5 Charitable Wine Brands That Give Back

Well, here’s one more reason to love the reds and whites and everything in-between: wines are giving back. Who doesn’t love wine? Well, here’s one more reason to love the reds and whites and everything in-between: wines are giving back.

Many winemakers donate all or some of the sales of their tasty grapes to charities. If you’ve been looking to try a few new wines, check out this list of five wineries that serve a greater purpose.

1. Humanitas

This winery dedicates all its profits to charity; hence its name, which is Latin for philanthropy.  To date, they’ve donated nearly $250,000 to charities throughout the U.S.  Charities Humanitas regularly works with national charitable foundations including Souls4Souls, The Edith Sanford Breast Foundation, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in addition to many regional food banks.

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2. Purple Heart

This wine donates a portion of all annual sales to the Purple Heart Foundation, which works to aid military service members and their families.  Led by John Moynier who served in the Air Force from 1968 to 1972, Purple Heart Wines is a member of the Mondavi wine family.  If you’re looking to support the military, or purchase a gift for a military member or spouse, Purple Heart exists as an excellent choice.

3. One Hope

Founded in Napa by eight friends, One Hope works to offer great wine to do great things.  Half of all profits go to charities.  To date, One Hope has donated over three million dollars to a variety of charitable organizations throughout the world. This enterprise offers a wide variety of wines from Sauvignon Blancs to Reserve Merlots and Brut Sparkling Wines.  Need a wine for a special occasion?  Check out the wine bottles covered in glitter!

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4. Lookout Ridge

This winery’s slogan is “Wines for Wheelchairs”.  Visit their website and you’ll see their philosophy: making exceptional wines and helping people with disabilities.  Lookout Ridge works with notable winemakers to create unique wines every year.  To date, they’ve donated over 10,000 wheelchairs to persons in need around the globe. For every case of wine this vineyard sells, they donate a wheelchair.  Their current winemakers trend towards red wines with a Cabernet Sauvignons and a Pinot Noir.

5. The Dreaming Tree

Dave Matthews isn’t just a phenomenal musician; he’s also an amazing winemaker dedicated to helping the environment by promoting sustainable practices.  For every bottle of Dreaming Tree wine sold, a portion of profits is donated to groups focused on environmental conservation.  Dreaming of a better world?  Matthews walks the sustainability walk with his wines as their labels are made from recycled paper and the bottles use less glass per bottle than the industry standard.

And these wines won’t break the bank coming in around $15 a bottle.

Whether you’re an environmental champion or supporter of breast cancer research, there’s a wine that can help you contribute to amazing work.  Most wines on this list won’t break the bank; so the next time you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, consider buying a wine with a purpose!

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