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09-15-2014 07:39 AM
liladancing Wish me luck. I am forcing myself to go back to work today in spite of being so tired. I couldn't manage to fall asleep for hours last night. This seems to happen a lot. So I started calling in sick because I am just up a lot peeling. Then I actually did get sick and was out for about a week. I just hope this days goes smoothly. I will probably come home and take a nap.
09-13-2014 11:14 PM
liladancing neonaleeI am sorry. That is too bad. I hope you work it out for the best. Bringing your wireless hot spot is making the best of a bad situation. Good for you.

Things have been coming back together luckily after the earthquake. Our house is still yellow tagged. The landlord fixed the leak and had to replace a bunch of pipes while we hid our dogs from her. Thanks to my mil for taking them. The house is still yellow tagged. Not sure what the landlord plans to do about the structural damage if anything f.
The baby has been kicking a bunch. We saw a high risk doctor and I might have to start giving myself injections in the stomach if this certain test comes back positive and I have it. The doctor was really reassuring. So that is good. It was a really emotional appointment for me. And my husband. But glad they are really sounds like doing their best for me and the baby.
09-12-2014 03:40 PM
neonalee Yeah, it's crazy isn't it? I was talking to a co-worker yesterday evening & she said someone else in her department had the same issue (same doc) a few years ago! The problem is, I'm in Nevada - in the Las Vegas area. An area that is not VBAC friendly. Or even crunchy-mama friendly honestly, though I have found some like minds thankfully. I looked up VBAC when I first moved here. There were 2 docs in the entire area that would attend & support a VBAC. 2. And I was informed today that the other one is now charging $600 TO THE PATIENT for it. I did look up others today for my friend, there were a couple others, but I couldn't find any personal recs for them.

He actually does provide adequate care. Even when he's running so late I didn't feel rushed at all. And TBH, there's no way I would get fired. I said that to them because I was so furious. I have no worries about him not being there when I'm in labor. He has to be at least on property, it might even be the law here (a big reason for no docs that do VBACs). I've read a lot of reviews & accounts & that is one thing that has never even hinted at being a problem. And I never planned to depend on the OB anyway. I'll have an experienced doula as well. But I agree that they shouldn't overbook like that. I wish I would've know at the beginning. I can't say if I would have looked into someone else or not though.

The VBAC is what really makes this difficult. I want my best chance at that and I don't live in a supportive area of the country. I know for a fact that he WANTS his patients to have one. If we lived elsewhere I wouldn't think twice about switching. I did so with my first (not that it helped in the end). And I agree too about that should be basic care, but it's not unfortunately. And don't even get me started on American companies & their flexibility & maternity (or lack thereof) policies!
09-12-2014 09:09 AM
Operamama1 Neonalee, that is just crazy! I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. If he is that popular, maybe he should not be overbooking patients. Put people on a waiting list or something. Sheesh. I don't dispute he is good, but it makes me a little sad that the reasons you state are what make him good and popular -- I think EVERY doctor should do those things...seems like basic care to me! I also wish employers could be more understanding and flexible in these kinds of situations. Anyways, I am glad you figured out a solution and don't have to switch doctors -- that would be a major pain!
09-11-2014 03:16 PM
writermama12 I have never heard of such a popular doctor that he or she couldn't provide adequate care. This situation sounds truly unacceptable to me. Getting fired over a simply check up is not a good idea, so skip it!! Can you find another doc? You still have 20 weeks to go. Id be super afraid he wouldn't show up for the birth being so popular and all that he might just be at one of his other patient's births. My hospital birth had nurses attending up until the bitter end, when the doc slipped in to catch. I might be over stepping a boundary here, but I think he is highly over rated if he can't even manage simple appts.
09-11-2014 11:12 AM
neonalee Don't see a new Weekly Chat, so I'll just post here.

Yesterday was AWFUL! Last time I saw my doc we scheduled the next 3 appointments. Yesterday's, Oct, Nov. She said next visit we would schedule Dec. I try to go first thing in the morning because ... surprise! I have a job! We ended up with a 6 week instead of 4 week spacing for yesterday's appt, then every 4 weeks at 9am. So. Yesterday was 10:40. And we get there & there is an hour & a half wait. Last time our appointment was at 3:40, the written wait was an hour & a half, and we waited 2.5 hours!! And I never got back to work that day.

So I told the receptionist I had to cancel that I could not just be gone from work for over 2 hours (it's a half hour drive from work) without advance notice. And they acted like this was a big deal, and I might not be able to leave or would have to find another doc because they hadn't seen me in 6 weeks. I asked what other working moms did. She told me that most of his patients were repeat clients & just understood this was how it was, most popular doc in the valley, etc. Which tells me nothing about how working moms do this - only that most of their patients are NOT working moms. Because most working moms cant "just understand" being gone for several hours for a doc appointment. She told me he is ALWAYS at least an hour late, even first thing in the morning, because of births, rounds etc.

I asked if they have WIFI so I could work while I wait. Nope. Can I call ahead & arrive an hour late if he's running 1.5 hours behind or more? Nope. WTF. Seriously. I was so angry. So fine. I'll just have to skip this one (I'm seeing a perinatal doc as well so whatever) and I'll go make my December appointments.

Guess what? The only appointments they have available (for the month where I have to go every other week) are between 11 am - 2 pm. So, apparently I'm supposed to tell my boss that every other week in December I'm going to be gone from the office for about a half day. Uh, right. She said, I'm sorry those are the only appointments. I said - you realize if I get fired I won't have insurance & won't be here anyway? Well, he's a very popular doc blah blah blah. I burst into tears. Had a complete meltdown in the docs office. The very, very, full docs office. And nope, I can't switch. There are only 2 docs in this entire area that do VBAC.

I got it worked out. I'll be taking a wireless hotspot with me to every appointment from now on. And this doc IS awesome. Normal practice for immediate chest contact, delayed cord cutting, whoever I want in the room with me (including my 4 yr old if he wants to), etc. Everything else except that he is WAY overbooked. And he is SUPER supportive of VBAC. Sigh.

I'm also going to call next week & make my January appointments. The practice I used in Chicago booked me out for my ENTIRE pregnancy after my first appointment. I don't know why a doc this busy wouldn't do the same.
09-10-2014 07:08 AM
shelley4 we have another ultrasound this afternoon. the little stinker wasn't in a great position last time, so we missed out on seeing some important parts. i'm not worried.. everything we saw last time looked perfect! i am pretty excited to get another look at "baby LJ" and have more pictures to send to his/her parents!
09-07-2014 11:17 AM
OklaFarmMama Oh I love historic romance novels. I'm not reading much right now tho, enjoying being active too much. And I seem to have a desire to nest for a while now. I never really had that with DD. I wanted all of her clothes put neatly away, and the night I went into labor I cleaned the kitchen.

So far my weekend has been delightful. Bought a bunch of party supplies Friday, and last night we took DD to the county fair. She loved everything about it. And I got lots of walking in. Right now I'm cleaning (lunch brake) and later I'm going to my grandparents to hang out with some of my family.
Oh yesterday it was only in the 70's, and today it's the low 80's. For Oklahoma this is most likely just a teas, but it feels like fall, and I'm soaking it in.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend
09-06-2014 01:45 PM
shelley4 i'm a quilter, so i totally get the crafty addiction i'm so happy to be off this fall, with all the kids in school, so i can finish up some quilts before winter! some are xmas gifts, so nice to have whole stretches of days to work on them
09-05-2014 06:06 AM
mkatco Hiya Everyone! I'm so glad its September. My 5 year old started school this week and so its me and the 2 year old all day. I'm really looking forward to some quality time with just her over the next several months and prep her for her new baby brother! Yes, I had the ultrasound yesterday and we are beyond excited at a boy baby. None of the girl names I was juggling around seemed to fit. And yes, I agree after this ultrasound this surprise pregnancy finally seems real.
I have some projects to finish up (yes, still moving from one house to another) I have been slacking on the exercise, but with the cooler weather and a good kick in the butt little 2 year old and I will be strolling about. I want to get in 2-3 miles a day, 4 days a week. I do some sewing and made new moon pads for myself a couple weeks ago.. I made them longer to accommodate the sneeze/leak that happens a couple times a day. But I have been spending a bit too much of my free time (i.e.: 2am pee break and can't fall back asleep) reading the Outlander series.. but hey - those hormones are calling for some 18th century romance.. ha! (I'm on book 3; in 2 weeks)
09-04-2014 08:51 PM
OklaFarmMama Oh yeah ajoye! We got that all the time with DD. People treated DH like he'd never seen a baby before. And his family kept telling him to "sleep while you can". Finally he said "what am I going to do, save it for later?" Lol.
I've had a few unwelcome remakes this time, but nothing like the first time. Mostly people have been asking about names and gender...a lot assume we are only having 2 kids, or if we get a boy we'll stop at 2. We both want at least 4, but maybe more...

That brings me to my news. We are having....a surprise! Lol. The tech checked often, and spent some extra time trying. Even had me get up, pee, and come back. But nope.
She did say it kinda looked like a girl, she even said 60% sure. I'm leaning that way my self. So now DH and I have to think on some names.
We could go back again, but we both find the wait kind of exciting at this point.

And the good news is the baby looks wonderful, and the placenta has moved far away from my cervix!
09-04-2014 06:50 PM
ajoye Fiber crafts can be a slippery slope! I've been knitting for a while, but last year I started hand-dyeing yarn as well. I use food-grade dyes so I don't need any special equipment, because it's safe to use the same pots you use for cooking. Actually, Kool-aid is a great yarn dye because it has both color and the citric acid to set the dye. I got a little obsessed with it for a while - it's fun to see what kind of colors you can come up with. I haven't done it lately because it's been so hot, but I hope to get into it again in the fall. It's also great for rescuing questionable colorways you pick up for cheap during sales.

I just recently realized that I am going to need a maternity coat - don't laugh, I live in a part of California where winter is a relative term. But I remembered last December was super cold with several mornings below freezing, and I will definitely not fit into any of my jackets at that point. I'm kind of annoyed about this because as much as I love coats (and I do) I don't want to spend a lot of money on something I'm not going to use for long. All the second-hand stuff people are getting rid of around here are summer clothes.

Maybe it's just because this is my first, but is anyone else getting the "your life is going to completely change!" comments already? I have one coworker who says this like every time we talk. I mean, yes, it's true, and I get that I probably have no idea, but I do know that much already. And he doesn't give specifics, just keeps saying the same thing every time. Super helpful! I just smile and nod but it's getting kind of old. I have to say I'm not coping super well with the unsolicited advice and tidbits of childbirth wisdom that I'm getting. I find it really annoying - maybe because no one is telling me anything I don't already know. Do they not think I'm doing any research at all? Like I just decided I was going to wait until the birth and see what happens?
09-04-2014 11:36 AM
neonalee Yeah, dabble is a good word for me too! I'm also a perfectionist so the whole selling idea just overwhelms me, causing me to not actually make ANYTHING. LOL My best friend has done some spinning, though I'm not sure if she still does. She has a beautiful spinning wheel. She hopes to have a farm with fiber animals one day too

Enjoy the ultrasound! And the baby goats (eventually)!!
09-03-2014 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by neonalee View Post
AND the kids aren't seeing me on the computer all the time.
Lol! That's cute.
I have a lot of hobbies. I just dabble with them when I feel like it. Although I wish I was more dedicated because I could probably increase our income. Art, sewing, bead and wire work jewelry, knitting, crochet, writing.
I've always wanted to learn how to spin my own yarn, from my own stock. But that's years in the future because I'm not getting sheep or any other fiber animal until we move. And we could be here for 3-5 years.
Okay sorry for the ramble.

Two things have been on my mind today. Tomorrow is our ultrasound!!! And our bucks are about to rut. Lol. I get excited about breeding season, because I love seeing all those cute baby goats 5 months later.
But mostly, tomorrow I'll know. I'm so excited! I've been trying to distract my self. Lol.
Being that DD is so young we still have all of our baby stuff on hand pretty much. I do want a swing tho. Ours was a hand me down and it crapped out when DD was 4 months old.
09-03-2014 01:42 PM
neonalee I cannot believe it's halfway done! I have so much to do still! I too can't wait until fall, which is unfortunately a few weeks away for us still. I hate summer shoes & clothes. Can't wait to get back into boots! We don't have any names picked out. In fact, we don't even have space for baby things in the house yet! We're hoping to give the garage a good organizing this coming weekend to see what baby gear we have, and figure out what needs to be sold. I have a bunch of stuff inside that needs to be sold & reorganized too, then there will be room for baby.

Oh! I also took up crochet. Haven't done anything other than practice chain stitch yet, but it's nice to have a hobby again. Previous hobbies were stained glass (can't use lead now), dancing class (hate going to classes), pottery class (classes again), beading/jewelry making (never knew what to do with finished bits), & painting furniture (too much setup/space). Oh, and sewing - also too much setup. With the crochet - no classes needed, no setup needed, doesn't take a lot of space, and I can make blankets & socks to give to charity. AND the kids aren't seeing me on the computer all the time.
09-02-2014 11:11 AM
OklaFarmMama Oh just the word "Fall" makes me happy. Lol. I look forward to no longer needing the A/C and opening up all the windows and doors to let all those pungent woodsy smell in.

We had a wonderful weekend. DH had two days off. We had a party at our house on sat, he and my mom cooked, we all played games and had a good time. Then Sunday we went to my in-laws. That's was really nice too.

Tomorrow I'll be 20 weeks. Then the next day we are having our ultra sound. And ether later that same day, or on Friday my mother and I will buy all the stuff for DDs 1st birthday party. It's an exciting week.
We where having issues with the computer program we use to make invites and I was starting to get upset, then it hit me you are an artist you know. So I wrote it out by hand, doodled on it, scanned it, and it still looked good. So I just need some paper, and I've got that covered.

Today I'm trying to talk my self into cleaning something. And doing yoga. I've really slacked off in the past week.
Oh I tried red raspberry leaf tea yesterday. It's pretty earthy but I like it, so long as I can have some raw honey in it. Lol.
09-01-2014 04:28 PM
shelley4 hi all! i'm so happy to be past 20 weeks and our ultrasound, etc. it FINALLY feels "real" to me now.. how strange it is to even say that, LOL. this whole pregnancy has been rather surreal to me... even all of you lovely mommas picking out names makes me a tiny bit jealous, hehe. i have absolutely no say in what this baby is named, and i'm completely fine with that. i just LOVE baby names and can think of a gazillion nice ones :P my cousin, on the other hand, has zero ideas for baby names so far, she has some work to do before January!

everything is going to be different for me this fall.. i quit my job (home daycare) at the start of july, so this will be the very first fall where all my kids are in school and there's no toddlers home with me. i have a huge list of things i've been waiting to get done, but i'm also a little bit worried that i will be lonely and/or bored this fall. most of my other momma friends work during the day, there's only a few at home, and they have little ones. hoping for a few little visits with them
09-01-2014 12:25 PM
writermama12 Operamama, I hope you get to decompress and let go of the travel tension soon. DH and I are also having a really tough time with names. We felt close to the right name twice and then circumstance led us to nix those names (meaning I asked what my friends thought of the name and they HATED it, which made me uncomfortable). We've decided not to tell people the names we're thinking of again until we've decided for sure so no one ruins it for us. Partly it's been fun trying to find the right one. We made ourselves a date night last night after the boys all went to sleep and stayed up searching and brainstorming names for a few hours. But we came up short, which was disappointing. I'm finding myself dreaming of names and feeling unsettled because we don't even have good prospects to chose from. We have two, maybe three, iffy names but it's not love yet. Usually we are much closer by now.

3Jellybabies, congrats on the fourth girl. I'm glad you are happy about it.

I am noticing my belly is much smaller at 21 weeks than with my last two boys. Crazy. I am wondering if I will be 10 days late like I was with them or if that will be different too...
08-31-2014 12:51 PM
Weekly Chat 8/30 - 9/6

Hi Everyone. I've been away on a 10 day trip and then recovering from said trip the last week. Sorry for my absence!

How is everyone doing? It sounds like a lot of us have gotten the 20 week ultrasound...can you believe we are halfway through this pregnancy??

Liladancing, I read about your experience with the earthquake and I am really glad you are okay! I hope things are okay with your house soon, too. That sounds so stressful and scary.

I am dong okay. Our trip required travel to 2 states, 3 different cities, and 3 long plane rides. Too much with a crazy toddler. It was not restful in the least and I still feel like I am trying to catch up. I've been really exhausted and emotional the last week.

However, we did have our anatomy scan this last week and everything looks great. The baby is moving a lot more, which is so exciting. My husband and I are trying to think of names and having a really hard time agreeing on anything. Most of the names we come up with are pretty ridiculous joke names

Hope you all are feeling good and enjoying a nice Labor Day weekend!

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