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08-09-2004 12:15 PM
bluehalo Katie -- I'm so glad your husband agreed to therapy. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you guys.

Piglet - Congrats on the apartment ... it must be such a relief to have housing arrangements finalized. So many of you October mamas have had so many transitions during your pregnancies, I truly can't imagine. I'm a huge home-body, and my home is really centering for me. Moving towards the end of a pregnancy would be a nightmare for me!

3boyz4us: I really like Selah Grace ... Grace was our middle name of choice for our girl's name. I *love* Selah, it was on my list, but DH didn't really care for it, so it got nixed. I think they sound lovely together

About Braxton Hicks, I agree w/ Katie, it feels like a painless (to me at least) tightening of my uterus ... sometimes I wouldn't even notice if I wasn't touching my belly. I too experience the same sensation during/after orgasm (not that *that's* happened lately, :LOL )

Nancy, DH and I are just finishing up our Birthing From Within classes ... we actually have our last class tonight! He was *not* happy about the whole idea of "birth art", etc. to start off with, but I'm so impressed with his willingness to stretch his comfort levels for something that's important to me. He's totally not a touchy-feely guy, but BFW has given him an opportunity to explore some stuff that I know we wouldn't have had an opportunity to figure out on our own. It's really enhanced our sense of partnership and intimacy (and we had a great relationship going into it!) ... I'm really just so pleased with our experience I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did.
08-09-2004 09:55 AM
3bees~1flower gottaknit....Selah is pronounced Say-la....i haven't even decided if i totally like it, wanted to hear what you guys think...i mean i really like how they sound together, but don't know about calling out to someone that name, kwim?

Katie....that's great that your dh agreed to therapy...i hope it goes well for you.

have a dr. appt this am...i'm going every two weeks now.

since all the cousins on dh's side live away from us we always get together and have one big b-day party to celebrate everyone's at the same time...they are coming today..they won't be staying with me, but all the meals will be here. the boys are excited to see their cousins. they will be here till wed. morning.
08-09-2004 01:09 AM
Lucysmama COngrats on the house Piglet!!!

Dh and I have our first therapy session in the morning....wonder how it will go. Hope we like this lady - she is trained in "non-violent parenting" and is a former social worker, so maybe she will get the whole AP-thing. We need someone who will understand it, cause it is a big part of our lives.

My mama "friend" BTW, won't answer her phone. I guess I wouldn't, either. I just wanted dh to call her, in my presence, and tell her that he told me everything and was honest about their possible plans, and that we can't see them socially anymore. I'm not planning to tell HER husband or anything, though we are friends....their marriage is none of my business. I am trying so hard to be the mature, "bigger person" here.

About BH contractions: if you are having trouble knowing what they feel like, and you wanna know what one definitely feels like, have an orgasm and then pay attention!!! Your uterus will contract when you have an orgasm, so you will know.
08-09-2004 12:44 AM
gottaknit How do you pronounce Selah? Sorry to ask. Is it like Stella without the 't'? I luuuv the name Grace.

Regarding cosleeping with pets: We have two cats and two dogs. Usually the cats sleep with us (they've been with me 5 years longer than DH so they have seniority) and the dogs on the floor next to us.

Once I got pregnant and started having trouble sleeping, I moved into the upstairs guest room. The cats made me too hot and the dogs' fidgeting and clinking tags kept me awake. DH eventually followed and now we're making that our and the baby's room. Our entire upstairs is a pet-free zone (there's a door at the bottom of the stairs). Thank God. Otherwise I imagine the cats would have moved out on their own, like Piglet mentioned. Although I think eventually they'll realize the benefit of having a baby around (another warm body to sit on).

We start Birthing from Within on Tuesday. I am so excited! Poor DH is a little scared I think. He's worried she'll make him talk about his feelings, or even worse, paint them out. :LOL I told him No Eye-rolling Allowed. What frightens him the most is being pressured to hug strangers. He cracks me up.

I also heard a positive birth story this week. A friend's wife told me about her first child's birth. She thought she was going to the hospital too early, and was afraid they'd send her home because she wasn't in pain. Turns out she was quite dialated and pushed the baby out two hours after arriving at the hospital. She said by the time she felt like she wanted pain meds, she was in transition and it was too late and all over soon after. Those are the stories I like to hear.

Katie I'm so sorry to hear things are worse than you thought. You're being very brave and strong through this. Hope little Lucy is doing alright.

OK time for bed. Another Monday tomorrow...
08-09-2004 12:06 AM
3bees~1flower Piglet....that is awesome...i'm sure that must be a big relief to hae that taken care of before you move...when is it you move again, i can't remember.

got another girl name to run by you guys...what do you think of Selah Grace?

08-08-2004 07:49 PM
Piglet68 I forgot to tell you guys: we got the apartment!

He phoned late Friday and asked me about the fact that my job was ending and DH was listed as a "SAHD"...I got a bit uncomfortable. Saying "DH is looking for work right now" surely doesn't inspire much confidence. So I said we had savings set aside for this...yeah, at the Bank of Mum and Father-in-Law, lol. Anyways, so apparently the owners were a bit concerned about our ability to pay since we hadn't listed any employment. They asked for 3 months' rent up front. We said okay, so it's ours! DH will be hitting FIL up for a loan next week, lol.

I inquired further...all I knew was it had 2 br and insuite washer/dryer plus dishwasher. That was my minimum requirement, lol. Turns out to have 2 full bathrooms (all I can think of is that I can barely keep our one bathroom sanitary, how am I going to handle two? lol), and it's over 900 sq. feet. That's huge!! Still, nice to know it has lots of room. I was hoping to separate the play/toys area from the living area, as we have set up right now in our already large 1-br.

Anyways, I can't wait to set up home and get my diapers all on display!!
08-08-2004 07:03 PM
Piglet68 Beansmomma: thanks for the reminder about iron. i ran out of my prenatals last week and keep forgetting to get some new ones. no wonder i've been craving meat lately! DH made a wonderful beef stir fry with this organic beef we get here that is honestly the tenderest meat I've ever eaten!

As for the cat, don't worry about it. My cat slept with me for all her 10 years when DD was born, and it was no problem. For one thing, she did not like a newborn and stayed away from that strange creature, lol. If she did try to get to close, she just got tossed to the foot of the bed (amazing how we were able to do this practically in our sleep, lol). So she basically knows to stay below tummy level. Though now DD and her get along well and sometimes kitty snuggles up against her. Honestly, dont' worry, it will be NO problem!

Katie, it gets worse before it gets better, hey? Big, big hugs to you...mirthfulmum said my thoughts to a Tee, so I'll just say to you... "what she said!".

So count me in as another "clueless" mama when it comes to BH, etc. Actually, now that someone described it as baby pushing against you, maybe I do know what they are, lol. But honestly I'm not sure!

OakEmber: have fun!!! enjoy your cabin and getting back to nature. I'm envious. DH has decided to buy a tent and sleeping bag and sleep in campgrounds as he makes his way across the country (driving our car and stuff back to Vancouver). Not only is it cheaper, but it's so nice this time of year to be in the outdoors. I actually, in a moment of insanity, suggested maybe we should all go together. Uh yeah..right. I have to pee twice per night, I'm gonna sleep on the ground when I'm so uncomfortable at night as it is, blah blah blah....anyways, I was just missing the outdoors so much!

I have to say, that as much as I really love being PG, and am already sad that this is probably my last, I'm also thinking "I am done"...I'm not sure I want to go through another pregnancy, lol. I think I'm getting too old for this!
08-08-2004 03:47 PM
BeansMomma 29.5 weeks

Warning: novel-length post coming your way!

Oh Katie - you've had so much advice and support - I have nothing new to add other than my faith in you to find the strength in yourself to pull through this difficult time. You know we're all here pulling for you.

I've been off the boards over the last week since work has been so busy - so after what seems to be hours reading to catch up I just want to say how much I've missed you all. I may not post every time I read, but you all serve as a source of strength (and laughter) for me - so thanks to you all!

Courtney - thanks for the mention of the photo - I can't believe how big my belly is getting and wonder how in the world it's going to get even bigger. I'll second previous complaints about clothes no longer fitting. Oh, and Logan kissing your belly is absolutely precious!

Nancy and Courtney - from a post last week (or 2?) about the Organic Baby store here that sells CDs... It's on Clinton Street between 26th and 27th and the official name (I think) is Mother Nature's. She's open on Saturdays, but not Sundays. She also has a registry, so Nancy in planning your shower, you could tell your mom's friend that you've registered there and limit those diaper genie gifts!

QOTW: Knockers, bazoongas, you pick the adjective, I've probably used them to describe my breasts. I was already well endowed to start - 36D to begin - and during my 1st trimerster I measured in at 38DD. Scary thing is, I need new bras desperately so there's no telling how big they are now. As for colustrom, I can express a few droplets when I squeeze - just noticed that last week. Can't tell you how weird this all is for this first time mom. Although I am *really* looking forward to breastfeeding.

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one out there with a tepid sex life; DW and I had a long talk yesterday because it's not for lack of libido. With our recent move into the new house - F*^%ed up financing issues - etc., our stress levels have been high. I was feeling completely unattractive and DW was feeling like I wasn't interested, etc. The best part, though, is that finally talking about it has really cleared the air wrt my frustrations, etc.

Baby Bean is active as ever - her kicks are now getting so strong that my entire belly moves sometimes - it's a riot to watch. Ive been thinking more and more about actually having her here in our lives and I'm getting so impatient to see her little face. We're holding off on naming her until we see her - but we do have a list of names from which we'll likely choose.

For those of you feeling very tired lately, there's a chance your iron levels could be low. I also was feeling pretty exhausted over the last month or so and my last round of tests revealed that I was anemic. I've added more meat to my diet (and a supplement) and my energy levels are 100% better. Turns out, now is the time that our babies start pulling iron (and calcium) from our bodies to lay down their own stores. And iron is also crucial in neural development - so it's pretty important to pay attention to this. (Sidenote: From what I've read, calcium and iron taken together prevent absorbtion of one another, so if you are needing to take a supplement, you need to take them separately.)

So question for all you co-sleepers with pets... Our cat currently sleeps with us and DW is concerned about having him on the bed when the baby arrives and is sleeping with us. What have you all done on this topic?

OK - thanks for sticking with this long post. Happy Sunday to you all.
08-08-2004 03:05 PM
3bees~1flower ((((Katie))))...that is just aweful....i am so sorry...this whole issue is kind of close to my heart and i can totally understand what you are going thru as *MY* brother is doing a lot of the same similar things to my it isn't as extreme as your situation, but very painful her, and us, none the less...adultry is adultry no matter how involved the two may be...IMO. PLEASE do not feel like an in the world were you to know such things...please take care of yourself and your precious babe. and come here whenever to vent or PM me if you need to talk to someone dealing with your same situation, or similar anyway.

08-08-2004 02:34 PM
OakEmber Well I just thought I check in quickly and let you all know that I will be MIA for a few days again (so you don't worry about me, not that you necessarily would :LOL). We are heading out to my SIL cabin for a few days with my S&BIL and plan on coming home around Wed. Looking forward to some more relaxin...I've been quite spoilt this summer

I am still one of those clueless to BH, and 3boyz when you described yours a little lightbulb went off in my head, :LOL...I get the same thing and wasn't sure if it was BH because really it just feels to me like the baby is pushing against me for a minute. Glad to have that cleared up being that I am a second time mom, :LOL. So Nancy don't worry or feel bad about it at all! And as for your aunt's story...I'd much rather hear stories like that than the horror stories that people feel they must tell Now I can't really compare with that but I can say that as I was on my way to the hospital with contractions 2-3 mins apart I was telling Dh and MIL that I hope they didn't send me home because I wasn't in pain...and honestly if it wasn't for the fetal monitoring that they hooked me up to upon arriving they probably would have sent me home for "not being in labour". Two nurses were arguing outside of my door about whether or not I was in labour :LOL BTW- when they checked me I was 5 cm so that ended that discussion.

Katie, Katie, Katie....I wish I could reach out and give you a big . I am so sorry for what you are going through, I can't even imagine! Do the best you can to take care of yourself right now, put you and Lucy first above all else.

Ok, so I hope that there isn't too much more excitement while I am gone...I will be thinking of you guys, take care everyone.
08-08-2004 01:13 PM
mirthfulmum Oh Katie I wish I was a few blocks away so that I could run down to your house and give you a shoulder to cry on. I am just absolutely stunned that you are having to go through this bulls#@t when you are 8 months pregnant. To not only potentially be loosing your husband, but now one of your best freinds! My heart is breaking for you.

You are not the prize idiot, your husband and "friend" are the idiots.
You deserve better.
Your daughter deserves better.
Your new baby deserves better.

My gut instinct is to tell you to run away from this man as fast as you can, but I know that this is easy for me to say. It sounds like you have a lot of very hard choices to make, but do not feel like you need to make them right away. Take care of yourself and your little ones. Give yourself all the space and time you need to deal with this.

Please PM me if you ever need anything.
08-08-2004 10:39 AM
Lucysmama 3boyz4us- Terrible. I found out more, so much more that is SO much worse.

My dh and my BEST mama friend were planning to possibly have an affair. They hadn't slept together yet. But they met up without the kids to talk about "their options". I guess she was getting cold feet about it, but he was holding out hope she would change her mind. He was totally going to leave me for her.

Our kids are best friends. They are 3 weeks apart and have been playing since birth. She is the first one I went to when I found out about the emails with his coworker. Can you believe she actually was saying to me, "Oh, that could he be talking about sexual things with another woman?!? You and Lucy can stay at our house" blah blah blah. And SHE had this thing with dh, too.

I am just so sick over this. Literally. Throwing up, contracting, can't sleep.

I mean, I was going to ask her to be at MY BIRTH. Her and dh would have been my support people. Can you believe this?!?! I feel like a prize idiot. I think I could have moved past the whole coworker sexual emails/bashing me thing eventually, but when it is your dh and your best mama friend thinking about running off together when you are 7 months can I ever deal with that?

I don't know if I can post this in PAP forum, cause my mama "friend" is an occasional MDCer. She is an AP mama, too. I guess I felt more protected here in the October Mamas. Thanks for letting me spill.
08-08-2004 12:23 AM
3bees~1flower well, even at this, my 4th pregnancy, i still have very few BHs...i guess i would describe them as feeling like my breath is being stifled for a few seconds alond with my stomach getting slightly's a rather weird feeling....for me anyway.

Katie... just wondering how you are doing this did your day go?
08-07-2004 08:14 PM
mirthfulmum Nancy - Christine's right. Don't worry about not feeling any BH contractions. I was only aware of them at the very end of my first pregnancy, although it's very common for many first time moms never to feel them, and in my oppinoin, BHs don't really feel much like labour contractions anyway. I too worried when pregnant with Alias that I wouldn't know when my labour began, but believe me, you will know. Your body's got to work pretty hard to birth a baby, and that much work is hard to not notice. I'm sure even with your Aunt, her first child's birth took a bit more effort than 7 minutes of labour.
08-07-2004 06:13 PM
bluehalo Nancy, I wouldn't worry about not noticing any BH contrax ... I was having them and not knowing it during my first pregnancy. I was surprised this time around that I was actually aware of the sensation early on. I think the terminology can be so confusing, and everyone's experiences are so varied, we're not sure what to expect, yk?

((kimberly)) hope things have calmed down for you ... how worrisome!
08-07-2004 05:13 PM
gottaknit Sorry to hear about the contractions, pain, and scares people have been experiencing! I'm a little nervous because I haven't had any BH contractions and I really have no idea what a contraction feels like. I'm sure I'll know when it happens, but part of me has that first-timers fear that I'll be in labor and not even know it. :LOL Probably not likely, huh?

My aunt told me this story (gotta love the birth stories people feel compelled to tell pregnant women! ) about how with one of her kids she didn't know she was in labor, and suddenly felt the need to push. SEVEN minutes later the baby was born! She'd never felt a single contraction. :

Keep in mind that this woman has 10 kids, eight of them born at home, unassisted. (The first time was a surprise, but after that they thought "well that was easy" and had all the rest UC at home.)

I'm sure you're all glad I passed that story along.

Well hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! We're off to buy a dresser and changing pad to put on top for the baby. Our only baby-furniture purchase! (DH agreed to everyone sleeping together in our bed! ) People keep asking if "the nursery is ready yet" and I just have to smile and say, "Um-hmm. Almost." Little do they know there is no nursery.
08-07-2004 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by Lucysmama
Amen, sistah!
08-07-2004 01:33 AM
Originally Posted by mirthfulmum

The weekend is here and it seems that we all need it. Here's hoping next week is significantly less eventful.
Amen, sistah!
08-07-2004 12:41 AM
mirthfulmum Geez what a week we seem to have had! Broken toes, stomach bugs, aches, pains, exhaustion, family tourmoil and possible pre-mature labour!

The weekend is here and it seems that we all need it. Here's hoping next week is significantly less eventful.
08-07-2004 12:11 AM
stanleymama Lucysmama--glad to hear that you are being well taken care of.

Well today has been a bit scary. I was having horrible pelvic floor pain/pressure that I couldn't even stand up in the shower. Then I started have some sort of watery discharge. Then I started having slight contractions. This afternoon I went in to urgent care, and thankfully everything is ok. I was sooo afraid I was going into premature labor. I have never experienced this with my other 3 pg's. Dr. figured that since baby is growing more and low, that I am feeling more of the pressure down low. The contractions were sporadic and have stopped. I just kept praying and praying. So now I am taking it really easy. I will be 29 weeks tomorrow--it is not time for this baby to come! I wanted to hit the dr. though. I didn't get to see my dr. as he is on vacation, so I saw the dr. on call. She had to use that "fun" little gadget they use when you have a pap done. She was not gentle and caused a bit of pain Now I have a bit of blood in my discharge when I go to the bathroom. Oh I plan to never see her again.

Anyways it has been not the best week for me. This pg has started off being my easiest and is now starting to get a bit rough. I pray it turns around again. I have 3 little boys who need me and 1 that needs to bake a bit longer.
08-06-2004 08:56 PM
True Blue I was just checking out our photos on yahoo, and I'm wondering....Flitters, is that you climbing this past week or so? If so, where the heck is your belly?????
08-06-2004 06:44 PM
Piglet68 Courtney, sounds like Logan understood you. He's a bit older than DD, so that makes sense to me. Hope those contractions don't come back again!

Katie, I've been thinking about you all day, just so worried for you. I am SO glad that you have your MIL, how wonderful!! You can stay there and not worry about a roof over your head or money, or the birth. Wonderful.

When you are ready to talk with DH, do it when Lucy is asleep. I'm not so sure I would fixate on him "admitting he was wrong"....the real issue is that, whether he thinks he is wrong or not, he has hurt you. THAT is the problem here, that he has hurt you and "doesn't seem to care". Probably he does care, but he's too busy being defensive. This is something DH and I worked on over the years with great success: don't focus on the blame or the "right and wrong", focus on how it makes you feel and have him validate that and acknowledge's a start, anyways.

I'm feeling sOooooooooo big these days. Sasha had his first case of hiccups early this am. I've had insomnia the last two nights even though DD has been sleeping great. I'm so looking forward to finishing work. Still no word on the apartment today...I"m going nuts waiting to hear back!!!

gotta run now. hugs to you all!!
08-06-2004 04:54 PM
Court Katie, just wanted to add my hugs too and tell you I've been thinking about you. I'm just appalled that this could happen. You're right- he needs to admit what he did was wrong in order to make any kind of progress. I'm so glad your MIL is helping you out and that she's supportive of homebirth, etc. Take care, and thanks for the update.

On another note, trueblue - I hear ya on the sciatic nerve pain, ofcourse I've had that since week 12, it sucks. I get stuck in certain positions and can't get up sometimes because of the shooting pain.

We checked out that book "Welcome With Love" and it was a big hit here. Logan kept calling the umbilical cord a worm. It's a great book.

OakEmber-that's so cute about holding Ember's foot - I'm glad you've found a new solution to the space problem.

And the rain and cooler temperatures here in Portand are so nice. We were actually cold when we woke up today.
Oh, and to add my .02 cents on the cosleeping stuff - I agree w/ the others about waiting till after the baby before investing in things. We tried using a sidecar and putting the baby in a seperate compartment in the middle of the bed and none of that worked. Logan just wanted to be flush against my body, which makes sense - easy access to the boob as well. And cosleeping is a pretty normal thing, at least on a worldwide scale. Most people I know co-sleep, or have for a time. I think it's just how it was meant to be. I've heard the newborn time called "external gestation" because the baby still needs to be kept next to mom cause it helps regulate body temp and heartrate and breathing. Co-sleeping babies actually have a lower rate of sids because of that (correct me if I'm wrong).

And Stanleymama - I'm glad you're feeling better, it sucks to be sick while you're pregant. Isn't this the 2nd time recently that you've been sick like this?

And ONE more thing I wanted to talk about if anyone's read this far - is last night when I was nursing Logan to sleep (which is pretty much the only time we nurse anymore), I started getting these strong B.H. contractions, like every 1-2 minutes. It was really scaring me. Then my back started spasming. It was like my whole mid-section was clenching up. My heart was racing, cause I thought, "oh now I've gone and brought on pre-term labor." So I was panicking thinking, do I wean him abrubtly? Is my uterus just irritable tonight? Part of me just wanted to suffer through until he fell asleep, but it was so painful I had to stop him. I explained to him that we might have to stop nursing until the baby is born cause it was making mommy's tummy hurt...and that he might have to just help mommy out and fall asleep on his own. He was more concerned about going to find his little dinosaur, but then he came back to bed and crawled up on a pillow (like a little cat) and eventually fell asleep without getting upset or anything. So I don't know what to do. I may try that again tonight, cause besides the contractions, nursing has really been hurting lately.
08-06-2004 03:53 PM
bluehalo Katie, I've been thinking about you all day, thanks so much for taking the time to update us. I'm so glad to hear that your MIL is being so wonderful, and that you at least have that support. How is Lucy doing? (((hugs)))
08-06-2004 03:50 PM
gottaknit Katie - we cross posted. Sounds like you're handling the situation really well and not rushing into anything or sweeping it under the rug. It's good that your MIL is so supportive. (I imagine some MILs would immediately jump to their son's defence.) Hang in there. to you and the babies.
08-06-2004 03:42 PM
gottaknit My biggest pain right now is my mid-upper back (just below the shoulder blades) and my ribcage at the same place in the front (just below my breasts). It feels like an incredible amount of pressure inside expanding my rib cage against its will! (Which I guess it is.) Oddly, my lower back is fine. This is where I always assumed pregnant women get aches. Pubic bone still sore off and on. I feel like an 80 year old woman some days...

I'm having lunch with my mom and her friend today to discuss what I want the baby shower to be like, what gifts I want, etc. Uh, I dunno. I'm not really a shower kind of girl. I'd be happy if everyone just channeled all that energy into CASH for me and DH instead. :LOL Unfortunately, sentiments like that aren't very socially acceptable. So, bring on the tiny onsies and baby rattles I guess!

Hope everyone's doing well and enjoys the weekend! It's raining here and I'm SOOO HAPPY about it! Such a relief!
08-06-2004 03:35 PM
Lucysmama Thanks mamas.....we are staying at my MI's house till I figure things out. MIL wants to pay for us to see "the best counselor she can find." Even if it is just so we can have an amicable divorce. In the meantime, she wants to take care of Lu and I both monetarily and in a mothering way. I have to stay with her at least for a while. I can't even think straight when I am around dh, let alone have a calm conversation. I am just sputtering and stammering. She is leaving to go to Turkey on the 20th, and will be gone till the week before the baby is due, so I can stay at her house. I can have the baby there if I need to, she is supportive of homebirth and AP in general.

Dd is over playing and visiting him right now. When I got there to drop her off, he said, "Ummm...when are we gonna talk about all this?" and I said, "You don't think you did anything wrong, so how can we talk about this?" He has to realize what he did was wrong before we can make steps to try to fix anything.

Just updating you all, and thanks for the warmth. I don't get to go online at my MIL's much, but I'll be around.

Oh, and Piglet - I would love to get together with you and Emily, but we are actually staying pretty far away right now, in Hiram. Thanks for the PM and warm thoughts.
08-06-2004 02:54 PM
True Blue Katie -- is about all I can offer...

I am in so much physical discomfort today!! Made a chiro appt for this afternoon when DH gets home. I usually have a problem with my left leg/hip even when I am not pg, but now something is getting pinched over my right leg, in the back, top of my butt. It's killing me, every step makes me feel like I'm gonna fall over! I hope the chiro does the trick or I won't make it 12 more weeks LOL. Anyone else starting to get these lovely aches, shooting pains, etc yet???
08-06-2004 02:08 PM
sqoya Glad I'm not the only one here with leaking problems! When I told my midwife I started leaking at 16 weeks, she was definitely surprised. Not exactly a comforting feeling when your 60 year old midwife gives you a look like "Haven't heard that one before!" (Really, she's great.)

Lucysmama - Not much help here. I think Annabelle Violet sounds absolutely beautiful. And then you can shorten it, if you want, or if she wants! Clementine is great, too, and the one Clementine I met was really nice and compasssionate and had an independent personality - she knew what she wanted in life and was very happy!

Piglet - congrats on the condo!!! I am completely envious of you moving to Vancouver - I'm from Seattle and would love to be back in that part of the country again!

We're not telling anyone our name picks either. I just don't want anyone to give me bad vibes! But, I'll probably share them will all of you...

Sex isn't so bad here. The only problem is that it takes me about 2 days to recover - I'm so tired all the time, that afterwards, I feel like I've been beat up! But then, a few days later, it's all I want again!

CourtneyandLogan - my church offered the same service, and I feel a little silly taking them up on it, but I guess I really should!

Stanleymama - I had some sort of food poisoning, too, a couple weeks ago. It was horrible and there's nothing I could do. Just feel miserable. Ugh.

I have to stop letting so many days go by without checking what everyone's been up to!!! I'm a complete slacker!
08-06-2004 12:31 PM
mirthfulmum Katie - I am speachless. I can only imagine how devastating this is for you and your little girl. Know that we at the October group are here for you.
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