10 Things To Do While You’re Stuck Under a Sleeping Baby

10 Things To Do When You're Stuck Under a Sleeping Baby

Every parent, at one point in time, will be immovably stuck under a sleeping baby. Here’s a list of boredom-busting things to do to pass the time.

It’s a universal truth that every parent will at one point in time be immovably stuck under a sleeping baby. You’ve worked hard to get your child to sleep, and you’re not going to muck it up by trying to sneak away. If you’re a breastfeeding, co-sleeping mom, you’ve probably experienced this even more– or at least I have, after finding that nursing my baby to sleep was the most peaceful way to make bedtime happen.

That said, being stuck under a baby can be mind-numbingly boring. So here’s a list of boredom-busting things to do (aside from spend the entire nap time on Facebook).

1. Make a list (mental or physical) of everything you are grateful for. If you’ve got a sleeping baby next to you, you are one lucky mother! If you’ve got dirty dishes you’d rather be washing, that means you’ve got food to eat and be thankful for. If you’ve got a house to clean, take a moment to be grateful for the roof over your head. Gratefulness can actually improve your health, so why not use this quiet time to get into the habit of appreciation?

2. Detox your Pinterest boards. Have you got recipes saved or crafts pinned that you know you’ll never get around to? Sort ’em out. Be brutal. Stick to the things you know you’ll do, or at least create a board titled “I Might Maybe Get To This Eventually.” This will help you tackle the crafts and recipes you actually have time for.

3. Get online and read about the KonMari method of organization. It will change your life. Really. Do it.

4. Learn about something you’ve been wanting to research. Want to learn a new skill? Look it up. Want to start a blog? Shop around and check out your options. Want to learn about meditation, yoga, or other techniques to benefit your wellbeing? There are lots of resources for beginners online. Pick a topic and investigate.

5. Take this quiet time to review your favorite gentle parenting tips and tricks. Many of us are trying to break the cycle of unhealthy parenting patterns, and this takes daily dedication. Read over your favorite articles to stay focused on your goals.

6. Plan next year’s garden. You’ll get a lot more out of your garden if you plan in advance and make time to sprout some seeds. There are several online resources for garden planning. Don’t have room for a garden? Check out this guide to window/apartment gardening.

7. Look into volunteering locally. There are kid-friendly options available, and you can search for the topics you care most about: human rights, animals, arts and culture, etc.

8. Read a book. Use a salt lamp, head lamp, nightlight, or reading light to read in bed while your baby snoozes, without waking them with harsh light. Some research shows that reading an actual book can be more beneficial than reading online, so stick to the old fashioned mode of reading.

9. Stare at your baby for a while. Slow down. Breathe them in. Gaze at them and think about their future, the hopes and dreams you have for them. Reflect on their personality and dedicate yourself to fulfilling what they need from you as their parent.

10. Nap! Catch up on some much-needed sleep by allowing yourself to temporarily let go of thoughts of chores and tasks, and simply close your eyes and rest. You deserve it.

What do you do to pass the time when you’re stuck under a sleeping baby?


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  2. The Parents can’t do nothing when they are stuck under a sleeping baby. The reason behind that to make a baby sleep is more difficult. When the baby as fallen asleep the parent’s think not to disturb the child instead of sleeping with the baby. So some points are mentioned in the blog how to pass time when parent’s are stucked when their baby is fallen sleep. The best solution is to read a book which they like the most.

  3. Great list! With three kids, the youngest of whom is 6 weeks, I can totally relate! One more idea I would include is meditation. Meditation is fantastic for mental wellbeing and clarity of mind, and I can’t think of a better time to practice than when stuck under a sleeping baby, when I need to be still and quiet anway!

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