have any experience with estrogen patches?
07-28-2014 06:58 PM
tinytina Any changes to make? Updated to here
So excited to change my status to TWW for the first time!
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