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Today 06:40 AM
monkeyscience Glad you're getting settled, Tracy! We've been out of boxes for awhile (moved in almost 4 months ago), but a lot of things are still laying around, or suboptimally organized. Luckily we only have two floors, and there's a small landing in the middle, so I only take 6 or 7 stairs at a time.

Chuord - You're done with first trimester already? That was fast! (For me, anyway!) Glad you've been able to keep your sickness under control.
Yesterday 10:36 PM
chuord Yep Tracy - 23 sept!
Yesterday 09:15 PM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

I have been totally exhausted but boxes are dwindling. And we are having a lightening storm tonight and we do have an awesome view!Thanks for asking.
How are you feeling.still having pretty intense morning sickness? Have you told anyone you are pregnant? I imagine you have but some try to wait until first tri is over.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Yesterday 06:41 PM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

@chuord - Are we that close to the equinox??!!?!? I've totally lost track.
@alivewithyou -Sorry about the abx. At least it'll clear up the other problem. Hugs to you.

@Milk8shake - I've noticed how good I feel after a day of just sitting around so I get up to make a meal, clear some dishes, pick up a little and the contractions start. It's frustrating, but what are you going to do? Whatever you have to do to keep that fighter in as long as possible. That's what. Hugs. It sucks.
Yesterday 06:18 PM
chuord Alivewithyou - mines settled a bit, still touchy on which food I eat... But with maxolon I'm coping quite well(zofran is back up)
Ouch!! Glad you got onto it straight away!
Yesterday 06:00 PM
alivewithyou Milk - sorry to hear about the bed rest. Makes me smile to hear your little guy is generously sized. nothing make me happier than a big healthy baby. Here's hoping this next week goes super fast for you!

chuord - sorry to hear about your cold. how's the nausea? you seem like you are in good spirits.

AFM - Got into the doctors right away this morning and immediately my urine culture came back positive so i get to be on a yucky antibiotic this week. boo. glad I caught it quickly but my stomach problems were finally settling down and now i feel like all my good flora is going to say goodbye. definitely going to try to eat a ton of yogurt to balance it out as much as possible. survived my interview as well so that is good and i think it went pretty well. now i am at home with DH with crazy amounts of energy and i'm starving so we are working on dinner.
Yesterday 03:13 PM
chuord Hugs milk!!! Glad at least they give you lots of feedback... Re work does he mean stop permanently now or just a few weeks?
Yesterday 02:56 PM
Milk8shake X - not that it probably helps any, but I feel like giving B a fighting chance is the way to go. Never having been in those shoes, of course, but I imagine that if I was, instinct would have me making the same decisions that you have so far. I had such a terrible time with the decision to have the cerclage, knowing that I was risking the pregnancy (and my strongest baby yet) just by agreeing to it, and also acknowledging that my circumstances made my risk factors much higher than usual. I think your babies are keeping each other strong.

AFM: Yikes, what a lousy couple of days. Many, many tears have been shed. They squeezed me in for a scan at the MFM yesterday, so I ended up having the morphology check at the same time. All of that was fine, and little one looks great. Actually, he seems to be a bit of a chubber, which is great, considering how little nutrition I have managed in past months. The sonographer said he was "generously" sized! I have been terribly concerned about spina bifida too, because I rarely managed any prenatals or folic acid, but baby has definitely lived up to his nickname "Parasite", cause there don't seem to be any ill effects.

Me, well I don't know. They said I could have been having Braxton Hicks, but I was having contractions come as close as every two-five minutes for a looooonnng time. Like, at least eight hours, maybe longer. Because they refused to do CTG monitoring, I don't know for sure. I'm still getting them now, but they have settled a lot. Only a couple an hour. My cervix well, it's got something going on. They don't classify it PTL without contractions that change the cervix. Mine was changing a lot during the scan - dynamic, they call it. She took about ten measurements. The shortest I saw was 2.4, which is down some. I'm also certain I saw a small amount of funneling (I've looked at a LOT of cervix scans on the internet). However, the doctor said he was "happy" with the cerclage, and that things are okay for now. But, he recommended I stop working immediately, and that's a whole other issue.

Anyway, it's not strict bedrest yet - more like "modified", but I will need to take it easy. Even last night, just being on my feet for five mins in the shower was upping the contractions. My follow up is in two weeks, and baby just has to hang in there another week to make it over the 20 week mark, at which point if I do have PTL, I will actually be able to be treated!
Yesterday 02:32 PM
chuord Milk - like you said before, this baby is a fighter and is working with you to make it... Rest up and look after you both.
X - wow, when you tell us the whole thing like that, and the decision making they put you through... Huge hugs mama on the emotional roller coaster! You're giving everyone their best chance, fx for a happy ending xx
Tracy - have you stopped moving boxes? How's that view
Alivewithyou - hugs!!! No advice just support!
Boots - how's things?
Afm - yesterday and today fighting off a cold, whacky dreams etc but today is equinox and apparently it's making our brains hyper
Yesterday 08:30 AM
tracyamber Alivewithyou
Dmannose powder is excellent. In my opinion works better and faster. I think it is safe as well. You can find it at a local health food store or such.
Sorry to hear about your uti.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Yesterday 07:31 AM
alivewithyou Milk - glad to hear you are doing okay.

I am freaking miserable.. woke up with an awful uti this morning. I am supposed to have an interview today and i can't even walk 5 feet without rushing to the toilet to try and pee which isn't getting me anywhere. I know i need to probably get into a doctor for an antibiotic but in the meantime (so i can even make it to the doctor….) does anyone know if AZO is safe?
Yesterday 05:51 AM
monkeyscience Glad you are okay, Milk! Hope the rest helps.

X - Emotionally fraught is an understatement, I'm sure. Lots of hugs to you.
Yesterday 03:35 AM
Xerxella @Milk8shake - Well, I'm glad it's not PTL. So, is it bedrest now? Home? Hospital? Modified? Strict?

Hugs to you. Give everything a week to settle. I felt better after a week of bedrest when everything settled down.
Yesterday 03:31 AM
Xerxella @monkeyscience - Actually, it's best for baby A if B passes away. In fact, everyone strongly recommended terminating B to give A the best chance. We couldn't do it for a number of reasons (primarily, because it has a 10-15% chance of causing the loss of the whole pregnancy by accidentally introducing an infection or breaking the water). But, of course, the decision to give B a chance was/ is incredibly complicated and emotionally fraught.

About B's lungs. No one knows. It depends on when and if the hydrops resolves. For instance, if it resolves now and he stays in for another 10 weeks, things look better. If it resolves 5 weeks from now and he's born 6 weeks from now, he probably won't make it.

But, the most likely scenario, is that he'll pass away in utero from the fluid pressure on his heart or whatever's causing the hydrops to begin with (which we still don't know). It is unlikely the hydrops will resolve.
09-21-2014 09:59 PM
Milk8shake Have been checked by MFM doc and given all clear for now. Baby okay. Cervix changing around, but not PTL. Strict rest orders.
09-21-2014 08:38 PM
monkeyscience Ugh, that sucks, Milk! Just post the number to the hospital, they can have complaints coming in from around the world! Hope you and little one are okay.

X - I'm sorry you don't have better news for Baby B. I'm happy things aren't getting worse otherwise. It's still better for Baby A if Baby B keeps fighting, isn't it? Have the doctors said anything about when they think it would be too late for Baby B's lungs to recover if the hydrops did resolve? (Feel free to not answer the questions if you don't want to.) Still praying for a miracle. Your viability date is the day before my due date - I hope we are both still pregnant then, and that you're pregnant until Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas!

Autumn - Hugs to you, lady. It seems strange for your dh to be flipping out when you went to so much effort to bring this baby into being. Dealing with that is rough. My dh was freaking out about the pregnancy I lost, even though he'd certainly been in on all the trying. I expected him to be relieved when I miscarried, but he actually was sad and disappointed and wanted to try again immediately. I hope your dh chills out soon. And I hope you don't have GD!

Hi to everyone else, still stalking along, going to try to post more - we'll see! But yes, of course I'll let you know when baby gets here! Promise! At least some vital stats, if nothing else.
09-21-2014 08:27 PM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

I'm sorry to hear all that is going on, hugs please update. @alivewithyou
Cute belly!! @chuord
Yep, I had to wean a bit. It is a lot slower than the fertility challenge thread. Partly because once pregnant there's less to talk about

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
09-21-2014 05:51 PM
Xerxella @alivewithyou - great pic!!!!!! What a great time you guys had!
@Milk8shake - any update this morning! Thinking of you!
09-21-2014 05:13 PM
Tear78 Milk8, thinking of you! I'm so angry with how you were treated! I hope you're not posting because you're busy demanding answers and bring reassured. Good thoughts coming your way!
09-21-2014 04:15 PM
chuord Cute pic alivewithyou, the sunlight on your baby belly is magical.

Sourire - I noticed your blog today (I often post from phone) and went and checked it out... I love your way of writing about everything! It was a fun read...

Anyone else with any news? Hmm I might have to wean myself off here - I check it way too many times a day cos i love everyone's news...
09-21-2014 04:09 PM
alivewithyou @Milk8shake - sorry to hear that the doctors are being useless for you. please keep us updated on what is going on. Hopefully it's nothing too serious.

Hi everyone, sorry I'm a bit behind. We went camping all last weekend and then we were in San Diego this weekend so a little bit exhausted. That and my husband and I both have interviews for new jobs coming up and i have a huge certification coming up in two weeks. As soon as that is done, I am going baby crazy and living and breathing this pregnancy and enjoying it lol.

This picture is at 17 weeks, 2 days. Definitely starting to feel like I look pregnant.. so much fun. I also am pretty confident I felt my first little kicks this morning on the airplane ride home. It was 3 very distinct taps and I looked down because I thought my husband had did it and his hand wasn't on my stomach lol. Still nothing consistent yet but I'm sure we will get there.
09-21-2014 02:43 PM
chuord Hugs milkshake!!! Sometimes the system sucks here, dh did 5 years in emerg. And he found some of the consultants were real jerks... Sour ire is right though ED should have ran an ultrasound to check.... I've been in before with abdominal pain and got u/s to check for cysts and appendicitis... Didn't you have a scare with that before? Mention that and force them.
The protocol is supposed to be the ED docs do enough testing that the consultants can tell if you need help or not - it sounds like you didn't get checked properly on either front.
Where are you and which hospital? One of my best mates is an ED consultant in Sydney... I could try and find out which hospital?
Serious hugs, you didn't need that stress, keep us posted!
09-21-2014 11:26 AM
adiejan @Milk8shake -I agree with X that is complete bullshit! I don't even understand their rational! I am so sorry you are going through this. Hugs and positive energy are headed your way!
09-21-2014 07:50 AM
Sourire Milk - did they at least do an ultrasound to check that the baby was ok? I had a similar situation when I was 17 weeks and I basically refused to leave the ER until they did an ultrasound. The fools didn't want to do one because they ran an HCG test and my beta was 45,000. I was like how is that useful information????

The best thing you can do for your baby right now is rest as much as possible until you get some real answers.
09-21-2014 07:16 AM
Xerxella @Milk8shake - That is bullshit!!!!!! Total bullshit!

How could they not call in an OB consult? How do they know your uterus didn't rupture and you're not bleeding out internally? Granted, that's clearly not the case, but they don't know that over the phone. Any of a million things could've happened and they should make sure YOU'RE doing fine!!

I'm so pissed for you right now, it's not even funny.

Can you go to a different ER and tell them you're 20 weeks? Can you go back to the first and tell them it's horrifically worse on the pain scale?

I'm so angry for you.
09-21-2014 05:54 AM
Milk8shake It's Sunday night and I took myself off to Emergency this afternoon after having a lot of pelvic pressure, some cramping and and a heck of a lot of (mostly painless) contractions. After four hours, they sent me home.

The ER doc tried calling in an OB consult and they point blank refused to see me. Basically said that the hospital rules state that if you are less than 20 weeks, tough shit. I'm furious and terrified and the same time. I have to wait until morning to phone my case manager and see if there is anything she can do. I only hope nothing happens in the next 10 or so hours until I can talk to her.
09-20-2014 05:01 PM
chuord Tracy - you are nuts lol, I'm guessing the view makes it all worth the stairs? Umm I just had a thought, how many stairs will you be carrying baby stuff up and down daily? Hope you get lots of rest!
09-20-2014 03:37 PM
tracyamber I'm exhausted! Moving into a house with stairs is absolute torture for a pregnant woman. At least our things are in the house and getting to the appropriate floor thanks to dh.
Hi all

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
09-19-2014 05:48 PM
Tear78 Milk8, woohooooo! That is just a magical feeling! I'm so happy hearing your updates!
09-19-2014 03:56 PM
adiejan @monkeyscience - thanks for adding me to the roster. I know you are very busy cooking that baby.

@Milk8shake -I love that you are getting kicked so much...does that sound bad! Very exciting @chuord -I love your bump pic. @tracyamber and @Xerxella - Hi Again!
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