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08-23-2004 08:26 PM
OakEmber Court- Thanks for asking about our was nice but I didn't sleep well...haven't been in general lately anyway so maybe I wouldn't have regardless. You should really watch The Butterfly Effect sometime, it was really good...but I KWYM sometimes you just need to watch something light. I can't wait to see 50 First Dates, looks really funny.
I will be discussing NB procedures tomorrow with my midwife and then I will give a clear update...right now I just know for sure no eye goop and no Vit K injection. I don't really have an issue with the PKU, so long as it is done at a later point...I will be BF during to ease Oakley's discomfort and I think since it doens't have any negative health consequences like the Vit K injection potentially could, the benifits outweigh the risks on that one for me. I could just cry though for Ember having all those things without being snuggly in my arms ...ah but we get wiser with time.
08-23-2004 02:24 PM
Soogie I think I should have phrased my post that it's not necessarily a state law for the PKU and other newborn screens but are routine and strongly encouraged and that the schedule to have the test done at birth and then repeated are, just that, routine. Most peds follow the state health's department regulations to the tee and most parents don't know they have a choice either way. Anyone can refuse ANY and all testing. ie vit K, eye goop, hearing screen...
08-23-2004 02:06 PM
gottaknit I asked my midwife about the PKU tests last night at my prenatal visit. It's not a law in Oregon. You don't have to have it at all. (I plan to get it done anyway, though.)

Definitely will pass on the eye ointment.

Undecided on oral vit K, but no vit K shot for sure.
08-23-2004 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by truebluexf
Unless it's a new law, DS never got the PKU a second time after the hospital.

None of my boys did either....
I'd have to dig through my links to find where I read that every state required a repeat PKU. It was broken down state by state of the "required" tests at birth and after, including vax schedule and such. Most states include and require other newborn screenings, not just PKU, in the heel stick profile. I think Texas, where I am, has a total of 5 genetic/metabolic disorders.

Is anyone NOT doing the PKU/Vit K/eye gunk at all? - Lucysmama/Katie
We pass on the Vit. K (as long as there are no complications during birth which would warrant it) and a definite no to the erythromycin eye goop. We'll be doing the PKU, just to be on the safe side, but only at 2 weeks after birth. My cousin had lost her first baby to SIDS, 9 years ago and when she had ds #2, she had all the "routine" screenings done and this time Fatty Acid Disorder: MCAD, was added to the profile. Well it turns out, that her son does have this genentic disorder, but it was caught and treated early. It was most likely the cause of her first son's death. So to err on the side of caution, knowing someone where the newborn screening was critical, I choose to do that part.
08-23-2004 09:48 AM
Originally Posted by truebluexf
Unless it's a new law, DS never got the PKU a second time after the hospital.
None of my boys did either....
08-23-2004 09:25 AM
True Blue Unless it's a new law, DS never got the PKU a second time after the hospital.
08-23-2004 01:25 AM
AnnR33 Letia, it's great you are getting comfortable with everything and finding the right match!

Gottaknit-good for you! If she wasn't working out then out she goes, just glad you found a good replacement too!

I'm anxious to meet again with my midwife-Sept 1. It was like we had known eachother for a long time already and just fell into an easy rapport. DH is going next time so he can meet her and see the great birth rms-they are so pacific northwest with the pine paneling and coziness-love it!!!!

I'm only 30 wks but can't imagine getting much bigger-I'm huge! Even many of my maternity pants are tight-yikes! I don't weigh more than last time but sticking out farther in front I think....I sleep terribly too. It's a little depressing to think I won't have a good night's sleep for another year or so All for a good cause I know.

Still unpacking and trying to get all the baby stuff in one corner so I at least know where it's at!
Take care
08-22-2004 10:29 PM
Lucysmama Letia - YAY!!!! I have a feeling you will have a wonderful, peaceful, loving birth. The image of women surrounding you, praying and supporting you sounds so warm and wonderful!

I had such a weird time at the shower was one of those times where you see people from your past that you'd be happy to never see again...and you have to make polite chit-chat with them. : I am feeling so annoyed with everyone in general, and the last thing I wanted to do was hang out with people I went to high school with. There was this pregnant woman among them, and she was talking about how she is 30 weeks pregnant, but her doctor thinks she is measuring big, so he is going to move her due date up by 3 weeks. She was all excited, like that meant she would go into labor early if her doctor changed her date. Like her baby is going to get that message!!!

Is anyone NOT doing the PKU/Vit K/eye gunk at all?
08-22-2004 08:48 PM
Court That's sooo good Letia about the mw! I feel all warm and fuzzy for you! I think you're going to have a beautiful birth.

It's raining here today too, and it's so nice. We all slept till noon today and then went out for pancakes. We also got some stuff for the house. I think I'm officially nesting now.

I had a horrible calf cramp in the same leg the past two nights. I'd been so good about preventing them, so I was kind of surprised. After the one last night, I needed to lay on my right side, so my leg wouldn't hurt - but that tips Zander onto his feet and hands so he beats the crap out of me until I turn. But my leg was screaming when I turned on my right side, ugh. I'm really surprised I fell back asleep after all that.

Hey OakEmber - did you and your dh have nice night alone the other night? I'm kinda jealous. I almost rented Butterfly Effect the other night but decided I wanted a light-hearted movie instead (plus I had heard how disturbing it was). So we got 50 First Dates instead, but I ended up bawling at the end anyways.
08-22-2004 08:07 PM
blessed2bamommie Enjoyed the meeting with the MW yesterday! They are both Christians! \o/ The supervising mw sees it as her ministry and we just clicked! I got paperwork and dh told the finance team as they were asking me about the birth that we were doing a hb. I think that's the way we're leaning! We need to call and let her know, *I* think tomorrow...I think that dh is pretty set tho.

We just finished meeting with the doula. She's in the process of DONA certification; but, she's doulaing on a volunteer basis for the time being, beyond the three required no fee births. I like her! She's a Christian too and very laid back! I told her hey! PRAY for me! :LOL They'll be sittin around the tub praying....:LOL She came in and took off her shoes! I was barefoot too. Dh likes her.

Next Sunday we meet with the photographer to plan a pregnancy photo shoot. So, if I don't get a pic up, it will be one of those. Not a nakey one tho. Yall might turn me in for disturbing the peace or I might :scare yall or something.

No dh just, use a lot of board code in our ims. He tells me to stop talking in code. :LOL

Allright...I'm out!
08-22-2004 04:50 PM
Soogie have every right to refuse the PKU at the hospital and they can not call CPS. The first results are not accurate that is why EVERY state requires that the test be repeated at 1-2 weeks after birth (actual time varies by state). The baby needs a true protein milk for at least 48-72 hours, not just colostrum. Talk to your pediatrician BEFORE the birth and go over which tests will be administered and which will not. Actually, it was my ped that told me to deny the PKU at the hospital when I had ds #1. If he hadn't informed me that the results were not reliable, then I would have naively done it. And let me tell you, you will only want to test your baby is very difficult to get blood droplets out of their itty bitty heels. Aidan looked like he was being tortured and I think I cried as much as he did. If your ped is on board, then the hospital can not give you any trouble.

08-22-2004 02:31 PM
OakEmber Oh Katie, I so hear you! I feel like a stuffed turkey! And I am really irritable today...started off just wanting to climb all over me and sit on my lap and I am so not feeling like more crowding. I have such an urge to go shopping (it's raining) but I don't have the energy to do anything...thank goodness for the net! I haven't slept well for the past couple nights, I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable and sleeping on the edge of the bed doens't help (Ember sleeping at the other end was short lived). That's my big gripe for the day...should have posted this in the other thread I guess. Oh and wanna hear what I had for breakfast...2 donuts and a coffee, that should about take the cake for worst pregnancy diet ever (well I did have some cantalope too at least). Man I am having one of those can't do this for another 2 months days. Piglet I am so with you on this being my last!!

Hope you have fun going to the baby shower Katie, it will be nice to catch up with your friend.

Karin, that sounds so cute! Ember's big thing right now is Peter Pan and I am always expected to be Wendy...Wendy Angeladiah actually, not sure where she comes up with some of her names...she has imaginary friends named Picketsy, Chandis and Cardol that she's had for 2 years+ now :LOL
08-22-2004 12:10 PM
Lucysmama Awwww, Karin! I'm imagining you romping around as Sam and Frodo! What a luckly little girl to have a mama to go on adventures with her and wear silly tree hats!

I am on my way to a wedding shower for an old high school friend. I haven't seen her since before I had kids. I don't even know if she knows about Lucy, let alone the fact I am 8 months pregnant! Just..surprise! I'm enormous! :LOL

And truly, you guys.....I feel really FULL of baby. Baby isn't kicking very much anymore, just squirming. I am so filled up! I can't fathom that I have 7 weeks to go. I fear I am growing an elephant. (Watch me go over by a few weeks and give birth to a 13lb baby. ) I never felt like this till at least 36 weeks with dd, so I can't believe I will make it till Oct. 12th, my EDD. And I'm so run down, and having tons of contractions and such. I know I'm right about my EDD, I was charting my cycles (though I didn't have a period in between my m/c and this pregnancy, I saw when I ovulated.) but I swear it feels like I am due in a couple of weeks, not 7 weeks. Oh well. That's my gripe for the day. I'm enormous and absolutely FULL of baby.
08-22-2004 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by gottaknit
Karin, your Hannah is the most expressive little girl. Was she getting annoyed trying on all those hats? Your mom does an awesome job with the hats, btw. I love the tree one!
Thanks! Hannah, actually, loves to have her picture taken. She was, however, being stern and forbidding because she was being a "bad guy". Can you see in the pics that she is holding her sword? The hats were her different helmets. She is VERY into Lord of the Rings right now, and rides her horse/carries her sword around w/ her most everywhere. She loves to play Frodo, and I have to be Sam and we go on adventures. Ahhh...imagination!

I actually have a tree hat, also...we wore them last winter and got lots of nice comments, even if they are sort of goofy. I love hats, and my mom loves we get along together well! My mom told me that she got some new yarn yesterday and has already started some hats. I'll let you guys know when they arrive.
08-22-2004 07:44 AM
So has anyone else called their DP "DH" or "DW" in real life yet? As in yelling from another room, "DH, honey, can you come here and open this jar for me?" He said, "Who the hell is DH?" Uh... you are.... it means 'Dear Husband'... I didn't mention that it had anything to do with the internet; he just thinks it's his new pet name.
: : : : :

I have never actually said it outloud, but I think it ALL the time in my head. I also think using MIL..
08-21-2004 07:39 PM
gottaknit Hi. Well I finally sucked up the courage to fire my first midwife! It was pretty easy since she's never home; I just left a message on the machine. I thought maybe she'd call back and want to know why.... but no. Anyway, it's a relief to have it done and we are sooo excited about our new midwife!

Karin, your Hannah is the most expressive little girl. Was she getting annoyed trying on all those hats? Your mom does an awesome job with the hats, btw. I love the tree one!

We bought a dresser for the baby and plan to use it as a changing table, too, if DH ever gets around to staining it! We bought it unfinished at a natural furniture store and it's still in the garage two weeks later. I want to start washing and putting away the baby stuff!!

So has anyone else called their DP "DH" or "DW" in real life yet? As in yelling from another room, "DH, honey, can you come here and open this jar for me?" :LOL He said, "Who the hell is DH?" Uh... you are.... it means 'Dear Husband'... I didn't mention that it had anything to do with the internet; he just thinks it's his new pet name.

We're not setting up a separate room for the baby, but our half-way remodeled attic has a bedroom and then a large open area outside the room. There's a dormer off to one side of this area and we'll put the dresser/changing table and rocking chair in there. Baby will be sleeping with us in the bedroom. I can't wait. The inlaws will be in town in a few weeks for a wedding, and I just know they will ask to see the "nursery"..... uh-oh.... this is going to be fun to try to explain. : As if homebirth, cloth diapering, slings, and not circumcising wasn't weird enough to them...

Hope everyone's having a good weekend! I'm up to my eyeballs in tomatoes. Time to make gazpacho!

Hey, did anyone else notice the new "on the wagon" and "fallen off the wagon" icons?
08-21-2004 05:32 PM
bluehalo re: PKU ... Yeah, I know Apparently it's *most* effective aprox. 6 days after birth (which I guess they get from estimating that most mom's milk comes in by day 4...) But if we're trying to leave the hospital, I've heard of cases where they flag families for CPS if they're discharged w/o the PKU. So, I'm figuring, if we feel like it's not worth the fight, we'll get the PKU before we leave, and then again at our ped.'s at the appropriate time. It's a bunch of BS, if you ask me

I'd love to do a belly cast ...I also want to henna my belly ... I want to have a little party with some of my girlfriends and have them help me w/ the henna ... maybe in a few weeks...

Your bathroom sounds so cool (although I'm sorry you're having such a hard time w/ the paint. Bright colors can be tricky to get just right sometimes, they seem much less forgiving, IME.) ... we have all of our upstairs that's still plain white since we moved in ... I wanted to get some color up before the baby came, but it doesn't look too promising. OH well, we'll see. Hope the rest of your painting project goes smoothly!
08-21-2004 05:20 PM
momadance Hi all!
no hiccups here. As far as our baby stuff goes, it's on some cute wicker shelves, and a changing table in our living room.

Bluehalo, I recently read with breastfeeding, the pku can not be accuratlely done until 48 hours after moms milk comes in. Not sure how long your stay at the hosp. will be, but thought I'd mention that.

Has anyone or is anyone doing a belly cast? I think it'll be a fun family project with Miles.

I'm stressing over our crappy fire engine red bath room! The paint is just not going on nicely. And we're going to have to repaint the trim black, uhhhhhhh, I just don't want to deal with anymore painting issues, clean up etc.... Who knew home ownership was such a chore
08-21-2004 04:57 PM
krnflwr So many things to say, so little time.

Hannah has her own room, but she doesn't sleep there. We are going to get another dresser for Baby Cookie's stuff, and try to figure out how to fit it all in there. It is sort of a guest room and extra storage room, and the place old toys go to retire.

I tend to try to distract Hannah when she gets the nursing urge when we are in public. It hasn't happened much lately, but unless we are at a friend's house or LLL function, I tend to feel uncomfortable nursing her. I hate that I feel this way, I'd like to set a good example, instead of hiding in the nursing closet. But lately nursing has been so painful and irritating that I'm very relieved that she seems to be moving ahead w/ weaning. We still nurse to sleep and when we wake up, but not too much otherwise. I'm not sure how I'll handle things when the baby arrives. I plan to let Hannah nurse if she wants, but I hadn't thought about the reactions from family or friends yet. We'll probably be holed up in the house for the first few weeks anyway. I'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it, I guess.

I'm really torn over the Vit K injection issue. Feeling like I'd like to pass on it, along w/ most all the other test, shots and bs they push on you in the hosp, but not sure how strong I'll be to argue w/ the nurses, the docs and my mom. Guess I should be doing some research now, get my arguements all lined up.

Baby Cookie seems to hiccup all the time, too, LucysMama. At least I feel very often rhythmic (sp?) little jerks that seem to go on and on. Happens several times a day. I remember having the same thing w/ Hannah, and as a newborn she had hiccups very often, as well.

I think this is the right time, pregnancy-wise, to get fitted for nursing bras. I'm still wearing the same nursing bras from when I was preg w/ Hannah, sadly enough. But they are good ones, they've lasted this long, even they don't look very pretty anymore.

My mom is *so* into knitting the hats right now, and she's tickled to make ones for you guys. She wants to share the love! I dug around and found a few more hats I had laying around the house, including a cute little newborn set (hat and booties) that she made for Baby Cookie. Put those pics in the "Hats FSOT" folder, if you want to take a peek. Sorry some of the pics are sideways, I can't figure out how to rotate them once I've uploaded them. :
Anyway, if you have any requests (like BlueHalo's pumpkin hat) or want to know more, feel free to PM or email me and I"ll help you out.
08-21-2004 09:22 AM
ameliabedelia Regarding NIP, my dd is 2 1/2 and she still asks to NIP a lot if we are someplace that involves sitting down. So, I still nurse her a lot in resteraunts, church, that type of thing, places where it is easier to nurse her than distract her and do something else. I don't really like doing it, but honestly I have NEVER had anyone give me a funny look, or say anything nasty or anything like that. Most people seem to not really notice or care. Just to clarify, my dd is very big for her age (she wears size 4T clothes and those just fit, aren't big or anything), but she still looks "babyish" Her hair is still pretty short, defintiely too short to put in pigtails or anything like that (it has never been cut), and her face is babyish looking. So, that may have something to do with it. Other, older kids (like 3 and 4) call her a baby and at the park, if she is playing on something lots of time other parents will tell their kids things like "watch out for that baby" so she still looks like a baby to others.

But, you read a lot on MDC about people getting nasty looks or comments for NIP, but I have NEVER had that happen to me. And, I have lived in KY and TN (just now living up north), where breastfeeding is less common and I have still never had anyone say anything negative or seem to notice or care.

Anyway, I was tandem nursed along with my older brother and my mom said that she used to nurse both of us at the same time. I don't know if she did it in public or not. But, it will all work out.
08-21-2004 01:30 AM
OakEmber Woah, just finished watching The Butterfly Effect...that's a pretty f'd up movie? Has anyone else seen it?

I forgot to mention early in my novel of a post that when we were at the restaurant an older lady who had seen me come in walked but my table when she was leaving and was all smiles and said "I love your tummy". It was too cute, never had that happen before.
08-20-2004 11:29 PM
OakEmber Christine- it sounds like your E. and my E. could be twins sometimes...b/g twins that is Ember also has her own room that is never used...she'll only play in it when she has a friend over or I'm in it- basically it's a big walk-in toy box that she goes into to drag something out into the living room. Seriously she spends less than an hour in it in the course of a week! But to answer Katie...yes we have a room for kids toys/ clothes that will someday be occupied, I think in our case not until Oakley is old enough to share a bed with Ember! If anything it deflects comments from other people, since there is a bed in there they assume she uses it...not that it should matter to me but hey, I kinda like the fact that I can chose who to tell about our lifestyle and leave others out of it.

About the toddler nursing thing...I can't say I have experienced exactly what you guys will be facing (them seeing the baby nursing and then wanting it) but I have felt your feelings (and the guilt about having those feelings). I was comfortable nursing pretty much anywhere up until about 2 and then from 2-3 I worried about it more but honestly my worries never really came to....I could always tell before hand when she seemed like she wanted to and I'd either scoop her up and pace with her on my hip or something to distract her, or depending on the situation excuse myself and find somewhere private to nurse. I think your toddlers might want to nurse the first couple times they see the baby but the baby will be doing it so much that a day or two at home and I think the novelty of the idea will wear off (not the novelty of nursing but just having to because the baby is...KWIM, they already have criteria of when and why they need milkies). Anyway, I am rambling and not even sure if I am being helpful.

Anyone else's brain turn off from time to time lately? We've been using our cast iron frying pan and twice now I have done dumb things regarding it...I've always heard to put them in the warm oven after you wash them so they don't rust so the other night I washed the dishes (for which I was proud b/c I was tired and just wanted to leave them for the morning) got the kitchen all cleaned and then vegged out on the couch, completely forgetting that I had the pan in the oven on low (it was DH that found it right before bed...5 hrs later). Then again today, I was so tired...I turned the oven on low, came back figured it'd been about 10 mins, long enough...proud of myself for remembering this time...then about 20 mins later I am in the kitchen and there is the frying pan, sitting on the counter...never even made it into the oven :

But I have the night off, we took Ember's cousin Sam with us shopping today and when we went to drop her off Ember wanted to have a sleep over...I've told you of this before, it's the only place she sleeps over and it's always her idea, it's really nice that she has a place that she feels comfortalbe enough to do that (though mommy misses her). So me and Dh went out for dinner and are now gonna watch a movie that we can't see when she's home (The Butterfly Affect, cuz it just came out on the dish)...and we have our own bed tonight
08-20-2004 09:30 PM
Court Piglet - that was me who brought up the older child wanting to nurse w/ baby thing. Sorry if I made you panic. At least all your family still knows. I have no idea who knows or doesn't know, cause my dh surely doesn't mention it to anyone. My dad and stepmom know and are fully supportive and proud of me, but they're not the ones I'm worried about. I feel like you, I don't want to send a message that it's shameful, but I don't want people glaring at me like I'm doing something icky, cause that'll make me feel icky. My dilemma is do I tell these people before hand, like a warning, so it wont be a surprise? But then I feel like that validates that it's "unusual" by warning people ahead of time. I think what I'll do is just invoke the spirit of some of these outspoken mamas here, like "Sustainer" and have a f-u attitude (in my head) and just keep doing as we always do.
BTW- that's so great that they gave you a party, you're so lucky!

Nothing much else to say, except I scored a beautiful bassinet at a resale shop for 35 bucks. I just wanted to have somewhere to lay the sleeping babe during the day while he's tiny. Now I'm searching for a good deal on a rocker-recliner (the last thing I need). I really want a brand new Lazy Boy but I don't know if I want to pay full price or not.

I think it's a great idea to have a kids room to keep toys and clothes, even if they sleep in your room. Logan's got his own room (that was apparently in Hurricane Charley's path) w/ all his stuff and we bought a new dresser for our room for all the baby clothes. When the boys are older they'll probably share a room.

The strep-ass description cracked me up too! Keep 'em comin flitters!

krnflwr- yay for you for no GD and having such a great doc! i just read Ina May's book, that's so cool that she trained with her.
08-20-2004 06:33 PM
True Blue Flitters, can your midwife give you the IV at home? I know mine said she could (if I chose to have the antibiotics.

Karin, congrats on the no GD!! Piglet have you heard anything yet?

DS has his own room that he naps in but not sleeping at night yet. I hope to get him in there before the baby comes since he is a light sleeper, and likely to be up whenever the baby is. (I'm also hoping we can get him sleeping through the night, or at least most of it and getting himself back to sleep, very soon. I just can't imagine getting up with both kids, I'll never ever get any sleep!!) Not making a room for the baby since we will be moving from here before the baby is a year old. Just gonna leave the guest room as-is. I have the changing table in our room, where I'll keep dipes and some clothes, and cleared out a drawer in my dresser for the rest of the clothes. I think that will take care of the baby's needs.
08-20-2004 06:31 PM
Piglet68 31 weeks, 4 days

I had my very first surprise party today: they really got me. Our new secretary asked for help with the fax machine - didn't know we had one in the student lounge, lol...we don't! I walk in and there is everybody in our group with a cake, balloons, and lots of food. Of course, I'd just stuffed myself silly on a muffin and chocolate croissant! I was so touched, I almost had tears! They even gave me a lovely gift: a large frame with room for a photo and a little thing to do an impression of baby's foot.

We're also having a party this evening at my boss's house.

My mother flies in tonight. I'm so excited to see her! Emily is expecting her and I'm just so excited that they'll be reunited. Emily is talking so much lately, I can't wait to see them interact!

Soogie: I'm so glad to hear baby is okay. I have had that panic on a few occasions and jostled and poked poor Sasha until he responds. With my first PG, one of my group lost her baby the day before her due date: just stopped moving. It was absolutely devastating to all of us (hope that doesn't freak anybody out; it just still gives me the sobs thinking about it).

Kids stuff: with DD we have always had her stuff in our room, but with two kids I insisted on getting a 2 bedroom apartment. They'll both sleep with us, but the changing table and diaper stuff will be in there, as well as both their clothes and stuff.

Letia, you crack me up! The fact that you "ain't no skinny white girl" is exactly the point. You beat the pants off all of us in terms of stamina and fitness, which is alot more to brag about than body size, kwim? And I totally cracked up when you said you didn't know how Mary rode a donkey full term. : I never thought of that, but I'll tell my mother, she'll crack up too (she's a very devout Catholic).

flitters: you are too funny! Strep Ass?? Is that the clinical term?

krnflwr: congrats on passing the GD test. I passed mine, too!

amelia: well, all I can say is we are two fab mothers I mean, with nursing aversion hitting full swing and very sore nipples, we still can't quite turn down our babies. I'm sure many people would think us crazy! DD slept through the night last night, but did ask for milkies before she got up. I let her nurse just for a minute and she was fine with that. I just can't turn her down sometimes. I, too, am counting on the nipple pain etc resolving itself when baby is born and the milk comes in.

Can't remember who brought up wondering what the visitors will think when older child asks to nurse with the baby. I have to say, while my family knows Emily still nurses, your post sort of made me panic a bit. After all, right now I tell DD that "milkies are for bedtime" if she asks to nurse in public (which is rare for her to even ask). I'm afraid I'm not comfortable doing that (partly b/c she messes around with my shirt etc so it's not subtle!). I am so afraid of sending her the wrong message, that nursing a toddler is somethign to be ashamed of, or wrong. Yet how am I going to explain when I nurse Sasha in public? Anybody have any ideas? I'm sort of ashamed of myself for being too chicken to nurse her in public anymore, and I don't want to pass that foolishness on to my DD.
08-20-2004 05:31 PM
bluehalo Karin, I'd love a pumpkin hat for the new baby Let me know how I can reimburse you/your mom (paypal, send a MO, whatevah...)
08-20-2004 05:28 PM
bluehalo About baby's stuff: The crib is side car-ed to our bed, and we have an extra chest of drawers in our bedroom that will act as diaper storage and changing table. We're getting another chest of drawers from my parents that will hold most of the baby's clothes ... right now everything that I have out is hung in the guest room closet. The chest of drawers for his clothes will probably go in the guest room, since there's just no where else to put it. If it would fit, I'd put it in "DS's room" (it's nothing but storage, he doesn't really play and certainly doesn't sleep there) ... but there's no room

I'm scheduled to do the GBS test at my next appointment (the week after next) ... both my doc and DH think it's a wise idea, and I'm on the fence ... so we'll just keep our fingers crossed that it turns out fine and I don't need to be hooked up to the good ole IV pole. We will do the eye drops (delayed, a few hours after birth probably) ... but as of now, I'm thinking no Vit. K. Aside from the PKU (which apparently they freak out about here if you try to delay), the baby will get no other pokes.

Stuff I have left to do ... oh gosh, I don't even want to think about it. There are a few more things I still need to buy or make for the baby ... more things that I *want* (not necessarily *need*) to make for the baby and DS. I need nursing bras and nursing pads. Need to get DS's Halloween costume figured out so I don't have to worry about that post partum. (He wants to be a police man, shouldn't be too complicated...) Need to make sure I can fit the car seat into the car w/ E's car seat *lol*. I'm 33 week tomorrow, and the weeks really seem to be *flying*. It's scary to me. DS was a week late, and so I'm not thinking I'll go into labor at least until 40 weeks ... but for some reason the full moon at the end of September seems calling to me ... but I'm talking to myself as if there's no way I'll go 'till 40 weeks ... don't want to get *too* antsy waiting, yk? These babies will be here before we know it!!
08-20-2004 05:27 PM
krnflwr Letitia, I'm going to a hospital.

I talked to my mom about the hats, and she says she'll start knitting this weekend. If anyone has any particular colors or requests, please let me know. I'll post pics of what she has made once they are done.
08-20-2004 04:59 PM
blessed2bamommie Congrats Karin! I'm assuming this is a hosp or bc birth?

Well, if I want *my* birth I'm headed home! The this technology driven area can't figure out birth without their toys. The residents can't use a fetoscope!!!!
08-20-2004 04:56 PM
krnflwr Just got back from my 32 wk appt...
My 3 hr glucose test was gest diabetes. Yippee!!

And we had a big discussion about my birth plan, and she (doc) agreed to all of it. Water birth, no IV, no electronic monitors, etc.. I'm thrilled. She trained at the Farm w/ Ina Mae, and worked as a mw for years before she became an OB, so I wasn't expecting much of a fight, but it was so nice that we are in complete agreement, and so is the hospital. I feel so relieved and thrilled, excited about having the birth I really want.
Hopefully everything actually goes according to the master plan.
Now to convince Baby Cookie to turn head down, as she seems to really like laying transverse.
Just wanted to share my news w/ you all!
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