10 Children’s Clothing and Toy Companies That Give Back


We all love finding adorable stuff for our kids, but if you’d like for your purchases of clothes and toys to go beyond looking cute, here are some of the companies that offer quality goods that also do good.

1. Rockin’ Baby. Not only does Rockin’ Baby have the coolest slings and pouches, they’ve now expanded their line to include clothes, blankets, bibs, and more for babies and kids. Even better, through their Mother to Mother and Child to Child programs every sling purchased provides a sling to a mother in need, and every item of clothing bought is duplicated and sent to a children’s clothing charity.

2. Tea Collection. Through a partnership with The Global Fund for Children, Tea Collection gives back in a variety of ways: matching online donations, giving all proceeds from select pajama collections sold during the winter holidays, and regular “Give Back” days where a portion of every online sale is donated.

3. One World Play Project. With a simple concept—buy a ball, give a ball—the One World Play Project aims to bring the transformative power of play to communities devastated by war, disaster, disease and poverty. 

4. Roma Boots. For every pair of stylish and durable rain boots sold, Roma Boots donates a pair to a child in need. The company also has a foundation that provides much needed educational supplies.

5. Everything Happy. Another buy one, give one model with the most adorable blankies, gift sets and snuggly stuffed animal pals. Everything Happy donates their blankies to children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses.

6. Krochet Kids. With products like knit hats, scarves, and moccasins for children (as well as bags, T-shirts, headwear and accessories for adults) Krochet Kids seeks to empower impoverished communities by operating global programs that create sustainable career paths for the local women who create their products.

7. Aloetree. Dedicating to combating child-trafficking, Aloetree donates a portion of every super cute animal appliquéd onesie, romper, or tee purchased to their non-profit partner Chab Dai.

8. Tegu. Wooden blocks are a staple of early childhood education, and Tegu takes this learning through play essential to the next level with their magnetic wooden block sets. Not only  does Tegu believe in the importance of play, but they encourage buyers to give back by sending a portion of the sale to reforestation in Honduras or a day of school for a child who otherwise lacks access to education.

9. Out of Print. These literary-themed T-shirts, apparel, and accessories celebrate beloved stories and promote literacy by donating a book to a community in need for every product sold.

10. Little Lotus. A 1:1 model, Little Lotus donates their award-wining incubator warming blankets to premature and underweight babies in the developing world. Purchase a swaddling blanket, cozy blanket, or a gorgeous silk scarf and help Little Lotus in their goal of helping 1 million babies around the world.

Also Check Out the Unicef Kid Power Band. Ever wish you could harness your child’s boundless energy into something a little more useful than ransacking the house? With the Kid Power Band, kids can count their steps, collect points, go on missions to learn about new cultures, and unlock lifesaving food packets that will be sent to malnourished children around the world. The more active they are, the more they help. 

What’s your favorite socially responsible brand?

image via Little Lotus

2 thoughts on “10 Children’s Clothing and Toy Companies That Give Back”

  1. Who knew so many companies were giving back! That is absolutely amazing. I love seeing this!! If you ever decide to add more to this post, would love to have Jonas Paul Eyewear featured! We actually just had an article featured on your site! 🙂 Cute kids eyewear that provides a pair for a child in need with each purchase!

  2. Hello, My name is Margarita are in Moldova, are in a difficult situation if you know who can donate baby clothes for my daughter 13 manf and my son is a 6 year.I plan financial possibilities are limited. Thanks for your time.

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