The 10 Best Craft Kits For Kids: Perfect For Any Day Of The Week!

We've got the best craft kits for kids for you

Getting your children engaged in art activities that are fun and educational is a great parenting tool- until you run out of ideas on what to make out of those toilet paper rolls.

Luckily, there are plenty of crafts kits for kids available that provide fun, educational, and developmentally appropriate activities for your children without you having to turn into a Pinterest-mom or spend all your money at a craft store for supplies. Parents are always looking for new ways to engage their children in activities that don’t involve technology, especially during rainy days when everyone just wants to cozy up on the couch. Kid craft kits are a wonderful way to keep your children entertained and learning new skills, even on gloomy, yucky days.

Why Parents Should Turn to Craft Kits For Kids Instead of Turning on the TV

On rainy days or days when going outside isn’t an option, many parents turn on the trusty ol’ television to make it through the day with the least amount of temper tantrums possible. The problem is, though, that the use of television on a regular basis can actually perpetuate temper tantrums. Numerous studies have been conducted in order to examine the effects of television on a child’s temperament. A study in the American Academy of Pediatrics official medical journal states that children who watch television between the age of one and three are more likely to develop hypersensitivity disorders by age 7.

Many of us can’t live without some use of technology.  Whether we chose educational shows, apps, or even games that use tablets our kids often will use technology at some point. It is an important part of our society and your child will probably need to learn to use it for a future career. But all too often we parents have seen the excessive release of emotions after we turn the technology off. And the bad behavior that ensues if we utilize it too often.

Still, many of us find ourselves turning on the television or handing over the iPad during long weekends, rainy days, snow days, and long school breaks because our kids are “bored” and they “have nothing to do.” It is an easy way to pass the time without much effort.

However, there is a better option for those days where there isn’t much going on and the kids start complaining that the excessive amount of toys in your house aren’t enough (insert eye roll here): craft kits for kids. Craft kits for kids are art-based kits that give your child a stimulating, engaging, and creative activities that are fun and educational without adding to screen time.

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Arts and crafts are a great way to expand on your child’s cognitive development. It not only allows them to use their imagination and their creativity but it also develops problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and social-emotional development.

Craft kits for kids are not only a good alternative to technology but they are also a great way to ground children who are having a difficult moment or day. Research has found that tactile engagement can help a child calm down from a temper tantrum and kids craft activities do just that- they offer a hands-on activity that can focus your child’s mind and their emotions into a specific task.

Craft kits for kids are not only good for the kids- they can be good for parents, too. Art activities like these allow a parent to be engaged and involved with their children whereas technology is often an independent activity. Spending quality time with our children is important for their social and emotional development, as well as a great tool for increasing positive behavior.

Why the Arts are an Important Part of STEM

In 2001, the term STEM was introduced by the National Science Foundation in order to help increase education focused on science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM-based activities have been increasingly important and widely discussed among the educational community, and schools across the country have developed programs specifically to increase the integration of science, technology, engineering, and math into everyday curricula.

In 2014, John Maeda, former president of the Rhode Island School of Design proposed that STEM add arts to the program because “design thinking and creativity are essential ingredients for innovation.” According to Ruth Catchen, an artist and educator who worked on STEAM-based curriculum strategies for the state of Colorado, the arts are a great learning tool and can help to engage underrepresented students like females and minorities to STEM activities. And for those children who are more naturally creative, using arts in STEM-based projects can help motivate them to engage in more STEM activities.

Kids craft kits can generally be seen as STEAM-based activities. They often integrate many areas of STEM into their activities as well as help foster artistic, creative, and imaginative aspects of a child’s learning process. For example, a yarn art activity like this Llama String Art kit not only engages your child’s creative and imaginative side but it also works on skill in engineering, problem-solving, and science.

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How to Find the Perfect Craft Kits For Kids

So how do you find the perfect craft kits for your child? It is important to find a craft kit that is developmentally appropriate for your child so that they can stay interested and engaged. An art project for your child isn’t much of an art project if you are doing most of it for them. Here are some things to look for when looking for the perfect c your child:

Their interest- The best way to keep your child engaged in an art and craft activity is to pick one based on their general interest. Many kids craft kits are theme-based, making it easy to find something that your child will love.

Their age- Make sure the kit you get is designed for your child’s age range. If it’s for kids that are younger, they will be bored. If it’s for kids who are older, it will be too difficult. Follow the recommended age range and evaluate your child’s developmental level when choosing your craft kits for kids.

Maybe get something a little different to introduce different things- There are so many different kinds of kids craft kits that its easy to continue to pick the same basic medium every time, especially if your child loves it. But if they have constantly been choosing painting activities, you could try to branch out to things like sewing, engineering, or building to gauge their interest in other forms of art.

Subscription-based or not- Do you want a new kit to come every month or are you looking to get a bunch to have on hand? There are subscription-based kids craft kits that can be delivered to your home every month (we have listed two below), or there are single craft kits that you can buy individually for a fun one-time activity. Either way you go, your child will have plenty of fun completing their activities in their kids’ craft kits!

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10 Best Craft Kits For Kids to Have on Hand

Green Craft Kids

Green Kids Crafts was started by a working mom and environmental scientist who knows the value of learning and loving the world around them. This is a monthly STEAM-based subscription box that allows children to create, discover, and explore through fun and educational hands-on projects. Each month your child will receive up to 6 different science and art projects that encourage creativity, literacy, and learning. They are created for children ages two to ten and were designed by teachers, STEAM experts, and crafty moms to ensure that each kit is developmentally appropriate and engaging for children. All of Green Kids Craft kit activities have a common them like Mad Scientist, Nocturnal Animals, Rocket Science, Art Lab, Volcanoes, Intro to Electricity, Save Our Oceans, and Outer Space. Sibling additions are available, too, so you don’t have to get a whole new kit for every child in the family. And with each online purchase, Green Kids Crafts plants a tree- so not only are you doing well by your kids, but you are doing good for the environment, too.


Y’Art has a variety of yarn art and craft activities that are fun and engaging. Children can use the Y’Art pen and the Grip-N-Stick Y’Artboard to create amazing yarn art projects like unicorns, puppies, a narwhal, and more. Each kit from Y’Art contains a mess-free pre-printed canvas mat, six bundles of premium yarn, a Y’Art pen, and a display frame. It is a great craft kit for ages eight years old and up.

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Creativity for Kids

Creativity for Kids offers a plethora of art and craft kits for kids that are great for many different ages. They have projects like Rock Painting Kits, Grow n’ Glow Terrarium, Fashion Studio paining, Water Globes, Emoji Bracelet, Unicorn Purse, and many more. The kits all come with everything you need to create your art project as well as detailed instructions. There are different art kits and projects available for a variety of ages from 4 years old all the way up to 15 years old. Every child in your family can find a fun and engaging art project to complete with Creativity for Kids.

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Craftastic crafts are a great way for kids, ages 6-years old and up, to engage in creative and fun activities. The Craftastic line was developed by a mom who saw her daughter struggle with making friendship bracelets. She created the Loopdeloom weaving kit to help make the friendship bracelet making activity easier. From there, that revolutionary product inspired their current line of activity and kid craft kits including sewing activities, yarn animals, bracelet making, necklaces, pom-pom animals, dream-catchers, and more. Their goal is to create activities and kits that not only inspire a child to use their creative mind but also create wonderful memories of joyful experiences in their life.

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This fairy garden is an adorable craft kits for kids

Your child can spark their inner fairy and create a fantasy world of their own with this personalized fairy garden. The Little Growers DIY fairy garden craft kit comes with high-quality items that are fun to create and beautiful to keep in their rooms or play areas. They can design and create their fairy garden any way they’d like. The kit comes with everything they need: 2 fairy figurines, one unicorn figurine, one garden dish, one soil disk, wheatgrass seed packets, two acrylic garden stones to paint, one spray bottle, an acrylic paint set with six different colors, two paint brushes (fine- and medium-tip), glitter, and LED fairy string lights.   Your child will not only be able to paint and decorate their own garden dish, but they will then be able to plant, nurture, and nourish their garden to create a beautiful fairy habitat. It is a crafting and educational activity all in one kit. 

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JackInTheBox has a variety of arts and crafts boxes based on different themes like Superhero, Space Explorer, Princess, Dinosaurs, Things that Go, Little Chef, and more. Each kit comes with six art or craft projects based on the theme, giving your child a variety of things to do and projects to complete in just one box. JackInTheBox strives to nurture the curiosity, creativity, and imagination of children through developmentally appropriate activities. It was created by two individuals who noticed that their family member’s children were glued to technology- TVs, tablets, and phones- and they wanted to create fun, play-based, educational, and inspirational crafts that would inspire play and creativity in a child all while they develop important skills and expand their imagination.

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Alex Toys Craft Kits

Alex Toys Craft Kits has a variety of different kids craft kits for children of varied ages, interests, and developmental levels. For children ages infant to teen, they have activities and craft kits that inspire children to express their creativity. They have bath time toys and activities, pretend play, fashion, jewelry, spa kits, and active play items. Some of the kits available include sewing, needlepoint, looping, friendship bracelets, headbands, and many more. Alex Toys Craft Kits are designed to allow children to work on a base model but then add their own personal touches through creativity and by using their imagination.

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We Craft Boxes

We Craft Boxes is a subscription-based arts and crafts activity box created by a mom of two active boys. She created We Craft Boxes because, despite her love and her professional background in the arts, she found it time-consuming to develop and shop for supplies to create art-based projects that were fun and developmentally appropriate for her children. Their boxes cut out all the work for parents who want their children to be engaged in different art activities and mediums without worrying about coming up with the projects or the materials on their own. Kids can choose to follow the suggested art activity, or they can use the materials to create something of their own. With We Craft Boxes parents can spend time creating these fun arts and crafts projects with their children instead of flipping on the television to keep them engaged.

 Magnetic Mini-Tile Art

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