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07-28-2014 10:43 AM
chickabiddy I bought my child a wide variety of cloth and disposable pads and tampons and told her the choice was entirely hers and I would gladly buy whatever she wanted, and she chose cloth. She has used disposable while traveling and was happy to get back to cloth. She refuses to even try tampons. This doesn't really matter, but I feel the need to clarify that it IS her choice.

We each have a covered container for pads. I do not rinse or pre-treat the pads. We choose dark colors and patterns so staining does not show, and neither of us really cares about staining anyhow. I wash pads separately from other laundry (sometimes I'll throw in kitchen rags too) -- cold rinse, hot wash with oxyclean and baking soda, double rinse. My daughter's and my periods seem to have synched up so I will wash our pads together.
07-28-2014 01:15 AM
MeepyCat I wouldn't sign a teenager up for cloth padsunless she was really into it. The logistics of a school day with cloth in junior high just sound really tough. I'd be inclined to recommend disposable products while she figures out her preferences.

My mom had really strong pad-only preferences when my period started. It took me ages to switch to tampons, and caused stupid amounts of tension. These preferences are so personal, and they can make a kid so uncomfortable.
07-28-2014 12:27 AM
krasavitsa87 How do you ladies do the wash? I rinse mine out in a sink and hang out to dry. Then I machine wash them with my regular laundry. If/when my DD starts to use cloth pads, I would like to make the process simple for her. Should I get a soak bucket? I am a bit grossed out by this idea though. If you use the bucket, do you rinse at all? Do you do a separate load with just bloody pads? Do you mix your pads with your daughters'? My daughter does her laundry separately, should she be in charge of washing her pads too? She is 11 and isn't menstruating yet.
Thanks for any wisdom!
05-11-2014 03:02 PM

I love Luna pads:

they usually have a teen starter kit.  Both of my teen girls started on these pads.  My 14 yr old still wears them and or tampons.  My, almost 13 year old wears cloth pads at home but prefers organic disposable pads at school - b/c it feels too hard to put the used pads in the pouch and back to her locker without anyone noticing.  but both say cloth feel the best.  And i agree.  I also bought them peri bottles to use with warm water to rinse over the toilet when they go to the bathroom (during the time they're wearing pads).  it's very refreshing and keeps them fresh and clean.  


I have tried several brands of cups and hated a few of them.  they got stuck and were incredibly painful to get to release!  I've talked to several women who've had the same experience.  I found a company that has a cup i love!  it's much softer and i've never had that painful stuck problem happen and i've used this brand for years.  I also found that you need to measure how long your vagina is from cervix to entrance in order to see if you need large or small.  I was surprised to find that i needed a small - even though i've had a vaginal birth.  This brand uses a much softer, more flexible silicone in their cups.  the only downside is that they're made in Sweden (i think) and shipping takes weeks.


the main thing is to talk to your daughter about her choices and I think giving different options is good.  she'll find what works for her.



04-22-2014 06:39 PM
k12grantham Well i am 12 and i use u by Kotex ultra thin and they are very comfortable! So i suggest this!
04-16-2014 11:11 AM

If you are having to spend $25 a month on your dd's pads I suggest calling a pediatrician or gynecologist to talk about the flow.  A heavy flow that lasts more than ten days is something that is cause for concern.  They were very non-invasive when my dd went in.  My dd was having extremely heavy periods when she first started them and even then we only went through two boxes of the tween pads.  Once she got used to using pads I was able to switch her over to regular sized cheaper kotex.

04-16-2014 09:13 AM

I believe it is said that around 2yrs difference between when breasts beginning to appear and the onset of menses.

04-16-2014 05:33 AM
Polliwog $25 a MONTH? I spend about $5.
04-15-2014 05:57 PM
CheriK Perfect thread! Would you believe this is exactly why I'm here today? DD (12) started her first period yesterday. I'd given her a basket of products about a year ago - cloth pads, a small menstrual cup, various disposable pads & tampons(which I.had to mooch off friends - tough when your "tribe" includes mostly nursing moms & modern hippies ;-). I've only used cloth & a cup since college, so that's all she's seen around the house. She's been wearing panty liners for a few months & will use cloth, but prefers the disposable. She says the cloth slip around. Maybe because her underwear is smaller & they're designed for a bigger body? Although she's grown a ton in the past few months, we're all small & she's only a slender 4'10".

Anyhow, we picked up some boxes of Kotex U "tween" (yes, agree w Tigerchild, I was also doing some major eye rolling re the marketing). Have to say, I was horrified at how much the stuff costs - do women who use disposable really spend $25+ a month on sanitary products? I've honestly never bought, as I went from using disposables that bought to.using cloth 20+ years ago. I'm planning on having her help me make some smaller width cloth & see if we can find something she'll like. I want her to use what she's comfortable with, but from my budget standpoint I hope I can get at least partial cloth use!

And I'm not sure if I was 12.5 or 13.5 when I started (remember Thanksgiving. . .), so either exactly the same age or she's a year younger. And breast development about 2 years ago, pubic hair (which I understand to be a more closer marker) in the last 6 months.

Stormborn, thanks for the website w the starter kit. I'd like her to have some otherbrands to try. I've seen Hello Flo (monthly subscription box) has a starter kit, but they use only one brand.
03-16-2014 08:09 AM
Originally Posted by Bufomander View Post


How much correlation have any of you seen between the age you started menstruating and when your dd started?

And I was wondering if there is a correlation between when a girl starts breast development and when she starts menstruating.  For me, I started breast development just before 10, menses just before 13.  DD9 started developing just before her 9th birthday.

03-15-2014 11:49 PM
stormborn I found a nice "starter kit" the other day that comes with an assortment of disposable pads (25 I think) with sweets, tea, a carry case, etc. Can't link on my phone but the site was It hasn't arrived yet but I'll update when it does. Nice idea; I really didn't want to buy a dozen boxes esp since I've used cloth ones forever so I have no idesa what's good. I'll probably get some cloth too, don't know if she'll use them (I wouldn't have wanted to wash any at her age) but I'd like for it to be an option.
03-15-2014 04:23 PM

I was 10, my daughter was 10.

03-15-2014 09:14 AM

Glad this thread was resurrected, my almost 10 yo dd and I have been having a fun morning talking about it all and looking at websites.


How much correlation have any of you seen between the age you started menstruating and when your dd started?

03-04-2014 03:08 PM

My daughter was most familiar with cloth pads, since that's what I use.  I bought her a selection of paper pads and cloth pads and tampons, and told her I would buy her whatever she preferred.  She chose cloth:  I was not involved with the decision except to answer questions (which is, IMO, exactly the way it should have been).

03-04-2014 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by Tigerchild View Post

 But for me, it was more important for her to feel in control of her choices in this regard than for me to get preachy or push my agenda.  She likes the look of some of my pads, I have crazy colors and fabrics too, and she knows I'm willing to buy them for her if/when she wants them--but as far as I am concerned, she gets to make those decisions for herself.

Exactly! I was open to whatever DD wanted to do. I got her probably half a dozen different kinds of disposables, because I never dreamed she would want to use cloth at school. But she asked about my cloth, then my cloth all started disappearing out of my drawer! :wink Now she uses a combo of Natracare tampons and cloth pads.

03-01-2014 04:46 PM

My daughter had only seen cloth pads and menstrual cups growing up (I don't use disposables).  However, when she started her period at 10 she wanted disposables both at school and at home.  I felt it was extremely important for me to *honor* her choices for her own body.


She tried a lot of different brands (you can get samples with first-period stuff), but she really liked the Kotex tween U when she first started (they're smaller, so fit her clothing better) and still likes the Kotex U brand (though prefers the regular maxis now that she's 12 because she doesn't have to change them as much as she started to have to with the tween ones when her flow got regular (and she inherited my heavy flow).  She doesn't as of yet have any interest in tampons.


Eventually I hope she'll move to cloth, and I did (privately) roll my eyes at the U stuff, it's a total marketing thing.  But for me, it was more important for her to feel in control of her choices in this regard than for me to get preachy or push my agenda.  She likes the look of some of my pads, I have crazy colors and fabrics too, and she knows I'm willing to buy them for her if/when she wants them--but as far as I am concerned, she gets to make those decisions for herself.

02-28-2014 06:04 PM

I think I've mentioned this before in other threads about teens and menstruation, but sometimes an issue with menstrual cups isn't that they're not willing to use them, but that they can't. My teen's been interested in using a cup since she started her period at 13. I first got her one of the brand I use, though the smaller size, and she couldn't get it in no matter how hard she tried. We tried in the shower, using lubricant, etc. No dice. So I shopped around and found the one that was smallest, shortest and most flexible. Still a no. She is 16 now and mentions that she hopes someday she'll be able to use a cup. Maybe after she becomes sexually active? We don't know if it's the hymen getting in the way.


About cloth pads -- for her, she didn't like using them at school because she has a heavy flow and needing to keep all of the soiled ones in a wetbag in her backpack was uncomfortable. She was worried boys might see the wetbag, that there might be leakage, odor, etc. It was just not workable for her. But at home she likes them a lot.


So even if our girls are comfortable with their bodies and more aware of health and environment issues, there might still be impediments. Doesn't mean we shouldn't make them aware of all of their options, of course!

02-27-2014 06:46 PM
One_Girl I have a child and work in childcare and cloth pads gross me out also. Blood is just nasty to me in a way that other body fluids just aren't. I did talk to my dd about them in a neutral way but she was also disgusted so we didn't go that route. She chose tween kotex pads and loves them.
02-27-2014 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by DavinaT View Post

As for cloth pads, these really remind me of the stories my grandmother used to tell me about having cloth pads - and she was using these way way back in the 1910's. The idea of soaking and washing cloth pads really grosses me out..


You have children and are grossed out by this? I find that odd. After giving birth and changing diapers and getting puked on and newborn explosive poops, well....body fluids really don't phase me, lol.


My daughter has seen me using cloth pads since she was in cloth diapers. It never occurred to her to use disposable pads - in fact she thinks the idea of disposables is just gross (so do I - they are full of plastics, use up Earth's resources to make for one use, and end up in landfills by the millions).


She started out with Lunapads, (one of the founders was an MDC mama way back when her kids were babies) which are great for DD because they are relatively thin and she can customize absorbancy to her flow by adding inserts if needed. We have a little bucket in the bathroom that she puts them in when soiled and since i use pads myself and we generally cycle together we just soak them together, rinse and then toss in the wash. 


And there is no reason why they can't be discreet. Lunapads makes a lovely little "wet bag wallet" with two zippered compartments - one for clean and one for soiled. Mind you, my DD has no issues around menstruation and doesn't feel the need to keep it some big secret, but regardless it's not like she couldn't be discreet if she wanted to.


I would also like to put in a plug for Homestead Emporium's lovely bamboo velour pads. The heavier flow ones are thicker and require a more thorough soaking, so DD doesn't use them. But I love them for myself. 

02-25-2014 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by tabitha View Post

 I think it is important to remember that our children are not us. So when we think about our parents handing us a menstrual cup or cloth pads we might think that would have been overwhelming or gross to us. But our daughters are not us. They have seen us do things differently from the beginning. They have seen us make choices for the environment, perhaps, or for personal comfort, not to be like everyone else. They have (hopefully) seen that we are not uncomfortable with our bodies and that we would not be ashamed for someone to hear the sound of our personal hygiene product through a public restroom stall. (I find this disturbing and sad.) 

And they are able to have ongoing conversations about what is happening, hopefully.   I know many of the problems I faced could have been different had I  felt I could *talk* to an adult.  I'm sure that wasn't all my prudish mother's fault-- I was the youngest of 3 girls and my older sisters teased me about every little change: breast buds, my first genuine swear word, my first real crush.  I hated all that.


Thankfully my 9yo is showing signs of being different.  She's getting breast buds, and we talk openly about problems of chafing or discomfort.  She loves her little bralets we found to help ease this problem.  She *talks* about what's happening to her.  I know menses is a different level of development, but the early signs show that she is in for a much more easeful transition that I had to make.

02-25-2014 09:04 AM

My daughter is 9 now, and I have given this much more thought recently. I use a menstrual cup and have for years, but recently I broke out the cloth pad stash because I am about to give birth and need them postpartum. The cup is so effective and easy to use for me that I never use pads as backup, but I have a large stash I made for my last birth.


I don't think my daughter is near her time, but you never know. I have had this conversation with many other moms of similarly aged girls recently.  I think it is important to remember that our children are not us. So when we think about our parents handing us a menstrual cup or cloth pads we might think that would have been overwhelming or gross to us. But our daughters are not us. They have seen us do things differently from the beginning. They have seen us make choices for the environment, perhaps, or for personal comfort, not to be like everyone else. They have (hopefully) seen that we are not uncomfortable with our bodies and that we would not be ashamed for someone to hear the sound of our personal hygiene product through a public restroom stall. (I find this disturbing and sad.) 


I hope to help my daughter make her first cloth pads. I am also open to her trying a menstrual cup and am hopeful she will find it as useful as I have. Sometimes in conversation the idea that a young girl might not be comfortable inserting one has come up. That may be so, but again, remember that they are not us. We don't have to assign issues to them because we had them. It is our job to be there, listening and observant, to see who they are and meet them there. If disposable products are something she would prefer to try, we will use organic compostable. But we don't regularly use disposable anything, so I don't expect her to desire those. 

02-25-2014 08:58 AM

We tried a bunch of cloth pads and my daughter's favorites are New Moon Pads, specifically the winged Ultra pads in Light: .

02-25-2014 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by blissful_maia View Post

It's sort of making me cringe to hear women recommending Kotex and Always for a young girl who's just started her period. I don't know how it is in your area, but in mine it doesn't cost any more in the store for natural pads and pantiliners which are made with organic cotton (the most pesticide-sprayed crop in the world), not bleached with chlorine (a serious irritant, especially for young, sensitive skin) and without toxic, bioaccumulating ingredients added as fillers that are never going to break down in the environment. Not to mention the fact that they are much softer and more comfortable, and they come in the same styles and sizes as the big-box brand counterparts.

I'm not sure this poster is around any more, but making general comment.  When I do use disposables, I use the Kotex because of one reason: GLUE.  The last time I use the organic brands, they had 3 thin stripes of glue that cause the pad to bunch up and shift and move and wad up and ACK!  How much does glue cost, anyway?  (Always gives me a rash and Stayfree is scented--blech...)


My poor daughter watches me use our old small prefold diapers for my heavy days at home and at night (the heaviest nights with a sposie underneath).  I have got to get myself some nicer cloth ones so she's not scared when her time comes.

02-25-2014 08:46 AM

What a great thread to resurrect.  Following.

02-24-2014 01:27 PM

My daughter likes the ones from Mom and Me Creations.

She also steals mine from Perfect Pads, but unfortunately that company was sold and I can't seem to buy more. 

Always gives me horrible diaper rash, ugh! DD tried several store-bought brands last year, but kept going back to cloth. 

02-19-2014 08:31 AM
Lexi B

I started my period when I was 13 (i'm 15 now) and it was hard for me bc I was considered a "late bloomer" because of it. When I first started my mom wouldn't let me use tampons because I was too young and you csn lose your b=virginity from them but that's just a myth. I like using always infinity and radiant. I have tried to use a menstrual cup  but I couldn't figure it out. Also if you are having problems with cramps and acne then you might want to talk to your parents about birth control. Most parents don't like the idea though. There Is also an alternative that does everything without preventing pregnancy. Hope this helped some.

10-23-2005 02:39 AM
Sarabrooke Sometimes it is hard to find out what size she will need, until she actually has her period for the first time. I started out really light and then after a couple of months turned heavy, so she might need diffrent ones. Good Luck!!
08-05-2005 03:51 PM
lilyka I also wanted to mention thatif you think you are going to go with disposables I would contact the company and see if they have samples. most do. get on thier mailing lists. they are always sending out samples of new products. but a lot also have "welcome to your period" sample packs with one or two of all thier products.
08-05-2005 03:44 PM
lilyka I will probably give my dd cloth. I really feel tampons are bad for you in sio many ways, even the organic coton ones.

I won't be opposed to her having a menstral cup but I can't imagine a 10 year old being able/willing to navigate that but that is up to her.

She is pretty comfortable with cloth because it is what I use and since she is not in school it isn't like she is going to have a huge idea how other people do it and she isn't going to be messing around with it in the school bathrooms.
As for what pads are good for teens I have seen the ones that snap into the sruare and those are cool. i have some Schnoogly ones that are really thin (cotton on top, hemp in the middle and PUL on the bottom - no wings adding bulk) I also ordered soem from sweetcheeks and notice they have a teen size.

even as a teen though from my first period I had an insanely heavy flow nd would often leak. the always with wings were such a God send. I remember how excited my mom was when she went to get pads and they had ones with wings. I culd sopak a super in a few hours though and that was the biggest size they had. It wa shumiating. the sound of the paper and plastic haunted me for years. I had actually made getting into the wrappers quietly a science. (apparently I am not the only one) that is something I really like about cloth. My bag is quiet, my pads are quiet. the whole precess is quiet. Even the bag I carry them in just loks like a make up bag and doesn't screem "pads and such in here" I will probably get some samples of cloth for my dd to try. see what she likes. and then when she starts ordering her a set and a happytushies bag of her choosing. We really can't afford disposables anyway so I hope she can deal with cloth at least while at home. Seeing as how she has been raised with it it shouldn't even strike her as a little odd.

thinnes was also a my biggest concern. I was convinced everyone could see the bulk through my pants. the ultra thins came out right after I started my period. I remember panicing thinking those wouldn't hold anything :LOL seriously I cried but they were all I had and my mom had already left for work. The cloth i have are not any thicker than my always. That is nice.
08-04-2005 08:21 PM
reeseccup My dd (6) was looking at my cloth stash and said " when i get bigger i'd love it if you made me pretty pads like yours mom". i gushed and said i'd be thrilled to make her special girly pads just for her.

now, who knows how it'll be when she does need them, but i will make her a stash, with pretty fabric of her choosing, to use. my mother only had HUGE stayfree maxi-pads in the house when i started. i was a petite 11 yr old and was mortified to use them. 'course this was MANY moons ago LOL and dd is being raised so much differently than i was. by the time i was making money, i started buying tampons. I wouldn't now, but if i did i'd use the natural kinds and if my dd wanted to use them i'd only get the natural kinds for her.
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