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02-07-2005 10:47 AM
Periwinkle I started the new thread!
02-07-2005 10:01 AM
Lousli Congratulations Kitty on your beautiful boy!! Nice pictures, too. I hope your birth experience was great, and can't wait to read about it! Welcome Max!

OOH! Just read on another thread...Peacefulvegan (Tracie) is in early labor. Sending you good birthing vibes Tracie!
02-07-2005 09:54 AM
HelloKitty Hi Everyone! Going to make this quick because someone is waking up here but wanted to let you all know that Maxwell Dennis (aka "Max") was born on Friday at 9:25 PM - weighing 8 pounds 14 ounces and measuring 22 inches long. I'll post my birth story later, for now here are some pics if you want to check him out:

He's such a sweetheart!!!!

02-07-2005 09:25 AM
ZandersMom Okay so turns out pink swollen legs can be caused by tight pink pants : ...took my pants off put my feet up for two hours and my legs are back to "normal"..didn't even realize my pants were cutting off my circulation.
02-07-2005 04:02 AM
Mama2Chloe little William! And Congrats to you too Kristin!!!! Can't wait to read the birth story. If our little Sofia turns out to be a little Caleb, he would just have to wear pink for a while and have roses in his room for a while. At least we have a name picked out for boy. We are pretty sure we won't be surprised. We had the 20 week U/S and it was really clear. We tried to sneak a peak at the U/s I had on Friday, but couldn't see.

And for potty news.... Chloe had 2 accidents yesterday and used the potty all day (11 tt's and 2 poo-poos) Of course, she was a little naked butt all day (except for nap) If she has a daiper on or training pants, she won't even think to use the potty. Today, she did the same. I'm so proud of her! She's getting to be such a big girl!

I'm hoping to sleep better tonight. I have a lot on my mind. DH has his promotion test in 9 days and my mom and best friend will be here in 10 days. Praying that Sofia won't make an early arrival and that the plans that I've made will work out. I guess we will wing it if it doesn't work out that way.

Oh, I finished reading "A Good Birth, A Safe Birth". There was a chapter in there that said "If you don't know your options, you don't have any" and I thought that was a great point. I feel like I'm much more educated and ready for this birth.

I'm off to read more threads and try to get a little tired so I can sleep.

Love, Tricia
02-07-2005 01:26 AM
Lousli Okay ladies, I may regret this....but I wanted to let you know that Mother of Eden has listed fuzzi bunz seconds on Ebay. I went wayyyyy hog wild and have bid on way to many of them. I'm sure I'll be outbid on some, but not all. So, go to Ebay and bid! But don't outbid me on all of them please
And don't tell everyone, just us Feb mamas, okay?
02-07-2005 01:04 AM
threeforme2005 Congratulations Kristin!!! Welcome little William Looking forward to reading your birth story
02-07-2005 12:47 AM
Lousli Congratulations Kristin and Happy Birthday William! What a great surprise!
02-07-2005 12:45 AM
earthmama007 Congratulations Kristin!!!
02-07-2005 12:28 AM
coopsmama Three ultrasounds done by our friend who is a radiologist. She swore each time young William was a girl. Granted, we didn't have one done after 23 weeks or so, can't remember. I can't wait to get the story out, it is entertaining. Probably tomorrow or later in the week. Labor dust to all who need it, esp. Joy.
02-07-2005 12:11 AM
shannon0218 Congrats Kristin!!! Wow, a little boy, why did you figure you were having a girl--U/S or just intuition??
02-07-2005 12:05 AM
coopsmama Hello everyone!

Well, I had baby William Sidney on Groundhog day. The story is a good one, but will take a while to type out. We were all very surprised because we were expecting a little girl, but love our second boy and couldn't imagine it being any different. Had a successful homebirth despite some sticky placenta issues and some pretty significant bleeding. However, my midwife was awesome, and no transfer was necessary. My recovery is going to be pretty slow, however. Baby is wonderful and a great nurser. I can't wait to post pictures and birth story.
02-06-2005 06:32 PM
mum5 Joy you look awesome. Sorry that it was a false alarm.

Bridget, hope you are feeling ok. It is horrible not to feel good at this stage of the game.Hope you get to eat today.

Lisa, my baby has definately slowed down considerably, but when it does move, it hurts quite a lot! I had a NST a couple of weeks back, and they told me to eat more, but my mw said that just stay hydrated, and eat little meals.

Just hanging at home today. Took a nap this afternoon, as dh is home and he put dd to bed for her nap, so it was nice to rest.
I am still feeling yucky. Had a nose bleed this morning, threw up, and still have my buddy, the killer eye headache, but enough moaning, just hope it goes soon.

Hope everyone is ok, having a restful Sunday xxxx Jasmine
02-06-2005 06:11 PM
lisabc311 Is anyone else's baby slowing down?

I went in to the hospital today for a NST. Baby slept for about an hour and then they gave me some orange juice to drink and he finally perked up and I was sent home.

I know it's normal for them to slow down a bit towards the end. But is anyone else's baby doing this? It would make me feel better to hear that they are.
02-06-2005 04:19 PM
threeforme2005 Joy I'm sorry your body is just teasing you for now. Your facial expression in the picture says it all.

I'm so excited today is Superbowl day! I'm not even a huge football fan, but for some reason I love watching the superbowl I was born and raised in New England so I'm excited the Pats are playing again this year and I'm even happier that my best friend (also from Mass) has moved out here this month and can watch the game with me. We are having a small party with a few guests and there is enough food up in the kitchen to feed a small army :LOL

Don't have much to write, so everyone have a grand football day
02-06-2005 02:25 PM
HydeParkB Well, I called the doctor, after worrying that it might be food poisoning. The doc-on-call said that it probably is actually the flu, which is going around - she's had about 10 calls Friday and Saturday with the same symptoms.

So, she recommended gatorade, water and the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast), and said I need to start worrying if I'm throwing up. If that were to happen and continue, they'd probably want to put me on IV fluids - no thank you - since dehydration can start contractions.

I think I managed to sweat it out last night - I still feel cruddy but not near as bad as yesterday. I'm worried about getting enough nutrients to the baby, but I think we'll be okay if I continue to bounce back. Maybe I'll be ready for a real meal tonight.

Joy, you can have all my labor vibes for now - I don't want them until Thursday or Friday.
02-06-2005 01:38 PM
wtchyhlr well, contractions are basically gone... so I'm thinking that this was really just some sort of warm up stretch on my body's part... could that many regular contractions have been just to get the mucus plug out? Who knows. I tried walking yesterday - had DH put down my treadmill and went about half an hr. Not comfortable on the pelvis, and also didn't help contrax. So I'm back in waiting mode - which is a bummer, I really want to meet this baby.

I did go ahead and put out 40wk pictures... go check them out....
02-06-2005 09:56 AM
mum5 Just checking in to say hi. Congrats to Lisashep!! Great birth story!!

Joy, I would definately try not to focus too much on labour and try to take your mind off it and rest. I didn't and really, really wish that I had. I was wired from when my water broke at 3.30 in the morning, but didn't have dd until 7.30 that night, and I was not so wired after that many hours of active labour I can tell you.

I'll be checking in later to see how everyone is doing. I keep joking with Dh that today's the day, as the Pat's are playing in the SuperBowl.
Ha, ha, imagine that eh?!

XXX Jasmine
02-06-2005 02:03 AM
Marcela I haven't posted much, but have been reading everyone's comments. Good luck to those in early stages of labor. We always talk about in the childbirth class that I co-teach to try to ignore it for as long as possible. Go on with life as usual and really rest/ eat/ drink well. It will serve you later!

HydeparkB... flu like symptoms are commonly reported before some ladies go into labor. The shakes and temperature fluxuations do happen in trasnsition sometimes, but the general icky, flu-y, don't feel well part is a common prelabor thing. Some people get kind of sensitive skin and just feel cruddy.

I'm 39 weeks plus 4 days today. My midwife is at another birth today, so I'm not wishing for any labor vibes for myself. The other woman is someone who took my class and I really enjoyed her and her husband. I really hope it's going well. There's a new moon on Tuesday, so I'm kind of hoping that might help a bit.

Some of you have been talking about stronger braxton hicks contractions. I'm having those too! They are great for warming up the uterus, but they can be around for weeks! Mine are pretty strong when I'm active. I too used to zip around my house and be able to clean it all in about 2 hours, but no longer! The most comfortable place for activity has been the pool. I live near a YMCA that has one. I've been getting some pretty crazy looks when I go lateley! Anyone else getting those wierd public stares?

I'll be looking forward to hearing more birth stories! Also, to telling my own. I hope everyone has a good night.

02-05-2005 11:52 PM
lisabc311 Elaina- Yes, call your midwife! I'm hoping you did by now, though. I'll be thinking of you.

Those in early labor...good luck to you and don't overdo it! Remember to rest in early labor in case it's a long haul.

Shannon- I'm glad that Molly is having a better day! Yay!

As for me.......nope, not in labor. I am definitely dealing with the pre-labor stuff, though. Whew, I'm wiped out but at the same time nesting like mad!

We took DS to the hospital today to show him around. Since I work there, I just gave DS and DH a private tour. DS was so cute. He REALLY wanted to see the babies! He didn't want to leave. So cute. I can't wait to see him with his baby brother!
02-05-2005 11:22 PM
shannon0218 btw, Leslie, thank you so much for what you said on that thread-I'm blushing!

for anyone who is interested, I've added new pics to Molly's website (at some point I suppose I should change my sig eh??)

Joy, Hyde Park and Lisa!! labor vibes to you all--oh and Monica, if you are really looking for a house to clean, I can provide you with something to do! The balls of dog fur are starting to aquire their own personalities!

Molly has had a very good day so far, no puking at all, no real crying, just a bit fussy for a bit, last night she was up 3 times between 10:30 and 2:00 and then slept through until 7:30 this morning-she obviously was feeling better and I think she needed some sleep, she's much happier today.
02-05-2005 10:47 PM
Periwinkle Joy come on girl! 3.5 hours left of your due date... you can do it! Seriously, I hope things get going fast. Do you think you'll be able to sleep at all tonight? I cannot wait for baby news!!!

Lousli, I think there is a pain that runs deep that in some ways you never get rid of, but I also think it becomes much less acute and present in your life over time. Once your child starts looking and acting like others their own age (starts to happen around 6 mos. but IME with 31 weekers who even were healthy from the get go like Hazel, didn't fully go away until they started to walk) it's amazing how quickly you start to heal. And wait until someone says something like "wow she's only __ months/years old and can already ___!?" -- your heart will be singing. I'm sorry nursing is still a struggle but I'm not surprised. It wasn't even until dd and ds were at or 1-2 weeks past their original due date before they could nurse for more than a couple of feedings at all and was probably several weeks past before they could nurse alone. Breastmilk is everything - you will be kissing yourself a year from now when your preemie is healthy as a horse next winter compared to her FF'd, full-term peers. Hey, speaking of which, is Hazel getting the RSV shot, Synagis? Dd and ds got this - I researched the hell out of it fwiw - not sure if it was this or the milk but they never did get it. Anyway, hang in there woman. You are doing so great, honestly, and Hazel is too. And while I know I felt like smacking anyone who told me "he/she shouldn't even have been born yet" fact is Hazel might not have been born yet (or close enough) and you're still dealing with a brand new newborn. I always said the worst thing about having a baby early - once getting past the NICU and scary stuff obviously - was that the whole newborn period just dragged on and on. It made things feel hopeless sometimes. Give yourselves another month - you'll be amazed at the changes! Another for you.
02-05-2005 10:30 PM
earthmama007 Could be labor signs. Those are transition signs though. Could you be in trans already?
02-05-2005 10:14 PM
HydeParkB Well, not any real contractions later today, but now I've got achy, flu like symptoms. And now that I woke up from my nap, I've got chills. Is this an early labor sign or a sign that I've got the flu? Any guesses?
02-05-2005 09:50 PM
wtchyhlr Elaina - i'd be calling my midwife....

Shannon - thats hysterical. usually its just the boys who aim good.

i'm still hving very slow labor.... just walked for 20min on the treadmill to see if that would help, i don't want to wear myself out on it, but i do want to get things moving a bit faster....
02-05-2005 09:45 PM
shannon0218 Elaina, call your doc or midwife, that is not normal, when did it start??

For everyones amusment, dh is changing Molly's diaper, first she wasn't done pooping and he got that all over him, then while he was wiping his hands and her feet : she peed on him--and man does she have aim!!
02-05-2005 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by ZandersMom legs are pink/red/purplish and swollen...any ideas as to what could be wrong with me and if I should worry?

My midwives said that if your legs are that color and swollen to call right away.
02-05-2005 09:36 PM
ZandersMom legs are pink/red/purplish and swollen...any ideas as to what could be wrong with me and if I should worry?
02-05-2005 05:13 PM
ekblad9 I went to a chiropractor yesterday and am going to one on Monday as well. I'm barely able to walk and baby is still very posterior. The chiro on Monday specializes in the Webster techinique which is supposed to help turn baby. I really hope it does. No labor until baby turns, I hope.
02-05-2005 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by earthmama007
Lousli Your sweet, I thought you were really angry at me. :
OMG, I'm so sorry! I didn't even realize that I hadn't responded to you when you said "no harm, no foul" the other day. I THOUGHT that I said, "no problem!" but I've been so tired lately that I must have forgotten to actually post it!! I suck. I'm not angry at all, and I'm always up for a respectful difference of opinion with someone. I thought you were very well spoken and informed, you just had a different conclusion than I did.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...
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