5 Tips for a Great Self-Care Routine

In the midst of melding the family’s lives, we forget to make time for ourselves.Moms are masters of the universe and multi-tasking. We organize not only our own lives, but often the lives of others. In the midst of melding the family’s personal and professional lives, we forget to make time for ourselves.

Self-care exists as a paramount task for moms; we need a few moments (or hours) to ourselves to recharge, rejuvenate, and reclaim ourselves.

Who hasn’t wished for just five minutes to pee in peace?  Or longingly remembered the days of a quiet house, or a night out with friends?  Self-care not only includes making those yearly appointments, but also smaller actions that reclaim a bit of time and attention to ourselves.  So often during motherhood, we place focus exclusively on our children, but we need to remember to care for ourselves as well.

Thinking about starting a better self-care routine?  Check out these 5 tips for establishing a great self-care journey in just a few minutes every day.

1. Identify those activities that restore you and bring you a sense of peace.

Sit down with yourself and really evaluate what calms you, energizes you, or satisfies you. Make a list of those things: reading, exercising, breathing, walking, drawing, crafting, socializing…whatever they are, write them down.  Then, sit down and find time to do at least one of the activities that allows yourself to care for you. It may mean getting up a bit earlier, or better scheduling time during the day. Even if it’s just a quick 15-minute walk during lunch, try to fit in a few minutes for yourself each and every day.

2. Commit to spending time on yourself.

Remind yourself that you’re worth spending time on!  Even if you can only find 15 minutes a day, commit those 15 minutes to yourself.  Gradually, as your schedule allows, work to find more time to yourself to practice self-care.  Be bold!  Sign up for that yoga or pottery or blacksmithing class you’ve been thinking about.  Join a book club, learn to kayak, attend a non-credit class of interest. Once you regularly commit, self-care will become a habit.

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3. Release daily strife.

Be present when engaging in self-care.  Make the most of these moments for yourself.  Give up the to-do lists, the what-ifs, the worries.  Being fully present allows you to reclaim a bit of your life for you.  It also allows your brain to focus better at all the tasks that will follow afterwards.  Working to be fully present encourages you to enjoy what you’re doing in the moment; working to do this, no matter the activity, will lead to more fulfillment overall.

4. Change one small thing at a time.

It’s hard to make radical shifts all at once.  When working on improving your self-care routine, work to make positive changes one small change at a time.  Feel better when you exercise?  Start by waking just 15-30 minutes earlier several days a week and committing to the exercise you’ve been thinking about.  Want to eat better?   Creatively incorporate one vegetable in each meal.

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5. Ask for help more often.

Whether it’s completing the laundry or arranging a sleepover for the kids, ask for help when you need it.  Moms are amazing multi-taskers, but asking for help allows us to find a bit more moments for ourselves. And when the kids are old enough, assign them tasks they can easily accomplish. Give grace to others when things are put away differently than you would do it — at least they are put away!

Do you have any great self-care tips or tricks?  Share them with fellow moms below!

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