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10-11-2004 12:49 PM
Momma2LiamandTara I have been eating chocolate non stop this past month. I have been craving it soo bad!! I always say if you're craving it then it's the baby's way of telling you that is what it needs.

I've been eating peanut and almond M&M's so much. Everytime I go to the store I just get these big cravings for them so I just buy a bag and try to have it last more then a day.

So go ahead have a little chocolate it won't hurt. I remember when I was pregnant wiht Liam for the whole first trimester I was craving double quarter pounders w/ cheese from mcdonalds! I don't know how many I ate! Normally I don't eat mcdonalds that often but for some reason I HAD to have it.

Hey that might be a fun thread for this week. What cravings have you been having?

Well I hope some of you who are feeling like they are in labor that you have your lil ones!

10-11-2004 11:58 AM
kraftykathy mirthfulmum - Aw, you sound sooooo happy. I loved your post. And I just CAN'T wait to be where your at!!!!

Meli - That's funny about your friend talking to Willow over the phone!

Congratulations Jillerina!!!!! Welcome Leo!!!!!!!!

10-11-2004 11:21 AM
mandalamama Happy Thanksgiving mirthfulmum and other Canadians! now i'm craving pumpkin pie!!

mirthfulmum i'm so blissed-out happy for you, reading your post. it sounds like Alias is going to be a great big brother!! and you're a wonderful mommy i can't wait to smell that newborn smell!

still having contractions for an hour or few hours, at random. it's so weird! my husband tried to find a larger pattern but couldn't find one (yes, he is a geek ). my doula checks in on me a lot, we both get so excited about the surges that we're both getting really tired of them stopping! last night a friend called to see how things are going, she had me hold the phone to my belly and was bribing Willow with all sorts of stuff if she'll just come OUT *lol*

10-11-2004 10:28 AM
mirthfulmum Harrsion woke up for a early morning snack this morning (4am) and during his feeding had a massive diaper leak so after cleaning up, nursing him down etc. I am now unable to get back to sleep. But hey, what a great opportunity to catch up with all you guys. I really miss the thread and being a part of all your pregnancies.

Our babymoon has been absolutely wonderful. Harrsion seems to be blending right into our family. He's a pretty mellow little guy and dosen't seem to take any notice of Alias' screaming, banging and other general toddler noises. The little guy is also pretty tolerant of his big brother's bumps and grabs. I guess Harrson is already used to being squished and jabed from Alias' general rambunctiousness while I was pregnant. I can't tell you how many times Alias full-on jumped right onto my stomach while I was pregnant.

While the new-toy novelty of his little brother has worn off, Alias is doing fantastically adjusting to big brother hood. He dosen't ask to hld Harrison much now, it's kinda boring having to just sit there and do nothing. But Alias talks to Harrison all the time and wants to show him things and have Harrison join in some of his games. And Alias still dose not want to go to bed with out "his Harrison". They're very sweet together.

But Alias is definately more emotionaly needy and higher strung. And that's to be expected. He pretends to be a baby quite a few times in the day, and we let him. So he pretends to cry, asks to be carried like a baby and nurse. I figure this is his way of venting his insecuritues and rivalry feelings. And I don't mind playing along. Yesterday when we were playing blocks he wanted to be the baby and insisted that I be the big brother. I built the towers and he would knock them down, I tried to use the opportunity to model being a big brother to him and he really seemed to like it. I've been told by my friend whose daughter was born in March that the sibling rivalry stuff dosen't really begin until the baby's about 6 months and can now touch the older one's stuff. But for now I am just so relieved that Alias isn't showing signs of feeling totally displaced.

And yes, it is such a relief not being pregnant any more. Who knew it could be so thrilling to be able to bend over to pick up toys of the floor. But of course there's all those *wonderful* after birth body expereinces that I forgot about... the cramps, the constipation (and fear of pooping), the hot flashes and night sweats, the swollen boobs etc. But you know it is so worth it. It's so much easier to deal with the discomforts when you've got that little baby in your arms and they're making those little newborn grunts and moans and you smell that sweet newborn smell... Ahhh baby heaven.

I've been taking the EPO to help stave off the after pregnancy hormone surge mood swings and I wanted to let you all know that the stuff really works. The EPO seems to just take the edge off. I can definately tell the difference, and so can Dh. So for those of you who are using it during pregnancy, keep the stuff around to take orally for after the birth.

I wish I had the time and energy to respond to you all individually... hugs and positive labour vibes to all who need them (especially Ekatherina as it sounds like you may be next and Lucysmama cause you're little babe has that one week grandma-free window). Amazingly we will all be holding our little ones in only a few more weeks.

Almost forgot... Happy Thanksgiving to all us Canadians!!!
10-11-2004 10:16 AM
Thia Morning all. Thank God I do not have to go to work this morning. How will I do it tomorrow? My night was a long one, but I don't feel like it got me any closer to giving birth. Baby must have been laying funny on my bladder, so I was up every half hour and it hurt too! I would be trying to sleep in, but noooo, this kid wants food and want it NOW!
Another cloudy, cold fall day here. We really don't want to turn the heat on yet...but we might have to. I wanted to at least hold out until baby came.
Someone said their dh won't let them eat chocolate. Why? Did he see that article a few months ago on how it is actually good for the baby? Seriously, babies whose moms ate choco during pg were happier at 6 months then babies whose moms didn't. So, go find some choco mamma, you deserve it!
10-11-2004 09:51 AM
mirthfulmum Wanted to let you all know that I got an e-mail from Piglet's Dh with an update and a beautiful picture of Sasha. Piglet is recovering well and their little guy is healthy and gorgeous. Not sure when she'll be home or able to get online so wanted to let you all know.
10-11-2004 08:36 AM
Ekatherina i;m still having these cramps... but this time much stronger i guess...i also have backache and now a sudden headache...(my BP was always 100/60 during whole pg...) i wonder why is this headache?? im a little tired from this pain that seems not to go at will eat and jump into the warm not dare to call my mw from now since when i called her yesterday she said :"if you have pain lay down on ur back and im coming!!! " so you see why i dont want her to come fast here (she will insist on back labor i think) ...just want to relax as i want as much as i can...sorry am not able to post longer right now...thanx sooooooo much for ur support and advice...means so so much.......will keep you updated....
10-11-2004 03:30 AM
Court I'm so tired but wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoyed reading your birth story Ashlee...and the pictures are beautiful - you guys really are glowing. All the birth stories have been so inspiring so far, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Now I'm starting to think I should've planned on having a waterbirth after reading Ashlee's story. I know I'll be using the shower for sure (just didn't want to hassle with a pool).

Ekatherina- hope things are going okay for you, it does sound like labor is immenent- but who knows...I hope you're able to get some rest. (and thanks for posting your pic - you do have a cute belly )

mmm that sushi sounds good Momadance - I had some California rolls the other day, not quite the same, but I couldn't remember which fish had mercury or whatever. Those painful sensations do sound weird, I wonder what he's doing in there. I just get head buts to my cervix which feels like a stabbing pain sometimes. He wants out!

Okay I've cried like 3 times today, I'm losing my mind! Speaking of which -Eternal Sunshine- great movie, I highly recommend it, we watched it today.

Hugs and labor vibes to those who are at your due date or past it...I'm thinkin' about you ladies all the time and who's gonna be next...

Can't wait to hear how it went with Piglet...
10-11-2004 12:06 AM
momadance Hey mama's! Wow! congrats to Jillerina, and welcome Leo!!! A big healthy boy! I love it!

Hope all is well with everyone! Dh and I had a real nice date last night. We went to our town square and ate at a wonderful thai/sushi bar, then did some window shopping, and followed that up with a walk over to the celtic fire house for some guiness and key lime pie

I've been having some super weird painful sensations, and Reeds freakin' out in here! It's like sharp painful sensations, and jabs and squirms that are ultra painful... It kinda feels like he's sucking on me from the inside, or pulling on the cord or something... It's real hard to explain.

Court~ you in the punkin' patch is so cute! And it's great to see a picture of you Ekatherina, you have a cute little belly

Ashlee... ahhhhhhh you have me so excited! Your story is beautiful, as is your girl. The family picture while your still in the birthing tub had me all choked up! Your so glowing, as is your dh... Just wonderful!

Man, I just scarfed down 4 spinach nuggets, a piece of cheese and a big glass of choc. soy milk I'm going to be regretting it while trying to sleep for sure.

Miles has outgrown our sleep diaper situation. He's about 35lbs and it's time to upgrade our sleep system. Any suggestions?
10-11-2004 12:02 AM
Lucysmama She said she comes home tomorrow, I maybe we will get an update from her tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on how she is feeling.
10-10-2004 11:33 PM
Ekatherina I wish anyone could tell us how is Piglet doing....
10-10-2004 11:09 PM
Ekatherina Just wanted to add...Mandi, your freind os so lucky to have such a nice advisor...i guess he is rather a rare type....mine situation is much like advisor i guess is in denial too.....he never asked me how i feel thoughout the whole pg...bu he didn't make any annoying comments i guess ur right not to care is the best attitude cause our babies are NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!!!
Ashlee, pictures of you and your baby and sooooooooo beautiful...what a cute baby!!! ...
im still crampy...and nothing progressing......thinking of takin a long long walk but its raining here!!!!
Ann, I hope so so much....thanx for the vibes... and hope ur in-laws don't bother u much....keep on thinking only positive thoughts!!!
10-10-2004 10:34 PM
AnnR33 Ekatherina-oh I think you are definitely in labor!!! -diarhea is a good sign-it's the body cleaning itself out to get ready...I'd say you on your way my dear! Sending you lots of good labor vibes

Wishing I had something to report but I'm sure I have at least 2 weeks to go. In-laws will be here the 23rd so stay for 3 wks so the cleaning will kick into high gear here now! I actully wasn't expecting them for another 5 days after that so I desperately hope they don't stress me out and delay any labor like I know can happen-thinking positive thoughts....I do get along with them but you know how things can go

Take care
10-10-2004 09:54 PM
gottaknit Hello everyone! Wow so much news!

Congratulations Jillerina and Welcome Leo!! : : :

Ashlee, Ella's birth story was beautiful! I hope all of us first-time homebirthers get wonderful births like that! (I hope every woman in the world gets a birth like that!) It sounds so wonderful. I'm glad to hear so many great things about laboring in water; sounds like it'll make it much easier.

Well it's so goofy, but some days I feel like the baby will be here any time, because I'm so crampy and tired, etc.... And other days, like today, I feel like I'm still in my 6th month or something! We walked around Ikea all day yesterday (what a zoo!!) and not a single contraction. I've been on my feet all day today, too, running errands and grocery shopping, and don't feel particularly ready to have a baby, or even tired....

Maybe it's all mental. Since I know I don't have to go back to work tomorrow, I feel more relaxed... Anyway, I had been hoping the baby would be early, but now I'm content to just wait it out. "I" still have lots to do around the house. (I've got DH painting upstairs right now. :LOL )

For those of you still working (Thia and Beansmama!), I recommend quitting this instant! It is such a huge psychic relief!

BTW, Good news Beansmama on the no pre-eclampsia!

I'll try to post a pic of DH tonight in his "p'udder". He was such a good sport in front of his coworkers, but now he's being all shy and refusing to pose for a picture.
10-10-2004 08:53 PM
Ekatherina thank you so much everyone ...sorry not to post yesterday but i DID went to sleep waking up every hour with a menstrual pain.and backache. cramps i its early morning here and my mw's phone call woke me up...she was checking on me (im in love with my mw)...i said nothing progressive...she tried to explain something in japanese but i only understood half of it...:...but when i hang up, again these cramps and diarrhea!! Thia, same here im soooooooo sleepy because of this all and sometimes it is so hard not to believe that my period is not starting...I hope this will not last long for all of us...birth vibes....
Oakember, thanx... ...the picture at yahoo is maybe 1.5-2 weeks old...(36th week) ill post a new one now.......i was very happy to browse through ur pictures too...i guess poeple are just enviuos when they do their nasty are all beautiful pg women... didn't see ashlee's baby yet...
Meli, hope things are in progress with you now.......
Ameliabedelia, thanx for the chocolate almonds dh didnt let me eat chocolate the whole pg!! and im so chocoholic...!! yesterday i was crying over everything and cried over not-eaten chocolate too...but he still didn't allow me to eat one.....
10-10-2004 08:33 PM
True Blue Oh yeah...

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Mommas!!!
10-10-2004 08:25 PM
i feel like a total dork you know how everyone says "you'll just know" when labor really starts? my body fooled me this morning i woke up having strong contractions, i was really grooving on how powerful they felt! like i was riding a rollercoaster lying down it went on for 2 hours so i started timing them, they were at 6 min. apart at that point. an hour later i just absolutely KNEW this was the real thing, i felt like i was on a fast train that wasn't stopping! i didn't wake Pan, he needs his sleep. now i'm glad i didn't, because it all stopped cold 3 hour later! so what's with me "knowing?"
Well obviously I have no way of knowing this, but I would be willing to bet that this is "it" for you. I know labor often starts and stops, but if it was that intense, it usually doesn't stop for long. I am thinking you are NEXT, maybe tonight (maybe you already had the baby ), or maybe tomorrow, but I would think it would be soon!! I was talking with my mom about this and she said all her labors started, then stopped for a few hours then started up again and at that time things really got moving and going and birth happened. It is not uncommon for real labor to start, stop and then start up again a few hours later.

Katie, sending lots of labor while mom is away vibes to you. Maybe just relaxing and knowing she is far, far away will help you labor. I think sometimes the body needs to be relaxed and at peace for labor to start and proceed. Maybe just knowing she won't be knocking on your door will relax you enough to get things going!!

I have been having the crampy feelings too, on and off. I still think I am at least a week away, but I do sometimes feel that crampy, backachey, feeling.

Amie, yup, chocolate covered almonds definitely count as protein!! I think I need to bring chocolate with me too!! Chocolate always makes me feel better
10-10-2004 07:54 PM
OakEmber Aww Ashlee...Ella is such a sweetie I love the Flower From Daddy picture!! Hope you are enjoying your babymoon

I've also been experiencing much menstral's been going on since the beginning of Oct. now : Today I am getting the backacke thing again a bit too, just started this afternoon again but I am tired of getting my hopes up

Carbs are definately a good thing to eat to get your stamina up for labor...can't say that I craved them though, with Ember my labor started in the middle of the night and I had to force down a piece of dry toast which is all I ended up eating...this time though, I will make sure that I have some food, I was pretty gaunt by the end. I've got a box of chocolate covered almonds stashed in my hospital bag so that I can at least have a little burst of enegy...and hey, I can count them as a protien right :LOL I already mentioned that I am eating turkey dinner tonight
10-10-2004 07:22 PM
Momma2LiamandTara Ashlee-

What beautiful pictures you posted. Your family is so beautiful! Congrats! Thanks for sharing your pictures. You are just glowing!

10-10-2004 07:13 PM
flitters WOW!!!

Congratulations Jillerina!

And Ashlee, what a WONDERFUL birth story!

I hope I didn't miss anyone - the thread is moving so fast these days! (Oh, and I'm glad you guys found my bj efforts amusing! )

I've been so so busy and it's just fantastic being home with dh. Dh is replumbing half our house - yeah, crazy timing, hopefully it'll be done before the baby gets here! I have so many littler projects... I've started sewing baby wipes and cloth mama pads and I think that will keep me busy for two days before I feel like I have enough of either.

Labor vibes to those who need them and big hugs to everyone!

10-10-2004 07:10 PM
Thia Ekatherina-I feel like that too, real menstrual. If I didn't know I was pg, I'd swear my period was minutes away. In the past week or so, they have been relieved by changing position, showering etc, but today, they haven't been going away that easily. Of course, being as I'd like to get this show on the road, I don't want to do anything to delay labor. Catch 22!!! And they do make me sleepy too, but then sometimes I am so uncomfortable, I can't sleep.
Haven't heard from ya the rest of the day, so I hope things did get going for you.
Ug, lets all try to get some rest tonight!
Anyone crave carbs before they went into labor/hard labor? We're having spaghetti for dinner b/c I want pasta soooo bad. This is after being naughty and eating ramen noodles for lunch and craving bread all day.
10-10-2004 04:52 PM
ashleep hey everyone! can't talk much, just wanted to say hi and tell you all i posted some pics on yahoo. hope everyone's doing well, i'll check back when i have more hands and time
10-10-2004 04:20 PM
OakEmber Alright Katie Here's lots of ~*~laboring while moms away*~* vibes!!
10-10-2004 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by Ekatherina
can contractions be like that??? just long pain like menstrual cramps getting stronger and weaker irregularly...???? : please somebody explain im so worried... feeling sleepy but can't get to sleep....
It could very well be early labor starting or not...sorry not to have a better answer but that's the beauty of birth-everyone is so different! I know it's hard but really try to get some rest if it really is the big event-many say that showers or baths help alot too so try that if possible.

Hope all goes well if this is "IT" !
10-10-2004 02:38 PM
Lucysmama Meli - Happy due date to you!!!

Same thing happened to me last night. At 2:30 am last night I woke up to a very strong contraction. I had a few more, and they were getting uncomfortable. I laid there for a while, and had maybe 4 of them. When I looked at the clock again, it was only 2:45! My lower belly was hurting with the peak of the contractions, so I got up and made myself and herbal hotpack. I was getting excited thinking this was totally it. Laying that pack on my tummy during the contrx felt soooooo good. Too good! I feel asleep! When I woke up at 5:00am to go to the bathroom, there was nothing going on anymore. Oh well.

Amy - I was worried that could happen to you! I have known a few mamas wo have expected to go early for various reasons, and then didn't. It must make the wait seem so much longer! I wouldn't do anything too aggressive, though. Maybe your body is ready, but it could be that your baby's is not.

I'm going to PM Letia and make sure she's ok! We haven't heard from her in a long time.

ETA: My mom just called and said her trip is back on - she's packing up her car and leaving in the morning! She lives only 15 minutes from me, so it is such a relief to know she is driving faaaaaar away. Otherwise, I know she'd be pounding on my door. You know what she just told me??? She has been telling my dd that "if she's scared during labor, to call Grandma and she'll come take you away." : That really pisses me off! Oh, I hope I have the baby this week while she is away!!!
10-10-2004 01:04 PM
OakEmber Aw Meli- and it's your EDD too! I don't know what to say...just hopefully it starts up again soon.

Ekatherina try not to worry, every labor is different so this could be the beginning of yours...and your body is definately working towards it, even if it's not the real thing right now.

Amy- this is the last of my predicted days too. Today we are having Thanksgiving dinner with the family, I am looking forward to not thinking at all about it all day like I have been the last few. With my luck it would be today, :LOL, I am really looking forward to a nice tasty meal and pumpkin pie!! I am somewhat reassured that even though no one is hitting thier mark with their predictions, they are coming pretty close..within a week hopefully we won't be so far off either

Just went to look at the new pics you posted Court...that's so do look like you are smuggling a pumpkin :LOL

Ekatherina- just saw you for the first time too! Wow, you look far along are you in that pic?

And Mirthfulmum...did you tell us what Harrison weighted? I can't remember Hope you are still feeling good and that Alias is still having fun in his new role
10-10-2004 12:52 PM
mandalamama Ekatherina & gottaknit ... night sweating here also! which is really unusual for me to sweat much at all, i've been waking up needing and toweling off just to get back to sleep.

congratulations Jillerina!! : :

Ashlee your birth story is so amazing!!

i feel like a total dork you know how everyone says "you'll just know" when labor really starts? my body fooled me this morning i woke up having strong contractions, i was really grooving on how powerful they felt! like i was riding a rollercoaster lying down it went on for 2 hours so i started timing them, they were at 6 min. apart at that point. an hour later i just absolutely KNEW this was the real thing, i felt like i was on a fast train that wasn't stopping! i didn't wake Pan, he needs his sleep. now i'm glad i didn't, because it all stopped cold 3 hour later! so what's with me "knowing?"

10-10-2004 12:49 PM
Thia I found my colored pencils.
10-10-2004 12:49 PM
OakEmber Congrats Jillerina and family Welcome baby Leo...biggest baby so far I think

Now it looks like I better go check out Ashlee's birthstory...can't wait to hear yours too Jillerina, when you are feeling up to it
10-10-2004 12:30 PM
True Blue Just wanted to add to Ashlee, your birth story is so wonderful!!!
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