5 Must-Have ‘Momcozy’ Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mama

Momcozy helps support moms on their breastfeeding journeys.For many of us, motherhood is a balancing act between work, family, and personal care. The stresses of modern life make it challenging for new moms to provide their babies with breast milk on demand. We found a company that helps support moms on their breastfeeding journeys no matter how hectic life gets. Meet Momcozy.

Founded in 2017, Momcozy sells breastfeeding products to moms across Europe and the U.S. From breast pumps to nursing bras, the products are practical, comfortable, and affordable. Momcozy strives to make life easier for moms by offering items that support mothers throughout their breastfeeding journeys.

Founder, Atena Pan, says: “Our products help reduce the everyday pressures mothers face. Women who buy our products are satisfied, and I am happy I am able to support them in one of the most important periods of their lives.”

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Pan created the company in collaboration with breastfeeding moms. After realizing there was a shortage of affordable breastfeeding products on the market that were reliable, comfortable, and easy to use, she decided to make her own.

Pan says, “I asked moms what they expected from pumps and nursing bras, and after creating my first round of products, I adjusted them according to the feedback I received.”

And what’s the feedback now? A quick scroll through Momcozy’s Amazon reviews has us convinced that this company truly knows what breastfeeding women want. One woman says, “It’s so nice to find an electric breast pump that actually works.” Another writes, “This pump is by far one of the best I’ve used!” Another says, “As a pumping mom, I’m always searching for a good and hands-free pumping bra. This one saved my life.”

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We asked Pan what her top-selling products were and not only did she provide us with a list of her clients’ favorites, but she’s also given us a 15% discount code to share with our readers.

When you use the code MTHR2018 at checkout on Amazon, you’ll receive 15% off your Momcozy order. Bonus, there is no time limit on this offer!

These are Momcozy’s top five products (as recommended by their customers):

1. Momcozy Automatic Electric Breast Pump with Massage and Memory Function – Single Pump

This super quiet electric breast pump is one of our faves because we love the massage and memory function. The start of a pump cycle happens with massage mode to stimulate the milk ducts and then it gently and gradually moves over to pumping mode. There are 16 levels, and with its awesome memory function, you don’t have to reset it over and over.

We love that it’s quiet enough to use with baby nearby (even when she’s on the other breast). The medical-grade material is 100% BPA free and the smart-touch screen makes using it a breeze. Portable and convenient, this will be your best breastfeeding friend!

2. Momcozy Automatic Double Electric Breast Pump with Massage and Memory Function – Dual Pumps

If you think the single pump is awesome (and it is), you’re gonna love the double! We love that this pump will make it super easy to pump quickly and effectively just about anywhere. Even for a double pump, it’s still super quiet, and keeping it powered is as simple as using a USB cable (which is included!).

Its built-in battery lets you basically use any charger/computer/power bank you have so that it is completely convenient to have with you wherever you go. The inner valve has an anti-backflow design that helps keep milk fresh and free from infection, and that means your baby gets your very best!

3. Momcozy X Hands-Free Nursing and Pumping Bra, Adjustable Breast-Pumps Holding Bra

Nursing mamas know how valuable that time we pump is, which is why having an awesome pumping bra is so important! This hands-free bra holds the bottles and shield nice and tight so you don’t have to worry about losing any of that liquid gold.

We love that it can be used as both a pumping bra and nursing bra — or both at the same time. It’s so comfortable that you can wear this all day long, allowing you to go about your business as you normally would. When your baby is hungry, all you have to do is unclip the front and let your baby nurse. The one-step feeding clasp also gives you and your little one privacy during feeding time.

Moms say they love the fit, but they love the freedom to do other things while still giving their babes breast milk as they like.

4. X Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory, Strapless Pumping Bra Attachment

This is the perfect accessory that turns any nursing bra into a pumping bra for moms! You don’t have to remove anything but the super easy clips and it changes into a pumping bra instantly. You don’t have to even take the breast shield away from the bottle or stress over putting the pumps on. You can set it up easy-peasy with one hand. Because it makes any nursing bra hands-free, mamas love how they can get other stuff done too.

The unique ‘x’ structure will keep the bottles and shield right where they need to be. It will work with just about any brand’s clip, and moms say the four-row hook & eye closure in the back gives tons of support and is super flexible. Amazon moms rave about how great it works, and we love that it gives mamas some flexibility in their busy nursing routines!

5. Momcozy Bamboo Fiber Women Nursing Camisole, Maternity Tank Tops for Breastfeeding 

These tanks are some of the softest we’ve found! Made with nearly 70% of the supplest bamboo, they almost feel like a second skin, which moms love for their often tender nursing breasts. The bamboo used to make them is environmentally friendly, free of formaldehyde, allergens and anything else that may irritate your sensitive skin.

The foam cups are removable and there is a seamless built-in bra that will support up to a 44 F/G cup! Mom reviews say it’s perfect for use throughout pregnancy all the way to weaning and we have to tell you, you may end up loving this tank so much, you might just use it all the time!

Don’t forget to use the Amazon discount code MTHR2018 at checkout.

Happy nursing!

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