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Hyland's, Inc.,develops homeopathic medicines with the highest-quality natural ingredients. With its commitment to excellence for over a century, Hyland's consistently provides quality and integrity in every product and cares for families at every stage of life. Hyland's products are natural, gentle

Hyland’s is inspired by you – by the way you dedicate yourself everyday to making the best choices for your child’s well being.  We know that’s not easy. We strive to be the perfect partner for you in those moments when you need good medicine that works well, safely and quickly.  Founded in 1903, we are America’s largest manufacturer of homeopathic medicines. From Teething Tablets to Cold ‘n Cough 4 Kids, Hyland’s understands that what goes inside the tiniest of bodies makes a huge impact on health and growth. While you’re trying to decode the mysteries of parenting, our medicine is a safe, effective choice – with results that you can depend on.  Hyland’s is also a brand that is right in step with the call for natural living...

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"Love the new ones just as much as the old!", "Works Wonders", "Still my 'go to' teething aide" - check out what Mothering mamas have to say about Hyland's Teething Tablets or add your own review!

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