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10-01-2014 01:17 PM
tracyamber This is an old thread now you guys. Post on the new

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
10-01-2014 12:32 PM
MindlessChrissy Thinking of you @toothfairy2be
09-30-2014 11:34 PM
Tenk Kewpie, I just wanted to pop in and say ... Our MFM discovered a VSD at 19 weeks and we were monitored closely until birth. Each time the hole was still there and "moderate" in size. Of course because it was discovered so early on we were told it most likely wouldn't close on its on. When he was born it was tiny and at 1 month it was gone!! After them preparing us for the "probably won't close" side of things and he's perfect albeit spoiled rotten now stay positive mama!!
09-30-2014 01:46 PM
chuord Kewpie - wow! To be that sick and juggle all those things I think you are superwoman!
Hugs re your potential likelihood of surgery! I talked to dh about it (he's no expert but did spend time in neonates) he thinks it should be an easy fix - obviously depending on extent.. I'm with you, but then I worry about every procedure. I'm sending him lots of energy and prayers.
Btw a few posts up boots started a new thread... If you repost there everyone will see it
09-30-2014 07:49 AM
kewpie80 Forgot to include the pictures from last week of our boys.

09-30-2014 07:35 AM
kewpie80 TF - Congrats!!!! I hope it's a nice long boring/uneventful 9 months for you!

I'm holding up just fine about my son. What I thought was the beginning of a migraine on Friday was actually a stomach virus that knocked me on my butt. My husband also left for a 2 week business trip this weekend, so being incredibly sick and getting him ready and then being alone with 2 toddlers made for a really rough time. I'm starting to feel like myself again today.

As for my son, I'm feeling ok with it. I posted about his condition on facebook and asked if anyone had experience with it. I had 16 people respond by either PM or comment. Of the 16, 3 did not need surgery and 13 did. Despite webmd and other sites saying most close up on their own, the fact that that many babies needed surgery has me concerned. Those rates are high.

I'm no stranger to handing a baby off to a surgeon. My oldest son has a congenital eye deformity and is blind. At first, they told us it was retinal cancer when he was 2 weeks old. He's been put under anesthesia many times for his eye, the first being when he was 2 weeks. It never gets easier. I hate the idea of having a second child go through that, especially when having to open his chest..

The parents who said their kids did need surgery, most said that the surgeries ended by age 2, so that's something. I'm just trying to stay positive until we hear from the cardiologist. My appt with him will be on either nov 2nd or 5th. I can't remember which it is right now. I am probably fretting over nothing and he'll be fine.
09-29-2014 09:36 PM
adiejan @Xerxella - your "date" comment made me lol for real!! Good luck tomorrow...what time do you go in? I am so glad you've made it to 24 weeks and I hope you get to keep moving that goal post.

@iivixboots-thanks for taking over the thread keeper position. Also congrats on 20 weeks!
@Milk8shake -how was that cake mama? I'm glad you have a next goal and that the little dude keeps kicking you!! He's probably saying "hey mom, don't worry I'm ok, I just keep kicking your insides."
@alivewithyou -good luck with your anatomy scan...I hope there are no sprouting penises. Your message made me cry it was so sweet. You're right they aren't here for no reason!
@chuord -I would love any energy you can send me and these sweet babies. I truly appreciate it. You are so amazing for dedicating so many of your thoughts to all of us. You are a pretty incredible woman!
@tracyamber -how are you feeling about things? Are you nervous for thurs or feeling ok? I'll be stalking you!! (This may be the only place I can say that and not sound totally creepy.)
@kewpie80 -thinking of you! Are you hanging in there?

AFM: so nervous and somewhat prepared for PTSD symptoms tomorrow. This will be my first OB appointment at the exact time of our last loss. Trying to stay positive and remind myself this is different! Any positive/non anxious vibes you could send my way would be greatly appreciated!

Oh and I just started crying for a very insane reason! dh was scratching my back because I feel like crap! When my 4.5lb yorkie climbed on my back and started licking me. I kept asking dh to get him off...he only laughed. I cried...yes pretty nutso!!! wtf!
09-29-2014 08:56 PM
Sourire Milk - think of the contractions as a nice massage for the baby! Babies are made to experience them. I had serious contractions that I had to sit down for through the last 14 weeks of my pregnancy, and my baby seems no worse for the wear
09-29-2014 08:45 PM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

@alivewithyou - good luck on Thursday! And I hope DH gets that job. I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom!
@monkeyscience - You look exactly the same. So that makes me think that the baby must have dropped as it grew bigger. Or else why would you be looking about the same size?

@iixivboots - thanks for taking on thread keeper duties!!!! That's awesome. And congrats on 20 weeks !!!!! Wow, there are alot of 20 weekers around here.
@Milk8shake - congrats on 20+ !!!!!! 24 is a good next goal. What day is your appointment next week? I need to know when to stalk you more precisely.....
@tracyamber - Good luck on Thursday!!!!! It's a busy week around here!

To everyone - So what again is the problem with the right side sleeping? I know back sleeping cuts off blood flow and left is best. I'm typically a left side sleeper anyways, so it's no big deal for me.
09-29-2014 08:36 PM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

I'll be thinking of you on Thursday as well. My appointment is at 9:30. I'm in oregon. I forgot where your are. [
I hope I sleep better too. I was very grumpy today . I'm so happy you are feeling lots of kicks and enjoying food a bit more. I remember when that happened to me . I'm still struggling to cook but making really simple meals like fajitas in a wok like tonight. [
Please send some of that hippie sh*t my way too...... Lol I'm just kidding I had to say that because @Milk8shake cracked me up. No really send those positive vibes my way too.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
09-29-2014 08:27 PM
iixivboots Thanks to everyone for the congrats on the twin boys and the support on the depression. It means a lot. I will hopefully be around more to do personals.

For now here is our new thread!
09-29-2014 08:26 PM
chuord Boots - congrats on your 20 weeks too!
I'm thinking we should get to see a belly pic when people hit these milestones
Milk - my dh would totally agree with you lol! However he does (begrudgingly) admit it's the only thing that sorted my migraines - and I saw every medical specialist he could find - hence why I hedge my bets
Woohoo on moving the goal posts!!!!
Just finished my lunchtime nachos... Totally get the awesome!
09-29-2014 08:20 PM
monkeyscience Okay, this post is mostly for me - I took another pic tonight, same shirt as my 36 week 6 day photo. (And same pants, too, it seems - though since I only have only pair of pants I can actually wear, that isn't so surprising. I want another Indian summer so I can wear my capris some more!). And I think I look exactly the same, except somehow weirder in my more recent picture. I think I must be pushing my stomach out a bit more, because it really seems a bit off. I was hoping to see that it looked like the baby had dropped some, but mostly it doesn't. Sigh. Anyway, 25.5 hours to go, and I will have made my goal of not having a September baby! I feel confident the baby won't be born today, but she could come tomorrow just to spite me.
09-29-2014 07:54 PM
Milk8shake @monkeyscience - thanks for doing a great job as threadkeeper! Sorry about the lack of Sci Fi. You can only imagine what a disappointment to all the nerds at my workplace. I do love zombies though, so maybe that counts for something? You totally grossed me out with the placenta = cake thing. I had to keep my mouth shut with the previous discussion about placenta encapsulation. Hoping that your bubba hangs on patiently until your Mum makes an appearance!

@chuord - love the details about dates. Works well, because I LOVE dates. Nom! I could easily meet that quota.
I have at least one moment every day where I can't believe that I'm actually still pregnant. It really does make my head spin. I'm glad you are feeling better.
I'll be honest, you did raise a few whacko points in my book with the 'reconnective frequency' stuff. I'm a massive skeptic, and that's what I would affectionately call "hippie sh*t", ahahah! HOWEVER, I and my little Parasite will take whatever good vibes we can get (hippie or otherwise), and I very much appreciate you thinking of us. It's incredibly sweet of you.

@Sourire - it might be a good thing, but for the last couple of weeks, laying on my right side is painful. I'm not entirely convinced that it's not all in my head, but it certainly puts me off lying that way. I do lay on my back a fair bit because laying on my left drives me crazy. I don't think I'm big enough yet for it to be as uncomfortable as it likely will be later on. But my paranoia definitely interferes with my sleep. Oh, and I love the 3% stat.

@Xerxella - I'm celebrating early for you because the advantage of being in Australia is that it's tomorrow already! You're 24 weeks! Not so long ago that seemed impossible, but you and your babies are troopers, to be sure!

@tracyamber - sorry if my paranoia rubbed off. Hope that you sleep better tonight!

@iixivboots - congrats on 20 weeks! Thanks for taking on threadkeeper duties. I trust you will do a great job. I hope you might be feeling a little better emotionally, but I do think awareness is the key to keeping a handle on it!

@alivewithyou - sounds like you have an exciting week ahead. Good luck for your exam and DH's interview. Hope that the rest of the week goes quickly for you and you can spend some time baby-focussed. Glad you are getting lots of kicks! They are so reassuring.

AFM: 20 weeks came and I was super slack and just made a microwave chocolate mug cake. But I did make a nice dinner - nachos. That probably doesn't sound impressive, but it is definitely the most effort I have put into a meal in months, and they were DELICIOUS. I think I have finally gotten my sense of enjoyment for food back. My scales have finally made movement in the upwards direction (which I would usually be unimpressed with, but in this case, I'm happy).

One week until my next scan, and I'm super keen to check on little boy and see how he's doing. He kicks the crap outta me almost all day everyday, but I do worry about the constant contractions, and whether they cause him to stress at all. I mean, it can't be terribly comfortable for him. I'm trying to get tons of natural magnesium to keep things settled, but I've come to the realisation that I'm probably just stuck with the contractions. They come even when I'm sleeping.

Now I'm 20 weeks, I feel like X, needing to move the goal posts. 24 weeks is the next bench mark for me.
09-29-2014 06:02 PM
alivewithyou @iixivboots : So happy to hear about your twin boys and that everything is looking good. I can definitely understand the depression thing.. I have been battling mine off and on this pregnancy.
@Xerxella : My pleasure, hopefully I don't find out my girl has magically grown a penis at the anatomy scan this Thursday. Congrats on almost reaching 24 weeks.
@chuord : I will have to post a belly pic soon. i am actually quite proud of the shape it is taken on especially since I have only gained about 2 lbs so far this pregnancy. It is all baby! Definitely normal to start feeling a bit better. I wouldn't even really know i was pregnant except for my lower back is killing me and the tiny little jabs I feel here and there. I think it's because there is such contrast to how crappy you feel in the beginning that it doesn't feel like anything. if I really dig, I have a lot of symptoms.. they just aren't as annoying as feeling like death. I would really like some positive baby energy.. especially since I am trying not to panic and think of everything that could be wrong with our baby since our anatomy scan is on Thursday.
@kewpie80 : sorry to hear about one or your little guys having a heart defect. hopefully you can get some more details and that it easily fixable or corrects itself.
@adiejan : I will be thinking about you tomorrow afternoon. I know how hard those initial appointments were on me. Just breathe and try to stay positive as much as you can. Something tells me that those identical twins aren't here for no reason.
@tracyamber : I also have my anatomy scan on the 2nd. Mine is in the morning.. when is yours?
@Milk8shake : I hope you made that cake, it is definitely something worth celebrating!
@toothfairy2be : Congrats! Sending wishes your way that this first trimester flies by for you.
@monkeyscience : Yeah, that was such a stupid question ha ha. I guess i feel like it's gone by fast in some ways but it definitely still feels like forever before we get to meet this little baby. I found out I was pregnant at 3 1/2 weeks and I always envy those who find out later. I'm hoping my next baby will be an accident and that it will blindside me.. but it's doubtful. I am definitely trying to not go overboard on gear and so far we really haven't bought too much yet.

AFM: Exhausted but doing okay. Pretty stomach sick yesterday but better today. I was worrying a little bit because I wasn't feeling kicks all that much and as soon as I started getting down about it.. they picked up again. I think this baby is a trouble maker already ha ha. I am preparing to take a pretty intense exam this Saturday and i started my new job today so just trying to get through this week so that I can finally start focusing all of my attention on the baby and preparing for birth. I've already been sneaking some of that in anyway, but it's hard when my attention is split. DH has an important interview tomorrow for a job that could possibly make it so I could be a stay at home mom so hoping that all goes well. I may not quit my job right away but it would be great to have the option to.
09-29-2014 03:16 PM
Xerxella @chuord - That sounds awesome and is much appreciated! I think all the positive energy and prayers in the world can only help things.
09-29-2014 02:36 PM
monkeyscience @iixivboots - That would be great. And I promise to still love you even if you aren't anal about the roster. Glad your little guys are looking good. And I was going to say more, but apparently my son's nap is over.
09-29-2014 02:29 PM
iixivboots Okay if no one else will I will be happy to be threadkeeper for Fall/Winter. I had lots of practice back on the TTC in our 30s bajingo threads back in 2011/2012. I promise to be anal about the roster for you @monkeyscience . As long as someone else will take over around Christmas or so.
20 weeks today! I love the cake idea, but I've been so lazy. I have wanted to make my son muffins since labor day!
09-29-2014 02:23 PM
chuord Monkey - thanks lol, as long as the first trimester insomnia goes away in the second trimester first ;P lol
Re all the boys in the twins - I was reading yesterday most common types of twins (most to least) are: fraternal boy, girl; fraternal girl girl; fraternal boy, boy; ident girl, girl; indent boy, boy - I find it interesting that we seem to have flipped that
Xerxella - congrats!!!! So glad you are enjoying the milestone, when are you making a cake? 28, 30 weeks?
Sourire - love the 3% statistic!!! I'll hang onto that.
Milk - any update from you? Are you doing ok?
Tracy - thanks for keeping up with appointments now I have something to look forward to! Is your next one getting closer?
Ok I'm just putting this out there, I do 'reconnective frequency' (energy) work it's a non specific healing energy that only does things if required. Every morning I tune into my babies (they love it) and direct energy to them. The last two days I've included Xerxella, milk, kewpie and babies. If you ladies don't want it let me know, if anyone else wants to be included let me know also... I'm only offering cos every single one of these babies is more precious than gold, and I care about all. If anyone is concerned about conflict with religion please don't be, I had a wonderful experience where an older friends recently passed and religious husband pulled me towards him energetically and the energy helped create a rocket style blast off to the afterlife (he shared it with me, and at that stage I hadn't heard he was passed) Im really just increasing my whacko status right? Lol I'm actually an orthodox girl who's journeyed into all sorts of natural things seeking health... Anyway let me know (pm if you want)
Alivewithyou - how's that tummy going?
Afm - as I start to feel a bit better I keep wondering if it's all really true, am I still pg etc... Thank goodness I've seen everyone do this phase otherwise I'd be freaking out.
Hugs to everyone else who doesn't post all the time xxx
09-29-2014 08:19 AM
tracyamber @Xerxella
Congrats on making it to 24 weeks. Ive been thinking about you. Also,glad you are setting a new goal. I'll stalk tomorrow for you appointment outcome . Also @adiejan has an appointment too!

Afm all this talk of sleeping on the left side and such left me really paranoid all night.*sigh*
I usually try for the left but get achy and switch to the right for just a little. Last night I could not sleep a all really. I propped pillows up so I was not completely on my back and got a few hours of sleep. @monkeyscience
I feel like you are going to be posting pictures of you newborn real soon

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
09-29-2014 07:57 AM
mainebaby Monkey- I'm having a boy! Thanks for thinking of me!
09-29-2014 07:24 AM
Sourire X - woohoo for reaching viability! When I was at that stage I spent all my time obsessively googling survival stats. At this point survival is increasing by about 3% every single day, so every morning I'd wake up excited that my baby had a better chance today than the day before.
09-29-2014 05:49 AM
monkeyscience More later (maybe), but the real truth isn't that I'm nesting - it's that I put my son to bed at 8 and my dh to bed at 8:30, so I had a LOT of time to kill. (Also, something else for you first-timers to look forward to - third trimester insomnia! Good prep for night nursing! Not good prep for early-rising toddlers.)
09-29-2014 05:27 AM
hope4light Just a quick pop in to say:

TF2B!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I am SO FREAKING HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this, and I know you have, and it is beyond deserved. Ahhhh, I can't wait for the u/s!!! : love

HI to everyone else (and wow Monkey, I do think you're nesting on the thread )
09-29-2014 04:40 AM
Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014

Note to self: No dates for me. (My DH hasn't been getting many "dates" these days anyways! :rotflol :roflol )
@monkeyscience - That was a huge post! You're nesting with the thread!!! I actually don't know what I'm having for sure. I've always felt it was 2 boys. Mat21 DID find the Y chromosome. I know A is a boy because I saw the goods and the doc let some stuff slip. I really don't know B's gender. I'm pretty sure it's a boy, too. But, I think I'll find out for sure tomorrow.

AFM - I said a curse on myself this weekend. Lol. I told DH while we were sitting watching tv, "I feel great! I don't even FEEL pregnant!" Yeah. Me and my big mouth. I feel pregnant today, let me tell you.

I've been so focused on 24 weeks for so long, that now that it's tomorrow, I don't know what to do with myself. I guess I'll set a new goal of 26 weeks. 26 weeks is actually WAY better for preemies than 24 weeks. I hear 40 weeks is even better for a premie, but maybe I'll keep my sights lower for awhile. Lol.
09-28-2014 11:37 PM
Sourire Chuord - my midwife told me about the dates thing. I tried it and my labour started quite quickly a few days before my due date. I also drank raspberry leaf tea starting around 30 weeks.
09-28-2014 11:34 PM
Sourire Milk - I couldn't lie on my left side at all for most of my pregnancy because I had this awful back pain that made it excruciating to lie on the left, and slightly painful to lie on the right. At night I'd alternate between lying on my right side and *gasp* lying flat on my back because that was the only way I could get any sleep at all. I worried all the time about my baby being deprived of oxygen but she's healthy as a horse. It's ridiculous the amount of info that's out there to scare us when we're pregnant, sometimes I think we'd be better of not knowing most of it!
09-28-2014 09:46 PM
chuord Monkey - wow! What a mega post! Maybe your time is getting really close, the three ladies on the saner thread (who all gave birth within a fortnight) all got restless and full of fidgety energy the week they delivered you sound definitely full of energy (despite the pain and exhaustion)
Lol don't get me wrong I still spend time suffering and my brain is do bored with tv and activities my body feels up to - but I'm trying to understand I'm no longer driving this ship bloods are done (yay I still hate needles) I wondered about doing both but ob likes to use both to decide... Also she did check the detect y box ) so hopefully we'll get an idea on sex from that!
Take care of you and rest up - lol I have visions of you crossing your legs till mom gets there then trying to shake the baby out!
I read an article this morning, saying eating 6 dates a day for 4 weeks before delivery helps lessen need for pitocin and helps mum recover
I know you don't have 4 weeks but may help?
09-28-2014 08:23 PM
monkeyscience So it is raining boy babies - I updated the roster, and as of right now, boys outnumber girls 2 to 1 - both born and unborn. Although I don't know if @mainebaby is having a boy or a girl (or if she even knows), and I think @Xerxella has got to know boy(s)/girl(s) by now with all the scans, but isn't telling. I sort of winged it on some of the roster updates, so let me know if I got something wrong or put something there you don't want up.

As far as a new thread, yes, someone else probably should take over, as summer has officially ended, and hopefully my pregnancy will be officially ending in about a week! I personally kind of like having the thread last for a season or two and then starting a new one, especially because that makes way for a more newly pregnant threadkeeper, but I guess that's up to whoever takes my place. I kind of like threadkeeping because I'm extremely anal about the roster. (If you don't already know it, you can click on everyone's name on the roster to stalk them - I did give up a little on the color coding because of people joining the thread out of order, though.) But that also means it takes me more time to update things sometimes. I would dearly love to be the one to add @toothfairy2be to the roster, but I'm guessing she's not quite ready for that. Anyway, yeah, if someone wants to volunteer to start a Fall/Winter thread, or whatever, go for it.

Trying to catch up on personals:

@kewpie80 - I'm glad your further research is at least somewhat reassuring. It does sound like there's a really good chance that he'll be okay without intervention, and like there's hope for a good outcome with intervention if need be. And I agree with you - if it were a sign of bigger problems, you most likely would have seen SOMETHING on the ultrasound besides just the heart defect. Still, it's always hard to hear that things aren't a-okay right now. Hopefully your previa will clear up to. Given how much your uterus still has to grow, I think it's got a good chance at it!

@chuord - Well, unlike a lot of you ladies, I DO only have one baby in there - so maybe it's just as small as it looks to you. I promise I don't FEEL small though. Especially now that the water retention has set in. I didn't realize they still did the nuchal translucency scan if you did the MaterniT21. Hopefully all the results are good, and you can find out if you're growing penises or vaginas. Or one of each. As far as the scan, 12 weeks is pretty early to be certain about sex via ultrasound - I think 16+ weeks is more reliable. Although someone in my DDC posted something about the angles of something-or-other that's supposed to be a pretty good indicator early on. I've never had a 12-week ultrasound, so I don't know. I'm glad waking up pregnant makes you happy. Waking up pregnant was about the worst thing in the universe for me at 10 weeks! (Not, of course, because I was pregnant, but because I felt like death.)

@Sourire - I started thinking pregnancy was reasonable again around the time Baby Bird was 6 months or so. Of course, I also hoped that it would be easier the next time around. And it was, but then I miscarried - so evidence thus far suggests a nice healthy baby = a very sick Monkey. Hopefully your body will be more cooperative the next time around! I look forward to seeing you back on the BFP list when the time is right.

@Milk8shake - Yes, I'm interested in the baby under the bump, too. I really, really want to know how big she is. I'm afraid to find out if she's as wiggly out of the womb as in it, though! I will try to still be friends with you even if you don't like sci-fi, but it might be a little harder. As far as laying on your right side - remember that women did successfully have a lot of live babies for millennia before we "experts" to tell us that everything we do will kill our babies. I know you have lots of reasons to be paranoid, but give yourself a break and lay on the right sometimes! (Or if you want to feel especially wild, lay on your BACK for 5 minutes - I dare you! <insert devil smiley here> - apparently smilies don't exist for me any more - ARGH, forum changes!) Ironically, laying on my right side is by far the more comfortable position... except that the acid reflux is so killer many nights that I can't sleep if I'm on my right. Laying on my left nearly always eliminates (or, at a minimum, decreases) the acid reflux, but all my muscles and joints are much less pleased by it. Maybe this is why I'm not really sleeping these days?? My dh is also too impatient to wait for kicks (or full body rolls, or whatever it is she's doing in there!). He puts his hand on my stomach for about 15 seconds, then gives up most of the time. This baby is so active, though, he's still managed to feel a few things. I'm glad you have the reassurance of feeling your little guy, despite the contractions. The whole dehydration/full bladder conundrum is familiar to me, too, though I thankfully haven't had to worry about PTL. Just being uncomfortable. The bad news is that it doesn't get any better as baby needs more water and takes up more space! Just remember to take yourself to the bathroom if you're having contractions but know you've had enough water. My body gets its signals crossed in pregnancy, and I don't always realize I need to go! And HOORAY again for making it to 20 weeks - by now, even your doctors agree you've met that milestone, right?? I hope there's no need to get out your pitchfork to get the treatment you need. Really hoping you can have a 2015 baby! (Also, sidenote on cake - did you know placenta is the Latin word for cake?)

@alivewithyou - At the risk of sounding like the biggest sourpuss in this place (which I'm pretty sure I am, but that is a topic for another post ) - NO. It did not go by fast. I have been pregnant for all of eternity, as far as I can tell. And probably longer. And will probably be pregnant forrrrrrrrrrrevvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr. Okay, no, I will not. But I seriously envy people who don't even find out they're pregnant until they're 8 or 10 weeks along. Partly because they must not feel like garbage so soon in the pregnancy, and partly because they have 7 or 9 weeks less of worry! But, anyway - yes, getting close! 6 days till my mom gets here, and I am counting the seconds. Really hoping the baby waits for her. But that she doesn't wait for too long past that. I am happy to be about 15 or 20 lbs lighter this time around than last time, though a lot of that is due to starting out lighter. But it's also due to less water retention, which is a plus. I'm not as "pregnant all over" as I was with my first. Glad you are feeling better. You'll probably go through several more rounds of I-think-my-skin-is-going-to-split as the pregnancy goes on and the baby has growth spurts. I know I've felt that way several times. (Feeling that way again the last few days, but I think it may be water retention vs growth spurt.) Congrats on the work promotion! If you want more unsolicited advice on baby items (I'm sure you've gotten and will get a lot!) - every baby is different. If at all possible, I'd try borrowing any expensive or large item from a friend before investing. I was dead set we HAD to have a swing, because ALL babies love swings... and my son hated it. Always. Thankfully, we'd borrowed it from my brother and his wife, so we weren't out $150. I was also sure I would love a ring sling, but decided to rent one before buying. Turns out, I didn't love it, and neither did my son. So start polling your friends and see what baby gear you might be able to try-before-you-buy.

Okay, so I'm still massively behind on personals, but I think I ought to try to go to bed (it's 10:30 PM my time, and ds has been getting up at 6 am or so... even though the sun doesn't come up until 7:30 ). Anyway, still pregnant, starting to get some serious cankles going on, but still hoping to hold out till my mom gets here Saturday. Reading and cheering along, and excited for some big milestones this week - I'm looking at you, @Xerxella and @tracyamber and probably some I'm forgetting in my brain fog.
09-27-2014 08:17 PM
MindlessChrissy Even if i don't, i still enjoy reading here.
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