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Today 11:55 AM
happyhats our economy took a major blow as well. We lost a huge chrysler plant so you can imagine the fall back crom that. My father worked in a plant making their seats and of course lost his job and hasnt been able to hold a job since (his age and health).

Ive got to start on this apples today. That and conquer mt laundry. Even tho I just did laundry yesterday but here we are again thanks to an overflowing toilet and a childs accident. Im thankful my dryers here when I need it lol
Today 08:53 AM
justmama Sillysapling, same thing here. Our economy never rebounded after the crash in 2008 so it's been like that for years. It's a huge struggle to find jobs.
Today 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post
silly- the insurance company should be doing all the work for fixing your house. they should be out there taking pictures, setting up repairs etc. if you have insurance get your company involved as well and let the 2 agents fight it out but you should not be paying for any repairs.
It's my mom's house and her insurance company. They did have someone out taking pictures, but for whatever reason they're leaving it up to us to get hte contractor/carpet and will only write us checks they deem will cover it. They're also making my mom pay the deductible even though it was our upstair's neighbor's water heater that broke and did the damage because our upstairs neighbor "didn't file a claim" (at her own insurance worker's insistence that she not).

We're actually very lucky it happened as it did. This condo had been empty for I think over a year before DP and I moved back in, and our upstair's neighbor never checked her water heater except to turn it on for the winter. If it had happened while the condo was empty, then who knows how long it would've gone on or how much damage it could've done before anyone noticed.
Yesterday 10:36 PM
elliha Ē“etting a job in the US seems to be as hard as it is here in Sweden from what I read silly sapling. I applied for one a couple of months ago which was very specific in what skills it required (teaching degree with English as one of the subjects, teaching license, experience with online learning and experience of teaching) so it really should not be one that would have a high rate of applicants. The principal still found 15 good candidates (I was one but didn't get the job) and the ad was up a short period.

My husband has applied for tons of jobs and never even been called for an interview and I have seen his applications and he has not written anything weird or anything that would make him very undesirable, there are just too many of "him" around I guess. We have some hopes for his training to become a janitor, the company seems to have picked him and only him out of the students (it is 4 days of training at a company and one day in school) and the company has one girl who will go on maternity leave around the time he finishes the program and the man training him will reach retirement age in 1,5 years... Keep your hopes (and/or prayers) with us.
Yesterday 08:28 PM
zebra15 silly- the insurance company should be doing all the work for fixing your house. they should be out there taking pictures, setting up repairs etc. if you have insurance get your company involved as well and let the 2 agents fight it out but you should not be paying for any repairs.
Yesterday 05:58 PM
sillysapling No, it says the appliations are closed until they raise more funds.

I revamped my resume, putting in more applications. Hoping to get lucky and get a FT position. DP's British and we can't help but wonder if that's getting in the way- so we're going to try out having me write out the resume/applications. DP's information with my wording. It's really the only thing we can think of that's the problem. When I got the job I have, I was told that they got 300 applications for 13 positions- I think Harvard has a higher acceptance rate! Ridiculous.

We're poking around at carpet. We can get a pretty good price at Lowe's, but apparently it's likely there'll be a lot of "hidden fees". Right now, it's starting to look very possible that we'll end up just pulling up all the carpet in the brunt of our house and laying down vinyl. Hoping that, if it comes to that, mom'll be willing to pay us the difference in labor. Not sure how I feel about vinyl flooring. If mom's not willing to pay us for labor, then I certainly know how I feel about it.
Yesterday 05:05 PM
happyhats Sillysapling, Im really praying your luck improves. Did you sign up for scary mommys Thanksgiving help?

Mylie, good to hear from you!

I got up early (for me) to get free living room furniture via my local freecycle. It really needed cleaned and refreshed, and I fixed up some blemishes via duct tape, sharpies and homemade leather polish. I also bought a couple pillows to replace back cushions. All in all Im pleased and hope its a good fit until tax time at least.

Yesterday was a long day apple picking and doing a bit of shopping. Caught some sales to donate to the food pantry. Visited goodwill where we scored educational videos by nat geo 5/$1 and a nip innotab 2 as my dds big Christmas gift. Christmas shopping for kids is done!

Cooking a pork roast. We will have dinner with it tonight and then Im going to seprate it for meals this week. Im debating a nap but I really should start on apple pie mix and/or apple slices for my freezer tonight.
Yesterday 07:52 AM
sillysapling Trying to figure out how to get a better job. DP is still trying to get a damn job. Life keeps throiwng curveballs at us, and it's killing us. If we didn't have multi-hundred-dollar emergencies coming up every @#$@ month*, we might be able to survive on what I'm making, but not comfortably. I'm sick of it.

I hate seeing jobs that I'm fully confident I could do but I don't have "experience" in that specific job so I'm not "qualified' (I'm still applying). I also just hate applying. At least this time I have a job, so I don't feel as worthless, but last time I did job searching it was the most soul-destroying experience. I really hate that DP's had such crap luck, and I don't understand it at all. Didn't even get an interview with Wal-Mart. WTF?

* (not even exaggerating- our car's alternator died, then kiddo broke DP's glasses so we had to get their vision tested and new glasses, then our brake pads fell off and it turned out our entire car's 2#$@ break system was a hunk of rust, then our upstair's neighbor's water heater broke and the insurance tells us it's our problem, now we're looking into replacing the carpet and repair some stuff and we don't know when the insurance company will deign to give us money for it and GAH. The dishwasher is beyond dead, molding, and needs desperately to be replaced and that's an expense we're putting off. It's not even like we're just throwing money away whenever a problem comes up- we just keep getting emergency crap coming up.)
Yesterday 05:59 AM
Mylie Been MIA....I started a new job and am completly I am finding little time for the boards during this transition...The new job is ok...its only minimum wage but the hours are steady...I am looking forward to getting my first paycheck next is pretty hard on the hands but I am hoping that will reduce in time...

I havent had a chance read the thread yet but I hope everyone is doing okay and hanging in there...


My home and heat!!! It is 23*
My sweet L...
Wonderful friends
10-17-2014 03:11 PM
sillysapling We're already back home, and don't have any receipts saved. We have credit card records but not actual receipts, we can see if we can make that work. Thanks for the suggestion!

We should be getting coverage for the work we've done and the rental of the rug doctor and such.
10-17-2014 12:19 PM
zebra15 sillysapling- you should be workign wth an adjustor for the insurance claims. keep all your reciepts and submit those for reimbursement (eating out , new clothes etc). whatever you are paying out of pocket because you are not at home, needs to be reimbursed.
10-17-2014 10:51 AM
sillysapling Looking into how much it'll cost to replace the carpet after the water damage. The insurance company took a sample and will decide how much to actually cover. DP looked into it and apparently it could cost $2k. @_@ No idea how much the insurance company will actually cover. Right now I'm waiting for someone to come over so we can get a quote. We haven't even looked into getting a contractor to deal with our storage shed, although we may be able to fix it ourselves.

I'm really sick of all of these expenses piling up. Because we got shunted into a hotel last week (fortunately that the insurance company covered) and couldn't cook at home, we ended up eating out way too much. It seems like every single month there's some emergency that costs us hundreds of dollars. If it weren't for that, we might be able to break even. As it is, we're constantly chipping away at our savings. My paycheck for the last two weeks was just enough to cover last month's credit card bill.

I REALLY hope that we'll be able to totally clamp down on spending for the next two weeks so I might finally be able to put some more into savings.

I also need to make an appointment with WIC to pick up more checks, and keep getting a #$@ busy signal. WTF is that about?
10-16-2014 04:31 PM
justmama Wolfcat, I'm sorry you are struggling. When you finally DO get the energy to make a pizza, try making two and freezing one(or at least the crust) so that you essentially have a homemade frozen pizza for later when you are overwhelmed. I make mini ones for personal pizzas.
10-16-2014 02:10 PM
Wolfcat I'm not doing so well this week.

We had to go 200+ miles on Sunday to be ready for DS's apt on Monday. That went smoothly, but we had to spend some money, and I lost one of my working days for this week. Tuesday, I found out that a website hosting site that I'd thought I'd cancelled everything on charged me $100. Surprise! It took me 2 hours to get that straightened out, and they still can't reimburse the money for 2-3 days. Meanwhile, overdraft fees, to the tune of $90.

Yesterday, at work, I got asked to come in for a few hours today (Yay! that almost makes up for Monday!) and one of the regulars put in an order for my breads and jellies (a $15 sale guaranteed!). I fell asleep early last night and Tuesday night, so I have three double batches of breadstuffs to do between 7 pm and midnight tonight and tomorrow. If I have enough flour.

I just want to order a pizza so I can focus my energy on what needs to get done, but there is NO money for that. So, I swallowed my pride and called my mother. She's going to give us some money. Hopefully that will get us where we need to be. And DH should be getting overtime on the weekends soon, plus another raise before next March... It's this constant hanging on by a thread that is driving me nuts.

I don't want to be rich, I just want to be able to order out when I'm exhausted, or throw a couple twenties at a teenager so DH and I can actually have a date more than 2-3 times a year. We didn't even get to celebrate our anniversary this year. A few bucks here and there would take hours off our chore lists. Is wanting that so wrong?

Okay, gratefuls:
- Grateful for lots of meat in the freezer
- Grateful for free coffee at work
- Grateful that DS got reduced lunches at school, and agreed to pay for his own lunches out of his coin jar
- Grateful that my parents can afford to help us out, and that we don't need such help too often
- Grateful that GAS PRICES ARE DROPPING! Woot!
- Grateful that the farmer's market is almost over for the year
10-15-2014 01:40 PM
happyhats sat we hit the apple orchard and library. Im hoping to grab dds last gift as well that day. Im glad scary mommy is doing her drive again and Im going to see if its possible for us to help a bit. I feel blessed Im able to give a but this year.
10-15-2014 01:27 PM
justmama I love scary mommy! They helped like 400 something families last year! Incredible!
-Got to the library and got our health insurance renewal finished today.
-filled out scary mommy application
-painted pink sparkles on my nails. It's the little things people! Lol.
-new cookbook to read. I'm loving all the vegan recipes. No we aren't vegan but.....
10-15-2014 12:29 PM
zebra15 For those who are interested scary mommy is running the thanksgiving helper again
sign ups start today 10/15
i just signed up at noon pst and didnt have any issues, i know last year many many people signed up and there was a long wait.
looks like a $50 gift card but I'm not 100% sure.
Im not here to debate scary mommy, just offering the support she has that so many can benefit from.
10-14-2014 07:05 PM
happyhats oh justmama youre sounding like a true nurse now!

Grateful for so much but getting frustrated with my apt. My shower keeps clogging, one window wont close and the kids light seems to be eating bulbs. These are all things supposedly fixed, grrr. Well, off to put a dishtowel in the window til tomorrow when dh can take it apart, and see if I can screw the shower drain apart or at least throw more draino down it.
10-14-2014 05:41 PM
justmama Rhu, I'm sorry about your mom. The good news is, I've met so many amazing hospice cna's and nurses. They give so much love and peace to their patients. A few of my people at work are on hospice ans one had her cna come today. She spent an hour showering her, brushing her hair, painting her nails, etc. Hospice CNA's are a special breed of people. They do so much more than i have time for as a regular cna for my dementia patients.

-life. A life without chronic physical pain. One of my people at work died last night. She lived with chronic pain so it was a blessing for her but it was unexpected because she seemed to be doing better.
-greys anatomy on Netflix. I needed some TV.
-i got home before the kids today and was able to run. I needed that so badly.
-a full pantry
-leftovers for dinner. Really easy.
10-14-2014 02:03 PM
PeacefulSeams So it has been a while since I have been here. My internet got disconnected and then my laptop broke so I have been coming to the library. It has been so stressful. I just lost my job because I am having surgery. I wont be able to work for 12 weeks and it was the only income. my husband was denied disability so we are appealing it. So money is a HUGE issue right now. on the good side, I got section 8 rent assistance and approved for heat assistance for the winter.
10-14-2014 12:18 PM
happyhats remember how upthread I mentioned my loveseat dying? Well, I was just offered a free loveseat and sofa set from a lady I know online. Karma at work! (Ive been able to bless her with hand me downs, toys and a Christmas tree for her beautiful clan). It needs a deep cleaning (microfiber) some touchups and a few back cushion/throw pillows but its sturdy (she has seven kids under nine living in her home and its stood up to them lol). I had a couple hundred set aside and there was nothing decent for just one piece in my area right now, so I can more than clean this set up for that.

Anyway, so grateful. Making soup tonight. Its getting chilly out there!
10-13-2014 01:05 PM
happyhats oh mamarhu, hugs. especially on the mom issue.
10-13-2014 08:45 AM
sillysapling Still in a hotel after upstair's neighbors water heater bust and flooded part of our apartment. Thankfully the insurance is covering the hotel, but I'm getting really sick of this. The adjustor is supposed to be coming today- but may not come until tomorrow. Without hte adjustor, they can't start on repairs/etc.

I just want to go home. I hate this. Right now our home is set up with high-power dehumidifiers that heat and dry the air so much that just 10 minutes there and I start feeling woozy. It's loud and awful, and the insurance company is trying to argue that we can totally still live there even though we've got a toddler.

It's not even anything we did. Our upstair's neighbor basically doesn't have to deal with anything, her house is pristine. It was only her storage closet that got messed up, she never even goes in there and didn't have anything in there. The only way we could've avoided this was to get our own detached house, but how could we afford that?!

Everything's falling apart and I'm just sick of this, I don't know what to do anymore. We try so hard to make things work out and things that are utterly out of our control keep @#$@#ing us over.
10-12-2014 11:14 PM
frugalmama Mamarhu - HUGS. Totally have been there

On the dryer hinge - try the tech support forums on Slickdeals. There is a thread there on home appliance repair that is filled with wonderful people who can find almost anything partswise online & tell you how to fix it youself

On the dog spaying issue - is there a local group that does free or low cost spay / neuter near you? It often means getting up at the crack of dawn to wait in line, but it might be free. Have you tried googling "free spay & your zip code or town"? If that doesn't work it might be worth a few minutes to call your local animal shelter & ask if they can refer you to somewhere that does.

And I totally agree - that is RIDICULOUS on the job application {unless it's for something like secret service agent, lol}. I don't think I could do it & it's only been 12 years for me.
10-12-2014 08:23 PM
mamarhu I am feeling especially whiney tonight. It seems everything in my home (life) is just a little bit broken. Nothing too serious, but just a headache. The door of the dryer fell off - I can slam it into place but it is annoying and will eventually bust. Can't find the right size hinges to repair it. <br />
Bumper is falling off the car.<br />
Front door blows open in the wind unless it is locked.<br />
Veggie drawer of the fridge is cracked.<br />
Dog needs to be spayed.<br />
Carpet is stained and ugly. <br />
My blood pressure meds are running out and doc won't refill without an appointment, $30 copay. <br />
And some more serious issues: <br />
my mom's health is failing, she is on hospice<br />
my job is getting weird, <br />
money continues to be an issue,<br />
DD'S health, hormone, attitude or something is lousy.
I tried to apply for a job online, and they needed address and employment history back to age 18. That is very close to 40 years! !I cannot do that. I really have no idea my address even 20 years ago. <br />
<br />
I am going to quit now- all this venting is just making me more depressed. No Gratefuls tonight. Sorry.
10-12-2014 08:10 PM
frugalmama Justmama - My washer is starting to die too. About every 10-15 loads it doesn't spin out right {normally on something that soaks up water like a sponge of course}. It's a good 10+ years old though. Still not looking forward to replacing it. Hope you are able to get a good deal so it doesn't hurt too badly.

Happyhats - Glad to hear the party went well.

KindofCrunchy - Would it be possible / practical to use a food pantry to help stretch your funds sometimes? Or maybe something like bountiful baskets? Do you coupon shop? Even if you don't fully coupon, if you can find a blog online with the deals for your local stores & just pick up the super cheap or free items it might be worthwhile.

Mamarhu - Hope you are able to find the perfect job quickly

Had a little late birthday party for my dd today, with the neighbor kids. Went well thankfully, and afterwards worked on the front yard a bit more while they all played and helped me {the older ones enjoy helping me out}. It's coming together nicely. As soon as I can finish filling in the beds & get something planted in them I think it will look really good. Going to run by Home Depot tomorrow to see if I can pick up any broken bags of soil or compost to fill them with. I want to set up some type of composter this spring, with the goal of eventually using the finished product to fill my veggie garden beds in the back yard.
10-12-2014 08:01 PM
sillysapling I'm gonna have to figure out how to get on the state Medicaid for working PWD. I have an appointment with the nearby sliding scale clinic (where kiddo goes, they had a wait list for adults), so maybe the doctor will be able to help point me int he right direction. Hoping that getting my fibro diagnosis transferred to the new doctor won't be hard. The appointment's not until November, though... :/

Got a $20 back massager from Wal-Greens. So I'm now at least functional. Day off tomorrow. Dont know what I'm gonna do if my back & hips don't start getting better soon, getting a little scared.
10-12-2014 07:06 PM
zebra15 Hurting and in so much pain today (physical). Spent the weekend first at urgent care then ER.. hoping for relief soon. Hating back pain but very thankful for state health insurance. pain to the point of tears and crying and panic attacks is not good.

thankful for baskets of yummy yarn and beautiful patters of even yummier things to make

thinking of simply skipping the grocery store this week... wasnt in any condition to go this weekend and fs posted on the 7th... i want to see if we can make it with what we have until Saturday... i bet we can!
10-12-2014 06:04 PM
happyhats pumpkin party went well. Its been a nice weekend overall. I went out to a halloween/birthday party with the hubs. Yay for a free babysitter and childfree time! My loveseat really needs replaced so Im looking at options for that ex pense. Boo. Otherwise ni complaints.
10-12-2014 04:58 PM
justmama Sorry, i still don't know how to multi quote in my phone.

Things have been good. I got paid. Feels good. So the bills are paid...... but my rent will be raised Nov1 to correspond with the higher income. I was gifted clothing from a neighbor who's daughter is huge for her age and my girls are so small. My middle one is almost 10 and she's wearing size 6. So that's great. Big help. Bills are paid this month. I'm happy. Unfortunately my washer is dying a slow painful death. It needs to be replaced at tax time. That's gonna hurt. It's he drain pump. Again. I replaced it a year ago. This thing is such a piece of junk. Never again. It's only 4 years old.
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