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Today 05:23 PM
chuord Yay Tracy that sounds so exciting! I can see myself wanting to move as well, moving after having a child seems so much more work!
Today 04:38 PM
tracyamber @adiejan
I can't believe you had a beta and did not tell us.... You sneaker!!!!
Throw away the sticks and your pregnant!!!!!!!!!!! @chuord
Having a little fatigue? Or just feeling tired? I had major fatigue in the beginning. And still some now which drives me crazy cause I like to bake a cake,vacuum,and read a book all at the same time.
Oh I have something exciting for you , we had our appraisal for the house we hope to close on on the 12th. I love this house I have and ocean view on one side and a lake view on the other. I'll actually have a cute little space just for the baby!!!!! And my dh will officially have his own surf cave which he has been complaining about way too long.
Thinking of you both!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Today 04:21 PM
chuord Aide - so glad betas are going the right way, you are totally right - walk away from the sticks! So when will they scan you? 6 or 7 weeks? So exciting!
I would be better distracted if I had a little more energy... I've been going gently so I don't get tired... Which gives me time to check this site 20 times a day, surf the net for all things baby related, and wonder why time is so slow lol...
Ladies - please update where you're at and what's exciting, I'm sure adie needs distraction too
I have heaps of craft projects to do - if only I could be bothered
Today 04:02 PM
adiejan @chuord -your sweet post made me the middle of 5 guys burger myself! Crazy preggo chica here!! Not sure about your prediction but who knows...see below

Sooo I had a beta on wed (12dpo) but didn't want to talk about it until I knew my numbers were rising!
12dpo- beta 36!! progesterone 9.9 (low)
14dpo-beta 85!! Progesterone (will be back tomorrow)
So that's a 38 hour doubling time!
I'm not going to POAS anymore...stupid sticks!

I'm going to continue positive thinking! @tinytina , will you move me to August BFP's!
Today 01:43 PM
chuord Tina - fx for you!!!
Littlekind - are you out? Did I miss something? Hope you are ok
Adie- don't be so hard on yourself! You are so bubbly and cheerful all the time, with your experiences so far ttc of course you will feel a little anxious at this stage... Even though I have the best of feelings about this for you and I'm sticking to multiples... Just an aside how happy would you be if all three stuck?
When is your beta? Must be today or tomorrow? Fx for fast reassuring results! Seriously, remember to be gentle with yourself and remember you deserve this miracle...
Today 11:55 AM
adiejan Hi Everyone! Thank you all for the nice comments. This community helps me so much!! Love you all!
@LittleKind -sorry this long cycle didn't work out! @Sourire - thanks for all of the awesome info! @chuord - I hear you on the scan! However, I always find the next things to worry about! @tinytina -so exciting! Getting close to O day!! Are you using the same donor sperm?

AFM- I was trying not to freak myself out but I haven't done a good job of it haha. I've taken frer's everyday and they've been getting darker. However, today I used a new pack of tests that def have thinner lines and there was no significant change from yesterday. I know tests can vary a lot so I'm just trying to stay calm. I know I just need to be grateful and have faith. I keep letting my stupid fear and ego get in the way so I try to control what is out of my control...sigh.
Today 05:16 AM
tinytina Hi everyone,
Hope everyone has a great and relaxing weekend.

AFM: CD 10, tomorrow I start using the OPK's.

Fingers crossed @Sourire

Hope the scan and third beta reassure you @chuord

Hi everyone else!
Yesterday 05:12 PM
Sourire Chuord - I'll probably start trying for another baby in about a year. I have 4 frosties left so hopefully one of them will stick. I know the wait for that first ultrasound feels never ending, hang in there!!!!
Yesterday 01:54 PM
chuord Thanks for sharing sourire! I'm sure it will help radio
So are you planning on going back and utilizing your left over frosties anytime soon? I love everyone's different thoughts, we end up with a huge amount of knowledge.
How is everyone? Littlekind any testing? Adie? Tina, radio, Tifga, sorry on my phone and my brain gave out everyone else?
Afm - I want to get to my scan and feel safe knowing I'm viable... Then I'll truly accept it all. Third beta on Monday, I'm almost tempted to go early for reassurance lol.
Yesterday 11:58 AM
tinytina Hi and welcome @timeforbaby4
Yesterday 09:56 AM
timeforbaby4 Hi ladies. I'm new here. Well, not new. I was around years ago when TTC my 7 year old and my 4 year old twins. We have male factor infertility and we weren't going to have any more babies. After 5 losses, it was starting to get so draining. But we have made the choice to try again. Hoping to do a couple of natural cycles before heading in to do IVF (again). This time, I am contemplating doing a shared cycle so that I can donate eggs to another couple in need. So, that's me. I'll just probably follow and chime in here and there this cycle since you all don't know me. CD 2 for me.
Yesterday 05:26 AM
tinytina Any status updates needed?
Yesterday 05:25 AM
tinytina Hi everyone,

AFM: Still in waiting mode- working on clearing out the spare bedroom.

Hi @hope4light

Hi @tracyamber , glad to hear you are okay but you can complain dear. I know that you are happy to be pregnant even though there are rough days. I am feeling a lot better emotionally. Its actually my parents who are coming to visit (a week from today). Its CD 9 so I am starting to gear up for it.

Its so reassuring on here to see so many BFP's!

Glad you are enjoying cupcakes @MakeItSew

Hi @Sourire , our clinic does SET's as well in New Brunswick. There is talk that the government here will give infertility patients a one-time credit towards treatment costs. Thanks for all your helpful advice/information.

So sorry to hear about this month @LittleKind . Hugs and fingers crossed dear.

Hi everyone else!
Yesterday 04:44 AM
LittleKind Oops I'm out this month. That was my longest cycle ever by two days. A new record! Luckily I didn't save the stick I thought looked barely positive in my imagination, so I can't overthink it

I'm disappointed but also kind of glad to not start the new school year feeling sick and tired. I have to be on my toes with these older kids. It is a learning curve for me!
08-20-2014 08:51 PM
The Fertility Challenged One Thread -Summer 2014

I miss you @Sourire . I'm glad everything is going well!!!!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
08-20-2014 07:44 PM
Sourire By the way my first 2 transfers were blasts, my 3rd one (the one that worked) was a single 3 day, 8 cell embryo... Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of that successful transfer
08-20-2014 07:41 PM
Sourire Arg posting from my phone, I wasn't quite done when I sent the above message.

I also wanted to say that the theory above assumes that freezing does not harm the embryos. If your clinic uses the most advanced freezing technique (vitrification), this is pretty accurate as I think the survival rate is around 90-95%. However I had 8 frozen embryos and one of them did not survive defrosting. Some doctors claim that the embryos that couldn't survive freezing and defrosting wouldn't have resulted in a successful pregnancy anyways, so it's not much of a loss.

Anyways it's a personal choice. For my first and second transfers I had no choice but to do a SET. For the 3rd my doc encouraged me to transfer 2 but I chose to put only one. I did quite a bit of research into the risks of twin pregnancies beforehand, and I personally knew a few people who had issues with their twin pregnancies, so that is what motivated my decision. Now that I've experienced what it's like to take care of a newborn, I simply can't imagine how anyone could do it with 2 babies so I'm pretty happy with my decision!
08-20-2014 07:29 PM
Originally Posted by radiowave View Post
Chuord: that's great! May I ask why you do 50/50 instead of all ICSI?
I have been terribly concerned about multiples…worried about health issues, if my cerclage would hold etc. So I was glad to learn about ESET, offered by my clinic. Here is a description from my clinic's website "ESET is elective Single Embryo Transfer, a process by which one good quality blastocyst (or day 5) embryo is transferred back to the patient. The embryos that survive to the blastocyst stage of development are more likely to be strong and healthy. Blastocyst embryos have a much higher chance of implanting than 4 cell (day 2) or 8 cell (day 3) embryos, therefore fewer embryos are required to achieve a pregnancy.

"When you choose eSET, you are giving yourself the best possible chance for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby," explains Robert Stillman, MD, Shady Grove Fertility’s Medical Director. "Now we can confidently tell an increasing proportion of our patients that they won't be sacrificing their chances of pregnancy in order to achieve that peace of mind."

And it’s catching on. Since its inception in 2002, the number of patients choosing elective Single Embryo Transfers has increased each year. In 2010, nearly 20% of all IVF patients and 41% of donor egg patients elected to transfer a single embryo which resulted in a 61% clinical pregnancy rate for IVF and 62% pregnancy rate for donor egg."

Has anyone here done this? I am trying to learn how the chances of success differ from transferring two at a time, which is what my doctor recommended. He never even mentioned this.
I am pretty sure we are not going to do the genetic testing now…we really can't afford it, and since it is not %100 accurate it wouldn't provide the peace of mind we are looking for…
adiejen: how are you? are you taking progesterone? how are you feeling? when are you going to test?
Hello and have a great day to everyone else!

I'm extremely late replying to this because I haven't been around much. Where I live (province of Quebec, in Canada), fertility treatments are paid by the government but they also limit the number of embryos you can transfer at a time. I've had 3 single embryo transfers... One was a BFN, one was a miscarriage, and one is 3 month old daughter.

The reasoning behind SETs is as follows: say you have 2 embryos. You can either transfer them both at once, or transfer one and freeze the other to use later. If one of those embryos was good enough for a pregnancy, you get pregnant in both scenarios, although it could take a few extra months to get pregnant in the scenario where you are doing SETs. If both embryos were good enough for a pregnancy, then you have twins in the first scenario, and you have two singleton pregnancies a few years apart in the second scenario.

Since twin pregnancies are riskier, doing SETs makes a lot of sense when you have plenty of time and money is not an issue (because in most clinics you have to pay for the frozen cycles too). With SETs and freezing, you end up with just as many babies
08-20-2014 01:44 PM
MakeItSew omg so many BFPs! I can hardly keep track! Congrats @adiejan and fingers crossed for @LittleKind . Hoping for sticky babies for all of you.

Things aren't so bad here... a friend who owns a bakery just stopped by with some cupcakes to cheer me up. I gotta be careful though, all this cheer might start showing up on my waistline.

I have decided to go forward with taking some supplements from the "can't hurt, might help" category. I'm generally in the "eat food not pills" camp, but at this point I'll try most anything. I'm taking a prenatal (mostly for the Vitamin C and Folic Acid), and CoQ10. The CoQ10 pills are SO BIG I think I'll switch to the gummy version after this bottle.
08-20-2014 12:38 PM
tracyamber @tinytina
I'm Okay. I don't want to complain here especially on this thread as we all are trying so hard to get pregnant and I don't want to come off unappreciative.

How are you doing. Are your in-laws visiting? Are you gearing up for your next cycle?

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
08-20-2014 07:29 AM
hope4light Congrats Adie!!!!
08-20-2014 05:10 AM
tinytina Hi everyone,

Hi @tracyamber , how are you doing?

Big congrats @adiejan

So happy to hear your fears are melting away @chuord

Hi @tifga

Glad the mock transfer went well @radiowave

Hi @LittleKind , hope you get some much needed rest dear

Hi @monkeyscience and @alivewithyou
08-19-2014 08:19 PM
alivewithyou Congrats adiejan!
08-19-2014 07:57 PM
monkeyscience I know I'm a little behind, but congrats Chuord! And Adie! And LittleKind!
Feel free to join us in grads whenever you're ready, and we totally understand if it isn't for awhile.

There were other things I was going to say, but I have now forgotten them all. Yay, insomnia brain. Sounds like September/October should be busy times in here, too!
08-19-2014 06:00 PM
LittleKind oh AFM I didn't test this morning. If I am not pregnant, this is now a new record for longest cycle. I came home from work today (first day the junior highers had class. oy). and I fell asleep for 2 hrs on the couch as soon as I entered the door. Now I am making a grilled cheese for my son and we're having early bed
08-19-2014 05:57 PM
LittleKind yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay @adiejan !! that is a great dark line for so early. How wonderful.
08-19-2014 04:29 PM
tracyamber @adiejan
I knew you'd be positive too!!! Congrats!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
08-19-2014 04:28 PM
radiowave Congrats Adie! Can't wait to hear about the betas!!!

Had my mock embryo transfer today. Everything looked good. It now feels like this is really happening. Here we go!

Hi to everyone!
08-19-2014 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by chuord View Post
Adie - woooohooooo!!!!! Lol you had a feeling right? So how many days till beta? Fx this one is it for you, no more false starts!
Tear, makeitsew - thanks I'm so floating in the love right now it's awesome!
Tifga - sorry missed your post! Hugs, I know the frustration... When my second cycle got cancelled I still had to wait an extra month or so to heal... A month is a huge chunk of time.
Tina - you know how you mentioned fears, for me childbirth has always loomed as a world ending procedure that I have no control over - huge fear. Now, before this bfp I was so determined I no longer care about the fear, my birth plan is no longer about me but about the best way to get the baby safely out - I've made peace with all the options. It's weird (dh is in shock) but letting go the fear is so peaceful. Whether it's hormones or not I'm happy to have found that place.
Adie - yay!!!!!!

Thanks so much love!! Beta will be on Friday. I have taken note of your bet that it's multiples ...maybe we won't be the "left ovaries" after all!
08-19-2014 03:41 PM
tifga congrats adie!!!!
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