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Today 06:44 PM
monkeyscience Annnd ds is bawling again. Sigh. Attempted to update the roster, but am missing some stuff for some people. I love you ladies, please don't hate me!
Today 06:19 PM
monkeyscience I'm sorry I just keep not posting... I'm going to try. I've been dying of tired the last few weeks, and have just not had energy for social interaction. I want to hear about other people, but responding (and not just here) has seemed like soooo much work. Last night I was up with ds basically all night. Every half hour to hour he'd cough, moan, then cry and need to be comforted. I finally gave up and took him to sleep on the basement couch so dh could get some rest for work. (dh was snoring and I couldn't sleep anyway ) The waking kept up until he got up for the day at 6 am. So I am kind of fried. I'm just glad I didn't get so uncomfortable that I couldn't sleep at all, or wake up with my neck totally screwed up, which is what I was expecting. Anyway... okay, actually, I'm going to try to update the roster THEN post. But for any who are wondering, yes, still pregnant! (38+1 today)
Today 05:47 PM
tracyamber @chuord
Cutie bump mama.
Thanks for starting the belly shots @kewpie80
@Xerxella I'm sorry this is being so tough but you sound strong. I guess it is good to not have any expectations . Praying for both babies.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Today 05:21 PM
Xerxella @chuord - such a cute little bump!!!! Everyone looks so different than I imagine even if your pic is in your avatar! Lol.
Today 04:41 PM
chuord Xerxella - understood. We will all just keep praying for him then. As long as you manage to keep him in there he has a chance to heal... Fingers and toes all crossed, sending the love over the miles.

Ok here's my pathetic belly pic (I took it first thing today so I'm less bloated)
Today 03:05 PM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

@chuord and @kewpie80 and all - no. It's really not a good thing. There's so much fluid in his lungs that they can't develop properly. If the fluid doesn't go away somehow, it doesn't matter when he's born, he won't be able to breathe. He simply won't have the lung capacity to sustain life.
Today 01:52 PM
chuord Tracy - thanks!!! It's so cute! Totally understand the home alone issue... Lol I used to worry how I'd fit one!
Xerxella - you are doing a great job! I'm with kewpie - is staying the same but still growing a good thing? I'm guessing if baby b makes it into viability but is born with hydrops they can treat when he's out? I hope there are still options! The fact he's still there and growing tells me he wants to be with you. Hugs on all your patience!
Kewpie - how are you finding it coping with your other two as well this time? I guess they're old enough to be helpful?
Adie - I'm with you I think it's just starting to pop up, I've been managing to partially belly sleep (with one leg bent up to make space) even that feels too much pressure now... I did have one great nausea free day, but it was back yesterday... So I guess there's a little more to deal with - but my day off was like a holiday! My next scan is nuchal at 13 weeks (16-10 I think) looking forward to that and the blood tests and then really enjoying this whole process.
Today 11:02 AM
adiejan @Xerxella -you are sure doing a good job of keeping those babies in there. You are one strong mama. Sorry no miracle for baby B. I hope it comes!
@kewpie80 -love those bump pics! You look so happy!
@tracyamber -love your bump pic too! So cute!
@chuord -how are you feeling? I agree, I kind of forgot how quickly things grow with twins.

Hi everyone else!

AFM: I'm at a conference for attachment issues in Orlando right now. In fact I'm currently sluffing a boring session because I'm so freaking tired! I learned all about prenatal development and attachment relationships yesterday which was particularly fascinating for me right now! I'm feeling so bloated and I feel like my uterus is def popping a bit. So cool! Since I've been traveling I've seen 5 sets of identical twins. I'm sure I'm just more attuned but it's pretty crazy. Sorry I've been kind of absent...I've been reading along with lots of support.
Today 09:26 AM
Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post
All those cute baby bumps! I look like a beached whale! Lol. I'll post a picture when I have some reasonable clothes on. :P

AFM - So, essentially, the u/s and check up showed no change. The cervix is shortened, but basically unchanged. The cerclage is holding. Baby A looks great. He's continuing to measure a few days ahead, which is great. Unfortunately, baby B looks the same. He's growing on track, but the hydrops appears the same. I was hoping for a miracle, but now just trying to stay grounded.

PS. I'm 22+2 today.
I'm sorry you didn't get better news about B. Is it reassuring that it isn't getting worse or does that not matter? I'm glad the cerclage is holding still. You're almost to viability! That was my mantra last time when I was so scared of them coming early. 2 weeks till viability, 1 week, 1 week past, 2 weeks past...
Today 08:00 AM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

This is for you because you asked. Like I posted on the other thread it is really hard to get a shot of my belly when dh is not around.

19 weeks
Today 07:53 AM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

I'm glad at least things are not taking any major turns. I guess it's still a waiting game. You rock mama , 22 weeks !
Today 05:19 AM
hope4light Kewpie - so freaking adorable!!!

X - glad to hear things aren't worse, but so hoping the miracle still happens. Hugs to you.

Laggie - going to check out your post :-)

Hi to everyone else!
Today 04:53 AM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

All those cute baby bumps! I look like a beached whale! Lol. I'll post a picture when I have some reasonable clothes on. :P

AFM - So, essentially, the u/s and check up showed no change. The cervix is shortened, but basically unchanged. The cerclage is holding. Baby A looks great. He's continuing to measure a few days ahead, which is great. Unfortunately, baby B looks the same. He's growing on track, but the hydrops appears the same. I was hoping for a miracle, but now just trying to stay grounded.

PS. I'm 22+2 today.
Yesterday 10:48 PM
chuord Tracy - can you post it here too for the rest of us?
Kewpie - you look so happy and relaxed in both pics! Lol I'm a tiny bit scared at how twins grow so fast... I still have no baby bump aside from my natural belly (9wks) - however I don't feel comfortable in anything without elastic.
Yesterday 09:50 PM
tracyamber @Xerxella
You didn't post about your appointment or ultrasound. Details please!!!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Yesterday 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by tracyamber View Post
I posted a few posts before you in our ddc bump thread. Did you see it??

Your tummy is bigger. Mine too, I have heard that the second pregnancy tummies are a bit bigger than the first time.
I did see it, but it didn't register until I went back and looked that it was you. I giggled when I saw you had to use a mirror. I almost had to do the same.
Yesterday 09:20 PM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

I posted a few posts before you in our ddc bump thread. Did you see it??

Your tummy is bigger. Mine too, I have heard that the second pregnancy tummies are a bit bigger than the first time.
Yesterday 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by Laggie View Post
Hi everyone! I haven't been on here in ages... we seem to have two graduates threads?

I just posted here:
Your two are so adorable. Yeah, we have 2, but the other one was one that Keria had started a long time ago and it was pretty much just us from the IVF thread we used to have going. This one includes clomid and those who lose their babies easily and have other fertility issues. The old one isn't active much at all any more.
Yesterday 08:15 PM
kewpie80 Bump pic time?

This one is current:

This one is 3 years ago almost to the day with my first set. I dare say I'm bigger this time. I'm currently measuring 22 weeks.

Yesterday 07:24 AM
tracyamber @Laggie
They are beautiful!!!!! I'm posting here b/c it's the summer 2014 thread. I know , your a busy mom now you must be so happy

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Yesterday 05:48 AM
Laggie Hi everyone! I haven't been on here in ages... we seem to have two graduates threads?

I just posted here:
09-16-2014 02:52 PM
chuord Autumn laughing - ditto on GD (hope you don't), can't wait to meet your girl!
Xerxella - I thought you were close, I'm glad you're feeling better, I'm hoping you go to 36 weeks too!
Afm - ok it's 7.30am here, some girls in due date club were talking about cravings - now I want nachos lol for breakfast! Wth!
09-15-2014 10:00 PM
tracyamber @Autumnlaughing
I can't believe you are so close to meeting your baby. Time flies doesn't it?? Hope you don't have GD!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
09-15-2014 06:53 PM
Autumnlaughing @tracyamber - *any* flights of stairs kick my butt! (well, really the sore area is more in the front..) I actually live in a 2 story and work on the 2nd floor - I plan my trips up and down carefully now! And every time we've done any moving of stuff around or cleaning, I really feel it.
@Xerxella - sounds like a good attitude? And good intuition
@Kewpie - My original OB/Gyn was kind of like that - not quite as bad, though! Although, that is the one with the doctor that didn't mention our MF issues on the first IUI, so they may have had other issues, too. I *really* like the midwife I saw there, though! When I transferred to the fertility place, they ended up doing a pap, and then set me up with a 6 mo follow up at with the regular group in their office - I could have gone back to the first place, but the office mess ups are what made me stick with the new place.
@Adie & @ chuord - I'm still excited for you guys

and hi to everyone else!!!

AFM - probably do have GD. I'm frustrated, because I've already got a bizzillion allergies I'm eating around, and some weird sort of hypoglycemic tendencies that no doctor has ever cared enough about to sort out, and the GD diet info doesn't seem to mesh well with that. Also, I'd almost started to feel some trust in my body again. Oh well... Little girl is still kicking away, so that's good. I can't believe we've gotten this far! My brother is SO EXCITED to be an uncle that it almost makes up for everyone else's lack of excitement. He doesn't talk to us much, but we did text for hours on Friday. Also, went on a vacation to Maine, and it was awesome, even though I couldn't walk around nearly as much as I would have liked!
09-15-2014 04:07 PM
chuord Tracy - so excited for you with your new house! So much fun, and woman what are you thinking up and down all those stairs! Lol that's crazy!
09-15-2014 03:50 PM
tracyamber Hi everyone
I've been busy packing and it's been exhausting doing this while pregnant. I'm sure glad we found a house and was able to close Friday and get the keys though. I love it ! though walking up 3 flights of stairs kicked my behind today because I had to make about 10 trips to the car to get our blankets into the master bedroom. Anyway, been reading but but feeling tired. Did I say that already?in two days I will be 19 weeks.
Hello to everyone!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
09-15-2014 03:18 PM
Xerxella @kewpie80 - thanks for all the info! I think it's scary no matter what. I recently found out my SIL was 3 cm dilated, bulging bag at 19 weeks. This was 15 years ago as they said they could do nothing for her! She went on strict bedrest and made it to 39 weeks! She cane off bedrest at 37 weeks and he still held on for 2 more weeks. My nephew Andrew is a healthy teenager. There were never any issues. So, that's encouraging!
@chuord - yeah for some feeling better!

AFM - 22 weeks tomorrow. We have an MFM u/s on Wednesday. Things have felt..... better lately. I don't know what that means. I know they're both still alive because I feel them kicking independently. I'm trying to keep my head screwed on straight and keep my expectations low. I just want at least one take home baby. But, my heart has hope.
09-15-2014 02:39 PM
chuord Kewpie - great to hear from you! Thanks for all the sharing and info it's great - you are the twin knowledge supply on here
Glad you had a great time on holiday!
Omg that office is awful! I think you should send a private note to your old doctor, letting him know that because he is good you wanted to let him know how much his staff are letting him down... That's awful! However the new guy sounds great - very like the IF guy I was seeing - fx!
I didn't know you could buy zofran in big packs!!! That's great! My Ob told me to take maxolon regularly and add zofran when needed, again I didn't know you could take both together! Seems a little overkill sometimes.
Milk - keep trying to relax. Hope things are still well.
Xerxella - you must be 22wks by now! Woohoo only two more till viability and then slowly to 30 weeks - you are doing a great job!
Monkey - are you feeling ready?
Everyone - how are you travelling, enjoying the pg?
Afm - sorry about the hyper, I have a tiny bit more energy and less queasy and it's lifted my spirits amazingly!
09-15-2014 09:16 AM
kewpie80 @adiejan - With both my twin pregnancies, my OB referred me to a perinatologist (MFM). I went in at 17 weeks this pregnancy and I think my first time with the last pregnancy was right around either 14 weeks or 16 weeks. If they don't mention it to you, just ask.

So excited for you and your identicals! I've seen that happen a couple other times on here. Keria, who used to post often, had triplets implant with 2 of them identical. Sadly, one of them didn't make it, but her remaining 2 are happy and healthy. One other person who used to post here had identicals too. I can't rememeber how her story went or her name unfortunately. Did you do ICSI? That increases chances of identical twinning. My RE was trying to discourage us from transferring 2 for that reason. She didn't want us to end up with trips or quads. Anyway, I'm rambling.... haha So happy for you and I'l keep you in my thoughts that everything goes super easy for you!
09-15-2014 09:08 AM
kewpie80 I'm so behind here. We've had a couple trips (trying to fit them all in before I can't travel anymore) and our garden is producing like crazy. Anyway, sorry to be away so long
@Xerxella and @chuord - There's not much to tell about my cervix story, but I can tell you what little there is. I went in for routine u/s with the perinatologist at around 16 weeks. My cervix was shorter than they would have liked, but wasn't bad enough for a cerclage at that time. They told me to lay down more. Then at 18 weeks, I had another scan and it had shortened more. I think I was in the high 2cm for length. They put me on modified bed rest at that point. Then they had me come in weekly to check. I started bleeding heavily and having contractions, so I was admitted to the hospital, but they couldn't determine where the bleeding was coming from. They did a test to check for... I think it was a certain protein? that might be present near the cervix. If it's positive, it means I would have likely gone into labor in the next few days. It was neg, so they sent me home. My cervix shortened to just under 2cm, but I was past 20 weeks then and they don't usually do cerclages by that point. I was on strict bed rest and crossing my legs to hold everyone in. Things settled and I didn't shrink more than tiny bits between then and went I had to be induced at 36 weeks for pre-eclampsia. It wasn't quite as severe as what xerxella is dealing with, but I did end up in the hospital one more time with pre-labor symptoms. I can't remember how far along I was for that one, though.

This pregnancy has been so much easier. I had SCH with my last one that burst and gushed blood at 6 weeks. That lasted until I was about 12-14ish weeks. Then the bleeding scares later along with pre-labor more than once. This time, everything has been smooth sailing other than the spotting I had in the early weeks. I'm glad for that for sure. It's hard to rest with toddlers in the house.


I’m 18 weeks now and have resigned myself that this all-day sickness is here to stay and bought a 3 month supply of zofran. It’s cheaper per pill to do it that way. Either I just jinxed myself and wasted the money, but that means I won’t be sick, so that’s a win or I’ll be all set which is also a win. haha

I’m seeing a new OB this morning. I can’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, but my old OB’s office was horrible. The doctors were great and I hated leaving them, but the staff was horrible. First, I had to bring some urine (the big 24 hour test) in for testing. I called the morning of and asked if I need to make an appt or just come in. I was told to come in. I went in and they receptionist was very huffy and said I was supposed to make an appt first. She told me to sit down and they’ve fit me in. an hour later, I finally got in. I was the only person sitting in the lobby the entire time.

Then, they lost the results of this and 8 other blood tests I had done. The nurse called me 3 weeks later and said I need to do all the tests. I said I had and she had no record of them.

I had an appt on thursday a week and a half ago. I got a text on the following Saturday saying I missed my appt on friday. um…. So, I called back on monday and said I had an appt on thursday that I went to. The receptionist checked and said the appt of friday was supposed to be scheduled for a different patient. Ugh. Nice.

As I was coming out of the office a few days ago, a lady was having a rant saying that they never scheduled her anatomy scan and she was going to have to wait 2 more weeks even though she had the appt card in hand. That confirmed it wasn’t just me and this is a very poorly run office.

Anyway, this office was recommended by a friend. He didn’t pop up in any of my google searches. He’s an older guy, about the same age as my dad. Reviews say that he’s efficient and quick, but will take them time if you need it. He treats his patients like his daughters and is very kind. Bonus that he’s only a few blocks from my house instead of in another city like my last one.

I’ve been feeling a lot of movement all over, so I’m not really worried about this appt, other than just hoping he’s a good match for me. My big anatomy scan is scheduled for the last friday of the month. I'm hoping everything still looks perfect.
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