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09-06-2004 10:01 AM
blessed2bamommie b/c I was sitting up a few hours before eating dried papaya and falling asleep. Then I got up and got on the computer for a while. I was back a sleep by the time you got up.

btw, yall have some beautiful names maybe I should look and see what goes with Mikayla. :LOL
09-06-2004 09:56 AM
Jillerina Good Morning Mirthful, hope you got to sleep eventually! I hate insomnia - whose idea was that anyways!

Today is labor day - the holiday which means I have 1 week to go until term (37 weeks), how unreal! We are re-borrowing most of our baby equiptment and most of it is scheduled to be picked up or dropped off over the next two weeks. My house is gonna start looking like a newborn is coming soon!

I hope everyone is dealing ok with the grumpies and the hermitness. I'm definetly a grumpy mama and I'm on my way to hermit status too. This weekend we've stuck pretty close to home but I don't mind going places as long as DH comes too. I'm finding it very difficult to deal with DD in public places these days. She also seems to be picking up on all the vibes of change and has been acting differently lately (of course it could just be a sign of being 2 as well!).
Must go and feed my family. Have a great day everyone. Hugs to all - we're getting there mamas!
09-06-2004 07:40 AM
mirthfulmum :
It's 3:43 am. I have been awake since 1:30. How can I be so tired and yet so awake a the same time?
09-05-2004 10:23 PM
bluehalo ((hugs)) to all of you needing them. Katie, hon, I so hope things mellow out for you soon ... you sure deserve it after all the chaos you've been through!!

I too have been pretty darn grumpy. Fortunately not so much in every day going ons w/ DH and DS, but my mom has been driving me crazy lately, I'm sick of people asking me when I'm due (I don't know why, but I'm feeling so much more private about this pregnancy), I'm sick of people telling me "you're huge!" (as if being pregnant means that *anyone* likes hearing that? WTHeck is that about?) Thing is that I don't feel abnormally huge, and then I get wondering if I totally have a wrong mental picture of my size *lol* Grump, grump, grump.

I also think DS is picking up on the imminance of this baby coming. He's not "acting out" ... but he is acting more needy, fortunately nothing too overwhelming yet. He slept with his arms around me the entire night last night. It was sweet, and I *love* cuddling with him, but I have to admit that in the morning all I could think was that it wouldn't work to sleep like that all night long once the new baby's here. I take extra breaks w/ him throughout the day, we're reading "Little House on the Prairie" together, so we snuggle up on the couch to read a chapter on and off throughout the day. I need to find another book to follow up with once we're through that one and the next book in the series. Anyway, my gut tells me that I need to respond openly to his needing more of me, but some intellectual part of me asks if I'm setting him up to expect too much once the baby's here. Oh god, I hope I can *someone* manage to meet everyone's needs and not be totally wiped out.
09-05-2004 10:08 PM
mirthfulmum For all you mommas participating in the bead swap... I've sent out the PM with the names and addresses so if you didn't get the list PM me and let me know.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!
09-05-2004 03:41 PM
stanleymama To all who are feeling tired, big and sick. Court I too just want to sleep all the time, but it doesn't always happen. And the whole hermit, that is definitely me these days. It takes so much energy just to take the kids outside and it has been so warm this past week. My oldest has been fighting a fever, so I feel like I have a legitimate excuse not to go out.

So I was pretty close to waking up dh yesterday and telling him I needed to go to the hospital. For a whole hour I had contractions that ranged between 2-15 min. apart. Half of them I had to relax and breathe through them. I reached 33 weeks yesterday and just kept praying, "Please God, take these away. It is too early to have my little guy." And he did, but I was a bit scared there. It seems like any little extra energy I put out causes my belly to get hard with sometimes braxton hicks and sometimes the real ones. Some days I just don't know if I will make it to my due date or my "guess-date." Anyways just wanted to send sticky baby vibes to everyone, that all of our babes will "cook" a bit longer till it is safe for them to come out
09-05-2004 12:53 PM
Lucysmama Mirthfulmum- that makes so much sense. I bet that has a lot to do with how much trouble we all seem to be having with our toddlers lately. I'm sure Lu is picking up on my stress and panicky "get everything ready for the baby"-ness, so even though she doesn't get that the baby is coming so soon, she probably knows on some level that her life is going to change even more.
09-05-2004 12:33 PM
mirthfulmum I just realized that I didn't send any hugs to Nancy!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry you're feeling so sick. Maybe it's just a bug and it'll pass quickly :. In the mean time, take care of yourself.

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, she is also pregnant with her second and has a toddler at home, and we were thinking that intuitively our kids just know that the babies are comming soon. No matter how many books we read to Alias, or how many times he watches the birth video, I don't really believe he can fully grasp what is going to be happening to the family in the next few weeks. The concept of adding an entirely new person to our family is a pretty complex idea, and frankly one that sometimes I have a hard time fully understanding. But on some instinctual level, he senses the big change that is about to happen in his life. I guess I've been lucky in that he's not been tantruming much. He definately has been more aggressive towards me, hitting and bitting me, but mostly he's been more clingy lately. He wants me to carry him everywhere, he wants to be sitting on my lap, and most nights he's rolled into our bed and snuggled up close to me by 3 am (which woud've never happened a couple of months ago, my boy likes his sleeping space). I really believe that though our little toddlers may be too young to "get" the whole baby thing they still picking up on the major change to come, so they're acting out more than usual. I guess it's just a sign of the new adventures in parenting we're all about to embark on!
09-05-2004 05:10 AM
Court You guys always seem to reflect my mood. I'm grumpy, tired, and huge, and my toddler is going through shrieking bouts as well. I'm so glad dh is home for 3 days. I got to take a nap today. I feel like sleeping all the time. I thought about taking a walk today but that's about it. I can't even motivate myself enough to do that. And there are dishes and laundry piled up, cause apparently I'm the only one in this house who knows how to do them.

Hugs to all of you who need them. Katie- if you can't vent here, where can you? We're all in this together, so to speak. I hope things with Lucy settle down soon. I've been thinking that maybe it's anxiety about the unknown for these kids, and after the babies get here they'll adjust and calm down a bit.

Amie- I woulda done the same thing, if not worse. I'm non-confrontational too in the worst way, but when someone messes w/ my kid, it lites a fire in me. I'm glad Ember had a good time though.

And Nancy - what the heck is going on? Puking and B/P problems!? I'm so sorry you're so sick! Hopefully it will pass soon. Is it flu season already?

Hope you enjoyed your pudding Mirthfulmum! That sounds so good.

p.s.- I'm a potty mouth too, but try really hard not to be around ds. When I do slip, he says, "mommy don't say that bad word!" Which is good, cause at least he's not repeating them anymore. That was a fun phase.
09-05-2004 02:57 AM
Originally Posted by Lucysmama
And I am so sorry mamas for constantly whining to you guys. I swear I am not normally like this, this has just been a rough few months.
That's the best part of having a group of women like this. We can vent, bitch and moan to our hearts content and don't have to worry about having the people we see on a regular basis roll thier eyes at us because they've heard the story a hundred times.

Amie - I'm with Nancy. While my language has definately cleaned up the past year or so, when my darling son started saying sh*t everytime he dropped something (fortunately he's stoppped, and now uses the less offensive cr*p ), I still need work. Yup, potty mouth club member in good standing.
09-05-2004 02:05 AM
gottaknit [QUOTE=OakEmber] Gee, I hope I didn't offend anyone with my swear words...didn't realize that it came across with so much cussing like that, I guess that's what you get for venting a 2 am. [QUOTE]

: Don't worry about it. I swear like a sailor IRL. Something I'm trying to stop before the baby gets here... DH keeps saying, "Honey, you know the baby can hear you now..."
09-05-2004 01:39 AM
Originally Posted by mirthfulmum
So instead I'm sending lots of hugs to you and your Lucy. Rough patches do not go on forever (although they feel like it sometimes).
Thanks, mirthfulmum - that IS comforting and uplifting.

And I am so sorry mamas for constantly whining to you guys. I swear I am not normally like this, this has just been a rough few months.
09-05-2004 01:24 AM
mirthfulmum It's nice to know that I'm not the only one around here with the pregnancy grumps. I am trying so hard to stay chipper and nice to Dh, he is being such a wonderful husband/father/partner in all this, and today he really took on keeping Alias out of my hair, but I have my moments where it all just seems to fall apart and there is absolutley nothing he can do right. Poor guy. I know that he is just as anxious to have this pregnancy over as I am. Then maybe the poor guy can catch a break.

Katie! So sorry to hear that Lucy's having a hard time. The poor girl has been thru a lot the past couple of months, so I guess it's not surprising that she's acting out. It's great that your mom was able to come in and spoil her for a couple of hours, and give you what sounds like a well deserved break. It's times like these I wish I had some great words of wisdom to impart, you know something comforting and uplifting, but I am just not that eloquent (nor that wise). So instead I'm sending lots of hugs to you and your Lucy. Rough patches do not go on forever (although they feel like it sometimes).

I have the apartment all to myslef this evening. Dh is out with a friend, they went to a concert at a club, and Alias is asleep. So I am treating myself to an uninterrupted evening on the boards while eating an entire container of Kozy Shack pudding. Ahhh life's simple pleasures.
09-05-2004 12:52 AM
OakEmber Thanks Katie. This mom is actually in Canada too, thought it would make it easier, :LOL. Hopefully they will show up this week.
09-05-2004 12:48 AM
Lucysmama T Amie - since you are in Canada, if the mama is in the USA, I would give it another week before I started to worry. Things usually take 2 weeks at least. But don't wait too long - if you get burned on the transaction (like she never contacts you and you never get the wraps) you only have 30 days from your payment date to get your money back.
09-05-2004 12:17 AM
OakEmber Quick question for you all that have used the trading long should it take until I start to worry...and is there even anything I can do anyway? I bought some wraps of a momma and I Paypal'd her on Aug.21....haven't recieved or heard from her since. I waited until a few days ago and sent her a PM, just to get an idea of when she sent them but haven't heard back from her.

Katie- Sorry to hear that you and Lucy had a rough day. You aren't the only one scrambling with last minute birth plans...Ember has recently announced that she'd rather go to Aunties, that's fine if it happens to be on a weekend when Auntie isn't working. I guess we will just play it by ear and see what happens, maybe when the time comes she will want to come, and if not, luckily I have quite a bit of family around.
09-04-2004 11:59 PM
Lucysmama Nancy - you sound like me - grumpy and annoyed with everyone! I am also getting size comments, only mine are "You are due in a month??? You barely look pregnant!" and other comments about how small I am carrying. I hear it all the time, and I just wanna say, "Shut yer pie-hole!" Hope your visit with the ILs goes well!

My dd is having some serious emotional problems. She is not handling the move well at all. I know I have said that before, but each day seems to be harder for her. Today she screamed for 2 hours straight - not crying, really - just blood-curdling screaming, like a hysterical infant. Poor girl!!! She finally fell asleep and then woke up an hour later, and screamed for another hour straight. I called my mom out of desperation and practically begged her to take Lucy for the evening, cause I was freaking out. I am So stressed and so heavily pregnant, it makes it hard to deal with a tantruming toddler. I know she is having a rough time, and I try to stay calm to soothe and help her thru it, but everyone has a breaking point, and I needed to not be a Mommy for a few hours. My mom was happy to take her, and they went for ice cream and watched a video while I collected myself. I don't know how it is going to be when the baby comes. I know now that she does not handle big transitions well, so I am preparing myself for the real possibility that this may last a few months. I also now realize that having her at the labor and birth is probably not a good idea, and need to explore other options for her. Aye.
09-04-2004 11:13 PM
OakEmber Gee, I hope I didn't offend anyone with my swear words...didn't realize that it came across with so much cussing like that, I guess that's what you get for venting a 2 am.

I am feeling very hermitty too (probably with good reason :LOL). The weather has really taken a turn here too so that has some influence over it, I was really neglecting my house while the weather was nice...opting to be at the beach instead, so now that it is been rainy I have been staying home and doing some much needed catch up.

Honestly, I am really non-confrontational too...really I am! It was just the wrong combo of pregnancy hormones and overprotectiveness I guess.

I scored a carseat cover today and 4 more wraps. A small prowrap, 2 lg. Nikki's and a Lg. Kooshie. Now I actually have 3-4 in each size!

Nancy...I had a weird episode today, we were watching a parade and for a moment the road went all wonky and waivery on me, didn't last more than a few seconds. I bet it was my blood pressure too (I had McDonalds for breakfast so it probably serves me right). Oh, I feel for you working momma's...don't know how you've stuck it out for so long!
09-04-2004 09:01 PM
gottaknit Sounds like the Pregnant Grumpies are going around. I've got them too. Everyone is driving me nuts lately, and I cannot wait to be done with work!

I've been feeling "off" all week. First the nasty cold/flu, then I started waking up in the middle of the night and having to vomit. It's like I've got morning sickness again! Yesterday at work I felt really weird - hot and dizzy and like my mind was fuzzy - so I checked my blood pressure and it was 135/85! It's usually around 105/60. (I work at a hospital, so I can check whenever the urge strikes.)

I called our midwife and she said to lie down for a bit and then check it again. I did and 45 minutes later it was 131/73, which is better but still too high for my comfort. So I went home and went to bed. Feeling better today, but I was up all night puking up water and having dry heaves. Now my face is all blotchy and there are little red dots (broken capillaries) all over it. Yech. I feel lovely.

So the inlaws will descend upon us from the east coast in four short days for my BIL's wedding. I luuuuv my MIL and SIL, but the prospect of being chipper with a large group of people is a little daunting right now. I feel huge and ugly and none of my clothes fit properly! Yeah yeah yeah cry me a river.

Today we went out to do some shopping, and I swear every sales person asked me if I was due "any day now!" Um, NO! I'm not due for SEVEN WEEKS. Sheesh, what am I, the Good Year Blimp?! OK, going to go crawl back under my grumpy rock.
09-04-2004 04:44 PM
flitters hi mamas!

so sorry about the discomfort for so many of you - i can't believe how close we are now! i really have no complaints except for a groin pull from about a month ago that seems unlikely to really heal until after the baby is born. no biggie, but every now and then i step wrong and it hurts quite a bit.

also, i'm only 32 weeks so i'm not really worried yet, but my baby is still doing somersaults and i do hope it settles head down soon. i know there are some other mamas in the group with non-vertex babies or other less than ideal presentations... let's have lots of good thoughts for them to all get well positioned soon!

oakember, that woman sounds horrible. there are so many people who just don't know how to be nice, it's really too bad. it sounds like ember had a wonderful time and i wish you had been able to enjoy it more... i understand about having a bad experience cast a lasting shadow on a mood.

wannabmommie, it was interesting reading about your dream about your mother. the last three or four nights, every night, i have dreams of my mom driving me crazy - like really bothering me. we have a very close relationship, but the last two times she visited us, especially the last time, she really said some things that actually made me angry. i was clear with her that what she said was very wrong but i don't think it will really stop her from saying things like that in the future, so i guess i continue to mull over how to respond next time she says something very offensive and that is finding its way into my dreams now too.

krnflwr, your story about hannah was really interesting. children are so amazing and perceptive.

truebluexf, much good luck weathering out the hurricane and returning home.

lucysmama, hope you're hanging in ok. as for feeling hermit tendencies, i guess i do sort of... but i've always been a bit of a homebody and i don't like crowds even when not pregnant i haven't noticed a great change from my norm.

piglet, sounds like things are coming together for you! congrats! i still can't believe how many mamas are moving now! we are getting our "baby room" together. it's painted and dh put in a new subfloor so we'll go get laminate flooring today to put in sometime this weekend. it's really going to serve as a guest room with a dresser where we can put baby clothes and diapers, but it's decorated in bright colors that i wouldn't normally select for an adult guest. we still have a few big projects that i hope get done before the baby comes... especially replacing the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom so we can actually shower down there... right now it would take about 20 minutes to get wet with the lack of pressure.

let's see... had another good midwife appointment yesterday. everything is great except that the baby isn't head down yet (although there is still lots of fluid and room for it to reposition, which it still does regularly). and this monday we start our birthing classes - yay!

ok, big hugs to everyone and i hope you all have a great weekend!

09-04-2004 03:45 PM
momadance How am I gonna last till the 13th! I feel so uncomfortable and huge!
Amie, I'm like that 24/7, I let it out though, in some sort of way. I generally can communicate right away in a calm way, but while preg, I'm not so tactful.

Letia, I don't pray to Jesus Christ, but I'll pray for these people anyway... in my own way.

I've been very hermity lately as well. Touchy too, and very into not having my personal space invaded. I'm feeling real useless on the home improvement front. Cleaning the kitchen is like running a marathon. Good thing DH rules! Although today I asked him if my faced looked fat, and he started cracking up! He said I had a funny expression. I told him I hope he enjoyed our "dance" the other night, cus with reactions like those, it's gonna be another 5 months (totally joking with him)
09-04-2004 03:07 PM
mirthfulmum Amie - You know I probably would have done the same thing. It gets me so angry when people are rude to my child. I used to be very non-confrontational but have really been working on asserting myself over the past few years. And I've gotten so much better. I still tolerate a lot of cr*p from people when it's directed at myself, but treat my child with disrespect... :.

Katie - I am totally going thru the hermit phase. The idea of socializing just makes me feel grumpy. I am making an effort though to get out a few more times with friends without Alias as I won't be able to have just a girl's night out for quite a while after Harrison arrives. But I really have to psyche myself up to do it. I really just want to stay home with my family and get our home ready for the new arrival.

I'm going to get a massage today. I really really need it. My back is killing me! I keep waking up in the night with my back all cramped up becase I haven't moved in hours. So this morning I woke up with a huge knot just below my shoulder blade... I'm hoping a good massage will help relax it and it may even improve my grumpy pregnant lady disposition .

By the way... last chance for the bead sign up. If you haven't had a chance to PM me with your address get it to me quick. I'm going to compile the list tonight and PM it off to everyone tomorrow.
09-04-2004 02:02 PM
Lucysmama to Amie! That woman was rude and totally outta line! I probably would have been snarky to her, too.....I can't help it. I know what you mean about getting all wrapped up in what just happened and it distracting you. And about feeling very mama bear-ish! Both of those things happen to me. (Last year around the holidays I was shopping with dd, and this woman came up to her and YELLED at her, right in her little face, for being noisy. My dd had never been yelled at before and got hysterical. I wanted to rip that lady limb from limb, I'm telling you....) And with your pregnancy hormones, it's amazing to see how protective we are over our children and family.

Speaking of that, is anyone feeling a little hermity yet? I went thru this with dd's pregnancy, too - it hit me about 3 weeks before I had her. I don't wanna go anywhere in crowds, or have people over, or go to large social gatherings. I just want to stay home and chill and rest, and not have to deal with annoying people. (It seems like everyone is really annoying lately - I am mentally rolling my eyes all the time!) I guess it partially has to do with it being so difficult to drag my high-needs tantruming toddler around in public, but even going out alone doesn't appeal to me very much anymore.
09-04-2004 01:39 PM
stanleymama Amie... I get frustrated with people at times too but because I am an extreme non-confrontationalist, I vent it out to dh. I dream about it too sometimes. Sometimes I wish I could be more bold like you and speak my mind, instead I just usually walk away. Don't beat yourself up though. I haven't really dealt with a situation with my kids in the manner that you did, and if I ever do I will be more apt to respond, because NO ONE messes with my kids.

Maybe its bothering you because of pg hormones and seeing your little girl growing up in front of you and then someone totally being out of line. Combine all those elements and yeah, you are going to respond. {{{{HUGS}}}}
09-04-2004 11:19 AM
blessed2bamommie Weeeeeeeeell...I didn't do it in IRL; but, I went off on my mama in my dreams. (minus the profanity and in a respectful way; but, speaking my mind is a lot for me. believe it or not) She made me mad last weekend and I guess it was still bothering me. She was cussin and fussin about the invitations to a shower that she wanted to throw for me; but, depending on who you read, she can or cannot throw. She's helping another teacher whom she asked to host and is inviting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall her colleagues retired and active. (she's a teacher) They threw me a bridal shower too. Its wonderful because mama and many of her colleagues taught me and the rest I have relationships with growing up in a elementary school. She was swamped with starting school (which she does every year) and this is was stressing her out. Weeeeeeeeeeell, I didn't ask her to give me this shower so don't fuss and cuss to me about it! : Aaaaaaaaaaaand she *loves* to lash out when she's that way so she told me that in 6-8 months I'll be looking for a job. I said why? She said b/c I'll want to get away from the baby. I said that's what playgroups are for. Now, her baby is almost 30, and she asks whats that and I said that its probably become popular in the last 10 years or so. I was ! Course, me becoming a SAHM is a sore subject for her. I was a teacher too and quit after 4 yrs b/c I HATED it! And according to our state stats I'm *not* the only one! Working conditions here stink! And even worse for a special subject teacher. (I taught music) She better be glad! Course, I dropped the double major of elem ed., but she was music teacher and she quit after being with me and having her classroom on a cart! She had elem ed to fall back on and now she teaches 5th grade. I didn't want to! uhhhhhhhhh you have to teach math and does she *not* remember that I was in *her* math class. The *lowest*!!! Anyway!

Amie, as far as the fair, well, I'm veeeeeeeeeery non confrontational; but, I think I'd speak up when my baby is being talked about. I would probably be assertive; but, I'm not really the angry type and I don't swear. Course, I'm a different person around dh, as far as anger goes. He usually hears my rant about a situation that I won't tell the person who upset me. Hard to change voicing your feelings when you would get in trouble for expressing yourself when you were a child. Well, I wouldn't because I didn't. My little sister would and I kept my mouth shut. Ahhhhhhhhhh healthy childhood! I've got a 360 to do...

Well, I got a call from my MWs apprentice, whos actually gonna be my primary b/c she's 5 births from her CPM. There's a birth on the coast, which is good that Frances is not gonna call, and she can't make my appointment. And the apprentice has to travel today to the state line too. Soooooooo...I have a reschedule Monday and I have nothing scheduled today! That's a rarity. Next week is my first of my weekends of showers. I better enjoy it! We probably should go to the library b/c only Jesus knows where dh put that Consumer Report on car seats! I guess I have some mags on the table to sort through, I shoudl check. I want to go by bru b/c the changing table I picked when I saw it IRL stinks. But *not* today! Or maybe it might be a good day. I have avoided it but Target has no changing tables in store and TRU was worthless. Seems like folks are still going to the coast since Frances is staying south of us.....I'm trying to avoid the BRU aggravation.

I want some homefries.....
09-04-2004 06:30 AM
OakEmber Kimberly- I definately KWYM, and I am really starting to get excited and look forward to Oakley's arrival, at long last...not that I wasn't looking forward to it before but you know!

Argh so I have a major vent that I think is keeping me up, hopefully after I get this off my chest I can get back to sleep. We were at the fair today (and had a really good time) except for this one incident where another mom brought out the pregnant b*tch in me : Ember was standing by this display, you know the kind the kids stick there head into and get thier picture anyway, we've been in this nice little kids area for like 5 or 10 mins and are thoroughly enjoying ourselves when this woman comes up gets her two kids in the thing and then barks "Can you get her out of the way" to my mom, refering to Ember (I was a few feet away, beside this woman infact) my my moves Ember closer to her, and it's not good enough for the woman so she basically says the same thing again. At this point, I was already : by her tone the first time so I snapped at her...can't remember exactly word for word what I said but basically "Well aren't you just a little bit rude! Four, Five Six! (which is something our family uses to mean FOR F*ck SAKES, incase you aren't familiar with it :LOL) Instead of appoligizing, which of course is what I am expecting...I mean hey, this is my Dd right...she snaps back at me like "don't you know how hard it is to get them to stay still for a pic?" And so I'm like "Yeah but you can still be polite" and she's like "yeah and I'd like to tell you...." then basically cuts herself off before saying the f word, though she did get the F...out. I don't even thing she new Ember was my dd, because she was standing with my mom. I almost yelled at her "yeah well I'm pregnant (cuz I don't even think she noticed, she was just so oblivious to everything around her), what's your excuse for being a B*tch"....OHHH she just filled me with rage...I think it was the momma bear thing, that and the fact that she talked as though my Dd was a "thing" to be moved instead of a person who she should have been directing the question to, KWIM? I guess maybe had I said "she'll move, as soon as you ask her nicely" which is what I would have said had I overheard the same thing coming from a kid, I would have had better results. So then, she leaves and is standing with her family or whoever and I see her point over to I waved her the bird , OK, so I could have probably done without doing that too, but And anyway, I don't think that Ember would be in the pic've probably all seen what I am talking about, those things are designed to pretty much take up the whole shot! And just to be sure you know, this took place rather quickly and it's not like we were yelling at eachother or drawing attention to ourselves, it was pretty much a private exchange, don't want you all to have pictures of me creating a scene in your heads.

So now that my rant was over I was really bummed out because I couldn't shed that mood for quite sometime, probably until my blood pressure came down and here Ember was totally enjoying herself and being so sweet...and I was watching her and trying to enjoy the moment but my mind was still racing. It was really cute, the kids were given a basket and then it was a kind of scavenger hunt I guess... they had a little dirt plot and you were were to find 2 potatoes, a chicken coop to find 2 eggs and an orchard to find 2 apples. (that's why Ember was even standing there in the first place, she was not supposed to "look" while they were hidding the potatoes, which was right behind the display so she was only doing what she had been told) Ember must have done it at least 4 or 5 times, it was so cute...she was so independent and would quietly find her things...bring them back to the girls, sort them into the buckets for them...and do it again And I actually witnessed a new side to her, I'd never really seen her be that involved and focused, yet not running around with excitement just calm...hard to explain but that's why I felt sad about the whole not just being able to enjoy the moment thing

Ahhh, hopefully I can get some sleep now. Hope you don't all think I am terrible, do you think you'd have done or felt the same?

Tomorrow we are going to the parade, biggest one that we see around here and Ember is super excited about it, so I really want to get some sleep. Oh and one more thing, made a mistake by letting Ember's first ride be a fast one that goes up and down poor girl, I was trying to reassure her that it was OK but she didn't even look at me...just looked straight ahead, sometimes with eyes closed (is there a cringe icon?) and was saying " I don't like this, I want off". I am glad that she didn't cry (or puke)...and she did get used to it...hopped off and said that was fun, :LOL....but I am lucky she wasn't tramatized!! She went on others after but we were more careful in our selections, and made sure that she was sitting with her cousin, not by don't make the same mistake that I did when your little ones get to that age!
09-03-2004 11:16 PM
stanleymama Has anyone seen my energy, because I can't seem to find it anywhere I am starting to feel so tired, so I know the end is coming soon. This always happens to me. Tonight I washed the baby's diapers and put them away, and it really hit me that in roughly 6 weeks or so life is going to be pretty different around here. For so long I have just been pg, but now we are going to have a new family member around. ANyone KWIM?

Piglet glad to hear you are getting settled in your new place.

Katie...hope you find what you need before its too late

Chat more later mamas!
09-03-2004 07:26 PM
Piglet68 Hi everyone!

My first "relaxing day" since we left Cleveland. DD is napping and I finally was able to catch up with all your posts!

trublue: hope you guys stay safe and that your home gets passed by!! i'm thinking of you!

katie: glad you guys at least found a place. hope your doggy can be reunited with you soon! I can so relate to how hard it is to be surrounded by stuff and not be able to do much

gliders: i got a cheap one from walmart before emily was born. but it didn't move with us. thinking of maybe investing in another one. i'm feeling so cheap these days I really don't want to fork out for one, but it sure came in handy for nursing!

oops, i gotta fly...but we have internet now so i'll be checking and posting more often now!
09-03-2004 06:29 PM
AnnR33 I guess "nursing chairs" are on everyone's mind cuz I've been thinking of one too! I really want a big overstuffed thing with an ottoman kind of set up. Or a chaise lounge would be soooo cool! We finally have rm for one but not so much on the money end of things with all the moving expenses. I have a glider that DH keeps reminding me I wanted with DD #2 but it's not so comfy for me and nursing I'm afraid.
Oh well, off to dream in the Ikea catalog
09-03-2004 05:42 PM
Lucysmama Letia - thanks so much for the heads-up!!! Unfortunately, I had to give dd a nap right at that time. I was hoping to put her off till 12:15 or so, but at 11:50 she started whining and asking for a nappy...I knew I couldn't be on the computer anymore. Duty calls. : So I missed it. So happy you scored some, though! I heard they went in 1 second!

I'm trying to find room in our lil apartment for a nice comfy nursing chair, too. We also have to buy a co-sleeper now because our bed can't be against a wall at this apartment, and we can't put the baby in the middle cause that is where Lu sleeps. I don't want her and the baby next to each other. So now we have to buy something else, phooey. Maybe we can hit up a relative who wants to get the baby something....
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