5 Family Activities For an Awesome Olympics Celebration

The Olympics are a fun time to teach your child about the world and our place in it.Now that the Super Bowl (and my favorite, the Puppy Bowl!) is over, it’s time for the Winter Olympics, and we can’t wait! Here are some fun ways to cheer your teams on and enjoy the competition in your own home!

I love the Olympics! I am not a big watcher of sports, but I love that countries come together and root their Olympians on. It bring everyone close together — families, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens.

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That’s why my family is planning to celebrate the Winter Olympics at home, rooting our teams to victory! Here’s what we have planned:

1. Floor Hockey

If your house is like mine, your littles sort of do this already with just about anything on the floor! Kick the shoe, take the broom to whack the dog toy…you name it! So make it an Olympic sport! Use boxes or storage bins (or whatever!) as ‘goals’ and then use one of those million and seven small toy balls you have in nooks and crannies of your house (just me?) for a ‘puck’ and go to town. Set teams up, and use wooden spoons or rulers or even paper towel rolls as sticks. Make it fun and a bit more challenging by insisting that you have to stay on your knees and you can’t use your hands.

2. Balloon Sweep Relay

This is super fun because it involves sweeping balloons across the floor into a ‘goal.’ It’s easy enough for the younger Olympians in your family, and it sweeps the floor too! Winning! Use a broom to sweep balloons in relay lanes you can set up with tape, and then have races to and fro. Kids love using stopwatches and timing things, so be sure to do so to make it extra fun!

3. Blow Skiing

The weather outside may be oh-so-frightful, but inside it’s warm and toasty. You can still enjoy ‘skiing’ though with this easy craft/game that uses toothpicks and straws to great the flags, and a small poof to ‘blow’ through. It actually requires a lot more self-control and commitment than you might think of a little kids’ game, so be prepared for your little to possibly school you. I speak from experience!

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4. Research about another country

I used to do this with my elementary students as a teacher, and now as the mom of an elementary-aged son, I love that the Olympics allow us to learn about different countries and cultures. Have your child pick a different country she’d like to learn about and then dig in! Research where they are in the world, what their culture is like and how different or similar it is to our own. Create a flag from that country, and while you’re at it, create a few flags. Nothing shows how interdependent we are in the global community of the world we live in quite like the Olympics do.

5. Olympic cookies

We don’t indulge in a lot of sweets, but one thing my son loves to make is sugar cookies. The Olympics are a perfect time for that, and I honestly adore the ease of Foodstirs’s organic sugar cookie mix. It only has six ingredients in the mix, and is clean, so I happily save some time with a box. We ice them with Wholesome’s organic vanilla icing, and then use ColorKitchen’s food-based dyes for the Olympic rings. I’ve used several different kinds, and ColorKitchen’s vibrant colors always seem to work the best for me.

Easy and yummy, the perfect Olympic indulgence!

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