5 Gorgeous Breastmilk Jewelry Companies to Commemorate Your Breastfeeding Journey

Five breastmilk jewelry companies to commemorate your journeyBreastfeeding is quite¬†the accomplishment! Everyone’s journey is different but the fact remains the same: You nourish, feed, and bond¬†with your baby in the most intimate way possible following their birth. That’s why we’re sharing five gorgeous breastmilk jewelry companies to commemorate that beautiful experience.

Breastmilk jewelry is a relatively new trend among breastfeeding moms. In recent years it has gained popularity for those who would like to have a keepsake of a time that meant so much between their baby and them. These five breastmilk jewelry companies specialize in creating something that mothers can continue to keep with them long after their babies have grown to remember the effort, sacrifice, and love that went into their breastfeeding experience. Maybe it lasted for six months or maybe it lasted for a few years. Either way, these breastmilk necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are a wonderful way to commemorate your journey.

5 Breastmilk Jewelry Companies You Should Try

1. Milk + Honey

The pieces by Milk + Honey aren’t your ordinary breastmilk jewelry. These pieces are designed in creative ways like a Honeycomb necklace, a lotus flower, a bee, and teardrop charms with your breastmilk stored within the designs as a keepsake.

2. Made with Love Keepsakes

Specializing in rings, Made with Love creates beautiful breastmilk jewelry rings in a variety of designs and colors. You can get something that is classic and timeless or something colorful like pink, turquoise, or with a special design like a rose placed within it. Made with Love also makes items out of ashes, dried flowers, fabrics, formula, placenta, pet hair, and umbilical cords.

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3. Indigo Willow Breastmilk Jewelry

Each Indigo Willow piece is created by hand using your very own breastmilk. They have a variety of styles and items including rings, specially designed charms, beads, necklaces, and lockets. Each piece is made with real gold or sterling silver.

4. Mama’s Liquid Love

This company creates rings in classic and modern styles, as well as necklaces, many of which can be engraved. One unique item that they have is the Tree of Life Necklace, reminiscent of the Tree of Life photos many breastfeeding mothers take of their children.

5. Beyond the Willow Tree

Beyond the Willow Tree creates breastmilk jewelry as well as other keepsake jewelry items for your journey through motherhood. They have different colors, designs, and finishes that are perfect for any mother looking to commemorate her breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding is an amazing experience but at some time or another, your child will be done. Many mothers sacrifice through pain, tears, and exhaustion to continue breastfeeding their children for as long as possible, and breastmilk jewelry is a wonderful way to commemorate your time nursing your children and have a piece of that precious time forever.

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