6 Homesteading Skills to Pick Up Now

Focusing on homesteading skills allows you to get started now, with or without the land. When you first get the bug to homestead, it can be hard to withstand the urge to buy a few acres of land. Focusing on homesteading skills lets you get started sooner.

Homesteading is more than gardening and raising animals. It involves the constant development of skills and reliability on oneself. There are dozens of skills a homesteader might master over the years. While you wait in anticipation to purchase land, you can spend time developing skills that will be useful in the future and now.

1. Canning

One of the first skills you should begin is learning how to can food. You don’t need a garden for this. Head to your local farmer’s market or grocery store for the items you need. A water bath canner is inexpensive and allows you to can things such as jellies, jams, pasta sauces, pickles and tomato products. Later, you can purchase a pressure canner for low-acid foods. Start with trying easy jelly and jam recipes; they make great gifts as well!

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2. Baking Bread

The scent of fresh baked anything is divine, and it can fetch a pretty penny at a local farmer’s market. Baking bread is a task that allows you to take something off of your grocery list. This simple task starts the process of you making your own rather than relying on the store’s.

2. Basic Sewing Skills

Knowing basic sewing is a handy skill, especially hand-sewing. You never know when a shirt might rip or a button needs to be replaced. A non-homesteader might toss out of the shirt, but a homesteader knows that this is wasteful. Instead, this simple skill allows you to extend the life of your items.

3. Growing Herbs

Chances are you are itching for the chance to grow something. You might not have the space to grow vegetables. Everyone has the space to grow herbs. All you need is a wall or windowsill that receives sunlight. Pick three or four herbs you regularly use, such as basil, parsley, cilantro or rosemary.

4. Make Compost

Stop wasting kitchen scraps and brown materials you have every day. Compost is beneficial for gardening. Once you have a garden, you will want to know how to make compost. Until then, you can add compost to your herb pots. You can make compost on your porch or under your sink!

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5. Create Your Soaps

Are you ready to dive into more DIY projects? Soap making is frugal and exciting! Soon, you will realize you can make multiple bars of soap for less than one will cost you in the store. Soap making is also an excellent way to make money on the side.

6. Re-Using 

Whether it’s jar or an old shirt, you can re-use and re-purpose a lot of your items saving on cleaning cloths, spice storage and more. Be creative, and before you throw something away, think about whether it can serve another purpose.

These skills are just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens you can pick in your pursuit of a homesteading dream. What homesteading skills do you want to try?

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