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10-25-2004 02:52 AM
mirthfulmum Laurel - :LOL Sorry to laugh but I could so empathize. Fortunately I have Dh here with me during the day for now so we are sharing diaper duty... but I still feel like I am changing a thousand diapers a day.

Meli - Glad you're feeling a bit better. I ment to comment earlier, and I agree with everyone else. That hospital's policy sucks!: You have every right to be upset.

Courtney - I need way more NAKing practice. It's so frustrating doing the balacing act of keeping Harrison attached to the breast (he's very particular about his latch) and typing with one hand... very slowly.

Thanks for the sweet comments on my boys. I am so impressed really by all of the pictures of our (Oct. due date club) kids. Is it just me or does this group have gorgeous families or what!
10-25-2004 01:44 AM
Court just wanted to say hi (nak) I'm thinkin about all you ladies (esp. you Katie- you're one strong woman). I've looked at most of all the new pics and the babies are so beautiful ofcourse!

boy we've had a baby boom around here! Congratulations Momadance, kimberly, Carrie! I know I'm forgetting someone, sorry.

Good laboring to you nancy! Trust me, you're gonna want your dh there to press on your back and squeeze his hand, even for early labor. I ended up needing my dh a lot more (and for longer) than I thought I would- and he did great...just had to give some instructions to him. I know what you mean though, if you feel like a watched pot, it may stall labor.

I did a lot to help my labor along - showering, walking, nipple stimulation...

forgot how soft newborns were

hope Thia is doing well........

nak is hard :
10-24-2004 11:34 PM
OakEmber I wish we could get another update on Katie...that was great of you Nate

Jillerina...oh the glamorous life of a mommy, hey :LOL

Meli- I was sorry to read your earlier post...glad to hear that you are feeling better. What a shame though that they even have policy about something that is(should be) rightfully yours to do with what you please. :

Nancy- hope you are off in laborland now. You are too funny

Ann- I am still hanging here with ya...we went to the pumpkin patch today too.

Mirthfulmum- Yay, new to check them out

Sitting here, drinking my RRL trying to strengthen the contx. The more I have pre-labour the more worried I get about the length of time it will take me to get to the hospital....I hope I really do know when it's time to go. I've been thinking about my labour with Ember and it occured to me that I wasn't at the point of not talking through, being imobolized by the contx. until nearing transition (: )...although who knows what it will be like this time.

Oh the pictures!!! Mirthfulmum...Harrison is looking so pudgy and healthy, what a doll! So cute, Alias trying out the sling too. Mommadance- You MUST, MUST blow up that black and white photo for your wall (I am sure you already plan too), what an amazing picture of your sons, the are too sweet!
10-24-2004 10:10 PM
Jillerina Here's a story for you Mirthful and Gottaknit... this morning I got up with Clara and Leo and let Dh sleep in a bit. I changed Leo's diaper first (poopy of course). As soon as he had a new dipe on and was all dressed again he pooped (again). So I changed him a second time. Then I changed Clara's diaper, she left the room with a clean diaper and came right back about 30 seconds later telling me she'd just poo'd! So changed her again too. Then I went to pick up Leo to take him to the living room to find out his diaper had somehow leaked and he was wet!! Yes, I changed 5 diapers and 2 outfits in the course of about 15 minutes!!!! What a start to the day
10-24-2004 09:25 PM
mandalamama : welcome Zander! :

whew i'm sorry about that rant earlier. i had a good cry in the shower, i forget how healing the water can be. my husband washed my hair for me and i just let all the emotions go down the drain.

*here's hoping Katie is doing well!* go Katie!!!

watching the World Series ... we just realized that the Red Sox have won every game they played since we started watching them after Willow was born ... so now we're superstitious and have to watch every minute of every game! :LOL

10-24-2004 08:58 PM
gottaknit Oh yeah, and I'm in total denial about poopy diapers. So no more mention of them allowed. :LOL

Kazia - Your boys are so cute!!! Love the picture of Alias and Bigbird in the sling!
10-24-2004 08:57 PM
AnnR33 Nancy-I'd say yes-your am fluid is leaking. That's how it was with me the first time-leaking sometimes but not others. The dr said it's just because the baby's head is like a cork so when you're walking with lots of pressure the babe's head is stopping the flow out but when you're in another position-like laying down-the head is moved so you have leaking. I finally "burst" when I sat on the toilet for a while

So glad for the update on Katie-I'm so hoping the best for you!!!!!!!!

I'm getting closer...had "real" contrax for 3 hrs today-thought it was "IT" Went from 10 min apart to 3 min with strong but not painful contrax. Then fell asleep for 45 min and woke with nothing damn!
Went to the pumpkin patch with the kids and rode on the hayrack-that caused a few contrx!! But stopped when we were done LOL

So just hanging out like the rest of us mamas in waiting...
10-24-2004 08:57 PM
gottaknit She said yes, it could very well be ruptured membranes. Either a hindleak (small rupture at the top) and the baby's head is plugging the cervix so I'm not leaking much; or maybe just the outer layer of the sac (aparently there are two layers - didn't know that) has ruptured.

Damn, I'm really easing into this labor thing slowwwwwly. I always thought it was wham! you're in labor and you know it when you feel it. Guess not though. So yeah I guess DH was right. I hate it when that happens. :LOL

I just spent about two hours shopping, most of it standing in line, (note to self: avoid Fred Meyer's on Sundays) and thought I was in labor. Contractions, hot flashes and sweating, back pain... but I felt fine once I got out to the car.

Does anyone else (who's still pregnant) ever have this irrational thought that maybe the whole thing was a misdiagnosis and you're not really pregnant? How's that for wacko? I don't know why, but it pops into my head every now and then that this isn't real at all and I'll never have a baby.
10-24-2004 07:43 PM
Wanted to send some happy labouring thoughts to Nancy . Hope this is it for you!

Also I just out up a couple more pics up at the yahoo sight. Harrison is getting nice and chubby , and there's a real sweet one of Alias trying out our Hotsling.

I just changed Harrison's poopy diaper... and guess who just had another gigantic poop while sitting on my lap. How does someone so small produce so many dirty diapers?
10-24-2004 07:34 PM
mirthfulmum Thanks for the update Nate! Hooray! Active labour has begun! Hopefully you 2 will be holding your little babe in your arms by the end of the day. I am in total awe of you Katie.
10-24-2004 07:13 PM
True Blue Come on Nancy...what did she say????
10-24-2004 05:47 PM
gottaknit Woohoo Katie! Way to go! Thanks for the update, Nate!

I don't know if that was my water leaking or not... We went on a long walk and still no more leaking. I'm having lots of BH and tons of pressure down low. My pubic bone and hips are killing me. This is very frustrating. DH is bugging me, too. Keeps asking me lots of questions every time I make the slightest face or sound, "Are you okay? Are you having a contraction?" When I said my pubic bone really hurt cuz of the weight of the baby, he got all freaked out that it must be hurting the baby too. Like the baby's getting brain damage because my pesky pelvic bones are in it's way. Oh brother.

Is it really awful of me to want to send him away for awhile when I do start going into labor? He's really scared he's going to miss the big event, but I'm starting to wonder if all of his "help" is what's holding things back... Maybe if I think things are starting up I can send him to a movie for a couple hours until I reach a "point of no return".... Hmm... Thinking out loud here.

Well I'm going to go call the midwife on her cell now so she can tell me that my water didn't really break. Then maybe DH will stop bugging me.
10-24-2004 04:54 PM
True Blue Oh Nancy that sounds like it could be your water...and the mw can test to see if it is amniotic fluid or not, it's an easy little litmus test or something I think. I wonder if you are laboring now???? I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!!

My body keeps tricking me, nights of false labor, cervix dancing around...I'm so ready! I felt like an old lady getting out of bed this morning. I'm so tired, I hurt so much, I'm cranky....come ON already kid!!! I never had anything like this with Mickade. Like, I started having pressure waves and they were labor, end of story!!

Katie we are praying for you...
10-24-2004 04:36 PM
Jillerina Keep it up Katie - thanks for the update Nate. I hope you are holding your new babe VERY soon.

Meli - I'm so sorry that you are having trouble getting your placenta back. Sound weird that they wont give you back what is yours in the first place!

Welcome Zander and Quinn and Ella ( I can't remember who I've welcomed already - so many babies!) Keep em coming Mamas.
10-24-2004 03:41 PM
blessed2bamommie for the update Nate. I've been praying that Katie can have the birth she wants at home. I know things were touch and go...

Got a diaper bag yesterday....all late. An Avent with the gift cards from Baby Depot I got. Its a black backpack so dh doesn't look like a fool. . I feel like all is right with the world. I was so happy at lunch. Dh asked me how he could make me happy. I said you made me happy when you put up the changing table and when you cleaned the bedroom for the MWs to sleep in. :LOL Not hard to please me now. And to think it used to be jewelry. Although, he joked he'd take it back and I said you got me somethin for havin your child and he said he hadn't been anywhere. Uhhhhhhhhhh...*that* would make me happy. He betta get to gettin me a tourmouline! ah shoot! however you spell this months birthstone. Course, if its a girl I want a pink I guess he can get me one after the baby is born...

I I think a nap is in order.

btw, yall I'm gettin nervous...the whole induction thing. I don't want that and now, hb mws won't do this; but, I'm also in parallel care with UNC won't let you go past 42 right? I can't remember the edd the wheel gave me....11? And my chart says 15. Whats the whole deal with all that...

Oh! what was that you were feelin Amy? pressure serges? I felt pressure that woke me up last night. I thought I might have been moving into the next stage and I thought I need to get some sleep then.... :LOL

Yall, when I got up this am I thought that literally I was gonna see a hand waving at me from out of my vagina! :LOL Sooooooooo much low pressure! OK

: eta: well look who decided to join us! feeb! I had no idea you delivered until I saw your a couple weeks ago!
10-24-2004 03:10 PM
Lucysmama Hi all, this is Nate reporting here. Katie is still laboring, somewhere in the early stages of active labor. She's in such incredible pelvic pain during contractions, but is bearing up so well. I'm so proud of her I could burst, but so sad for her I cry inside. Thank you all for your good thoughts and keep 'em coming.
Walking, birth ball, shower, birth tub, repeat.

-- Nate, ever-lovin' dh to my hard-workin' woman
10-24-2004 02:59 PM
gottaknit Meli - That totally sucks about your placenta. Why does the CDC care? Whoever caught a disease from a placenta?!

K-k-k- Katie....Can't wait to hear some good news today!

DH and I are in debate over whether or not I am leaking amniotic fluid. This morning when I got out of bed there was a very small puddle, and liquid dripping down my legs, but then it stopped after about a minute of walking around. So.... what does this mean? We left a message with the midwife and we'll see what she says. I personally think she won't be able to give us an answer one way or another and that this is much ado about nothing. But I think DH really doesn't want to go to work tomorrow. And since today is my magical due date and we'll be getting a thousand and one phone calls...... it would be nice to be able to tell them something is happening.

Any suggestions? Should I go for a long walk and see if that gets things started? :

BTW I posted some pics on the yahoo site of my dogs in their Halloween costumes. If I were a dinosaur, I'd be a Dorkasaurus Rex. :LOL That baby better get here soon or I'll be dressing up the cats!
10-24-2004 02:19 PM
Momma2LiamandTara You are one super strong and amazing woman. I know you're going to have this birth you're way. You deserve a medal for going as long as you have. I'm in awe of you.
10-24-2004 02:14 PM
Momma2LiamandTara : : :

Happy Birthday Ella & Zander!!! Welcome to the world!! Congrats Mommas!!!
10-24-2004 01:22 PM
mandalamama i just found out the hospital won't release my placenta, even to a funeral home. something about no one is willing to take legal responsibility and the CDC says they can't do it and blah blah blah. but it's MY sacred body tissue!! we were going to plant it under a willow tree next Beltane for Willow's Wiccaning, up in Mass. i mean how healing is that?! and to even think they're going to discard it makes me sick, sick, sick i posted in Birth and Beyond hoping anyone else from CT might have advice. i just needed to rant, about bullsh*t legal policies and how religion doesn't matter anymore yeah i'm Buddhist but i've embraced the Wiccan faith because it's compatible with my beliefs ... my husband is clergy, he consecrated Willow in the womb even! she is our little miracle, and her placenta gave her life, and i just want to bury it under a tree for f***'s sake. dammit. i'm sorry, i'm having a meltdown over this.
10-24-2004 11:23 AM
momadance Hey mama's!
I'm posting some pics at our yahoo page. Man our babies are so beautiful

Oh Katie! You have all the light and love I have! You are doing an amazing job!
10-24-2004 11:07 AM
Piglet68 amy i am soooo jealous! i always wanted a pip pouch! great score!

katie, thinking of you...
10-24-2004 10:18 AM
True Blue I'm on pins and needles to hear about Katie!!!

All the baby pictures are WONDERFUL!!

So I gave myself a check this morning since I had lots of pressure waves last night, and it seems like things may be starting to move cervix definitely felt a bit different. I think I'm gonna have DH take a feel later, he can probably tell more from a different angle than I can.

And in celebration of almost reaching my due date and to cheer me up bc I don't have a baby yet LOL, look like what I bought this morning!!!! PIP
10-24-2004 08:38 AM
Piglet68 pretty quiet here......
10-24-2004 03:09 AM
Piglet68 usual

congrats to zander and ella on their Birth Days. way to go court and 3boyz(and1girl!)...

katie, there is so much love and powerful thoughts for you here...
10-24-2004 02:29 AM
OakEmber Yes that's what I mean...for some reason I can never spell that right, maybe my problem is that I don't pronounce it right because that's how I spell it. Thimerosal, Thimerosal, Thimerosal....maybe if I type it out 50 times it will stick :LOL OK, since I can see the "mer" now and think of mercury maybe I will finally have it. Hopefully though it would still jump out from a list of ingredients. Let me know how it's supposed to be pronounced...I spent my childhood calling Ambulances, Ambliences so it wouldn't surprise me if I am saying this wrong too ....I blame it on all the ear infections, my hearing is not up to par.

KATIE- My goodness girl! We better not see you on here again until you have delivered that baby!! But seriously, I really hope that things have picked up for you now that Lucy is gone. I am in awe that's all I can have more stamina and courage than anyone I have ever met, this will be quite some story to pass on to your baby! Sending continued strength are doing sooooo awesome

Awww...I just went and looked at our newest additions. I just have to say that if hearing a baby cry can give you letdown than seeing all these newborns should be able to put us into labour :LOL
Courtney- Zander is so precious
Kimberly-same goes for Quinn of course but I just wanted to add that it should be a crime to look as good as you do after just having just given birth, you and your Dh don't even have a hair out of place What a lovely picture of the three of you
10-24-2004 01:19 AM
feebeeglee delurk

thimerosal is what you mean, I think?


congrats to all the october babies from their peer, Gilbert
10-24-2004 01:13 AM
bluehalo ((((katie)))) thinking of you and sending you endurance, energy and stamina. You're a goddess!! You can do this!! You *are* doing this

Welcome to the world little Zander!! Congratulations Court I love hearing about all the new babies!

Off to check the yahoo group for pictures
10-24-2004 01:11 AM
Ekatherina Court!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! : :
everyday new babies soooooooo exciting...
Katie I was so touched by your strenght that i even cried when reading your post........i send you all the birthing vibes in the world and all the strenght vibes also to keep you that strong till it's over and hopefullly soon..........
i will be : : : for you.....
10-23-2004 09:11 PM
gottaknit WOW, so much happening today! : :
Welcome Zander! Welcome Ella!

Congratulations Courtney and Carrie!!!

Oh my, am I forgetting someone...?

Katie - You ROCK!!! : You are so amazing! Way to stick it out! You must be soooo proud of yourself. I know we're all proud of you, too! (Are you a Taurus by any chance? You sound even more stubborn than me! :LOL )
Can't wait (well, obviously I can and will wait) to hear the good news!

Nothing much happening here. DH and I went for a drive out in the country and did the scenic "Fruit Loop" of farms. Bought some organic apples and pears and cider. Then stopped at the Home Despot for some supplies DH needed for the house. Man I hate that place. I opted to nap in the car, but I probably should have walked around with him. That place always gives me a ton of contractions. It's just so frantic and noisy in there...

There were only four messages on voice mail when we get back. Two wondering when I'm having this baby, and two reminding me to turn in my ballot. : I swear the whole world just thinks I'm an incompetent idiot or something... (How's that for gross exaggeration? :LOL ) Ah man, I'm being so negative, I'd better sign off before I halt everyone's good labor vibes!
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